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The  Most  Accessible  Deep  Water 
::     Port  in    Western  Scotland    :: 

M.V.     "DALFONN."       14,410  Tons  Deadweight. 

Modern  Equipment  &  Facilities  for  Cargo  Working 
Hoists  and  Cranes  for  Coal  Cargo  and  Bunkers 
Storage  Tanks  &  Pipelines  for  Petroleum  &  Fuel  Oil 
Sites  Adjacent  to  Docks  for  Industrial  Development 

The  Ardrossan  Harbour  Co, 



R.  L.  ALPINE  &  CO. 

SMplbirolkeirs,  Colliery  Agents? 
Samel  Merchants. 

Vice-  Consulate 


Agents  for 


Shipping  Agents  for 


Steel  and  Iron  Manufacturers 






Telegrams :  Telephones : 

'  Alpine,  Ardrossan."  65  Ardrossan  (2  Lines). 

'Alpine,  Irvine."  176  Irvine. 

"Alpine,  Royal  Exchange,  Glasgow."  7080  Central. 





VESSELS   UP   TO    275    FEET 

ENGINE,  BOILER  AND   .    .    . 
SHIP    REPAIRS  ...... 

PRIVATE   DRY    DOCK    .    .    . 
340    FEET    BY    46-6    FEET 



'Phones  'Grams 

214  and  215  SAL  YOBS 


Fully    Licensed 

Phone  107 


Every  Comfort   and   Convenience 
Moderate  Charges— Good  Cooking 


Bute  Place  <S£  Princes  Street  (Opposite  Railway  Station) 


Phone  107 

JOHN  J.  PATERSON,  Proprietor. 


15    HILL     PLACE, 

SLATERS  .'•  .  . 
TILERS .  .  .  . 
ETC..       .       .       .       . 

Phone  Ard./Salt.  227. 







Horse-Shoeing  and  all  kinds  of 
Blacksmith     Work    undertaken 

Gates,  Railings,  etc. 
Motor  Springs,  new  and  repaired 

We  Specialise  in  LAWN  MOWER 
SHARPENING,  having  the  only 
Automatic  Machinery  for  this 
purpose  in  the  district.  We  can 
guarantee  our  Patrons  entire 
::  satisfaction  :: 


A  P.O.  will  have  our  prompt  attention   when 
Mowers  will  be  called  for 



James    Bedds 

JOINER        AND 

LADDER    .     .     . 









Purp  oses 

Full  Details  on 
Application    to 

KMimalfaew    Street 



sgow  S 

James  Barbomiir 

(Established  1847) 





83  Glasgow  Street 


16    M©ira1tg©merie    St, 




Eglaetoan   Koj 

Phone  170 

T.    L.    D 



Telephones:    A.S.    38-39    from   9    a.m.    till    6    p.m. 
GIFFNOCK  609  from  6  p.m.  till  9  a.m. 


General    Passenger    Agents 











AND    AT 


Telegrams    ]    <<dalduff„ 
All  Offices     (        OOLDVFF. 



Makers    of — 



TejofNaTiNG      ARDROSSAN  Ph?r:: 


The   Cheapest  and  most  Popular  Laundry  Service  in  the  District 


Shipping  Orders  Promptly  Attended  to 

Motors  Collect  and  Deliver  throughout  North  Ayrshire 

Price    Lists    on    Application 


Established  1894 


Phone   68 

JAMES    LEE    &    SONS 

FOR    ALL    KINDS    OF 






phone  83  ARDROSSAN 

iv.  i\.rvivAiv  <&  son 





JLRDROSSi^M         Tel.  288 

mi^a^  HumamBgniMHn uwrnm^mxmii    ■iiimii  in— mmmbmi  ■ niiini 




!  Phone  144        ARDROSSAN 



—     FOR    — 

Presentation  Gifts  in  Gold,  Silver,  and  Grystal. 

Specialist  in  Watch  and    Clock    Repairs. 

Glasgow    Street,     Ardrossan 



Pulblic       Service      Vehicle      Operatovs. 


Tours,  Excursions,  and  Private  Hiring. 

3  Princes  Street,  Ardrossan  phone J01 
Ardrossan  and  Saltcoats  Monumental  Works 

<TAS.       A.       HOSIE, 

Next  S.M.T.  Depot.     Princes    Street,     Ardrossan.     Opposite  L.M.S.  Station 


of  Distinctive 
Design  at 


Lettering  &  Renovating 
in  any  Cemetery. 

Open  till  4  p.m.  on 


Representative : 

Large  Stock  in 

Both  Yards. 
•Phone;  Ard.-SaV.  239 





UP    TO    3    TONS,    FOR   ALL   PURPOSES 

Pho98        AlfcDROJSJS  AIV 

Charles  Price   &  Son 



Partners : 











Any  Make  of  Gar  or  Wire- 


less    Battery    Charged    at 

the    Proper    Rate    by   the 


Latest    Westingh  o  u  s  e 

.     .     .     Machine  at    .     .     . 

109  Glasgow  Street, 



7   Phone  118 






JUNE     until      MID-SEPTEMBER 

By     R.M.T.S.     LAIRD'S     ISLE 

(Speed  22  knots Passage  4  hours) 


GLASGOW  and  BELFAST  (Direct  Service). 

Through   bookings  between   the  The  Company's  Time  Table,  Pare 

principal    Stations    in    Scotland  List,  and  full  information  may  be 

and  Ireland.  obtained  on  application. 

Passengers  and  their  Luggage,  Goods  and  Livestock  carried  subject  to  the 
Conditions  specified  in  the  Company's  Sailing  Bills. 


52  Robertson  Street,  Glasgow,  C.2. 

The  Arcade,  105  Princes  St.,  Edinburgh,  C. 

The  Harbour,  Ardrossan. 

Cent.  5760 

"  Burnslaird." 
"  Burnslaird." 
"  Burnslaird." 









PHONE  36 






Telephone:  46.  Telegrams:  "TIMBER. 

»Tin  » 

John  Gillies 


am   all    its   Ibaramclaes 

(OEOltGE      DALE) 


13  Male  Street 

sstiic     . 

for  more  than  fifty  years 

Male    Street, 


Wm,    Bwncain 

A.  J.  Allan 

Pmur^e^oir  of 
Hirt  =  Class 


of    tlae    best 


F  o  f* 


For  Eveiry  Purpose 

31  Portland  St.,  Kilmarnock 
and  The  Cross,  Beith   . 

Phone :   24 

Wires:   "NETS.' 


Estimates  for  High  Grade 


O  R 


The  Quality  of  the   Workmanship  and 
the   Materials  Supplied  is  Guaranteed 

MAIN    STREET    (House:  Wellington  Villa) 
ID  _A_  L  IR,  "3T 

And    at    100    BARRIE    TERRACE,    ARDROSSAN 

Hugh  Mercer  David  Morton 
























lO    Main     Street 





Any    make   of  Car   or   Radio   Supplied 

Repairs  to  Cars,  Agricultural  Implements, 
and  Lawn  Mowers. 




Ladies'    and     Children's     Hairdresser. 



SHAMPOOING  .  .  .  TINTING  .  .  .  BOBBING, 


DALRY    BRICK    CO.,    LTD. 

Manufacturers    of 

Composition    Brick 
Bull   Nose  -  Coping 

•Phone   18  DALRY. 





Shipping  Ports  : 





—     INCLUDING    — 

All  Classes  of  Pre  Cast 


Phone  Nos. :   193/4- 

-Telegrams:    "Campbell,  Irvine. 

Phone  171  Irvine.  Phone  115  Irvine  (after  6  p.m.) 

Telegrams—"  SHIPBUILDER,  IRVINE." 


CO.,    LTD., 



.  .  .  .  VESSELS  UP  TO  ...  . 
280  FEET  LONG  BY  60  FEET  BEAM 



-    -    AND    -    - 


Charles  Wark   &   Sons 


Estimates  for  any  kind  of 


98    EAST    ROAD,    IRVINE 

Phone  239 

Established  since  1894 

Francis  Gilmour  Duncan Duniop  &  Sons 

Phone  5 


Estimates  for  all  Classes  of  Work 


164  High  Street,  Irvine 

SLATE  R      and 







The    Portland   House 

We  Specialize  in 
Household  Goods 

of  dependable  quality 
at  Rock-bottom  Prices 

When   in   Town,   be  sure   and    Visit 

ALEX.  LIND  &  CO.  Ltd. 

Portland  Street,  KILMARNOCK 

(Opposite    Bus    Station,    two    minutes  walk    from    Railway    Station). 

Phone  230 







'   BANK    STREET, 

ph7r  IRVINE 



ESTIMATES  _   _         _   ''    ,     ,      ___        __    .   _ 

given  20    BALLOT    ROAD, 

(H  erase :    32    Muir    Drive) 
•Phone    186  IRVINE 




'Phone,    131.  IRVINE 


Telephone  272. 



Established    1876 

Phone  No.   237 


TOatcbmafcer,  Jeweller  ano  ©ptician, 

Spectacles  jfttteo  

::  IRepairs  to  Xenses  ano  frames   :: 
Ibigb  *=  (Brace    Clocks    a    Speciality 

119   HIGH    STREET,    IRVINE 

GEORGE   PATERSON   f.i.b.d. 




41a  BANK   STREET, 

Phone    177 


PHONE  280 

CARSON    &-    CO. 



[  40   CARS 









Phone   II 















On  Government  List  Telephone  280  On  King's  Roll 

CARSON    £r    Co., 



Keenest  Prices  Highest  Class  Workmanship 


FOR  BOOTS     .     . 


BEST  MAKES    .    ■ 


-136- HIGH  STREET- 


Phone  156 IRVINE 







Estimates  Furnished  Free  Phone  84 



HOUSE  GOAL— AH  Grades  of  Washed  Goal. 




QnoTATio]srs     ifiroim: 

phone  211.    DOURA,  IRVINE. 

The  Irvine  and   Fullarfon 
Co-operative  Society,  Ltd. 




Phone  252-253.  Established  1873. 


We    supply 
IRON  CASTINGS  of  Every  Description 
from  1  lb.  to  10  Tons 


HENRY    BROWN    &    GO. 

TEL.   124. 

Have  your  Castings  made  in   one  of  the  most 
up-to-date   Foundries  in  Scotland. 


Expert   Battery    Charging 



TRY   IT   AT 

18-20   Fullarton   Street, 


(Successors  to  Gilfillan  &  Macdonald) 


We  specialise  in  interior  decoration  by 
modern  methods.  Colour  blending  and 
shading  by  Electric  Spray,  lovely  effects 
that  are  not  possibfe    by    brush    painting. 

Wallpaper  stripping  by  Steam  Stripper 
Anglypta,  Varnished  or  Painted  Papers 
hitherto  regarded  as  immovable,  easily 
removed  by  this  method. 

166  High  Street,       ■       Irvine 

Phone  93 



LUNCHEONS        -      -        TEAS 

::    CATERED    FOR    IN    OUR    OWN    ROOMS    :: 


Fullarton  Place,     -      -     Irvine 

Tel.  105  and  at  Kilwinning 


Agents  for: — 

Alba,  Cossar,  Ferranti,  Ekco,  and  Milliard  Wireless  Sets 

New  Hudson,  Dunelt,  Triumph,  and  Vindee  Cycles 


(Prop.    George    B.    "Waddell) 






LEATHER  and  




Sign  tori  ters 
4li  leers 

Church  decorators 

Deralbic   fainter© 

112  (East  Jlmtb      -        -        -      Irtmte 

'PHONE,   279 

eaiderSv  the  drapers 

When  in  Kilmarnock.      ALL  THE 

New  Fashions  & 
for  Sports 

H.  LAUDER   &  CO.,  Ltd.* 
King  Street,  :   Kilmarnock. 

Phone  840-41. 



Matthew   Goddard 


Estimates  Given 

Slate,  Tile  and  Asbestos  Roofing 

Tiles,  Grates,  Hearths 


Fittings  Supplied 




Phone  191 

W,  &  R.  G.  ROSS 


75    HIGH    STREET, 

\  Tel.:    12 




61  63  Main  Street,  Kilwinning 

Phone  Central  8698 

J.  H.  LINDSAY  &  CO. 

Manufacturers  and  Designers  of 




"  Lindsay  Maid  "  Aprons 

"  Look  Your  Prettiest 
When  You're  Busiest" 




f     MEMORIALS     f 



(Adjoining  Cemetery) 

Stones  Erected,  Additional 
Lettering  and  Repairs 
carried  out  in  any  Cemetery 

Orders  may  be  left  with 

Mr.  G.  Jack,  Fairview,  Kilwinning 

Est.  1879 

Phone :  Beith  157 



Thomas   Orr's  Health  Restorer  cures  Asthma,  Bronchitis,  Rheumatic,   Lumbago,   Sciatica 

Pains.      Blood  Purifying.      Bottles,  2/9;    Large,  5/-.  ■, 

Thomas    Orr's    Health    Tonic   "Restorer"    Tablets    cure   Indigestion,  Headache,  Nerve, 

Neuralgia  Pains,  Constipation.      Bottles,  1/3;    Large,  3/-. 

Thomas    Orr's  Thymus   Bitter  Tonic    cures   Acidity.    Stomach,    Liver,    Kidney    Ailments. 

Helps  Backache,  Rheumatisms.      Bottles,  2/9,  large. 

Thomas    Orr's    Tarine  Salve    cures    Skin  Diseases,  Itch,  Ringworm,  Piles,  Burns,  Varicose 
Sores.      Boxes,  1/3. 
Sold  by  BOOTS,  Ltd.,  Chemists;  COCKBURNS,  Ltd.,  Chemists;    and  all   Leading  Chemists. 

Advice  free  on  Skin  Diseases,  Piles,  Sores,  etc.      Write  : 

THOMAS    OHR,  Herbalist,  59  NEW  STREET,  DALRY,  AYRSHIRE. 

Medicine  by  post,  6d.  extra.      Ointment,  etc.,  2d.  extra. 












32  Cochrane  Street 





John  Watt  &  Sons, 


Manufacturers  of 




(Cotton  and  Hemp) 



(Cotton  and  Hemp) 





Phone  BEITH  140 




Phone  73 

Phone  Beith  100Y5        Grams  "Nets" 

John     Henderson 

Building      Contractor 
Joiner  £r  Funeral  Undertaker 






SHOP        AND 

DEALER      IN     ALL 



Licensed   Appraiser 

51-53  Byres  Road 


Phone  70 






FIELD  GATES  and    FLAKES   (Cresoted  and  Plain), 

HARDWOODS  of  all  kinds  for  Cartwrights,  Cabinet- 
makers, Shipwrights. 

Phone68.     KILWINNING. 

Builders,  Slating  Contractors, 
Steeplejacks,  General  Jobbers, 
Building   Material  supplied. 

Phone  42. 


Remlaps  Cottage,   KILWINNING. 

ESTIMATES    GIVEN  for  all  types  of  Building. 




Printed  at  The  Herald  Office,  Irvine.    Published  by  John  Huntek, 
1  Princes  Street,  Ardrossan,  Ayrshire. 


North  Ayrshire  Directory,  1935-36-37. 




Foreword  by  Andrew  Taylor,  of  the  Ayrshire  Dev 


Ardrossan      ...         




Dalry  ...         ...         


Fairlie  (See  Largs)  ... 


Glengarnock  (See  Beith,  Dairy,  and  Kilbirnie) 




Kilbirnie       ...         


Kilwinning ...         ...         


Largs  ... 




Skelmorlie  (See  Largs) 




West  Kilbride        


Classified  Section 



We  know  that  this  Directory  will  meet  a  demand  that  has 
existed  for  some  considerable  time.  We  have,  therefore, 
exercised  every  care  in  its  compilation,  for,  in  addition  to  the 
ordinary  instance  of  mortality  and  migration,  we  have  had  to 
deal  with  mass  migration  to  new  housing  schemes  that  have 
been  erected  in  every  district  covered  by  this  publication. 
We  would  make  it  clear,  therefore,  that  we  do  not  hold 
ourselves  responsible  for  any  errors  that  may  appear  here, 
and  we  would  ask  the  users  to  advise  us  of  any  changes  that 
may  take  place,  so  that  we  will  avoid  the  same  error  in  the 
next  edition. 

In  the  compilation  of  the  ordinary  alphabetical  list  of 
names,  it  should  be  noted  that  we  have  inserted  the  par- 
ticulars relating  to  people  who  live  in  the  district  permanently. 
Those  persons  who  are  tenants  of  property,  but  who  do  not 
permanently  reside  at  that  address  are  not  included  in  this 
list.  Neither  do  we  include  tenants  of  ground  used  for 
camping  purposes.  If  any  user  of  this  Directory  should 
require  a  list  of  these  persons,  we  will  be  pleased  to  supply 
it  on  request.  It  should  also  be  noted  that  every  group  is 
kept,  so  far  as  possible,  within  its  own  burgh  or  parish.  In 
some  cases  (as  in  Glengarnock,  which  is  at  the  boundary  of 
Beith,  Dairy,  and  Kilbirnie)  the  postal  address  does  not 
coincide  with  that  of  the  parish,  so  we  have  made  separate 
lists  where  this  is  required. 

1  Princes  Street,  Ardrossan. 


Andrew  Taylor,  Organising  Secretary,  Ayrshire  Development 


The  Directory  should  prove  to  be  of  great  assistance  as  a 
book  of  reference  covering  the  major  portion  of  the  Ayrshire 
district  of  Cunningham,  which  offers  such  a  large  contribution 
to  the  attractions  of  Ayrshire,  both  from  an  industrial  and 
tourist  viewpoint. 

The  portion  of  the  County,  enclosed  by  a  line  drawn  from 
Largs  to  Beith  and  thence  to  Irvine,  is  representative  of 
Ayrshire  at  its  best — great  areas  of  agricultural  production, 
scenery  of  unspoilt  charm  and  quiet  beauty,  a  wonderful 
coast-line  fringed  by  golden  sands  and  with  unrivalled  out- 
look seawards,  yet,  with  it  all,  belts  of  industry  and  great 
centres  of  activity,  contributing  their  quota  to  the  prosperity 
of  the  County  as  a  whole. 

The  fine  harbour  of  Ardrossan  is  one  of  the  principal 
assets  of  the  County  with  its  facilities  for  export  and  import 
activities  in  the  Eglinton  Dock  and  Tidal  Basin,  cargo  cranes, 
coaling  hoists  and  dry  dock,  its  regular  passenger  and  cargo 
sailings  to  Scotland,  England  and  Ireland.  Other  industrial 
interests  of  the  town  are  the  Shipyard,  Ironfoundries,  Hosiery 
and  Oilskin  manufacture,  Metallic  Factory,  Oil  Refining, 
etc.  Ardrossan  has  also  many  attractions  for  visitors,  in- 
cluding fine  stretches  of  sand  on  North  and  South  beaches, 
Golf,  Tennis,  Bowling  and  Fishing,  while  the  record  for 
sunshine  is  often  the  highest  in  Scotland. 

The  neighbouring  town  of  Saltcoats  is  an  attractive  seaside 
resort  with  fine  beach,  agreeable  climate,  and  pure  air.  The 
beach  and  esplanades  are  superb,  and  there  is  a  fine  enter- 
tainments Pavilion,  Saltpans  Bathing  Pond  with  water  chute, 
diving  stages,  spring  boards,  etc.,  every  choice  of  boating, 
rowing,  Golf,  Bowling,  and  Tennis. 

At  Stevenston  are  the  large  Explosives  and  Chemical 
Works  with  their  manifold  activities,  also  Foundries,  Quarries 
and  Firebrick  manufacture.  Kilwinning  has  Spinning 
Works,  Coal  Mining,  Ironfounding,  Crane  Works,  Fencing 
Manufacture,  &c. 

Irvine,  in  addition  to  its  fine  Harbour,  has  a  dockyard, 
Iron  and  Brass  Founding,  Chemical  Works,  Soap  Works, 
Hosiery  manufacture,  Coal  Mining,  Engineering,  and  Saw 
Mills.  Here  John  Gait,  the  Ayrshire  novelist,  was  born, 
and  many  valuable  Burns  relics  are  to  be  found  at  the  Irvine 
Burns  Club.  An  interesting  annual  event  is  the  crowning 
of  the  Marymass  Queen.  The  beach  is  one  of  the  finest 
stretches  of  sand  in  the  West  of  Scotland.  Close  to  the.  town 
is  Eglinton  Castle,  the  fine  seat  of  the  Earl  of  Eglinton. 

The  name  Beith  is  of  Celtic  origin,  signifying  Birch,  and 
the  staple  industry  in  earlier  days  was  chair-making,  mostly 
of  birch  wood.  Now  seven  factories  employ  hundreds  of 
workmen,  and  are  kept  busy  turning  out  artistic  creations 
in  Cabinets,  Chairs,  Tables,  Sideboards,  Bedroom  and  other 
Furniture,  special  work  such  as  War  Memorials,  Organ 
Casings,  Church  Furniture,  &c,  "  Beith  Quality  "  being  the 
standard  of  high-class  material,  manufacture  and  finish. 

A  few  miles  off  are  the  famous  Glengarnock  Steel  Works, 
which  have  always  been  the  centre  of  Steel  manufacture  in 
the  County,  and  the  new  Rolling  Mill  is  fully  equipped  for  the 
production  of  all  kinds  of  Rails,  Fishplates,  Shipbuilding  and 
Structural  Sections.  Within  recent  years  new  plant  has 
been  installed  for  the  production  of  Steel  Sleepers  for  Rail- 
ways, and  Steel  Arches  for  Collieries.  The  fabrication  of  the 
Rolled  Sections  into  Steel  Structures  is  carried  out  within 
the  works.  The  main  productions  are  Steel-framed  Build- 
ings, both  for  Home  and  Abroad,  and  more  recently  there 
has  been  added  the  all-welded  structure,  instead  of  the  older 
method  of  riveting. 

At  Dairy  are  Hosiery,  Tweed  and  Blanket  manufacture, 
also  Dyeing  and  Spinning,  while  Kilbirnie  is  the  centre  for 
Threadmaking,  other  industries  being  those  of  Net,  Rope 
and  Rubber  manufacture 

West  Kilbride  is  a  favourite  inland  summer  resort  with 
the  suburb  of  Seamill  on  the  coast,  also  Portencross  and 
Ardneil  with  its  attractive  beach.  The  older  portion  of  the 
village  has  a  picturesque  old-worldness,  but  the  newer  section 
has  houses  and  shops  of  the  most  modern  description.  The 
air  is  bracing,  and  the  climate  is  fine.  A  good  18-Hole  Golf 
Course  is  on  the  shore  between  Portencross  and  Seamill,  with 
an  excellent  club  house.  Bowling  Greens,  Tennis,  Entertain- 
ment Pavilion,  and  other  attractions  are  offered.  Among 
places  of  interest  are  Law  Castle,  Crosbie  Castle,  Porten- 
cross Castle,   Hunterston  Castle,  and  Southannan  House. 

Fairlie  is  growing  in  popularity  as  a  sea  resort,  and  good 
accommodation  of  all  kinds  is  available.  An  interesting 
industry  is  that  of  Yacht  Building,  and  at  the  world-famous 
yard  have  been  built  many  of  the  most  successful  challengers 
for  the  Seawanhaka,  Cumberland,  Northcote,  and  other 
international  Cups. 

Largs  is  one  of  the  most  popular  and  attractive  summer 
resorts  in  the  West  of  Scotland,  and  draws  an  increasing 
number  of  tourists  from  all  parts.  The  climate  is  equable 
yet  bracing.  Great  variety  of  steamer  sailings  to  Ayr,  Ailsa 
Craig,  Arran,  Bute,  Arrochar,  Millport,  &c,  are  available  ; 
also  18-Hole  and  9-Hole  Golf  Courses,  Putting  Greens,  Tennis 
Courts,  Bowling  Greens,  Sailing  and  Speed  Motor  Boats,  and 
great  variety  of  indoor  entertainments.  The  Royal  Largs 
Yacht  Club  holds  two  regattas,  one  at  Clyde  Fortnight  and 
one  in  August.  Kelburn  Castle  is  the  seat  of  the  Earl  of 
Glasgow,  and  is  a  fine  specimen  of  a  Scottish  baronial  resi- 
dence.    Knock  Castle  is  now  a  picturesque  ruin. 

Enough  has  been  said  in  the  foregoing  notes  to  indicate 
generally  the  wide  variety  of  interests  in  this  district  of 
Ayrshire.  It  is  to  be  hoped  that  the  Directory  will  be  found 
of  great  value  to  commercial  and  professional  people,  also 
to  visitors  and  to  those  interested  in  other  ways 


Ardrossan,  though  an  ancient  parish,  is  quite  a  modern 
town.  It  had  its  origin  in  the  docks  that  were  built  by  the 
Earl  of  Eglinton  in  the  beginning  of  the  nineteenth  century. 

The  growth  of  the  town,  thereafter,  was  slow,  but  certain. 
As  the  dock  builder's  foresight  was  justified,  so  did  the  town 
grow  around  the  docks,  which,  in  their  turn,  had  to  be  en- 
larged, as  the  shipping  industry  realised  that  they  were 
located  in  an  ideal  position  to  serve  the  whole  of  Scotland. 

Having  sufficient  water  at  low  tide  to  serve  any  ordinary 
merchant  vessel,  no  long  channels  to  navigate,  and  nearly 
entire  immunity  from  fog,  the  position  is  eminently  suited 
to  give  quick  loading  and  discharging  facilities  to  vessels. 
Added  to  this  is  equipment  of  modern  design,  and  radiating 
services  by  road,  rail,  and  coastal  shipping,  all  of  which  go 
to  make  it  the  ideal  port  for  shipowners  who  must  keep  their 
vessels  in  motion  if  they  would  make  them  pay  reasonable 

There  are,  also,  facilities  provided  by  the  Dockyard 
Company  to  give  quick  and  efficient  overhauls,  and  supply 
all  of  the  myriad  care  and  maintenance  services  that  are 
needed  by  all  ships. 

The  town  has  been  fortunate  in  being  planned  along 
modern  lines,  and  is  noted  for  its  broad  straight  streets  and 
cleanly  condition. 

It  is  one  of  the  really  progressive  small  burghs  of  Ayr- 
shire, and  has  a  relatively  large  number  of  public  utility 

At  the  present  time,  different  organisations  are  making 
every  effort  to  attract  other  industries  to  the  town,  and  it 
may  become  one  of  the  busiest  towns  in  Scotland  within 
the  next  decade. 


Incorporated  a  Burgh  in  1846. 

Approximate  Population  in  1935  :    7,500. 

Approximate  Area  in  1935  :    1.54  sq.  miles. 

Total  Gross  Value,         -         -         £73,835    19s. 

Rates — 5/1  Owner. 

5/9  Occupier  +  1/5  Water  Rate. 


Provost — D.     McDowall. 

Senior  Bailie — T.  Harvey. 

Junior  Bailie — Alex.  McKnight. 

Police  Judges — H.  Hopperton  and  J.  D.  Fullerton. 

Councillors — J.   Beggs,   T.   Ferguson,   G.    Lewis,   and   H.    Swift. 

Town-Clerks— T.  K.  Cook  and  R.  Woods.         Tel.     8. 

Burgh  Chamberlains — J.  &  J.  K.  Adams.         Tel.  8. 

Burgh  Surveyor — Jas.  C.  Duncan.         Tel.  8. 

Utility  Services  operated  by  Burgh. 

Gas  Works  capable  of  producing  annually  120,000,000  cubic  ft.  of  Gas. 

Manager — Robt.  Sturrock. 

Water- Works  with  ample  Reservoirs. 

Cubic  Capacity,  140,000,000  gallons.         Tel.  33. 

Fire  Brigade  with  modern  equipment,  which  serves  the  surrounding 

district  for  a  distance  of  several  miles  from  fire  station. 
Fire-Master — Mr.  Dunn.  Tel.  177. 

Abbatoir — Dairy  Road. 

Ayrshire    Christian    Union    (Ardrossan    Branch),    Kilmahew    Street. 

Secretary  :    Miss  J.  Stewart,  210  Glasgow  Street. 
Barony  Church,  Princes  Street.     Minister  :    Rev.  Angus  McDonald, 

M.A.  Clerk  :    Andrew  N.  Hughes,  16  Parkhouse  Road. 


Ecclesiastical  Buildings  and  Meeting  Places — Contd. 

Church    of   the    Nazarene,    Harbour    Place,    per    James    MacMillan, 

19  Winton  Street. 
E.    U.     Congregational    Church,     Glasgow    Street.     Minister  :      Rev. 

Russell  Lewis.     Treasurer  :  Thomas  Wilson,  39  Hunter  Avenue. 
Park  Church,  Glasgow  Street.     Minister  :    Rev.  Robert  Whiteford, 

Clerk  :   Wm.  Ramsay,  12  Hunter  Avenue. 
St.    Andrew's    Episcopal    Church,    South    Crescent.     Rector  :     A.    G. 

Pinhorne.     Treasurer  :      T.     George     Shacklady,     5     Winton 

Circus,  Saltcoats. 
St.    John's    Church,    Montgomerie    Street.     Minister  :     Rev.    R.    M. 

Adamson,    D.D.     Treasurer  :     George    Gillespie,    23   McKellar 

Christian  Brethren.     Meet  in  Hall,  102  Glasgow  Street. 
Salvation  Army.     Meet  in  Hall,  Harbour  Street. 
Ardrossan    Branch    Y.M.C.A.,    Harbour    Head.     Secretary  :     W.    M. 

Savage,  Rozelle,  North  Crescent. 
Ardrossan  and  Saltcoats  Toe  H  Group,  41  Kilrnahew  Street.     Secy., 

C.  J.  Gibbons,  218  Glasgow  Street. 


Note. — Ardrossan  being,  in  rnost  cases,  the  central  area  for  Govern- 
ment   operations    in    North    Ayrshire,    the    different    offices 
mentioned  below  may  be  taken  as  the  Head  Office  for  the 
district  covered  by  this  Directory. 
H.M.  Customs  and  Excise.  Harbour  Head.      Tel.  17.      Watch  Tower 

Tel.  19. 
Inland  Revenue  Offices,  Winton  Buildings.     Assessor,  J.  D.  Stewart. 

Tel.  5. 
Ministry  of  Labour,  Employment  Exchange,  51  Princes  Street.     Tel.  62. 
T.  L.  Kinnaird,  Manager. 

General  Post  Office,  80-84  Glasgow  Street.     H.  Anderson,  Postmaster. 
H.M.  Coast  Guard,  Life-saving  Apparatus,  44  Glasgow  Street,  Ardrossan. 
'Phone  7. 


Ardrossan  Bowling,  Curling  and  Lawn  Tennis  Club,  Kilmeny  Terrace. 

Secretary — John  Barclay,  25  McKellar  Avenue. 
Ardrossan  Boy  Scouts.     Workshop,  103  Glasgow  Street.     Per  Daniel 

F.  Mulholland,  5  Seton  Street. 
Ardrossan  Girl  Guides.     Captain  :    Jean  Stewart,  2  Winton  Street. 
Ardrossan   Lawn  Tennis  Club,   Kilmeny  Terrace.     Secretary  :    J.   K. 

Thomson,  11  Winton  Circus,  Saltcoats. 


Associations,  Clubs,  &c. — Contd. 

Ardrossan  and  Saltcoats  Golf  Club,  Laigh  Dykes.     Secretary  :    James 

Campbell,  Writer,  Saltcoats. 
Ardrossan    Parish    Cemetery,    63-67    Sorbie    Road.     Clerk  :     James 

Caldwell,  Ardrossan  Road,  Saltcoats.     'Phone  133. 
Ardrossan  Co-operative  Education  Committee  Tennis  Club,  72  Glasgow 

Ardrossan,   Saltcoats  and  Stevenston   Branch   of  the   British   Legion. 

Hall,  90  Glasgow  Street.     Secretary  :    Wm.  McMuetbie,  Saltcoats. 
Ardrossan  Winton  Flute  Band,  80  Glasgow  Street.     Secretary  :    Wm. 

McGrath,  169  Glasgow  Street. 
Ardrossan  Winton  Rovers  Football  Club.     Secretary  :    John  Shanks, 

The  Croft,  Anderson  Terrace. 
Ayr   County   Council   Education   Committee   Branch   Public   Library 

42  Princes  Street. 
Ayr  County  Territorial  Association  Drill  Hall,  Castle  Hill. 
Ayrshire  Constabulary  Station,  Harbour  Street.       'Phone  13. 
Castlecraigs  Tennis  Club.      Secretary  :    Mrs.  T.  F.   Brown,  4   Bath 

Independent  Order  of  Good  Templars,  102  Glasgow  Street.     Secretary  : 

Donald  Findlay,  23  Princes  Place. 
Royal  Antediluvian  Order  of  Buffaloes,  27  Princes  Place.     Secretary  : 

Ernest  Hay,  108a  Dockhead  Street,  Saltcoats. 
Rover  Scouts.     J.  McKeand,  2  McDowall  Avenue. 
Saltcoats  and  Ardrossan  St.  John's  Royal  Arch  Lodge  of  Freemasons, 

No.    320,    Castlecraigs.     Secretary  :     John    Logan,    43    Christie 
Gardens,  Saltcoats. 
Scottish  Nationalist  Party.     Secretary  :    Capt.  J.  A.  Cunningham. 
Unionist  Club,  84  Princes  Street.     Hon.  Sec.  :    Col.  A.  R.  Crawford. 


Danish  Consulate 
French  Consulate  ... 
Netherlands  Consulate 
Norwegian  Consulate 
Spanish  Consulate 
Swedish  Consulate 

'Phone  A.S.  56 

London,  Midland  &  Scottish  Railway  Co. — 
Passenger  Station,  Princes  Street  ...         ...         ...  'Phone  A-S     3 

Locomotive  Sheds    South  Beach  Station  ...         ...  „  81 

Goods  Station         ...         ...         ...         ...         ...         ...  ,.         164 



Ardrossan   Academy,    Sorbie   Road.  Rector  :     James   Jackson, 

M.A.,  B.Sc.     'Phone  28. 

Eglinton  Public  School,  Eglinton  Road.     Headmaster  :    A.  E.  Mackie. 

Winton  Public  School,  Winton  Street.     Headmaster  :    A.  E.  Mackie. 

Ministry  of  Labour  Instructional  Centre,  The  Inches.     Chief  Instructor, 
Wm.  Thomson. 

Registrar  of  Births,  Marriages,  and  Deaths  :    James  D.  Fullabton, 
38  Glasgow  Street. 

Justices  of  the  Peace — - 
Charles  Murchie,  The  Linn.  Robert  Donald,  Clydesdale  Bank. 
D.  L.  McLennan,  Royal  Bank.  Alex.  M.  Arnott,  Thomas 
Donaldson,  Alice  Fullerton,  Harry  Hopperton,  David 
McDowall,  Mary  McDowall,  Jane  M.  R.  Robb,  Elizabeth 



Alpine  Terrace,  in  Dairy  Road. 

Anderson  Terrace,  from  Winton  Street  to  Park  Road. 

Arran  Place,  from  Princes  Street  to  South  Crescent. 

Barr  Place,  from  Glasgow  Street  to  Montgomery  Street. 

Barr  Street,  from  Glasgow  Street  to  Montgomery  Street. 

Barrie  Terrace,  off  South  Beach  Road. 

Bath  Square,  off  Princes  Street. 

Bute  Place,  off  Princes  Street. 

Caledonia  Road,  from  Eglinton  Road  to  North  Crescent. 

Church  Place,  off  Arran  Place. 

Dairy  Road,  off  Eglinton  Road. 

Eglinton  Road,  from  Glasgow  Street  to  Seamill  Road. 

Fullerton  Square,  off  Young  Street. 

Glasgow  Street,  from  Princes  Street  to  Eglinton  Road. 

Battery  Point,  in  Harbour  District. 

Dockgates,  in  Harbour  District. 

Inches,  from  Princes  Street  to  Sea  Front. 

Harbour  Head,  from  Harbour  Street  to  Harbour. 

Harbour  Place,  off  Harbour  Street. 

Harbour  Road,  off  Harbour  Street. 

Harbour  Street,  off  Princes  Street. 

Herald  Street,  off  Harbour  Street. 

Hill  Place,  off  Glasgow  Street. 

Hill  Street,  off  Princes  Street. 

Hogarth  Street,  from  Glasgow  Street  to  Kilmahew  Street. 

Hunter  Avenue,  off  Parkhouse  Road. 

Kilmahew  Street,  Princes  Lane  to  Barr  Street. 

Kilmeny  Terrace,  off  South  Crescent. 

Montgomery  Street,  from  Princes  Street  to  North  Crescent. 

Macdowall  Avenue,  off  Parkhouse  Road. 

McKellar  Avenue,  off  Parkhouse  Road. 

North  Crescent,  from  Caledonia  Road  along  North  Shore. 

Paisley  Street,  off  Young  Street. 

Park  Road,  off  Glasgow  Street. 

Parkhouse  Road,  from  Glasgow  Street. 

Pavilion  Place,  off  Arran  Place. 

Princes  Place  from  Hill  Street  to  Kilmahew  Street. 

Princes  Street,  from  Montgomery  Street  to  Arran  Place. 

Seton  Street,  from  Glasgow  Street  to  Anderson  Terrace. 

Sorbie  Road,  from  South  Beach  Road  to  Saltcoats. 

South  Beach  Road,  from  Sorbie  Road  to  South  Beach  Crescent. 

South  Crescent,  from  Arran  Place  to  South  Beach  Road. 

Winton  Buildings,  from  Harbour  Street  to  Harbour  Road. 

Winton  Place  or  Lane,  from  Hill  Place  to  Winton  Street. 

Winton  Street,  from  Glasgow  Street  to  Anderson  Terrace. 

Yar borough  Place,  in  Montgomerie  Street. 

Young  Street,  from  Glasgow  Street  to  Caledonia  Road. 


Abercrombie,  Wm.,  shunter,  111  Barrie  Terrace 

Adair,  Wm.,  engineer,  177  Glasgow  Street 

Adams    David,  joiner,  163  Glasgow  Street 

Adams,  Eliz.  and  Jessie,  18  Sorbie  Road.      Tel.  126 

Adams,  John,  burgh  chamberlain,  19  Montgomery  Street 

Adamson,  Rev.  Robert,  56  Eglinton  Street 

Agostini,  Alphonso,  restaurateur,  26-28  Glasgow  Street  and  33  Princes 

Agostino,  Dario,  restaurateur,  55-57  Princes  Street.     Tel.  37 
Aird,  Edward,  draper,  46  a  Glasgow  Street 
Aitken,  Daniel,  3  Glasgow  Street 
Aitken,  Eliz.  B.,  teacher,  45  MacDowall  Avenue 
Aitken,  George,  pumpman,  8  Park  Road 
Aitken,  James,  boiler  scaler,  25  Harbour  Place 
Aitken,  Mrs.  Jeanie,   widow,  2  Winton  Street 
Aitken,  Mrs.  Lily,  24  Dairy  Road 
Aitkenhead.  Angus,  shipwright,  37  Harbour  Street 
Alabaster,  Wm.,  34  Barr  Place 
Alcroft,  Wm.,  riveter,   174  Glasgow  Street 
Alexander,  Andrew,  teacher,  32  Parkhouse  Road 
Alexander,  James,  212  Glasgow  Street 
Alexander,  Robert,  compositor,  28  Caledonia  Road 
Alexander,   Thos.  J.   R.,  chemist,  47   Eglinton  Street.     Tel.  206 
Allan,  Mrs.  Agnes,  14  Alpine  Terrace 
Allan,  Alexander,  painter,  80  Eglinton  Road 
Allan,  Alexander,  painter,  71   Glasgow  Street 
Allan,   Alexander,  jr.,  75  Glasgow  Street 
Allan,  Andrew.  North  Crescent 
Allan,  Mrs.  Eliz.,  57  Glasgow  Street 
Allan,  Mrs.  Eliz.,  widow,  6  MacDowall  Avenue 
Allan,  James  B.,  engineer,  163  Glasgow  Street 
Allan,  Martha,  5   Yarborough  Place 
Allan.  Thos.,  3  Eglinton  Road 
Allan,  Wm.,  painter,  67  Glasgow  Street 
Allen,  Jas.  B.,  Eglinton  Road.     Tel.  94 
Allison,  Alex.,  purser,  The  Moorings,  North  Crescent 
Allison,   Helen,  draper,  2  South  Crescent 
Allison,  Helen,  draper,  56-60  Princes  Street.      Tel.  95 
Allison,  Hugh  C,  slater,  26  Seton  street. 

Allison,  Mrs.  J.  H.,  central  garage,  2  Princes  Street.     Tel.  79 
Allison,  James,  slater,   15  Hill  Place.     Tel.  227 
Allison,  James,   103   Glasgow  Street 
Allison,  James,  plumber,  200  Glasgow  Street. 
Alpine,  R.  L.,  &  Co.,  ship  brokers,  Winton  Buildings.     Tel.  65 
Anderson,  Edward,  dynamite  worker,  162  Glasgow  Street 
Anderson,  George,  labourer,  12  Kilmahew  Street 
Anderson,   James,  railwayman,  5   Young  Street 
Anderson,  Mrs.  Janet,  widow,  12  Park  Road 
Anderson,  Jean  McC,  30  Eglinton  Road 
Allison,  John,  171  Glasgow  Street 
Anderson,  John,  guard,   171    Glasgow  Street 
Anderson,  Mrs.  Isabel,  20  Park  Road 
Anderson,  Mrs.  Sarah,  widow,  26  Winton  Street 
Anderson,  Wm.,  oilworker,  8  Hunter  Avenue 
Anderson,  Wm.,  engine  driver,  185  Glasgow  Street 
Andrews,  John,  craneman,  8  Harbour  Place 
Andrews,  Robt.,  engine  driver,  81   Princes  Street 
Andrews,  Thos.,  engine  driver,  5  Hunter  Avenue 
Angus,   Robt.   R.,  farm  worker,   Bridgepark  Farm 
Archer,  James  M.,  fitter,  36  Young  Street 
Ardrossan  Co-operative  Society,  Ltd.,  72  Glasgow  Street 
Ardrossan  Dockyard,  Ltd.,  shipbuilders,  Shipyard.     Tel.  214 
Ardrossan  Harbour  Co.,  dock  owners,  Harbour.     Tel.  10 
Ardrossan  Motor  Co.,  garage,  217  Glasgow  Street.     Tel.  90 


Ardi-ossan  Oilskin  &  Waterproofing  Co.,  Ltd.,  Harbour  Road.      Tel.  135 

Ardrossan  &   Saltcoats   Herald,  Herald  Street.      Tel.  82 

Ardrossan,  Saltcoats  &  Stevenston  Ambulance,  Harbour  Street 

Ardrossan  Tea  Rooms  Co.,  Ltd.,  restaurateurs,  232   Glasgow  Street 

Armstrong,  Mrs.  Annabella,  15  Herald  Street 

Armstrong,  George,  engine  driver,  16  Hill  Street 

Armstrong,  James,  harbour  worker,  1   Seton  Street 

Armstrong,  John,  labourer,  143  Glasgow  Street 

Armstrong,   Robert,  railwayman,   137  Glasgow  Street 

Armstrong,  Robert,  guard,  10  Barr  Street 

Armstrong,   Robert  J.,  retired,  25  Montgomery  Street 

Armstrong,  Thomas,  riveter,  21  Kilmahew  Street 

Armour,  Jane,  28  Montgomery  Street 

Arnott,  Alex.  M.,  soap  maker,  6  Sorbie  Road.     Tel.  203 

Arnott.  John  N.,  fire  station,  Barr  Street 

Arnott,  Robt.,  craneman,  Harbour  Road 

Arnott,  Robt.,  jr.,  craneman,  Harbour  Cottage 

Arnott,  Mrs.  Wilhelmina,  24  Dairy  Road 

Ashcroft,   Ralph,   chemist,  7   North  Crescent.     Tel.   128 

Auld,  Alexander,  agent,  35  Eglinton  Road.     Tel.  141 

Auld,   Robert  B.,   163   Glasgow  Street 

Auld,  William,  caulker,  15  Winton  Street 

Austin,  George,  guard,  81  Princes  Street 

Austin,  Mrs.  Margt.,  widow,  6  Princes  Street 

Avey,  George.  21  Glasgow  Street 

Avey.  Mrs.  Margaret,  10  Kilmahew  Street 

Avey,  Thomas,  labourer,  42  Kilmahew  Street 

Bailey,   Daniel,  transport  worker,  9  Montgomery  Street 

Bailey,  George  L.,  17  South  Beach  Road 

Baillie,   Hugh,  20  Sorbie  Road 

Baillie,  James  S.,  retired,  77  Eglinton  Road 

Baillie,   Minnie,  saleswoman,   127   Glasgow  Street 

Baillie,   Robert,  retired,  48  Eglinton  Road 

Baillie,  Rose,  widow,  45  Kilmahew  Street 

Bain,  John  A.,  butcher,  2  Hogarth  Street 

Baird,  Alex.,  grocer,  27  Winton  Street 

Baird,   David,  labourer,  25  Princes  Place 

Baird,  John,  checker,  3  Pavilion  Place 

Ballantine,  James,  craneman,  12  Bath  Square 

Ballantine,   John,   draughtsman,   24  MacDowall  Avenue 

Ballantine,  Margaret,  widow,  15  Herald  Street 

Ballantine,  Margaret,  widow,  3  Anderson  Terrace 

Ballantine,  Robert,  fireman,  19  Winton  Street 

Bank  of  Scotland,  10  Princes  Street,      Tel.  130 

Bannatyne,  James  D.,   solicitor,   10  Sorbie  Road 

Bannatyne,  Jean,  widow,  143  Glasgow  Street 

Bannatyne,  Robert,  butcher,  15  MacDowall  Avenue 

Bannatyne,  Thomas  P.,  patternmaker,  15  Anderson  Terrace 

Bannatyne,   Thomas,  seaman,  25  Harbour  Place 

Bannatyne,  William  R.,  butcher,  3  Pullarton  Square 

Barbour,  Annie,  clerkess,  18  Seton  Street 

Barbour,  Catherine  and  Jane,  24  Eglinton  Road 

Barbour,  James,  compositor,  119  Glasgow  Street 

Barbour,  James,  joiner,  83   Glasgow  Street 

Barbour,  James,  joiner  (house),  16  Montgomery  Street 

Barbour,  Mary,  tobacconist,  8  Church  Place 

Barbour,  Mary,  tobacconist,  63  Princes  Street 

Barbour.   Robert,  mason,  2  Barr  Place 

Barclay,  David,  clerk,  183  Glasgow  Street 

Barclay,  John,  writer,   c.5  McKellar  Avenue 

Barclay,   John,   driller    12   Park  Road 

Barclay,  John,  retired,  30  Seton  Street 

Barclay,  Mrs.  Marion,  widow,   175  Glasgow  Street 

Barkley,  Robert,  caulker,  220  Glasgow  Street 


Barr.  Alexander,  38  Caledonia  Road 

Barr,  George,  clerk,  31   Princes  Place 

Barr,  John,  moulder,  66  Kilmahew  Street 

Barr,  Mary,  widow,  83  Eglinton  Road 

Barrie,  Mrs.  Agnes  R.,  9  South  Crescent 

Bates,  Percy,  21   Glasgow  Street 

Beattie,   Ellen,  dressmaker,   169   Glasgow  Street 

Beattie,  John  C,  insurance  agent,  23  Hunter  Avenue 

Beattie,  Joseph,  signalman,   12  Winton  Street 

Beattie,  Rebecca,  widow,  81   Glasgow  Street 

Beattie,   Robert,  engineer,  13  Young  Street 

Beck,  Mary,  widow,  24  Caledonia  Road 

Beckett,  James,  station  master,  71  Princes  Street 

Beggs,  John,  councillor,  2  Barr  Place 

Bell,  Donald  M.,  baker,  10  Hill  Street 

Bell,  Elizabeth,  widow,  16  Hunter  Avenue 

Bell,  Hugh,  shunter,  14  Winton  Street 

Bell,  James  B.,  baker,  59  and  61   Glasgow  Street 

Bell,  Janet,  41   Eglinton  Road 

Bell,  Jean,  home  bakery,   14  Glasgow  Street 

Bell,  John,  labourer,  49  Kilmahew  Street 

Bell,  John,  motor  driver,  36  Kilmahew  Street 

Bell,  Mrs.  Mary  S.,  21   Hill  Place 

Bell,  Samuel,  labourer,  13  Young  Street 

Bell,  Thomas,  blacksmith,  213   Glasgow  Street 

Bernthall,  Alfred  A.,  ironworker,  36  Glasgow  Street 

Berry,  Margaret,  widow,  34  Eglinton  Road 

Bevan,  John,  labourer,  9  Glasgow  Street 

Bickers,   Herbert,  manager,  12  Winton  Street 

Biggar,  William,  railwayman,  21   Winton  Street 

Bighani,  William,  craneman,  48  Kilmahew  Street 

Bird,   James,   24  Sorbie  Road 

Black,  David  and  Mathew,  wool  combers,  Auchendhu,  Eglinton  Road 

Black,   Elizabeth  and  Janet,  42   Eglinton  Road 

Black,   George,  foreman,  4  Fullarton  Square 

Black,  John,  painter,  9  Herald  Street 

Black,  John  D.,  hammerman,  98  Kilmahew  Street 

Black  &  Shapley,  architects,  15  Barr  Street.      Tel  136 

Black,  William,  fireman,  91   Barrie  Terrace 

Black,   William,  labourer,  21   Kilmahew  Street 

Blackery,  Mrs.  Margaret,  9  Montgomery  Street 

Blackwood,  Hugh,  labourer,  52  Kilmahew  Street 

Blackwood,  James,  3  North  Crescent 

Blackwood,  James,   painter,   17  Winton  Street 

Blackwood,  Margaret,  widow,  12  Winton  Street 

Blackwood,   Robert,  labourer,  4  Winton  Lane 

Blackwood,  Thomas,  labourer,  57  Kilmahew  Street 

Blair,  Margaret,  96  Glasgow  Street 

Blair,  William,  labourer,  52  Kilmahew  Street 

Blight,  Edward  W.,  loftman,  18  Eglinton  Road 

Blythe,  John  W.,  organist,  5  Arran  Place 

Blythe,   Roland  F.,  8  Anderson  Terrace 

Bolton,  Harry  C,  chief  engineer,  26  Eglinton  Road 

Bond,  Mrs.  Annie,  14  Church  Place 

Bond,  James,  joiner,  4  Winton  Lane 

Bone,  Agnes,  dressmaker,  9  Barr  Street 

Borland,  John,  2  Sorbie  Road 

Bowers,  James,  labourer,  11   Young  Street 

Boyd,  David,  shipwright,  119  Barrie  Terrace 

Boyd,  George  M.,  4  Glasgow  Street 

Boyd,  Isabel,  widow,  10  Paisley  Street 

Boyd,  Mary,  79  Eglinton  Road 

Boyd,   Robert,  baker,  7   Herald  Street 

Boyd,  William,  guard,  12  Park  Road 

Boyd,  William  A.,  engineer,  2  Seton  Street 

Boyle,  James,  signalman,  196  Glasgow  Street 

Boyle,  John,  seaman,  11  Harbour  Place 

Boyle,  John,  15  Herald  Street 


Boyle,  Michael,  labourer,  9  Harbour  Place 

Boyle,  Peter,  slater,  2  Paisley  Street 

Boyle,   William,  signalman.   12   Winton  Street 

Bradley,   William  F.,   12  Eglinton  Road 

Brady.  John,  porter,  81   Princes  Street 

Brady,  John,  signalman,  81  Princes  Street 

Brady,  Joseph,  labourer,  98  Kilmahew  Street 

Bramwell,  William  H.,  22  Sorbie  Road 

Brand,   Mark,   ironmaster,   15   South  Crescent.      Tel.   78 

Brannif,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  widow,  9  Harbour  Place 

Breckenridge,   Alexander,   holder-on,  45   Kilmahew  Street 

Breckenridge,  Mrs.  Jane,  24  Dairy  Road 

Breckenridge,   Robert,  21   Glasgow  Street 

Breckenridge,   William,   burgh  worker.   Fire  Station,   Barr  Street 

Breckenridge,  William,  farm  seryant,  34  Kilmahew  Street 

Breckenridge,  William,  engineman,  3  Pavilion  Place 

Breen,  Hugh,  labourer,  2  Montgomery  Street 

Breen,   James,  labourer,  2  Montgomery  Street 

Brennan,  Charles,   contractor,   12   Barr  Street 

Brennan,  Charles,  contractor,  111   Glasgow  Street 

Brennan,  Robert,  bus  driver,  180  Glasgow  Street 

Brock,  Mark  J.  E.,  engineer,  5  Hill  Place 

Brodie,  John,  engineer,  31   Winton  Street 

Brogi.  Pietro,  35  Barr  Place 

Brogi,  Mrs.  Pietro,  37  Barr  Place 

Brooks,  Jane,  43   Hunter  Avenue 

Brooks,  Thomas,  labourer,  2  Hunter  Avenue 

Brooman,  Andrew  S.,  chemist,  25  Anderson  Terrace 

Brown,   Alexander,  fireman,   10  Winton  Street 

Brown,  Archibald,  clerk,  39  MacDowall  Avenue 

Brown,  Daniel,  labourer,  9  Harbour  Road 

Brown,  Hugh,  deputy  harbour  master,   137  Barrie  Terrace 

Brown,  Hugh  R.,  draper,  18  Winton  Street 

Brown,  James,  electrical  engineer,  47  Barrie  Terrace 

Brown,  Jane,  widow,  26  Winton  Street 

Brown,  Jennie,   widow,  92   Kilmahew  Street 

Brown,  John,  baker,  93  Barrie  Terrace 

Brown,   Joseph,  insurance  superintendent,  23   Hill  Place 

Brown,  Joseph,  assistant  at  cemetery,  Sorbie  Road 

Brown,  Mrs.  Margaret,   15  Glasgow  Street 

Brown,  Mary,  widow,  33  Glasgow  Street 

Brown,  Mary,  widow,  209   Glasgow  Street 

Brown,  R.  S.  S.,  widow,  1  Park  Road 

Brown,   Thomas,  postal  clerk,   125  Barrie  Terrace 

Brown,  Thomas  F.,  chemist,  4  Bath  Square 

Brown,  Williani,  railwayman,  162  Glasgow  Street 

Brown,  William,  teacher,  4  McKellar  Avenue 

Brown,   William,  window  cleaner,   19   Winton  Street 

Bruce,  Robert,  labourer,  21   Harbour  Place 

Brusnahan,  Patrick,  riveter,  21   Glasgow  Street 

Bryce,  Joseph,  mechanical  engineer,   Fire  Station,   Barr  Street 

Bryce,  Mrs.  Sarah,  19   Hill  Place 

Bryce,  William,  148  Glasgow  Street 

Bryden,   Hugh,  railwayman,   11   Young  Street 

Buchanan,   Hugh,  manager,   162   Glasgow  Street 

Buchanan,   Jean,   13   Barr  Place 

Bulloch,   George,  guard,  26   Winton  Street 

Burns,   Bernard,   labourer,   22   Harbour  Place 

Burns,   John,   labourer,   11   Montgomery  Street 

Burns,  William,  163  Glasgow  Street 

Burns  &  Laird  Line,  Ltd.,  Harbour.      Tel.  25 

Buttercup  Dairy  Co.,  10  Harbour  Street 

Byars,  John,  labourer,  24  Barr  Place 


Caddies.  William,  dynamite  worker,  10  Young  Street 
Cahill,  John,  painter,  19  Winton  Street 


Cairnie,  James,  labourer.  6  Eglinton  Road 

Cairns,  Jarues,  seaman,  56  Kilmahew  Street 

Cairns,  John  L.,  engine  driver,  43  Parkhouse  Road 

Cairns,   Robert,   plater's  helper,  90   Kilmahew  Street 

Cairns,   Mrs.  Sarah,  37   Barr  Place 

Caldwell.   Alexander,  riveter,   10   Barr  Street 

Caldwell,  James,  blacksmith,  96  Glasgow  Street 

Caldwell,   James,    blacksmith,    10    Hunter   Avenue 

Caldwell.  James,  &  Son,  blacksmiths,  1   Park  Road 

Caldwell,   John,  irondresser,   117  Glasgow  Street 

Caldwell,   William.  27  MaeDowall  Avenue 

Calvert,   Hugh,  labourer,  42   Kilmahew  Street 

Calvert,  John,  labourer,  36  Kilmahew  Street 

Cameron,   David,  grocer,  20  Young  Street 

Cameron,   David,   grocer,   8   Glasgow  Street 

Cameron,   Helen,  83  Glasgow  Street 

Cameron,  Janet,  widow.  171   Glasgow  Street 

Cameron,  Richard,  22  Dairy  Road 

Cameron,  Samuel  D.  L.,  labourer,  9  Herald  Street 

Cameron,  William,  labourer,  7  Herald  Street 

Cameron,  Mrs.  Agnes,  10  Barr  Place 

Cameron,   Alexander,  fireman,  3  Eglinton  Road 

Campbell,   Alice,   widow,    171    Glasgow   Street 

Campbell,  Charles,  jr.,  soldier.  60  Kilmahew  Street 

Campbell,  Colin,  shipmaster,  22  Caledonia  Road 

Campbell,   David,  stoker,   10  Winton  Street 

Campbell,   Donald,  seaman,   18  Winton  Street 

Campbell,  Mrs.  E.,  59  South  Crescent 

Campbell,   George,  labourer,  57  Kilmahew  Street 

Campbell,  James,  engine  driver,  7  MaeDowall  Avenue 

Campbell,  James,  labourer,   16  Hill  Street 

Campbell,  John,  engine  driver,  19  Hunter  Avenue 

Campbell,   Margaret,  widow,   103   Glasgow  Street 

Campbell,  Neil,  shipmaster,   183  Glasgow  Street 

Campbell,   Patrick,  labourer,   13   Herald  Street 

Campbell,  Rae,  doctor,  3  Arran  Place 

Campbell,   Richard,  clerk,  28  Young  Street 

Campbell,  Samuel,  engineer,  9  Paisley  Street 

Campbell,  William,  marine  engineer,  29   Hill  Place 

Cance  James,  39  Glasgow  Street 

Cance,  Harry,  painter,  24  Young  Street 

Cance,  Mrs.  Margaret,  16  Montgomery  Street 

Cance,   Robert,   painter,   170   Glasgow  Street 

Carey,  Patrick,  labourer,  108  Kilmahew  Street 

Carey,  Thomas,  dynamite  worker,   Harbour  Head 

Carmichael,   James  T.,   Glenarm,  North  Crescent 

Carpenter,  Andrew,  labourer,  9  Harbour  Road 

Carson,  Jessie,  teacher,  179  Glasgow  Street 

Chalmers,  William,  painter,  22  Harbour  Place 

Chambers,   David,  fireman,  6  Park  Road 

Chambers,  Edward  B.,  Customs  officer,  14  MaeDowall  Avenue 

Chambers,  Mary,  widow,  30  Barr  Place 

Christian,  Donald,  70  Eglinton  Road 

Clark,   Agnes,   confectioner,   Young  Street 

Clark,  Annie,  9  Herald  Street 

Clark,  Mrs.  Annie,  8  Alpine  Terrace 

Clark,   David,  buyer,  84  Barrie  Terrace 

Clark,   David,  clerk,  10  Parkhouse  Road 

Clark,   Elizabeth,   widow,   12   Alpine  Terrace 

Clark,   Gilbert,  railwayman,  8  Alpine  Terrace 

Clark,  Harry,  fireman,  17  Hill  Street 

Clark,   Hugh  J.,  labourer,  31    Winton  Street 

Clark,  John,  clerk,  8  Alpine  Terrace 

Clark,  Samuel,  oilworker,  7  Bute  Place 

Clark,  William,  labourer,  11   Herald  Street 

Clark,   William,  railway  fitter,   2   Paisley  Street 

Clow,   David,  railwayman,   64  Kilmahew  Street 

Clinnie,  William,  foreman,  10  Park  Road 


Clyde  Coast  Services,  Ltd.,  bus  owners,  3  Princes  Street.      Tel.  201 

Clyde  Hosiery  Co.,  Ltd.,  Inches.     Tel.  150 

Clydesdale  Bank,  Ltd.,  54  Princes  Street.     Tel.   188 

Cochrane,  Alexander  A.,  manager,  188  Glasgow  Street 

Cochrane,  Robert  W.,  salesman,  7  McKellar  Avenue 

Cochrane,  William,  guard,  20  Winton  Street 

Coey,  William  A.,  fireman,  33  Hunter  Avenue 

Coleman,  Edwin  G.,  engineer,  23  South  Beach  Road 

Coleman,  John  C,  shipyard  manager,  Algoma,  North  Crescent.     Tel.  166 

Colville,   Henderson  B.,  clerk,  7  Parkhouse  Road 

Colville,  Matthew  W.,  stationer,  81  Glasgow  Street 

Colville,  Mrs.  M.  E.,  stationer,  77  Glasgow  Street 

Commons,  Michael,  cordite  worker,  110  Kilmahew  Street 

Comrie,   John  A.  M.,  clerk,  41   South  Beach  Road.     Tel.  70 

Conn,  Hugh,  printer,  100  Barrie  Terrace 

Conn,  Thomas,  baker,  23  Princes  Street 

Connboy,  Helen,  widow,  33  Glasgow  Street 

Connell,   Elizabeth  and  Janet,  4  Arran  Place 

Connell,  Robert,  bus  driver,  49  Kilmahew  Street 

Convery,  William,  labourer,  18  Harbour  Place 

Conway,  Hugh,  gardener,  11a  South  Crescent 

Conway,  James,  shipwright,  3i  Princes  Street 

Conway,  Peter,  slater,  22  Hunter  Avenue 

Cook,  Annie,  113  Glasgow  Street 

Cook,   David,  fireman,   16   Hill  Street 

Cook,  Ebenezer,  engine  driver,  25  Hunter  Avenue 

Cook,  George,  postman,  27  Winton  Street 

Cook,  James,  joiner,  14  Caledonia  Road 

Cook,  James,  seaman,  32  Barr  Place 

Cook,  John,  labourer,  13  Harbour  Place 

Cook,  Mrs.  Mary,  210  Glasgow  Street 

Cook,    Thomas    K.,    solicitor   and   bank   agent,    74-76    Princes    Street. 

Tel.  61 
Cook,  William,  engine  driver,  8  Park  Road 
Cook,  William,  seaman,  12  Glasgow  Street 
Cooper,   James,   68  Eglinton  Road 
Copland,  William,  baker,  98  Glasgow  Street 
Cord,  Anthony,  labourer,  45   Kilmahew  Street 
Corrieri,   Ferdinando,  caterer,  60   Glasgow  Street 
Corrieri,  Mrs.  Mary  C,  caterer,  62  Glasgow  Street 
Cosgrove,  John  H.,  labourer,  13  Hill  Street 
Cosgrove,  Patrick,  labourer,  5  Harbour  Place 
Coulter,  Francis,  sr.,  12  Glasgow  Street 
Coulter,  Francis,  jr.,  craneman,  12  Glasgow  Street 
Coulter,  James,  fireman,  41   Glasgow  Street 
Coulter,   Thomas,   driver,  14  Winton  Street 
Coupland,  Thomas,  2  Eglinton  Road 
Cowan,  David,  grocer,  39  Princes  Street 
Cowan,   Edward  W.,  engineer,  74  Barrie  Terrace 
Cowan,   Hugh,   baker,   105   Glasgow  Street 
Cowan,  James,  joiner,  143  Glasgow  Street 
Cowan,   James,  labourer,   160   Glasgow  Street 
Cowan,  John  N.,  labourer,  109  Glasgow  Street 
Cowan,   Robert,  signalman,  3   Paisley  Street 
Cowan,   William  L.,  flesher,  22  Montgomery  Street 
Cowie,  Thomas  F.,  chemist,  17  South  Crescent.     Tel.  134 
Coyle,  Charles,  caterer,  13  Parkhouse  Road 
Coyle,   Charles,   caterer,  23   Glasgow  Street 
Craig,  Agnes,  32  Eglinton  Road 

Craig,  Alexander  S.,  engineer,  27  South  Beach  Road 
Craig,  Catherine,  59  Eglinton  Road 
Craig,  Christina,  widow,  5  Seton  Street 
Craig,   Daniel,  pig  merchant,  21   Princes  Street 
Craig,  John,  clerk  of  works,  17  Seton  Street 
Craig,  Maggie,  166  Glasgow  Street 
Craig,  Mary  L.,  widow,  29  Winton  Street 
Craig,   Robert,  mason,  52  Glasgow  Street 
Craig,   William  H.,  auditor,   151   Barrie  Terrace 


Cranston,  Agnes,  widow,  38  Kilmahew  Street 
Cranston,  James,  labourer,  42  Kilmahew  Street 
Cranston,  Thomas,  labourer,  46  Kilmahew  Street 
Cranio,   William,  driller,  21   Kilmahew  Street- 
Crawford,  Archibald,  engine  driver,  28  Hunter  Avenue 
Crawford,  David,  labourer,  18  Princes  Place 
Crawford,  Elizabeth  M.,  39  South  Beach  Road.     Tel.  183 
Crawford,  James,  civil  servant,   137   Glasgow  Street 
Crawford,  Jean,  widow,  98  Glasgow  Street 
Crawford,  John,  labourer,  104  Kilmahew  Street 
Crawford,  John,  labourer,  20  Dairy  Road 
Crawford,  John  B.,  timekeeper,  29  Macdowall  Avenue 
Crawford,   Mary,   113   Glasgow  Street 
Crawford,  Mary,  widow,   12  Hill  Street 
Crawford,   Robert,  87  Princes  Street 
Crawford,  Robina,  publican,  25  Glasgow  Street 
Crawford,   Robina,  26  Montgomery  Street 
Crawford,  William,  fireman,  37  Macdowall  Avenue 
Crawford,   William,   craneman,   25   Harbour  Place 
Crinean,  Jane  G.,  widow,   1   Yarborough  Place 
Crondall,  Annie,  widow,  9  Young  Street 
Crooks,  Jack  E.,  chemist,  49  Eglinton  Road 
Cumming,  David,  sculptor,  171   Glasgow  Street 
Cumming,  John,  assistant  station  master,  90  Glasgow  Street 
dimming,   William,  sculptor,  73   Eglinton  Road 
Cunningham,   Esther,   widow,   26   Young  Street 
Cunningham,   Hugh,  coal  trimmer,   Dockgates 

Cunningham,  James  A.,  pilot,  The  Shieling,  Caledonia  Road.      Tel.  146 
Cunningham,  James,  labourer,  49  Princes  Street 
Cunningham,   Mrs.  J.,   12   Eglinton  Road 
Cunningham,  James,  labourer,  49  Princes  Street 
Cunningham,  Mrs.  J.,  12  Eglinton  Road 
Cunningham,  Joseph,  driller,  12  Glasgow  Street 
Cunningham,   Patrick,   33   Glasgow   Street 
Curlett,  William,   14  Eglinton  Road 
Curtiss,   Edward,  shoemaker,   12  Princes  Place 
Currie,  Annie,  widow,  5   Hill  Place 
Currie,  Hugh,  clerk,  16  Young  Street 
Currie,  John,  motor  driver,   1    Hill  Place 
Currie,  John  W.,  5  Anderson  Terrace 
Currie,  Mrs.  Margaret,   10  Barr  Place 
Currie,   William,  jr.,  fireman,  90  Glasgow  Street 
Currie,   William,  railwayman,  88   Glasgow  Street 
Cuthbertson,  Andrew,  baker,  48  Parkhouse  Road 
Cuthbertson,  Gilbert,  31   Winton  Street 

Dailly,   Thomas,  labourer,  5   Herald  Street 

Dalling,  Edward,  motor  driver,  32  Seton  Street 

Daly,   William,  signal  lineman,  83  Princes  Street 

Dalziel,  Robert,  guard,  2  Paisley  Street 

Dalziel,  Thomas,  4  Eglinton  Road 

Davidson,  Allan,  marine  engineer,   109  Barrie  Terrace 

Davidson,  Helen,  5  Seton  Street 

Davidson,  John,  engine  fitter,  3  Eglinton  Road 

Davidson,  John,  shop  assistant,  210  Glasgow  Street 

Davidson,  William  D.,  173  Glasgow  Street 

Davis,  John  R.,  railway  clerk,  153  Barrie  Terrace 

Denver,  Robert,  labourer,  26  Kilmahew  Street 

Di  Carlo,  Mrs.  Catherine,  14  Alpine  Terrace 

Dick,   David,   hairdresser,   53   Princes  Street 

Dick,  James  S.,  vanman,  34  Hunter  Avenue 

Dick,  Thomas,  mason,  1   Winton  Lane 

Dick,  Thomas,  mason,  23   Winton  Street 

Dickie,   Samuel,   shipwright,  37   Harbour  Street 

Dickson,  James  M.,  163  Glasgow  Street 


Dickson,   John,   driller,   158   Glasgow  Street 

Dickson,   William,   plater,  44  Glasgow  Street 

Dingwall,   John,  joiner,  27   Winton  Street 

Dixon,   William,  guard,   17   Winton  Street 

Docherty,   Helen,    10  Church  Place 

Docherty,   James,  labourer,   11    Herald  Street 

Docherty,   William,   clerk,   98   Glasgow  Street 

Dodds,  Mrs.  Annabella,  23  Anderson  Terrace 

Dodds,    George,  labourer,   25   Harbour  Street 

Dodds,  James,  joiner,  80  Glasgow  Street 

Dodds,  Mrs.  Janet,  63  Eglinton  Road 

Dodds.  Mrs.  Margaret,  8  Bath  Square 

Donachy,  Charles,  harbour  worker,  26  Winton  Street 

Donachy,   John,  labourer,  24  Winton  Street 

Donald,   Robert,  bank  agent,  61   Eglinton  Road 

Donaldson,  Caroline,  widow,   165  Glasgow  Street 

Donaldson,   Robert,  foreman,   17  Parkhouse  Road 

Donaldson,   Thomas,  chemist,  Burnfoot,   Eglinton  Road.      Tel.  191 

Donnelly,    Bernard,   labourer,   Harbour   Road 

Donnelly,   Daniel,  carpenter,   16  Macdowall  Avenue 

Donnelly,   James,  labourer,   Harbour   Road 

Donnelly,  John,  roadman,  Dockgates 

Dorrian,   James,   draughtsman,   31    Hunter  Avenue 

Dorrian,  James,  waterman,  Dockgates 

Dorrian,  Patrick,  labourer,  21   Harbour  Place 

Dorrian,  William,  seaman,  11   Hill  Street 

Douglas,  James,  labourer,  25  Harbour  Place 

Douglas,  John  R.,  chemist,  54  Eglinton  Road.     Tel.  105 

Dow,  Mrs.  Dugald,  widow,  98  Glasgow  Street 

Dowall,   John,  plater,  209   Glasgow  Street 

Dowie,  Mrs.  Agnes,  113  Glasgow  Street 

Downie,  John,  porter,  3  Pavilion  Place 

Doyle,  Andrew,  labourer,  15  Glasgow  Street 

Doyle,  Joseph,  labourer,   15  Glasgow  Street 

Drysdale,  James,  carter,  16  Hill  Street, 

Drysdale,   Robert,  sheeter,  27  Hunter  Avenue, 

Duff,  T.  L.,  &  Co.,  ship  brokers,  13  Montgomery  Street.      Tel.  38 

Duffy,  Mary  C,  4  Glasgow  Street 

Dunagan,  James,  mason,  51   Hunter  Avenue 

Duncan,   George,  plater's  helper,  37  Harbour  Street 

Duncan,  James  C,  burgh  surveyor,  Linnside,  Eglinton  Road.      Tel.  45 

Duncan,  William,  6  Eglinton  Road 

Dunlop,    David,   engineer,   70  Princes  Street 

Dunlop,   Hugh,  shipwright,   2  Paisley  Street 

Dunlop,   James,  carpenter,   12  Seton  Street 

Dunlop,  James,  baker,  227   Glasgow  Street 

Dunlop,   James,  ironworker,   218   Glasgow  Street 

Dunn,  Agnes  F.,  assurance  agent,  14  Bath  Square 

Dunn,  Peter,  firemaster,  Barr  Street 

Eaglesham,  Thomas,  civil  servant,   18  Caledonia  Road 

Easterbrook,   Ronald,  electrician,  5   Harbour  Place 

Edgecombe,  Mrs.  Jessie,  53  Glasgow  Street 

Edmond,  Henry,  labourer,  24  Barr  Place 

Eglinton  Arms  Hotel,  3  Princes  Street.     Tel.  12 

Elder,   Joseph,  shipyard  worker,   10  Barr  Place 

Ellis,   Daniel,  plater's  helper,  213  Glasgow  Street 

Emmerson,  James,  publican,  2-6  Princes  Place 

Emslie,  John,  &  Guthrie,  writers,  43  Princes  Street.     Tel.   100 

England,    Harry,    Battery  Point 

Krentz,  Christian  H.,  clubmaster,  84  Princes  Street 

Brlandsen,   George,  3   Glasgow  Street 

Evans,   Isaac,  coal  merchant,   L.M.S.   Depot 

Evans,  John,  seaman,  62  Glasgow  Street 

livers,   Lawrence,   labourer,   12   Glasgow  Street 

Ewer,  John  Kerr,  motor  engineer,  210  Glasgow  Street 



Fairfield,  James,  plater's  helper,  9   Harbour  Street 

Fawcett,   Isaac  T.,  steel  merchant,  45  Sorbie  Road     Tel.  73 

Ferguson,   Alexander,  engine  driver,   185  Glasgow  Street 

Ferguson,   Alexander,   boatman,   Dockgates 

Ferguson,  Alexander,  labourer,  4  Hill  Street 

Ferguson,  Mrs.   Grace,  widow,   13   Herald  Street 

Ferguson,  James,  ship's  cook,  158  Glasgow  Street 

Ferguson,   James,   engine  driver,   2   McKellar  Avenue 

Ferguson,  James,  shop  assistant,  5  Seton  Street 

Ferguson,   James,  inspector,   16   Winton  Street 

Ferguson,  John,  railwayman,  27  Winton  Street 

Ferguson,  Margaret,  Jessie,   Eupheniia,  26  Caledonia  Road 

Ferguson,  M.  &  E.,  drapers,  55  Glasgow  Street 

Ferguson,   Margaret,   179   Glasgow  Street 

Ferguson,   Robert,   14  Alpine  Terrace 

Ferguson,   Robert,  factory  worker,  48  Kilmahew  Street 

Ferguson,   Thomas,  engineer,  86   Barrie  Terrace 

Ferguson,   Thomas,  stationer,  49  and  75   Glasgow  Street 

Ferguson,   William,   guard,   18  Macdowall  Avenue 

Ferrier,   Mary,  2  Seton  Street 

Findlay,   David,   caulker,   113   Glasgow  Street 

Findlay,    Donald,   labourer,   23   Princes   Place 

Findlay,   George,   brakesman,   213   Glasgow  Street 

Findlay,  Mrs.  Margaret,  6  Eglinton  Road 

Findlay,  Thomas,  riveter,  6  Eglinton  Road 

Findlay,   Thomas,   riveter,   39   Kilmahew  Street 

Findlay,   William,   226   Glasgow  Street 

Fingland,   Robert  L.,   driver,   171   Glasgow  Street 

Finnie,  John,  postman,  17   Hill  Street 

Finnie,   Robert,  clerk,   11   McKellar  Avenue 

Firth,  Peter,  manager,  19  Macdowall  Avenue 

Fitzsimmons,   Henry,   labourer,   164   Glasgow   Street 

Fitzsimmons,  John,  labourer,  6  Hill  Street    . 

Fisher,   Archibald,  motor  driver,  37  Harbour  Street 

Fisher,   Robert,   labourer,  36   Kilmahew  Street 

Fisher,  Thomas,  salesman,  21   Winton  Street 

Fleming,  Catherine,  10  Barr  Street 

Fleming,   George,  engineer,  Mill  Glen  Filter  House 

Fleming,   James,   poultry  farmer,   Burnfoot 

Fletcher,   Albert  E.,  shipbuilder,   Northford,   Eglinton  Road.     Tel.  71 

Fletcher,  Jane,  Janet,  and  Margaret,  36   Eglinton  Road 

Flinn,  Robert  P.,  sheet  ironworker,  Fire  Station,  Barr  Street 

Flinn,  William  P.,  pumpman,  53  Macdowall  Avenue 

Flood,  James,  31   Kilmahew  Street 

Flynn,   Hugh,   plater,   209   Glasgow  Street 

Foram,   John,   labourer,   56   Kilmahew  Street 

Forbes,   John,   boilermaker,    159   Glasgow  Street 

Forrest,   Margaret,   widow,  37   Parkhouse   Road 

Forrest,  Nurse,  Battery  Point 

Forrester,   Alexander,  fireman,    14  Winton  Street 

Forsyth,  John,  ironfounder,  53  Eglinton  Road.     Tel.  181 

Foster,  Joseph,  225  Glasgow  Street 

Francis,  Alexander,  tugmaster,   Dockgates 

Frew,  Mrs.  Agnes,  widow,   179   Glasgow  Street 

Frew,  Archibald,  jr.,  caulker,   116  Kilmahew  Street 

Frew,  Archibald,  boilermaker,  Parkhouse  Cottage 

Frew,   William,   boilermaker,   110  Kilmahew  Street 

Frisby,  Mrs.  Alice,  6  Arran  Place 

Fry,  Frederick,  policeman,  Battery  Point 

Frye,   James,   caulker,  31   Princes  Place 

Fullarton,  Alexander  M.,  engineer,   18  Parkhouse  Road 

Fullarton,   David  M.,  31   Parkhouse  Road 

Fullarton,  J.  &  D.,  joiners,  6  Hogarth  Street 

Fullarton,   John,   marine  engineer,   3   Macdowall  Avenue 

Fullarton,  Minnie,  98  Glasgow  Street 


Fullarton,  William,  engine  driver,  16  Hill  Street 

Fullerton,  George  L.,  ironmonger,  47  Sorbie  Road 

Fullerton,  Hugh   A.,   ironmonger,   10  Arran  Place 

Fullerton,  James,  &  Son,  38  Glasgow  Street.     Tel.  75 

Fullerton,  James,  ironmonger,  The  Neuk,  North  Crescent 

Fullerton,  Mary,  11   Pavilion  Place 
Fulton,    Robert,   retired,   15   Winton  Street 

Gairns,  John,  shepherd,  90   Glasgow  Street 

Galbraith,   Margaret,  3  South  Beach  Road 

Gallacher,  George  P.,  grocer,  57  Glasgow  Street 

Gallie,   William,   craneman.   200   Glasgow  Street 

Galston,  John,  insurance  agent,  210  Glasgow  Street 

Gardiner,  Ann,  widow,  73  Young  Street 

Gardiner,   Mrs.   Jessie,  widow,   12  Park  Road 

Gardiner,   John,   cemetery  keeper,   Sorbie   Road 

Gardiner,   Robert,  furnisher,  50  Parkhouse  Road 

Gardiner,   William,  43   Macdowall  Avenue 

Gardiner,  William,  labourer,  1   South  Beach  Road 

Gardner,  Alexander,  druggist,  47  Princes  Street.      Tel.  140 

Garrie,  James,  sailor,  68  Kilmahew  Street 

Gates,   Mary,   widow,  22  Eglinton  Road 

Gaw,   Thomas,  signalman,  229   Glasgow  Street 

Gemmell,   Barkley,  railwayman,   163   Glasgow  Street 

Gemmell,   Ellen,   widow,   10  North  Crescent 

George,  Jeanie,  widow,  49   Kilmahew  Street 

Gibb,  J.,  representative,  133  Barrie  Terrace 

Gibbons;   Edmond  J.,  laboratory  assistant,  218  Glasgow  Street 

Gibson,   William,  builder,   10  Anderson  Terrace 

Gilchrist,  James,  guard,  33  Glasgow  Street 

Gillan,  Andrew  J.,  motor  driver,  3  Pavilion  Place 

Gillan,   John,   dock  gateman,   11    Macdowall  Avenue 

Gillon,  John,  dock  gateman,   175  Glasgow  Street 

Gillon.  Thomas,  dock  gateman,  26  Hunter  Avenue 

Gillespie,   George,  co-operative  manager,  23   McKellar  Avenue 

Gillespie,  James,  foreman  plater,  3  Eglinton  Road 

Gillespie,   William,  &  Son,  boot  makers,  7  Glasgow  Street 

Gilfillan,  Mrs.  Christina,  Eglinton  Road 

Gillies,   Daniel,  shipmaster,  85  Eglinton  Road 

Gillies,   David  F.,  foreman,  50  Hunter  Avenue 

Gillies,   Mary,   widow,  30   Montgomery  Street 

Gilmour,  John  T.,  spirit  salesman,  34  Hunter  Avenue 

Gilmour,  John,  craneman,  90  Glasgow  Street 

Gilmour,  Mrs.  Martha,   175   Glasgow  Street 

Glen,   Reuben,  upholsterer,  9  Herald  Street 

Glencross,   William,   signalman,   198   Glasgow   Street 

Glendinning,  James,  engine  driver,   13   Eglinton  Road 

Good,   Janet,  widow,  28  Harbour  Place 

Goodall,   Alexander,   printer,  4   Hunter  Avenue 

Goodwin,  Janette,  widow,   18  Montgomery  Street 

Goodwin,  John  A.,  engineer,  8  Yarborough  Place 

Goodwin,   Robert,  clerk,   10  Seton  Street 

Gordon,   Thomas,  riveter,  23  Princes  Place 

Gowans,  Walter,  guard,  42  Macdowall  Avenue 

Gracie,  Alexander,  stationer,  21   Harbour  Street 

Gracie,  M.  &  J.,  grocers,  125  Glasgow  Street 

Graham,  Mrs.  Caroline,  23  Princes  Place 

Graham,    Henry,  labourer,  8  Princes  Place 

Graham,   James,   craneman,  47  Macdowall  Avenue 

Graham,   James,   steward,   5   Young   Street 

Graham,  John,  insurance  superintendent,  9  Harbour  Head.     Tel.  129 

Graham,  J.  M.,  5  North  Crescent 

Graham,   William   O.,   managing   director,   8   North  Crescent.      Tel.  53 

Grant,  Alexander  B.,  publican,  2  and  4  Young  Street 

Grant,   Mrs.  Alison  M.,   12   Caledonia  Road 


Gray,  Alexander,  guard,   10  Seton  Street 

Gray,  John,  engineer,  52   Glasgow  Street 

Gray,   Mrs.   Margaret,   12   Alpine  Terrace 

Grear,   Archibald,   blacksmith,   33   Glasgow  Street 

Greig,  Duncan,  engine  driver,  11   Parkhouse  Road 

Greenlees  &  Sons  (Easiephit  Footwear),   Ltd.,   13   Glasgow  Street 

Gribbon,   John,  railwayman,  5   Herald  Street 

Grier,  Margaret,  widow,  44  Herald  Street 

Grier,  Samuel,  holder-on,  92   Kilmahew  Street 

Grier,  William,  baker,   10  Seton  Street 

Griffen,  James  H.,  caretaker,  Municipal  Buildings,  Montgomery  Street 

Griffen,   Walter,  barber,  51    Glasgow  Street 

Gullick,  Alfred  W.,  labourer,  5  Harbour  Place 

Gunn,   James,   attendant,   30  Macdowall   Avenue 

Gunn,  James,  billiard  rooms,  29  Princes  Street 

Gunn,   John,   plater,    12   Glasgow  Street 

Gunn,   William,   carpenter,   13  Pavilion  Place 

Guthrie,  Arthur,  &  Sons,  Ltd.,  stationers.  64  Princes  Street.      Tel.  82 

and  205 
Guthrie,  George  C,  editor,  6  South  Crescent.      Tel.  152 
Guthrie,   Mrs.   Isabella,   Bellevue,   Montgomery  Street 
Guthrie,   James,  engine  driver,  5  Seton  Street 
Guthrie,   Thomas,  writer,  64  Eglinton  Road.      Tel.   120 
Guthrie,   Thomas  S.,  butcher,  6   Glasgow  Street.      Tel.   103 


Habberjam,   Cnarles,   27   Parkhouse   Road 

Hackett,  Charles,  labourer,   Dockgates 

Hackett,   John,  seaman,  23  Princes  Place 

Hackett,  John,  boatswain,  6  Hill  Street 

Hackett,   Mary,   widow,  6   Hill  Street 

Hackett,    Mary,  widow,  4  Paisley  Street 

Haddow,   David,   shipmaster,   177   Glasgow   Street 

Haddow,   James,   signalman,   14  Eglinton   Road 

Haggs,   Walter,  labourer,   14  Kilmahew  Street 

Hail,   Frank,   holder-on,   157   Glasgow  Street 

Haining,   James,  shoemaker,   139   Glasgow  Street 

Haining,  Janet,  widow,  13  South  Beach  Road 

Halbert,   Thomas,   19  South  Beach   Road.      Tel.  222 

Halbert,   William,  retired,   8  Montgomery  Street 

Hall,  Elizabeth  94  Glasgow  Street 

Hall,  James,  marine  engineer,   17  Seton  Street 

Hall,   John,   labourer,   10   Harbour  Place 

Hall,   Michael,  labourer,   21    Kilmahew  Street 

Halliday,  Mary,  4  Winton  Lane 

Hamilton,  Mrs.  Annie,   171    Glasgow  Street 

Hamilton,   Catherine,   widow,   10   Eglinton   Road 

Hamilton,   David,  surfaceman,  56   Kilmahew  Street 

Hamilton,  James,  labourer,  58  Kilmahew  Street 

Hamilton,  Mrs.  Jessie  McK.,  5  Fullerton  Square 

Hamilton,   Patrick,  labourer,  5   Herald  Street 

Hamilton,   Richard,  shipyard  worker,  57   Glasgow  Street 

Hamilton,   Robert,   stoker,   22    Winton  Street 

Hamilton,  William  D.,  engineer,  5  South  Crescent 

Hamilton,   William,   pilot,    10   Harbour  Road 

Hancock.   John,   chemist,   Bellevue,   Montgomery  Street 

Hannah,  Andrew,  church  officer,  73  Kilmahew  Street 

Hannah,   Hugh,  locomotive  fireman,  3   Barrie  Terrace 

Hannah,   William,  civil  servant,  5  Seton  Street 

Hansford,   Ernest  W.   H.,  manager,   18  South  Crescent.     Tel.  85 

Hardie,  James,  labourer,   10  Princes  Street 

Harkins,   Edward,   plater,  21    Harbour  Place 

Harnett,  William,  labourer,   12   Kilmahew  Street 

Harper,   James  T.,  steward,  23  Macdowall  Avenue 

Harris,  Annie,  111   Glasgow  Street 

Harris,  John,  pumpman,  8  Park  Road 


Harte,  Mrs.   Elizabeth,   conductor,   21    Harbour  Place 

Hartsorn,   Edward,   shipyard  worker,  36  Macdowall  Avenue 

Harvey,   Elizabeth,  widow,   10  Alpine  Terrace 

Harvey,    Frederick,   boilermaker,    17   Winton   Street 

Harvey,   James,   postman,   7   Young'  Street 

Harvey,   James,  riveter,   100   Kilmahew  Street 

Harvey,  Jane,  widow,   10  Alpine  Terrace 

Harvey,  John  G.,  hammerman.  2  Winton  Street 

Harvey,   John  G.,  dairyman,  34  Caledonia  Road 

Harvey,   Joseph,   labourer,   Dockgates 

Harvey,  Margaret  and  Robina,  10  Montgomery  Street 

Harvey,   Robert,  railwayman,  205  Glasgow  Street 

Harvey,   Thomas,  retired,  53  Sorbie  Road.     Tel.   114 

Harvey,  William,  enginekeeper,  11  Harbour  Place 

Harvey.   William,   storekeeper,   1    Macdowall  Avenue 

Hastings.  Mrs.  Janet,  21   South  Beach  Road.     Tel.  196 

Hastings,   Robert,  labourer,   118  Kilmahew  Street 

Hastings,   Robert,   stoker,   220   Glasgow  Street 

Hazel,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  conductor,  21   Harbour  Place 

Henderson,   Andrew,   shipwright,   198   Glasgow  Street 

Henderson,  Annie  A.,  1   North  Crescent 

Henderson,   Eliza,   9   North  Crescent 

Henderson,  Marion,  widow,  98  Kilmahew  Street 

Henry,   Daniel,  labourer,  98  Kilmahew  Street 

Henry,  Patrick,  carpenter,  53  Glasgow  Street 

Henshaw,  Alexander  G.,  baker,  101   Barrie  Terrace 

Hepburn,  William,  engine  driver,  13  Young  Street 

Hetherington,  Arthur  G,   chemist,  36  Sorbie  Road.     Tel.   176 

Higgins,   Daniel,   docker,  37  Kilmahew  Street 

Higgins,  John,  labourer,  11   Princes  Street 

Higgins,   Joseph,   dealer,  9  Montgomery  Street 

Hill,  John,  signalman,  22  Seton  Street 

Hill,  John  S.,  chemist,  58  Eglinton  Street 

Hill,   Thomas,   shipwright,  37   Harbour  Street 

Hillen,   Mrs.   Sarah,  6  Hill  Street 

Hogarth,   Isabella,  widow,   The   Garth,   Eglinton   Road.      Tel.  87 

Hogarth,  John,  ironmonger.  52   Eglinton  Road.     Tel.  168 

Hogarth.  John,  agent,  28  Sorbie  Road 

Hogarth,   John,  jr..  motor  hirer,  4  Macdowall  Avenue 

Hogarth,   Robert,  grocer,  95  and  97  Glasgow  Street 

Hogarth,  Walter  S.,  dairyman,  23  and  45  Parkhouse  Road.      Tel.  223 

Hollings  worth,   James,   railwayman,   10  Kilmahew  Street 

Hollingsworth,   William,  24  Dairy  Road 

Hood,   Emilie,  3  Montgomery  Street 

Hopperton,    Harry,   manager,  8  South   Crescent     Tel.   153 

Hosie,  Charles,  craneman,   1   Pavilion  Place 

Hosie,    James    A.,    Ardrossan    and    Saltcoats    monumental    works,    86 

Princes  Street  and  14  Anderson  Terrace 
Houston,   James,  blacksmith,  22  Parkhouse  Road 
Howat,   George,  shipping  agent,   1   Princes  Street.      Tel.  24 
Howe,   Charles,  traveller,   19   Seton  Street 
Howie,   Alexander,    221    Glasgow   Street 
Howie,  Andrew  A.,  coal  agent,  2  Dairy  Road.      Tel.  132 
Howie,   George,  clerk,  44  Glasgow  Street 
Howie,   Mrs.  Nellie,  15  Kilmahew  Street 
Howie,   Rennie,  butcher,  3   Winton  Lane 
Howie,   William,  motor  driver.  25  Macdowall  Avenue 
Howieson,  James,  fireman,   118  Kilmahew  Street. 
Hughan.   James.   A.,   post   office  overseer,   145  Barrie  Terrace 
Hughes,   Andrew,   collector,    16   Parkhouse   Road 
Hughes,  Archibald  N.,  grocer.  19  Harbour  Street 
Hughes,  Archibald  N.,   publican,  17    Harbour  Street 
Hughes,   Archibald    N.,   house,  39  Parkhouse   Road 
Hughes.    Ai-cliihiild    X.,  jr..   spirit   salesman,  99   Barrie  Terrace 
Hughes,   James  D.,  engineer,   15  Eglinton  Road 
Hughes,    Mrs.    .Margaret,   26   Sorbie   Road 
Hughes,   William,  grocer,  13  Seton  Street 
Hughes.   William,   postal  clerk,  10  Bath  Square 


Hughes,   William  N.,  joiner,   194  Glasgow  Street 

Hunter,  Alexander,   clerk,  20  Anderson  Terrace 

Hunter,   Alexander,   craneman,   68   Kilniahew  Street 

Hunter,  Mrs.  Isabella,  85a  Eglinton  Road 

Hunter,  Hugh,  farmer,  Montfode.     Tel.  15 

Hunter,  James  B..  engineer,  173  Glasgow  Street 

Hunter.  John,  advertising  agent,   1   Princes  Street 

Hunter,   John,   fireman,   24  Seton  Street 

Hunter,  John,  engineer,  37   Hunter  avenue 

Hunter,  John,  blacksmith,  20  Montgomery  Street 

Hunter.    Mary.   8    Eglinton    Road 

Hunter,  Mrs.  Mary,  19  Parkhouse  Road 

Hunter,   Margaret,  widow,  33  Hill  Place 

Hunter.   Thomas  H.,   20  Hill  Place 

Hunter.   Thomas,  labourer,   9   Herald  Street 

Hunter,   William,  foreman  plumber,  3   Hunter  avenue 

Huntingford.    Donald  B.,   65   Eglinton   Road 

Hutchison,  William  F.,  chauffeur,  1   Anderson  Terrace 

Hynde,   Alexander,  ship's  cook,  25   Harbour  Place 

Inglis,  George,  builder,   10  Winton  Street 

Inglis,   John,  builder,   20  Macdowall  Avenue 

Inglis,  John,  plumber,  41   Hunter  Avenue 

Inglis,  John,  builder,   13  Anderson  Terrace 

Inglis,  Mrs.   Susan,   13  Anderson  Terrace 

Innes,   Gabriel,  labourer,  25  Harbour  Place 

Innes,  Isabella,  widow,  13  Seton  Street 

Irvine,  David,  foreman,  17  Macdowall  Avenue 

Irvine,   Helen,  widow,  29   Kilmahew  Street 

Irvine,   William,   dynamite  worker,   115   Glasgow  Street 

Jackson,  George,  cordite  runner,  45  Kilmahew  Street 

Jamieson,   Mrs.  Jassie,  8  Eglinton  Road 

Jardine,   David,  foreman  baker,  5  Hill  Place 

Jarvie,  Susan,  widow,  183  Glasgow  Street 

Jarvie,   Thomas,   plater,   173   Glasgow  Street 

Jeffey,   Thomas,  foreman  joiner,  36  Caledonia  Road 

Jenkins,   James,   labourer,   21    Harbour  Place 

Johnson,   Alexander,   137   Glasgow  Street 

Johnson,   William  H.,   cashier,  7   Bath  Square 

Johnston,   George,  engine  driver,  52  Parkhouse  Road 

Johnston.    George,   labourer,    Dockgates 

Johnston,   Hugh,  holder-on,   18  Princes  Place 

Johnston,  James,  draughtsman,  149  Barrie  Terrace 

Johnston,   Jessie,  widow,   163   Glasgow  Street 

Johnstone,   Francis,  joiner,  35   Kilmahew  Street 

Johnstone,   George,   watchman,   Seafield,   Eglinton   Road 

Johnstone,  John,  signalman,  21   Winton  Street 

Johnstone,   Paton  &  Rankine,   Ltd.,  82  Princes  Street.      Tel.  34 

Jones,  Agnes,  widow,  19  Seton  Street 

Jones,  James,  draper,  213  Glasgow  Street 

Jones,  Matthew  B.,  clerk,  105  Barrie  Terrace 

Jones.  Ralph  A.,  accountant,  Montgomery  Street 

Kane,  Annie,   widow,   16   Winton  Street 

Kayes,    Daniel,    111    Glasgow  Street 

Kean,  J.  &  A.,  confectioners,  63  Glasgow  Street 

Kean,   Jamss,    plumber,   177   Glasgow  street 

Kean,  Mary,  72   Glasgow  Street 

Kean.  Peter,  engineer,  202  Glasgow  Street 


Kean,  Robert,  ploughman,  56  Kilmahew  Street 

Kearney,  John,  motor  mechanic,   13  Seton  Street 

Kellie,   Robert,  signalman,   10  Park  Road 

Kellie,  Robert,  signalman,  29  Winton  Street 

Kelly,   Hugh,  craneman,   Harbour  Road 

Kelly,   James,   labourer,   27   Kilmahew  Street 

Kelly,  John,  marine  engineer,  83   Glasgow  Street 

Kelly,  Maxwell,  railwayman,  9   Young  Street 

Kelly,  Michael,  boiler  cleaner,  23   Harbour  Street 

Kelly,   Michael,   labourer,  9   Herald  Street 

Kelso,  James,  clerk,  62  Glasgow  Street 

Kemp,   Harry,   entertainer,   16   South  Crescent 

Kendall,   John,  labourer,  33   Princes  Place 

Kennedy,   David,   steelworker,   21    Winton  Street 

Kennedy,   James,  engineman,  7   Hill  Place 

Kennedy,  Patrick,  3  Seton  Street 

Kernahan,   John,  craneman,  52   Glasgow  Street 

Kerr,  Mrs.   Elizabeth  J.,  5a  South  Crescent 

Kerr,   David,   coal  merchant,  9   McKellar  Avenue 

Kerr,   Hamilton,  engine  driver,   21    Anderson  Terrace 

Kerr,  Hamilton,  motor  driver,  7  Hill  Street 

Kerr,  James  B.,  cabinet  maker,  5  Bath  Square 

Kerr,  James,   painter,   13   Young  Street 

Kerr,  Joan,  widow,  11  Bath  Square 

Kerr,  Joseph,  engine  driver,  135  Barrie  Terrace 

Kerr,  Malcolm,  seaman,  12  Seton  Street 

Kerr,   Margaret,   The  Creek,   North  Crescent 

Kerr,   Peter,  carrier,   13   Barrie  Terrace 

Kerr,   Robert,   clerk,   19  McKellar  Avenue.     Tel.   226 

Kerr,  Robert,  labourer,  13  Herald  Street 

Kerr  &  Co.,  upholsterers,  27  Glasgow  Street 

Killen,.  John,  gas  stoker,  14  Alpine  Terrace 

Killin,  Thomas,  2  Eglinton  Road 

Kilmeny  Hotel.     Tel.  88 

Kilpatrick,  Joseph,  22  Dairy  Road 

Kinnaird,  Robert  J.,  civil  servant,  15  Winton  Street 

Kinnear,  Mrs.  Agnes,  44  Eglinton  Road 

King,  Andrew,  farm  servant,   15  Winton  Street 

King,  Catherine,  widow,  5  Herald  Street 

King,  Robert,  secretary,  35  South  Beach  Road.     Tel.  160 

King,   Robert,   ploughman,   Chapelhill 

Kirk,  Alexander,  plater,  fire  station,  Barr  Street 

Kirk,  Elizabeth,  33  Glasgow  Street 

Kirk,  Elizabeth,  27  Princes  Street 

Kirk,   Robert,   13  Herald  Street 

Kirk,   William,   labourer,   10  Paisley  Street 

Kirkwood,  Janet,   widow,   25   Montgomery  Street 

Knox,  Hugh,  bus  driver,  226  Glasgow  Street 

Knox,   Robert,  cabinetmaker,   19  Seton  Street 

Knox,   Thomas,   clerk,  9   Parkhouse  Road 

Knox,  William  B.,  joiner,  207   Glasgow  Street 


Laidlaw,  George,  boilermaker,  14  Barr  Place 

Laird,  John,  motor  driver,   173   Glasgow  Street 

Laird,   Robert  T.,  teacher,  26  Macdowall  Avenue 

Lamb,   John,   driller,   10   Barr  Street 

Lamb,  Mrs.   Margaret,  9  Arran  Place 

Lambert,  Alexander  O.,  plumber,  2  Macdowall  Avenue 

Lambert,  James  E.,  mining  engineer,  50  Eglinton  Road.     Tel. 

Lambert,  John,  plumber,  7  Montgomery  Street 

Lambert  &  Reid,  plumbers,  85   Glasgow  Street.     Tel.   102 

Lambie,   John  A.,  guard,   36   Hunter  Avenue 

Lamont.  William,  plater's  helper,  3  Herald  Street 

Langan,  James,  engine  driver,  14  Caledonia  Road 

Langan,   James,   baker,   7   Paisley  Street 

Langan,  John,  shipyard  worker,   1   Princes  Street 


Latta,  James,  labourer,  15  Hill  Street 

Laughland,   Elizabeth,   28   Hunter  Avenue 

Lavery,    Hugh,   fireman,   20   Winton  Street 

Lawrie,  John,  signalman,   190  Glasgow  Street 

Lawson,  William  B.,  motor  mechanic,  38  Young  Street 

Leckie,   Annabella,   widow,    177   Glasgow  Street 

Lee,  Alfred,  14  Eglinton  Road 

Lee,  Charles  F.  O.,  Eglinton  Arms  Hotel,  Princes  Street 

Lee,  Charles  F.   O.,   Kilmeny  Hotel,  South  Crescent 

Lee,  Harry,  factory  worker,  9  Hunter  Avenue 

Lee,   Henry,   driller,   16   Winton  Street 

Lee,  Herbert,  shipyard  worker,  29  Winton  Street 

Lee,  James,  &  Son,  aerated  water  manufacturers,  69  Kilmahew  Street. 

Tel.  83 
Lee,  John,  aerated  water  manufacturer,  12  Macdowall  Avenue 
Lee.   John,   24  Parkhouse  Road 
Lee,  Thomas,  10  Barr  Street 

Lees,  Robert,  marine  engineer,   192  Glasgow  Street 
Leitch,  Mrs.  Eleanor,  2  Pavilion  Place 
Leitch,  Janet,  widow,  13  Seton  Street 
Lennox,  Alexander,  bowerman,  Millfarm 
Leonard,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  widow,  10  Park  Road 
Leonard,   Patrick,   waggoner,   14  Winton  Street 
Leugering,   William,  3  Glasgow  Street 
Lewis,  Alexander,  sr.,  labourer,  44  Glasgow  Street 
Lewis,  Charles,  shipyard  worker,  13  Hill  Street 
Lewis,   Gilbert,  councillor,  226   Glasgow  Street 
Lewis,  Russell,  minister  of  religion,  60  Eglinton  Road 
Liddell,   Georgina,   15  Montgomery  Street 
Lightbody,   Annie,   widow,   16   Barr  Place 
Lindsay,   John,  weigher,   16  Church   Place 
Linney,  Patrick,  coal  shipper,  14  Montgomery  Street 
Lipton,  Ltd.,  grocers,  58  Glasgow  Street 
Little,  Mary,  widow,  90  Glasgow  Street 
Lockerbie,   William,  signalman,  52   Hunter  Avenue 
Logan,  James,  inspector,  30  Young  Street 
Logan,  John  L.,  labourer,  6  Winton  Buildings 
Logan,   Mary,   widow,   17   Seton  Street 
Logue,  James,  plater,  1   Herald  Street 
Long,   John,  labourer,   24  Barr  Place 
Lonsdall,  John,  seaman,   17  Harbour  Place 
Lothian,   Alfred,   butcher,   61a   Glasgow  Street 
Loudon,   John,  accountant,  38   Eglinton  Road 
Love,   Jane,   widow,   16   Winton  Street 
Lowey,  Mary,  widow,  Harbour  Head 

Lumsden,  William  W.,  manager,  21   South  Crescent,        Tel.  27 
Lundholm,   Nils   O.,   chemist,    11    South   Beach   Road.     Tel.   64 
Lundie,   James,   burner,   10   Kilmahew  Street 
Lundie,  William,  labourer,  21   Kilmahew  Street 
Lynch,   Thomas,  labourer,  30   Glasgow  Street 
Little,   Sarah,   widow,    114   Kilmahew  Street 
Lyon,   George,  4  Eglinton  Road 
Lyric  Picture  House.     Tel.  77 


McAllister,  John,  engine  driver,  171   Glasgow  Street 
McArthur,  Elizabeth,  widow,  48  Kilmahew  Street 
McArthur,  James  D.,  teller,  35  Parkhouse  Road 
McArthur,   John,   labourer,   11    Herald  Street 
McArthur,  Malcolm,  riveter,  45  Kilmahew  Street 
McArthur,  Margaret,  teacher,  5  Park  Road 
McAsh,   John,  labourer,   92   Kilmahew  Street 
McAteer,   Patrick,   checker,  70  Princes  Street 
McAughtrie,  Isabella,  widow,  37  Barr  Place 
McAuliffe,   Joseph,  labourer,   23   Kilmahew  Street 
McAvoy,  Bernard,  labourer,  15  Glasgow  Street 


McAvoy,   John,  labourer,  31    Princes  Place 

McBlain,   David,  miner,   12   Kilniahew  Street 

McBlain,  John,  miner,  44  Kilmahew  Street 

McBrayne,   George,   driver,  30  Hunter  Avenue 

McBride,  James  W.,  propulsive  worker,  7  Hunter  Avenue 

McBride,   Mrs.   Jane,   77   Kilmahew  Street 

McBurnie,   William  G.,  4  Sorbie  Road 

McCafferty,   Ellen,  widow,  2  Paisley  Street 

McCallum,   Alexander,  glazier,   6   Hunter  Avenue 

McCallum,  Annie,  widow,  158  Glasgow  Street 

McCallum,  Annie,  widow,   13  Barr  Street 

McCallum,    Flora,    158    Glasgow   Street 

McCallum,   Hugh,  boxmaker,  33  Glasgow  Street 

McCallum,  John  B.,  joiner,  26  Harbour  Road 

McCallum,   John  D.,  clerk,  29  Hunter  Avenue 

McCallum,   Peter,  labourer,  41    Glasgow  Street 

McCallum,   William,  carter,   75   Glasgow  Street 

McCallum,  William,  guard,   10  Winton  Street 

McCance,   Hugh,  hawker,  5   Herald  Street 

McCann,   Peter,  boatman,   Dockgates 

McCann,   Thomas,  riveter,   153   Glasgow  Street 

McCann,   William,  holder-on,  92  Kilmahew  Street 

McCarroll,  Andrew,  grocer,  45  and  47  Glasgow  Street.     Tel.  89 

McCartney,   Alexander,  patrolman,  8  Pavilion  Place 

McClone,  Joseph,  209   Glasgow  Street 

McClymont,   Andrew,  rail  car  repairer,  41   Macdowall  Avenue 

McClymont,  Andrew,  signalman,   10  Park  Road 

McClymont,   Mathew,   butcher,   70   Barrie  Terrace 

McClymont,   Robert,   motor  driver,   90   Barrie  Terrace 

McConnochie,  Andrew,  1  Herald  Street 

McConnochie,    Mrs.   Lily,   5   Harbour  Place 

McCorquodale,   Daniel,   161    Glasgow  Street 

McCourt.   Margaret,   4   Glasgow  Street 

McCourt,   Mary,  widow,  5   Hill  Street 

McCourt,   Peter,  labourer,   83   Glasgow  Street 

McCourt,  Peter,  labourer,   14  Princes  Place 

McCracken,   Samuel,  butcher,   168   Glasgow  Street 

McCrae,   George,  fitter,   24  Hunter  Avenue 

McCreadie,   George,  fisherman,   109   Glasgow  Street 

McCreadie,  Peter,  shipmaster,  44  Hunter  Avenue 

McCreadie,   William,  shipmaster,   175   Glasgow  Street 

McCrindle,   Marion,   widow,   17   Kilmahew  Street 

McCrindle,   William,   operator,   1    Hunter  Avenue 

McCubbin,   David,  fireman,  53   Kilmahew  Street 

McCubbin,   James,   seaman,  49   Kilmahew  Street 

McCubbin,  James,  seaman,  22  Harbour  Place 

McCubbin,  William,  labourer,  29  Harbour  Street 

McCulloch,   Alexander,   riveter,   10   Seton  Street 

McCulloch,  Charles,  publican,  57  Princes  Street 

McCulloch,  Joseph,  labourer,  56  Kilmahew  Street 

McDavid,  James  W.,  chemist,  37  South  Beach  Road.     Tel.  56 

MacDonald,   Angus,   M.A.,   13  South  Crescent 

Macdonald,   Alexander,   motor  driver,  98  Kilmahew  Street 

Macdonald,   Eric  C,  medical  practitioner,  21   Montgomery  Street 

Macdonald,   Hector,   &  Co.,   sawmillers,   Dairy   Road 

Macdonald,  James,  tailor,  93  Glasgow  Street,  and  54  Parkhouse  Road 

Macdonald,  James  N.,  stationer,  44  Princes  Street,  and  3  Winton  Street 

Macdonald,   John,  medical  practitioner,  90  Princes  Street 

Macdonald,    Ronald,   builder,   3   Parkhouse   Road 

McDonald,   Alexander,   plater's  labourer,   109   Glasgow  Street 

McDonald,   Archibald,   plater,   149   Glasgow  Street 

McDonald,   Elizabeth,  widow,   18  Winton  Street 

McDonald,   Gilbert,   slater,    14   Winton  Street 

McDonald,   James,   bricklayer,   20  McKellar  Avenue 

McDonald,   John,    blacksmith,   22   Winton  Street 

McDonald,  Robert,  transport  worker,  223  Glasgow  Street 

MeDougall,   David,   seaman,  36  Kilmahew  Street 

McDougall,   Hugh,   riveter,   17   Winton  Street 


McDougall,  John,  clerk,  82  Barrie  Terrace 

McDowaJJ,   David,   potato  merchant.  51    Eglinton  Road.      Tel.   124 

McDowall,   Duncan,   potato  merchant,  2   Yarborough  Place.      Tel.   11 

McDowall,  James,  salesman.   12   Glasgow  Street 

McDowell,   John,   surfaceman,   11    Herald  Street 

McDowell,   Robert,  labourer.   9   Bute  Place 

McEntaggert,  James,  chemist,  Clyde  View,  Montgomery  Street.      Tel. 

McEvoy,   John,   riveter,   9   Young  Street 

McEvoy,   Laurence,   bus  driver.   Bellevue,   Montgomery  Street 
McEwan,  Mrs.   Elizabeth.  52  Kilmahew  Street 
McEwan,   George  L..  engineer,  22   McKellar  Avenue 
McEwan,    Hugh,    113    Glasgow   Street 
McEwan,  James,   coal  merchant,   109   Glasgow  Street 
McEwan,   Janet,  widow,  25   Winton  Street 
McEwing',   Annie,   widow.   12   Church   Place 
McEwing,   John,   clerk.   21    Barrie   Terrace 
McFadyen,   Robert,  railwayman.  21   Winton  Street 
Macfarlane,  Mrs.  Dora,  14  Princes  Place 
McFarlane,  Alexander,   driller,   12  Winton  Street 
McFarlane,   Alexander,  stoker,   178   Glasgow  Street 
McFarlane,   Archibald,   seaman,   6  Winton  Buildings 
McFarlane,    James,   29    Kilmahew   Street 
McFarlane,   Janet,   widow,  40   Kilmahew  Street 
McFarlane,   John,  seaman,  21    Harbour  Place 
McFarlane,   Margaret,   22   Harbour  Place 
McFarlane,   Mary.   219   Glasgow  Street 
McFarlane,   Margaret,   22   Harbour  Place 
McFarlane,   Samuel,   dynamite  worker,  209   Glasgow  Street 
McFarlane,   Susan,  48  Kilmahew  Street 
McFarlane,   William,   caretaker.   3   Harbour  Street 

McFarlane,   William,   commission  agent,   17   Hunter  Avenue.      Tel.   14 
McGaw,  James,  labourer,  36  Kilmahew  Street 
Magee.  William,  fireman,  33   Glasgow  Street 
MeGee,   Hugh,  21   Glasgow  Street 
McGee.   Sarah,   widow.   10  Barr  Place    _ 
McGeorge.   Robert,   dentist,   Caledonia   Road.      Tel.   217 
McGhie.  Jane  R.  N.,  widow.  8  Pavilion  Place 
Magill,  William,  lamp  trimmer,  9  Harbour  Road 
McGill.  William,  plater's  helper.  23  Princes  Place 
McGillivray,   Ellen,   widow,   11    Herald  Street 
McGillivray,   William,   foreman,    Harbour   Road 
McGinn,   David,  jr.,  labourer.  9   Harbour  Place 
McGinn.   Edward,   riveter,   57   Kilmahew  Street 
McGinn,   Edward  M..  dynamite  worker,  8  Barr  Place 
McGinn.  Samuel,  fish  merchant,  118  Kilmahew  Street 
McGinn.   Thomas,   riveter,   25   Harbour  Place 
McGivern.   William,   carter,   92   Kilmahew  Street 
McGlannachie.   John,  guard,  87  Princes  Street 
McGonigal,  John,  steelworker,  3  Harbour  Place 
McGoogan.   Joseph,   plater's  helper,   1    Herald  Street 
McGovern.   Michael,  5  South  Crescent 
McGowan.   John,  watchman,   16  Church  Place 
McGraa,   John,  labourer,   Dockgates 
McGraa,  Mary  A.,  13  Herald  Street 
McGrath.   James,   chemist.   24  McKellar  Avenue 
McGrath,   John,   dock  labourer.   169  "Glasgow  Street 
McGratton,  Mrs.  Catherine,  widow,  29  Montgomery  Street 
McGregg,    Patrick,   labourer,   49    Kilmahew   Street 

MaeGregor,    George,   ironfounder,    Seafield,    Eglinton   Road.      Tel.   80 
McGregor,   Annie,  widow.  3  McKellar  Avenue 
McGregor,   Emily,   widow,   143  Barrie  Terrace 
McGregor.   William,  labourer.  61    Kilmahew  Street 
McGuinness.   Edward,  labourer.  8  Bute  Place 
McGuire,    Elizabeth.   44   Glasgow  Street 
McHale,    Margaret,    widow.    33    Glasgow   Street 
McHattie.   Joseph,  41    Sorbie   Road 
Mcllhatton,   John,  seaman,  70  Princes  Street 


Mcllhatton,  John,  8  Eglinton  Road 

Mcllhatton,  Joseph,  labourer,  5  Herald  Street 

Mcllhatton,   Joseph,   marine  engineer,   Battery  Point 

Mcllwraith,   Martha,  teacher,   18  Anderson  Terrace 

Mcllroy,  Robert,  retired,  8  McKellar  Avenue 

Mclnnes,  Mungo,  guard,  44  Macdowall  Avenue 

Mclnnes,   Robert,  signalman,   15  Winton  Street 

Mclnnes,   William,   labourer,   12   Kilmahew  Street 

Mclnroy,   John  N.,   chemist,   25  South   Beach   Road.      Tel.   145 

Mclntyre,   James,   draper,   173   Glasgow  Street 

Mclntyre,  John,  boilermaker,   13  Hill  Street 

Mclntyre,   John,  riveter,  7  Winton  Street 

Mclver,   Kenneth,  labourer,  20  Winton  Street 

Mclver,  Lawrence,  patrolman,  3*  Princes  Street 

Mclver,  Mary,  widow,  20  Winton  Street 

Mackay,     Bessie,     widow,     Crescent     Park,     North     Orescent.       Tel. 

Mackay,  Christina  C,  46  Parkhouse  Road 
Mackay,  James  S.,  foundry  foreman,  87  Eglinton  Road 
Mackay,  Jessie,  widow,  25  Winton  Street 
Mackay,  John,  dock  labourer,  4  Eglinton  Road 
Mackay,  John,  coal  trimmer,  14  Seton  Street 
McKay,  Ainilia  and  Hester,  7  Barrie  Terrace 
McKay,  Annie,  widow,   12  Seton  Street 
McKay,  James,  craneman,  44  Glasgow  Street 
McKay,   James,  craneman,   60  Princes  Street 
McKay,  James,  dock  labourer,  10  Hogarth  Street 
McKay,  John,  riveter,  230  Glasgow  Street 
McKay,  John,  engineer,  22  Montgomery  Street 
McKay,   Mary,   widow,   27   Harbour  Place 
McKay,  Patrick,  engine  driver,   175  Glasgow  Street 
McKay,    Robert,   77    Glasgow  Street 

McKechan,   Robert,   dock  labourer,   152   Glasgow  Street 
McKechnie,   Alexander,  holder-on,  98  Kilmahew  Street 
McKellar,  Annie,  widow,   157   Glasgow  Street 
McKellar,  Campbell  B.,  moulder,  Fire  Station,  Barr  Street 
McKellar,  Elizabeth,  widow,  145  Glasgow  Street 
McKellar,   George,  labourer,  24  Winton  Street 
McKellar,    Helen,   widow,   22   Barr  Place 
McKellar,  Janet,  widow,  28  Barr  Place 
McKendrick,   David  H.,  engineer,  13  Hunter  Avenue 
Mackenzie,  Annie,  30  Parkhouse  Road 
McKenzie,   Alexander,  labourer,   77   Kilmahew  Street 
McKenzie,   Alexander,  8  Eglinton  Road 
McKenzie,  Archibald,  driller,   12  Kilmahew  Street 
McKenzie,   David,  seaman,  59  Kilmahew  Street 
McKenzie,   James,  fireman,  57   Kilmahew  Street 
McKenzie,  James,  riveter,  32  Barr  Place 
McKenzie,  Janet,  typist,   158  Glasgow  Street 
McKenzie,   John,  labourer,   19   Harbour  Place 
McKerrall,  Thomas,  salesman,  32  Young  Street 
Mackie,  Andrew,  guard,  200  Glasgow  Street 
McKie,  Robert,  plumber,  Fire  Station,  Barr  Street 
McKie,  William  H.,  10  Eglinton  Road 
McKillop,  Allan,  chauffeur,  21   Winton  Street 

MacKinlay,   John   G.,   customs  officer,   Maxwellton,   North   Crescent 
McKinnie,   William,   surfaceman,   109   Glasgow  Street 
McKinnon,   Archibald,   labourer,   24   Winton  Street 
McKinnon,   Dugald  C,  plater,  224  Glasgow  Street 
McKinnon,  John,  spirit  salesman,  5  Bute  Place 
McKinnon,   John,   farmer,   Stanby 
McKinnon,   Mrs.  Margaret,  Mill  Farm 
McKinnon,   Samuel,   retired,   213   Glasgow  Street 
McKirdy,    Mrs.    Mary,    12    Seton   Street 
McKnight,   Alexander,   28   Parkhouse   Road 
Maolachlan,   Allan,   carriage  examiner,  81    Princes  Street 
McLaughlan,   James,   15  Herald  Street 
McLaughlan,  James,  harbour  worker,  32  Barr  Place 


MeLaughlan,  Jeanie,  widow,  8  Sorbie  Road 

MeLaughlan,  Patrick,  guard,  96  Barrie  Terrace 

McLaughlan,   Peter,  seaman,  23   Kilmahew  Street 

McLaughland,   John,   dynamite  worker,   9   Herald  Street 

McLarty,  Annie  L.,  typist,  35  Macdowall  Avenue 

MoLay,  Charles  B.,  clerk,   13  Paisley  Street 

MacLean,   Dugald,  shipmaster,   16  Bath  Square 

McLean,  Robert,  motor  engineer,  218  and  234  Glasgow  Street.     Tel.  144 

McLean,  William,  joiner,  12  Anderson  Terrace,  and  62  Glasgow  Street 

McLean,  William  L.,  15  Paisley  Street 

McLeay,  Mary,  widow,  94  Kilmahew  Street 

McLeish,  John,  timber  worker,  25  Winton  Street 

McLellan,  Christina,  caterer,  17  Princes  Street 

McLelland,  Thomas,  boiler  cleaner,  9  Herald  Street 

McLelland,    William,   33    Glasgow   Street 

McLennan,  Alexander,  jr.,  fitter,  19  Winton  Street 

McLennan,   Duncan  L.,  bank  agent,  93  Princes  Street 

McLeod,  William,  railwayman,   19   Winton  Street 

McLevy,   John,   spiritsalesman,   20   Winton  Street 

McLymont,  John,  motor  engineer,  Fire  Station,  Barr  Street 

McMahon,  James  W.,  labourer,  4  Glasgow  Road 

McMahon,   Ralph,  shipyard  worker,  11   Harbour  Road 

McMaster,  Alexander,  guard,  40  Hunter  Avenue 

McMaster,  William  G.,  metal  worker,  12  Alpine  Terrace 

McMillan,  Annie,  widow,   10  Winton  Street 

McMillan,  Ellen,  widow,  36  Glasgow  Street 

McMillan,   George,  James,  and  William,  92  Kilmahew  Street 

McMillan,   Mrs.    Grace,  4  Eglinton   Road 

McMillan,   James,   railwayman,   19   Winton  Street 

McMillan,  James,  shipyard  worker,  3  Hill  Street 

McMillan,  Jane,  draper,  177  Glasgow  Street 

McMillan,   Jeanie,   220   Glasgow  Street 

McMillan,  Jeanie,  widow,  86  Glasgow  Street 

McMillan,   John,  bus  driver,   10   Hogarth  Street 

McMillan,   Mary,   widow,   13   Herald   Street 

McMillan,  Neil,  labourer,  41   Glasgow  Street 

McMillan,  Robert,  red  leader,   135  Glasgow  Street 

McMorland,   Isabella,  widow,   9   Hill  Street 

McMorland,  Thomas,  shipyard  worker,  8  Hill  Street 

McMillan,   Archibald,   platelayer,   61    Glasgow  Street 

McMurtrie,  Isabella,  teacher,   15  South  Beach  Road 

McMurtrie,   William,  cashier,  33  South  Beach  Road 

Macnamara  Bros.,  grocers,   111    Glasgow  Street 

Macnamara,  Margaret,  dairy  keeper,  18  and  20  Barr  Place 

McNamara,   David,  holder-on,   16  Harbour  Place 

McNamara,   Edward,  grocer,  52   Kilmahew  Street 

McNamara,  Henry,  129  Glasgow  Street 

McNamara,   James,  grocer,  5   Montgomery  Street 

McNamara,   Jane,  widow,   153   Glasgow  Street 

McNamara,   Patrick,   grocer,   94  Barrie   Terrace 

McNamara,   Robert,  grocer,  31   Montgomery  Street 

McNamee,  Patrick,  labourer,   13  Harbour  Place 

McNay,  James,  caulker,  17  Hill  Street 

McNeil,  Daniel,  riveter,  23  Harbour  Place 

McNeilly,   John,   agent,   6   Parkhouse   Road 

McPhee,  George,  tailor's  cutter,  31   Winton  Street 

Macpherson,  John,  seaman,  6  Pavilion  Place 

Macpherson,  Mary,  widow,  31   Macdowall  Avenue 

McPherson,   David,  bookbinder,  40  Eglinton  Road 

McPhie,  Margaret,  widow,  9  Herald  Street 

McPoland,   Stephen,  engineer,  53  Glasgow  Street 

McQuade,  John,  riveter,  4  Princes  Place 

McQuade,   Winifred,   widow,   147   Glasgow  Street 

McQueen,   Robert,  signalman.   16  Winton  Street 

McRae,    Donald,   railwayman.    185   Glasgow   Street 

McSherry,   Robert,   ploughman,   Stanley   Farm 

McTavish,   Gordon  M.   H.,  ship's  officer,  5  Winton  Street 

McVeigh,   John,  jeweller,   19   Glasgow  Street  b 


McVeigh,   Robert,  labourer,   57   Glasgow  Street 
McVicar,   Alexander,   seaman,   10   Barr  Street 
McWilliam,  Herbert  A.,  postman,  27  Winton  Street 

Magness,  Fred.,  clerk,  50  Princes  Street 

Main,  James  G.,  commissionaire,  24  Anderson  Terrace 

Malcolm,  Andrew,  sawyer,  29   Harbour  Place 

Malcolm,   Peter  K.,  4  Montgomery  Street 

Marron,   Edward,  seaman,  6  Winton  Buildings 

Marron,  John,  labourer,  31   Kilmahew  Street 

Marron,   Peter,    14  Princes  Place 

Marron,   Teresa,  greengrocer,   16  Princes  Place 

Marroni,  C.  &  E.,  caterers,  99   Glasgow  Street.     Tel.  159 

Marroni,  Reno  B.,  caterer,  83  Glasgow  Street 

Martin,   Alfred,  joiner,   2   Paisley  Street 

Martin,    David,   journalist,   8   Parkhouse   Road.     Tel.    158 

Martin,  James,  cranernan,  33  Glasgow  Street 

Martin,  James,  6  Eglinton  Road 

Martin,   Peter,   engineer,   41    Parkhouse   Road 

Martin,   Robert,  shoemaker,   10  Eglinton  Road 

Martin,   William,  labourer,   102   Kilmahew  Street 

Marshall,  Helen  and  Jane,  16  Sorbie  Road 

Mathie,   John,   clerk,   103   Barrie  Terrace 

Mathie,  Martha  S.,  21   Macdowall  Avenue 

Mathieson,   Daniel,  fireman,   13   Hill  Street 

Mathieson,  Louis,  fireman,  22   Winton  Street 

Matthew,    David,   accountant,    16   Anderson   Terrace 

Matthews,   James,   seaman,   15   Herald  Street 

Maughan,  Mrs.   Grace,  3   Hill  Place 

Maxwell,  John  R.,  engineer,  27  Anderson  Terrace.     Tel.  187 

Meldrum,   John,   switchboard  attendant,    Battery  Point 

Mellon,   Neil,   clerk,   103   Glasgow  Street 

Mellon,   William,   plater,   10  Set  on  Street 

Mellor,   Eilleen,   widow,   57    Eglinton   Road 

Melville,  Alexander,  fireman,  92   Barrie  Terrace 

Melvin,  Joseph,  fireman,   11   Paisley  Street 

Menzies,  Thomas,  engine  driver,  12  Seton  Street 

Merrylees,  Peter  A.,  tailor,  22  Anderson  Terrace 

metallic  Manufacturing  Co.,   Dairy  Road,        Tel.  91 

Millar,  Alexander,  auctioneer,   1   Hill  Street.     Tel.  51 

Millar,   Robert,  labourer,   12   Hogarth  Street 

Millar,  William,  jr.,  13  Barr  Street. 

Millar,  Alexander,   water  worker,   17  Seton  Street 

Miller,   Archibald,   riveter,   174   Glasgow  Street 

Miller,   Grace,  shop  assistant,  2  9  Harbour  Place 

Miller,  James,  contractor,  56  Kilmahew  Street 

Miller,   James,  labourer,  83   Glasgow  Street 

Miller,  James,  scavenger,  16  Hill  Street 

Miller,  Jeanie,  widow,  60  Princes  Street 

Miller,   Robert,  barber,   19  Princes  Street 

Miller,   Robert,  joiner,   157   Glasgow  Street 

Miller,   Mrs.   Roseann,  5  Princes  Place 

Miller,  William,  electrician,  210  Glasgow  Street 

Miller.   William,  policeman,  9  Hill  Place 

Milligan,  J.,  fishmonger,  35  Glasgow  Street 

Milligan,   Joseph,   labourer,   31    Princes   Place 

Milligan,   Thomas,   100  Glasgow  Street 

Mill.-,  (  harles,  shipyard  worker,  10  Barr  Place 

Mills,   William,   seaman,   68  Kilmahew  Street 

Milne   Bros.,   coal  merchants,  210   Glasgow  Street 

Milne,   Hugh  C,  agent,  44  Parkhouse  Road.      Tel.  84 

Millie   .Mis.   Margaret,   14  Eglinton  Road 

Milne,    Peter,  coal  merchant,   115   Barrie  Ten-ace 

Milne,   William,  mason,  20  Caledonia  Road 


Milne,   William,   20  Montgomery  Street 

Milroy.   Robert,   ploughman,  Chapelhill   Farm 

Mitchell,   Mrs.   Catherine  (Renee),   draper,  59a  Glasgow  Street 

Mitchell,  David,  dairyman,  11  and  13  Barr  Street 

Mitchell,   James  R.,  electrician,   Battery  Point 

Mitchell,   John,   labourer,   7   Harbour  Place 

Mitchell,   Thomas,   labourer,   9    Herald   Street 

Moffat,   George,   caulker,   13   Hill   Street 

Monaghan,   James,   bus  driver,  9  Princes  Street 

Monaghan,   Michael,  labourer,   22   Winton  Street 

Monan,  James,  labourer,  41    Glasgow  Street 

Monteith,   William,   chemist,  49   Sorbie   Road 

Montgomery,  Grace  and  Margaret,  72  Barrie  Terrace 

Montgomery,   Henry,   Olivedean,   North  Crescent 

Montgomery,   Robert,  engineer,  49   Glasgow  Street 

Moodie,  Mary,  widow,  210  Glasgow  Street 

Moore,  Frederick  J.,  chemist,  6  Bath  Place 

Moore,   Thomas,    109    Glasgow   Street 

Morgan,  Alice,  21    Harbour  Place 

Morgan,  John  C,  patrolman,  46  Hunter  Avenue 

Morgan,  Mrs.  Mary,  5  Harbour  Place 

Morgan,   Thomas,   labourer,   10   Kilmahew  Street 

Morris,   John,   carpenter,    103   Glasgow  Street 

Morris,  John  B.,  clerk,   117  Barrie  Terrace 

Morrison,   Daniel  C,  teacher,   12  Fullerton  Square 

Morrison,    David,   labourer,    120   Kilmahew  Street 

Morrison,   David,  labourer,  77  Kilmahew  Street 

Morrison,   David,  engine  driver,  78  Barrie  Terrace 

Morrison,    David,   locomotive  coalman,    10   Park   Road 

Morrison,   David,  pumpman,  226   Glasgow  Street 

Morrison,   Donald,  labourer,  7  Young  Street 

Morrison,   Euphemia,  widow,   110  Kilmahew  Street 

Morrison,  James,  &  Sons,  bakers,   125a  Glasgow  Street.     Tel.   115 

Morrison,  John,  labourer,  98  Kilmahew  Street 

Morrison,   Thomas,  labourer,   1 1    Herald  Street 

Morrison,  Thomas,  shipyard  worker,   169   Glasgow  Street 

Morrison,  William,  labourer,  98  Kilmahew  Street 

Morrison,  William  D.,  lorryman,   19  Anderson  Terrace 

Morton,   Hugh,   painter,   162   Glasgow  Street 

Morton,   James,   clerk,    121    Glasgow   Street 

Morton,   Margaret,  widow,   131    Glasgow  Street 

Moulton,  Philip  P.,  chemist,  11   Anderson  Terrace.     Tel.  180 

Muir,  Alexander,  labourer,   10  Hogarth  Street 

Muir,  Ernest,  8  Alpine  Terrace 

Muir,   Dalrymple,  salesman,   16  Caledonia  Road 

Muir,  James,  gardener,   Burnfoot,   Eglinton  Road 

Muir,  Janet,  widow,  1   Hogarth  Street 

Muir,  Mrs.  Jane  N.,  23  Montgomery  Street 

Muir,  John  O.,  dairyman,  27  Princes  Street 

Muir,   John  railwayman,   31    Winton  Street 

Muir,   Robert,  clerk,  28  Seton  .Street 

Muir,   William,   electrician,    186   Glasgow   Street 

Muirhead,   Elizabeth  and  Jessie,   1   Barrie  Terrace 

Munn.  Alexander,  fruiterer,  34  and  133  Glasgow  Street 

Munn,  George,  rail  car  fitter,  104  Barrie  Terrace 

Munro,   Alexander,  baker,  50  Princes  Street 

Munro,  Mary,.  45  Eglinton  Road 

Munro,  William  J.  C,  newsagent,  66  Eglinton  Road 

Murchie,  Andrew,  52  Glasgow  Street 

Murchie,  Archibald,  steward,  7   Young  Street 

Murchie,  Charles,  grocer,   The  Linn,   Eglinton  Road.     Tel.  76 

Murchie,   Misses,   46    Eglinton   Road 

Murchie,  Finlay,   12  McKellar  Avenue 

Murchie.   Finlay,  engineer,   10  Seton  Street 

Murchie  &  Co.,   Ltd.,  grocers  and  bakers,  46  Princes  Street  (Tel.  99) 

and  186   Glasgow  Street.     Tel.  22 
Murchie,  John,  motor  driver,   Fire  Station,   Barr  Street 
Murchie,   Kate,  widow,  18  Winton  Street 


Mnrchie,   Peter,  engineer,   12   Set  on  Street 
Murchie,   Robert  S.,  ship's  officer,  10  Fullarton  Square 
Murdoch,   David,  porter,   12  Winton  Street 
Murdoch,    Robert,   engineer,   53   Kilniahew   Street 
Murray  Bros.,  fish  merchants,  Harbour.      Tel.   216 
Murray,  Mrs.  Agues  G.,  1  McKellar  Avenue 
Murray,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  14  Sorbie  Road 
Murray,   Elizabeth,  widow,   12   Barr  Place 
Murray,  James,  teacher,   141    Barrie  Terrace 
Murray,  James,  inspector,  11   Hunter  Avenue 
Murray,   John  J.,   labourer,   118   Kilnahew  Street 
Murray,   Patrick,  labourer,  5  Princes  Place 


Neil,   Daniel,  painter,  9  Glasgow  Street 

Neil,   D\mcan,  engineman,  Doekgates 

Neil,  Duncan,  plater,  10  Park  Road 

Neil,  J.  P.,  manager,  34  Parkhouse  Road 

Neil,  Sarah,  grocer,  91   Glasgow  Street 

Neilson,  Mrs.  Amelia  A.,  21   Glasgow  Street 

Neilson,  Robert,  fireman,   10  Barr  Street 

Nesbit,  James  S.,  welder,  3  Seton  Street 

Newlands,   George,  mine  manager,  5  Barrie  Terrace 

Nichol,  Jeanie,  widow,  185  Glasgow  Street 

Nichols,  George,  foreman  scaler,  48  Kihnahew  Street 

Nicholls,  Arthur,  electrician,   Doekgates 

Nicol,   George,  fireman,  42   Hunter  Avenue 

Nicol,  Janet,  14  Parkhouse  Road 

Nicol,   William,   labourer,   19   Kilniahew  Street 

Nicoll,   John,  labourer,  5  Herald  Street 

Nicholson,  Jean  A.,  clerkess,  72  Barrie  Terrace 

Nicholson,   Margaret,   25   Winton  Street 

Nicholson,   William,  plumber,   157  Glasgow  Street 

Nisbet,  Annie,  shop  assistant,   121   Barrie  Terrace 

Nisbet,  James,  engine  driver,   185  Glasgow  Street 

Nisbet,  James  S.,  engine  driver,  54  Parkhouse  Road 

Niven,  Charles  D.,  clerk,  8  Macddwall  Avenue 

Niven,  William,  engine  driver,  226  Glasgow  Street 

Noble,   Jane,   widow,   Harbour  Head 

Norris,  William,  18  Montgomery  Street 

Northcote,  Mary,  widow,  29  Montgomery  Street 

Norwood,  David,  explosive  worker,  30  Glasgow  Street 

Norwood,   James,   labourer,   6   Princes  Place 

Notman,   John,   labourer,   29   Princes  Place 

O'Connor,   Daniel,  labourer,  9   Harbour  Place 

O'Hare,  Patrick,  labourer,  21    Harbour  Place 

O'Hare,   Peter,   painter,   22   Montgomery  Street 

O'Hare,  Susan,  widow,   15  Hill  Street 

O' Henley,  John,  seaman,   175  Glasgow  Street 

O'Neil,   James,   61    Glasgow  Street 

Orr,   Marion,   154  Glasgow  Street 

Orr,  Mary  P.,  widow,  7  Arran  Place 

Orr,   Matthew,  fruiterer,   19   Seton  Street 

Orr,   Walter  G.,  processman,  7  Young  Street 

Otty,   Manuel,  labourer,  49   Kilmahew  Street 

Paterson,  Alexander,  bus  driver,  9  Princes  Street 

Paterson,  Robert,   plumber,  5   Parkhouse  Road 

Paterson,  Robert,  marine  engineer,  13  Seton  Street 

Paterson,  Thomas,   constable,   18   Winton  Street 


Paterson,  William  K.,  engine  driver,  26   Parkhouse  Road 

Paton,   Flora,  teacher,  4  Parkhouse   Road 

Paton,  Samuel,   harbour  worker,   211    Glasgow  .Street 

Patrick,  Robert,  slater,  181  Glasgow  Street  and  10  Macdowall  Avenue 

Paul,   William  H.,  steward,   127   Barrie  Terrace 

Pearce,  Frank  W.,  railwayman.   15  Winton  Street 

Pederson,  Mrs.  Helen,  grocer,  214a  Glasgow  Street 

Pennel,  Alexander  N.,  teacher,  78  Eslinton  Road 

Peppard,   Joseph,  labourer,   25   Harbour  Place 

Perry,   William  A.,  electrical  engineer,  55   Bglinton  Road.     Tel.   154 

Peterson,   William  T.,    15   Barrie  Terrace 

Pcttigrew,   John,  labourer,  31   Princes  Place 

Phillips,  Thomas  C,  rigger,  45  Kilmahew  Street 

Pieken,  Mrs.  Christina  O.,  7  Bath  Square 

Pinhorne,  Albert  G.  H.,  minister  of  religion,  26  South  Crescent.      Tel.  105 

Pinkerton,    Robert,   rigger,    179   Glasgow   Street 

Pisani,  Spinella,  caterer,   15  Princes  Street 

Poe,  Janet,  widow,  81   Bglinton  Road 

Pollock,   Mrs.   Evelyn,  56  Kilmahew  Street 

Porter,   William,  salesman,  95   Barrie  Street 

Porter,   William,   labourer,   8   Hogarth  Street 

Potts,   William  H.,  collector,   11   Young  Street 

Prentice,   David  G.,   hosier,  9   Barrie  Terrace 

Price,  Charles,  plumber,  17  Hill  Place  and  Glasgow  Street.     Tel.   118 

Price,  Charles,  electrician,  5  Paisley  Street 

Price,   Thomas,  engine  driver,  58  Parkhouse  Road 

Pro  van,    Annie,   widow,    14  Hill  Street 

Puddephat,   Mrs.  Agnes,  widow,   24  Winton  Street 

Pullar,   Thomas,   medical  practitioner,   8  Arran  Place.      Tel.   55 

Pye,   William  H.,  mariner,   19  Seton  Street 

Quisg,   Manns,  labourer,  26  Montgomery  Street 
Quinn,  Isabella,  widow,  32  Barr  Place 
Quinn,  James,  grocer,  61   Sorbie  Road 
Quinn,   Mary,   widow,    Harbour  Head 

Rae,   James,   12   Glasgow  Street 

Rae,  Mrs.  Mary  D.,  1    Bath  Square 

Rae,   Mrs.  Mary,  spirit  merchant,  67  Princes  Street 

Radcliffe,   George  H.,  riveter,  57   Glasgow  Street 

Radcliffe,   S.,   widow,  57   Glasgow  Street 

Ralston,   John  T.,  printer,   13  Seton  Street 

Ralston,   Robert,  joiner,  71   Glasgow  Street 

Ralston,   Robert,  engineman,   18  Winton  Street 

Ramage,  Peter  W.,  cashier,  9  Fullerton  Square 

Ramsay,  Christina,  widow,  222   Glasgow  Street 

Ramsay,   George,  labourer,   25   Harbour  Place 

Ramsay,   James,   22   Dairy  Road 

Ramsay,   Jeanie,   20   Harbour  Place 

Ramsay,   William,  clerk,   12   Hunter  Avenue 

Randall,  Frederick  C,  76  Eglinton  Road 

Rankine,   Reginald,  steward,   177  Glasgow  Street 

Rankine,   William,  foreman,  5  Young  Street 

Rattray,  John  R.,  superintendent,  2  Parkhouse   Road 

Redmond,   Samuel,  foreman,   21    Parkhouse   Road 

Reid,  Andrew,  contractor,  15  Pavilion  Place  and  Eglinton  Road.      Tel. 

Reid,   Arthur,   labourer,   15   Herald  Street 
Reid  Bros.,  fish  merchants,   Dockgates 
Reid,   Edward,  68  Kilmahew  Street 
Reid.  James,  labourer,  200  Glasgow  Street 
Reid,  John,  plumber,  28  Eglinton  Road 
Reid,   John,   fish  curer.    Harbour.     Tel.   69 


Reid,   John,   dynamite  worker,   10  Paisley  Street 

Reid,   Robert,  jr.,  fish  salesman,  80   Barrie  Terrace 

Reid,   Robert,  ship's  cook,  75  Glasgow  Street 

Reid,    Robert,   fireman,   25   Harbour  Place 

Reid.   Robert,  motor  driver.  34  Macdowall  Avenue 

Reid,   Robert,   baker,   7   Hill  Street 

Reid,  Thomas,  fireman,  15  Eglinton  Road 

Reid,  William,  12  Eglinton  Road 

Rennle,   George,   12   Eglinton  Road 

Rent  on,   Margaret,   widow,   15   Parkhouse   Road 

Reynolds,   Harold  F.,  3  South  Crescent 

Rice,   Frank,  foreman,   167   Glasgow  Street 

Rice,   Harry,   engineer,   2  Montgomery  Street 

Richardson,  Angus  C,  chemist,  39  Sorbie  Road.     Tel.  171 

Richardson,   Robert,  fireman,   lie  South  Crescent 

Richardson,   Thomas,   brakesman,  8  Young  Street 

Richmond,   Elizabeth,  nurse,   17  Montgomery  Street 

Riddex,   Robert,  meat  salesman,   131    Glasgow  Street 

Rintoul,   Alexander,   engineer,   37   Harbour  Street 

Rintoul,   William,   chemist,    19   South  Crescent.     Tel.   18 

Ritchie,   Bessie   D.,   179   Glasgow  Street 

Ritchie,   George,   teacher,   3   Dairy  Road 

Ritchie,   Hugh,  mechanic,  87   Glasgow  Street 

Robb,   Robert,  factor,  22  South  Crescent.     Tel.  57 

Robertson,   D.,  &  Co.,  plumbers,  44  Glasgow  Street 

Robertson,   Mrs.    Elizabeth,   3   Princes  Place 

Robertson,  Charles  D..   painter,  60  Princes  Street 

Robertson,   Gavin,   11    Barrie   Terrace 

Robertson,  Gavin  F.,  10  Eglinton  Road 

Robertson,   James,  tinsmith,  157   Glasgow  Street 

Robertson,  James,  motor  mechanic,  230  Glasgow  Street 

Robertson,   James,   plumber,   10   Young  Street 

Robertson,  J.  &  M.,  milliners,  68  Princes  Street 

Robertson,   Mary,   6   North  Crescent 

Robertson,    Robert,   butcher,   40   Macdowall  Avenue 

Robertson,   William,   gardener,   1    Eglinton  Road 

Rodden,  Hugh,  blacksmith,  8  Park  Road  and  12  Paisley  Street 

Rogers,  John,  O.B.E.,  manager,  Ravenscraig,  North  Crescent.      Tel.  49 

Rogers,   W.   J.,  contractor,  22   Winton  Street 

Rogerson,  John,  inspector,   17  Winton  Street 

Ross,  Alexandra.  Florence,  and  Hetty,  3  Kilmeny  Terrace 

Ross,   Donald  M.,   dentist,   27   Montgomery  Street.     Tel.  202 

Ross,   Frederick  L.,  stationer,   14  Harbour  Place 

Ross,   Hector,   compositor,   183   Glasgow  Street 

Ross,   Helen,   widow,   29   Winton  Street 

Ross,   James,   clerk,   17   Winton  Street 

Ross,  John,   charge  hand,  213   Glasgow  Street 

Roxburgh,    William,   engineer,    100   Glasgow  Street 

Roxburgh,   William,   clerk,   5   McKellar  Avenue 

Roy,   Jane,   widow,   11    Fullarton  Square 

Royal  Bank  of  Scotland,  93  Princes  Street.      Tel.  23 

Rowan,  John,  guard,   14  Winton  Street 

Russell,    James   M.,   flesher,    2    Bath   Square   and   32    Glasgow   Street. 

Tel.  104 
Russell,  J.  &  D.,  druggists,  56  Glasgow  Street.     Tel.  151 
Russell,  Mary  L.  V.,  Craigard,  North  Crescent.     Tel.  32 
Russell,   Thomas,   labourer,   1    Harbour  Place 
Rutherford,  Janet  C,  confectioner,  65  Princes  Street 
Rutherford,   Janet   W.,   fruiterer,   6   Church   Place 
Rutherford,   Thomas,   boilermaker,   27   Winton  Street 

Saltcoats  &  Ardrossan  Laundry  Co.,  Ltd.,   Dairy  Road.      Tel.  68 

Sandham,  Isabella,  Chapel  Hill 

Savage,   Mrs.   Margaret,   Rozelle,   North  Crescent 

Scott,  Alan,   manager,  43  Sorbie   Road 


Scott,   David,  22   Dairy  Road 

Scott,  Hugh  R.,  clerk,  76  Barrie  Terrace 

Scott,   James,  waterman,  216   Glasgow  Street 

Scott,   Mrs.  Jeannie,  72   Glasgow  Street 

Scott,  Joseph,  fitter,   149   Glasgow  Street 

Scotland,  James  B.,  teacher,  30  Sorbie  Road 

Scottish  Oils  &  Shell  Mex,  Ltd.,  refinery,  North  Crescent.      Tel.  16  and 

Scullion,    Daniel,   teacher,   17   McKellar   Avenue 
Sealy,  John  G.,  technical  assistant,  4  Church  Place 
Seaman,   National  Union  of,  7   Harbour  Head 
Seaton,   Hugh   R.,   assistant   burgh  surveyor,    131    Barrie   Terrace 
Seggie,   David,   driller,   29   Winton  Street 
Semple,  John,  engine  cleaner,  48  Kilmahew  Street 
Shanks,  James,  engine  driver,   102   Barrie  Terrace 

Shanks,  John,  publican,   17  Anderson  Terrace  and  37  Glasgow  Street 
Shanks,   William,  coal  trimmer,   12  Montgomery  Street 
Shearer,   Annie,   widow,   7    Princes   Place 
Shearer,  James,   blacksmith,   155   Glasgow  Street 
Shearer,   John,   fireman,   6   Park   Road 
Shearer,   Robert,  agent,   10  Alpine  Terrace 
Shedden,   Robert,   butcher,   50   Princes  Street 
Sherridan,   James,   porter,   158   Glasgow  Street 
Shotbolt,  George  E.,  manager,  12  Parkhouse  Road 
Simm,   Hugh  C,  patternmaker,  38  Macdowall  Avenue 
Simm,   John,   storekeeper,   173   Glasgow  Street 
Simm,   William,   retired,  4  Yarborough  Place 
Simpson,   Elizabeth,   widow,   143   Glasgow  Street 
Simpson,    Robert,   labourer,   24  Winton  Street 
Skillen,   John,   barber,   5   Glasgow   Street 

Skillen,   Robert,  slaughterhouse  keeper,   169   Glasgow  Street 
Slesson,   Robert,   labourer,   23   Harbour  Place 
Sloan,   Paid,   labourer,   9   Herald  Street 
Sloan,   Thomas,  labourer,   6  Princes  Place 

Smart,  Gordon,  druggist,  41  Princes  Street  and  1  Arran  Place.      Tel.  47 
Smillie,   Charles  M.,  poultry  farmer,   1    Hill  Place 
Smith,  Andrew,  spirit  merchant,   1   Paisley  Street 
Smith,  Annie,   widow,  97   Barrie  Terrace 
Smith,   Mrs.   Elizabeth,   widow,   17   Barrie  Terrace 
Smith,   James,   shipwright,    194   Glasgow  Street 
Smith,   James,  46   Glasgow  Street 
Smith,   Janet,  widow,   39   Kilmahew  Street 
Smith,   Jemima,   29   South   Beach   Road.     Tel.   143 
Smith,   John,   clerk,   88   Barrie  Terrace 
Smith,   John,   shipwright,   10   Winton  Street 
Smith,   Marion,   widow,  4   Hogarth   Street 
Smith,   Patrick,   seaman,    110    Kilmahew   Street 
Smith,   Robert,   seaman,   29   Montgomery  Street 
Smith,   Regina,  widow,   19   Seton  Street 
Smith,  Samuel,  printer,  5  a  Arran  Place 
Smith,   Thomas,   coal  trimmer,   11   Montgomery  Street 
Smith,    Thomas,   foreman,    20    Winton   Street 
Smitham,   William  H.,  supervisor,  14  McKellar  Avenue 
Smyth,  James,  guard,  24  Harbour  Place 
Smyth,  James,  labourer,  80  Princes  Street 
Smyth,    Thomas,    commission   agent,    7    Park    Road    and   41    Glasgow 

Street.     Tel.  241 
Somerville,   John,   policeman,    13   Eglinton   Road 
Sosson,  Charles  E.,  chemist,   18  McKellar  Avenue 
Soulis,   Charles,  ironworker,   24   Barr   Place 
Speedie,  James,  engine  driver,  9  Young  Street 
Spenee,  James  W.,  2  Eglinton  Road 
Spencer,   Janet,   widow,    16   Seton   Street 
Spencer,  Charles,   motor  driver,   209   Glasgow  Street 
Stalker,   Daniel,  engine  driver,  32  Macdowall  Avenue 
Stalker,   Neil,   13    Herald   Street 
Stark.    Elizabeth,    newsagent.    17    Glasgow    Street 
Stark,   Fred.,   harbour  master.   7    Yarborough  Place.      Tel.   149 


Stark,   Mrs.   Robina,   30  Caledonia  Road 

Stavers,  John  W.,  engineer,  74  Eglinton  Road.     Tel.  189 

Steel,  Janies,  ironrnoulder,  5  Harbour  Place 

Steel,   Janies,   labourer,  26   Winton  Street 

Steel,   Lewis,  seaman,   118   Kilmahew  Street 

Steel,   Thomas,   merchant,   35   Hill   Place 

Steele,   Robert,  electrician,  3  Park  Road 

Stevenson,   James,   plumber,   21    Harbour  Place 

Stevenson,  James,  signalman,  35  Montgomery  Street 

Stevenson,  John  B.,  seaman,  26   Barr  Place 

Stevenson,   Thomas,   bricklayer,   21    Harbour  Place 

Stewart,   Agnes,   67   Glasgow  Street 

Stewart,  Alexander  B.,  agent,  31   Hill  Place 

Stewart,  Alexander,  mexphalte  worker,   113   Barrie  Terrace 

Stewart,   Bryce,  joiner,   153  Glasgow  Street 

Stewart,   David  J.,  pilot,   139   Barrie  Terrace.     Tel.  211 

Stewart,   James,   railwayman,   210   Glasgow  Street 

Stewart,  James  C,  motor  driver,   18  Hunter  Avenue 

Stewart,   Mrs.   Jane,   6   Montgomery  Street 

Stewart,   J.,  jeweller,   14   Glasgow  Street 

Stewart.  Jean,  teacher,  3   Winton  Street 

Stewart,   John,  butcher,  34  Young  Street 

Stewart,   Mary,   widow,   89    Glasgow   Street 

Stewart  &  Murray,  fruiterers,  50  Glasgow  Street.     Tel.   138 

Stewart,   William,  railwayman,  52   Glasgow  Street 

Stitt,  Catherine  A.,  31   South  Beach  Road 

Strain,   Elizabeth,   141    Glasgow  Street 

Strain,  Henry,  platelayer,   1   Hill  Place 

Strain,  Mrs.  Mary,   16  Young  Street 

Strain,  Samuel  J.,  clerk,  28  Macdowall  Avenue 

Strain,  Sarah,  62   Glasgow  Street 

Strath,   John  G.,  22  Macdowall  Avenue 

Strathern,   Robert  C,   chemist,  49   Sorbie  Road 

Struthers,   Isabella  S.,   29  Parkhouse  Road 

Stuart,   William,   labourer,   68  Kilmahew  Street 

Sturrock,  Robert,  gas  manager,  20  Eglinton  Road 

Summers,   Joseph,   seaman,   Dockgates 

Sutherland,  John,  teacher,  2  Arran  Place 

Sutter,  John  R.,   draper,  9  Anderson  Terrace  and  40  Glasgow  Street 

Swan,   Duncan,  labourer,  6   Hill  Street 

Sweet,   Annie,   dressmaker.  9  Macdowall  Avenue 

Sweet,   Robert,   ironfounder,   Elrig,   North  Crescent 

Sweeney,   Bridget,   widow,  48   Kilmahew  Street 

Swift,  Herbert,  agent,   10  South  Crescent.     Tel.  101 

Symington,  James,  bus  driver,   18  Princes  Place 

Tait,   Adam,  fireman,  5  Herald  Street 

Tait,  John,  carter,  5  Herald  Street 

Tait,  John  W.,  chemist.  9  South  Beach  Road.     Tel.  179 

Tait,  Martha,  widow,  10  Barr  Place 

Tait,   William,  seaman,  70  Kilmahew  Street 

Tannock,  William,  engineer,  24  Montgomery  Street 

Tattersall,  Harold  J.,  B.Sc,  Ph.D.,  62  Eglinton  Road.      Tel.  565 

Taylor,   Alexander,  riveter,   17  Harbour  Place 

Taylor,  Edgar,  9  Glasgow  Street 

Tavlor,  Mrs.   Elizabeth,  2   Eglinton   Road 

Taylor,  Jack,  clerk,  204  Glasgow  Street 

Taylor,  James,  marine  engineer,   15  McKellar  Avenue 

Taylor,  John,  labourer,  15  Herald  Street 

Taylor,   John  S.,  stationmaster,  3  South  Beach  Road 

Taylor.  Mary,  widow,  40  Parkhouse  Road 

Taylor,  Thomas,  riveter,  22  Harbour  Place 

Taylor,  William.  Labourer,  226  Glasgow  Street 

Taylor,   William,  foreman,  15  Young  si  net 

Tcggert,   YVilliam,  labourer,    12   Glasgow  Street 


Third,  John,  chemist,  3  Yarborough  Place 

Thorn,  Mary,  widow.  198  Glasgow  Street 

Thomson,  Alexander,  craneman.   Harbour  Street 

Thomson,  Elizabeth,  widow,  12  Church  Place 

Thomson,  Helen,  widow,  33  Parkhouse  Road 

Thomson,  Hugh,  railwayman,  163  Glasgow  Street 

Thomson,   James,   carpenter,   Harbour  Head 

Thomson,  James,  clerk,  198  Glasgow  Street 

Thomson,  Jean  W..  draper,   179  Glasgow  Street 

Thomson,  John,  3  Bath  Square 

Thomson,  John  M.,  civil  servant,  98  Barrie  Terrace 

Thomson,   Lawrence,   33   Glasgow   Street 

Thomson,  Margaret,  widow,  22   Young  Street 

Thomson,  Mary,  widow,  14  Young  Street 

Thomson,  Robert,  foreman,  29  Winton  Street 

Thomson,   Robert    F.,   13   Ban-  Street 

Thomson,  Thomas,  labourer,  17  Harbour  Place 

Thomson.    William,  teacher.  91    Eglinton   Road 

Thomson,   William  E.   S.,  teacher.   Maryville,  Montgomery  Street 

Thomson,  William  J.,  publican,  24  Glasgow  Street,  13  Princes  Street, 

and  20  Hunter  Avenue 
Thomson,    William,   foreman,   200   Glasgow  Street 
Thornton,   Thomas,   labourer,    110   Kilmahew  Street 
Tidd,   John  J.,  chemist,  3  South  Crescent.     Tel.   178 
Tinney,   Hugh,  riveter,   29   Harbour  Place 
Tipper,  Stephen,   dynamite  worker,  2  Paisley  Street 
Tobin,  Thomas  J.,  laboratory  assistant,  8  Fullarton  Square 
Tod.   William,   roadman,   48   Macdowall  Avenue 
Todd,   Thomas,  32  Caledonia   Road 
Tonicity,  James,  labourer,  2   Harbour  Place 
Tomelty,  Patrick,   dock  gateman,   Dockgates 
Toner.   William,   labourer.  52   Glasgow  Street 
Tonner.   Mrs.  Mary,   11   Montgomery  Street 
Torney,  Patrick,  labourer,  106   Kilmahew  Street 
Towie,  James,  riveter.   11    Princes  Street 
Townsley,  James,  riveter,   194  Glasgow  Street 
Townsley,  Thomas,  jr.,  labourer,  9  Harbour  Road 
Tracey,  John,  trimmer.  9  Harbour  Road 
Tracev,   Patrick,   labourer,   12   Harbour  Road 
Traill,   David,  chemist,   12  South  Crescent.      Tel.  210 
Trench,  James,  motor  driver,  42  Kilmahew  Street 
Trodden,   David,  labourer,  10  Barr  Place 
Tucker,  Vera  A.,   1   North  Crescent 
Turnelty,   James,  labourer,   112    Kilmahew  Street 
Tumilty,   William,  dynamite  worker,   188  Glasgow  Street 
Tumulty,   George,  labourer,  6  Barr  Street 
Tuohy,   James,   outfitter,   Harbour  Head 
Tyre,  George,  joiner,  46  Macdowall  Avenue 
Tyre,  James,   draper,   16   Winton  Street 
Tyre,  John,  joiner,  51    Macdowall  Avenue 


Ure,  Henry  M.,  civil  servant,  82  Eglinton  Road 
Union  Bank  of  Scotland,  74-76  Princes  Street 
Unionist  Club,  84  Princes  Street 
Urquhart,   Mary,   widow.   1    Fullarton  Square 

Vallance,  Mrs.  Christina,   170  Glasgow  Street 

Vance,   David,  stoker,  5  Young  Street 

Vickers,  Mrs.  Ellen  B.,  69  Eglinton  Road 

Vickers,  John  E.  O.,  insurance  agent,  67  Eglinton  Road.     Tel.  207 



Waite,   George,  54  Hunter  Avenue 

Walker,   Gilbert,  hawker,  41    Glasgow  Street 

Walker,  Hugh,  riveter,  3  Seton  Street 

Walker,  Jarnes,  .jr.,  motor  mechanic,  32  Hunter  Avenue 

Walker,  Robert,  90  Glasgow  Street 

Walker,   Robert,  steam  raiser,   15  Hunter  Avenue 

Wallace,   Agnes,   Parkhouse  Cottage,   Parkhouse  Road 

Wallace,  Mrs.  Isabella,  baker,  9  Glasgow  Street 

Wallace,   James,   25   Parkhouse   Road 

Wallace,  John  P.,  &  Co.,  joiners,  7  Barr  Street 

Wallace,  John  H.,  publican,  129  Barrie  Terrace  and  18  Glasgow  Street 

Wallace,   Lawrence,   painter,   17   Hill  Street 

Wallace,   Robert,   149   Glasgow  Street 

Wallace,   Robert,  waggon  repairer,  31   Hunter  Avenue 

Wallace,   Robert,   shipwright,   10   Hogarth  Street 

Wallace,   Thomas,  labourer,  5  Princes  Place 

Wallace,   William,  sailmaker,  7   Anderson  Terrace 

Walmsley,   Robert  A.,  Silverae,  North  Crescent.      Tel.   165 

Walton  &  Powell,  hotel  keepers,  7  South  Crescent 

Ward,  Daniel,  driller,  6  Hill  Street 

Ward,  Frank,  labourer,  22  Winton  Street 

Ward,  John,  burgh  workman,  24  Winton  Street 

Warren,  Jessie,  widow,   12  Sorbie  Road 

Watt,  Archibald  W.,  draper,  29  Montgomery  Street 

Watt,   Edward,  seaman,   15  Herald  Street 

Watt,   Robert  A.,  engine  driver,  48  Hunter  Avenue 

Watt,   William,  labourer,   13  Herald  Street 

Watt,   William,   19   Barrie  Terrace 

Watson,   George,   retired,   15   Eglinton  Road 

Watson,  William,  engine  fitter,  97  Barrie  Terrace 

Watson,   William,   labourer,   31    Winton  Street 

Weatherstone,  John,  labourer,   13   Hill  Street 

Webster,  Cosmo,  labourer,  56  Kilmahew  Street 

Weir,  John,  chemist,  4  South  Crescent.      Tel.   131 

Weir,  Mary,  widow,  5  Seton  Street 

Welsh,   Hester,  widow,  33   Glasgow  Street 

Welsh,   Hugh,  labourer,   2   Hogarth  Street 

Welsh,  James,  labourer,   11    Harbour  Road 

Welsh,  James,  labourer,   10  Harbour  Road 

Welsh,  John,  commission  agent,  123  Barrie  Terrace 

Welsh,   Robert,   labourer,  21    Kilmahew  Street 

West,   Wilfrid,  cook,  69   Glasgow  Street 

West,  William  H..  cook,  33  Glasgow  Street 

Western  S.M.T.  Co.,  Ltd.,  bus  owners,  88  Princes  Street.     Tel.  93 

White,   Alexander,  engineer,   183   Glasgow  Street 

White,  Charles  F.,  cordite  worker,  185  Glasgow  Street 

White,  John,  confectioner,  14  Hunter  Avenue  and  62  Princes  Street 

White,   John  W.,  chemist,  37  Sorbie  Road 

Whitel'ord,   Rev.   Robert,  The  Manse,  North  Crescent 

Whitehill,   Thomas,   driller,   14  Barr  Place 

Whitelaw,  Francis  G.,  seaman,  56  Hunter  Avenue 

Whitelaw,  James,  surfaceman,  14  Princes  Place 

Whitelaw,   Mrs.  Sarah,   12  Alpine  Terrace 

Whitton,   Robert  A.,  42   Parkhouse   Road 

Wigton,  Mrs  Margaret  C,  confectioner,   1   Parkhouse  Road 

Wilkin,  lea,  widow,  10  Caledonia  Road 

Williams,  V.   H.,  chemist,  37  Hill  Place.      Tel.   190 

Williamson,  Allan  P..  civil  servant,  33  Macdowal!  Avenue 

Williamson,   David  S.,  craneman,  156  Glasgow  Street 

Willock,  James,  engineer,  32   Barr  Place 

Wilson,   Adam,   engineer,  20  South  Crescent.      Tel.   110 

Wilson,   Agnes,   widow,  96   Kilmahew  Street 

Wilson,  Andrew,  labourer,   151   Glasgow  Street 

Wilson,  Charles  W.,  4  Winton  Lane 

Wilson,   David,  guard,  5  Macdowal]  Avenue 


Wilson,   Elizabeth,  48   Kilmahew  Street 

Wilson,  Hannah.  83  Glasgow  Street 

Wilson,    Mrs.    Isabella,   (.-leaner.    174   Glasgow   Street 

Wilson.   Isabella,  widow.   17  Seton  Street 

Wilson.   James,   shipwright,   153   Glasgow   Street 

Wilson,  John,   process  worker,   107  Barrie  Terrace 

Wilson,   John,    caulker,    13    Bglinton   Road 

Wilson,    John,   boliermaker.    i3    Eglinton   Street 

Wilson,   John,   engineman,   56   Parkliouse   Road 

Wilson,    Mary,  widow,  89  Eglinton  Road 

Wilson,   Nicholas,  fireman,   10   Paisley  Street 

Wilson,  Thomas,  tailor.  38  Hnnter  Avenue 

Wilson,   Thomas,  tailor.   143   Glasgow  Street 

Wilson.  Thomas,   dock  labourer,  3  Fullarton  Square 

Wilson,   William,   clerk,   15   Bath  Square 

Winton  Foundry  Co.,  ironfounders,   Dairy  Road.     Tel. 

Withers,  James,  dairyman,  Chapelhill. 

Wood,   Andrew,   caretaker,    172    Glasgow   Street 

Wood,  James,  retired.  10  McKellar  Avenue 

Woods,  Mrs.   Helen,  5  Herald   Street 

Woods,  Thomas,  labourer,  11   Herald  Street 

Woods,  Thomas,  grocer,  4  Glasgow  Street 

Wright,  Adam,  labourer,  12  Park  Road 

Wright,  Anthony,  10  Alpine  Terrace 

Wright,   Duncan,    85  Princes  Street 

Wright,  Isabell,  widow,  23   Winton  Street 

Wright,  James,  patrolman,  49  Maedowall  Avenue 

Wright,  John,  labourer.  23  Parkhouse  Road 

Wright,  Mathew,  electrician,  184  Glasgow  Street 

Wright,   Robert,   111   Glasgow  Street 

Wylie,  Hugh,  215  Glasgow  Street 

Wylie,   Hugh,  91   Princes  Street 

Wylie,  Hugh,  contractor,  6  Kilmahew  Street 

Wylie,  Mrs.  Isabella,  widow.  1   Kilmeny  Terrace 

Wylie,  Mis.  Janet,  91   Princes  Street 

Wylie,  Robert  M.,  grocer,  2  Kilmeny  Terrace 

Wvllie,  Andrew,  motor  driver,  270  Glasgow  Street 

Wyllie,  Mrs.  Isabella.  35  Hill  Place 

Wvllie,  Jane  L.,  43  South  Beach  Road 

Young,  Mrs.  Jane,   11    Herald  Street 

Young,  John,  engineer,  27  Hill  Place.      Tel.  221 

Young,  Mrs.  Margaret,  5a  South  Crescent 

Young,  Ronald  F.,  clerk,  183  Glasgow  Street 

Yuille,  Archibald,  ironfounder,  35  Montgomery  Street 

Yuille,  Mrs.  Jane,  6  McKellar  Avenue 


Beith  is  a  town  with  many  historical  associations,  being 
among  the  places  recorded  as  forming  part  of  the  Kingdom 
of  Strathclyde.  It  probably  came  into  being  on  account  of 
its  commanding  view  of  the  countryside,  which  would  be 
a  matter  of  importance  during  the  days  of   internecine  strife. 

From  its  earliest  days  it  has  been  known  as  a  furniture- 
making  district.  This  industry  has  grown  with  the  times, 
so  that,  at  the  present  time,  Beith  has  a  reputation  for  cabinet 
work  that  has  gone  far  beyond  Ayrshire. 

Apart  from  that,  and  a  little  leather  work,  it  is  mostly 
the  centre  for  a  wide  agricultural  district  that  sends  its  produce 
to  the  markets  of  Glasgow,  Kilmarnock,  and  Ayr. 

Its  own  market  has  been  discontinued  for  many  years, 
but  it  is  commemorated  by  St.  Inan's  Day,  the  30th  August. 




Approximate  Pouplation  in  1935 — 6,000. 
Approximate  Area  in  1935 — 17,060  Acres. 

County  Councillors — Sir  Neil  K.   Cochran-Patrick  and  Hamilton 

District    Councillors — William    Wilson,    William    Crawford,    and 

Neil  MacNeill. 
Justices    of   the    Peace — Sir    Neil    K.    Cochran-Patrick,    William 
Stevenson,  John  Watson,  Archibald  Bell,  James  Anderson, 
Dame  Eleanora  Agnes  Kennedy,  Cochrane-Patrick.  Andrew 
Guy.    James   Love,    Elsa   Pollock    and    Helen   J.   Watson. 
Parish  Clerk — James  Anderson.       Tel.  Beith  68. 
District  Council  Clerk — Henry  Mactaggart,  Kilbirnie.     Tel.  Beith  116. 
Total  Gross  Valuation  in  1935     -     £46,886. 
Assessment  per  £  of  Valuation — Owners,  7/3. 

Occupiers,  7/3. 


Beith  Parish  Church — Rev.  J.  Woodburn,  B.D.,  Minister.       Session 

Clerk,  Arch.  Bell,  Writer. 
Trinity  Church  of  Scotland — Rev.  James  Henderson,  B.D.,  Minister. 

Per  A.  Hunter,  Westfield,  Treasurer. 
E.U.  Congregational  Church —  Minister. 

Per  John  Rendall,  Gilsland  Park,  Treasurer. 
Christian   Brethren — 1   Church   Place.       Per   Alex.   McAllister,   12 

Grahamsfield  Place. 
Christian  Brethren — Barrmill.     Per  David   Bell. 
Beith    Evangelistic    Association — New    Street.     Per   R.    B.    Muir,    2 

Grahamsfield  Place. 
Barrmill  Christian  Union — Barrmill.     Per  Jas.  Bryce. 
R.C.  Chapel — Mitchell  Street. 
Mission  Hall — Head  Street. 


Academy — David  Conn,  M.A.,  Headmaster,  Church  Hill. 

Greenhills  Public  School — James  Nicol,  Headmaster. 

Gateside  Public  School. 

Speirs  School — Gilbert  Mair,  M.A.,  Rector. 

Public  Assistance  Office — Eglinton  Street. 

H.M.  Customs  and  Excise — 22  Eglinton  Street. 

General  Post  Office — Eglinton  Street.     Wm.  G.  Grant,   Postmaster. 

No.  2  Company  4/5th  Royal  Scots  Fusiliers — Crummock  Street. 

Constabulary  Stations — 

Beith.       Tel.  50. 

Glengarnock.       Tel.  180  Beith. 

Kilbirnie.       Tel.  58  Beith. 

Lugton.       Tel.  Uplawnioor  54. 

Barrmill.       Tel.  183  Beith. 


Boys'  Brigade — John  McLeish,  Wardrope  Street. 

Girl  Guides — Miss  Cochran-Patrick,  Captain. 

Barrmill  Reading  and  Recreation  Committee — Per  Jas.  Boyd. 

Beith  F.C. — Per  Alex.  Johnston,  King's  Road. 

Beith  Bowling  Club — Per  Arch.  Bell,  Writer. 

Beith  Golf  Club — Per  George  Bald,  Commercial  Bank. 

Beith  Harriers'  Club — Per  Robert  Wood,  Garnock  View. 

Beith  Nursing  Association — Per  Miss  Allan,  Crummock  Place. 

Nurse's  Home  Address — 13  Park  Avenue. 
Beith  Orange  Lodge,  No.  96 — Per  Hugh  Hamilton,  17  Townhead  Street. 
Caldwell  Golf  Club— Per  Thos.  Martin,  C.A.,  241  West  George  Street, 

Gateside  Patrick  Memorial  Hall — Gateside. 
Beith  Quoiting  Club— Per  Wm.  McDougall,  20  Head  Street. 
Beith  Unionist  Club — Per  J.  Dunlop  Bell. 
Glasgow      Corporation      Public    Assistance      Department — Caldwell 

Masonic  Temple — Walter  Paterson,  Eglinton  Street. 
Eastern  Star — Miss  Margt.  Hamilton,  King's  Road. 
Gardeners,  Gowan  Branch — Wm.  Fyfe. 
Gardeners,  Olive  Branch — Robert  Matthews. 


Barrmill,  2  miles  South  of  Beith. 

Beith  Station  Road,  off  King's  Road. 

Brackenhills  :    District  off  Eglinton  Street. 

Braehead  :    Backburn  to  Strand. 

Burnhouse,  near  Barrmill. 

Crummock  Street,  off  Head  Street. 

Dairy  Road  :    Eglinton  Street,  to  Dairy. 

Eglinton  Street,  Cross   to  Dairy  and  Kilbirnie. 

Gateside  :    District  off  Wardrope  Street. 

Giffen  :    District  off  Barrmill. 

Glebe  Road  :    Eglinton  Street  to  Byepass  Road. 

Greenhills  :    District  near  Barrmill. 

Head  Street  :    Mitchell  Street  to  Wardrope  Street. 

Hill  of  Beith  :    District  off  Townhead  Street. 

King's  Road  :    Main  Street,  to  Station  Road. 

Kirk  Road,  off  Townhead  Street, 

Longbar  :    District  off  Kilbirnie  Road. 

Lugton  :    District  East  of  Barrmill. 

Main  Street  :    Gross  to  Mitchell  Street. 

Mains  Road,  off  Reform  Street. 

Mid  Road,  off  Reform  Street. 

Mitchell  Street  :    Main  Street,   to  Head  Street. 

Muirpark  Buildings  :    Station  Road,  to  Reform  Street. 

New  Street  :    Cross  to  Head  Street. 

Old  Lea  Road,  off  Woodside  Road. 

Park  Avenue  :    Main  Street  to  Mid  Road. 

Reform  Street  :    Main  Street  to  Mains  Road 

Roebank  Street,  off  Wilson  Street. 

Strand  :    Eglinton  Street  to  Townhead  Street. 

Townhead  Street,  off  Eglinton  Street. 

Wardrope  Street,  off  Head  Street. 

Wilson  Street  :    Mitchell  Street  to  Roebank  Street. 

Woodside  Road  :    Wilson  Street  to  Station  Road. 


Adair,  Mrs.  Isabella,  70  Eglinton  Street 

Adams,  Margaret,  47  Reform  Street 

Adamson,  John,  Netherstoun  of  Broadstone 

Aikman,  Andrew,  hirer,  41  Head  Street 

Ainslie,   Edward,   chairmaker,   Hamilton  Place 

Ainslie,   Thomas,  chauffeur,   Hamilfield 

Aird,  John,  blacksmith,  20  King's  Road 

Aitken,  Mrs.  Alexandrina,  Crookhill 

Aitken,  George,  cabinetmaker,  Hesselhead 

Aitken,  Mrs.  Janet,  Muirstone 

Aitken,  Jeanie,  fruiterer.  Strand  Street 

Aitken,  Margaret,  45  Wilson  Street 

Aitken,  Robert,  joiner,  South  Border 

Allan,  Andrew,  salesman,  Old  Lea  Road 

Allan,   Andrew,   butcher,   Eglinton  Street 

Allan,  A.  J.,  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  net  makers,  Mains  Road.     Tel.  24 

Allan,  Clara  F.,  widow,  Crummock  Park.      Tel.  60 

Allan,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  B.,  Old  Lea  Road 

Allan,    George,  farmer,   Southridgehill.      Tel.   174 

Allan,  John,  netmaker,  Innisfell 

Allan,  Susan,  millworker,  55  Eglinton  Street 

Allan,  William,  bookkeeper,  6  Crummock  Street 

Allardice,   Robert,  foreman,   Barrmill 

Allardyce,  Thomas,  railwayman,  Barrmill 

Anderson,  Alfred,  miner,  4  Grahamsfield  Place 

Anderson,  Andrew,  cabinetmaker,   Gateside 

Anderson,  Andrew,  currier,  Mitchell  Street 

Anderson,  Ann,  New  Street 

Anderson,   Edward,  grocer,   Eglinton  Street 

Anderson,  Edward,  labourer,  Barrmill 

Anderson,  Elizabeth,  polisher,  13  Wilson  Street 

Anderson,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  Gateside 

Anderson,   George,  miner,  Barrmill 

Anderson,  Jacob,  currier,  King's  Road 

Anderson,  Jacob,  labourer,  Barrmill 

Anderson,  James,  Craigwell,  Crummock  Street 

Anderson,  Jean,  widow,  15  Townhead 

Anderson,  Jessie,  widow,  41   Wilson  Street 

Anderson,  John  R.,  agent,  Gordonhill 

Anderson,  John  S.,  publican,  4-6  Reform  Street 

Anderson,  John  R.,  &  Co.,  coal  and  lime  merchants,  Glebe  Road.     Tel. 

Anderson,  John,  flax  dresser,  Barrmill, 
Anderson,  Robert,  Greenend,  Uplawmoor 
Anderson,  Samuel,  tanner,  18  Kirk  Road 
Anderson,  Thomas,  labourer,  Gateside 
Anderson,  William,  cabinetmaker,  46  Wilson  Street 
Anderson,  William,  engineman,  Barrmill 
Andrew,   David,  sanitary  inspector,  King's  Road 
Andrew,  George,  postman,  52  Wilson  Street 
Anderson,  George,  cabinetmaker,  16  Kirk  Road 
Archibald,  Hugh,  farmer,  Brownhills 
Armstrong,  Thomas,  steelworker,  Longbar 
Armstrong,  William,  bleachworker,  2  Viewpark 
Arnott,  Andrew,  coal  merchant,  9  Wardrope  Terrace 
Arthur,  Agnes,  widow,  25  Head  Street 
Arthur,  John,  cabinetmaker,  Strand  Street 
Arthur,  John,  cabinetmaker,  72  Eglinton  Street 
Ayrshire  County  Council  Cemetery,  King's  Road 

Bailey,  Thomas,  engineer,  7  Crummock  Street 
Baillie,  Mary,  widow,  37  Wilson  Street 
Baird,  James,  shoemaker,  1  Arran  View 


Baird,  James,  carver,  2  Arran  View 

Balfour,   Hugh  H.,  cabinetmaker,  Ravenswood.      Tel.  26 

Balfour,   Robert,   cabinetmaker,   RamaUab.     Tel.  30 

Balfour,  Robert  S„  The  Mount.     Tel.  130 

Ballantyne,  Duncan,  labourer,  Barrmill 

Ballantyne,   Henry,  joiner,  59   Eglinton  Street 

Ballantyne,  Janet,  polisher,  75  Eglinton  Street 

Bamford,  David,  fireman,  2  Viewpark 

Barbour,  Mrs.  C.  R.,  publican,  24-26  Head  Street 

Barbour,  James,  gamekeeper,  Roughwood 

Barbour,  Mrs.  Jean,  11   Grahamsfield  Place 

Barclay,  Andrew,  farmer,  Crawfield 

Barnes,  Thomas,  signalman.  Station 

Barr,  Allan,  chairmaker,  20  Wardrope  Street, 

Barr,  I.  S.  H.  &  A.  H.,  Aldersyde 

Barr,  James,  printer,  7  Roebank  Street 

Barr,  Margaret,  widow.  22  King's  Road 

Barr,  Robert  F.,  farmer,  Boghall.      Tel.  145 

Barrett,  Albert,  labourer,  20  Reform  Street' 

Bates,  Thomas,  chairmaker,  25  Crummook  Street 

Beaman,    Henry,   cabinetmaker.    Head  Street 

Beddie,  James,  Railway  Inn,  Kersebridge 

Beg'gs,  William,  labourer,  6  King's  Road 

Beith  Co-operative  Societv,  Ltd.,  Main  Street.      Tel.  36 

Beith  Gas  Light  Co.,  Ltd.,  Reform  Street 

Bell,  Alexander,  labourer,  39   Head  Street 

Bell,  Archibald,  solicitor,  Hillside.     Tel.  125 

Bell,  Catherine,  Heathbank 

Bell,  Daniel  A.,  clerk.  Old  Lea  Road 

Bell,  David,  steelworker,  Barrmill 

Bell,  David,  jr.,  Barrmill 

Bell,  James  D.,  Knockbuckle.     Tel.  124 

Bell,  John,  carver,  57  Wilson  Street 

Bell,  Richard,  teacher,  Old  Lea  Road 

Bennett,  George  B.,  steward,  4  Wardrope  Street 

Berry,  John,  cabinetmaker,  37  Wilson  Street 

Berry,  Lily,  polisher,  71   King's  Road 

Berry,  William,  polisher,  Hamilton  Place 

Bett,  William,  shipwright,  West  Broadstone 

Biggart,  Elizabeth,  widow,  61   Wilson  Street 

Biggart,  Jessie,  net  worker,  73  King's  Road 

Biggart,  John,  driver,  45  Wilson  Street 

Biggart,  John,  upholsterer,  45  Wilson  Street 

Biggart,  Robert,  cabinetmaker,  26  Main  Street 

Biggart,  William,  chauffeur,  59  Wilson  Street 

Bitten,  William,  labourer,  16  King's  Road 

Black,  Alan,  compositor,  2  Park  Avenue 

Black,  Mrs.  Isabella,   Winton  Place 

Black,  James,  grocer,  29  Head  Street 

Black,  James  M.,  12  Park  Avenue 

Black,  James,  grocer,  2  Grahamsfield  Place 

Black,  Mrs.  Jean,  Lowhouse 

Black,  Jessie,  widow,  Arran  View 

Black,  John,  chairmaker,  70  Eglinton  Street 

Black,  Robert,  dyer,  Roebank  Printworks 

Blackwood,  James,  butcher,  63  King's  Road 

Blackwood,  John,  butcher,  32-34  Main  Street.     Tel.  16 

Blackwood,  Martha,  widow,  71  King's  Road 

Blair,  Alexander,  compositor,  23  Mitchell  Street 

Blair,  James,  farmer,  Bogstone 

Blair,  Robert,  steelworker,  10  Wardrope  Street 

Blair,  Samuel,  motorman,  Cross 

Blair,  Thomas,  maehineman,  17  Townhead 

Blue,  John,  labourer,  Gateside 

Blue,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Barrmill 

Boles,  Robert,  foreman,  5  Townhead 

Bone,  Alexander,  gardener,  North  Lodge,  Grangehill 

Boulton,  Alice,  hosiery  machinist,  Rosedale 


Bowman,  Andrew,  upholsterer,  59  Wilson  Street 

Boyd,  Hugh,  foreman,  Brackenhills 

Boyd,  Mrs.  Isabella,  Barrmill 

Boyd,  James,  labourer,  Barrmill 

Boyd,  James,  Gateside 

Boyd,  James,  farmer,  Drumbuie 

Boyd,  James,  secretary,  Orbestoun       Tel.  53 

Boyd,   Janet,  Craighouse 

Boyd,  Matthew  6.,  farmer,  Balgrayrnuir 

Boyd,  Thomas,  farmer,  Bellcraig 

Boyd,  William,  farmer.  South  Barr 

Bradie,  John,  currier,  15  Wardrope  Street 

Bradie,  William,  hawker,  Marshalland  Bridge 

Brady,  Arthur,  polisher,  Hamilton  Place 

Brandon,  James,  labourer,  25  Reform  Street 

Brane,  Mrs.  Jessie,  Cross 

Breckenridge,  William,  labourer,  Gateside 

Brennan,  James,  quarryman,  Barrmill 

Brannan,  Thomas,  quarryman,  Barrmill 

Bright,  David,  surfaceman,  Barrmill 

Brimer,   Thomas,  publican,  53  Main  Street 

Briton,   William,  steelworker,  20  Mains  Road 

Brodie,  James,  cabinetmaker,  b4  Wilson  Street 

Brown,  Alexander,  labourer,  10  Strand  Street 

Brown,  Balfour-,  cabinetmaker,  38  Wilson  Street 

Brown,  George,  cabinetmaker,  King's  Road 

Brown,   George,  pinner,  42  New  Street 

Brown,  Hugh,  blacksmith,  Gateside 

Brown,   Hugh,  cabinetmaker,  59  Main  Street 

Brown,  Jane,  widow,  24  Crummock  Street 

Brown,  Mrs.  Jessie  A.,  Cross 

Brown,  Joseph,  labourer,  Barrmill 

Brown,  Maggie  polisher,  3  Townhead 

Brown,  Mary  W.,  widow,  19  Townhead 

Brown,  Rebecca,  outfitter,  26  Main  Street 

Brown,  Thomas,  labourer,  41   Head  Street 

Bruce,  Alexander,  steelworker,  29  Crummock  Street 

Bruce,  Mrs.  Jeanie  W.,  Morishill 

Bryden,  James,  stationer,  Cross,  and  Hill  of  Beith 

Bryce  &  Duncan,  butchers,  Whanghead.      Tel.  2 

Bryce,  Harry,  signalman,  Winton  Place 

Bryce,   James,   surfaceman,   Barrmill 

Bryce,  Mary,  millworker,  Barrview 

Buchanan,  John,  driver,  Gateside 

Buchanan,  John  T.,  engineer,  10  Muirpark  Buildings 

Buchanan,  John,  contractor,  Bellvue 

Buchanan,  William  C,  solicitor,  Ardlock.      Tel.  179 

Burgess,  Francis,  sergeant,  Police  Station 

Burns,  Christina,  widow,  48  New  Street 

Burns,  Christopher,  labourer,  11  Head  Street 

Burns,  Eliza  M.,  milliner,  10  Main  Street 

Burns,  James,  labourer,   11    New  Street 

Burns,  John  L.,  red  leader,  75  Eglinton  Street 

Burns,  Mrs.  Susan,  Longbar 

Burniston,  Margaret  B.,  widow,  29  New  Street 

Burniston,  Robert,  engineer,  52  Wilson  Street 

Burniston,  Thomas,  cabinetmaker,  22  Reform  Street 

Bustard,  William,  Mitchell  Street 

Bustard,  William,  traveller,  7  Head  Street 

Bustard,  William,  furnaceman,  Gateside 

Cairnie,  John,  &  Co.,  contractors,  Gateside.      Tel.  82 
Cairns,  George  J.,  chemist,  Roebank  Cottage 
Cairns,  Janet,  widow,  Gateside 
Cairns,  Peter  M.,  signalman,  Station 


Calderwood,  George,  polisher,  20  Wardrope  Street 

Calderwood,  James,  machineman,  Mid  Road 

Calderwood,  William,  8  Mid  Road 

Caldwell,  Charles,  cabinetmaker,  68  Mains  Road 

Caldwell,  George,  2  Knowehead  Cottages 

Caldwell,   Helen,  widow,  42   New  Street 

Caldwell,  James,  operator,  54  Eglinton  Street 

Caldwell,  Janet,  widow,  7  Townhead 

Caldwell,  John,  slater,  3  Head  Street 

Cambridge,   Hugh,  steelworker,  Longbar 

Campbell,  Andrew,  quarryman,  Barrhill 

Campbell,  Francis,  chairmaker,  18  Reform  Street 

Campbell,  George,  engineer,  8  Wardrope  Street 

Campbell,  Hannah  A.,  Gateside 

Campbell,  John,  labourer,  4  Wardrope  Street 

Campbell,  Mary,  Gateside 

Campbell,  Robert,  26  Reform  Street 

Campbell,  Thomas,  chairmaker,   Hill  of  Beith 

Campbell,   William,  labourer,   Hill  of  Beith 

Campbell,  William,  farmer,  Burdiehouse 

Campbell,  William,  gas  worker,  Janefield  Place 

Camsell,  James,  cabinetmaker,  63  Wilson  Street 

Carey,  B.  J.  &  K.,  18  King's  Road 

Carlin,  Catherine,   widow,   7   Kirk  Road 

Carlyle,  Thomas,  43  Reform  Street 

Carroll,  Robert,  29  Wilson  Street 

Carter,  William  M.,  Barrmill 

Cashmore,  Alfred,  settmaker,  Barrmill 

Cashmore,   George  H.,  Burnhouse 

Cashmore,  James,  contractor,  Burnhouse.     Tel.  98 Yl 

Cashmore,  James,  quarr5rman,  Burnhouse 

Cashmore,  John,  foreman,  Barrmill 

Cashmore,  Joseph,  settmaker,  Burnhouse, 

Cashmore,  Mary  E.,  King's  Road 

Cashmore,  Samuel,  engineer,  Greenhills 

Cashmore,   Samuel,  &  Sons,  Middleton  Quarry 

Chalmers,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  Eglinton  Street 

Chalmers,  Henry,  cabinetmaker.  King's  Road 

Chalmers,  Jeanie,  Gateside 

Chalmers,  John,  grocer,  51   Reform  Street 

Chalmers,  John,  cabinetmaker,  Eglinton  Street 

Chalmers,  Mary,  widow,  77  King's  Road 

Chalmers,   Robert,  butcher,   18  King's  Road 

Charnley,  John,  labourer,  48  Wilson  Street 

Chisholm,  Mary,  widow,  16  King's  Road 

Christie,  Elizabeth,  widow,  16  Kirk  Road 

Christie,  Georgina,  widow,  3  Rocbank  Road 

Clark,  Agnes,  widow,  5  Mitchell  Street 

Clark,  Annie,  widow,  29  Wilson  Street 

Clark,  Duncan,  steelworker,  Gateside 

Clark,  James,  miner,  Boghead 

Clark,  John,  machinist,  11  Park  Avenue 

Clark,  John,  packer,  8  Townhead 

Clark,  John  R.,  farmer,  Burnhouse 

Clark,  Robert,  gardener,  48  Mains  Road 

Clark,  Thomas,  barber.  Cross 

Clark,  William,  cabinetmaker,  20  Reform  Street 

Clark,  William,  spinner,  22  Reform  Street 

Clark,  William,  Mitchell  Street 

Clerk,   John   O.,   writer,   Crummock  Street 

Clifford,  Joseph,  steelworker,  6  King's  Road 

Climic,  Robert,  teacher  <>C  music.  Old  Lea-  Road 

Clydesdale  Bank,   Ltd.,    Braehead.     Tel.  134 

Cochrane,  Andi'ew,  17  Main  Street 

Cochrane,  Anna,  milliner,  2  Main  Street 

Cochrane,  Bros.  &  Co.,  dairymen,  Cross 

Cochrane,  Robert  L.,  Beechgrove,  Boghead 

Cochrane,  William,  dairyman,  Cross 


Cole,  Joseph,  quarryrnan,  Head  Street 

Coll,  David,  quarryinan,  4  Townhead 

Colligan,  John,  polisher,  22  Townhead 

Colligan,  Mary,  widow,  29  New  Street 

Colquhoun,  Fergus  M.,  labourer,  59  Eglinton  Street 

Commercial  Bank  of  Scotland,   Ltd.,   Eglinton  Street.      Tel.    167 

Conn,  David,  headmaster,  10  Kirk  Road 

Conn,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Burnhouse 

Connel,  Euphemia,  fruiterer,  77  King's  Road 

Connell,  Euphemia,  East  Lodge,  Woodside 

Connelly,  Edward  R.,  foreman,  6  Townhead 

Connelly,  Janet,  millworker,  Barrmill 

Connelly,  Peter,  labourer,  Barrmill 

Conway,  Hugh,  grocer,  34-36  Main  Street 

Conway,  James,  driver,  24  Crumrnock  Street 

Cooper,  Hugh,  labourer,  12  New  Street 

Copland,   Isabella,  machinist,  74  Eglinton  Street 

Corbett,  Robert,  manager,  Craigengar.      Tel.  8 

Coyne,  William,  labourer,  2  Wardrope  Terrace 

Craig,  Alexander,  74  Eglinton  Street 

Craig,   Alexander,   polisher,  37   Reform  Street 

Craig,  David,  insurance  agent,  Gateside 

Craig,  James,  salesman,  5  Grahamsfield  Place 

Craig,  James,  chairmaker,  22  King's  Road 

Craig,  Jeanie  C,  &  Isabella,  Lochview 

Craig,   Rachel,   widow,  72   Eglinton  Street 

Craig,  Robert,  restaurateur,  6  New  Street 

Craig,  Thomas,  moulder,   Head  Street 

Craig,  William,  polisher,  20  Reform  Street 

Craig,  William,  signalman,  Barrmill 

Crawford,  Andrew,  baker,  43  Reform  Street 

Crawford  Bros.,   Ltd.,  thread  manufacturers,    Barrmill.     Tel.  5 

Crawford,  Carrick,  carter,  Barrmill 

Crawford,  Charles,  weigher,  47  Woodside  Road 

Crawford,  Hugh,  baker,  31   Head  Street 

Crawford,  Hugh,  baker,  18  Townhead 

Crawford,  Hugh,  Lea  Side 

Crawford,  Jane,  widow,  23  Wilson  Street 

Crawford,  Janet,  polisher,  66  Eglinton  Street 

Crawford,  John,  farmer,  Manrahead.      Tel.  22 

Crawford,  John  D.,  joiner,  High  Gree 

Crawford,  John,  cabinetmaker,  74  Eglinton  Street 

Crawford,  John,  machineman,  29  New  Street 

Crawford,  John,  steelworker,  28  Reform  Street 

Crawford,  John,  merchant,   Mainshill.     Tel.   114 

Crawford,  Maggie,  widow,  4  Wardrope  Street 

Crawford,  Robert,  Anderson  Hotel.      Tel.  12 

Crawford,  Robert  C,  30  Wilson  Street 

Crawford,  Robert,  baker,  31  Head  Street 

Crawford,  R.  &  H.,  bakers,  Cross 

Crawford,   Thomas,  farmer,   Scoup.     Tel.  98Y5 

Crawford,  Thomas,  traveller,  37  Wilson  Street 

Crawford,   Thomas,  mason,   18  Kirk  Road 

Crawford,  William,  farmer,  East  Overton 

Crawford,  William,  cabinetmaker,  9  Crumrnock  Street 

Crawford,   William,  lodging  house,   16  New  Street 

Crawford,  William,  steelworker,  27  Reform  Street 

Crawford,  William,  Roebank  Road 

Crombie,  Dizney  L.  C,  shipowner.  The  Meadows.      Tel.  67 

Crosbie,  James  B.,  cabinetmaker,  24  Mains  Road 

Crosbie,  James,  auditor,  1  Park  Avenue 

Crosbie,  John,  upholsterer,  3  Mid  Road 

Crosbie,  Matthew,  grocer,  4  Park  Avenue 

Crosbie,  William,  foreman,  46  Eglinton  Street 

Crowe,  James,  Barrmill 

Crowe,  William  J.,  foreman,  Barrmill 

Cullen,  Archibald,  publican,  51    Eglinton  Street 

Cumming,  Andrew,  upholsterer,   Gateside 


Cuinming,  James,  cabinetmaker,  4  Townhead 
dimming,  James,  upholsterer,  Mid  Road 
Cunirning,  John,  saddler,  Whanghead 
Gumming,  John,  saddle)',  25  Crummock  Street 
Gumming,  Robert,  cabinetmaker,  New  Street 
Gumming,  Robert,  saddler,  Morishill 
Gumming,  Thomas,  engineman,  Barrmill 
Cunningham,  Thomas,  engine  driver,  Longbar 
Currie,  Alexander,  upholsterer,  12  Grahamsfield  Place 
Currie,  John,  engine  driver,  29  Crummock  Road 
Currie,  Mary,  widow,  77  Eglinton  Street 
Currie,  Patrick,  polisher,   1   Head  Street 
Curtis,  James  F.,  sergeant-instructor,   Drill  Hall 
Cuthill,  Mary,  widow,  40  Eglinton  Street 


Dale,  Archibald,  plumber,  44  Main  Street 

Dale,  Archibald  P.,  manager,  Gas  Works 

Dale,  George,  48  Main  Street 

Dale,  George  C.,  joiner,  Braehead  Cottage 

Dale,  Robert  A.,  civil  engineer,  Nessdale 

Dale,  William  C,  superintendent,  Woodside  Road 

Daly,  John  N.,  grocer,  2-4  Eglinton  Street.     Tel.   107 

Dalzell,   Robert,  surfaceman,   Barrmill 

Dalzell,  William,  millworker,  Barrmill 

Danks,  David,  butcher,  62  Main  Street 

Danks,  Elizabeth,  widow,  West  Broadstone 

Darroch,  Agnes,  widow,  20  King's  Road 

Darroch,  Douglas,  22  King's  Road 

Davidson,  Arthur,  furnaceman,  Longbar 

Davidson,   Hugh,  steelworker,  6   Grahamsfield  Place 

Davidson,  James,  steelworker,  Gateside 

Davidson,  Joseph,  steelworker,  Longbar 

Davidson,  Robert,  surfaceman,  Barrview 

Davidson,  Thomas,  labourer,  Longbar 

Dean,  Frederick,  groom,  Crummock  Lodge 

Deas,   William,  agent,  Clydesdale  Bank 

Dempster,   William,  surfaceman,  King's  Road 

Denholm,  James,  platelayer,  8  Townhead 

Denholm,  John,  labourer,  37  Wilson  Street 

Denholm,  Wilham,  silk  printer,  Braehead 

Devlin,  John,  miner,  Barrmill 

Dickie,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  21  Braehead 

Dickie,  George,  miner,  Barrmill 

Dickie,  George,  miner,  12  New  Street 

Dickie,  Harry,  labourer,  60  Wilson  Street 

Dickie,  James,  labourer,  25  Reform  Street 

Dickie,  James,  lnachineman,  71  King's  Road 

Dickie,  Jeanie,  widow,  3  Head  Street 

Dickie,  Robert,  engine  driver,  18  King's  Road 

Dickie,  Robert,  labourer,  Head  Street 

Dickie,  Samuel,  machineman,  3  Head  Street 

Dickson,  Alexander,  vanman,  69  King's  Road 

Dickson,  John,  vanman,  31   King's  Road 

Dickson,  Susan,  46  New  Street 

Dickson,   Thomas,  chauffeur,  20   Wardrope  Street 

Dillon,  John,  Newhouse  of  Threepwood 

Dobie,  George,  polisher,  Mid  Road 

Dobie,  James,  cabinetmaker,   1   Mid  Road 

Dobie,  James,  steelworker,  Longbar 

Dobie,  Robert,  Burnside  of  Roughwood 

Docherty.  John,  30   Wilson  Street 

Doctor,  William,  tobacconist,  Fernbank  and  Cross 

Donachie,  James,  29  New  Street 

Donachie,  Philip,  labourer,  81  Eglinton  Street 

Douglas,  Mary,  widow,  42  New  Street 


Douglas,  William,  Brackenhills 

Dubordieu,  Summers,  Roebank  Cottage 

Duncan,  James,  nuarryrnan,  42  Eglinton  Street 

Duncan,  John,  contractor,   Gateside 

Duncan,   John,  labourer,  72   Eglinton  Street 

Duncan,   William,  C.A.,   Burnbank,   Lugton.     Tel.    CJplawmoor  26 

Duncan,  William,  machineman,  Gateside 

Duncan,  William,  contractor,  Gateside 

Duncan,  W,  &  J.,  contractors,  Gateside 

Duncan,'  William,  butcher,  4  Wardrope  Street 

Dunlop,  Archibald,  platelayer,  Mid  Road 

Dunlop,  Charles,  publican,  21  Main  Street  and  Boghead 

Dunlop,  Elizabeth,  teacher,  Myrtle  Bank 

Dunlop,  Hugh,  compositor,  79  King's  Road 

Dunlop,  Hugh,  steward,  Gateside 

Dunlop,  Jeanie,  widow,  44  Eglinton  Street 

Dunlop,  Mary,  widow,  Strand  Street 

Dunlop,  Thomas,  Geilsland  Terrace 

Dunlop,  William  J.,  collector,  24  King's  Road 

Dunn,  James  G.,  engineman,  Barrmill 

Dunn,  Robert,  bricklayer,  10  Wardrope  Street 

Dunn,  Vincent,  steelworker,  48  Wilson  Street 

Dunn,  William,  designer,  Eglinton  Street 

Edgar,  James,  surfaceman,   Gateside 
Edgar,  John,  steelworker,  Hamilton  Place 
Edward,  James,  gardener,   Nettlehirst 
Ewing,  Thomas,  steelworker,  3  Mains  Road 
Ewing,  Thomas,  steelworker,  King's  Road 
Ewing,  Thomas,  slater.  King's  Road 

Fairless,  Thomas  R.,  teller,  Neidpath 

Fairns,  Margaret,  35  Reform  Street 

Fairns,   Robert,  steelworker,   10  Wardrope  Street 

Falloon,  Andrew,  miner,  Wee  Close 

Faulds,  Thomas,  labourer,  Cauldhame 

Ferguson,  Alexander,  shoemaker,  36  Mains  Road 

Ferguson,  Alexander,  shoemaker,  3  Mitchell  Street 

Ferguson,  Elizabeth,  widow,  60  Main  Street 

Ferguson,  Francis,  16  Reform  Street 

Ferguson,  George,  miner,   Barrmill 

Ferguson,  Gilbert,  manager,  Brownmuir 

Ferguson,  Harry,  steelworker,  35  Reform  Street 

Ferguson,  Hugh,  baker,  60  Main  Street 

Ferguson,  Mrs.  Isabella,  Gateside 

Ferguson,   James,  joiner,   Gateside 

Ferguson,  Janet,  widow,  Crummock  Street 

Ferguson,  John,  blacksmith,  21  Woodside  Road 

Ferguson,  John,  smithy,  13  New  Street 

Ferguson,  John,  baker,  King's  Road 

Ferguson,  John,  engineer,  12  Laigh  Road 

Ferguson,  John,  draper,  King's  Road 

Ferguson,  John,  joiner,  Gateside 

Ferguson,  Mary,  baker,  58  Main  Street 

Ferguson,  Robert,  labourer,  51  Woodside  Road 

Ferguson,  Thomas,  gardener,  Crookhill 

Ferguson,  William,  quarryman,  Barrhill 

Ferrier,  James,  labourer,  16  Crummock  Street 

Fife,  James,  farmer,  Bogside 

Fife,  Robert,  9  New  Street 

Fitzpatrick,  Mary,  widow,  25  Reform  Street 

Flannagan,  John,  labourer,  22  Townhead 


Fleming.  Alexander,  mason,  45  Main  Street 

Fleming,  Jessie,  Mitchell  Street 

Fletcher,  Robert,  17  Head  Street 

Forbes,  Jean,  widow,  21   Braehead 

Foulis,  Mrs.  Jane,  6  Wardrope  Street 

Fowler,  John  A.,  packer,  Gateside 

Frame,  Robert,  engineer,  5  Grahamsfield  Place 

Freebairn,  Thomas,  16  Park  Avenue 

French,  Thomas,  farmer,  Nettlehirst 

Frew,  Thomas,  labourer,  Birsieknowe 

Fulton.  Alexander,  forester,  Windyhouse 

Fulton,  David,  turner,  Cross 

Fulton,   Hugh,  cabinetmaker,  Head  Street 

Fulton,  James,  carver,  6  Wardrope  Street 

Fulton,  Mrs.  James,  widow,  52  Wilson  Street 

Fulton,  James,  carver,  25  King's  Road 

Fulton,  John,  farmer,  Bottoms 

Fulton,  Maggie,  8  Wardrope  Street 

Fulton,  Misses,  Craigellen 

Fulton,  Robert,  polisher,  47  Woodside  Road 

Fulton,  William,  engineer,  Gateside 

Fyfe,  Andrew,  cabinetmaker,  36  Wilson  Street 

Fyfe,  Jeanie,  dressmaker,  Crummock  Street 

Fyfe,  Lily,  widow,  51  Reform  Street 

Fyfe,  Rebecca,  widow,  6  Strand  Street 

Fyfe,  Robert,  cabinetmaker,  61  King's  Road 

Fyfe,  William,  carver,  38  Wilson  Street 

Fyfe,  William,  chairmaker,  2  Viewpark 

Gallacher,  Hugh  M.,  traveller,  Benview 

Galloway,  Jamima,  widow,  8  King's  Road 

Gait,  Janet,  widow,  Longbar 

Gait,  Margaret,  widow,  66  Eglinton  Street 

Gait,  Thomas,  tanner,  12  Wilson  Street 

Gardiner,   Alexander,  surfaceman,  14  Reform  Street 

Gardiner,  Henry,  driver,  26  Reform  Street 

Gardiner,  James,  chairmaker,  6  Muirpark  Buildings 

Gardiner,  John,  Grahamfield  Place 

Gardiner,  William,  currier,  27  Crummock  Street 

Gardner,  John,  Milton  Dairy,  Mains  Road 

Gardner,  William,  cabinetmaker,  59  Wilson  Street 

Garland,  James,  furnaceman,  8  Grahamfield  Place 

Garven,  James,  farmer,  Tandle  Hill.     Tel.  137 

Garven,  J.  W.  &  T.  B.,  Tandle  Hill 

Geddes,  Agnes,  Longbar 

Geddes,   Archibald,  machineman.   King's  Road 

Geddes,  Charles,  Barrview 

Geddes,  John,  foreman,  Barrmill 

Geddes,  John,  craneman,  59  Eglinton  Street 

Geddes,  Peter,  electrician,  56-58  Eglinton  Street.     Tel.  109 

Gemmell,  Alexander,  farmer,  Shutterflat 

Gemmell,  Andrew,  farmer,  Lugtonbridge 

Gemmell,  David,  druggist,  Eglinton  Street  and  Hafnia.     Tel.  48 

Gemmell,   Fisher,  engineer,  Crummock  Street 

Gemmell,   Harry,  clerk,  72   Eglinton  Street 

Gemmell,  James,  Rowantree 

Gemmell,  John,  quarryman,  Hill  of  Beith 

Gemmell,  Thomas,  tailor,  3  Mains  Road 

Gemmell,  William,  secretary,  Geilsland  Terrace 

Gibbs,  Henry,  gardener,  Roughwood 

Gibson,  Agnes,  widow,  Mitchell  Street 

Gibson,  Alexander,  cabinetmaker,  18  Eglinton  Street 

Gibson,  Alexander,  stoker,  7  Head  Street 

Gibson,  Archibald,  cabinetmaker,  King's  Road 

Gibson,  Barbara,  widow,  18  Mains  Road 


Gibeon,  David,  Barrrnill 

Gibson,  Elizabeth,  widow,  6  Muirpark  Buildings 

Gibson,  Hugh,  cabinetmaker,  22  Wardrope  Street 

Gibson,  Jack,  cabinetmaker,  6  King's  Road 

Gibson,  James,  mason,  68  Eglinton  Street 

Gibson,  James,  tanner,  20  King's  Road 

Gibson,  John,  chairmaker,  20  King's  Road 

Gibson,  Mary,  widow.  Mid  Road 

Gibson,  Thomas,  monlder,  15  Wardrope  Street 

Gibson,  Thomas,  labourer,   Hamilton  Place 

Gibson,  William,  cabinetmaker,   19  Townhead 

Gibson,  William,  moulder,  Head  Street 

Gibson,  William,  20  Crummock  Street 

Gibson,  William,  contractor,  65  Eglinton  Street.     Tel.  102 

Giffen,  Alexander,  mason,  27  Crummock  Street 

Giffen  Lime  Quarries,  Giffen.     Tel.  56 

Gillan,  John,  farmer,  Gurlston 

Gillan,  William,  farmer,  Lochend 

Gillan,   William,  farmer,   Shotts 

Gilbert,  Mary,  widow,  Hamilton  Place 

Gillespie,  Andrew,  32   Reform  Street 

Gillespie,  Charles,  machineman,  10  Park  Avenue 

Gillespie,  James,  cabinetmaker,  25  Crummock  Street 

Gillespie,  John,  &  Sons,  Viewpark  Cabinet  Works 

Gillespie,  John,  cabinetmaker,  29  Crummock  Street 

Gillies,  Alexander,  labourer,  Head  Street 

Gillies,  John,  baker,  15  Main  Street 

Gillies,  John,  tailor,  16  Crummock  Street 

Gillies,  John,  baker,  Fernlea 

Gillies,  Robert,  cabinetmaker,  Mid  Road 

Gillies,  William,  steelworker,  4  Viewpark 

Gilliland,  James,  steelworker,  11   Woodside  Road 

Gilmour,  Mrs.  Isabella,  King's  Road 

Gilmour,  Janet,  widow,  33  Eglinton  Street 

Gilmour,  Maggie,  widow,  67  King's  Road 

Gilmour,  Matthew,  farmer,  Nether  Gree.     Tel.  98Y2 

Gilmour,  Robert,  carver,  63  King's  Road 

Gilmour,  Thomas,  13  Townhead 

Gilmour,  William,  clerk,  Holmwood 

Gladstone,  William,  plumber,  21   Braehead 

Glashan,   William,  steelworker,   Barrmill 

Glass,  Charles,  steelworker,  Brackenhills 

Glass,  James,  labourer,  Longbar 

Glen,  Mrs.  David,  Roughwood 

Goldie,  James,  cabinetmaker,  14  Crummock  Street 

Goldie,  James,  farmer,  Lugtonridge 

Goldie,  Mrs.  Susan,  19  Wilson  Street 

Goldie,  William,  stocktaker,  Janefield  Place 

Goldie,  William,  labourer,  51  Woodside  Road 

Goldstone,  Abram,  draper,  Cross.     Tel.  91 

Good,  Charles,  woodworker,  54  Wilson  Street 

Gordon,  Janet  F.,  merchant,  61  Eglinton  Street 

Gorman,   Alexander,  steelworker,   Longbar 

Govan,  Cecil,  Geilsland.      Tel.  72 

Graham,  Alexander,  labourer,  Longbar 

Graham,   David,  steelworker,  70  Eglinton  Street 

Graham,  Gavin,  carter,  60  Eglinton  Street 

Graham,   George  H.,  stationmaster,   Winton  Place 

Graham,  Hugh,  clerk,  Barrmill 

Graham,  Janet,  widow,  10  Grahamsfield  Place 

Graham,  Mrs.  Margaret,  farmer,  Borestone 

Grant,  Robert,  barber,  Wilson  Street 

Grassie,  Janet  G.,  widow,  27  Crummock  Street 

Gray,  Agnes  and  Mary,  Gateside 

Gray,  George,  merchant,  15  Park  Avenue 

Gray,  Helen,  clcrkess,  47  Reform  Street 

Gray,  James,  millworker,   Barrmill 

Gray,  Jessie  A.,  widow,  Craigallan 


Gray,  Margaret,  31  King's  Road 

Gray,  Peter,  farmer,  Overtoun  of  Broadstone 

Gray,  Peter,  farmer,  Netherton  of  Broadstone 

Gray,  Thomas  A.,  carrier,  31  King's  Road.      Tel.  103 

Gray,  William,  millworker,  Barrmill 

Gray,  William,  billposter,  Eglinton  Street 

Greer,  Mrs.  Helen,  43  Reform  Street 

Grier,  Samuel,  labourer,  Barrmill 

Griffen,  Daniel,  ouarryman,  Barrmill 

Grossart,  Jean,  widow,  25  King's  Road 

Guthrie,  James  R.,  signalman,  Station 

Guthrie,  Mary,  polisher,  23  Woodside  Road 

Guy,  Andrew,  painter,  King's  Road 

Guy,  James,  cabinetmaker,  King's  Road 

Guy,  Joseph,  flax  dresser,  8  Muirpark  Buildings 

Guy,  Joseph,  painter,  65  King's  Road 

Guy,  Robert,  chairmaker,  10  Muirpark  Buildings 

Guy,  William,  &  Son,  painters,  Wilson  Street.      Tel.  112 

Haining,   William,  stationmaster,   Giffen 

Hall,  Allan  H.,  painter,  20  Townhead 

Halliday,   Francis,  miner,   Barrmill 

Hamilton,  Alexander,  furnaceman,  Wee  Close 

Hamilton,  Alexander,  3  Roebank  Road 

Hamilton,  Andrew,  labourer,  Barrmill 

Hamilton,  Annie  D.,   dressmaker,  9  Townhead 

Hamilton,  Christina,  widow,  Barrmill 

Hamilton,  Elizabeth,  widow,   20  Wardrope  Street 

Hamilton,  Gavin,  47  Woodside  Road 

Hamilton,  Isabella,  6  Wardrope  Street 

Hamilton,  Jane,  widow,  71  King's  Road 

Hamilton,  Jane,  teacher,  3  Wardrope  Street 

Hamilton,  Janet,  widow,  17  Head  Street 

Hamilton,  Janet,  widow,  55  Eglinton  Street 

Hamilton,  Jeanie,  widow,  Kirkton 

Hamilton,  John  B.,  tobacconist,  33  Main  Street 

Hamilton,  John,  teacher,  10  Townhead 

Hamilton,  John,  fireman,  Hamilton  Place 

Hamilton,  Margaret,  teacher,  67  King's  Road 

Hamilton,  Neil,  steelworker,  46  Mains  Road 

Hamilton,  Robert,  cabinetmaker,  81   Eglinton  Street 

Hamilton,  Robert,  cabinetmaker,  33  Wilson  Street 

Hamilton,   William,  miner,  Barrmill 

Hamilton,   William,  foreman,  Barrmill 

Hamilton,   William,  miner,  Mitchell  Street 

Hamill,  James,  steelworker,  Cross 

Hannah,  Thomas,  gardener,  Boghall  Cottage 

Hannigan,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  Cross 

Hanton,  John,  traveller,  6  Park  Avenue 

Hardie,  Mrs.  Annie  W.,  35  Wilson  Street 

Hare,  Mrs.  Mary,  Lugtonbridge 

Hargreaves,  Mrs.  Agnes,  Cross 

Harkins,  Peter,  labourer,  51   Woodside  Road 

Harrington,  Mrs.  Catherine,  62  Wilson  Street 

Harris,  Alexander,  timekeeper,  49  New  Street 

Harris,  William,  steelworker.  Head  Street 

Harrison,  Charles,  maehineman,  2  Grahamfield  Place 

Harrison,  John,   roadman,   Hamilton  Place 

Harper.    Robert,   chauffeur,   Grangehill  Stables 

Harper,   William,  51-53  Wilson  Street 

Harvey,   William,  painter,  Barrmill 

Harvey.   William,   manager,    Barrmill 

Eastings,  James,  clerk,  65   King's  Road 

Batrick,    William    E.,   painter.   2-4  Main  Street.      Tel.  117 

I  In  \  1'iion,  .Mrs.   Elizabeth,   Barrmill 


Hayes,  Francis,  labourer,  Barrmill 

Hayes,  James,  millworker,  Barrmill 

Hayes,  John,  labourer,   Barrmill 

Hayes,  John,  gateman,  Barrmill 

Hayes,  John,  labourer,  75  Eglinton  Street 

Hayes,  Mary,   widow,   Barrmill 

Hayes,  Mrs.  Susan,  Barrmill 

Hayes,  William,  millworker,  Barrmill 

Hayes,  William,  rougher,  Barrmill 

Hays,  Margaret  N.,  millworker,  Barrmill 

Hays,  William,  labourer,  Longbar 

Henderson,  Rev.  James  B.,  B.D.,  Trinity  Church  Manse.     Tel.  131 

Henderson,  John,  steelworker,  50  Eglinton  Street 

Hendrie,  William,  cabinetmaker,  64  Mains  Road 

Hendry,  Agnes,  6  Wilson  Street 

Hendry,  James,  painter,  Bogside 

Hendry,  James,  merchant,  2  Wilson  Street 

Hendry,  John,  butcher,  8-12  Wilson  Street 

Hendry,  John,  butcher,  Crummock  Street 

Hendry,  Thomas,  cabinetmaker,  21  Townhead 

Hendry,   William  R.,  grain  merchant,   Braehead  Mill.      Tel.  99X3 

Hendry,  William  R.,  grain  merchant,  King's  Road 

Hendry,  William  R.,  grain  merchant,  New  Cross 

Henry,  Catherine  and  Mary,  Whitehouse 

Henry,  James,  45  New  Street 

Henry,  John,  45  New  Street 

Herald,  Jane,  draper,  35  Main  Street 

Herald,  John,  cabinetmaker,  37  Main  Street 

Herbertson,  Archibald,  fireman,  51   Woodside  Road 

Hill,  John,  steelworker,  16  Crummock  Street 

Hind,  John,  70  Eglinton  Street 

Hindle,  Joseph,  bricklayer,  3  Gurdie,  Glengarnock 

Hodgart,  Alexander,  labourer,  53  Eglinton  Street 

Holden,  E.  T.,  &  Son,  Ltd.,  Bath  Well  Tannery 

Holland,  Laurence,  teacher,  Crummock  Street 

Hollinger,  John,  22  Reform  Street 

Holmes,  Euphemia,  widow,  Janefield  Place 

Holmes,  James  A.,  joiner,  Woodside  Road 

Holmes,  William,  joiner,  26  King's  Road 

Holmes,  William,  &  Sons,  joiners,  Wilson  Street.     Tel.  169 

Hood,  Jane,   widow,  Barrmill 

Hourston,   Daniel  E.,  Deeptone 

Houston,  Alexander,  quarryman,  Barrmill 

Houston,  A.  &  G.,  Dockra 

Houston,  David,  Gateside 

Houston,  Gavin,  roadman,  Laigh  Broadstone 

Houston,  John  S.,  tanner,  Cross 

Houston,  Mrs.  J.  S.,  confectioner,   Reform  Street 

Houston,  Mary,  widow,  49  Woodside  Road 

Howatson,  David,  engineman,  Burnhouse 

Howatson,  William,  driver,  Burnhouse 

Howie,  Daniel,  10  Strand  Street 

Howie,  Mrs.  Isabella,  Gatend 

Howie,  John  B.,  painter,  36  Eglinton  Street 

Howie,  John,  cabinetmaker,  49  Woodside  Road 

Howie,  Robert,  cabinetmaker,  King's  Road 

Howie,  William,  Strand  Street 

Howieson,  James,  blacksmith,  Lugton 

Hoynes,  Mary,  widow,  50  Wilson  Street 

Hoynes,  Robert,  dealer,  48  Wilson  Street 

Hoynes,  Robert,  ehairmaker,  46  Wilson  Street 

Hoynes,  Robert,  labourer,  39  Head  Street 

Hudson,  Jack,  steelworker,  10  Wardrope  Street 

Hudson,  John,  slater,  4  Wardrope  Street 

Hume,   James,  labourer,  9   Head  Street 

Hunter,  Adam,  clerk,  King's  Road 

Hunter,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  fish  merchant,  46  Main  Street 

Hunter,   George,  4  Strand  Street 


Hunter,  George  A.,  cabinetmaker,  54  Mains  Road 
Hunter,  James,  labourer,  16  King's  Road 
Hunter,  James,  machinenian.  49  Woodside  Road 
Hunter,  James,  stocktaker,   Longbar 
Hunter,  William,  tanner,  Mitchell  Street 
Hutchison,  Harry,  rnachinenian,   13  Woodside  Road 
Hutchison.  James,  engineman,  9  Woodside  Road 
Hutchison,  John,  steelworker,  46  Wilson  Street 
Hutchison,  Norman,  46  Wilson  Street 
Hutton,  David  T.,  bank  agent,  Eglinton  Street 


Irvine,  James,  pointsman,  Barrrnill 

Irvine,  John,  quarryman,  21   Woodside  Road 

Irvine,  Thomas,  baker,  5  Wardrope  Terrace 

Irvine,  Thomas,  baker,  16  Eglinton  Street 

Irvine,  Walter,  baker,  51  Woodside  Road 

Irving,  John  W.,  cabinetmaker,  85  Eglinton  Street 

Irving,  Samuel,  cabinetmaker,  27  Wilson  Street 

Jack,  James,  joiner,  Woodside  Road 

Jack,  John  L.,  farmer,  Ward.     Tel.  98X6 

Jack,  Matthew  W.,  farmer,  Broadstone 

Jack,  William,  quarryman,  Barrrnill 

Jaimeson,  William,  cabinetmaker,  55  Eglinton  Street 

Jamieson,  Andrew,  designer,  16  Mains  Road 

Jamieson,  Annie,  28  Townhead 

Jamieson,  Boyd,  labourer,  9  Head  Street 

Jamieson,  Charles,  machinist,  43  Reform  Street 

Jamieson,   David,  cabinetmaker,  Winton  Place 

Jamieson,   Hugh,  steelworker,  16  Crummock  Street 

Jamieson,  Janet,  widow,  47  Reform  Street 

Jamieson,  John,  turner,  Braehead 

Jamieson,  John  K.,  watchmaker,  4  New  Street 

Jamieson,  John,  miner,  8  King's  Road 

Jamieson,  John,  plumber,  5  Wilson  Street 

Jamieson,  Robert,  cabinetmaker,  Mid  Road 

Jamieson,  Robert,  56  Mains  Road 

Jamieson,  Wilham,  cabinetmaker,  38  New  Street 

Jardine,  James,  fitter,  16  Crummock  Street 

Johnston,  David,  polisher,  18  King's  Road 

Johnston,  George  G.  H.,  teacher.  Hill  of  Beith 

Johnston,  John,  carver,  85  Eglinton  Street 

Johnston,  Robert,  labourer,   Barrrnill 

Johnston,   William,   labourer,   Barrrnill 

Johnstone,  Alexander,  cabinetmaker,  22  King's  Road 

Johnstone,  David  D.,  clerk,  42  Mains  Road 

Johnstone,   Elizabeth,   widow,  60   Wilson  Street 

Johnstone,  George,  manager,  6  Wardrope  Terrace 

Johnstone,   James,   cabinetmaker,  8   Wardrope  Street 

Johnstone,  John,  smelter,  Gateside 

Johnstone,  John,  chairmaker,  49  Reform  Street 

Johnstone,  John,  steelworker,  42  New  Street 

Johnstone,  John,  baker,  9  Crummock  Street 

Johnstone,  Marion,  widow,  71  Eglinton  Street 

Johnstone,  William,  draper,  Mitchell  Street 

Johnstone,  William,  managing  director,  Laigh  Road 

Johnstone,  William,  cabinetmaker,  6  Muirpark  Buildings 


Kane,  Robert,  rnachinenian.  21  Wilson  Street 
Kane,  Robert  J.,  44  Mains  Road 
Kean,  Robert  V.,  Woodside  Road, 


Keddie,  Mrs.  Mary,  15  Head  Street 

Kellet,   Frederick,  steelWorker,    Bra.ckenhills 

Kelley,  Terence,  surfaceman,  Station 

Kelso,  Archibald,  farmer,  Hill  of  Beith.      Tel.  121 

Kelso,  James,  farmer,   Roughwood 

Kennedy,  Adam,  insurance  agent,  7  Crummock  Street 

Kennedy,   Allan,  machineman,  10  Strand  Street 

Kennedy,  Crawford  A.   I).,  bootmaker,  3  Grahamfield  Place 

Kennedy,   Daniel,   publican,  Cross 

Kennedy,  James,  joiner,  61   Wilson  Street 

Kennedy,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  54  Wilson  Street 

Kennedy,  John,  cabinetmaker,  Eglinton  Street 

Kennedy,   Lizzie,  2   Wardrope  Street 

Kennedy,  Robert,  carver,  27  Crummock  Street 

Kennedy,  Robert,  26  Townhead 

Kennedy,  Thomas,  cabinetmaker,  85  Eglinton  Street 

Kennedy,   Thomas,   cabinetmaker,   6  Townhead 

Kerr,  Alexander,  clerk,  Glenelg 

Kerr,  Andrew,  carver,  King's  Road 

Kerr,  Ann,  widow,  61   King's  Road 

Kerr,  Cecilia,  widow,  31   Reform  Street 

Kerr,  Christina,  55  Wilson  Street 

Kerr,  Hugh,  labourer,  Fullwoodhead 

Kerr,  Isabella,  widow,  King's  Road 

Kerr,  James,  joiner,   Greenhills 

Kerr,  James,  cabinetmaker,  6  King's  Road 

Kerr,  James,  cabinetmaker,  16  Kirk  Road 

Kerr,  Jean  S.,  Cross 

Kerr,  John  P.,  44  Eglinton  Street 

Kerr,  John,  ironmonger,  23  Main  Street 

Kerr,  John,  labourer,  Cross 

Kerr,  John,  Ingleside,  King's  Road 

Kerr,  John,  polisher,  27  Head  Street 

Kerr,  John  S.,  engineer,  Knockhill 

Kerr,  Joseph,  cabinetmaker,  28  Reform  Street 

Kerr,  Joseph,  labourer,  Longbar 

Kerr,  Katherine,  widow,  4  Viewpark 

Kerr,  Margaret,  19  Wilson  Street 

Kerr,  Marion  C,  draper,  12  Main  Street 

Kerr,  Mary,  widow,  25  King's  Road 

Kerr,  Mary,  widow,  Waverley, 

Kerr,  Robert,  farmer,  Shutterflat 

Kerr,   Robert,   grocer,  31   Main  Street 

Kerr,  Robert,  cabinetmaker.  Old  Lea  Road 

Kerr,  Robert,  carver,  39  Reform  Street 

Kerr,  Samuel,  bank  agent,  34  Eglinton  Street 

Kerr,  Samuel,  blacksmith,  13  Wilson  Street 

Kerr,   William,  gamekeeper,   Rakerfield 

Kerr,  William,  designer,  31   Main  Street 

Kerr,  William  J.,  engine  driver,  Winton  Place 

Kilpatrick,  James,  builder,  70  Eglinton  Street 

Kilpatrick,  John,  builder,   12  Wardrope  Terrace 

Kilpatrick,  Martin,  upholsterer,   Gateside 

Kincaid,  Janet,  widow,  24  Townhead 

Kincaid,  John,  13  Head  Street 

King,  Agnes,  West  Broadstone 

King,  Archibald  A.  G.,  joiner,  Burnhouse 

King,  David,  farmer,  South  Highgate 

King,  James,  fishmonger,  Head  Street 

King,  John,  driver,  48  New  Street 

King,  John,  railwayman,  High  Orchard 

King,  Margaret,  Giffen 

King,  Margaret,  widow-,  Burnhouse 

King,  Robert,  farmer,  Greenhills 

King,  William,  labourer,  Longbar 

Kings  &  Co.,  Ltd.  Bellcraig  Quarry  (Tel.  52)  and  Giffen  Mill  Quarry. 

Tel.  89 
Kirk,  Alexander,  steelworker,  18  Kirk  Road 


Kirk,  David  B.,  clerk,  24  King's  Road 

Kirk,  Isabella,  coal  merchant,  74  Eglinton  Street 

Kirk,  John,  joiner,  7  Kirk  Road 

Kirk,  William,  coal  merchant,  74  Eglinton  Street 

Kirkland,  John,  currier,  61  King's  Road 

Kirkland,  Margaret,  music  teacher,  King's  Road 

Kirkwood,  Elizabeth,  widow,  4  Wardrope  Street 

Kirkwood,   George  T.,  draughtsman,   19  Park  Avenue 

Kirkwood,  Jane,  grocer,  41   Reform  Street 

Kirkwood,  John,  labourer.   Wee  Close 

Kirkwood,  John,  tailor,  6  Wardrope  Street 

Kirkwood,  Julia  and  Janet,  52  Mains  Road 

Knox.   Bryee,  manufacturer,  Crummock.      Tel.  79 

Knox,  Hugh,  quarryman,  7  Roebank  Road 

Knox,  James,  cabinetmaker,  8  New  Street 

Knox,  James,  surfaceman,  Station 

Knox,  John,  labourer,  4  Townhead 

Knox,  Peter,  polisher,  22  Wardrope  Street 

Knox,  Robert,  labourer,  33  Reform  Street 

Knox,  Samuel,  miner,  9  Woodside  Road 

Knox,  William,   miner,   Barrmill 

Lachlan,  John,  labourer,  Hamilton  Place 

Lachlan,  Robert,  machineman,  83  Eglinton  Street 

Laird,  Bella,  10  Kirk  Road 

Laird,  Mary,  widow,  Barrmill 

Lamb,  Alexander,  cabinetmaker,  17  Townhead 

Lamb,  James,  6  Mid  Road 

Lambie,  Jane,  5  Wilson  Street 

Lambie,  John,  cabinetmaker,  40  Eglinton  Street 

Larnbie,  Robert,  baker,  6  Townhead 

Lammie,  Robert,  steelworker,  1   Grahamfield  Road 

Lamont,  John,  Townend  of  Shutterflat 

Lamont,  Robert,  East  End  of  Shutterflat 

Law,  John,  clerk,  Woodside  Road 

Lawrie,  Elizabeth,  widow,  27  Reform  Street 

Lawrie,  John,  cabinetmaker,  16  King's  Road 

Lawson,  Robert,  labourer,  Eglinton  Street 

Ledingham,  Robert  W.,  Mains  Lodge 

Lee,  James,  leather  worker,  8  Townhead 

Lennox,  Archibald,  motor  hirer,  Mitchell  Street.     Tel.  148 

Lennox,  Daniel,  engineer,  66  Mains  Road 

Lewis,  James,  bricklayer,  Gateside 

Lindsay,  Ellen,  widow,  14  Townhead 

Lindsay,  Richard,  furnaceman,  37  Reform  Street 

Lindsay,  Robert  L.,  furnaceman,  73  King's  Road 

Lochhead,   William,  upholsterer,  30  Mains  Road 

Lockhart,  George,  mechanic,  Barrmill 

Lockhart,   George,   quarryman,   Barrmill 

Lockhart,  Jane,  polisher,  44  Wilson  Street 

Lockhart,  Thomas,  printer,  44  Wilson  Street 

Logan,  Margaret,  widow,  Crummock  Street 

Logan,  Robert,  cabinetmaker,  5  Roebank  Street 

Logan,  Robert  A.,  Writer,  The  Limes 

Logan,  William  L.  W.,  writer,  Geilsland  Terrace 

Logan,  William,  labourer,  Gateside 

Love,  Alexander,  farmer,  Mains 

Love,  Alexander,  labourer,  17  Head  Street 

Love,  Allan,  labourer,  King's  Road 

Love,  Ann,  widow,  Knockhill 

Love,  A.,  &  A.  G.,  solicitors,  Eglinton  Street.      Tel.  38 

Love,  Daniel,  chairmaker,  1   Wardrope  Terrace 

Love,  Eliza  J.  A.,  Gateside 

Love,  John,  contractor,   Barrmill 

Love,  Maggie,  widow,  Woodside  Road 


Love,  Malcolm,  confectioner.  Head  Street 

Love,  M.  J.  &  M.  J.,  Crummock  Street 

Love,  M.  &  J.,  Gateside 

Love,  Robert,  slater,  Burnhouse 

Love,  Robert  W.,  solicitor,  Old  Lea  Road 

Love,  Robert,  chairmaker,  Mitchell  Street 

Love  &  Williamson,  writers,  34  Eglinton  Street 

Lowe,  Janet,  widow,  13  Wilson  Street 

Lowrie.  Mary,  millworker,  Barrmill 

Luke,  Robert,  labourer,  Barrmill 

Lyon,  J.  D.  &  A.,  farmers,  North  Biggart 


McAllister,   Alexander,   settmaker,   12   Grahamfield  Place 

McAllister,  Thomas  J.,  teacher,  21  Townhead 

McArthur,   William,  upholsterer,  22  Townhead 

McAughtrie,  James,  flax  dresser,  Barrmill 

McAulay,  Francis,  machineman,  6  King's  Road 

McBeth,  Jane,  widow,  Barrmill 

Mr  Beth,  William,  labourer,  Barrmill 

Mc(  'abe,  Hugh,  chairmaker,  5  Mains  Road 

McCabe,  Hugh,  mason,  5  Mains  Road 

McCafferty,  James,  miner,  40  Eglinton  Street 

McCafferty,  James,  labourer,  74  Eglinton  Street 

McCall,  Joseph,  Mitchell  Street 

McCalhim,  Jeanie,  widow,  King's  Road 

McCallum,  John,  foreman,  Woodside  Road 

McCard,  Mary,  widow,  26  Main  Street 

McCartney,  William,  constable,  Barrmill 

McClure,  David,  labourer,  4  Viewpark 

McClure,  Robert,  mason,  12  Wilson  Street 

McColl,  R.  S.,  Ltd.,  Eglinton  Street 

McConnell,  David,  Gateside 

McConnell,  George,  hawker,  24  Townhead 

McConnell,  James,  farmer.  High  Bogside 

McConnell,  William,  merchant,  47  Main  Street  and  26  Reform  Street 

McConnachie,  William,  porter,  Station 

McCorkill,  Margaret,  widow,  9  Woodside  Road 

McCracken,  George,  foreman,  Longbar 

McCracken,  John,  joiner,  60  Mains  Road 

McCracken,  J.  &  T.,  coal  merchants,  Glebe  Road 

MoCrum,  Rebecca,  widow,  6  King's  Road 

McCulloch,  Archibald,  grocer,  28  Reform  Street 

McCulloch,  James,  labourer,  6  Muirpark  Buildings 

McCulloch,  James,  electrician,  37  Wilson  Street 

McCulloch,  James,  cabinetmaker,  Mid  Road 

McCulloch,  William,  17  Park  Avenue 

McCutcheon,  Annabella,  widow,  8  King's  Road 

McCutcheon,  Samuel,  commission  agent,  Fairview 

McDade,  Mary,  Woodside  Road 

McDonald,  Alexander,  grocer,  17  Grahamfield  Place 

McDonald,  John  W.,  cabinetmaker,  2  Mid  Road 

McDonald,  John,  labourer,  Barrmill 

McDonald,  Robert  K.,  turner,  26  King's  Road 

McDonald,  William,  ironworker.  Mid  Road 

McDonald,  William,  7  Park  Avenue 

McDonald,   William,   quarryman,   Barrmill 

McDougall,  Mary,  widow,   Barrmill 

McDowall,  Howard,  fireman,  8  Grahamfield  Place 

McEachern,   Daniel   F.,  excise,  officer,  Arran  View 

McEachern,  Malcolm,  publican,  Gateside 

MeEwan,  David,  cabinetmaker,  27  Braehead 

McEwan,   Francis,  labourer,  Burnhouse 

MeEwan,  Mary,  widow,  26  Reform  Street 

McEwan,  Mary,  10  Wardrope  Street 

McFadzean,  William,  farmer,  Laigh  Mains 


McFarlane,  John,  labourer,  51  Reform  Street 

McFarren,  Thomas,  steelworker,  8  Muirpark  Buildings 

McGee,  Patrick,  5  Mains  Road 

McGhee,  Mary,  widow,  51  Woodside  Road 

McGhie,  James,  labourer,  24  Main  Street 

McGill,  Robert,  labourer,  Reform  Street 

McGuinness,  James,  woodworker,  20  King's  Road 

McGuinness,  John,  labourer,  4  Wardrope  Street 

McGuire,  Charles,  labourer,  7  Crummock  Street 

McGuire,  Jeanie  C,  widow,  6  Muirpark  Buildings 

McGregor,  Peter,  fireman,   Barrmill 

McGregor,  Robert,  labourer,  Barrmill 

McHardy,  William,  Auldlea 

McHardy,  Robert,  West  Lodge,  Woodside 

Mcllroy,  Hugh,  furnaceman,  Longbar 

Mcllwraith,  James,  labourer,  Wee  Close 

Mclnnes,  Alexander,  chairmaker,  3  Grahamfield  Place 

Mclnnes,  Alexander,  cabinetmaker,  Townhead 

Mclnnes,  Jeanie,  Cross 

Mclnnes,  Marion,  widow,  72  Bglinton  Street 

Mclnnes,  Thomas,  plasterer,  20  Reform  Street 

Mclnnes,  William,  bricklayer,  85  Eglinton  Street 

Mcintosh,  Benjamin,  tanner,  40  New  Street 

Mclnulty,  Richard,  painter,  Cross 

Mclntyre,  Alexander,  labourer,  60  Wilson  Street 

Mclntyre,  Duncan,  Star  Inn,  Mitchell  Street 

Mclntyre,  James,  quarryman,  10  Kirk  Road 

Mclntyre,  Thomas,  15  Woodside  Road 

McKechan,   Daniel,  farmer,  West  Overton 

McKechnie,  Duncan,  26  King's  Road 

McKechnie,  George,  23  Park  Avenue 

McKee,  David,  clerk,  Drumrossie 

McKee,  Joseph,  slater,  42  New  Street 

McKellar,  Duncan,  chauffeur,  King's  Road 

McKelvie,  Hugh,  labourer,  Wee  Close 

Mackenzie,  Annie,  widow,  28  Mains  Road 

McKenzie,  Alexander,  plumber,  21   Braehead 

McKenzie,  Allan,  58  Eglinton  Street 

McKenzie,  Allan,  cabinetmaker,  44  Eglinton  Street 

McKenzie,  Hector,  engineer,  60  Eglinton  Street 

Mackie,  Adam,  farmer,  Knowes 

Mackie,  Matthew,  egg  merchant,  29  Woodside  Road 

Mackie,  Robert,  cabinetmaker,  18  King's  Road 

Mackie,  William,  craneman,  49  Woodside  Road 

McKie,  Robert,  gardener,  3  Mains  Road 

McKinlay,  Jessie,  widow,  56  Wilson  Street 

McKissock,  Agnes,  widow,  Eglinton  Inn 

McKissock,  John,  joiner,  51   Reform  Street 

McLachlan,  Andrew,  King's  Road 

McLachlan,  Mrs.  I.,  Gateside 

McLachlan,  Robert  B.,  hosiery  manufacturer,  54-56  Main  Street 

McLauchlan,  Robert,  mason,  Woodside  Road.      Tel.  157 

Maclean,  John,  Ardovie 

McLean,  Alexander,  quarryman,  Barrmill 

McLean,  John,  dyer,  75  Eglinton  Street 

McLean,  Norman,  foreman,  Station 

McLeish,  Allan,  bricklayer,  4  Viewpark 

McLeish,  James,  machineman,   Head  Street 

McLeish,  John,  mason,  21   Wardrope  Street 

McLeish,  Robert,  steelworker,  60  Eglinton  Street 

McLeish,  Robert,  mason,  72  Eglinton  Street 

McLellan,  Jean,  Longbar 

McLelland,   William,  cabinetmaker,  20  Townhead 

McLennan,  Martha,  widow,  High  Lugtonridge 

Macleod,  David,  Mitchell  Street 

McLeod,  Alexander,  porter,  6  King's  Road 

McLeod,  Catherine,  widow,  Gateside 

McLeod,   David,  carter,  Gateside 


McLeod,  James,  guard,  26  Mains  Road 

McLeod,  James,  labourer,  Gateside 

McLeod,  James,  guard,  Winton  Place 

McLeod,   John,   driver,   Gateside 

McLeod,  Neil,  cabinetmaker,  49  Woodside  Road 

McLeod,  William,  driver,  Gateside 

McLure,  Annie,  widow,  17  Wardrope  Street 

McMaster,  Hugh,  labourer,  17  Wardrope  Street 

McMaster,  James,  labourer,  Longbar 

McMaster,  John,  baker,  Barrmill 

McMaster,   Thomas,  labourer,   Longbar 

McMath,  Mrs.  Janet,  Cross 

McMeechan,  George,  carter,  Gateside 

McMeechan,  James,  labourer,  42  New  Street 

McMillan,  Alexander,  labourer,  3  Roebank  Road 

McMillan,  Alexander,  Hamilton  Place 

McMillan,  Archibald,  machinist.  Mid  Road 

McMillan,  Archibald,  farmer,  Thirdpart 

McMillan,  Henry,  steelworker,  10  Muirpark  Buildings 

McMillan,  James,  3  Knowehead  Cottages 

McMillan,  James,  cabinetmaker,  Janefield  Place 

McMillan,  Mrs.  James,  widow,  8  Grahamfield  Place 

McMillan,  John,  machineman,  8  Muirpark  Buildings 

McMillan,  John,  clerk,  8  Strand  Street 

McMillan,  Margaret,  widow,  9  Crummock  Street 

McMillan,  Robert,  blacksmith,  8  Grahamfield  Place 

McMillan,  Roland,  quarryrnan,  Greenhills 

McMillan,  William,  quarryrnan,  Greenhills 

McMillan,  William,  teacher,  Oaklea  Cottage 

McMinn,  Samuel  A.,  farmer,  Limegrove 

McNally,  Joseph,  stonebreaker,  Barrmill 

MacNaugkton,  Margaret,  South  Balgray  Cottage 

Macneill  Bros.,  Ayrshire  Cabinet  Works.     Tel.  23 

Macneill,  James  C.,  cabinetmaker,  Taynish 

Macneill,  John,  cabinetmaker,  Old  Lea  Road 

Macneill,  Neil,  cabinetmaker,  Old  Lea  Road.     Tel.  118 

McNeill,  Francis,  clothier,  19  Eglinton  Street 

McNiven,  Alexander,  8  Wardrope  Street 

McNulty,  Richard,  labourer,  Eglinton  Street 

McPhee,  Joseph,  labourer,  Longbar 

McPherson,  Allan,   driver,   1   Knowehead  Cottages 

McPherson,  Annie,  widow,  74  Eglinton  Street 

McPherson,  Mrs.  Duncan,  widow,  Boghead 

McPherson,  John,  surfaceman,  Barrmill 

McPherson,  William,  printer,  Strand  Street  and  Old  Lea  Road.     Tel. 

McQueen,  Thomas,  clerk,  Old  Lea  Road 

Macrae,  John  S.,  engineer,  43  Eglinton  Street     Tel.  171 

McRae,  Angus,  postman,  3  Strand  Street. 

McTaggart,  Matilda,  dressmaker,  Brackenhills 

McTaggart,  William,  steelworker,  40  Eglinton  Street 

McVean,  John,  labourer,  17  Wardrope  Street 

McYinnic,  Robert,  signalman,  Station 

McWhirr,   Robert,  engine  driver,  4  Grahamfield  Place 

McWilliams,  Janet,  47  Head  Street 


Mair,  Gilbert  R.,  headmaster,  Spier's  School 

Malcolm,  Hugh,  chairmaker,  66  Eglinton  Street 

Malloch,  Robert,  steelworker,  Longbar 

Marr,  J  ohn,  23  Wilson  Street 

Marshall,  David,  miner,  49  Head  Street 

Marshall,  George  M.,  smith.  Gateside 

Marshall,  Robert,  farmer,  Hessilhead 

Marshall,    Robert,   smithy,   Greenhills 

Martin,  James,  farmer,   Broadstonehall  < 


Martin,  Joseph,  steehvorker,  Longbar 

Martin,  Leslie  P.,  8  Park  Avenue 

Martin,  Philip,  King's  Road 

Martin,  William,  printer,  68  Eglinton  Street 

Matthews,  Mrs.  Agnes,  29  Braehead 

Matthews,  Arthur,  grocer,  6  Grahamfield  Place 

Maxwell,   Flora,   pawnbroker,   Reform  Street 

Maxwell,  Mrs.  Isabella,  Fernbank 

Maxwell,  Jeanie,  tester,  Crummock  Street 

Maxwell,  John,  machineman.  16  King's  Road 

Maxwell,  John  A.,  farmer,  Whitestanes 

Mavberrv,  William,  labourer,  14  Reform  Street 

Meek,  Daniel.  75  Eglinton  Street 

Moikle.  Thomas,  labourer,  Winton  Place 

Meikle,  Thomas,  machinist,  74  Eglinton  Street 

Meikle,  William,  surfaceman,  16  Reform  Street 

Mcnzies,  John,  miner,  Barrmill 

Menzies,  Joseph,  quarryman,  Barrmill 

Mercer,  Edward,  signalman,  19  Townhead 

Mercer,   Henry,  cabinetmaker,  5  Grahamfield  Place 

Mercer,  Robert,  cabinetmaker,  3  Head  Street 

Merritt,  Rebecca,  widow,  47  Woodside  Street 

Meston,  Agnes,  27  Reform  Street 

Michael,  James,  flax  dresser,  Barrmill 

Michael,  John,  Barrmill 

Millar,  Bessie,  widow,  59  Wilson  Street 

Millar,  Christina,  widow,  25  King's  Road 

Millar,   David,  machinist,   Wilson  Street 

Millar,  Elizabeth,  widow,  Barrmill 

Millar,  James  S.,  &  Co.,  printers,  Cross.      Tel.  39 

Millar,  James,  sexton,  Cemetery  Lodge 

Millar,  Margaret,   Dagshai 

Millar,  Thomas,  cabinetmaker,  73  King's  Road 

Millen,  Jane,  widow,  25  Head  Street 

Millen,  John,  gardener,  81   Eglinton  Street 

Miller,  Agnes,  Strand  Street 

Miller,   David,  egg  merchant,   Barrmill 

Miller,  Hugh,  carter,  Roughwood 

Miller,  James,  Barrmill 

Miller,  James  B.,  driver,  29  New  Street 

Miller,   John,  farmer,   Longbar 

Miller,   John  M.,   cabinetmaker,  28  Reform  Street 

Miller,  Peter,  cabinetmaker,  2  Laigh  Road 

Miller,  Thomas  A.,  24  New  Street 

Milloy,  Edward,  turner,  68  Eglinton  Street 

Milne,  Alexander,  &  Son,  millers,  Giffen 

Milne,  David,  butcher,  Head  Street 

Mitchell,  Albert  W.,  designer,  King's  Road 

Mitchell,  Alexander,  farmer,  Over  Hessilhead 

Mirchell,  Andrew,  farmer,  East  Middleton 

Mitchell,  David,  Gree 

Mitchell.  David,  chairmaker,  81   Eglinton  Street 

Mitchell,  Ebenezer,  tailor,  12  Grahamfield  Place 

Mitchell,   James,   clerk,   75   Eglinton   Street 

Mitchell,  James  W.,  watchmaker,  25  Wilson  Street 

.Mitchell,   James,   14  Park  Avenue 

Mitchell,  John  S.,  gardener,  Crummock  Street 

Mitchell,  Peter  R.,  farmer,  Brackenhills 

Mitchell,  Peter,  foreman,  71   Eglinton  Street 

Moffat,  Alexander,  mechanic,  King's  Road 

Monaghan,  John,  turner,  30  Wilson  Street 

Monk,    Frederick,   bricklayer,  Janefield  Place 

Montgomerie,  James,  steelworker^  Longbar 

Montgomery,  Elizabeth,  Barrmill 

Montgomery,  .lames,  foreman,  Barrmill 

Montgomery,  John,  labourer,  Barrmill 

Montgomery,  Thomas,  bleacher,   Barrmill 

Montgomery,  William,  surfaceman,  Barrmill 


Morrison,  Peter,  labourer.  Reform  Street 

Morrison,   William,  Gateside 

Muir,  James  B.,  steelworker,  22  Townhead 

Muir,  James,  21   Wilson  Street 

Muir,  John,  lime  worker,   High  Orchard 

Muir,  John,  &  Son,  tanners,  Bath  Lane 

Muir,  John,  labourer,  31   Reform  Street 

Muir,  John,  currier,  9  Park  Avenue 

Muir.   Robert,  vanman.   Head  Street 

Muir,  Robert,  steelworker,  2  Grahamfield  Place 

Muir.  Thomas,  agent,  66  Eglinton  Street 

Muir,  William,  surfaceman.  High  Orchard 

Munn,  Elizabeth,  widow,  26  King's  Road 

Mnnn,   Robert,  tailor.  New  Street.      Tel.  51 

Murdoch,  Isaac,  painter,  2  Viewpark 

Murdoch,  John  L.,  farmer,  Willowyard 

Murdoch,  William,  labourer,  17  Wardrope  Street 

Murgatrovd,  Frederick,  draughtsman,  Fernbank 

Murray,  Lieut. -Col.  Charles  Hope,  T.D.,  Morishill.     Tel.  66 

Murray,  Charles,  40  New  Street 

Murray,  Patrick,  quarryman,  59  Eglinton  Street 

Murray,  William,  thread  worker,  59  Eglinton  Street 


Neil,  Elizabeth,  widow,  4  Grahamfield  Place 

Neil,  James,  cabinetmaker.  3  Roebank  Road 

Neil,   Robert   S.,   labourer,   Barrmill 

Neil,  William,  steelworker,  8  Grahamfield  Place 

Neilson,  Alexander,  cabinetmaker,   Bell's  Causeway 

Nelson,  Alexander,  designer,  65  King's  Road 

Nelson,  Christina,  widow,  38  Mains  Road 

Nelson,  William,  cabinetmaker,  23  Mitchell  Street 

Newbiggin,  Stewart  C,  teller,  62  Mains  Road 

Nicol,  James,  schoolmaster,  Kia-Ora 

Nimmice,  James,  polisher,  3  Townhead 

Nisbet,  William  R.,  confectioner,  50-52  Main  Street 

Niven,  Hugh,  lime  worker,  Gree 

Niven,  James,  farm  servant,  Gateside 

Nixon,  James,  quarryman,  Barrmill 

Nummey,  Mrs.  M.,  Gateside 

O'Berg,  Agnes,  widow,  8  Wardrope  Street 

Ogilvie,  Robert,  painter,  48  New  Street 

O'Hara,  James,  labourer,  Longbar 

O'Neil,  Felix,  porter,  Barrmill 

Orba,  Allena,  confectioner,  36  New  Street 

Orba,  Mrs,  Annie,  confectioner,  14  Wilson  Street 

Orba,  Anthony,  shoemaker,  36  New  Street 

Orr,  James  R.,  farmer,  Gatehead 

Orr,  Jane,  47  Reform  Street 

Orr,  William,  tailor,  43  Main  Street 

Orr,  William,  tailor,  12  Wilson  Street 

Orr,  William,  farmer.  Lugton 

Osborne,  Alexander  D.,  solicitor.  Knockbuckle 

Osborne.  Colonel  Edmund  A.,  Woodside  House 

Ovens,  Mrs.  Ann,  Hamilton  Place 

Parker,  John,  farmer,  Langside 
Parker,  John,  overseer,  Gateside 
Pate,  James,  carrier,  24  King's  Road 

68  ■ 

Paterson,  Agnes,  Burnhouse 

Paterson,  Hugh,  farmer,  Hessilhead  Town 

Paterson,  James,  joiner,  1   Roebank  Road 

Paterson,  Thomas  A.,  farmer,  Marshalland 

Patrick,  Mrs.  Mary  C.  Ralston,  Rough  wood  House.      Tel.  21 

Pattison  &  Co.,  manufacturers,  50  Eglinton  Street 

Pattison,  Janet,  widow,  51  Reform  Street 

Pattison,  John,  ehairmaker,  27  Head  Street 

Pattison,  Mrs.  Margaret,  3  Park  Avenue 

Pattison,   William,  cabinetmaker,  Townhead 

Pair],  Helen,  63  Wilson  Street 

Paxton,   Alexander,  labourer,   10  Wardrope  Street 

Paxton,  James,  labourer,   Barrmill 

Paxton,  James,  tanner,  10  Strand  Street 

Peakman,  Mrs.  Rose,  Cross 

Peat,  Alexander,  plasterer,  29  Crummoek  Street 

Peat,  Alexander,  plasterer,  7  Crummoek  Street 

Peat,  Robert,  moulder,  59  Main  Street 

Pescina,  L.,  confectioner,  24  Main  Street 

Peters,  William,  steelworker,  Crummoek  Street 

Pettigrew,  William,  grocer,  King's  Road 

Picturedrome,  Wilson  Street.     Tel.  181 

Pieroni,  N.  R.,  confectioner,  Cross 

Pinkerton,  William  R.,  druggist,  19  Main  Street  and  Old  Lea  Road 

Pirric,  Archibald,  gardener,  Gran»ehill 

Plott,  James,  steelworker,  42  New  Street 

Pollock,  Matthew,  Ltd.,  Caledonian  Cabinet  Works.     Tel.  44 

Pollock,   William,  farmer,  Blaelockhead 

Pollock,  Mrs.   W.  M„  widow,   Dunardric.      Tel.  59 

Porter,  John,  labourer,  68  Eglinton  Street 

Porter,  Stephen,  labourer,  48  Wilson  Street 

Pratt,  Isaac,  22  Mains  Road 

Pride,  Jeanie.  19  Wilson  Street 

Purvis,  James,  foreman,  Morishill 


Rae,  Richard,  driver,  Barrmill 

Rae,  Robert,  calico  printer,  Gateside 

Rae,  Robert,  gardener,  6  Strand  Street 

Rae,  Robert,  fruiterer,  Cross 

Raeside,  Jane,  widow,  Middleton 

Raffertv,  John,  bus  driver,  17  Wardrope  Street 

Rafferty,  Mrs.  Margaret,  20  Wardrope  Street 

Ralston,  John,  furnaceman,  40  New  Street 

Rankin,  John,  Dambaek 

Redfern,  Mary,  widow.  Cross 

Reid,  David,  surfaceman,  Barrmill 

Reich  James,  carver,  52  Wilson  Street 

Reid,  J,  I.  R.  &  M.,  farmers,  Lugtonbridge 

Reid,  Mrs,  Margaret,  farmer,  Gree 

Reid,  Misses,  Todville 

Reid,  Robert,  slater,  8  Crummoek  Street 

Reid,  Thomas,  farmer,  Sidchead 

Reid,  William,   Longbar, 

Reith,   Isabella,  46  Eglinton  Street 

Rendull,  John,  Geilsland  Park 

Renwick,  William,  steelworker,  27  Head  Street 

Richardson,  James  P.,  Crummoek  Street 

Richardson,  Robert,  cabinetmaker,  45  Wilson  Street 

Richmond  Park  Laundry  Co.,  Ltd.,  Eglinton  Street 

Riddet,   Andrew,   farmer,    Overgree 

Ritchie,  Janet  A.,  widow,  29  Main  Street 

Ritchie,  Mrs.  Mary,  6  Wilson  Street 

Ritchie,    Robert,   farmer,    Badmany 

Robb,  Jeanie,  widow,  81  Eglinton  Street 

Robertson,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  11   Wardrope  Terrace 


Robertson,   George,  medical  practitioner,   Wilburn 

Robertson,  Hugh,  farmer,  Big-holm 

Robertson,  J.  M.  M.  &  A.,  Struan 

Robertson,  James,  Saracen's  Head  Hotel 

Robertson,  John,  quarryman,  Greenhills 

Robertson,  John,  37  Wilson  Street 

Robertson,  John,   steelworker,   18  Reform  Street 

Robertson,  John,  34  Mains  Road 

Robertson,  Joseph,  turner,  Crummock  Street 

Robertson,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Gateside 

Robertson,  Mary,  teacher,  Eglinton  Street 

Robertson,  William,  28  Eglinton  Street 

Robertson,   William,  gardener,  Geilsland 

Robertson,   William,  stonebreaker,  41  New  Street 

Robertson,    William   J.    D.,    medical   practitioner,    4   New   Street    and 

Rodger,  Alfred,  farmer,  DuckTidge 
Rooney,  Mrs.  Jean,  3  Head  Street 
Rose,   Murdoch,  roadman,   Barrmill 
Ross,  Alexander,  labourer,  Barrmill 
Roxburgh,  John,  ganger,  Winton  Place 
Roy,   Henry,  carver.  Mid  Road 
Roy,  Isabella,  draper,  57  Eglinton  Street 
Roy,  Isa,  8  Eglinton  Street 
Royes,  Joseph,  engineman,  Gateside 
Russell,  John,  carter,  8  New  Street 
Russell,  John,   chairmaker,  25  Crummock  Street 
Rutherford,  George,  chairmaker,  54  Wilson  Street 
Rutherford,  John,  chairmaker,  King's  Road 
Rutherford.   Martha,  72  Eglinton  Street 

Samson,  Hugh,  engineer,  4  Gurdie,  Glengarnock 

Sanderson,  James,  signalman,   Barrmill 

Sandilands,  William,  Highgate  Mill,  Lugton 

Sands,  John,  Barrmill 

Sangster,  John,  upholsterer,  Gateside 

Scott,   William,   dental  surgeon,   16   Wilson  Street  and  Clovelly.      Tel. 

Scott,  William,  gardener.  46  Wilson  Street 
Scottish  Dairies,  Ltd.,  Eglinton  Street 
Seggie,  John,  bricklayer,  10  Grahamfield  Place 
Seggie,  William,  cabinetmaker,  60  Wilson  Street 
Semple,  Dugald,  Davies  Mill  Farm 
Seth,  Taylor,  traveller,  Innesdene 
Shannon,  Thomas,  gardener,  20  Townhead 
Sharp,  James,  steelworker,  Longbar 
Sharp,  Samuel,  shoemaker,  43  Wilson  Street 
Shaw,  William,  constable,   Police  Station 
Sheach,  William  C,  plumber,  49  Head  Street 
Shearer,  Alexander,  packer,  23  Mitchell  Street 
Shearer,  Alexander,  rnachineman,  29  New  Street 
Shearer,  Alexander,  cabinetmaker,  45  Reform  Street 
Shearer,  Ninian,  labourer,  85  Eglinton  Street 
Shearer,  Robert,  barber,  Cross 
Shearer,  Robert,  barber,  22  Townhead 
Shearer,  William,  roadman.  Boghead 
Shedden,  Agnes,  widow,  5  Mitchell  Street 
Shedden,  Alexander,  polisher,  6  Muirpark  Buildings 
Shedden,  Alexander,  Bellseauseway 
Shedden,  John,  manager,  16  Townhead 
Shedden,  Robert,  polisher,  6  King's  Road 
Shields,  John,  driver,  Longbar 
Sim,  John,  quarryman,  71   Eglinton  Street 
Sim,   Robert   K..   driver,   6   Kirk  Road 
Simpson,  Joan,  widow,  3  Townhead 


Simpson,  William,  cabinetmaker,  Cross 

Skeoch,  Daniel,  farmer,  Waterside 

Skillen,  Hugh,  17  Wilson  Street 

Smith  Bros.,  building  contractors,  9  Strand.      Tel.  144 

Smith,  Adam,  mason,  Whang  House 

Smith,  Agnes,  widow,  Mainshill 

Smith,  Alexander,  clerk,  70  Mains  Road 

Smith,  Andrew,  clerk,  King's  Road 

Smith,  Andrew,  farmer,  Lyonshields 

Smith,  Archibald,  fireman,  14  Townhead 

Smith,  A.  &  M.,  confectioners,  Cross 

Smith,   David,  mason,  Strand  Street 

Smith,   Edward,  linesman,  Cross 

Smith,  Mrs.  Ellen  W.,  grocer,  Strand  Street 

Smith,   Frank,  labourer,   Barrmill 

Smith,  Helen,  widow,  39  Head  Street 

Smith,  Hugh,  mason,  19  Townhead 

Smith,  Hugh,  tailor,  33  Eglinton  Street 

Smith,  James,  builder,  Head  Street 

Smith,  James,  3  Head  Street 

Smith,  James,  polisher,  9  Crummock  Street 

Smith,  James,  surfaceman,  Station 

Smith,  James  B.,  foreman,  8  King's  Road 

Smith,  Jean,  widow,  Old  Lea  Road 

Smith,  John  W.,  Merlewood 

Smith,  John  S.,  farmer,  Easter  Highgate 

Smith,  John,  baker,  Longbar 

Smith,  Joseph,  miller,  Coldstream  Mill 

Smith,  J.  &  R.,  joiners,  King's  Road.     Tel.  106 

Smith,  Malcolm,  Barrmill 

Smith,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Barrmill 

Smith,  Mrs.  M.,  10  Grahamfield  Place 

Smith,  Robert,  joiner,  58  Mains  Road 

Smith,  Robert,  foreman,  New  Street 

Smith,  Robert  H.,  farmer,  Highgate.     Tel.  Uplawmoor  28 

Smith,  William,  cabinetmaker,  22  Townhead 

Smith,  William,  cinema  proprietor,  New  Street 

Smith,  William,  chairmaker,  Mitchell  Street 

Smith,  William,  22  Crummock  Street 

Smith,  William,  joiner,  King's  Road 

Smith,  William,  &  Sons,  quarrymasters,  Bigholm  Hill 

Smjth,  Wilson,  constable,  Police  Station 

Snodgrass,  Herbert  A.,  builder,  1   Geilsland  Terrace.     Tel.  135 

Snodgrass,  John  D.,  builder,  Gordonhill 

Snodgrass,  Robert,  &  Son,  builder,  18  Eglinton  Street.     Tel.  31 

Somerville,  Dr.  Ian,  Head  Street.     Tel.  28 

Somerville,  John,  joiner,  21   Wardrope  Street 

Somerville,  Oliver,  20  Wardrope  Street 

Spalding,  John  F.,  23  Mitchell  Street 

Spier  &  Anderson,  curriers,  Laigh  Road 

Sproat,  Robert  J.,  gardener,  Woodside 

Stalker,  Archibald,  chairmaker,  7  Kirk  Road 

Stalker,  Malcolm,  roadman,  75  Eglinton  Street 

Steel,  John,  Coldstream,  Millhouse 

Steel,  John,  machineman,  39  Reform  Street 

Steel,  Thomas,  carter,  5  Mains  Road 

Steel,   William,  carter,  Hamilton  Place 

Steele,  Samuel,  railwayman,  Burnhouse 

Steven,   R.  &  J.,  farmers,  South  Biggart,  Lugton 

Stevenson,  Alexander,  farmer,  Old  Mill 

Stevenson,  Andrew,  cabinetmaker,  Woodside  Road 

Stevenson,  Andrew,  teacher,  King's  Road 

Stevenson,  Andrew,  40  Mains  Road 

Stevenson,  Archibald,  labourer,  35  Reform  Street 

Stevenson,  Barclay,  Cuff  Farm 

Stevenson,  C.  M.  &  A.,  50  Wilson  Street 

Stevenson,  Elizabeth,  3-5  Reform  Street 

Stevenson,  Higgins  &  Co.,  cabinetmakers,  Janefield.     Tel.  43 


Stevenson,  Hugh,  traveller,  Old  Lea  Road 

Stevenson,  Hugh,  cabinetmaker,  King's  Road 

Stevenson,  Hugh,  cabinetmaker,  40  Wilson  Street 

Stevenson,  Hugh,  cabinetmaker,  25  Head  Street 

Stevenson,  James,  plumber,  40-42  Wilson  Street 

Stevenson,  James,  Roselea 

Stevenson,  Jane,  widow,  5  Wilson  Street 

Stevenson,  John,  cabinetmaker,  8  Muirpark  Buildings 

Stevenson,  John,  cabinetmaker,  Woodside  Road 

Stevenson,  John,  chemist,  Eastlea 

Srevenson,  Robert,  slater,  7  Crummock  Street 

Stevenson,  William,  King's  Road 

Stevenson,  William,  cabinetmaker,  Woodside  Road 

Stewart,  Alexander,  Cross 

Stewart,  Allan,  Braiden  View 

Stewart,  Andrew  W.,  publican,  Barrniill 

Stewart,  Charles,  King's  Road.     Tel.  170 

Stewart,  David,  driver,  Gateside 

Stewart,  Elizabeth,  widow,  47  Woodside  Road 

Stewart,  George,  farmer,  Laigh  Threepwood 

Stewart,  Hannah,  60  Wilson  Street 

Stewart,   Harry,  cabinetmaker,  7  Roebank  Road 

Stewart,  James,  porter,  Hazelhead 

Stewart,  James,  fruiterer,  22  King's  Road 

Stewart,  James,  polisher,  Strand  Street 

Stewart,  James,  guard,  5  Grahamfield  Place 

Stewart,  John,  silk  printer,  Mill  o'  Beith 

Stewart,  John,  labourer,  Roughwood 

Stewart,  Joseph,  painter,  8  Wardrope  Terrace 

Stewart,  Mary,  65  King's  Road 

Stewart,  Mary,  widow,  61  Wilson  Street 

Stewart  &  Osborne,  solicitors,  57  Eglinton  Street 

Stewart,  Robert,  Gateside 

Stewart,  Thomas,  Gateside 

Stewart,  William,  hawker,  33  Reform  Street 

Stewart,  William,  hawker,  37  Reform  Street 

Stirling,  Janet,  widow,  Burnhouse 

Stirrat,  John,  Viewfield 

Stirrat,  John,  cabinetmaker,  13  Reform  Street 

Stirrat,  John,  cabinetmaker,  Head  Street 

Storrie,  Mrs.  Janet,  Crummock  Street 

Storrie,  Johnstone,  63  King's  Road 

Storrie,  William,  hairdresser,  26  Eglinton  Street.     Tel.  165 

Strain,  James,  labourer,  Longbar 

Strain,  John,  engine  driver,  10  Wardrope  Terrace 

Strathern,  John,  Brackenhills 

Strathern,  Sarah  E.,  teacher,  Gateside 

Strawhorn,  Frank,  labourer,  3  Crummock  Street 

Street,  Charles,  labourer,  Longbar 

Street,  Joseph,  furnaceman,  2  Gurdie,  Glengarnock 

Sturgeon,  James,  farmer,  Hoodsyard 

Sullivan.  William  D.,  South  Lodge,  Woodside 

Tait,  Robert,  farmer,  Hillend 

Taylor  Bros.,  Cross.     Tel.  29 

Taylor,  Alexander,  dairyman,  Cochrane  Lodge 

Taylor,  Mrs.  Edith  E.,  Gateside 

Telfer,  James,  joiner,  45  Head  Street 

Templeton,  R.  &  J.,  Ltd.,  30  Eglinton  Street.     Tel.  20 

Tennant,  Andrew  C,  machinist,  14  Townhead  Street 

Thomson,  David,  7  Mid  Road 

Thomson,  Edward,  bricklayer,  1   Gurdie,  Glengarnock 

Thomson,  Edward,  cabinetmaker,  12  New  Street 

Thomson,  Henry,  carver,  10  Strand  Street 

Thomson  &  Gillies,  tailors,  57  Main  Street 


Thomson,  James,  shoemaker,  17  Wardrope  Street 
Thomson,  James,  quarryman,  7  Wardrope  Terrace 
Thomson,  James,  ehairmaker,  28  Townhead 
Thomson,  James,  ehairmaker,  20  Kirk  Road 
Thomson,  James,  shoemaker,  10  New  Street 
Thomson,  James,  printer,  18  King's  Road 
Thomson,  Mary,  widow,  38  New  Street 
Thomson,  Peter,  tailor,  61  King's  Road 
Thomson,  Thomas,  chauffeur,  Janefield  Place 
Thomson,  Thomas  B.  L.,  Townhead  of  Threepwood 
Thomson,  William,  steelworker,  Mid  Road 
Thompson,  William  D.,  1   Townhead 
Thorburn,  Agnes  &  Ann,  Hillcrest 
Thorburn,  John,  manager,  Wilson  Street 
Todd,  Walter,  Bogfauld 
Tonner,  Edward,  miner,  5  Mitchell  Street 
Trainer,  William,  slater,  2  Grahamfield  Place 
Turner,  John,  ehairmaker,  10  Muirpark  Buildings 
Turner,  Mrs.  Mary,  73  Eglinton  Street 


Union  Bank  of  Scotland,  Ltd.,  34  Eglinton  Street.      Tel.  150 


Vincent,  William,  mechanic,  5  Townhead 


Waddell,  Mary,  Gateside 

Walker,  Alexander,  carter,  Head  Street 

Walker,  Mrs.  Alice,  68  Eglinton  Street 

Walker,  George,  slater,  8  New  Street 

Walker,  Hugh,  motor  hirer,  10  Strand  Street.      Tel.  73 

Walker,  Hugh,  cabinetmaker.  22  King's  Road 

Walker,  James,  labourer,  8  Kirk  Road 

Walker,  James,  coal  cutter.  New  Street 

Walker,  John  A.,  saddler,  3  Wilson  Street 

Walker,  Joseph,  labourer,  Wee  Close 

Walker,  Margaret,  widow,  55  Eglinton  Street 

Walker,  Robert,  porter,  71  Eglinton  Street 

Walker,  Robert,  engineer,  Cross.     Tel.  73 

Walker.  Mrs.  Sarah,  39  Head  Street 

Walker,  Thomas,  polisher,  38  New  Street 

Walker,  William,  cabinetmaker,  69  King's  Road 

Wallace,  Agnes,  widow,  47  Woodside  Road 

Wallace,  Andrew,  baker,  King  s  Road 

Wallace,  Andrew,  21   Park  Avenue 

Wallace,  George,  labourer,  27  Reform  Street 

Wallace,  James,  machineman,  12  New  Street 

Wallace,  Mary,  widow.  6  Strand  Street 

Wallace,   Robert,  driver,  Barrmill 

Wallace,   Robert,  steelworker,  5  Townhead 

Wallace,  Thomas,  quarryman,  54  Wilson  Street 

Wallace,   William,  carter,  Hamilton  Place 

Wallace,  William,  Mossneuk 

Wallace,  William,  farmer,  Blaelochside 

Walls.  John,  labourer,  50  Eglinton  Street 

Walters,  Gavin,  labourer,  7  Crummock  Street 

Walters,  John  S.,  upholsterer,  Hamilton  Place 

Walters,  John,  labourer,  73  King's  Road 

Walters,  Robert,  labourer,  4  Wardrope  street 

Warden,  James,  currier,  Gateside 

Wardrop,  Daniel,  Kirkland 

Wark,  Andrew,  upholsterer,  Gateside 


Wark,  George,  carter,  3  Mains  Road 

Wark,  John,  labourer,  (stateside 

Wark,  John,  carter,  Gateside 

Waterston,  David,  cabinetmaker,  50  Mains  Road 

Watson,  John  H.,  paper  maker,  Grangehill.     Tel.  55 

Watson,  Mrs.  Mary,  Brackenhills 

Watson,  Percy,  civil  servant,  Giffen 

Watt,  James,  driver,  Gateside 

Watt,  Jane,  widow,  Laigh  Highgate 

Watt,   Robert,   quarryman,   Greenhills 

Waugh,  Andrew,  quarryman,  Barrmill 

Waugh,  Henry,  quarryman,  Barrmill 

Weir,  Sarah,  millworker,  Barrmill 

Weir,  William,  Longbar 

Welsh,  James,  labourer,  15  Wardrope  Street 

Welsh,  J.  &  J.,  farmers,  Newhouse 

West,  Archie  M..  postman,  4  Grahamfield  Place 

West,  Daniel,  labourer,  24  Main  Street 

West,  Jane,  widow,  16  Kirk  Road 

West,  Margaret,  Wee  Close 

West,  Matthew,  labourer,  Cross 

West    of    Scotland    Furniture    Manufacturing    Co.,    Ltd.,    Grahamfield 

Place.     Tel.  46 
Wharton,  Robert,  cabinetmaker,  32  Mains  Road 
White,  Elizabeth,  confectioner,  26  Main  Street 
White,  James,  carver,  5  Park  Avenue 
White,  John,  slater,  15  Wardrope  Street 
White,  Robert,  carver,  40  Eglinton  Street 
White,  Robert,  21   Woodside  Road 
Whiteman,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  6  Strand  Street 
Whyte,  Alexander,  silk  printer,  Grangehill 
Wiggins,  Barclay,  painter,  Reform  Street 
Wiggins,  Barclay,  labourer,  Hamilton  Place 
Wiggins,  Robert,  butcher,  6  Wardrope  Street 
Williamson.  William,  cabinetmaker,  Old  Lea  Road.      Tel.  15 
Wilson,  Alexander,  Hazlehead 
Wilson,  Alexander,  roadman,  High  Orchard 

Wilson,  Andrew,  14  Townhead  ■ 

Wilson,  Andrew,  farmer,  Fullwoodhead 
Wilson,  David,  bricklayer,  10  Grahamfield  Place 
Wilson,  David,  craneman,  Cross 
Wilson,  Elizabeth,  widow,  45  Eglinton  Street 
Wilson,  Francis,  railwayman,  6  Grahamfield  Place 
Wilson,  George,  engineer,  1  Mains  Road 
Wilson,  George  B..  cabinetmaker,  Head  Street 
Wilson,  Gilbert,  contractor,  Burnhouse.     Tel.  98x4 
W'ilson,  Henry  B.,  labourer,  71  Eglinton  Street 
Wilson,  James,  cabinetmaker,  10  Grahamfield  Place 
Wilson,  James,  cabinetmaker,  47  Woodside  Road 
Wilson,  James,  steelworker,  21  Wardrope  Street 
Wilson,  James,  labourer,  68  Eglinton  Street 
Wilson,  James,  ploughman,  Burnhouse 
Wilson,  James,  miner,  Barrmill 
Wilson,  James  B.,  egg  marehant,  Hill  of  Beith 
Wilson,  Mrs.  Jane,  Nettlehirst 
Wilson,  Jane,  31  Head  Street 
Wilson,  Janet,  widow,  49  Woodside  Road 
Wilson,  Johan,  widow,  Cross 
Wilson,  John,  55  Eglinton  Street 
Wilson,  John,  oilworker,  71   Eglinton  Street 
Wilson,  John,  steelworker,  66  Eglinton  Street 
Wilson,  John  E.,  49  Eglinton  Street 
Wilson,  John  H.,  cabinetmaker,  Pedderland 
Wilson,  John  M.,  2  King's  Road 
Wilson,  Louisa,  47  Eglinton  Street 
Wilson,  Mary  and  Elizabeth,  Grangewall 
Wilson,  Mary,  widow,  Gateside  of  Fullwoodhead 
Wilson,  Mary,  millworker.  Barrmill 


Wilson,  Peter,  footballer,  24  King's  Road 

Wilson,  Robert,  cabinetmaker,  24  King's  Road 

Wilson,  Robert,  enginenian,  Barrmill 

Wilson,  Thomas,  Winton  Place 

Wilson,  Thomas,  labourer,  79  Eglinton  Street 

Wilson,  Thomas,  miner,  Barrmill 

Wilson,  Walter,  49  Eglinton  Street 

Wilson,  William,  miner,  21  Wardrope  Street 

Wilson,  William,  merchant,  Cross 

Wilson,  William,  constable,  28  Eglinton  Street 

Wilson,  William,  grocer,  Glebe  Road 

Wilson,  William  C,  Ridgehill.     Tel.  92 

Wilson,  William  C,  &  Son,  upholsterers,  Laigh  Road.     Tel.  92 

Winton,  Francis,  labourer,  7  Kirk  Road 

Wood,  James,  cabinetmaker,   King's  Road 

Wood,  J.  R.,  &  E.  B.,  grocers,  King's  Road 

Wood,  William,  4  Mid  Road 

Woodburn,   Rev.  John  M.,  M.A.,   High  Church  Manse.      Tel.   86 

Woods,  Agnes,  widow,  38  Reform  Street 

Woods,  Gilbert  B.,  dairyman,  37  Head  Street 

Wren,  Matthew,  furnaceman,  7  Crummock  Street 

Wright,  Mrs.  Annie,  Barrmill 

Wylie,  Harry,  machinist,  4  Townhead 

Wylie,  James,  clerk,  Burnside 

Wylie,  Jeanie,  widow,  Highgate 

Wylie,  Martha,  widow,  Crummock  House 

Wyllie,  Robert,  farmer,  Highgate 

Young,  Annie  P.,  Eastlea  Cottage 

Young,  George  C,  cabinetmaker,  4  King's  Road 

Young,  Hugh,  draper,  26  Main  Street 

Young,  Isabella,  widow,  Barrmill 

Young,  James,  Albert  Villa 

Young,  John,    cabinetmaker,  3  Grahamfield  Place 

Young,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Barrmill  Road 

Young,  William  S.,  plumber,  Strand  Street  and  5  Mid  Road 

Yuill,  Matthew,  carver,  51   Reform  Street 

DALRY    (Ayrshire). 

Like  the  parish  of  the  same  name  in  New  Galloway,  Dalry 
must  have  been,  at  one  time,  a  Gaelic-speaking  district. 
In    Gaelic    the    name    means    "  the    King's    Valley." 

As  it  is  presently  constituted,  the  district  (or,  at  least, 
the  town)  is  modern,  coming  into  general  prominence  with 
the  demand  for  ironstone  in  the  early  part  of  last  century, 
when  the  Blair  and  Glengarnock  Ironworks  were  started. 
To-day  it  is  known  chiefly  as  a  woollen  manufacturing  centre, 
and  it  is  kept  busy  producing  yarns  and  tweeds. 

Though  a  portion  of  Glengarnock  is  within  the  boundaries 
of  Dairy  Parish,  it  is  served  by  a  separate  railway  station 
and  post  office.  The  Glengarnock  station  serves  a  portion 
of  Kilbirnie  Parish  (though  it  is  situated  in  Dairy  Parish), 
while  the  Glengarnock  Post  Office  is  within  the  Kilbirnie 
Parish.  Because  of  this,  that  part  of  the  Dairy  Parish 
served  by  Glengarnock  Post  Office  is  made  a  separate 
alphabetical  list  at  the  end  of  this  section. 

In  addition  to  Glengarnock,  the  villages  of  Barkip, 
Burnside,  Den  and  Drakemyre  are  within  Dairy  Parish. 

The  town  of  Dairy,  being  centrally  situated  (about  22 
miles  from  Glasgow,  15  miles  from  Paisley,  11  miles  from 
Kilmarnock,  9  miles  from  Ardrossan,  7  miles  from  Irvine, 
and  17  miles  from  Ayr)  has  become  the  point  from  which  a 
great  many  road  services  radiate. 



Approximate  Population  in  1935 — 6,728. 

Total  Gross  Valuation  in  1935— £60,230. 

County  Councillors — James  McCosh  and  Mrs.  MacNab  Shaw. 

District  Councillors — John  Reid,  Charles  Harkjns,  and  Wm.  Mcnay. 

Justices    of   the    Peace — John    McDonald,    Alex.    Binning,  .J.    1). 
Gordon,  John  Lush,  Dr.  Brown,  and  Brig. -Gen.  Craufurd. 

J. P.  Court  meets  at  Beith. 
Parish  Clerk — Wm.  Boyd. 
District  Clerk — H.  Mactaogart,  Kilbirnie. 
Rates — Owner,  5/7J. 

Occupier,  5/7i. 


Barkip  Brethren — Meadowhead. 

Christian  Brethren — Per  George  Campbell,  16  James  Street,  Dairy. 

Courthill  Church  of  Scotland — Per  Duncan  A.  Buchanan,  1  Town- 
head  Terrace,  Dairy.     Minister,  Rev.  Wm.  McKelvie,  M.A. 

Episcopal  Church,   Beith   Road — Minister,   Rev.   James  McMichael. 
Per  W.  L.  Morss,  Hillcroft,  West  Kilbride. 

Quoad  Sacra  West  Parish  Church — Minister,  Rev.  James  Johnstone. 
B.A. — Per  James  L.  MacDonald,  5  Sharon  Street,  Dairy. 

R.C.  Chapel — Per  Rev.  James  Troy,  St.  Palladius,  Dairy. 

St.  Andrew's  U.F.  Church — Minister,  Rev.  Gilbert  Buchanan,  B.D. 
Per  John  Guy,  45  New  Street,  Dairy. 

St.   Margaret's  Church — Minister,    Rev.   Arch.   Minto,    M.A. — Per 
Patrick  Comrie,  Accountant,  Dairy. 


Dairy  Public  School  and  Annexe — Headmaster,  Wm.  N.  Pratt. 
Kersland  Barony  School — Headmaster,  Mai  rice  T.  Wilson. 
St.  Palladin's  School — Headmistress,  Mrs.  Brodie. 


Davidshill   Infectious  Diseases  Hospital.  Dairy.     Tel.  46. 

Kilbirnie  and  Glengarnock  District  Nursing  and  Ambulance  Aossciation 
Clinic,  Kilbirnie.     'Phone  Beith  120. 

Constabulary  Station,  Dairy.     Tel.  6.  .  . 

Fire  Station — New  Street,  Courthill. 

Public  Assistance  Department — Aitken  Street,  Dairy.     Tel.  10. 


A.C.C.  Tennis  Courts  and  Putting  Greens — Public  Park. 

Boys'  Brigade — Per  Wm.  Pratt,  Strands. 

Dairy  Angling  Club — Per  Peter  Nelson,  Kirk  Close. 

Dairy  Blair  Lodge  Freemasons,  No.  290 — Per  Donald  A.  Buchanan, 
1  Townhead  Terrace. 

Dairy  Bowling  Club— Per  Tom  C.  Tait,  Templand  Road. 

Dairy  Golf  Club — Per  Norman  Howie,  Russell  Drive. 

Dairy  Nursing  Association,  21  Townend  Terrace — Per  J.  D.  Gordon, 

Dairy  Unionist  Association,   Aitken  Street — Per  James  Macdonald, 
Clydesdale  Bank. 

Dairy  Public  Hall,  Aitken  Street. 

Dairy  Thistle  F.C.,  Merksworth— Per  W.  Boyd,  Dairy. 

Munnoch  Angling  Club — Per  G.  Steele,  Bank  Street,  Irvine. 

Loyal  Order  of  Ancient  Shepherds — Per  John  McDonald,  39  Main 

Territorial  Army,  Drill  Hall,  James  Street. 


Aitken  Street  :    New  Street,  Garnoek  Street. 

Bellstone,  Row  of  Dairy. 

Bridgend  and  Tofts  :    Continuation  of  New  Street. 

Burnside  :    Continuation  of  North  Street  and  Braehead. 

Cross  :    Centre  of  Town. 

Courthill,  off  Cross. 

Drakernyre  :    Continuation  of  North  Street. 

Furnace  Row,  off  Blair  Road. 

Garnoek  Street,  off  New  Street. 

Highfield,  on  Auchengrie  Road. 

James  Street  :    North  Street,  West  Kilbride  Road. 

Kirk  Close,  off  Main  Street. 

Love  Lane  :    James  Street,  Sharon  Street. 

Main  Street  :    Sharon  Street,  North  Street. 

Mains  of  Pitcon  :    District  off  Dairy  Road. 

Meadowhead  or  Den,  on  Dairy- Beith  Road. 

Merksworth  Avenue,  off  Dairy  Road  to  Saltcoats. 

New  Street  :    Mam  Street  (through  Cross),  Bridgend. 

North  Street  :    Continuation  of  New  Street,  Kilbirnie. 

Old  Manse  Close,  off  New  Street. 

Rye  Bridgend  :    Continuation  of  Drakernyre. 

Sharon  Street  :    Main  Street,  West  Kilbride  Road. 

Smith  Street,  off  New  Street. 

Templand  Road,  off  North  Street. 

Townend  Street  :    New  Street,  Ki'winning  Road. 

Vennal  Street  :    Main  Street,  Kilwinning  Road. 

West  End,  off  Sharon  Street. 


Adair,  Mary,  widow,  4  Smith  Street. 

Ailsa  Oilskin  &  Rubber  Co.,  Sharon  Street.     Tel.  51 

Aird,  Hugh,  washerman,  14  Furnace  Row 

Aird,   Peter,   porter,  Lynn  Tollhouse 

Aird,  Robert,  wright,  1  Foreman's  Row 

Aitchison,  Wm.  J.,  miner,  16  Vennal  Street 

Aitken,  Allan,  slater,   Redhurst,  James  Street 

Aitken,  Annie  B.,  widow,   One  Ash,  James  Street 

Aitken,  Arthur,  slater,  7  James  Street 

Aitken,  Elizabeth,  millworker,  4  Little  Acre 

Aitken,  James,  millworker,  7  Smith  Street 

Aitken,  Jeanie,  Braehead 

Aitken,  John,  miner,  36  Drakemyre 

Aitken,  Oliver,  slater,  4  Aitken  Street 

Aitken,   William,  sorter,   17  Merksworth  Avenue 

Alexander,  Andrew,  joiner,  33  Main  Street 

Alexander,   Hugh,   surfaceman,  45   Merksworth  Avenue 

Alexander,   Samuel,  35  Vennal  Street 

Alexander,  Thomas,  labourer,  22  Garnock  Street 

Alexander,  Wm.,  &  Sons,  joiners,  4  Kirk  Close 

Allan,  Agnes,  45  Vennal  Street 

Allan,  Andrew,  steelworker,   Highfield  Cottage 

Allan,  Mrs.  George,  farmer,  Meikle  Barush 

Allan,  Henry,  millworker,  1   Drakemyre 

Allan,  James,  auctioneer,  West  Kirkland.      Tel.  55 

Allan,  James,  sluicekeeper,  I.  &  D.  Water-works 

Allan,  Janet,  farmer,   Barkip 

Allan,  John,  joiner,  Crossroads 

Allan,  Marion  B.,  Mount  Pleasant 

Allan,  Robert  J.  C,  dyer,  63  New  Street 

Allan,   Samuel,  surfaceman,   Patrick  Row,   Barkip 

Allan,  William,  millworker,  23  Sharon  Street 

Allen,   Robert,  labourer,  35  Sharon  Street 

Anderson,  Alexander,  labourer,   12  Courthill 

Anderson,  Allan,  contractor,   18  Garnock  Street 

Anderson,  G.  &  H.,  cabinetmakers,  Sharon  Street 

Anderson,  James,  labourer,  27  Vennal  Street 

Anderson,  James,  carter,  13  Vennal  Street 

Anderson,  James,  roadman,  2   Dakota  Place 

Anderson,  John,  miner,  13  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Anderson,  John,  draper,  9  Sharon  Street 

Anderson,  John,  photographer,  The  Studio,  and  Finnartmore, 

Anderson,  J.  G.  &  H.,  cabinetmakers,  38  Vennal  Street 
Anderson,   Robert,  labourer,   6  Smith  Street 
Anderson,  Thomas,  brickworker,   2   Garnock  Street 
Anderson,  William,  miner,  28  Carsehead  Old  Row 
Anderson,   William,  labourer,   12  Courthill 
Andrews,  Catherine,  widow,  41   Main  Street 
Andrews,  Elizabeth,  widow,  16  Townend  Street 
Andrews,  James,  labourer,   17  Peesweep  Row 
Andrews,  Jane,  widow,  24  Peesweep  Row 
Andrews,  Jessie,  6  Townend  Street 
Andrews,  John,  miner,  25  Carsehead  Old  Row 
Andrews,  John,  miner,  16  Townend  Street 
Andrews,  John,  &  Sons,  grocers,  51  New  Street 
Andrews,  Marion,  widow,  32  Carsehead  Old  Row 
Andrews,  Robert  W.,  Brownbank  Lofts 
Andrews,  Thomas,  miner,  12  New  Double  Row 
Andrews,  Thomas,  millworker,  28  Courthill 
Andrew,  George,  millworker,  4  Smith  Street 
Andrew,  George,  labourer,  Pasturehill 
Archibald,  Agnes,  dressmaker,  56  North  Street 
Archibald,  Agnes,  cleaner,  36  Vennal  Street 
Archibald,  A.  D.  &  W.  J.,  farmers,  Giffordland 


Armit,  David,  labourer,  7  Vennal  Street 

Armour,  James  A.,  engineer,  Bute  Cottage,  Russell  Drive 

Armstrong,  John,  shepherd,  Knockenden 

Armstrong,   Margaret,   Courthill 

Arneil,   Allan  S.,  farmer,   Blairpark 

Auchengree  Farming  Co.,  Auchengree 

Auchie,  Mrs.   Belle,  8  Meadowhead,   Barkip 

Auchie,  Frederick,  30  Meadowhead,  Barkip 

Auchie,   James,  machineman,  34  Meadowhead,   Barkip 

Baillie,    David,   mechanic,   24   Garnock  Street 

Baird,   Robert,  grocer,   26  Main  Street 

Barclay,  Christina,  widow,  32  Vennal  Street 

Barclay,  James,  L.D.S.,  Stanley  Bank 

Barclay,  Mrs.  Jessie,  Maryville,   Braehead 

Barclay,  Ronald,  gardener,  7  James  .Street 

Barr,   Alexander  S.,  farmer,   Dykehead.      Tel.  60x2 

Barr,  Andrew,  miner,  15  Kirk  Close 

Barr,  Andrew,  miner,   Highfield 

Barr,  James,  labourer,  26  Merksworth  Avenue 

Barr,  James,  miner,   Sawpit,   Sharon  Street 

Barr,  Jane,  widow,  9  Meadowhead,   Barkip 

Barr,  Jean,  sidow,  60  North  Street 

Barr,  John,   1   Stoopshill 

Barr,  Margaret  and  Christina,  60  North  Street 

Barr,  Martha  and  Ann,  milliners,  Rye  Bridgend 

Barr,  Robert,  miner,  36  Muirhouse 

Barr,  William,  wright,   Blair  Smithy 

Barrow,   John,  labourer,   16  Courthill 

Barrow,   Levi,   steelworker,    Rye  Bridgend 

Barrow,  Levi,  insurance  agent,  30  Sharon  Street 

Barton,  John,  grocer,  76  New  Street,  and  Westpoint,  Sharon  Street 

Barton,  Sarah,  factory  worker,  61   Sharon  Street 

Batchelor,  Alexander,  jr.,  19  Vennal  Street 

Baxter,  Mary,  widow,  16  Kirk  Close 

Beaton,   Stephen,  bricklayer,  2  Merksworth  Avenue 

Beattie,  Alexander,  labourer,   12  Furnace  Row 

Beattie,   George,   caretaker,  22   Garnock  Street 

Beattie,   Robert,  railwayman,  21   Garnock  Street 

Beaugie,  Josephine,  30  Main  Street 

Begg,   John  S.,  implement  maker,   Braehead 

Begg,  Margaret,  67  Sharon  Street 

Begg,   Robert,   &  Son,  smiths  and  implement  makers,   Sharon   Street. 
Tel.  47 

Begg,  Robert,  ironmonger,  2  Main  Street.     Tel.  26 

Beggs,   David,  labourer,   Sawpit,   Sharon  Street 

Beith,  Peter,  steelworker,   Auchengree 

Bell,  Agnes,   11   North  Street 

Bell,   Jeanie,  3   North  Street 

Bell,  John,  publican,  40  New  Street 

Bell,  Mrs.  Margaret,  draper,  Cross 

Bell,  Robert,  labourer,  Highfield, 

Bell,  William,  millworker,  20  Vennal  Street 

Bell,  William,  signalman,  2  Townend  Terrace 

Bennett,  James,  furnaceman,  46  Townend  Street 

Benson,   William,   steelworker,   14  James  Street 

Berry,  Elizabeth,  19  Vennal  Street 

Berryman,  George,  labourer,  22  Peesweep  Row 

Beveridge,  Maggie,  Smith  Street 

Biggar,  Robert,  miner,  24  New  Single  Row 

Bihdriss,   George,   Rye  Bridgend 

Binning,  Alexander,  manager,  Tofts  Crescent 

Bissett,  James,  missionary,  24  Merksworth  Avenue 

Black,  Christina,  widow,  Smith  Street 

Black,  David,  miner,  Smith  Street 


Black,  John,  steel  worker,   16  Towncnd  Street 

Blackley,  James,  steelworker,  28  Sharon  Street 

Blackstock,   Mrs.   Isabella,  45   Vennal  Street 

Blackwood,  Peter,  labourer,   10  Tenipland  Road 

Blackwood,  Robert,  miner,   10  New  Double  Row 

Blackwood,   William,  blacksmith,  20  Vennal  Street 

Blackwood,   William,   brickmaker,    18  Sharon  Street 

Blackwood,  William  F.,   Brownhill  House 

Blaine,   James,  clerk,   16  Merksworth  Avenue 

Blair,  Colonel  F.   G.,  of  Blair 

Blair,  Hugh,  farmer,  Brodochlymoor 

Blair,  Martha,  widow,  Braehead 

Blair,  Robert,  labourer,  22  Garnock  Street 

Blakely,  David,  labourer,  85  New  Street 

Blakely,  James,  miner,  53  Sharon  Street 

Blue,   Elizabeth,  widow,   10  Townend  Street 

Blythe,   Andrew,  labourer,   Patrick  Row,   Barkip 

Blyth,  Mrs.  Jane  B.,  Braehead  House 

Boa],  Mrs.  Margaret,   Highfield 

Boal,  Samuel,  fruit  salesman,  20  Vennal  Street 

Borland,   David,  steelworker,  25  Sharon  Street 

Borland,   Jessie,  widow,   Burnhill,   James  Street 

Borland,  John,  miner,  6  Oarsehead  Old  Row 

Borland,  John,  miner,  10  West  End 

Borland,  John,  steelworker,  38  Sharon  Street 

Borland,  Patrick,  laboarer,  9  Macdonald's  Row 

Boulton,  Thomas,  porter,  16  Vennal  Street 

Boyce,   Alfred,  steelworker,  47  North  Street 

Boyce,  Charles,  miner,  18  New  Double  Row 

Boyce,  Henry,  labourer,  45  North  Street 

Boyce,  James,  roadman,  5  Furnace  Row 

Boyce,  Samuel,   miner,  45  North  Street 

Boyd,  Catherine,  widow,  16  Templand  Road 

Boyd,  D.  J.  J.  &  C.  G.,  miners,  Burnside 

Boyd,  Margaret  I.,  widow,  Fernbank,  Braehead 

Boyd,  Peter,  jr.,  labourer,  Pasturehill 

Bovd,  Peter,  miner,  Highfield 

Boyd,   Robert,  47  Vennal  Street 

Boyd,  Thomas,  carter,  Mains  of  Pitcon 

Boyrd,  William,  Braehead  Cottage 

Boyd,  William,  labourer,  Highfield 

Boyle,   Allan,   joiner,    Redthorn.      Tel.   75 

Boyle,  Eliza  O.,  clerkess,  Doggartland 

Boyle,  George  M.,  teacher,  Revelstoke,  Tofts 

Bradley,   Helen,  widow,  25  Courthill 

Braidie,  Mrs.  Agnes  L.,  Stanley  Bank 

Brannan,  John,  labourer,  Meadowhead 

Brannan,   Thomas,  steelworker,   Highfield 

Breadnor,  Samuel,  ploughman,   Qnaithside 

Breckenridge,   William  C,  barber,  26  Main  Street.      Tel.  88 

Brennan,  Peter,  Royal  Hotel 

British  Linen  Bank,  16  New  Street 

Brock,  Mary,  widow,  Patrick  Row,  Barkip 

Brodie,    David,  ironmonger,   19   North  Street 

Brodie,   David,  ironmonger,  20  West  End 

Brodie,  James,  clerk,  4  North  Street 

Brown,  Agnes,  widow,  Craiglands.      Tel.  87 

Brown,  Hugh,  fireman,  23  Vennal  Street 

Brown,   Mrs.   Jeanie,  61   North  Street 

Brown,  John,  steelworker,  61  North  Street 

Brown,  Mrs.  Margaret,  4  Braehead 

Brown,  Robert,  labourer,  4  Braehead 

Brown,  William  M.,  medical  practitioner,  Townend  House,  Queen  Street 

Brownlie,  Annie,  widow,  6  New  Single  Row 

Brownlie,  Hugh,  baker,  6  West  End 

Brownlie,  Robert,  2  West  End 

Brownlie,  Thomas,  engineman,  38  Sharon  Street 

Bruce,  John,  Toft's  Grain  Mills 


Bryce,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  Highfield 

Bryce,  John,  ploughman,  Munnoch 

Bryce,  Robert,  foreman,  Highfield.      Tel.  59x5 

Buchan,   John,  4   Braehead 

Buchanan,  Duncan,  1  Townend  Terrace 

Buchanan,  Rev.  Gilbert,  B.D.,  St.  Andrew's  Manse,  Garnock  Street 

Buchanan,  Margaret  E.,  widow,  Keresley,  near  Lynn  Toll 

Buchanan,  Sarah,  nurse,  11   New  Street 

Bunton,  Andrew,  steelworker,  38  Sharon  Street 

Burns,  Alexander,  creamery  man,  34  Mains  Street 

Burns,  Andrew,  surfaceman,  28  Sharon  Street 

Burns,  Christina,  38  North  Street 

Burns,  David,  labourer,  30  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Burns,  Helen,  millworker,   12  Courthill 

Burns,  Jessie,  widow,  47  Townend  Terrace 

Burns,  John,  postman,  36  Courthill 

Burns,   Robert,  millworker,  6  Templand  Road 

Burns,  Thomas,  steelworker,  45  Townend  Terrace 

Burns,  William,  labourer,   15  Sharon  Street 

Burt,  Thomas,  labourer,  Langlands 

Butler,   Joseph,   labourer,    18  Courthill 

Buttercup  Dairy  Co.,  Ltd.,  45  New  Street 

Butterfield,  John  J.,  overlooker,  Toft's  Crescent 

Caig,  Elizabeth,  widow,  5  New  Double  Row 

Caig,  Hugh,  miner,  5  Foreman's  Row 

Caig,  James,  miner,  21  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Cain*  Catherine,  1   Old  Manse  Close 

Cain,  Neil,  grocer,  James  Street 

Cian,  Thomas,  34  Townend  Street 

Cairns,  Annie,  widow,  20  Garnock  Street 

Cairns,   David,   miner,   3   Little  Acre 

Cairns,   William,  miner,  8  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Calderwood,   William,   shipmaster,   Roselynn,   Tofts 

Calderwood,  William  J.,  Wellington  Villa,  Townend  Street 

Cameron,   Robert,  gardener,   Kerrsland  Mill  Cottage 

Cammock,  Francis  A.,  teacher,  2  Lynn  Avenue 

Cammock,  Mrs.  Frank,  widow,  81  New  Street 

Campbell,   Alexander,   millworker,    Bridgend 

Campbell,  Annie,  widow,  87  New  Street 

Campbell,   Daniel,  fruiterer,  3  New  Street 

Campbell,   David,  joiner,  2  Main  Street 

Campbell,  George,  tailor,  16  James  Street  and  Eastneuk,  James  Street 

Campbell,  James,  manufacturer,  Kirkland  House 

Campbell,  James,  finisher,  24  Garnock  Street 

Campbell,  Mrs.  Janet,  High  Lynn 

Campbell,  Jessie,  confectioner,   Rye  Bridgend 

Campbell,  John  F.,  20  New  Street 

Campbell,  Margaret,  widow,  95  New  Street 

Campbell,  Margaret  N.,  widow,  2  Townend  Terrace 

Campbell,  Mary,  widow,  24  Garnock  Street 

Campbell,  Robert  D.,  printer,  33  Main  Street 

Campbell,  Samuel,  tailor,  Cross  and  22  Vennal  Street 

Campbell,   Thomas,  33   Townend  Terrace 

Campbell,   William,  gardener,   Broadlie 

Campbell,  William  G.,  millworker,  24  Garnock  Street 

Carmichael,  Helen,  47  North  Street 

Carmichael,   John,  35  Vennal  Street 

Carrick,  William,  grocer,  41   Sharon  Street  and  33  Sharon  Street 

Carrick,  William,  jr.,  grocer,  31   Sharon  Street 

Carroll,  James,  miner,  2  Foreman's  Row 

Carroll,  Matilda,  widow,  12  Courthill 

Carswell,  James,  farmer,  Ward 

Carswell,  James,  roadman,  1  Merksworth  Avenue 

Carswell,  Robert,  pitheadman,  8  Foreman's  Row 

Cassidy,  Annie,  widow,  10  Garnock  Street 


Cattanach,  Thomas,  8  Main  Street 

Chalmers,  Jane,  teacher,  Roseniount,  James  Street 

Chalmers,  Thomas,  farmer,  Holms  of  Caaf 

Chapman,  James,  surfaceman,  3  Stoops  Hill 

Chapman,  James,  surfaceman,  3  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Chapman,  John,  foreman,  9  Smith  Street 

Cherry,  Maggie,  widow,  10  Templand  Road 

Christie,  Andrew,   shoemaker,   25-27   North  Street 

Christie,  Annie,  widow,  8  Smith  Street 

Clark  Agnes  E.,  Braehead 

Clark,   Duncan,  labourer,  Highfield 

Clark,  Hugh,  constable,  7  Merksworth  Avenue 

Clark,  James,  labourer,  7  Love  Lane 

Clark,  John,  miner,  4  Furnace  Row 

Clark,   John,   clerk,  53  Merksworth  Avenue 

Clark,  Thomas,  16  Sharon  Street 

Clarkson,  Catherine,  widow,  James  Street 

Cleghorn,  James,  engineer,  13  Merksworth  Avenue 

Clelland,  William,  farmer,  Carsehead 

Close,  Martha,  widow,  20  Main  Street 

Clydesdale  Bank,  Ltd.,  Cross 

Cobb,  James,  Templand  Cottage 

Cochrane,    Mrs.    Agnes,    6  West    End 

Cochrane,    Margaret,    widow,    42    Vennal    Street 

Cochrane,    Robert,    rigger,    30    Merksworth    Avenue 

Cochrane,    Thomas,    millworker,    8    West  End 

Collins,    Elizabeth,    widow,    Bridgend 

Comrie,    Patrick,    jr.,    farmer,    Brodoclea 

Conchie,    William,  foreman,    40  Merksworth    Avenue 

Conn,    Annie,    Wellington    Villa,    Townend    Street 

Conn,    Janet,    widow,    9    James    Street 

Conn,    Wilham,    painter,    32    Main    Street 

Connor,  James,  6  Courthill 

Connors,  Robert,  millworker,  3  Dakota  Place 

Cook,  Charles,  quarryman,  Cubeside 

Cook,  John,  carter,  Station 

Cook,  William,  brickmaker,  2  West  End 

Cooper,  David,  miner,  3  New  Single  Row 

Cooper,  Elizabeth,  widow,  7  New  Single  Row 

Copeland,  David  M.,  teller,  18  New  Street 

Copes,  John,  labourer,  2  Smith  Street 

Coutts,  Hon.  A.  B.  Money,  Swinlees 

Cowan,  James,  farmer,  Lintseedridge 

Cox,  Joseph,  miner,  16  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Cox,   Wilham,   garage,   Muirhead   House,   and   1    Meadowhead,    Barkip 
Tel.  59x4. 

Coyles,  William,  labourer,  10  Kirk  Close 

Craig,  Andrew,  Janefield 

Criag,  Ann,  34  Courthill 

Criag,  A.  R.  M.  M.  and  A.,  farmers,  Ryesholm 

Craig,  James,  dynamite  worker,  30  Sharon  Street 

Craig,  Mrs.  Janet  W.,  69  Sharon  Street 

Craig,  John,  farmer,  Ardoch 

Craig,  John,  millworker,  10  Smith  Street 

Craig,  Margaret,  Hollybank,  James  Street 

Craig,  Robert,  farmer,  Braidland  Mains 

Craig,  Mrs.  Robina,  1   Townend  Terrace 

Craig,  R.  M.  &  M.  S.,  farmers,  Mosside.     Tel.  60x2 

Craig,  Thomas,  farmer,  West  Middlebank 

Craig,  William,  farmer.   Newhouse 

Craig,  William,  plumber,  18  West  End 

Caeufurd,  Brig.  General  S.  G.  G.,  Swinridgcmuir.     Tel.  62 

Crawford,  Adam  M.,  porter,  63  Sharon  Street 

Crawford,  Alexander,  labourer,  7  Smith  Street 

Crawford,  Alexander,  greenkeeper,  Dairy  Bowling  Club 

Crawford,  Andrew,   publican,   Black  Bull  Inn 

Crawford,   David,   19  Garnock  Street 
Crawford,  David,  baker,  14  Kirk  Close 


Crawford,   George,  labourer,  Langlands 

Crawford,   Hugh,  miner,   11   Sharon  Street 

Crawford,  James  P.,  barber,   16  North  Street 

Crawford,  Jeanie,  draper,  23  Main  Street 

Crawford,  John  J.  W.,  engineer,  23  North  Street 

Crawford,  J.  &  H.,  dairykeepers,  8  Sharon  Street 

Crawford,  Maggie,  Blairland 

Crawford,  Martha,  15  Aitken  Street 

Crawford,  Mary,  Jeanie,  and  Janet,  3  Templand  Crescent 

Crawford,  Robert,  fireman,  4  Foreman's  Row 

Crawford,  Robert,  smith,  18  West  End 

Crawford,  Robert,  greengrocer,  101   New  Street 

Crawford,  Robert,  confectioner,  95  New  Street 

Crawford,   Robert,  joiner,  8  Sharon  Street 

Crawford,   Robert,  steelworker,  9  Vennal  Street 

Crawford,   Thomas,   baker,  Crossroads 

Crawford,   William,  farmer,   Bowertrapping 

Crawford,  William,  steelworker,  55  North  Street 

Crearer,  James,  Lissens 

Creely,  Mary,  widow,  7  Smith  Street 

Crowe,  Walter  L.,  grocer,  17-25  Main  Street 

Cunningham,   David,  pointsman,   Laigh  Lynn 

Cunningham,  Elizabeth  C,  The  Shieling,   Russell  Drive 

Cunningham,  William  S.,  foreman,  7  Love  Lane 

Currie,  Mrs.  Barbara,  hairdresser,  10  New  Street 

Currie,  Elspeth,  widow,  5  Little  Acre 

Dailly,  Bryce,  butcher,  17  Kirk  Close 

Dailly,  Margaret,  teacher,  James  Street 

Dalgleish,   Robert,  jr.,  farmer,   Lynnholm 

Dairy  Baking  Co..  Ltd.,  36-38  New  Street 

Dairy  Brick  Co.,  Ltd.,  Carsehead.      Tel.   18 

Dalrv  Co-operative  Societv,   Ltd.,   Cross.     Tel.  42 

Dairy  Gas  Light  Co.,  Ltd.,  North  Street 

Dairy  Victory  Cinema,  95  New  Street 

Darroch,  James,  cabinetmaker,   10  New  Street 

Davidson,  Isabelle,  widow,   17  New  Double  Row 

Davidson,  James,  gardener,   Ryeholm 

Davidson,  James,  draper,  2  West  End 

Davidson,   John,   20  Main  Street 

Davidson,  John,  engine  driver,  28  Sharon  Street 

Davidson,  Joseph,  engineman,   Highfield  Cottage 

Davidson,   Joseph,   pithead  worker,   Auchengree 

Davidson,  Patrick,  steelworker,   Highfield  Cottage 

Davidson,  William,  labourer,  4  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Deans,  Mrs.  Mary,   publican,  96  New  Street 

Deans,  Robert,  farmer,   llowrat 

Dempster,  John,  26  Vennal  Street 

Derrick,  \Y.  J.  F.,  63  New  Street 

Devcrick,  Thomas,  millworkcr,   11   North  Street 

Dick,  Elizabeth,  widow,  24  Main  Street 

Dick,  William,  draper,  5  New  Street 

Dickie,  Allan,  motor  driver,  22  North  Street 

Dickie,   Archibald,   19   Garnock  Street 

Dickie,  Jeanie  B.,  17  Sharon  Street 

Dickie,  John,  currier,   17  Sharon  Street 

Dickson.  James,  farmer.  Little  Auldmuir 

Dickson,  James,   Ivybank,   West    Kilbride   Road 

Dickson,   Robert,  farmer,  Auldmuir.      Tel.  60X1 

Dillen,  John,  millworker,  11   James  Street 

Dobbins,  Joseph,  moulder,  2  Towncnd  Terrace 

Dochcrty,  Alexander,  labourer,  2  Stoops  Hill 

Docherty,  Margaret,  8  Courthill 

Dodds,  James,  tailor,  31   Sharon  Street 

Dodds,  Margaret,  hosiery  worker,  24  Garnock  Street 


Donald,  James,  labourer,  39  Veimal  Street 

Donald,  Robert  N.,  baker,  etc.,  30-36  Main  Street.     Tel.  20 

Donnan,  James,  roadman,   Broadlie  Cottage 

Donnan,  Sarah,  25  Main  Street 

Donnelly,  Patrick,   plasterer,  5   Merksworth  Avenue 

Douglas,  John,  finisher,  22  West  End 

Dowie,  Samuel,  postman,   13  Smith  Street 

Doyle,  William,  labourer,  61   North  Street 

Drummond,  David,  farmer,  Jameston 

Duinphie,  Archibald,  craneman,  10  New  Street 

Duinphy,  Samuel,  insurance  agent,  29  Townend  Terrace 

Dumphy,  William  S.,  engineer,  11   Sharon  Street 

Duncan,  James,  steelworker,  44  North  Street 

Dunlop,  Alexander,  farmer,  Cunningham,   Baidland 

Dunlop,  James,  steelworker,  Auchengree 

Dunlop,  Alexander,  moulder,  55  Merksworth  Avenue 

Dunlop,  Mary  A.,  widow,  16  Garnock  Street 

Dunlop,  Robert  M.,  farmer,  Windyedge 

Dunlop,  Thomas,  miner,   10  Furnace  Row 

Dunn,  Cowan,   Burnside  Cottage,   Borestone 

Dunn,  James,  miner,  10  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Dunsmuir,   Robert,  labourer,   18  Vennal  Street 

Eaglesham,  Kate,  16  Templand  Road 
Eaglesham,   Margaret,  widow,   Doggartland 
Eagleshame,   Samuel,   millworker,   Rye   Bridgend 
Eden,  Dorothea,  10  Garnock  Street 
Elliot,  Jane,  widow,  10  Smith  Street 
Elliot,  John,  engineer,   1   Townend  Terrace 
Elliot,  William,  gardener,  Swinlees 

Fairley,  John,  gardener,   Gardens,   Blair 

Fairns,  James,  miner,   28  Meadowhead,   Barkip 

Ferguson,  Alexander,  farmer,   Glencart 

Ferguson  Allan,  miner,  23  North  Street 

Ferguson,  Hugh,  surfaceman,  8  Smith  Street 

Ferguson,  James,  foreman,  Langmuir 

Ferguson,  John,  millworker,  21  Merksworth  Avenue 

Ferguson,   John,  steelworker,  25  Courthill 

Ferguson,  Margaret  C,  widow,  30  Sharon  Street 

Ferguson,   Robert,   millworker,   12   Garnock  Street 

Ferguson,   Robert,   12   North  Street 

Ferguson,  Robert,  farmer,  North  Lissens 

Ferguson,  William,  baker,  12  Garnock  Street 

Ferguson,  William,  miller,   18  Sharon  Street 

Ferrier,  William  A.,  cemetery  keeper,  Cemetery  Lodge 

Finlay,  James,  manager,   Boswell,  Russell  Drive 

Finnie,  David,  brickworker,  91  New  Street 

Fisher,  John  M.,  overseer,  16  West  End 

Fisher,  Thomas,  tenter,  51   Sharon  Street 

Fisher,  Thomas,  jr.,  engineer,  51   Sharon  Street 

Fitzpatrick,   Alexander,  steelworker,   30  Vennal  Street 

Fitzpatrick,  Francis,  4  Macdonald's  Row 

Fitzpatrick,  Mary,  widow,  28  Vennal  Street 

Fitzsimmons.  Mrs.  Annie,   16  Townend  Street 

Fitzsimmons,  Thomas,  dynamite  worker,  81  New  Street 

Fitzsimmons,   William,  tailor,   66   New  Street 

Flick,  William,  smith,  4  New  Double  Row 

Fleming,  Reid  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  26  New  Street,  Sharon  Street,  and  Bridgend 

Carding  and  Spinning  Mill.      Tel.  1 
Fleming,  William,  steelworker,  12  North  Street 
Fletcher,  Margaret,  widow,  55  Sharon  Street 


Fletcher,  Peter,  54  North  Street 

Flood,  Margaret,  hosiery  worker,  34  North  Street 

Flood,   Philip,   labourer,    Highfield 

Floyd,  William,  roadman,  32  Townend  Street 

Foote,  George  W.,  labourer,  22  North  Street 

Forrest,   Alexander  C,   Braeside.      Tel.  71 

Forsyth,  David  L.  P.,  105  New  Street 

Forsyth,  George  N.,  manager,  2  Templand  Crescent 

Forsyth,  Sergt. -Major  William,   Drill  hall  James  Street 

Foy,  Sarah,  widow,  22  West  End 

Fraser,  John,  Highfield 

Friels,  Dominic,  miner,  10  Foreman's  Row 

Friels,  Elizabeth,  widow,  1   Townend  Terrace 

Frew,  Robert,  beltman,  161  New  Street 

Fullarton,  John,  24  North  Street 

Fulton,  John,  Broadlie 

Fulton,  Lily,  newsagent,  37  New  Street  and  11   Townend  Street 

Fulton,  Margaret  and  Ann  M.,   Gaterig,  Braehead 

Fyfe,  Alexander,  farmer,  Templand 

Gallacher,  Andrew,  steelworker,  11  Vennal  Street 

Gallacher,  James,  labourer,  14  New  Single  Row 

Gallacher,  John,  salesman,  22  Merksworth  Avenue 

Gallacher,   Michael,  labourer,  21   Sharon  Street 

Gallagher,   Frank,  41   Vennal  Street 

Galloway,  Mrs.  Annie,  fruiterer,  7  New  Street 

Galloway,  James  S.,  engineer,  7  New  Street 

Galloway,  Robert,  clerk,  16  Garnock  Street 

Garrett,   William,  labourer,  31   Carsehead  Old  Row 

Gaw,  James,  labourer,  Sawpit,  Sharon  Street 

Gaw,  William,  labourer,  24  Garnock  Street 

Geddes,  Samuel,  4  Main  Street 

Gemmell,  Elizabeth,  14  James  Street 

Gemmell,  Jeanie,  widow,  23  North  Street 

Gibb,   George,  confectioner,  40  North  Street 

Gibson,  Archibald,  labourer,  26  West  End 

Gibson,  Elizabeth,  china  merchant,  34  New  Street 

Gibson,  Grace  and  Nicholas,  43  Townend  Terrace 

Gibson,  Mrs.  Helen,  35  New  Street 

Gibson,  John,  19  Vennal  Street 

Gibson,  Margaret,  widow,   16  Townend  Street 

Gilbert,  Donald,  mill  worker,  3  Templand  Road 

Gilbert,  Hugh,  labourer,  Barkip  Stablehouse 

Gilbert,  Hugh,  smithy,  Barkip 

Gilbert,  Hugh  A.,  farmer,  Little  Barkip 

Gilbert,  Hugh,  labourer,  Crossroads 

Gilbert,  Mrs.  Jean,  Den 

Gilbert,  John,  farmer,  Lissens  Moss 

Gilbert,  John,  mill  worker,   Rye  Bridgend 

Gilbert,  John,  roadman,  Crossroads 

Gilbert,  Robert,  millworker,  Rye  Bridgend 

Gilbert,  William,  farmer,   Easter  Kerrsland 

Gilbert,  William,  jr.,  farmer,   Blairland 

Gilbert,  William,  smith,  34  Drakemyre 

Gilbert,  William,  carder,  Bridgend 

Gillies,   Mary,  widow,   Toft's  Place 

Gillies,   Robert,  surfaceman,   Kilcush 

Gilmour,  Henry,  bricklayer,  10  Smith  Street 

Glachan,  Frank,  labourer,  25  Meadowhead,  Barkip 

Glachan,  James,  labourer,  Den 

Glass,  Mary,  widow,  Auchengree 

Glen,  John,  labourer,   Burnside  Place,   Borestone 

Goldie,   Duncan,  labourer,  85  New  Street 

Goldic,   Hugh,   drover,  Sawpit,   Sharon  Street 

Goldie,  William,  labourer,  Kirk  Close 


Goodwin,  Andrew,   labourer,   Meadowhead 

Goodwin,   Frederick,   Auchengree 

Goodwin,  John,  salesman,  49  Merksworth  Avenue 

Goodwin,  John,  weigher,  52  Muirhouse 

Gordon,  Douglas  G.,  solicitor,  Dalraddie,  James  Street 

Gordon,  James,  labourer,   13  Peesweep   Row 

Gordon,  James  D.,  solicitor,  Glasalt,   Russell  Drive 

Gordon,  John,  jr.,  fireman,  8  New  Double  Row 

Gordon,  John,  sr.,  labourer,  11   New  Double  Row 

Gordon,  John,  shoemaker,   15  Vennal  Street 

Gordon,  Thomas,  labourer,  23  North  Street 

Gordon,  William,  shoemaker,  19  North  Street 

Gordon,   William,   shoemaker,   37  Sharon  Street 

Gorman,   Francis,  labourer,   old  office,   Meadowhead,   Barkip 

Gorman,  Mrs.  Kate,  outworker,  Laigh,  Auchengree 

Gorman,  Patrick,  labourer,  43  Merksworth  Avenue 

Gorman,  Patrick,  steelworker,  1   Old  Mance  Close 

Gourlay,  Mrs.  Annie,  84  New  Street 

Gourlay,  John,  Middleton  House 

Gow,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  The  Croft 

Graham,  Agnes,  widow,  29  Vennal  Street 

Graham,  Andrew,  labourer,   16  Garnock  Street 

Graham,  Hugh,  millworker,  1   Templand  Road 

Graham,  Joseph,  joiner,  Highfield 

Graham,  John,  26  Vennal  Street 

Graham,   Robert,  roadman,  24  Garnock  Street 

Graham,  William,  roadman,  Meadowhead 

Grant,  Alexander,  grocer,  6   Dakota  Place 

Grant,  Hugh,  labourer,  81  New  Street 

Grant,   Robert,  miner,  20  Sharon  Street 

Gray,  Allan,  millworker,  83  New  Street 

Gray,  Allan,  millworker,  25  Sharon  Street 

Gray,  Archibald,  Auchengree  Cottage,   Meadowhead 

Gray,  Mrs.   Elizabeth,  44  Vennal  Street 

Gray,   Hugh,   1   Townend  Terrace 

Gray,  John,  locksmith,  93  New  Street 

Gray,  John,  miller,  Toft's  Mill  House 

Gray,  John,  jr.,  engineer,  20  Merksworth  Avenue 

Grealiss,  Mary,  widow,  15  Macdonald's  Row 

Green,  Margaret,  widow,  Rye  Bridgend 

Greenan,  John,  labourer,  3  Macdonald's  Row 

Greenlees  &  Sons,  shoemakers,  13   New  Street 

Greig,  James,  farmer,   East  Middlebank 

Grier,  Maggie,  millworker,  13  Vennal  Street 

Grierson,  Alexander,   dyer,  5  Love  Lane 

Guffie,  Adam,  millworker,  56  North  Street 

Guffie,  George,  labourer,  3  Old  Manse  Close 

Guffie,  Janet,  widow,  33  North  Street 

Guffie,  William,  labourer,  5  Macdonald's  Row 

Guy,  John,  painter,  45  New  Street 


Hackett,  William,  labourer,  1  New  Double  Row 
Haig,  John  C,  overseer,  13  Vennal  Street 
Hailey,  John,  brickworker,   10  Garnock  Street 
Hailley,  Andrew,  miner,  7  New  Double  Row 
Hair,  James,  farmer,  South  Lissens 
Hall,  Andrew,  millworker,  96  New  Street 
Hall,  George,  labourer,  2  New  Double  Row 
Hall,  Janet,  widow,  52  Townend  Street 
Hall,  John,  manager,  Alpha,  James  Street 
Hamilton,   Hugh,  drysalter,  2-4  Templand  Road 
Hamilton,  Isabella,  widow,  11  Townend  Street 
Hamilton,  James,  steelworker,  33  Mains  Street 
Hamilton,  Robert,  miner,  33  Meadowhead,   Barkip 
Hand,  Mrs.  Ann,  84  New  Street 


Hand,  James,  steelworker,  51   Townend  Street 

Hannah,  Agnes,  widow,  10  Smith  Street 

Hannah,   Rose,  widow,  8  Courthill 

Harkins,  Alexander,  miner,  8  Furnace  Row 

Harkins,  David,  25  Main  Street 

Harkins,  James,  11   Merksworth  Avenue 

Harkins,  Michael,  lodging-house  keeper,  3  Drakemyre 

Harkins,  Mrs.  Susan,  39  Merksworth  Avenue 

Harkness,  Robert,  shepherd,  Whitehill 

Harley,  James,  baker,  14  Vennal  Street 

Harper,  Thomas,  farmer,  Whitespot 

Harris,  Frank,  labourer,  31  Sharon  Street 

Harris,  Rose  A.,  widow,  14  James  Street 

Harrison,  William  S.,  publican,  Mains  of  Pitcon  Inn 

Hart,  Hugh  S.,  farmer,  Thirdpart 

Hart,  John,  Cubeside 

Harvey,  Frank,  millworker,  73  New  Street 

Harvey,  George,  storeman,  6  Smith  Street 

Harvey,  John,  surfaceman,  16  Furnace  Row 

Harvie,  Alexander  S.,  steelworker,  20  Garnock  Street 

Harvie,  James,  Beechwood,  Kittyshaw  Road 

Harvie,  John,  millworker,  87  New  Street 

Harvie,  William,  miner,  10  Templand  Road 

Hately,  Robert,  labourer,  22  Furnace  Row 

Hawthorn,   Elizabeth,  38  Sharon  Street 

Hawthorne,  Thomas,  millworker,  18  Courthill 

Hay,  David,  superintendent,  Paisley  Burgh  Water- Works,  Camphill 

Hay,  William,  briekworker,  16  Garnock  Street 

Hector,  William,  steelworker,  46  Vennal  Street 

Henderson,  Andrew,  chemist,  3  Vennal  Street 

Henderson,  John,  farmer,   Knollhead 

Henderson,  Margaret  W.,  confectioner,  37  Main  Street 

Henderson,  Mary,  widow,  39  Sharon  Street 

Henderson,   Thomas  W.,  tenter,  20  Sharon  Street 

Hendry,  Elizabeth,  widow,  Pytman 

Hendry,  Robert  B.,  19  Merksworth  Avenue 

Herbertson,   James,  labourer,   Den 

Hepburn,   David,   railwayman,   10  Smith  Street 

Higgins,   Alexander,  labourer,  9   Furnace  Row 

Higgins,  Annie,  widow,  Allandale,  Braehead 

Higgins,  Charles,  steelworker,  Mains  of  Pitcon 

Higgins,  Hugh,  grocer,  1  New  Street,  and  Parkview,  Braehead.     Tel. 

Higgins,  John,  carter,  Bridgend  House 
Higgins,  John,  miner,  2  New  Single  Row 
Higgins  Patrick,  miner,  25  New  Single  Row 
Higgins,  William,  labourer,  16  Templand  Road 
Hill,  Alexander,  joiner,  4  Kirk  Close 
Hill,   Arthur,  20  Townend  Street 
Hill,   Helen,  widow,  71   New  Street 
Hill,  John,  steelworker,  27  Merksworth  Avenue 
Hill,  John,  4  North  Street 
Hill,  John  A.,  steelworker,  55  North  Street 
Hill,  Martha,  widow,  2  Smith  Street 
Hill,  Sophia,  widow,  5  Carsehead  Old  Row 
Hill,  William,  fireman,  29  Merksworth  Avenue 
Hodgart,  James,  bricklayer,  Bellstone  Cottage 
Hodgart,   Robert,  sr.,  labourer,   Wheatiefaulds 
Hodgart,   Robert,  jr.,   Wheatiefaulds 
Hodgart,  William,   millworker,   12   Garnock  Street 
Hogg,  Archibald,  outworker,  Laigh  Auchengree 
Holburn,  Agnes,   Hillview,  James  Street 
Holburn,  Alexander  M.,  47  Main  Street 
Holburn,   Andrew,  accoimtant,   Braehead 
Holburn,   Robert,  teller,  Eastfield 
Holmes,  James,  engineman,  Den 
Hood,  John,  steelworker,  22  West  End 
Hood,  Robert,  labourer,  54  Muirhouse 

Hood,  Thomas,  labourer,  83  New  Street 

Hood,  William,  brickworker,  23  Vennal  Street 

Home,  Peter,  labourer,  18  Courthill 

Hough,   Reginald,  millworker,  23  Sharon  Street 

Houston,  Alexander,  miner,  11  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Houston,  Alexander,  81  New  Street 

Houston,  Alexander,  labourer,  44  Townend  Street 

Houston,  Annie,  West  Lynn 

Houston,  Annie  L.  and  Rebecca  H.,  Doggartland  Cottage 

Houston,  Elizabeth  and  Jane,  11  New  Street 

Houston,  George,  R.S.A.,  R.I.,  R.S.W.,  West  Lynn.      Tel.  29 

Houston,  Georgina,  West  Lynn 

Houston,  James,  miner,  23  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Houston,  James,  overlooker,  33  North  Street 

Houston,  John,  labourer,  9  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Houston,  John,  millworker,  29  New  Single  Row 

Houston,  John,  millworker,  4  Smith  Street 

Houston,  Margaret  B.,  widow,  8  Macdonald's  Row 

Houston,  Robert,  brickworker,  83  New  Street 

Houston,  Thomas,  brasher,  7  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Houston,  Thomas,  steelworker,  Rye  Bridgend 

Houston,  William,  wool  sorter,  24  Garnock  Street 

Howat,   Joseph,   manager,   Kirklaud  Cottage 

Howell,  Charles,  chef,  18  Courthill 

Howie,  James,  farmer,  North  Howrat 

Howie,  John  O.,  engineer,  Gorliach,  James  Street 

Howie,  John,  &  Co.,  dyers,  Doggartland.     Tel.  37 

Howie,  Marion,  widow,  Burnhouse.     Tel.  65 

Howie,  Norman  S.,  grain  merchant,  Giveek.     Tel.  93 

Howie,  Robert,  grain  merchant,  14  Kirk  Close 

Howie,  Robert  H.  S.,  dyer,  Easterhill.     Tel.  76 

Howie,  Robert,  grain  merchant,  Ardoch.     Tel.  43 

Howie,  Thomas,  23  Townend  Terrace 

Howie,  Thomas,  fruiterer,  2  North  Street 

Howlett,   Henry,   20  Main  Street 

Hughes,  James,  foreman,  34  Merksworth  Avenue 

Hunter,  Robert,  steelworker,  22  Garnock  Street 

Hutchison,  John,   electrician,   Toft's  Place 

Hynd,  James,  craneman,  9  Kirk  Close 

Hynd,  William,  postman,  5  Kirk  Close 


Irvine,  John,  tailor,  87  New  Street 
Irvine,  Sarah  M.,  dressmaker,  17  Courthill 
Irvine,  William,  railwayman,  Glenhead 

Jackson,   Elizabeth,  25  Courthill 

Jackson,  James,  Giffen  Lodge 

Jamieson,  Mrs.  Agnes,  25  Main  Street 

Jamieson,  Christina  and  Elizabeth,  15  Aitken  Street 

Jamieson,   Daniel,  steelworker,  24  Vennal  Street 

Jamieson,  Mrs.  Jessie,  Mains  of  Pitcon 

Jamieson,  Robert,  millworker,  15  Courthill 

Jamieson,  Robert,  traveller,  36  Courthill 

Jamieson,  Robert,  fitter,  61  North  Street 

Jamieson,  Sarah,  millworker,  13  Vennal  Street 

Jardine,  James,  clerk,  Touraine,  Russell  Drive 

Jardine,  James,  clerk,  37  Townend  Terrace 

Jardine,   Robert,  signalman,  11   New  Street 

Jenkins,   John,   13  Courthill 

Jenkins,  John,  joiner,  24  Vennal  Street 

Jenkins,  John,  labourer,  20  Garnock  Street 

Jenkins,   William,   manager,  51   Merksworth  Avenue 

Jennings,  James,  draper,  16  Sharon  Street 


Jennings,  Mark,  steelworker,  16  Sharon  Street 

Johnston,  Charles,  Bellstone 

Johnston,   David,  farmer,  Lambridden 

Johnston,  David,  smith,  77  New  Street 

Johnston,  Rev.  Jas.,  B.A.,  West  Church  Manse 

Johnston,  James,  Tintagel 

Johnston,  Marion  and  Jeanie,  19  Main  Street 

Johnston,  William,  farmer,  Muirhouse 

Johnston,  William,  farmer,  Highfield.     Tel.  59x2 

Johnstone,  John,  farmer,  Burntongues 

Johnstone,  John,  steelworker,  5  Love  Lane 

Johnstone,   John,  labourer,   Rye  Bridgend 

Johnstone,  Robert,  pointsman,  16  Templand  Road 

Johnstone,  William,  farmer,   Highfield 

Jones,  William,  chauffeur,   Ryefield 


Kane,  John,  barman,  19  North  Street 

Kane,  Neil,  engineer,  42  Townend  Street 

Kane,  Thomas,  crane  man,  16  Vennal  Street 

Kean,   James,   steelworker,   25  Coxirthill 

Keans,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  fish  merchant,  29  Main  Street 

Kearny,  Samuel,  furnaceman,  54  Townend  Street 

Kearny,  William,  baker,  Sawpit,  Sharon  Street 

Kell,   Robert  G.,   Oban  Cottage,  Braehead 

Kennedy,  Alexander,  steelworker,  8  West  End 

Kennedy,   David,  farmer,   Thorneyside,      Tel.  80  Yl 

Kennedy,   Edward,  roadman,  36  Courthill 

Kennedy,  Ellen,  widow,   Bridgend  House 

Kennedy,  Helen,  factory  worker,  5  Love  Lane 

Kennedy,  James,  roadman,  5  Love  Lane 

Kennedy,  John,  insurance  agent,  6  Aitken  Street 

Kennedy,  John  M.,  39  Sharon  Street 

Kennedy,  John,  miner,  39  Townend  Terrace 

Kennedy,  John,  tailor,   17  North  Street 

Kennedy,  Patrick,  miner,  7  Macdonald's  row 

Kennedy,  Robert,  fireman,  Toft's  Crescent 

Kerr,  Andrew,  carter,  Burnside 

Kerr,  Mrs.  Annie,  22  Townend  Street 

Kerr,  Elizabeth,  6  Sharon  Street 

Kerr,  Goerge,  miner,  23  North  Street 

Kerr,  James,  steelworker,  Burnside 

Kerr,  James,  jr.,  millworker,   Burnside 

Kerr,  Jessie  N.,  Braehead 

Kerr,  John  W.,  farmer,  Sidehouse,  Glengarnock 

Kerr,  Robert,  fireman,  28  West  End 

Kerr,  Thomas,  millman,  32  Meadowhead,  Barkip 

Kerr,  William  M.,  merchant,  4  Courthill 

Kerr,  William,  labourer,  30  Sharon  Street 

Kilpatrick,  John,  miner,   Bathbank 

Kilpatrick,   Robert,  7  Love  Lane 

King,  Arthur,  38  New  Street 

King,  David,  surfaceman,  Patrick  Row,  by  Beith 

King,  George,  baker,  29  Vennal  Street 

King,   Hugh,  labourer,   Barkip 

King,  Mrs.  Margaret,  65  New  Street 

King,  M.  &  E.,  farmers,  Thirdpart  Park 

King,  Mrs.  Robert,  Newhouse  of  Auchengree 

King,  Thomas,  furnaceman,  2  Macdonald's  Row 

Kirk,  Mrs.  John,  widow,  Auchengree 

Kirk,  Robert,  labourer,  9  New  Double  Row 

Kirk,  William,  pitheadman,  9   Foreman's  Row 

Kirkhope,  Sarah,  widow,   Braehead.      Tel.  22 

Kirkland,   Mrs.   Eleanor,  hairdresser,   1   North  Street 

Kirkpatrick,  Mrs.  Annie,  farmer,   Kerrslochmuir 

Kirkpatrick,  James,  farmer,  Barcosh 


Kirkpatrick,  William,  farmer,  Stoopshill 

Kirkwood,  James,  smith,  Blair  Smithy.     Tel.  85 

Kirkwood,   John,   20  Main  Street 

Knox,   James,  manufacturer,   Parkhill.     Tel.  27 

Knox,   William  B.,   manufacturer,   Ryefield.     Tel.  23 

Kyle,  Aitken  &  Gardiner,  Ltd.,  Ryeside  Mills.     Tel.  3 

Kyle,  John,  manufacturer,  Hillend.     Tel.  45 

Lambie,  Joseph,  millworker,  15  Aitken  Street 
Lamont,  James,  fireman,  9  Vennal  Street 
Lamont,  John,  farmer,  Auchenskeith 
Lamont,  Robert,  farmer,  Cockenzie 
Lamont,  William,  farmer,  Flemyland 
Lamont,  William,  labourer,  9  Vennal  Street 
Lammie,  Andrew,  cashier,   16  Templand  Road 
Lammie,  George,  millworker,  10  Templand  Road 
Lammie,  James,  engineer,  New  Street 
Lammie,  Maggie,  16  Vennal  Street 
Lammie,  Robert,  26  Sharon  Street 
Lauder,  Leslie,  traveller,  99  New  Street 
Lauder,  Mrs.  Minnie,  23  Sharon  Street 
Lawrie,  James,  ploughman,  Giffordlandmill 
Lawson,  Gilbert,  Rye  Bridgend 
Lawson,  James,  blacksmith,  Vennal  Street 
Lawson,  Robert,  labourer,  3  North  Street 
Lawson,  Robert,  carter,  7  Smith  Street 
Lawson,  William,  25  Meadowhead,  Barkip 
Leichmann,  Forrest,  steelworker,  83  New  Street 
Lemon,  Margaret,  widow,  12  Courthill 
Liddell,  William,  warehouseman,  Doggartland 
Liddell,  William,  cabinetmaker,  2  Townend  Terrace 
Lindsay,  Agnes,  widow,  15  Sharon  Street 
Lindsay,  David,  linesman,  Doggartland 
Lindsay,  John,  miner,  14  Carsehead  Old  Row 
Lindsay,  John,  labourer,  30  Single  New  Row 
Lindsay,  John,  labourer,  3  Merksworth  Avenue 
Lindsay,  Robert,  labourer,  28  Vennal  Street 
Lindsay,  Robert,  salesman,  46  Vennal  Street 
Lindsay,  William,  miner,  3  Old  Manse  Close 
Lindsay,  William,  millworker,  18  Garnock  Street 
Littlejohn,  Agnes  and  Mary,  35  New  Street 
Littlejohn,  David,  steelworker,   16  Kirk  Close 
Littlejohn,  Janet,  dressmaker,  38  New  Street 
Livingstone,  Marion  and  Janet,  15  Aitken  Street 
Logan,  Andrew,  farmer,   Hareshaw 
Logan,  Hugh,  garage,  Sharon  Street.     Tel.  56 
Logan,  Hugh,  stocktaker,  16  Vennal  Street 
Logan,  John,  attendant,  17  Vennal  Street 
Logan,  Matthew,  labourer,  Rosehill  Cottage,  Barkip 
Logan,  William  K.,  farmer,  Laigh  Dykehead 
Long,  Hugh,  roadman,  10  New  Single  Row 
Long,  Robert,  labourer,  21   Peesweep  Row 
Long,  William,  miner,  11  New  Single  Row 
Longwill,  David,  farmer,  Gowanlea.     Tel.  80x3 
Longwill,  W.  &  J.,  farmers,  Hawhill.     Tel.  80x1 
Loraine,  Helen  D.,  Lome  Villa,  James  Street 
Lowe,  Henry,  Cottage,  Dairy  Junction 
Low,  William,  miner,  17  Furnace  Row 
Lusk,  John,  solicitor,  Stanley  Bank.      Tel.  16 

McAllister,  Alexander,  steelworker,  28  Vennal  Street 
McAnanie,  Ann,  24  Garnock  Street 
McArthur,  James,  hairdresser,  80  New  Street 


McArthur,  James,  hairdresser,  61  New  Street 

McBride,  Hugh,  labourer,  12  New  Single  Row 

McBride,  James,  labourer,  2  Smith  Street 

McBride,  Robert,  labourer,  3  Old  Manse  Close 

McBride,  Thomas,  labourer,  26  New  Single  Row 

McCall,  John,  fireman,  22   Garnock  Street 

McCall,  Peter,  millworker,   15  Courthill 

McCall,   William,  steel  worker,  30  Sharon  Street 

McCallum,  Dugald,  steelworker,  26  Sharon  Street 

McCaiium,   Edward,  Langlands 

McCallum,  Elizabeth,  80  New  Street 

McCallum,   Mrs.   Elizabeth,   Courthill 

McCallum,  John,  lorryman,  16  Townend  Street 

McCallum,  John,  steelworker,  Sawpit,  Sharon  Street 

McCallum,  Mrs.  Marion,  2  Smith  Street 

McCallum,  Robert,  miner,  5  New  Single  Row 

McCallum,  Robert,  miner,  6  New  Double  Row 

McCalmont,  Hugh,  steelworker,   19  New  Double  Row 

McCalmont,  John,  labourer,  46  Vennal  Street 

McCalmont,  Mary,  widow,  Little  Acre 

McCalmont,   Robert,  labourer,  7   Little  Acre 

McCann,  Thomas,  miner,  13  New  Double  Row 

McCann,  Mrs.,  wddow,  53  Muirhouse 

McCarroll,  Mrs.  Sophia,  publican,  30-32  Main  Street 

McCaw,  Hugh,  22  Garnock  Street 

McClure,   Elizabeth,  widow,  34  Carsehead  Old  Row 

McClure,  John,  labourer,  Bridgend 

McClurg,  Robert,  labourer,  1   Old  Manse  Close 

McClymont,  Annie,  3  Old  Manse  Close 

McClymont,   James,  labourer,  37  Vennal  Street 

McClymont,  Janet,  widow,  9  James  Street 

McClymont,  Thomas,  butcher,  33  Main  Street  and  12  James  Street 

McColl,   Hugh,  steelworker,  Mains  of  Pitcon 

McColl,  Jean,  19  Garnock  Street 

McColl,  John,  labourer,   Langlands 

McColl,   John,  labourer,  Camphill 

McColl,  Mary,  11   James  Street 

McColl,  R.  S.,  Ltd.,  Cross 

McConnachie,   Samuel,   Kirkland   House  Stables 

McConnell,  Campbell,   plumber.   Toft's  Place 

McConnell,  Gilbert,  plumber,  48  Vennal  Street 

McConnell,   James,   farmer,    Brownhill,    Glengarnock.     Tel.   53x7 

McConnell,  James,  labourer,  22  West  End 

McConnell,  J.  &  J.,   plumbers,  60  New  Street 

McConnell,  Thomas  G.,  fitter,  Meadowhead 

McCormick,  A.  &  J.,  88  New  Street 

McCormick,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  24  West  End 

McCosh,  James,  solicitor,  Cross  and  Pitcon.     Tel.  90 

McCosh,  Lusk  &  Gordon,  solicitors,  44  New  Street.     Tel.  8 

McCrae,  Elizabeth,  millworker,  26  Vennal  Street 

McCrae,  James,  joiner,  House  of  Tofts 

McCrae,  James,  farmer,  Assyfaulds 

McCrae,  Jessie,   1 1   James  Street 

McCrae,  Mrs.  Mary,  84  New  Street 

McCrae,  Thomas,  labourer,  20  New  Double  Row 

McCrae,  William,  4  Kirk  Close 

McCreadie,  Margaret,  widow,  Auchcngree 

McCreath,  William,  clerk,  56  New  Street 

McCree,  Patrick,  steelworker,  Mains  of  Pitcon 

Maerone,   Jessie,   newsagent,   Cross 

McCulley,  Hugh,  tobacconist,  101  New  Street  and  43  New  Street 

McCulley,  William,  ironfounder,  Blair  Foundry 

McCulley,  William,  25  Garnock  Street 

McCulloch,  Archibald,  carter,   10  Smith  Street 

McCulloch,  Archibald,  labourer,  Highfield 

McCulloch,  Robert,  labourer,  Highfield 

McCutcheon,   Alexander,   millworker,  36   Merksworth  Avenue 

McCutcheon,  John,  millworker,  12  West  End 

MacDonald,  James,  grocer,  3-5  Sharon  Street 

MacDonald,  James,  Greenbank.      Tel.  7 

Macdonald,  James  T.,  clerk,  North  Kirkland 

Macdouald,  Dr.  John,  Garnock  House,  Aitken  Street.      Tel.  40 

McDonald,  Agnes,  widow,  38  Sharon  Street 

McDonald,   Alexander,   33   Townend  Terrace 

McDonald,  Andrew,  caretaker,  Masonic  Lodge 

McDonald,   Andrew,   10  Merksworth  Avenue 

McDonald,  Andrew,  labourer,  61   Sharon  Street 

McDonald,  Mrs.   Duncan,  carrier,  1   Townend  Terrace 

McDonald,   Henry,  labourer,  Meadowhead 

McDonald,  Hugh,  labourer,  26  Courthill 

McDonald,   James,  4  Sharon  Street 

McDonald,   James,  labourer,  29  Meadowhead,   Barkip 

McDonald,  James,  grocer,  16  Main  Street 

McDonald,  Jean,  Meadowhead 

McDonald,   John,  secretary,  Craigen  Cottage 

McDonald,  Mrs.  Mary  A.,  5  Main  Street 

McDonald,  Mary,  widow,  43  Sharon  Street 

McDonald,  Robert,  Turf  Inn,  11  Courthill 

McDonald,  Roderick,  M.I.M.C.E.,  Braemoray,      Tel.  74 

McDonald,  Sarah,  widow,  2  Carsehead  Old  Row 

McDonald,  William,  clerk,  7  Love  Lane 

McDowall,   Barbara,   11   Main  Street 

McDowall,  David  E.,  clerk,  8  Merksworth  avenue 

McDowall,  George,  baker,  5  Vennal  Street 

McDowall,  Jane,  millworker,   Den 

McDowall,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Den 

McDowall,  Mary,  widow,  3  Vennal  Street 

McDowall,  Samuel,  baker,  9  Merksworth  Avenue 

McDowall,  Mrs.  Susan,  8  Sharon  Street 

McDowall,  Robert,  blacksmith,  27  Vennal  Street 

McEwan,  Agnes,  widow,  Morven,  James  Street 

McFadzean,  Isabella,   widow,   Highfield 

McFadzean,  Mrs.  Janet,  caretaker,  Victory  Cinema 

McFarlane,  Jane,  weaver,  18  Peesweep  Row 

McFarlane,   Robert,   labourer,   Smith  Street 

McGaan,  John,  millworker,  Rye  Bridgend 

McGarridge,  John,  Sharon  Street 

McGavin,  Ann,  widow,  32  New  Street 

McGavin,  Archibald,  labourer,  11   Smith  Street 

McGaw,  James,  miner,  4  Townend  Street 

McGill,  Charles,  labourer,  15  Furnace  Row 

McGill,  John,  labourer,   11   Furnace  Row 

McUimpsey,  Robert,  engineman,  4  Townend  Terrace 

McGinnes,  David,  miner,  17  Carsehead  Old  Row 

McGinnes,  John,  labourer,  20  West  End 

McGorkin,  Catherine,  widow,  10  Vennal  Street 

McGorkin,  Patrick,  44  North  Street 

McGorkin,  Mrs.,  Baidland 

McGorlick,  Thomas,  labourer,   12  Kirk  Close 

McGouigan,  Simon,  labourer,  Meadowhead 

McGrath,  Hugh,  labourer,  27  Meadowhead,  Barkip 

McGrath,  John,  steelworker,  55  North  Street 

McGregor,  Robert,  hairdresser,  69  New  Street 

McGuff,  Partick,  engine  driver,   15  West  End 

McGuigan,  Andrew,  labourer,  17  New  Single  Row 

McGuigan,  Bernard,  labourer,  11   North  Street 

McGuigan,  Mrs.  Grace,  21   Garnock  Street 

McGuigan,  Thomas,  labourer,  2  Aitken  Street 

McGuire,  Annie,  millworker,  6  Main  Street 

McGuire,  Charles,  labourer,  35  Meadowhead,   Barkip 

McGuire,  John,  mechanic,  70  New  Street 

Mcllraney,  Michael,  labourer,  3  Old  Manse  Close 

Mcllroy,  Robert,  Glensyde,  Kilwinning  Road 

Mcllvean,  William  S.,  traveller,  58  Townend  Street 

Mclnnes,  Alexander,   brickworker,  33   Vennal  Street 

Mclnnes,  David,  51  Sharon  Street 


Mclnnes,  James,  miner,  3  Furnace  Row 

Mclnnes,  John,  publican,  31  Vennal  Street 

Mclnnes,  Robert,  brickmaker,  21  Garnock  Street 

Mclnnes,  Robert,  labourer,  21  New  Single  Row 

Mclnnes,  William,  miner,  12  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Mclnnes,  Wilson,  14  Main  Street 

Mcintosh,  Helen,  widow,  Coachman's  Cottage,  Swinridgemuir 

Mcintosh,  William,  gardener,  Coachman's  Cottage,  Swinridgemuir 

Mclntyre,  Agnes,  millworker,  38  North  Street 

Mclntyre,  John,  labourer,   18  New  Single  Row 

Mclntyre,   Thomas,  labourer,   Meadowhead  Cottage 

Mclntyre,  William,  farmer,  Aindog 

McKay,  Elizabeth,  widow,  6  Macdonald's  Row 

McKeddie,  James  G.,  engineer,   Doggartland 

McKie,  James,  steelworker,  Auchengree 

McKee,  John,  steelworker,  Auchengree 

McKelvie,  Joseph,  labourer,  Den 

McKelvie,  Rev.  William,  M.A.,  Courthill  Church  Manse,  Aitken  Street 

McKenzie,  John,  steelworker,  20  Garnock  Street 

McKenzie,  Murdo,  engine  driver,  Auchengree 

McKenzie,  Peter,  postman,  1  Townend  Terrace 

McKeown,  John,  Burnside 

McKinnon,  Henry,  millworker,  65  North  Street 

McKinnon,  Henry,  labourer,  47  North  Street 

McKinnon,  Jeanie,  62  North  Street 

McKinnon,  John,  44  North  Street 

McKissock,  Jeanie,  widow,  2  Townend  Terrace 

McLachlan,  Annie,  widow,  21  Sharon  Street 

McLachlan,  William,  chemist,  55  Townend  Street 

McLaughlan,  Mrs.  Rose  Ann,  45  North  Street 

Mclean,  Alexander  M.,  engineer,   Riverside  Cottage 

McLean,  Alexander,  warper,  34  Vennal  Street 

McLean,  Henry,  trimmer,  Bridgend 

McLean,  James,  steelworker,  27  Vennal  Street 

McLean,  James,  merchant,  15  Merksworth  Avenue 

McLean,  James,  platelayer,  21  Sharon  Street 

McLean,  Jeanie,  widow,  Bridgend  House 

McLran,  John,  labourer,  20  Sharon  Street 

McLean,  John,  steelworker,  11  Vennal  Street 

McLean,  John,  miner,  91  New  Street 

McLean,  Joseph,  millworker,  15  Sharon  Street 

McLean,  Martha,  hosiery  worker,  18  Sharon  Street 

McLean,  Mary,  widow,  New  Street 

McLean,  Nathan  C,  motor  driver,  48  Townend  Street 

McLean,  Thomas,  shoemaker,  15  Main  Street 

McLean,  William,  labourer,  11  Vennal  Street 

McLellan,  Alexander,  smith,  63  Sharon  Street 

McLellan,  William,  cabinetmaker,  6  Main  Street 

McLelland,  Mrs.  Jessie,  91  New  Street 

McLeod,  John,  millworker,  35  Sharon  Street 

McLeod,  Matthew,  postman,  6  Smith  Street 

McLuckie,  John,  49  Townend  Street 

McManus,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  7  Furnace  Row 

McManus,  Malcolm,  fishmonger,  43  Main  Street  and  Burnside 

McMaster,  Andrew,  steelworker,   Highfield 

McMaster,  David,  collector,  20  Garnock  Street 

MeMeechan,  Adam,  labourer,  10  Garnock  Street 

McMeechan,  Elizabeth,  widow,  8  Courthill 

McMeekin,  David,  miner,  14  New  Double  Row 

McMeeking,  Hugh,  surfaceman,  24  Vennal  Street 

McMillan,  Annie,  millworker,  Rye  Bridgend 

McMillan,   David,  fireman,   Highfield 

McMillan,  David,  South  Lodge,  Blair 

McMillan,   Hugh,  miner,  Meadowhead 

McMillan,  James,  grain  merchant,  Highfield 

McMillan,  James,  labourer,  Highfield 

McMillan,  John,  labourer,  Highfield  Cottage 

McMurdy,  Robert,  39  Vennal  Street 


McMurray,  Alexander,  steelworker,  96  New  Street 
McMurray,  David,  Bellstone  Cottage 
McMurray,  John,  poultry  farmer,  Bellstone 
McMurtrie,  James  B.,  Carsehead  House.      Tel.  31 
McNab,  Mrs.  Helen,  16  Vennal  Street 
McNab,  James,  1  Templand  Road 
McNay,  William,  labourer,  55  Muirhouse 
McNicol,   Elizabeth,  57  Sharon  Street 
McNicol,  John,  jeweller,  10  New  Street 
McPherson,  John,  farmer,  Routdaneburn 
McTaggart,  Andrew,  cabinetmaker,  42  Vennal  Street 
McTaggart,  Andrew,  miner,  20  Vennal  Street 
McTaggart,  Hugh,  moulder,  Auchengree 
McTaggart,  James,  labourer,  Den 
McTaggart,  Mary,  Nethermeadow 
McTaggart,  Neil,  brickworker,  Nethermeadow 
McWilliam,  Alexander,  signalman,  2  Townend  Terrace 


Malcolm,  Mary,  Widow,  Doura,  James  Street 

Malcolmson,  Jane,  widow,  23  Furnace  Row 

Mansell,  John,  millworker,  4  Merksworth  Avenue 

Mardon,  Jessie,  dressmaker,  12  North  Street 

Marley,  Alexander,  joiner,  83  New  Street 

Marley,  Andrew,  labourer,  5  Kirk  Close 

Marley,  William,  miner,  24  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Marline,  Andrew,  labourer,   12  Courthill 

Marshall,  Allan,  butcher,  12  Main  Street  and  9  Smith  Street 

Marshall,  John  H.,  butcher,  8  Smith  Street 

Marshall,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Mansefield,   Aitken  Street 

Marshall,  Mary,  tailoress,  20  West  End 

Marshall,  Robert,  butcher,  6  Aitken  Street 

Marshall,  Robert,  butcher,  2  Townend  Terrace 

Marshall,  Robert,  rigger,  9  Smith  Street 

Marshall,  William,  butcher,  9  New  Street 

Martin,  Alexander,  labourer,  9  Vennal  Street 

Martin,  George,  hammerman,  56  North  Street 

Martin,  John,  hammerman,  46  North  Street 

Martin,  Mary,  24  Garnock  Street 

Martin,  Robert,  steelworker,  26  Vennal  Street 

Mathie,  William,  farmer,  Whitehill 

Mathieson,  John,  miner,  71  New  Street 

Mathieson,  Lauchlan,  surfaceman,  18  Courthill 

Matthews,  Maud,  millworker,  28  Sharon  Street 

Matthews,  Reginald  P.,  manufacturer,  Mount  Pleasant.     Tel.  54 

Maxwell,  Alexander,  labourer,  12  Garnock  Street 

Maxwell,  John,  29  North  Street 

Meighan,  Thomas,  stoker.  10  West  End 

Meikle,  John,  labourer,  58  Muirhouse 

Menzies,  Elizabeth,  20  Garnock  Street 

Menzies,  James,  tailor,  23  Courthill,  and  Chapelhill,  Aitken  Street 

Menzies,  Janet,  widow,  23  North  Street 

Menzies,  John  C,  draper,  17  Townend  Terrace 

Menzies,  Robert,  37  Sharon  Street 

Menzies,  Thomas,  tailor,  24  Townend  Street 

Menzies,  William,  overlooker,  Tofts  Place 

Michael,  Rev.  James,  The  Parsonage,  Beith  Road 

Mildoon,  Thomas,  craneman,  Bridgend 

Millar,  James,  labourer,  31  Meadowhead,  Barkip 

Millar,  John,  miner,   Highfield 

Millar,  John,  miner,  15  Vennal  Street 

Millar,  William,  miner,  1   Carsehead  Old  Row 

Miller,  Andrew,  miner,  20  Garnock  Street 

Miller,  Mrs.  Constance  M.  H.,  confectioner,  72  New  Street 

Miller,  Henry,  steelworker,  32  New  Street 

Miller,  James,  farmer,  Pitcon  Mains 


Miller,  John,  miner,  19  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Miller,  John,  farmer,  Breeze 

Miller,  John,  miner,  New  Street 

Miller,  John,  clerk,  Auchengree 

Miller,   John,  labourer,   Meadowhead 

Miller,  Mary,  widow,  18  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Miller,  Mrs.  Robert,  widow,  Meadowhead 

Miller,  William,  farmer,  Kittyshaw 

Milligan,  Neil  miner,,  15  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Milloy,  Hugh,  draper,  40  Townend  Street 

Milne,  Margaret,  baker,  20  and  101  New  Street 

Minto,  Rev.  Archibald  H..  St.  Margaret's  Manse 

Mitchell,  Annie,  81  New  Street 

Mitchell,  Bessie,  23  Sharon  Street 

Mitchell,  Frank,  labourer,  22  Garnock  Street 

Mitchell,  James,  millworker,  37  Merksworth  Avenue 

Mitchell,  Jane,  62  North  Street 

Mitchell,  Sarah,  widow,  2  Smith  Street 

Mitchell,  Susan,  62  North  Street 

Mitchell,  William  J.,  smelter,  31  Merksworth  Avenue 

Monahan,  Margaret,  widow,  Auchengree 

Money-Coutts,  Hon.  A.  B.,  Swinlees.     Tel.  92 

Montes,  Joseph  G.,  19  Garnock  Street 

Montgomerie  &  Batchelor,  coal  merchants,  28  West  End 

Montgomerie,  Mrs.  Mary,  35  Main  Street 

Montgomerie,  Mrs.  Mary,  20  Vennal  Street 

Montgomerie,  Steed,  steelworker,  55  North  Street 

Montgomery,  Albert,  coal  merchant,  Meadowhead 

Montgomery,  John,  labourer,  6  Vennal  Street 

Montgomery,  Mrs.  Mary,  101   New  Street 

Mooney,  Mrs.  Catherine,  12-13  Macdonald's  Row 

Morgan,  Robert,  labourer,  Pasturehill 

Morgan.  Thomas,  labourer,  29  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Morgan,  William  J.,  labourer,  Cothouse,  Todhills 

Morris,  Allan  L.,  farmer,  Whitecriags 

Morrison,  David,  Rye,  Bridgend 

Morrison,  James,  labourer,  18  Furnace  Row 

Morrison,  John,  Maulside,  Glengarnock 

Morrison,  Samuel  D.,  7  James  Street 

Morrison,  William,  baker,  54  New  Street.     Tel.  50 

Morrow,  William,  coal  merchant,  38  Merksworth  Avenue 

Morrow,  William,  surfaceman,  87  New  Street 

Morton,  Mrs.  Barbara,  4  Townend  Street 

Morton,  David,  printer,  10  Main  Street 

Morton,  Elizabeth,  71  New  Street 

Morton,  Mary,  widow,  1  Townend  Terrace 

Motion,  James,  High  Baidland 

Mowatt,  Catherine  M.,  teacher,  57  New  Street 

Muir,  Andrew,  35  Sharon  Street 

Muir,  Helen,  widow,  43  Vennal  Street 

Muir,  John,  craneman,  35  Merksworth  Avenue 

Muir,  William,  labourer,  15  Vennal  Street 

Muir,  William,  labourer,  Carsehead 

Muldoon,  James,  steelworker,  28  Courthill 

Muldoon,  John,  quarry  worker,  64  New  Street 

Mulholland,  Daniel,  millworker,  61  Sharon  Street 

Mullen,  Charles,  labourer,  4  Towend  Street 

Mullen,  Janet,  widow,  15  Courthill 

Muncie,  John,  steelworker,  Burnbrae,  Sharon  Street 

Munro,  Alexander,  labourer,  22  Garnock  Street 

Munro.  Mrs.  Jessie  A.,  11  James  Street 

Murray,  Charles,  farmer,  Dykes 

Murray,  Hugh,  steelworker,  25  Vennal  Street 

Murray,  James,  miner,  7  Foreman's  Row 

Murray,  John,  surfaceman,   Grecnlmrst 

Murray,  John,  miner,  19  New  Single  Row 

Murray,  John,  labourer,  4  Smith  Street 

Murray,  Mrs.  John,  widow,  Auchengree 


Murray,  Nathaniel,  pitman,  15-16  New  Single  Row 
Murray,  William  R.,  gardener,  North  Kirkland 
National  Bank  of  Scotland,  42  New  Street 


Neil,  William,  Burnside  Row 

Neil,  William,  factory  worker,  Crossroads 

Neilson,  Major  John  A.,  Lynn  House.     Tel.  17 

Nelson,  Janet,  widow,  14  Kirk  Close 

Nelson,  Paul,  steelworker,  Mains  of  Pitcon 

Nelson,  Peter,  stocktaker,  63  New  Street 

Nelson,  Robert,  miner,  15  New  Double  Row 

Nelson,  Walter,  engineer,  4  Braehead 

Nicholson,  R.,  Brackenhills 

Nicol,   David,  warehouseman,  13  Courthill 

Nimmo,  Mrs.  Helen,  Smith  Street 

Nimmo,  John,  boxmaker,  20  Vennal  Street 

Nisbet,  George,  hairdresser,  20  Main  Street 

Nisbet,  R.,  platelayer,  Kilcush 

Nisbet,  William,  brickworker,  15  West  End 

Niven,  Christina,  widow,  Sawpit,  Sharon  Street 

Norton,  John,  fitter,  Norwood,  Russell  Drive 

Oldroyd,  Ernest,  foreman,  38  Townend  Street 

Oliver,  James,  confectioner,  22  North  Street 

Oliver,  James,  stationer,  6  Merksworth  Avenue 

Oliver,  Mary  J.,  7  Smith  Street 

Oliver,  Robert,  foreman,  41  Merksworth  Avenue 

O'Neill,  Charles,  labourer,  Bellstone 

O'Neill,  James,  labourer,  22  North  Street 

O'Neill,  John,  engineman,  6  Braehead 

O'Reilly,  Peter,  contractor,  Mains  of  Pitcon 

Orr,  Hugh,  traveller,  7  James  Street 

Orr,  Thomas,  herbalist,  59  New  Street 

Orr,  William,  millworker,  6  Braehead 

Orr,  WiUiam,  miller,  Blairmill 

O'Shaughnessy,  Michael,  11  Kirk  Close 

Ovenstone,  Edith,  fruiterer,  18  Main  Street 

Ovenstone,  Philip,  53  Sharon  Street 

Ovenstone,    Robert   C,    Royal    Hotel    Garage   and   4    Garnock    Street. 

Tel.  41 
Ovenstone,  WiUiam,  fruiterer,  2  Templand  Road 
Owen,  Archibald,  High  Swinridgemuir 
Owen,  David,  1  Little  Acre 

Paisley  Burgh  Water-Works,  Camphill 

Palmer,  WiUiam,  bricklayer,  27  Carsehcad  Old  Row 

Park,  Daniel,  miner,  Barkip 

Park,  George,  clerk,  28  Merksworth  Avenue 

Parker,  John,  furnaceman,  PasturehiU 

Parker,  John,  millworker,  64  New  Street 

Paterson,  Alexander,  baker,  25-27  Main  Street 

Paterson,  Catherine,  widow,  87  New  Street 

Paterson,  David,  steelworker,  18  Garnock  Street 

Paterson,  David,  miner.  Rye  Bridgend 

Paterson,  Lizzie,  12  Merksworth  Avenue 

Paterson,  Matthew,  signalman,  53  Townend  Street 

Paterson,  Nellie,  26  Sharon  Street 

Paterson,  Robert,  miner,  22  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Paterson,  Robert,  millworker,  9  James  Street 

Paterson,  Robert,  steelworker,  32  Courthill 


Paterson,  Samuel,  26  Townend  Street 

Paterson,  Thomas,  sr.,  James  Street 

Paterson,  Thomas,  labourer,  13  Vennal  Street 

Paterson,  Thomas,  18  Merksworth  Avenue 

Paterson,  Walter  G.,  Myrtle  Bank,  James  Street 

Paterson,  William  B.,  dynamite  worker,  36  Townend  Street 

Patrick,  Elizabeth,  widow,  Greenbank 

Patrick,  James,  solicitor,  18  New  Street  and  Netherlynn 

Patrick,  John,  millworker,  33  Drakemyre, 

Pattison,  Harry,  6  Courthill 

Pattison,  Robert,  labourer,  16  Courthill 

Pattison.  Robert,  storekeeper,  19  North  Street 

Paid,  Walter,  gTOcer,  13  Main  Street 

Peacock,  Jane,  widow,  34  Courthill 

Pearson,  James,  designer,  41  Main  Street 

Peters,  Beatrice  M.,  professor  of  music,  4  Garnock  Street 

Pett,  Charles,  brickworker.  Highfield 

Phillips,  Blades,  labourer,  7  Smith  Street 

Phillips,  Catherine,  widow,  18  Courthill 

Phillips,  William,  labourer,  Braehead 

Picken,  George,  butcher,  12  North  Street  and  Belno,  Russell  Drive 

Pickles.  Charles,  M.P.S.,  49  New  Street  and  Straight  Top,  James  Street. 

Tel.  49 
Pickles,  William  H.,  foreman,  Glenbank  Cottage 
Pollachi,  Frank,  ice  cream  merchant,  8-10  North  Street 
Pollachi,  Frank,  ice  cream  merchant,  32  New  Street 
Pollock,  John  L.,   Benstone,   Kilwinning  Road 
Porteous,  William,  signalman,  5  Kirk  Close 
Porter,  Mrs.  Annie,  Den 
Porter,  James,  surfaceman,  Cross  Roads 
Porter,  William,  labourer.  Cross  Roads 

Powell,  George,  butcher,  4  Main  street  and  17  Courthill.     Tel.  61 
Prasher,  Hannah,  millworker.  3  Old  Manse  Close 
Prasher,  Richard,  labourer,  19  Peesweep  Row 
Pratt,  William  >..,  schoolmaster.  Strands 
Preston,  Andrew,  labourer.  2  Little  Acre 
Price,  Mrs.  Elizabeth.  40  Vennal  Street 
Price,  James,  dynamite  worker,  14  James  Street 
Price,  John,  labourer,  10  Kirk  Close 
Price,  Robert,  steelworker,  56  New  Street 
Price,  Thomas,  woolsorter,  23  Sharon  Street 
Pringle,  Andrew,  68  New  Street 
Pringle,  Charles,  gardener,  Vennal  Street 
Pringle,  John,  labourer,  Flashwood 
Pringle,  Margaret,  18  Vennal  Street 
Pringle,  Roberr,  grocer,  48-50  New  Street 
Proctor,  Margaret,  widow,  Tofts  Crescent 


Quinn,  Isabella,  widow,  23  Vennal  Street 

Rae,  James,  miner,  33  Carsehead  Old  Row 
Ramsay,  Annie  M.  and  Jeanie,  27  Courthill 
Ramsay.  Archibald,  engineman,  Highfield 
Ramsay,  Elizabeth,  widow.  21  Courthill 
Ramsay,  Hugh,  engineer,  Kirkland  Cottage 
Ramsay,  Jeanie,  widow,  Highfield 
Ramsay,  Jeanie,  widow,  35  Townend  Terrace 
Ramsay,  Mary,   11    Townend  Terrace 
Ramsay.  Thomas,  labourer,   Highfield 
Ramsay,  William,  roadman,  Cockenzie 
Ray,  Charles  S.,  miner,  Sharon  Street 

Redman,  Annie  L.  X.  and  Ellen  M.  G.,  dressmakers,  80  New  Street 
and  Braehead.     Tel.  55 


Reid,  Allan,  farmer.  High  Lynn 

Reid.   Ann.   machinist.  70  New  Street 

Reid.  Mrs.  Daniel,  farmer.  Pencot 

Reid.  David  M..  contractor.  Whitecraigs 

Reid.  Hugh,  bottomer,  20  New  Single  Row 

Reid.  James,  labourer,  16  Court  hill 

Reid.   James,   painter.   70  New  Street 

Reid.  James,  stationmaster,  Station, 

Reid.  James,  foreman.  8  Townend  Street 

Reid.  James,  miner.  3  Templand  Road 

Reid.  Janet,  widow.  11  Townend  Street 

Reid.  John,  traveller.  1   Templand  Road 

Reid.  Margaret  D.,  widow,  63  New  Street 

Reid,  Mrs.  Matilda.  33  Merksworth  Avenue 

Reid.  M.  J.  A.  &  J.  A.,  farmers,  Flashwood 

Reid.   Thomas,  farmer.   Bankhead.   Berth 

Reid.  Thomas,  miner,  21  Sharon  Street 

Reilly.  John,  niillworker.  9  Vennal  Street 

Reilly.  William.  14  Main  Street 

Rennie.  James,  shoemaker.  2  Townend  Terrace 

Rennie.  James,  steelworker.  85  New  Street 

Rennie.  Jean,  boot  repairer,  45  Main  Street 

Riddet.  James  A.  M..  Cubeside 

Riddet.  Robert.  Blackstone 

Riley.  John,  bricklaver.  Rve  Bridgend 

Ritchie.  Andrew.  Broomhill  House.      Tel.  59  T5 

Robb.  Alexander.  35  Sharon  Street 

Robb.  Charles,  labourer.  18  West  End 

Robb.  Margaret,  23  Vennal  Street 

Robb.  Edward.  Xew  Street 

Robb,  James.  Muirhead 

Robertson.  Hugh,  publican.  87  Xew  Street 

Robertson,  John,  ploughman.  Laigh  Auchengree 

Robertson,  John,  labourer.  Crossroads 

Robertson.  John  M..  10  Garnoek  Street 

Robertson.  Robert,  labourer.  11   Foreman's  Row 

Robertson.  William,  roadman.  Auchengree 

Robinson,  Charles,  steelworker.  80  Xew  Street 

Robinson.  Hugh,  miner,  27  Xew  Single  Row 

Robinson.   James,   niillworker.   16   Templand   Road 

Robinson.  Matthew,  labourer.  11  Smith  Street 

Robinson.  Mary.  19  Courthill 

Robinson.  Michael,  labourer,  Burnside 

Robinson.   Robert.   16  Courthill 

Robinson.  Samuel  C,  North  Brae 

Roddie.  Alexander,  miner.  26  Carsehead  Old  Row 

Roddie,  Andrew,  steelworker.  71   Xew  Street 

Roddie.  John,  labourer,  8  Xew  Single  Row 

Rodger.  Mrs.  Euphemia,  44  Vennal  Street 

Rodger,  Hugh,  jr.,  contractor,  61  North  Street 

Rodger,  John,  farmer.   Knockendon 

Rodger.  Robert,  slater.  28  Townend  Street 

Rodgers.   Hugh,  contractor.  Linncraigs 

Rose.  William,  miner.  21   Furnace  Row 

R<>".  Mrs.  Ann.  1  Macdonald"s  Row 

Ross.  Joseph,  farmer.  Davidshill 

Roy.  John,  flesher.  Toftshill  House.      Tel.  57 

Roy.  William,  overlooker.  Tofts  Crescent 

Russell.  Jessie  B.,  widow.  Maulside.  Glengarnoek 

Russell,  Peter.  Laurel  Bank,  James  Street 


Salisbury,  William,  miner.  Highfield 
Salvation  Army.  23  Merksworth  Avenue 
Sanders,  Mary,  widow.  3  Xew  Double  Row 
Savage,  Arthur,  manufacturer,  Holmcroft 


Sawyers,  Allan  C,  11  Kirk  Close 

Scott,  Elizabeth,  widow,  Muirhead 

Scott,  James,  erector,  19  Aitken  Street 

Scott,  James  B.,  Elmbank 

Scott,  Mary  T.,  8  Main  Street  and  Primrosebank,  James  Street 

Scott,  Walter,  grocer,  19  Townend  Terrace 

Scott,  William,  stocktaker,  32  Vennal  Street 

Scott,  William,  farmer,  Baidland,  High  Moor 

Scottish  Milk  Marketing  Board,  Dairy  Creamery.     Tel.  32 

Seaman,  George,  gamekeeper,  Blair  Cottage 

Shakevitch,  Roland,  labourer,  87  New  Street 

Shanks,  Archibald,  chemist,  1   Templand  Crescent 

Shaw,  David,  fireman,  67  North  Street 

Shaw,  Hugh,  labourer,  7  Smith  Street 

Shaw,  Thomas,  miner,  20  Peesweep  Row 

Shedden,  Elixabeth,  Smith  Street 

Shedden,  Hugh,  joiner,  31   North  Street 

Shedden,  Jane  A.,  16  Garnock  Street 

Shedden,  Jeanie,  widow,  25  Vennal  Street 

Shedden,  Walter,  labourer,  20  West  End 

Shields,  Thomas,  engineer,  Glenbank  Cottage 

Shirrie,  James,  surfaceman,  25  Vennal  Street 

Sim,  Mrs.  John,  milker.  Laigh  Auchengree 

Simonetti,  George,  81  New  Street 

Simmons,  Hugh,  miner,  Braehead 

Simpson.  Alexander,  steelworker,  85  New  Street 

Simpson,  James,  miner,  6  Furnace  Row 

Simpson,  Minnie,  20  Garnock  Street 

Simpson,  William,  labourer,  13  New  Single  Row 

Sinclair,  David,  motor  driver,  Bellstone 

Sinclair,  David,  labourer,  Bellstone 

Sinclair,  Ephraim,  mechanic,  85  New  Street 

Singleton,  Aaron,  joiner,  15  West  End 

Skeoch,  Helen,  widow,  1  Furnace  Row 

Shearer,  James,  labourer,  9  New  Single  Row 

Skillen,  Robert,  17  Smith  Street 

Slaven,  Frank,  labourer,  16  Courthill 

Slaven,  William,  labourer,  22  Courthill 

Sloan,  John,  miner,  10  New  Street 

Sloan,  Margaret  and  Isabella,  80  New  Street 

Sloan,  Mary,  Mission  Hall,  Courthill 

Sloan,  Robert,  miner,  18  Courthill 

Sloan,  Robert,  27  Sharon  Street 

Sloan,  William,  janitor,  47  Sharon  Street 

Sloan,  William,  miner,  34  New  Street 

Sloss,  Janet  M.,  widow,  Auld  Hoose  Inn,  Main  Street 

Sludden,  Edward,  bricklayer,  Sharon  Street 

Smellie,  Alexander,  steelworker,  5  Dakota  Place 

Smellie.  Isabella,  hosiery  worker,  30  Sharon  Street 

Smellie,  Thomas,  labourer.  West  Lynn 

Smillie,  Annie,  6  Vennal  Street 

Smillie,  Daniel,  craneman,  30  Townend  Terrace 

Smillie,  Jane,  widow,  47  Main  Street 

Smillie,  Robert,  36  North  Street 

Smillie,  Thomas,  steelworker,  12  Vennal  Street 

Smillie,  Mrs.  Thomas,  widow,  18  Sharon  Street 

Smith,  Agnes,  widow,  New  Street 

Smith,  Alexander,  steelworker,  83  New  Street 

Smith,  Hugh,  millworker,  Bridgend 

Smith,  James,  farmer,  Hardcroft 

Smith,  James,  steelworker,  3  Vennal  Street 

Smith,  John,  oil  merchant,  Birkentop 

Smith,  John,  steelworker,  Courthill 

Smith,  Margaret,  widow,  6  Braehead 

Smith,  Mrs.  Martha  J.,  Rycsidc  Cottage,  Bridgend 

Smith,  Tom,  Glenhcad 

Smith,  Thomas,  40  Sharon  Street 

Smith,  Thomas,  postmaster,  103  New  Street 


Smith,  William,  steelworker,  38  New  Street 

Smith,  William,  labourer,  11   North  Street 

Smith,   William,  miner,   Highfield 

Speir,  Allan,  Laigh  Baidland, 

Speir,  G.  W.  &  A.,  farmers,  Wardlaw 

Speir,  John,  steelworker,  61  North  Street 

Speir,  Robert,  Newside 

Speii',  William,  farmer,  Burn  Farm 

Speir,  William,  labourer,  58  North  Street 

Speirs,  Charles  W.,  farmer,  South  Camphill 

Spenee,  Adam,  contractor,   Brownhill.     Tel.  Beith   168 

Spence,  Hugh,  farmer,  Little  Auchengree 

Spiers,  Robert,  labourer,  18  Courthill 

Spiers,  William,  electrician,  4  Lynn  A. venue 

Steel,  Andrew,  fruiterer.  High  Den 

Steel,  Archibald,  coal  merchant,  47  Merksworth  Avenue 

Spiers,  Christopher,  millworker,  83  New  Street 

Spiers,  John,  surfaceman,  18  Courthill, 

Spiers,  John,  carter,  12  North  Street 

Spiers,  Mary,  widow,  2  Smith  Street 

Spiers,  William,   High  Den 

Stephen,  Robert,  constable,  Muirhouse  Cottage,  Barkip 

Stevenson,  Annie,  millworker,  6  Templand  Road 

Stevenson,  Christie,  postman,  50  Townend  Street 

Stevenson,  John,  20  Main  Street 

Stewart,  Charles,  steelworker,  34  North  Street 

Stewart,  John,  labourer,  Stenhouse 

Stewart,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Giffen  House 

Stewart,  Mary,  widow,  26  Vennal  Street 

Strachan,   Robert   D.,  teacher,   Bon-Accord,   James  Street 

Strain,  Alexander,  shoemaker,  Cross 

Strannigan,  George,  25  Merksworth  Avenue 

Sturgeon,   David,  farmer.   Little  Broadlie 

Swanston,  Walter,  clerk,  99  New  Street 

Swindle,  James,  joiner,  Barkip  Cottage 

Syme,  Andrew,  farmer,  Reddance 

Taggart,  James,  steelworker,  55  North  Street 

Tait,  Alexander,  Kilcush 

Tait,  Alexander  H.,  druggist,  58  New  Street.      Tel.  4 

Tait,  Alexander,  27  Townend  Terrace 

Tait  Bros.,  building  contractors,  Courthill  and  Smith  Street 

Tait,  Daniel,  plasterer,  22  Templand  Road 

Tait,  Daniel,   builder.  Kadoka,  Russell  Drive 

Tait,  Mary,  widow,  28  Sharon  Street 

Tait,  Robert,  laboxirer,  23  Peesweep  Row 

Tait,  Robert,  engineer,  Rye  Bridgend 

Tait,  William,  lorry  man,  16  Garnock  Street 

Taylor,  Alexander,  farmer,  Gill 

Taylor.  Elizabeth,  widow,  8  Vennal  Street 

Taylor,  George,  shepherd,  Howcraig 

Taylor,  George,  roadman,  23  Sharon  Street 

Taylor,  Henry,  ironmonger,  55  New  Street.     Tel.  19 

Taylor,  James,  steelworker,  4  Townend  Street 

Taylor,  John,  ironmonger,  6  Garnock  Street 

Taylor,  William,  steelworker,  Maulside  Lodge 

Templeton,  D.  &  A.,  farmers,  Brodocles  and  Cleeves 

Templeton,  Samuel,  steelworker,  Auchengree 

Templeton,  W.  &  J.,  farmers,  West  Kirkland 

Thomson,  Mrs.  Agnes,  56  Townend  Street 

Thomson,  Alexander,  foreman,  Walden,  James  Street 

Thomson,  Charles,  milkman,  Lissens 

Thomson,  Charles,  28  Sharon  Street 

Thomson,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  16  New  Double  Row 

Thomson,  George  B..  labourer,  2J£urnace  Row 

.s\*A-    ~Z\ 


Thomson,  John,  clerk,  3  New  Street 

Thomson,  John,  platelayer,  Lissens 

Thomson,  John,  warehouseman,  23  Townend  Terrace 

Thomson,  John,  engineer,  19  North  Street 

Thomson,  John,  Little  Acre 

Thomson,   Margaret,  widow,  30  Courthill 

Thomson,  Robert,  miner,  Little  Acre 

Thorburn,  Thomas,  steelworker,  83  New  Street 

Thornton,   George,  engincman,  4  Courthill 

Tincev,  Mrs.  Annie,  26  Sharon  Street 

Todd,  John,  6  Courthill 

Torrance,   David,  steelworker,  55  North  Street 

Torrance,  Mrs.  Sarah,  33  Vennal  Street 

Troy,   Rev.  James,   R.C.  Chapel  House,   Aitken  Street 

Tudhope,  Sarah,  6  Courthill 

Turnbull,  Mary  A.,  widow,  19  Vennal  Street 

Turner,  Janet,  widow,  8  Templand  Road 

Turner,  Peter,  millworker,  33  Main  Street 

Tytler,  Mrs.  Mary,  Doggartland.     Tel.  9 


Vickers,  Robert,  labourer,  Meadowhead,  Barkip 


Wales,  Abram,  engineer,  20  Furnace  Row 
Walker,  Mrs.  Ada,  Merksworth 
Walker,  Agnes  S.,  Kaladoma,  James  Street- 
walker, Annie  L.  and  Jane,  Burnbank,  James  Street 
Walker,  Annie  F.,  1  Love  Lane 
Walker,   Benjamin,  labourer,   Flashwood 
Walker,  Christina,  millworker,  12  North  Street 
Walker,  David,  labourer,  19  North  Street 
Walker,  Hugh,  farmer,  Langside 
Walker,  James,  teacher,  6  Lynn  Avenue 
Walker,  John,  signalman.  Rye  Bridgend 
Walker,   Maggie  M.,  26  New  Street 

Wlaker,  Margaret,  widow.  Telephone  Exchange,  Cross 
Walker,  Martha,  Pit  con  Mains 
Walker,  Mary,  millworker,  Rye  Bridgend 
Walker,  Robert,  labourer,  7  Smith  Street 
Walker,  Samuel,  labourer,  30  Sharon  Street 
Walker,  Sarah,  widow,  18  Vennal  Street 
Wallace,  Archibald,  miner,  22  Garnock  Street 
Wallace,  James,  miner,  16  Peesweep  Row 
Wallace,  James,  steelworker,  47  Sharon  Street 
Wallace,  Jessie,  widow,  55  North  Street 
Wallace,  John,  miner,  27  Vennal  Street 
Wallace,  John,  foreman,  Bridgend  Cottage 
Wallace,  Mary  R.,  Rossarden,  James  Street 
Wallace,  Robert,  miner,  4  New  Single  Row 
Wallace,  Thomas,  fireman,  45  Sharon  Street 
Walsh,  Hugh,  labourer,  10  Macdonald's  Row 
Walsh,  John,  brickworker,  Highfield 
Ward,  Hugh,  miner,  14  Peesweep  Row 
Ward,  James,  millworker,  4  Braehead 
Ward,  Margaret,  widow,  3  Foreman's  Row 
Ward,  Robert,  brickworker,  31  New  Single  Row 
Ward,  William,  labourer,  22  New  Single  Row 
Ward,  William,  miner,  13  Furnace  Row 
Warnock,  George,  brickworker,  45   North  Street 
Warnock,  Margaret  T.,  widow,  47  North  Street 
Warnock,  William,  brickworker,  1   Dakota  Place 
Watt,  William,  Smithy  and  House,  Cross  Roads 
Walters,   Robert,  gardener,  87  New  Street 


"Watson,   Henry  B.,   painter,   Northfield,   James  Street,   and  24  North 

Watson,  Henry,  painter,  Rosebank,  Templand  Road 
Watson,  Jane,  widow,  53  New  Street 
Watson,  Thomas,  labourer,  Langlands 
Watson,  William,  engineer,  Tofts  Crescent 
Watson,  William,  labourer,  Auchengree 
Weir,  Elizabeth,  widow,  34  North  Street 
Weir,  Robert,  clerk,   14  Merks worth  Avenue 
Weir,  Sophia,  51  Sharon  Street 
Weir,  Walter,  chemist,  Meadowhead,  Barkip 
Wells,  Agnes  H.,  teacher,  Highfield 
Welsh,  Andrew,  91  New  Street 
Welsh,  Harry,  postman,  63  Sharon  Street 
Welsh,  Henry,  engineman,  Courthill 
Welsh,  Mrs.  Isabella,  dairymaid,  Blair  Stables 
Welsh,  John,  engineman,  6  Foreman's  Row 
Welsh,  John,  Crossroads 

Welsh,  William,  miner,  28  New  Single  Row 
Welsh,  William,  labourer.  Den 
Welsh,  William,  steelworker,  Crossroads 
Wightman,  David,   Dairy  Water-Works 
Wightman,   William,  superintendent,  8  Lynn  Avenue 
Willis,  John,  postman,  19  Sharon  Street 
Wilson,  Charles,  dyer,  8  Smith  Street 
Wilson,  Elizabeth,  widow,  24  West  End 
Wilson,  Frank,  farmer,  Munnoch 
Wilson,  James,  miner,   19  Furnace  Row 
Wilson,  James,  manager,  Gas  Works 
Wilson,  James,  33  North  Street 
Wilson,  James,  labourer,  4  Dakota  Place 
Wilson,  James,  dyer,  34  North  Strjeet 
Wilson,  James,  platelayer,  4  Braehead 
Wilson,  Jane,  39  Vennal  Street 
Wilson,  John  M.,  joiner,  9  James  Street 
Wilson,  John,  warper,  32  New  Street 
Wilson,  Johnston,  miner,  Sawpit,  Sharon  Street 
Wilson,  Joseph,  91  New  Street 
Wilson,  J.  &  H.,  farmers,  East  Muirhouse 
Wilson,  Mary  G.,  widow,  15  Peesweep  Row 
Wilson,  Marion  T.,  teacher,  Gowanbank 
Wilson,  Robert,  groom,  Parkhill 
Wilson,  Robert,  porter,  Davidshill 
Wilson,  William,  farmer,  Todhills 
Wilson,  William,  King's  Arms  Hotel,  Cross 
Wilson,  William,  baker.  New  Street 
Wilson,  William,  teacher,  88  New  Street 
Winton,  Arthur,  stocktaker,  16  Templand  Road 
Winton,  David,  54  North  Street 
Winton,  John,  labourer,  11  Vennal  Street 
Winton,  Robert,  labourer,  16  Courthill 
Winton,  Thomas,  slater,  31   North  Street 
Winton,  Tom,  slater,  16  Templand  Road 
Winton,  William,  labourer,  43  Sharon  Street 
White,  Alexander,  contractor,  19  Vennal  Street 
White,  Elizabeth,  widow,  43  Sharon  Street 
Whitelaw,   Robert,  The  Studio,  Aitken  Street 
Whyte,  James,  irondresser,  Auchengree 
Whyte,  James,  steelworker,  Auchengree 
Whyte,  Robert,  steelworker,  Auchengree 
Woodside,  Jeanie  B.  R.  and  Margaret,  Artnox,  Braehead 
Wyatt,   Francis,  porter,  32  Merksworth  Avenue 
Wylie,  James,  insurance  agent,  16  Townend  Street 
Wylie,  Robert,  gamekeeper,   Howrat  Cottages 
Wyllie,  Alexander,  sr.,  farmer,    Warrcnhill 


Young,  Agnes,  widow,  6  Smith  Street 

Young,  Agnes  S.,  11  Smith  Street 

Young,  Alice  J.,  teacher,  Glenalva,  Russell  Drive 

Young,  Arthur,  publican,  32  North  Street 

Young,  David  A.,  engineer,  Aitkenard,  James  Street 

Young,  Hamilton,  labourer,  Cubeside 

Young,  Hugh,  11  Smith  Street 

Young,  James  G.,  publican,  Auld  Hoose,   Den.     Tel.  59x6 

Young,  Janie,  Abingdon,  James  Street 

Young,  Walter,  brickworker,  16  Garnock  Street 

Young,  William,  millworker,  43  Sharon  Street 


Agnew,  Agnes  L.,  Bellvue,  Kersland  Road 

Aitken,  David  G.,  solicitor,  Southend,  Kersland  Road.     Tel.  Beith  37 

Arnott,  James,  fireman,  Garnockholm  Street 

Barr,  Andrew,  surfaceman,  Station  Road 

Bell,  Robert,  smith,  Burnside  Street 

Blair,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  Garnockbank  Cottages,  West  Street 

Blair,  Samuel,  foreman,  Burnside  Street 

Burns,  Alexander,  labourer,  Burnside  Street 

Connell,  Mary,  millworker,  Main  Street 

Connelly,  Peter,  shoemaker,  Main  Street 

Craig,  Barbara,   Hazelbank 

Craig,    James    A.,    joiner,    Braefoot,    and    Hillcrest,    Kersland    Road. 

Tel.  99x4 
Cidlen,  Joseph,  Kersland  House 
Clydesdale  Bank,  Ltd.,  Main  Street 

Davis,  John,  steelworker,  Burnside  Street 
Dickson.  William,  labourer,   Burnside  Street 
Dillon,  John,  labourer,  Garnockholm  Street 
Dunn,  George,  smith,  Garnockholm  Street 

Eadie,  John,  publican,  Main  Street 

Frew,  James,  engineer,  Burnside  Street 

Gait,  Quinton,  clerk,  Mavis  Bank 
Gibson,  James,  .steelworker,  Burnside  Street 
Gilmour,  James,  polisher,  Main  Street 
Goodwin,  William,  timekeeper,  Burnside  Street 
Gorman,  Elizabeth,  widow,  Burnside  Street 
Graham,  Robert  A.,  labourer,  10  Burnside  Street 

Harris,  Andrew,  manager,  Burnbank,  Auchengree 
Hay,   Thomas,   10   Burnside  Street 
Higgins,  Hugh,  &  Sons,  grocers,  Main  Street 
Hunter,  William,  boilermaker,  Main  Street 

Jamieson,  James,  roofer,  Burnside  Street 


Kennedy,  Archibald,  craneman.  Main  Street 

Kerr,  Andrew,  engineer,  Glenview 

Kerr,  Grace  D.,  widow,  Glenside 

Kerr,   Robert,  engineer,  Croftfoot 

Kerr,   Robert,  &  Sons,  engineers  &  ironfounders,   Auchengree  Works 

Kerr,  Thomas,  Sylwood  Cottage 

Kilbirnie  Co-operative  Society,   Ltd.,   Garnockholm  Street.      Tel.  41 

King,  William  J.,  steelworker,  10  Bnrnside  Street 

Kirkwood,  Mrs.  Rachel,  West  Street 

Lawrie,   Archibald,   Bnrnside  Street 
Lindsay,  James,  steelworker,   10  Burnside  Street 
Logan,  Francis,  furnaceman.  Bnrnside  Street 
Lynn,   Dennis,  engine  driver,   10  Bnrnside  Street 

McAulay,  Charles,  labourer,  Station  Road 

McAulay,  Joseph,  Burnside  Street 

Macbride,  John,   Eshcol,   Kersland  Road 

McCafferty,  Charles,  labourer,   Garnockholm  Street 

McCafferty,  Matthew,  10  Burnside  Street 

McCormick,  David,  steelworker,  Station  Road 

McCulloch,  Mrs.  Helen,  Burnside  Street 

McCulloch,  Sarah  A.,  Burnside  Street 

McGratton,   Robert,  labourer,  Burnside  Street 

McKelvie,  James,  Kersland  House 

McKelvie,    Thomas,   labourer,    Burnside   Street 

McKelvie,  William,  craneman,  Main  Street 

Mackie,  David,  steelworker.  Station  Road 

McLaughland,  Thomas,  steelworker,  10  Burnside  Street 

McLean,  John,  steelworker.  Station  Road 

MeLeay,  Charlotte  C  widow,  Craigownie,  Kersland  Road 

McMillan,  Archibald,  labourer,  Burnside  Street 

McMillan,  Henry,  labourer,  10  Burnside  Street 

McMillan.   Hugh,  steelworker.  Station  Road 

McMillan,   Margaret,   Burnside  Street 

McMurdo,  John,  labourer,  Station  Road 

McTaggart,  Jessie,  Foundry  Cottage 

Marshall,  Mrs.  Annie,  Main  Street' 
Martin,  John,  steelworker.  Station  Road 
Martin,  Robert,  steelworker,  Burnside  Street 
Morrison,  Hugh,  steelworker,   Garnockholm  Street 
Morrison,    Hugh,   steelworker,    Burnside  Street 
Munro,  David,  carter,  Burnside  Street 
Murray,  Thomas,  labourer,  Mavis  Bank 

O'Hagan,  John,  clerk,  Mavis  Bank 
Orr,  Robert,  Burnside  Street 

Park,  George,  labourer,  Burnside  Street 
Pieroni,  Andrea,  confectioner,  Station  Road 

Reid,  James,  labourer,  Burnside  Street 

Robertson,  Andrew,  chemist,  Main  Street 

Robertson,   Dugald  G.,  patternmaker,   Burnside  Street 

Scottish  Dyers  &  Printers,  Ltd.,  Glengarnock.     Tel.  113 

Shields,  Thomas,  labourer,  Main  Street 
i  Simpson,  William  H.,  Foundry  Cottage 
!  Smith,  Thomas,  furnaceman,   Burnside  Street 
i  Spencer,  Mary,  10  Burnside  Street 

Strain,  Joseph,  engineer,  Garnockholm  Street 

j  Thomson,  Hugh,  steelworker,  Station  Road 
Tipping,  James,  labourer,   Garnockholm  Street 


Waldron,  William,  fireman,  Main  Street 
Wallace,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  Burnside  Street 
Wallace,  Thomas,  mechanic,  Burnside  Cottage 
Watt,  Mrs.   Barbara   K.,  publican,  Auchengree  Inn 
Weir,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,   Garnockholm  Street 
Whittaker,  Mary,   Burnside  Street 
Whyte,  James,  labourer,  Station  Road 
Williamson,   James,   steel  smelter,   Kersland  House 
Wilson,  Grace,  Garnockholm  Street 
Wright,  Robert,  iurnaceman,  Burnside  Street 
Wyatt,  Benjamin,  railwayman,  Main  Street 

Young,  Archibald,  labourer,  Main  Street 


Irvine  is  a  town  with  many  historical  associations.  It  was 
created  a  Royal  Burgh  by  Alexander  II.,  and  had  at  one 
time,  jurisdiction  over  the  whole  Cunningham  district  of 

It  was  here  that  the  Buchanites  were  formed,  and  were, 
subsequently,  expelled  by  the  magistrates.  It  is  the  birth- 
place of  James  Montgomery,  the  Christian  poet  ;  John 
Gait,  author  of  "  Annals  of  the  Parish  "  ;  Henry  Eckford, 
founder  of  the  U.S.A.  Navy  ;  and  Daniel  MacMillan,  founder 
of  MacMillan's  Publishing  House.  It  is  also  the  original 
home  of  the  Montgomeries,  the  Earls  of  Eglinton  and 

Among  its  more  than  locally  known  festivals  are  the 
Marymass  Races,  which  are  organised  yearly  by  the  Carter's 
Society,  and  run  on  Irvine  Moor,  where  part  of  the  Territorial 
Army  camp  in  the  Summer. 

It  has  been  known  for  many  centuries  as  a  town  of 
artificers,  and  it  is  known  to-day  for  glass  bottle  making, 
chemical  manufacture,  and  forging.  The  port  is  extensively 
used  for  coastwise  shipping  :  importing  timber,  iron,  and 
limestone,  and  exporting  coal,  bricks,  and  explosives. 



Approximate  Population  in  1935 — 12,032. 
Total  Gross  Valuation  in  1935— £82,120  13s. 
Assessment  per  £ — Owner,  4/10|- 
Occupier,  6/4 J. 


Provost — Wm.  R.  McKinlay. 

Town  Councillors — Bailie  R.  Scott,  Bailie  A.  B.  Dickie,  Bailie  D. 
McPhail,  Bailie  A.  Weir,  J.  Rubie,  A.  W.  Bradie,  John  Allan, 
Ex-Bailie  Lamont,  Councillor  W.  M.  Sloan,  Councillor 
Henderson,  W.  W.  Lamont,  John  Kennedy,  Charles  Bell, 
Thos.  Bimson,  Walter  Kelso,  and  T.  L.  Caddies. 

Town  Clerk — Alex.  R.  Wilson. 

Depute  Clerk — J.  N.  Murray. 

Burgh  Chamberlain — Hugh  MacQueen. 

Burgh  Surveyor — W.  L.  Weir. 

Municipal  Bank — Operated  by  Town  Officials. 

Burgh  Courts — Burgh  Buildings  at  10  a.m. 

Justices  of  the  Peace — J.  M.  Stewart,  Esq.,  Dr.  Thomson,  William 
Niblock,  Esq.,  Robert  Craig,  Esq.,  A.  M.  H.  Gillespie,  Esq., 
A.  B.  Dickie,  Esq.,  David  McPhail,  Esq.,  Robert  Howie,  Esq., 
M.  W.  Breckenrigde,  Esq.,  Dr.  Wilson,  Alexander  Muir,  Esq., 
Wm.  Shaw,  Esq.,  Robert  Laird,  Esq.,  Alexander  Campbell, 
Esq.,  John  Kennedy,  Esq.,  Arthue  E.  Howell,  Esq.,  James 
W.  Walker,  Esq.,  P.  S.  Clark,  Esq.,  Matthew  Lamont,  Esq., 
W.  H.  Roger,  Esq.,  John  King,  Esq.,  H.  M.  S.  Young,  Esq., 
J.  F.  Longmuir,  Esq.,  Hugh  C.  Reid,  Esq.,  George  Rubie,  Esq., 
R.  F.  Longmuir,  Esq.,  William  Douglas,  Esq.,  James  Clark, 
Esq.,  Dugald  McAlister,  Esq.,  William  S.  Watson,  Esq., 
and  George  Hunter,  Esq. 


Christian  Brethren,  10  Waterside — Per  Wm.  Leiper,  133  High  Street. 
Fullarton    Church    of    Scotland,    Church    Street — Minister,    Rev.    J. 

Paterson,  B.D,      Per  J.  D.  MacGregor,  10  Scott  Road,  Irvine. 
Irvine  Baptist  Church,  29   Bank  Street — Minister,  Rev.  A.  Cassells, 

M.A.      Per  Matthew  Goddard,  Eglinton  Street. 
Mure   Church   of  Scotland— Minister,    Rev.   J.    C.    Htll,    M.A.      Per 

Godfrey  T.  Hill,  Mure  Manse. 
Relief  Church  of  Scotland— Minister,  Rev.  S.  MacNab,  M.A.      Per  R. 

B.  Colvin,  14  Bridgegate. 


Roman  Catholic  Congregation,  15  West  Road — Per  Rev.  Joseph  C. 

Trinity  Church  of  Scotland,  Bridgegate — Minister,  Rev.  A.  King,  M.A. 

Per  A.  B.  Dickie,  23  West  Road. 
Wilsou-Fullarton    Church    of  Scotland,    7    Fullarton    Place — Minister, 

Rev.  J.  Wishart,  B.D.      Per  John  Baird,  147  Bank  Street. 


Bank  Street  School,  62  Bank  Street — Headmaster,  Mr.  W.  Thomson, 

East  Road  School,  49  East  Road — Headmistress,  Miss  McLarty. 
Montgomery  School.  3  Marress  Street — Headmaster,  Mr.  R.  Stewart, 

Irvine  Royal  Academy,  Irvine  Moor — Rector,  James  Porter. 
London  School,  29  Cochrane  Street — Headmaster,  Mr.  R.  Stewart, 


Cuninghame  House,  Irvine.     Tel.  48. 

Irvine  Infectious  Diseases  Hospital,  Irvine  Moor.     Tel.  135. 

H.M.  Offices— 

H.M.  Customs,  132  Harbour  Street. 

H.M.  Post  Office,  148  High  Street. 
Commissioners  of  H.M.  Works  and  Public  Buildings,  163  High  Street. 
Customs  and  Excise,  Customs  House.     Tel.  50. 
Constabulary  Station,  14  Cochrane  Street  and  68  High  Street. 


1st   Ayr   Troop    Boy    Scouts,    126   Montgomery    Street — -Per   M.    W. 

Breckenridge,  Caldwell,  Irvine. 
Ayrshire   Territorial   Army    Association,    Gailes   Road — -Headquarters, 

High  Street.      Tel.  60. 
Ayrshire  Territorial  Association,  71  East  Road — Per  Sergt.-Instructor 

Alex.  Clark. 
Bogside  Racecourse  Co.,  Ltd. 
Bovs'  Brigade,  1st  Irvine  Company — Peter  McNidder,  71  Dalrymple 

"  Drive.       Tel.  153. 
Boys'  Brigade,  2nd  Irvine  Company — T.  F.  Scott,  1  Thornhouse  Avenue. 
British  Legion,  133  High  Street — Per  George  McDonald,  30  Kilwinning 



ASSOCIATIONS,  CLUBS,  &c— Continued. 
Caledonian   Stadium   Co.,   69a   Bank   Street. 
Dundonald  Golf  Club,  Gailes,  Irvine.     Tel.  90. 
Eastern  Star — Mrs.  Annie  McAdam. 
Girl  Guides,  1st  Irvine  Company — Mary  Wishart,  Wilson-Fidlarton 

Glasgow  Golf  Club,  Gailes,  Irvine.     Tel.  47. 
Independent  Order  of  Good  Templars — Per  Thos.  King,  8  Glasgow 

Vermel,  Irvine. 
Irvine  Amateur  Rowing  Club,  Low  Green — Ebenezer  Bannatyne, 

34  Kilwinning  Road,  Irvine. 
Irvine    District    Nursing    Association — Per   J.    J.    Moffat,    Solicitor, 

Irvine  Greyhound  Racing  Co.,  25  Townhead — Per  Edward  M.  Ferney, 

25  Townhead,  Irvine. 
Irvine  Institute,  34  Bridgegate — Per  David  B.  Lamont,  20  Bridgegate, 

Irvine  Municipal  Golf  Club,  Kilwinning  Road — Per  Hugh  MacQueen, 

Burgh  Chamberlain. 
Irvine  Orange  Hall,  10  Kirkgate — Per  David  McDowell,  19  Gottries 

Road,  Irvine. 
Irvine  Plotholders'  Association,  69b  Bank  Street — Per  Thos.  Duff, 

11  Fullarton  Street,  Irvine. 
Irvine  Royal  Academy  Athletic  Club — Per  James  Porter,  112  Bank 

Street,  Irvine. 
Irvine  St.  Andrew's  Lodge  of  Freemasons,  No.  149,  16  Bank  Street. 

Per  James  Hay,  109  Muir  Drive,  Irvine. 
Irvine  Unionist  Club,  152  High  Street — Per  Alex.  Weir,  136  High 

Street,  Irvine. 
Irvine  Victoria  Football  Club,  Ayr  Road — Per  Alex.  Allan,  46  Kyle 

Terrace,  Ayr  Road,  Irvine. 
Irvine  Winton  Bowling  Club,  108  East  Road — Per  Robt.  Banks,  16 

Ayr  Road,  Irvine. 
Irvine  Y.M.C.A.,  23  High  Street— Per  Mr.  A.  McAllister. 
Knights  of  St.  Columba,  East  Road — Per  Thos.  Wolohan,  52  McKinlay 

Crescent,  Irvine. 
Meadow    XL   Football   Club — Per   James    D.    Mitchell,    11   Annick 

Road,  Irvine. 
Western  Football  League — Per  W.  J.  Dickson,  Thornhouse  Avenue, 

Irvine.     Tel.  69. 
Western  Golf  Club,  Gailes,  Irvine.      Tel.  157. 


Alma  Place  :    Cochrane  Street,  Church  Street. 

Aiinick  Road  :    Townhead,  Dreghorn. 

Ayr  Road,  off  Fullarton  Street. 

Ballot  Road  :    Continuation  of  Bank  Street. 

Bank  Street  :    High  Street,  Ballot  Road. 

Bridgegate  :    High  Street,  Fullarton  Place. 

Burns  Street  :    Eglinton  Road,  Eglinton  Street. 

Castle  Street,  off  Eglinton  Street. 

Chapel  Lane  :    Bridgegate,  High  Street. 

Church  Street  :    Alma  Place,  Marress  Street. 

Clark  Drive  :    Thornhouse  Avenue,  Gait  Avenue. 

Cochrane  Street  :    Alma  Place,  Montgomery  Street. 

Dalrymple  Drive,  off  Thornhouse  Avenue. 

East  Road  :    Bank  Street,  Townhead. 

Eglinton  Street  :    Burns  Street,  High  Street. 

Eglinton  Road  :    Burns  Street,  Kilwinning. 

Friars  Croft  Street  :    New  Street,  Waterside  Street. 

Fullarton  Place  :    Waterside  Street,  Bridgegate. 

Fullarton  Street,  off  Fullarton  Place. 

Gailes  Road,  off  Harbour  Street. 

Gait  Avenue  :    Muir  Drive,  Thornhouse  Avenue. 

Glasgow  Vennel  :    Townhead,  East  Road. 

Gottries  Road  :    Montgomery  Street,  Gailes  Road. 

Harbour  Street  :    Harbour,  Gottries  Road. 

High  Street  :    Seagate,  Townhead. 

Hill  Street  :    Bridgegate,  Kirkgate. 

John  Street  :    Harbour  Street,  Peter  Street. 

Kilwinning  Road  :    Burns  Street,  Kilwinning. 

Kirk  Vennel,  off  Townhead. 

Kirkgate,  off  Townhead 

Loudon  Street  :    Montgomery  Street,  Fullarton  Place. 

Low  Green,  off  Bridgegate. 

McKinlay  Crescent,  off  Ayr  Road. 

Marress  Street  :    Church  Street,  Friar's  Croft  Street. 

Mill  Road,  off  Townhead. 

Montgomery  Street  :    Gottries  Road,  Waterside  Street. 

Muir  Drive,  off  Thornhouse  Avenue. 

New  Street  :    Church  Street,  Montgomery  Street. 

Quarry  Road,  off  Eglinton  Street. 

Scott  Road,  off  Ayr  Road. 

Seagate  :    Castle  Street,  High  Street. 

St.  Inan  Avenue  :    Muir  Drive,  Dalrymple  Drive. 

Thornhouse  Avenue  :    Cotton  Row,  Dalrymple  Drive. 

Townhead  :    High  Street,  Annick  Road. 

Waterside  Street,  off  Montgomery  Street. 

West  Road  :    Bridgegate,  Castle  Street. 


A.l   Bus  Association,  17  Eglinton  Street.      Tel.  146 

Abercrombie,  Mrs.  A.,  widow,  118  Fullarton  Street 

Abercrombie,  James,  fumaceman,  72  Dalrymple  drive 

Abercrombie,  John,  labourer,  114  Fullarton  Street 

Abercrombie,  Mrs.  M.,  widow,  114  Montgomery  Street 

Abercrombie,  William,  miner,  8  Scott  Road 

Abram,  Norman,  merchant,  13  West  Road 

Acton,  W.  B.,  civil  engineer,  6  Church  Street 

Adams,  David,  miner,  25  Seagate 

Adams,  John,  labourer,  77  Fullarton  Street 

Adams,  Joseph,  general  dealer,  32  East  Road 

Adams,  Robert,  labourer,  25  Seagate 

Adams,  Robert,  packer,  6  M'Kinlay  Crescent 

Adams,  William,  miner,  70  Fullarton  Street 

Agnew,  Andrew,  gardener,  43  Montgomery  Street 

Agnew,  Claude,  26  East  Road 

Agnew,  Mrs.  James,  widow,  13  East  Road 

Agnew,  Mrs.  Mary,  36  London  Street 

Agnew,  Samuel,  miner,  48  Gait  Avenue 

Aird,  Mrs.  Emily,  widow,  6  Bank  Street 

Aitchison,  Thomas,  engineer,  33  Cochrane  Street 

Aitken,  Adam,  upholsterer,  47   Gait  Avenue 

Ait  ken,  Allan,  joiner,  8  Mill  Road 

Aitken,  Andrew,  farrier,  17  Annick  Road 

Aitken,  Andrew,  mason,  39  Townhead 

Aitken,  Mrs.  Emily,  widow,  33  Seagate 

Aitken,  James,  smith,  78  Muir  Drive 

Aitken,   Mrs.  Jessie,  widow,   17  Townhead 

Aitken,  John,  engineer,  64  East  Road 

Aitken,  John,  railway  agent,  58  Montgomery  Street 

Aitken.   Robert,  retired,  4  Annick  Road 

Aitken.  William,  railway  worker,  31  Cochrane  Street 

Aitken.  William,  plumber,  13  Annick  Road 

Aitken.   Mrs.    \Y.,   widow,   2   Cochrane   Street 

Alexander,  Elizabeth,  widow,  4  Eglinton  Street 

Alexander,  Mrs.  Louisa,  milliner,  61   Bridgegate  and  146  High  Street 

Alexander,  James,  traveller,  73  High  Street 

Alexander,  Mary,  widow,  41   West  Road 

Alexander,  Mrs.  Mary,  clothier,  17  Fullarton  Place 

Alexander,  Robert,  tailor,  27  Muir  Drive 

Alexander,  Robert,  joiner,  86  Montgomery  Street 

Allan,  Alexander,  postman,  46  Ayr  Road 

Allan,  George,  labourer,  42  High  Street 

Allan,  Hugh  H.,  insurance  agent,  Alban,  Annick  Road 

Allan,  John,  teacher,  43  Muir  Drive 

Allan,  John  H.,  engineer,  38  Townhead 

Allan,  Mrs.  Mary  D.,  14  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Allardyce,  William,  labourer,  24  Fullarton  Street 

Allison,  Alexander,  20  Townhead 

Allison,  Mrs.  Christina,  7  Hill  Street 

Allison,  Mrs.  J.,  16  Cochrane  Street 

Allison,  Robert  D.,  writer,  9  Burns  Street.     Tel.  295 

Allison,  William,  draper,  89,  91-93  High  Street.     Tel.  57 

Alpine,  R.  L.,  &  Co.,  coal  agents,  128  Harbour  Street.     Tel.  176 

Anderson,  Alexander  M.,  seaman,  12  John  Street 

Anderson,  Charles,  slater,  14  East  Road 

Anderson,  Frank  B.,  126  Bank  Street 

Anderson,  George,  labourer,  33  East  Road 

Anderson,   Hugh,  grocery  manager,  53  Gait  Avenue 

Anderson,  Hugh,  100  Harbour  Street 

Anderson,  James,  builder,  46  Waterside.     Tel.  245 

Anderson,  James,  labourer,  150  Harbour  Street 

Anderson,  John,  &  Sons,  Ltd.,  grain  merchants,  7  Quarry  Road.     Tel. 

Anderson,  John,  grain  merchant,  16  Kilwinning  Road 
Anderson,  John,   19  Fullarton  Street 


Anderson,  John,  11   Tliornhouse  Avenue 

Anderson,  Maggie,  26  Kirkgate 

Anderson,  Mrs.  Mary,  57  Montgomery  Street 

Anderson,  Matthew  L.,  slater,  18  East  Road 

Anderson,  Peter,  96  Harbour  Street 

Anderson,  Robert,  traveller,  1  West  Road 

Anderson,  Samuel,  carrier,  16  London  Street 

Anderson,  Samuel,  carrier,  New  Street 

Anderson,  Thos.  T.,  merchant,  145  Bank  Street 

Anderson,  William,  slater,  3  Hill  Street 

Andrew,  Mrs.  J.,  widow,  130  Harbour  Street 

Andrew,  James,  railway  worker,  32  Friar's  Croft 

Anderson,  Richard  S.,  foreman,  18  Townhead 

Anderson,  Robert,  plumber,  13  High  Street 

Anderson,  Mrs.  W.,  widow,  28  Waterside 

Andross,  Mary,  widow,  104  Bank  Street 

Angus,  Alexander  A.,  cycle  agent,  12  Mill  Road  and  140  High  Street 

Angus,  George,  lampman,  2  Clark  Drive 

Annal,  David,  miner,  12  John  Street 

Annan,  Thomas,  teacher,  15  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Archibald.  Douglas,  38  Waterside 

Archibald,  John,  forger,  113  Dalrymple  Drive 

Arkieson,  Joseph,  miner,  87  Fullarton  Street 

Arkison,  Hugh,  miner,  116  East  Road 

Arkison,  John,  miner,  35  Dalrymple  Drive 

Arkison,  Joseph,  miner,   116  East  Road 

Arkison,  Joseph,  miner,  6  Quarry  Road 

Arkison,  Joseph,  labourer,  10  Quarry  Road 

Armour,  John,  architect,  43  Bridgegate.     Tel.  79 

Armstrong,  Hugh,  labourer,  26  Cochrane  Street 

Armstrong,  James,  labourer,  25  Gottries  Road 

Armstrong,  Robert,  28  Cochrane  Street 

Axford,  Isaac,  sculptor,  4  Muir  Drive 

Axford,  Sarah,  widow,  27  Gottries  Road 

Avles,  Carrington,  teacher,  20  Muir  Drive 

Ayrshire  Dockyard  Co.,  Ltd.,  Church  Street.     Tel.  171 

Baillie,  Alexander,  fireman,  16  Cochrane  Street 

Baillie,  H.  Kerr,  C.A.,  67  High  Street.     Tel.  256 

Baillie,  James,  motorman,  56  Bridgegate 

Bain,  Rubina  W.,  teacher,  88  Bank  Street 

Baird,  Hamilton  C,  labourer,  56  Fullarton  terrace 

Baird,  John,  cashier,  147  Bank  Street 

Baird,  William,  blacksmith,  19  Cochrane  Street 

Ballantyne,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  32  Townhead 

Balmer,  James,  contractor,  9  Friars  Croft       Tel.   165. 

Balmer,  John,  motor  driver,  7  Friars  Croft 

Balmer,  Robert,  motor  driver,  7  Friars  Croft 

Bamford,  Charles,  9  McKinlay  Crescent 

Banks,  Campbell,  electrician,  3  Bridgegate  and  47  Kirkgate     Tel.   196. 

Banks,  Robert,  clerk,  16  Ayr  Road 

Banks,  William,  motor  driver,  33  Seagate 

Bannagan,   Edward,  smith,  70  East  Road 

Bannagan,  Peter,  34  Burns  Street 

Bannatyne,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  34  Kilwinning  Road.     Tel.  233 

Bannerman,  Martha,  widow,  1  Quarry  Road 

Barbour,  Mrs.  J.,  hosiery  worker,  7  Annick  Road 

Barclay,   Alexander,  bobbin  maker,  39   Dalrymple  Drive 

Barclay,  Henry,  machineman,  148  High  Street 

Barelaj\  William,  machineman,  30  Montgomery  Street 

Barlow,  Henry,  labourer,  176  High  Street 

Barr,  Daniel,  miner,  39  Fullarton  Street 

Barr,  James,  miner,  19  Townhead 

Barr,  James,  miner,  27  High  Street 

Barr,  Jessie  A.,  61   Bank  Street 


Barr,  John,  joiner,  7  Clark  Drive 

Barr,  John,  painter,  13  Cochrane  Street 

Barr,  John,  11  Friars  Croft 

Barr,  Mary,  widow,  1  Loudon  Street 

Barr,  Mrs.  Matilda,  widow,  12  Townhead 

Barr,  Matthew,  clerk,  122  Montgomery  Street 

Barr,   Mrs.  Sarah,  44  Harbour  Street 

Barr,  William,  labourer,  144  High  Street 

Barrie,  Francis,  widow,  39  Muir  Drive 

Barrowman,  George,  butcher,  29  Bridgegate 

Batchelor,  Andrew,  75  McKinlay  Crescent 

Batchelor,  James,  g'ardener,  33  Townhead 

Bates,  Victor,  chemist,  16  Muir  Drive 

Baxter,  John,  fireman,  5  Kirk  Vennal 

Beaugie,  John,  clerk,  17  Dalrymple  Drive 

Beaton,  Archibald,  engineer,  150  Harbour  Street 

Beaton,  Kenneth,  craneman,  170  Harbour  Street 

Beaton,  Mrs.  Margaret,  106  Harbour  Street 

Beattie,  Mrs.  Agnes,  104  East  Road 

B.eattie,  Agnes,  widow,  43  Townhead 

Beattie,  John,  watchman,  6  High  Street 

Begg,  Adam,  storekeeper,  45  Kirkgate 

Begg,  George  K.,  printer,  47  Muir  Drive 

Begg,  James,  plumber,  6  Ayr  Road 

Begg,  John  S.,  printer,  3  Bridgegate 

Begg,  John  S.  &  G.  K.,  stationers,  97  High  Street.     Tel.  161 

Begg,  Mary  S.,  teacher,  82  Bank  Street 

Begley,  Catherine,  widow,  76  McKinlay  Crescent 

Begley,  Mrs.  Keziah,  widow,  11   Gottries  Road 

Bell  &  Smith,  motor  agents,  1  Burns  Street.     Tel.  224 

Bell,  Andrew,  labourer,  28  Kirkgate 

Bell,  Charles,  miner,  6  St.  Inan  Avenue 

Bell,  David,  4  Glasgow  Vennel 

Bell,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  J.,  158  High  Street 

Bell,  Frances  D.,  widow,  3-5  Eglinton  Street 

Bell,  Hugh,  xjainter,  45  McKinlay  Crescent 

Bell,  James,  labourer,  4  Quarry  Road 

Bell,  James,  painter,  53  Townhead 

Bell,  John,  labourer,  16  Bridgegate 

Bell,  John,  19  Eglinton  Street 

Bell,  Joseph,  miner,  14  St.  Inan  Avenue 

Bell,  Thomas,  railway  worker,  87  Fullarton  Street 

Bell,  Thomas,  painter,  138  Harbour  Street 

Bell,  Thomas,  labourer,  3  Waterside 

Bell,  Thomas  H.,  labourer,  101  Montgomery  Street 

Bell,  William,  labourer,  8  Friars  Croft 

Bennet,  Frank,  railwayman,  18  Friars  Croft 

Bennet,  Henry,  labourer,  116  Montgomery  Street 

Bennet,  Robert,  lorryman,  87  Fullarton  Street 

Bennett,  John,  1  East  Road 

Bennie,  Elizabeth,  widow,  18  Gait  Avenue 

Benzie,  Robert  G.,  fish  merchant,  7  Glasgow  Vennel 

Berry,  Joseph,  labourer,  106  Harbour  Street 

Berryman,  Thomas,  labourer,  19  Gottries  Road 

Beveridge,  Henry,  loftsman,  11  Cochrane  Street 

Beveridge,  Hugh,  4  Glasgow  Vennel 

Beveridge,  John,  labourer,  42  High  Street 

Bicker,  Agnes,  widow,  12  Harbour  Street 

Bicker,  Daniel,  2  Friars  Croft 

Bicker,  Duncan,  joiner,  34  McKinlay  Crescent 

Bickers,  Elizabeth,  widow,  32  Gottries  Road 

Bickers,  John,  machinist,  26  Townhead 

Bicker,  John,  blockmaker,  57  Kirkgate 

Bicker,  Mungo,  8  Harbour  Street 

Bicker,  S,.  widow,  8  John  Street 

Bigham,  Charles,  miner,  29  High  Street 

Bigham,  James,  hammerman,  31  Friars  Croft 

Bilby,  George,  labourer,  58  Fullarton  Street 


Birnson,  Thomas,  bank  sub-agent,  92  Bank  Street 

Bingham,  Albert,  mould  polisher,  30  Gait  Avenue 

Bingham,  Alfred,  bottle  worker,  10  John  Street 

Bingham,  Mrs.  Rachel,  71  Fullarton  Street 

Biruie,  William;  vanman,  47  Clark  Drive 

Birrell,  Ltd.,  113  High  Street 

Bissct,  Francis,  railway  porter,  22  Friars  Croft 

Black,  Alexander,  guard,  98  East  Road 

Black,  David,  miner,  12  Townhead 

Black,   David,  miner,  37  Fullarton  Street 

Black,  George,  labourer,  91   Dalrymple  Drive 

Black,  George,  jr.,  96  Harbour  Street 

Black,  Mrs.  Jean,  grocer    139  and  141  High  Street.      Tel.  83 

Black,  John,  joiner,  44  Harbour  Street 

Black,  Kate,  registrar  of  births,  &c,  77  Clark  Drive 

Black,  Matthew,  caulker,  5  Clark  Drive 

Black,   Oliver,  bridge  repairer,  120  Montgomeiy  Street 

Black,  Peter  M.,  machineman,  41   Dalrymple  Drive 

Black,  Robert,  miner,  37  Fullarton  Street 

Black,  Robert  B.,  grocer,  11  Anniek  Road 

Black,  William,  mason,   16  Bank  Street 

Black,  William,  64  Harbour  Street 

Black,  William,  joiner,  16  Townhead 

Black,  William,  steam  waggon  driver,  183  High  Street 

Blackburn,  Andrew,  labourer,  19  Gottries  Road 

Blackburn,  Thomas,  32  Eglinton  Street 

Blackley,  James,  7  Waterside 

Blackley,  James,  foreman  coalman,   12  Montgomery  Street 

Blackley    James,  labourer,  13  Gottries  Road 

Blackley,  John,  engineer,  103  Montgomery  Street 

Blackley,  John,  labourer,  2  Kirkgate 

Blackley,  Robert,  labourer,  53  Fullarton  Street 

Blackley,  Robert,  carter,  105  Montgomery  Street 

Blair,  Archibald  S.,  caterer,  34  Bridgegate 

Blair,  Catherine,  cook,  170  Harbour  Street 

Blair,  Margaret,  widow,  14  Harbour  Street 

Blakely,  John,  labourer,  138  Harbour  Street 

Blaney,  John,  foreman,  26  Church  Street 

Bleakley,  John,  labourer,  8  John  Street 

Bleakley,  Joseph,  chemical  worker,  150  Harbour  Street 

Bleakley,  Joseph,  labourer,  13  Gait  Avenue 

Bogside  Sand  Quarries,  6  Eglinton  Street.     Tel.  234 

Bonar,  John,  signalman,  30   East  Road 

Bond,  Capt.  Robert  A.,  30  West  Road 

Borland,  Andrew,  teacher,  1  Muir  Drive 

Borland,  David,  mason,  21  New  Street 

Borland,  Mrs.  Jessie  A.  J.,  2  Low  Green.      Tel.  63 

Borland,   Thomas   W.,  seedsman,  90  East  Road.      Tel.  96 

Borthwick,   Robert,   Barracks,  Cochrane  Street 

Botwright,  Harry,  clerk,  6  Burns  Street 

Botwright,   Mrs.   Isabella,  laundress,   6   Burns  Street 

Bowler,  Arnold,  clerk,  64  Muir  Drive 

Bowman,  John,  watchman,  22  Clark  Drive 

Bowman,  William  A.,  joiner,  66  Clark  Drive 

Boyd  &  Wilson,  solicitors,  22  Bank  Street       Tel.  155 

Boyd,  Gavin  G.,  miner,   14  Ballot  Road 

Boyd,  Hugh,  miner,  165  High  Street 

Boyd,   Hugh,  miner,  52  Townhead 

Boyd,   Hugh,  synthetic  stone  worker,  33  Montgomery  Street 

Boyd,  Mrs.  James,  widow,  56  Harbour  Street 

Boyd,  Jessie,  14  High  Street 

Boyd,  Mrs.  John,  widow,  56  Harbour  Street 

Boyd,  John,  engineer,  30  Montgomery  Street 

Boyd,  Margaret' G.,  28  West  Road 

Boyd,  Mary.  78  East  Road 

Bovd,  Matthew  A.,  draper,  38  West  Road 

Boyd,  Thomas,  42   High  Street 

Boyd,  Thomas,  labourer,  82  Fullarton  Street 


Boyd.  Thomas,  carpenter,  27  Cochrane  Street 

Boyd,  William,  agent,  28  West  Road 

Boyd,  William,  railwayman,  2  Cochrane  Street 

Boyd,  William,  labourer,  7  Glasgow  Vermel 

Boyd,  William,  &  Co.,  2  Eglinton  Street  Tel.  234 

Boyle,  Janet,  widow,  31   Kilwinning  Road 

Boyle,   Robert,  blacksmith,  4  McKinlay  Crescent 

Brady,  Arthur  W.,  clothier,  5  New  Street,  and  75  Montgomery  Street. 

Tel.  129 
Bradley,  Daniel,  labourer,  156  Harbour  Street 
Braid,  Andrew,  blacksmith,  5  Quarry  Road 
Braid,  Andrew,  smith,  2  Burns  Street 
Bramanti,  Guiseppe,  confectioner,  24  and  30  Bridgegate 
Braun,  George,  timekeeper,  48  Muir  Drive 
Brash,  John,  smith,  124  Montgomery  Street 
Brawley,  James,  1  Cochrane  Street 
Brawley,  John,  miner,  100  East  Road 
Brebner,  Agnes,  confectioner,  72   Harbour  Street 
Brebner,  A.  &  R.,  88  Harbour  Street 

Breckenridge,   Andrew  M.,  merchant,  9  Kilwinning  Road.     Tel.  6 
Breckenridge,  M.  W.,  merchant,  18  Kilwinning  Road.     Tel.  2 
Breckenridge,   Matthew,   confectioner,   26  Montgomery  Street 
Breckenridge,   Matthew,  railway  worker,  70  Fullarton  Street 
Breckenridge,   William,   merchant,   7   Kilwinning  Road.     Tel.   106 
Brecknock,  Albert  H.,  instructor,  19  High  Street 
British  Linen  Bank,  52  Bridgegate.      Tel.  273 
British  Phenoloids  Co.,  Ltd.,   Gailes  Road 

British  Textile  Manufacturing  Co.,  Ltd.,  35  Church  Street.      Tel.  87 
Brodie,  Gavin  F.,  retired,  110  Bank  Street 
Brodie,  William,  smith,  165  High  Street 
Brooks,  James,  joiner,  82  Harbour  Street 
Broomlands  Dairy  Co.,  Ltd.,  90  High  Street.     Tel.  150 
Brown,  Agnes,  widow,  17  Friars  Croft 
Brown,  Alexander  A.,  mason,  114  Bank  Street 
Brown,  Alexander,  miner,  16  Bridgegate 
Brown,  Andrew,  miner,  53  Clark  Drive 
Brown,  Annie,  widow,  21   Gait  Avenue 
Brown,  Archibald,  bricklayer,   13  Hill  Street 
Brown,  Archibald,  vanman,  10  Annick  Road 
Brown,   David,  miner,  15  Bast  Road 
Brown,   George,  miner,  52  Townhead 
Brown,  George,  12  M'Kinlay  Crescent 
Brown,   Henry,  labourer,   14  Harbour  Street 
Brown,  Henry,  miner,  19  Kirkgate 

Brown  &  Co.,  ironfounders,  5   Gottries   Road.     Tel.   124 
Brown,   Hugh,  engineer,  21   Friars  Croft 
Brown,  Hugh,  labourer,  108  Montgomery  Street 
Brown,  Isabella,  baker,  45  Montgomery  Street 
Brown,  James,  plater's  helper,  18  Friars  Croft 
Brown,  James,  4  John  Street 
Brown,  James  B.,  shipwright,  14  Ayr  Road 
Brown,  Janet,  fruiterer,  8  Bridgegate 
Brown,  Janet,  widow,  8  Friars  Croft 
Brown,  Mrs.  Jeanic  W.,  widow,  72  Ayr  Road 
Brown,  John,  nunc]',  13  Kirkgate 
Brown,  John,  motor  driver,  72  McKinlay  Crescent 
Brown,  Joseph,  labourer,  78  Montgomery  Street 
Brown,  Mrs.  M.,  widow,  41   Muir  Drive 
Brown,   Margaret,  tobacconist,  4  Bridgegate 
Brown,  Margaret,  widow,  66  Bank  Street 
Brown,  Margaret,  28  Friars  Croft 
Brown,   Martha,  widow,  7  Seagate 
Brown,  Robert,  draper,  2  Hill  Street 
Brown,   Robert,  ironfounder.  210  Bank  Street 
Brown,  Robert,  engineer,  14  Harbour  Street 
Brown,  Robert,  labourer,  38  Muir  Drive 
Brown,   Robert,  labourer,  60  Harbour  Street 
Brown,  Samuel,   blacksmith,   19  Seagate 


Brown,  Samuel,  engineer,  93  Montgomery  Street 

Brown,  Thomas,  joiner,  85  Dairy mple  Drive 

Brown,  Thomas,  rivetter,  6  High  Street 

Brown,  William,  labourer,  60  Harbour  Street 

Brown,   William,  labourer,  20  Gottries  Road 

Brown,   William,  vanman,  72  Montgomery  Street 

Brown,  William,  miner,  27  Clark  Drive 

Brown,  William,  ironmoulder,  15  Clark  Drive 

Brown,  Williani,  labourer,  22  East  Road 

Brown,  William,  farm  worker,  56  Bridgegate 

Browning,  John,  vanman,  28  Hill  Street 

Bruce,   David,  fishmonger,   14  Bridgegate 

Bruce,  Elizabeth,  widow,  40  Bank  Street 

Bruton,  William  G.,  electrician,  13  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Bryce,  William,  dairyman,  4-6  Waterside 

Bryden,  Neil,  sawyer,  120  Montgomery  Street 

Bryson,  John  W.,  rector  emeritus,  40  Waterside 

Buchanan  &  Co.,  chemist,   150   High  Street.     Tel.  249 

Buchanan,  David,  tailor,  52  Clark  Drive 

Buchanan,  Mrs.   Hannah,   150  High  Street 

Buchanan,  Mrs.  Hannah,  19  West  Road 

Buchanan,  John,  labourer,  93  Fullarton  Street 

Burgess,  Robert,  plumber,  10  St.  Inan  Avenue 

Burgess,  William,  salesman,  48  Townhead 

Burley,  Albert,  4  Ballot  Road 

Burley,  Frederick  T.,  19  Mill  Road 

Burns,  Alexander,  hammerman,  86  Montgomery  Street 

Burns,  Alexander,  35  Fullarton  Street 

Burns,  Andrew,  miner,  48  East  Road 

Burns,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  33  Seagate 

Burns,  Euphemia,  widow,  22  Cochrane  Street 

Burns,  John,  hosiery  worker,  159  High  Street 

Burns,  Joseph,  labourer,  159  High  Street 

Burns,  Mary,  widow,  52  High  Street 

Burns,  Samuel,  138  Harbour  Street 

Burns,  Samuel,  30  Townhead 

Burns,  William,  labourer,  27  Gottries  Road 

Burns,  William  T.,  blacksmith,  37  Clark  Drive 

Butcher,  Daniel  R.,  sheet  iron  worker,  36  East  Road 

Butler,  James,  blockmaker,   11    Dalrymple  Drive 

Buttercup   Dairy  Co.,  85  High  Street 

Byron,  John,  miner,  12  Ballot  Road 

Caddies,  Agnes,  70  Waterside 

Caddies,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  52  Waterside 

Caddies,  Joseph,  director,  99  Bank  Street 

Caddies,  Robert  F.,  hairdresser,  10  Fullarton  Place.     Tel.  284 

Cairney,  Henry,  miner,  110  Fullarton  Street 

Cairney,  James,  miner,  114  Montgomery  Street 

Cairney,  James,  miner,  50  Fullarton  Terrace 

Cairns.  Alexander,  40  Fullarton  Street 

Cairns,  Alexander,  fireman,  32  East  Road 

Cairns,  Daniel,  miner,  12  East  Road 

Cairns,   Daniel,  miner,  38  Gait  Avenue 

Cairns,  Daniel,  57  Clark  Drive 

Cairns,  Hulbert,  mechanic,  17  Townhead 

Cairns,  John,  labourer,  44  Fullarton  Street 

Cairns,  Mrs.  John,  40  Loudon  Street 

Cairns,    Robert,   miner.   3   Waterside 

Cairns,  William,  gardener,  120  Montgomery  Street 

Cairns,  William,  stager,  24  Townhead 

Calder  Glen  Laundry  Co.,  60  Fullarton  Street.     Tel.  168 

Calderwood,  Jack,  greenkeeper,  15  Seagate 

Calderwood,  Maggie,  widow,  20  Friars  Croft 

Calderwood,   William,  greenkeeper,  34  Kirkgate 


Caldwell,  James,  63  MoKinlay  Orescent 
Calvert,  Robert,  boilerrnaker,  34  Waterside 
Cameron,  Thomas,  seaman,  122  Montgomery  Street 
Camlin,  Alexander,  labourer,  3  St.  Inan  Avenue 
Camlin,  Sarah,  widow,  16  Fullarton  Place 
Campbell  &  Cook,  .ioiners,  63  East  Road.     Tel.  66 
Campbell  &  Martin,  painters,  West  Road.     Tel.  279 
Campbell,  Agnes,  dressmaker,  6  Burns  Street 
Campbell,  Alexander,  gardener,  212  Bank  Street 
Campbell,    Alexander,   slater,  73  Montgomery  Street 
Campbell,  Archibald,  labourer,  24  Friars  Croft 
Campbell,   David,  labourer,  6  Quarry  Road 
Campbell,   Donald,  joiner,  86  Montgomery  Street 
Campbell,  Edward,  plater's  helper,  103  Muir  Drive 
Campbell,  Elizabeth,  23  Eglinton  Street 
Campbell,  Mrs.  George,  widow,  30  East  Road 
Campbell,  George,  hammerman,  13  Quarry  Road 
Campbell,   George,  stoker,  21   Kirk  "Vennel 
Campbell,  George,  carpenter,  30  Montgomery  Street 
Campbell,  Gilbert,  labourer,  15  Kirkgate 
Campbell,  Hugh,  labourer,  66  McKinlay  Crescent 
Campbell,  James,  rivetter,  2  St.  Inan  Avenue 
Campbell,  James,  labourer,  42  High  Street 
Campbell,  James,  mason,  30  Burns  Street 
Campbell,  James  M.,  dentist,  7  Bank  Street.      Tel.  298 
Campbell,  James,  labourer,  91   Fullarton  Street 
Campbell,  James,  labourer,  114  East  Road 
Campbell,  James,  miner,  35  Friars  Croft 
Campbell,  John  P.,  Rosyln,  Bank  Street 
Campbell,  John,  coal  merchant,  22  McKinlay  Crescent 
Campbell,  John,  shipping  agent,  95  Bank  Street 

Campbell,  John,  confectioner,  20  Annick  Road 

Campbell,  John,  boatman,  33  Cochrane  Street 

Campbell,    John    K.,    shipbroker,    45    Bank    Street    and    126    Harbour 
Street.     Tel.  193 

Campbell,  Margaret  G.,  teacher,  26  West  Road 

Campbell,  Martha,  widow,  102  East  Road 

Campbell,  Mary,  183  High  Street 

Campbell,  Matilda,  widow,  34  Harbour  Street 

Campbell,  Michael,  labourer,  20  Loudon  Street 

Campbell,  Norman,  64  East  Road 

Campbell,  Samuel,  forger,  11  Frairs  Croft 

Campbell,  Thomas,  painter,  20  West  Road 

Campbell,  Thomas,  joiner,  72  Clark  Drive 

Campbell,  Mrs.  W.,  widow,  138  Harbour  Street 

Campbell,  William,  craneman,  138  Harbour  Street 

Campbell,  William,  24  Friars  Croft 

Campbell,  William,  miner,  3  Burns  Street 

Campbell,   William,   miner,   78   East  Road 

Carlin,  Patrick,  painter,  19-21   Fullarton  Street 

Carlin,  Patrick,  51  McKinlay  Crescent 

Carlin,  Thomas,  driller,  10  Loudon  Street 

Carnduff,  Mrs.  Agnes,  milliner,  122  Bank  Street 

Carnduff,  Agnes  &  Margaret,  milliners,  45  Bridgegate 

Carruthers,  George,  7  Bank  Street 

Carson  &  Co.,  plumbers,  20  Quarry  Road.     Tel.  280 

Carson,  Agnes  M.,  grocer,  54  Montgomery  Street  and  107  High  Street. 
Tel.  192 

Carson,  Alexander,  labourer,  20  Loudon  Street 

Carson,  Angus  S.,  plumber,  7  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Carson,  Donald  S.,  clerk,  92  Fullarton  Street 

Carson,  James,  50  Harbour  Street 

Carson,  .John,  retired,  16   Dalrymple  Drive 

Carson,  Mrs.  John,  20  Loudon  Street 

Carson,  Joseph,  labourer,  89  Dalrymple  Drive 

Carson,  Thomas  S.,  painter,  61   Dalrymple  Drive 

Carswell,  William,  French  polisher,  29  New  Street 

Cassells  &  King,  radio  engineers,  86  High  Street.     Tel.  296 


Caesells.   Rev.  Alexander  M.,   M.A..   11    Kilwinning  Road 

Cassells,   Harold.  86   High  Street 

Castlebank  Laundry  Co.,  9  Bridgegate 

Chalmers,  George,  engineer,   1  Clark  Drive 

Chalmers,  John,  27  McKinlay  Crescent 

Chalmers,  Mary,  widow,  107  Montgomery  Srreet 

Chalmers,    Robert,   labourer,   36   Montgomery  Street 

Chalmers,   Robert,  labourer,  74  Muir  Drive 

Chalmers,  William,  labourer.  19  Montgomery  Street 

Chapelle,  Herbert,  17  High  Street 

Chisholm,  Roderick,  labourer,  22  Friars  Croft 

Christie,  Agnes,  widow,  78  Clark  Drive 

Christie,   Harry  B.,  shoemaker,  45  Dalrymplc  Drive 

Christie,  Robert,  shoemaker,  133  High  Street 

Christie,  Robert,  shoemaker,  6  Chapel  Lane 

Clark,  Agnes,  widow,  134  High  Street 

Clark,  Andrew,  joiner,  35  Clark  Drive 

Clark,  Andrew,  joiner,  8  Gait  Avenue 

Clark,  Allan  B.,  school  teacher,  9  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Clark,  Edward,  watchman,  28  Gait  Avenue 

Clark,  Elizabeth,  dressmaker,  20  Seagate 

Clark,  Euphemia,  widow,  29  Cochrane  Street 

Clark,  James,  joiner,  57  Clark  Drive 

Clark,  John,  miner,  19  Kirkgate 

Clark,  John,  plumber,  22  Seagate 

Clark,  John,  retired,  31   Muir  Drive 

Clark,  Lawrence,  miner,  36  Townhead 

Clark,  Lawrence,  labourer,  91   Fullarton  Street 

Clark,  Mrs.  Margaret,   16   Eglinton  Street 

Clark,  Peter  S.,  Excise  officer,  14  Eglinton  Street.      Tel.  30 

Clark,  Robert,  miner,  24  Quarry  Road 

Clark,  Robert,  caulker,  6  High  Street 

Clark,  Robert,  blacksmith,  29  Cochrane  Street 

Clark,  Samuel,  labourer,  64  High  Street 

Clark,  Samuel,  carter,  27  High  Street 

Clark,  Thomas,  39  McKinlay  Crescent 

Clark,  William,  baker,  15  Kirk  Vennel 

Clark,  William,  carter,  26  Cochrane  Street 

Clark,  William  M.,  dentist,  155  High  Street.     Tel.  290 

Clarkson,  Mrs.  Helen,  10  East  Road 

Clarkson,  William,  clerk,  4  Kirk  Vennel 

Clarkson,  William,  &  Son,  compositors,  44  Bank  Street 

Clayton,  Mrs.  Isabella,  80  Waterside 

Clelland,  John,  baker,  50  Gait  Avenue 

Clelland,  John,  carpenter,  24  Fullarton  Street 

Clelland,  William,  74  Harbour  Street 

Clydesdale  Bank,  Ltd.,  151   High  Street.     Tel.  136 

Clydesdale,  James,  labourer,  82  Montgomery  Street 

Clydesdale,  Robert,  railway  worker,  44  Fullarton  Street 

Cobhurn,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  77  Fullarton  Street 

Cobburn,  Robert,  4  Ballot  Road 

Cochrane,  Archibald  T.,  joiner,  23  Kirkgate 

Cochrane,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  22  Burns  Street 

Cochrane,  James,  joiner,  104  Fullarton  Street 

Cochrane,  James,  jr.,  plumber,  23  Clark  Drive 

Cochrane,  James,  plumber,  50  Loudon  Street 

Cochrane,  Mrs.  Jean,  165  High  Street 

Cochrane,  Jeanie,  widow,  23  Kirkgate 

Cochrane,  John  L.,  engineman,  15  Fullarton  Street 

Cochrane,  John  R.,  labourer.  5  Hill  Street 

Cochrane,  Susan,  widow,  2  Townhead 

Cochrane,  William,  motor  driver,  24  Harbour  Street.      Tel.  223 

Collins,  Daniel,  motor  driver,  43  Fullarton  Street 

Collins,  James,  labourer,  100  Harbour  Street 

Colquhoun,  James,  labourer,  77  Fullarton  Street 

Colquhoun,  John,  labourer,  58  Fullarton  Street 

Colville,  John,  labourer,  6  Clark  Drive 

Colville,  Joseph,  labourer,  42  High  Street 


Colvin,  Mrs.,  26  East  Road 

Colvin,  Agnes,  widow,  72  Fullarton  Street 

Colvin,  James  B.,  drysalter,  24  Bank  Street 

Colvin,  John,  jr.,  25  Eglinton  Street 

Colvin,   John,   &  Son,   drysalters,  55-57  and  59   Bridgegate.     Tel.   248 

Colvin,  Robert,  drysalter,  14  Bridgegate 

Commercial  Bank  of  Scotland,  22  Bank  Street 

Condon,  John,  miner,  14  Quarry  Road 

Condon,  Peter,  miner,  8  Friars  Croft 

Connelly,  Mrs.  Mary,  -7  Seagate 

Connor,  Annie,  widow,  61   Bridgegate 

Connor,  Arthur,  machineman,   109  Montgomery  Street. 

Connor,  Janet  A.,  67  Bridgegate 

Connor,  Patrick,  painter,  56  Ayr  Road 

Connor,  W.  &  J.  A.,  furnishers,  69  Bridgegate 

Connor,  William,  joiner,  49  Bridgegate 

Convery,   Mrs.   Annie,  82   Fullarton  Street 

Convery,  Thomas,  carpenter,  3  Cochrane  Street 

Convill,  William,  innkeeper,  2  Loudon  Street 

Conway,  Robert,  shipwright,  8  Friars  Croft 

Conway,  William,  gardener,  10  Dalrymple  Drive 

Conway,  William,  joiner,  64  Clark  Drive 

Cook,  Mrs.,  5  John  Street 

Cook.  Alexander,  innkeeper,  72   High  Street 

Cook,  Mrs.  Annie  M.,  31  East  Road 

Cook,  James,  carpenter,  86  Fullarton  Street 

Cook,  James  O.,  21  Gottries  Road 

Cook,  John,  warehouseman,  17  McKinlay  Crescent 

Cook,  John,  painter,  14  Church  Street 

Cook,  Mrs.  Marion,  19  Quarry  Road 

Cook,  Mrs.  Nancie,  79  Fullarton  Street 

Cook,  William,  grocer,  21   Glasgow  Vennel 

Cooney,  Mary,  widow,   143  Bank  Street 

Cooper,  Alexander,  labourer,  118  Fullarton  Street 

Cooper,  David,  miner,   122  Montgomery  Street 

Cooper,  James,  labourer,  29  Fullarton  Street 

Cooper,  Mrs.  Mary,  165  High  Street 

Copeland,  Andrew,  hairdresser,  33  Fullarton  Street 

Copland,  David,  grocer,  15  Fullarton  Place 

Copland,  William,  baker,  17  Friars  Croft 

Cordiner,  Allan,  joiner,  13  Cochrane  Street 

Cordiner,  James,  flesher,  67  Montgomery  Street 

Corrieri,  Guido,  merchant,  40  Waterside 

Coulter,  Hugh,  labourer,  44  Fullarton  Street 

County  Cycle  Co.,  56  Montgomery  Street 

Cousar,  Agnes,  widow,  76  Fullarton  Street 

Cousar,  Agnes,  14  Gottries  Road 

Cousar,  Charles,  carter,  31  High  Street 

Cousar,  Elizabeth,  widow,  3  High  Street 

Cousar,  James,  jr.,  carter,  6  Gottries  Road 

Cousar,  John,  butcher,  15  High  Street 

Cousar,  Margaret  &  Jessie,  103  Bank  Street 

Cousar,  Margaret,  dairy  keeper,  12  Bank  Street 

Cousar,  Neil,  turner,  60  Harbour  Street 

Cousar,  Robert  D.,  saddler,  103  High  Street 

Cousar,   Robert,  painter,  28  Clark  Drive 

Cousins,  Thomas  H.  B.,  masseur,  25  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Cowan,  A.,  shipwright,  49  Clark  Drive 

Cowan,  Agnes  D.,  75  Bank  Street 

Cowan,  David  M.,  labourer,  2  John  Street 

Cowan,  Helen,  widow,  16  Friars  Croft 

Cowan,  James,  painter,  123  High  Street 

Cowan,  John,  cattle  drover,  58  High  Street 

Cowan,  John,  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  soap  manufacturers,  Dalrymple  Drive.      Tel. 

Cowan,  John,  20  Kilwinning  Road 
Cowan,  John,  labourer,  22  Friars  Croft 
Cowan,  Mrs.  Mary,  14  Friars  Croft 


Cowan,  Thomas,  labourer,  54  Fullarton  Terrace 

Cowan,  William,  labourer,  40  Montgomery  Street 

Cowan,  William,  inspector,  72  Montgomery  Street 

Cowan,  William,  labourer,  60  Gait  Avenue 

Cowan,  William  R.,  compositor,  23  Dalrymple  Drive 

Cox,  Richard,  vanman,  87  High  Street 

Coyle,  Elizabeth,  widow,  64  High  Street 

Craig,   David,   10  Townhead 

Craig,  George,  labourer,  45  Fullarton  Street 

Craig,  Hugh,  joiner,  33  Clark  Drive 

Craig,  Mary,  widow,  19  Cochrane  Street 

Craig,  Mary,  widow,  79  High  Street 

Craig,  Robert,  llesher,  14  Bank  Street 

Craig,  Robert  S.,  butcher,  42  Townhead 

Craig,  Thomas,  48  High  Street 

Craig,  Thomas,  22  High  Street 

Craig,  William,  fireman,  17  Seagate 

Crawford,  Annie  and  Elizabeth,  51   Kirkgate 

Crawford,  Daniel,  labourer,  30  Cochrane  Street 

Crawford,  Helen,  widow,  5  Marress  Street 

Crawford,  Jane,  widow,  16  Quarry  Road 

Crawford,  John,  labourer,  8  Cochrane  Street 

Crawford,  Peter  S.,  foreman,  11  Cochrane  Street 

Crawford,  Robert,  draper,  141  Bank  Street  and  33  Bridgegate 

Crickmere,  W.  R.,  labourer,  8  Friars  Croft 

Croft  Hosiery  Manufacturing  Co.,  2  Friars  Croft.      Tel.  56 

Crombie,  James,  labourer,  114  Fullarton  Street 

Crombie,  Mary,  22  Fullarton  Street 

Crombie,  Robert,  labourer,  39  Fullarton  Street 

Crombie,  Thomas,  labourer,  87  Fullarton  Street 

Crosbie,  Robert  A.,  timekeeper,  8  Cochrane  Street 

Cross,  John,  machinist,  42  Ayr  Road 

Cruickshanks,  James,  restaurateur,  74-76  High  Street 

Crummie,  Francis,  38  High  Street 

Cryer,  Charles,  miner,  5  Hill  Street 

Cullen,  William,   14  Clark  Drive 

Cunningham,  Mrs.  A.,  58  East  Road 

Cunningham,  Alexander,  hotel  keeper,  34  Eglinton  Street 

Cunningjam,  Alexander,  smith,  26  Loudon  Street 

Cunningham,  George,  labourer,  37  East  Road 

Cunningham,  Henry,  footballer,  22  Waterside 

Cunningham,  Mrs.  J.,  26  Loudon  Street 

Cunningham,  James,  chemical  worker,  4  Church  Street 

Cunningham,  James,  brickmaker,  33  East  Road 

Cunningham,  Mary,  widow,  81   Fullarton  Street 

Cunningham,  Mary,  widow,  5  Marress  Street 

Cunningham,  Robert,  riveter,  90  Fullarton  Street 

Cunningham,    Robert,   labourer,    13   Cochrane  Street 

Cunningham,   Robert,  labourer,   24  Fullarton  Street 

Cunningham,  Thomas  C,  Bayview,  16  Cochrane  Street 

Cunningham,  William,  41  McKinlay  Crescent 

Cummock,  J.,  12  Kirk  Vennel 

.Curdle,  Andrina,  widow,  Ayr  Road 

Curdy,  Fanny,  widow,  22  Montgomery  Street 

Curdy,  John,  plumber,  22  Cochrane  Street 

Curdie,  Lauchlan,  baker,  42  McKinlay  Crescent 

Curdy,  Robert  T.,  baker,  22  Montgomery  Street 

Curdy,  William,  blacksmith,  18  Scott  Road 

Curlett,  Jean,  32  Townhead 

Currie,  Alexander  R.,  baker,  125  High  Street 

Currie,  David,  miner,  7  Ballot  Road 

Currie,  Isabella  D.,  123  High  Street 

Currie,  James,  agent,  151  High  Street 

Currie,  James,  labourer,  27  Gottries  Road 

Currie,  James,  sr.,  residenter,  2  Mill  Road 

Currie,  John,  smith,  28  Cochrane  Street 

Currie,   Robert,  labourer,   18  Waterside 

Currie,  Robert,  miner,  64  East  Road 


Currie,  Robert,  grave  digger,  35  Kirkgate 

Currie,  William  R.,  baker,  123  High  Street 

Currie,  William,  sawyer,  13  East  Road. 

Currie,  William,  spirit  merchant,  15  and  17  Bridgegate 

Currie,  William,  gas  worker,  7  Ballot  Road 

Cuthbert,  A.,  &  Son,  boot  merchnats,  65  Bridgegate 

Dale,   Rev,  Alexander,  M.A.,  35  Bank  Street 

Dale,  Archibald,  forger,  89  Montgomery  Street 

Dale,  Elizabeth,  widow,  88  High  Street 

Dale,  William,  painter,  74  Montgomery  Street 

Dalton,  John,  plater's  helper,  96  Harbour  Street 

Dalton,  Margaret,  widow,  17  Glasgow  Vennel 

Dalton,  R.  A.,  labourer,  98  Harbour  Street 

Dalziel,  Amelia,  widow,  105  Montgomery  Street 

Darroch,  John,  retired,  13  Eglinton  Street 

Darroch,  Malcolm,  seaman,  51  Fullarton  Street 

Davies,  James,  labourer,   118  Fullarton  Street 

Davidson,  Charles,  plumber,  38  Ayr  Road 

Davidson,  Henry,  engineer,  3  Loudon  Street 

Davidson,  James,  engineman,  30  Clark  Drive 

Davidson,  James,  retired,  20  Kirkgate 

Davidson,  Joseph,  miner,  105  Montgomery  Street 

Dawson,  James  P.,  newsagent,  71  Montgomery  Street 

Deay,  Louis,  labourer,  53  Fullarton  Street 

Delury,  James,  90  Harbour  Street 

Dempsey,  William,  driller,  19  Montgomery  Street 

Dempster,   Agnes,   dressmaker,  20  London  Street 

Denholm,  William,  pointsman,  5  Cochrane  Street 

Denny,  William,  40  Montgomery  Street 

Dermit,  William,  innkeeper,  83-85  Montgomery  Street 

Devlin,  James,  labourer,  22  Friars  Croft 

Dewar  &  Dyet,  drapers,  47  Bridgegate 

Dewar,  Peter  S.,  draper,  45  Muir  Drive 

Dewhirst,  Ltd.,  fleshers,  32  Bridgegate.      Tel.  179 

Diack,  William,  tailor,  22  Muir  Drive 

Diaok,  William,  &  Son,  tailors,  22  Bridgegate 

Diamond,  Daniel,  miner,  8  East  Road 

Diamond,  Henry,  painter,  14  Church  Street 

Diamond,   Henry,  labourer,   118  Fullarton  Street 

Diamond,  Henry,  miner,  33  McKinlay  Crescent 

Diamond,  Mrs.   H.,  widow,   11   Muir  Drive 

Diamond,  Hugh,  24  Friars  Croft 

Diamond,  James,  janitor,  41  Gait  Avenue 

Diamond,  John,  plan-keeper,  31  Montgomery  Street 

Diamond,  Thomas,  miner,  114  Fullarton  Street 

Dick,  Grace,  widow,  35  Friars  Croft 

Dick,  James,  miner,  26  East  Road 

Dick,  James,  poultry  farmer,  14  Dalrymple  Drive 

Dick,  Robert,  64  Waterside 

Dickie,  Andrew  B.,  cashier,  23  West  Road 

Dickie,  Elizabeth,  widow,  99  Dalrymple  Drive 

Dickie,  James,  54  Clark  Drive 

Dickie,  John,  102  Fullarton  Street 

Dickie,  Mary,  widow.  66  Waterside 

Dickie,  Robert,  forger,  30  Burns  Street 

Dickson,  Alexander,  labourer,  43  Townhead 

Dickson,  Christina,  widow,  4  Eglinton  Street 

Dickson,  James,  26  East  Road 

Dickson,  Joseph  D.,  machinist,  22  Scott  Road 

Dickson,  Peter,  labourer,  77  Montgomery  Street 

Dickson,  R..,  machineman,  l  McKinlay  Crescent 

Dickson.    Robert    X.,  mason,  57  Muir  Drive 

Dickson,  William  .1..  postman,  43  Taornhouse  Avenue 

Dixon,   Annie.  25   Friars  Croft 


Dobson,  William,   labourer,  71   Muir  Drive 

Dockerty,  Joseph,  8  Glasgow  Vennel 

Docherty,  Maggie,  widow,  19  Glasgow  Venael 

Dodson,  John  T.,  innkeeper,  6  Harbour  Street 

Dodds,  Andrew,  agent,  34  Loudon  Street 

Dolman,  Harry,  manager,  off  Golffields 

Donald,  John,  innkeeper,  53-55  High  Street 

Donaldson,    George,    butcher,    75    Clark    Drive    and    47-49    Fullarton 

Street.     Tel.  33 
Donaldson,  George  M.,  grocer,  53  Fullarton  Street  and  37  Thornhouse 

Donaldson,  James,  14  Ballot  Road 
Donaldson,  William,  dealer,  28  Gottries  Road 
Donnachy,  Hugh,  labourer,  24  Fullarton  Street 
Donnachy.  Mrs.   EL,  widow,  114  Fullarton  Street 
Donnachy,  John,  draper,  123  Muir  Drive 
Donnelly,  James,  kilnburner,  38  Clark  Drive 
Donnely,  James,  labourer,  26  Fullarton  Street 
Donnelly,  John,  machinist,  5  Scott  Road 
Donnelly,  Matthew,  fireclay  worker,  61  Kirkgate, 
Doole,  John,  miner,  106  Montgomery  Street 
Doole,  John,  8  Ballot  Road 

Dorian,  Thomas,  grocer,  8  and  10  Thornhouse  Avenue.     Tel.  162 
Douglas,  Francis,  sawyer,  58  High  Street 
Douglas,   James,   Weirsholm  cottage,   Annick  Road 
Douglas,  John,  police  inspector,  High  Street 
Douglas,  John,  labourer,  52  High  Street 
Douglas,  John,  labourer,  6  Seagate 
Douglas,  Matthew,  104  Fullarton  Street 
Douglas,  Robert,  labourer,  27  Gottries  Road 
Douglas,  Robert,  labourer,  18  Friars  Croft 
Dowie,  Annie,  widow,  64  High  Street 

Downie,  Robert,  flesher,  127  and  129  High  Street.     Tel.  10 
Downs,  Henry,  jr.,  joiner,  100  Fullarton  Street 
Doyle,   Patrick,  electrician,  2   Kirkgate 
Drape,  Thomas,  34  Waterside 
Drummond.   Annie,  fishmonger,  181   High  Street 
Drummond,  Catherine  A.,  Braemount,  Annick  Road 
Drummond,  Mrs.  Mary,  73  Clark  Drive 
Drysdale,  Alexander,  hirer,  2  Quarry  Road 
Drysdale,  Henry,  builder,  93  Muir  Drive 
Drysdale,  Robert,  labourer,  144  High  Street 
Dunbar,   Mrs.   Elizabeth,  fruiterer,  8  Gottries  Road 
Dunbar.  Hugh,  sawyer,  37  Friars  Croft 
Dunbar.  James,  lamp  trimmer,   28  Friars  Croft 
Dunber,  Janet,  widow,  14  Church  Street 
Dunbar,  John,  newsagent,  10  West  Road,  7  Bridgegate,  and  149  Bank 

Duncan,  George,  miner,  9  Townhead 
Duncan.  James,  labourer,  72  Muir  Drive 
Duncan,  James,  baker,  31  Seagate 
Duncan,  Jenny,  teacher,  89  Bank  Street 
Duncan,  Mrs.  Katherine,  70  East  Road 
Duncan,  Margaret,  widow,  170  High  Street 
Duncan,  Margaret,  broker,  49-51  Montgomery  Street 
Duncan,  Mungo,  53  Montgomery  Street 
Duncan,  Mungo,   quarryman,  40   McKinlay  Crescent 
Duncan,   Robert,  bloekworker,  94  Waterside 
Duncan,  Robert,  miner,  101  Fullarton  Street 
Duff,  Archibald,  engineer.  2   Annick  Road 
Duff,  Dougald.  smith,  20  Cochrane  Street 
Duff,  Matthew,  sawyer,  62  Ayr  Road 
Duff,  Thomas,  labourer,  11   Fullarton  Street 
Duff,  Thomas,  attendant,  57   Gait  Avenue 
Duffy,  Bernard,  labourer,  116  Montgomery  Street 
Dunlop.  Agnes  B.,  96  Bank  Street 
Dunlop,  Allan,  labourer,  117  Dalrymple  Drive 
Dunlop,  Andrew,  labourer,  6  Hill  Street 


Dunlop,   David,  miner,  26   High   Street 

Dxrnlop,   Duncan,  slater,  6  Eglinton  Street 

Duncan,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  32  East  Road 

Dimlop,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  grocer,  19  and  21  East  Road 

Dunlop,  James,  machinist,  102  Fullarton  Street 

Dunlop,  John,  footballer,  55  Clark  Drive 

Dunlop,  John,  teacher,  67  Dalrymple  Drive 

Dunlop,  Mrs.  Lily,  7  Man-ess  Street 

Dunlop,  Mrs.  Margaret,  58  Bank  Street 

Dunlop,  Robert,  labourer,  26  High  Street 

Dunlop,  Robert,  plumber,  86  Muir  Drive 

Dunlop,  Thomas,  jeweller,  78  Bank  Street 

Dunlop,  Thomas,  jeweller,  35  Bridgegate 

Dunlop,  Thomas,  joiner,  51  Gait  Avenue 

Dunlop,  William,  enginekeeper,  88  Fullarton  Street 

Dunlop,  William,  plumber,  68  East  Road.      Tel.  26 

Dunn,  James,  68  Gait  Avenue 

Dunn,  Mark  B.,  mason,  14  Friars  Croft 

Dunn,    Peter,   hairdresser,   66    Bridgegate   and   11    Gait   Avenue.     Tel. 

Dunn,  Robert,  moulder,  96  Fullarton  Street 
Dyet,  David,  miner,  31  Cochrane  Street 
Dyet,  Gavin,  jr.,  miner,  8  Eglinton  Street 
Dyet,  Janet  A.,  innkeeper,  120-122  Harbour  Street 
Dyet,  Robert,  labourer,  13  Fullarton  Street 
Dyet,  William,  labourer,  39  Fullarton  Street 

Easdale,  Mary,  widow,  133  Bank  Street 

Edgar,  M.,  nurse,  29  Muir  Drive 

Edgar,  Peter,  postman,  30  Eglinton  Street 

Egan.  John,  labourer.  56  Dalrvmple  Drive 

Eglinton  &  Star  Hosiery  Co.,  Ltd.,  25-27  New  Street.      Tel.  301 

Elliot,  Alexander,  5  John  Street 

Elliot,  Annie,  widow,  40  Montgomery  Street 

Elliot,  Henry,  plumber,  83  Fullarton  Street 

Elliot,  Hugh,  labourer,  116  Montgomery  Street 

Elliot,  Isaac,  labourer,  29  Cochrane  Street 

Elliot,   James,  batch  mixer,  65  McKinlay  Crescent 

Elliot,  James,  labourer,  88  and  90  Montgomery  Street 

Elliot,  John  M.,  chemist,  16  Harbour  Street 

Elliot,  John,  46  Townhead 

Elliot,  Mrs.  Mary,  40  Harbour  Street 

Elliot,   Robert,  dealer,   10  Glasgow  Vennel 

Elliot,  Samuel,  labourer,  90  Montgomery  Street 

Elliot,  Samuel,  smith,   13  Gottries  Road 

Elliot,  William,  labourer,  17  Gottries  Road 

Ellis,  Daniel,  labourer,  26  Clark  Drive 

Ervine,  George,  69  McKinlay  Crescent 

Espie,  Robert,  caddie  master,  148  High  Street 

Espie,  Robert,  jr.,  85  Muir  Drive 

Evans,  James,  painter,  56  Harbour  Street 

Ewing,  William,  smith,  10  John  Street 

Fadden,  Patrick,  labourer,  21   Seagate 

Fairbairn,   George,  railwayman,  101   Dalrymple  Drive 

Fairgrieve,  Samuel,  engineer,  97  Montgomery  Street 

Fairnie,  Robert  and  Jean,  53  Bank  Street.      Tol.  132 

Fairweather,  William,  grocer,  17  Annick  Road.      Tel.  236 

Faulds,  Roseanna,  widow,  9  Marress  Street 

Fearon,   Sarah,   widow,  3   Gottries  Road 

Ferguson,  Elizabeth,  widow,  15  Cochrane  Street 

Ferguson,  James,   166   Harbour  Street 

Ferguson,  James,  43  Townhead 


Ferguson,  John  M..  merchant.  111   Bank  Street.      Tel.  95 

Ferguson,  Mary,  widow,  24  Fullarton  Street 

Ferguson,   Robert,  93  Montgomery  Street 

Ferguson,  Robert,  45  High  Street 

Ferguson,  Robert,  clerk,  15  High  Street 

Findlay,  Catherine,   widow,  48   High  Street 

Find  lay,  Mrs.  Janet,  95  Bank  Street 

Findlay,  Peter,  fitter,  35  Townhead 

Findlay,  Robert  J.,  craneman,  11  Church  Street 

Findlav,  William,  labourer,  35  Seagate 

Findlay,  William,  signal  fitter,  26  Hill  Street 

Finlayson,  David  S.,  porter,  3  Bridgegate 

Finnie,  Annie,  34  Burns  Street 

Finnie,  George,  7  Kirkgate 

Finnie,  George,  miner,  52  Townhead 

Finnie,   Hugh,  gardener,   13   High  Street 

Finnie,  James,  labourer,  46  Loudon  Street 

Finnie,  John,  labourer.  28  Fullarton  Street 

Finnie,  John,  labourer,  4  Friars  Croft 

Finnie,  Mary,  school  cleaner,  30  Burns  Street 

Finnie,  Peter,  miner,  21  Townhead 

Bonnie,  Peter,   16  Townhead 

Finnie,  Peter,  miner,  3  East  Road 

Finnie,  Robert  McG.,  16  Townhead 

Finnie,  Robert,  shipyard  worker,  31   Friars  Croft 

Finniga  n ,  Francis,  rivet  heater,  52  Fullarton  Street 

Finnigan,  Francis,  labourer,  54  Fullarton  Terrace 

Finnigan,  Hugh,  miner,  56  Fullarton  Street 

Finnigan,  Hugh,  motor  driver,  124  Montgomery  Street 

Finnigan,  John,  labourer,  22  Friars  Croft 

Finnigan,  Mary,  widsw,  159  High  Street 

Finnigan,  Peter,  labourer,  54  Fullarton  Street 

Fisher,  Harry,  photographer,  5  Montgomery  Street 

Fisher,  Henry,  photographer,  56  Muir  Drive 

Fisher,  Matthew,  miner,  73  McKinlay  Crescent 

Fisher,   Robert,  blacksmith,   1   Gottries  Road 

Flack,  James,  labourer,  138  Harbour  Street 

Flanagan,  Mrs.  Agnes  D.,  79  Bank  Street 

Flanagan,   David,   Ltd.,   brassfounders,   25  Cochrane  Street,        Tel.  72 

Flanagan,  Helen,  Maggie  and  Annie,  7  Burns  Street 

Flanagan,  James,  labourer,  29  Fullarton  Street 

Flannigan,  Thomas,  labourer,  17  Fullarton  Street 

Flannigan,  William,  sawyer,  52  Townhead 

Fleck,  James  J.,  smith,  113  Muir  Drive 

Fleck,  John,  miner,  61  Muir  Drive 

Fleck,  John,  blacksmith,  47  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Fleck,  John,  machineman,  7  Seagate 

Fleck,  Mary,  widow,  35  Seagate 

Fleck,  Thomas,  labourer,  16  Friars  Croft 

Fleck,  Robert,  engineer,  71  Clark  Drive 

Fletcher,  Charlotte  C.  G.,  teacher,  36  Harbour  Street 

Fletcher,  John,  64  Harbour  Street 

Fletcher,  Nicol,  engineer,  75  Muir  Drive 

Flynn,  Joseph,  labourer,  98  Harbour  Street 

Forbes,  Arthur,  vanman,  7  St.  Inan  Avenue 

Forrester,  Susan,  widow,  29  Cochrane  Street 

Forsyth,  Alexander,  slater,  76   Harbour  Street 

Forsyth,   Alexander,  5  Church  Street 

Forsyth,  Thomas,  poultry  dealer,  13  Annick  Road 

Foster,  Christopher,  painter,  20  Burns  Street 

Foster,  James,  labourer,  21   Gottries  Road 

Foster,  John  F.,  engineer,  19  Annick  Road 

Fox,   Donald,  seaman,  2  Montgomery  Street 

Fraser,   Andrew,   postman,   115   Dalrymple   Drive 

Fraser,  John,  currier,  59  Gait  Avenue.     Tel.  276 

Fraser,  Mrs.  Maggie,  9  Seagate 

Frazer,  Rodeiick,  engineer,  8  Gottries  Road 

Freckleton,   John,  labourer,  58  Gait  Avenue 


Freckleton,  Joseph,  bricklayer,  6  Seagate 
Frew,  Anna  F..  outfitter,  131  High  Street- 
Frew,  Francis,  30  East  Road 
Frew,  Francis,  lithographer,  4  East  Road 
Frew,  Hugh,  foreman,  115  Montgomery  Street 
Frew,  Hugh,  miner,  8  Quarry  Road 
Frew,  James,  labourer,  43  Townhead 
Fre.w  James,  15  Church  Street 
Frew,  James,  .joiner,  7   High  Street 
Frew,  Jessie,  17  West  Road 
Frew,  Jessie,  outfitter,  135-137  High  Street 
Frew,  John,  6  Fullarton  Street 
Frew,  John,  labourer,  54  Fullarton  Terrace 
Frew,  Robert.  21   Townhead 
Frew,  Robert,  architect,  3  High  Street 
Frew.  Robert  M.,  clerk,  10  Gall  Avenue 
Fry,  David,  greenkeeper,  2  Hill  Street 
Fry,   George,  32   High  Street 
Fulton,  Alexander,  10  Eghnton  Street 
Fulton,  James,  labourer,  32  Eglinton  Street 
Fulton,  James,  labourer,  82  Fullarton  Street 
Fulton,  James,  constable,  Cochrane  Street 
Fulton,  James,  forger,  30  Burns  Street 
Fulton,  Maggie,  housekeeper,  26  Burns  Street 
Fulton,  Mrs.  Sarah,  29  Cochrane  Street 
Fulton,  William,  labourer,  16   Bridgegate 
Fulton,  William,  miner,  61   Gait  Avenue 
Fulton,  William,  engineer,  40  Clark  Drive 

Galloway,  A.   B.,  fencer,  63  Fullarton  Street 
Galloway,  Andrew,  driver,  15  East  Road 
Galloway,   Frank,  watchman,  8  Ayr  Road 
Galloway,  Grace,  widow,  24  Fullarton  Street 
Galloway,  John,  labourer,  65  Muir  Drive 
Gardiner,  Ian,  stillman,  86  Harbour  Street 
Gardner,  Catherine  and  Ewenina,  2  .Seagate 
Gartland,  James,  merchant,  3  Seagate 
Garven,  David,  painter,  11  Church  Street 
Garven,  James,  Annick  Road 
Gaw,  Mrs.  Helen,  2  Kirk  Vennel 
Gaw,  John,  miner,  8  Glasgow  Vennel 
Gaw,  Samuel,  miner.  27  Kirk  Vennel 
Gaw,  William,  rivet  heater,  3  Glasgow  Vennel 
Geddes,  James,  railwayman,   64  Dalrymple   Drive 
Geddes,  James,  miner,  31   Kirkgate 
Geddes,  James  R.,  traveller,  2  Muir  Drive 
Geddes,  John,  hairdresser,  9  Bank  Street 
Geddes,  John,  hairdresser.  17  Hill  Street 
Geddes,  John,   10  Hill  Street 

Gemmell,  Alexander,  labourer,  21   Gottries  Road 
Gemmell,  Catherine,  17  Gottries  Road 
Gemmeli,  George,  greenkeeper,  44  Gait  Avenue 
Gemmell,  Isabella,  widow,  17  Glasgow  Vennel 
Gemmell,  Mrs.  Janet.  76  High  Street 
Gemmell,  John,  labourer,  78  Montgomery  Street 
Gemmell,   Rachel.   17  Gottries  Road 
Gemmell,  William,  labourer,   16  Friars  Croft 
Gemmell,  William,  labourer,  114  Fullarton  Street 
Gentry,  John  R..  manager,  59  Bank  Street 
Gibb,  Janet,  widow,  21  Quarry  Road 
Cilili,  John,  machineman,  86  Montgomery  Street 
Gibb,   Robert,  machinist,   120  Montgomery  Street 
Gibson.   Alexander  J..  57  Bank  Street,     Tel.  77 
Gibson,    Andrew,   turner,   32   Gait  Avenue 
Gibson,   David,   butcher,  24  High  Street. 


Gibson,  Elizabeth,  15  New  Street 

Gibson,  Janet,  27  Townhead 

Gibson,  Margaret,  confectioner,  29  and  31  Townhead 

Gibson,  Mrs.  Margaret  A.,  school  teacher,  3  Castle  Street 

Gibson,  Mary,  widow,  14  Townhead 

Gibson,  Mary  B.,  widow,  38  London  Street 

Gibson,  Michale,  engineer,  51  Townhead 

Gibson,   Robert,  miner,  43  Townhead 

Gibson,   Robert,  miner,  62  Bridgegate 

Gibson,  Robert,  labourer,  44  Fullarton  Street 

Gibson,  Robert,  mason,  24  Fullarton  Street 

Gibson,  Samuel,  15  New  Street 

Gibson,  Samuel,  miner,   131   Muir  Drive 

Gibson,  Stewart,  riveter,  24  Loudon  Street 

Gibson,  Thomas,  miner,  21   Townhead 

Gibson,  William,  labourer,  116  Fullarton  Street 

Gibson,  William,  stoker,  25  Friars  Croft 

Gilchrist,  Andrew  J.,  watchmaker,  93  Bank  Street 

Gilchrist,   David,  blacksmith,   13  Annick  Road 

Gilchrist,  David,  blacksmith,  67  East  Road 

Gilchrist,  Elizabeth,  widow,  85  Fullarton  Street 

Gilchrist,  James,  jeweller,  74  Waterside 

Gilchrist,  James,  &  Son,  11   Bridgegate 

Gilchrist,  Janet,  widow,  67  East  Road 

Gilchrist,  Janet,  widow,   12  Seagate 

Gilchrist,  Robert,  jr.,  14  Seagate 

Gilchrist.  Robert,  cobbler,  6  Friars  Croft 

Gill,  Patrick,  labourer,  19  Clark  Drive 

Gillespie,  Jeanie,  widow,  39  Townhead 

Gillespie,  William,  shoemaker,  48  Montgomery  Street 

Gillies,  Agnes,  66  Fullarton  Street 

Gillies,  Elizabeth,  teacher,  65  Gait  Avenue 

Gillies,  James  S.,  13  New  Street 

Gillies,   James,   brickworker,  37   Seagate 

Gillies,  John,  draper,  7  Gait  Avenue 

Gillies,  John,  seaman,  9  Dalrymple  Drive 

Gillies,  Matthew,  miner,  17  Seagate 

Gillies,  William,  mechanic,  71  McKinlay  Crescent 

Gilmore,  H.  A.,  blockmaker,  23  New  Street 

Gilmore,  Robert  A.,  retired,  58  Harbour  Street 

Gilmore.  &  Christie,  solicitors,  65  High  Street  and  3  Glasgow  Vennel. 
Tel.  120 

Gilmour,  A.  R.  &  Jane,  6  Castle  Street 

Gilmour,  Mrs.  E.  F.,  licensed  grocer,  41  Fullarton  Street  and  32  Water- 

Gilmour,  Francis,  plumber,  164  High  Street 

Gilmour,  Henry,  insurance  agent,  40  Montgomery  Street 

Gilmour,  James,  engineer,  32  Loudon  Street 

Gilmour,  James,  greenkeeper,  58  Muir  Drive 

Gilmour,  James,  labourer,  32  Fullarton  Street 

Gilmour,   Jeanie,  widow,  32   Kirkgate 

Gilmour,  Robert,  fireclay  worker,  29  New  Street 

Gilmour,   Smillie  K.,  manufacturer,  91    Bank  Street 

Girvan,  Agnes,  27  East  Road 

Girvan,  Mrs.  Mary,  45  High  Street 

Glen,  Charles,  joiner,  6  Muir  Drive 

Glen,  Robert,  joiner,  172  High  Street.      Tel.  52 

Glenn,   William,  labourer.  74  Montgomery  Street 

Goddard,  James,  labourer.  42   High  Street 

Goddard,  Matthew,  20  Eglinton  Street.     Tel.  191 

Gollogley,  Mrs.  Margaret,  35  West  Road 

Gooding,  William,  engineer,  122  Montgomery  Street 

Gordon,  Annie,  widow,  65  Fullarton  Street 

Gordon,  Elizabeth,  widow.  21   Quarry  Road 

Gordon,  Hugh,  cashier.  30  Annick  Road 

Gordon,   Hugh,  jointer's  helper,   10  John  Street 

Gordon,  Mrs.  Jeannie,   widow,  32  Townhead 

Gordon,  Patrick,  railway  foreman,  40  Gottries  Road 


Gordon,  William,  10  Friars  Croft 

Gorman,  Mrs.  Agnes,  176  High  Street 

Gorman,  Alexander,  carter,  24  Clark  Drive 

Gorman,  Angus,  mechanic,  30  East  Road 

Gorman,   Edward,  coal  merchant,  68  Fullarton  Street 

Gorman,  George,  miner,  87  Dalrymple  Drive 

Gorman,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  widow,  35  Friars  Croft 

Gorman,  John,  assistant  cemetery  keeper,   12  Townhead 

Gorman,  John  A.,  electrician,  31   Dalrymple  Drive 

Gorman,  Mary,  widow,  29  Dalrymple  Drive 

Gough,  Annie,  widow,  19  Hill  Street 

Gough,  William,  44  Townhead 

Gourlay,  James,  labourer,  59  Muir  Drive 

Govan,  John,  caulker,  10  John  Street 

Gow,  Isabella,  widow,  26  Cochrane  Street 

Gracie,  Angus,  6  Kirk  Vennel 

Gracie,  John,  clerk,  39  Gait  Avenue 

Graham,  Alexander,  lorryman,   106  Harbour  Street 

Graham,  Andrew,  labourer,  17  Gotrries  Road 

Graham,   James,  labourer,  78  Montgomery  Street 

Graham,  James,  labourer,  40  Ayr  Road 

Graham,  James,  labourer,   17   Gottries  Road 

Graham,  Joseph,  5  Marress  Street 

Graham,  Rosina,  widow,  13  Gottries  Road 

Graham,  Thomas,  labourer,  30  Fullarton  Street 

Grant,  James,  constable,  Cochrane  Street 

Grant,  Robert,  labourer,  95  Fullarton  Street 

Gray,  Alexander,  bricklayer,  17  High  Street 

Gray,  Alexander,  driver,  124  Montgomery  Street 

Gray,  Andrew,  miner,  14  Ballot  Road 

Gray,  Cunningham  and  Marion,  17  Annick  Road 

Gray,  Hannah,  widow,  14  Scott  Road 

Gray,  Hugh,  38  High  Street 

Gray,  Hugh,  engineer,  27  Fullarton  Place 

Gray,  James,  labourer,  150  Harbour  Street 

Gray,  James,  labourer,  12  St.  Inan  Avenue 

Gray,  Jessie  H.,  teacher,  88  Clark  Drive 

Gray,  John,  labourer,  14  Annick  Road 

Gray,  John,  80  Harbour  Street 

Gray,  John,  watchman,  35  McKinlay  Crescent 

Green,  Archibald,  engineer,  55   Gait  Avenue 

Green,   Archibald,  timekeeper,  96-98  Montgomery  Street 

Green,  Charles,  labourer,  21   Gottries  Road 

Green,  David,  labourer,  64  High  Street 

Green,   George,  Ltd.,  18  Bank  Street.     Tel.  217 

Green,  Helen,  widow,  38  Waterside 

Green,  John,  engineer.  31  Friars  Croft 

Green,  John,  rigger,  7  Waterside 

Green,  N.  B.,  merchant,  113  Bank  Street.     Tel.  139 

Greenlees  &  Sons,  Ltd.,  1   Bridgegate 

Greer,  William,  labourer,  54  Gait  Avenue 

Greig,   Jeanie,   widow,   73   Muir   Drive 

Grier,  Alexander,  labourer,  70  Muir  Drive 

Grier,  William,  miner,  6  Quarry  Road 

Gribbon,   Annie,  widow,  32   Gottries  Road 

Griffiths,  Agnes,  widow,  44  Montgomery  Street 

Griffiths-,  James,  102  East   Road 

Groundwater,  Mary,  53  Dalrymple  Drive 

Grubb,  David,  mason,  10  Kirk  Vennel 

Grubb,  E.  &  J.,  grocers,  54  High  Street 

Grubb,  Ellen,  129  Muir  Drive 

Grubb,  John,  engineer,  22   Hill  Street 

Grubb,  John,  railwayman,  31   Cochrane  Street 

Grubb,  Margaret,  77  Fullarton  Street 

Grubb,  Thomas,  labourer,  133   High  Street 

Guazzalli,  Carl,  restaurateur,  66  Harbour  Street 

Gunion,    William,   draper,   54   Waterside   and   5    Bridgegate.      Tel.   215 

Gunn,  Margaret,  widow,  26  Loudon  Street 


Outline,  Thomas  B.,  coach  painter,  11  New  Street 
Gutschow,  Annie  H.,  innkeeper,  142  Harbour  Street 
Guyer,   Edward,  80   Harbour  Street 


Haddow,  Jane,  widow,  19  and  21  Glasgow  Vennel 

Haggart,  Elizabeth  F„  innkeeper,  59-61  Montgomery  Street 

Haggart,  John,  engineer,  30  Church  Street 

Haig,  Thomas,  blacksmith,  14  Gait  Avenue 

Hair,   Dugald,  blacksmith.   Bank  Street 

Halbert,  Robert,  foreman,  90  Waterside 

Haldane,  Peter,  labourer,  91  Muir  Drive 

Hale,   David,  grocer,   10  Clark  Drive 

Hall,  Agnes  A.,  81  Bank  Street 

Hall,  David,  slater,  41   Montgomery  Street 

Hall,  James  D.,  slater,  102  Bank  Street 

Hall,  James  D.,  jr.,  plumber,  30  Muir  Drive 

Hall,  John,  manager,  35  Cochrane  Street 

Hall,  John,  postman,  27  Friars  Croft 

Hall,  John  N.,  director,  85  Bank  Street.     Tel.  4 

Hall,  Margaret,  widow,  3  Montgomery  Street 

Hall,  Mrs.  Nicholas  N.,  widow,  154  High  .Street 

Hall,  Robert,  engineer,  97  Bank  Street 

Hall,  Robert  G.,  engineer,  13  Kilwinning  Road 

Hall,  Thos.,  &  Sons,  plumbers,  156  High  Street.     Tel.  88 

Hall,  Thomas,  solicitor,  39  Bank  Street 

Hall,  Thomas,  slater,  11  Kirk  Vennal 

Hall.   William,   baker.  36  Clark  Drive 

Halliday,  Male,  40  West  Road 

Halliday,  Mary  E.,  138  High  Street 

Halliday,   Robert,  police  sergeant,   High  Street 

Halliwell,  Joseph,  labourer,  94  Harbour  Street 

Hamilton,  Mrs.,  30  Cochrane  Street 

Hamilton,  Mrs.  E.,  widow,  21  Gottries  Road 

Hamilton,  Elizabeth,  widow,  28  Quarry  Road 

Hamilton,  Mrs.   Elizabeth.  26  Seagate 

Hamilton,  Elizabeth,  widow,  26  Ayr  Road 

Hamilton,  George,  driver,  24  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Hamilton,  James,  riveter,  88  High  Street 

Hamilton,  James,  foreman,  54  Dalrymple  Drive 

Hamilton,  James,  blacksmith,  56  Harbour  Street 

Hamilton,  Jessie,  widow,  17  New  Street 

Hamilton,  John,  labourer,  42  High  Street 

Hamilton,  John,  captain,  27   Dalrymple  Drive 

Hamilton,  Joseph,  labourer,  31  Clark  Drive 

Hamilton,  Mrs.  Margaret,  music  seller,  28  Ayr  Road 

Hamilton,  Mrs.  Margaret,  dealer,  12  Fullarton  Place 

Hamilton,  Mitchell,  piano  tuner,  24  Loudon  Street 

Hamilton,  Robert,  labourer,  27  Seagate 

Hamilton,  Robert,  traveller,  28  Friars  Croft 

Hamilton,  Robert,  miner,  11   High  Street 

Hamilton,  Robert,  miner,  21   Townhead 

Hamilton,  Sanruel,  labourer,  15  Gottries  Road 

Hamilton,  Thomas,  labourer,  42  High  Street 

Hamilton,  Mrs.  Wm.,  35  Montgomery  Street 

Hamilton,  William,  labourer,  5  West  Road 

Hammill,  Philip,  miner.  6  Quarry  Road 

Handley,  William,  labourer,  3  Kirk  Vennel 

Haney,  Daniel,  insurance  agent,  19  Dalrymple  Drive 

Hannah,  Alexander  W.,  merchant,  82  and  84  Harbour  Street 

Hannah,  Alexander,  lampman,  17  Townhead 

Hannah,  Robert,  labourer,  5  Marress  Street 

Hanvey,  James,  jr.,  labourer,  19  Kirk  Vennel 

Hanvey,  John  &  Robert,  12  Church  Street 

Hanvey,  Robert,  87  McKinlay  Cerscent 

Hargreaves,  Alfred,  miller,  33  Seagate 


Harley,  John,  riveter,  22  Harbour  Street 

Harris,  John,  joiner,  29  Clark  Drive 

Harris,  Hamilton,  engineer,   133  High  Street 

Harvey,  George,  labourer,  19  Montgomery  Street 

Harvey,  Helen,  widow,  57  Kirkgate 

Harvey,  Hugh,  architect,  43  Bridgegate 

Harvey,  Mrs.  Mary,  18  Annick  Road 

Harvey,  Thomas  H.,  slater,  16  Hill  Street 

Haughton,  George,  6  Cochrane  Street 

Haughton,  William,  moulder,  36  Waterside 

Haughton,  William,  tailor,  15  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Hanlon,  Jessie,  widow,  27  Fullartou  Street 

Hawkes,  Samuel,  labourer,  18  Quarry  Road 

Hawkshaw,  Isaiah,  bottle  worker,  100  Fullarton  Street 

Hawkshaw,  Isaiah,  railwayman,  42  Gottries  Road 

Hay,  David  R.  C,  surfaceman,  90  Montgomery  Street 

Hay,  Edward,  dealer,  53  East  Road 

Hay,  Frank,  iurnaceman,  75  Fullarton  Street 

Hay,  James,  clerk,  109  Muir  Drive 

Hay,  Lilias,  widow,  37  Fullarton  Street 

Hay,  Richard,  caddie  master,  6  Bridgegate 

Hayes,  James  T.,  90  Fullarton  Street 

Head,  William,  manager,  39  Muir  Drive 

Heminway,  Edgar,  clerk,  3  Bridgegate 

Henderson,  Adam,  retired.  20  Eglinton  Street 

Henderson,  John,  postman,  14  Kirk  Vennel 

Henderson,  Mrs.  Margaret,  widow,  27  Cochrane  Street 

Henderson,  Robert,  4  Ballot  Road 

Henderson,  Walter,  Ltd.,  manufacturers,  28  Bank  Street.     Tel.  137 

Hendry,  Mrs.  Christina,  59  Fullarton  Street 

Hendry,  John,  plumber,  18  McKinlay  Crescent 

Henning,  Thomas,  12  Harbour  Street 

Herbertson,  James,  smith,  47  Dalrymple  Drive 

Herbertson,  Mrs.  Jane,  24  Loudon  Street 

Heron,  Thomas,  30  East  Road 

Heron,  Thomas,  hosiery  worker,  22  Kirkgate 

Heron,  William,  labourer,  3  Hill  Street 

Heyburn,  Charles,  brickworker,  165  High  Street 

Higgins,  Agnes  S.,  24  Kirkgate 

Higgins,  Mary,  widow,  78  McKinlay  Crescent 

Highet,  Robert,  32  Harbour  Street 

Hill,  Rev.  John  C,  30  Kirkgate 

Hill,  Thomas,  grocer,  82  Harbour  Street 

Hilton,  George  &  William,  16  Church  Street 

Hilton,  Mrs.  Mary  A.,  5  Glasgow  Vennel 

Hilton,  William,  miner,  20  Waterside 

Hinnigan,   Anthony,  innkeeper,  79  Montgomery  Street 

Hogan,  Rev,  Joseph  C,  15  West  Road.     Tel.  130 

Hogg,  David,  slater,  10  Friars  Croft 

Hogg,  James,  blacksmith,  38  East  Road 

Hogg,  Margaret  McC,  21   Bank  Street 

Hogg,  Robert,  miner,  22  Waterside 

Holden,  David,  bricklayer,  40  Ayr  Road 

Holden,  James,  labourer,  48  Ayr  Road 

Holden,  Mrs.  P.,  widow,  55  Fullarton  Street 

Holland,  Annie,  14  Church  Street 

Hollas,  Abraham,  miner,  58  High  Street 

Hollas,  Abraham,  miner,  30  East  Road 

Hollas,  Abraham,  8  Glasgow  Vennel 

Hollas,  Francis,  miner,  43  McKinlay  Crescent 

Hollas,  James,  labourer,  95  Muir  Drive 

Hollas,  John,  miner,  64  High  Street 

Hollas,  William,  miner,  12  Quarry  Road 

Hollinger,  Mrs.  Hessey,  confectioner,  42  Fullarton  Street 

Hollywood,  John,  labourer,  46  Loudon  Street 

Holmes,  Mrs.  E.,  widow,   103  Montgomery  Street 

Holmes,   Neil,  joiner,  34  Loudon  Street 

Holmes,  William,  labourer,  65  East  Road 


Home  &  Colonial  Stores,  Ltd.,  51   Bridgegate 

Hopkins,  Andrew,  mason,  18  Kirkgate 

Hopkins,  Catherine,  widow,  48  High  Street 

Hopkins,  William,  34  Townhead 

Hopkins,  William,   15  Bast  Road 

Hosiery  Manufacturing  Co.,  Ltd.,  77  High  Street.     Tel.  81 

Houston,  Joseph,  labourer,  114  Momtgoncry  Street 

Houston,  Stewart,  confectioner,  6  Ballot  Road 

Houston,  William,  trimmer,  46  Harbour  Street 

Howat,  Andrew,  100  East  Road 

Howe,  Joseph,  labourer,  92  and  94  Montgomery  Street 

Howe,   Robert,   miner,  27   Kirkgate 

Howe,  Robert,  labourer,  45  High  Street 

Howie,   David,  labourer.  106  Harbour  Street 

Howie,  Elizabeth,  widow,  34  Loudon  Street 

Home,  Francis,  labourer,  2  John  Street 

Howie,  John,  motor  driver,  12  John  Street 

Howie,  Robert,  labourer,  170  Harbour  Street 

Howie.   William,   miner,   18  Clark  Drive 

Howie,  William,  home  bakery,  26  and  28  High  Street 

Hughes,  Patrick,  boilermaker,  57  McKinlay  Crescent 

Hume,  Alexander,  tailor,  12   Hill  Street 

Hume,  Andrew,  forger,  30  Burns  Street 

Hume,  David,  operator,  27  Seagate 

Hume,  George,  62  Clark  Drive 

Hume,  John,  tailor,  60  Bridgegate 

Hunter,  Andrew,  driver,  55  McKinlay  Crescent 

Hunter,  John,  grain  merchant,  100  Bank  Street 

Hunter,  John,  29  Friars  Croft 

Hunter,  Murdo  M.,  draughtsman,  33  Muir  Drive 

Hunter,  Robert,  salesman,  17  Gait  Avenue 

Hutchison,   Douglas,  slater,  25-27  New  Street.     Tel.  164 

Hutchison,  William  J.,  labourer,  1  Cochrane  Street 

Hynd,   David,  joiner,  22  Bridgegate 

Hynd.  John  M.,  explosive  worker,  12  Townhead 

Hynd,  William,  quarryman    12  John  Street 

Hyndman,   Hugh,  greenkeeper,  30  McKinlay  Crescent 

Hynds,  Robert,  labourer,  85  Fullarton  Street 


iinrie,  Archie,  labourer,  42  High  Street 

Imrie,  James,  miner,  64  High  Street 

Inglis,  Alexander,  carrier,  86  Clark  Drive 

Inglis,  Angus,  fireman,  14  Church  Street 

Inglis,  Elizabeth,  widow,  7  Marress  Street 

Inglis,  Harry,  mechanic,  13  Clark  Drive 

Innes,  Edward,  24  Friars  Croft 

Innes,  Ernest,  labourer,  43  Montgomery  Street 

Innes,  William,  shipwright,  10  John  Street 

Ireland,  Mrs.  Margaret,  confectioner,  121  High  Street 

Irvine,  Agnes,  widow,   10  Hill  Street 

Irvine,  Andrew,  labourer,  42  High  Street 

Irvine,  Archibald,  cobbler,  41   High  Street 

Irvine,  Archibald,  cobbler,  98  Muir  Drive 

Irvine,   David,  labourer,  8  Gottries  Road 

Irvine,  George,  railwayman,  3  Church  Street 

Irvine,  George,  labourer,  86  Fullarton  Street 

Irvine  Harbour  Company,  174  Harbour  Street 

Irvine,  James,  labourer,  14  McKinlay  Crescent 

Irvine,  Mrs.  Jean,  78  Fullarton  Street 

Irvine,   John,  labourer,   74   Harbour  Street 

Irvine,  John,  labourer,  7  McKinlay  Crescent 

Irvine,  John,  greenkeeper,  Kilwinning  Road 

Irvine,  Joseph,  labourer,  11   High  Street 

Irvine,  Martha,  typist,  84  Waterside 


Irvine  &  Fullarton  Co-operative  Society,  Ltd.,  54  and  63  Bridgegate  and 

Irvine  Trades  Hotel,  Ltd.,  Cochrane  Street 
Irving,  Alexander,  electrician,  21    Dalrymple  Drive 
Irving,   George,  furnaceman,  42  Clark  Drive 
Irving,  Robert,  riveter,  43  Townhead 
Irving,  William,  furnaceman,  32  Ayr  Road 

Jack,  James,  joiner,  27  Cochrane  Street 

Jackson,  John,  smith,  15  Quarry  Road 

Jackson,  Margaret,  widow,  6  Quarry  Road 

Jackson,  Rose  A.,  widow,  10  Loudon  Street 

Jackson,  William,  labourer,  36  Montgomery  Street 

Jaffrey,   David,  dyer,  81   Clark  Drive 

Jamieson,  Archibald,  7  Annick  Road 

Jamieson,  David,  labourer,  11   High  Street 

Jamieson,  Henry,  concrete  worker,  46  McKinlay  Crescent 

Jamieson,  John,  traveller,  37  Bank  Street 

Jamieson,  Mrs.  Jessie,  26  Friars  Croft 

Jamieson,  Margaret,  widow,  106  Harbour  Street 

Jardine,  Andrew,  18  Eglinton  Street 

Jardine,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  11  and  13  Glasgow  Vennel 

Jardine,  Janet,  widow,  10  Church  Street 

Jeffrey,  Mrs.  A.,  53  Kirkgate 

Jeffrey,  James,   104  Harbour  Street 

Jeffrey,  John,  mason,  16  Cochrane  Street 

Jeffrey,  Mrs.  Maggie,  widow,  32  Burns  Street 

Jeffrey,  Mary,  shopkeeper,  9  Montgomery  Street 

Jeffrey,  Matthew,  smith,  6  Gottries  Road 

Jeffrey,  Robert,  foreman,  21  Kirkgate 

Jeffrey,  William,  98  Harbour  Street 

Jermond,  Gerald  J.,  15  Annick  Road 

Jermond,  Gerald  J.,  engineer.  7  Kirk  Vennel 

Jess,   James,   painter,  4  Eglinton  Street 

Jess,  John  D.,  painter,  32  McKinlay  Crescent 

Jess,  William,  miner,  183  High  Street 

Johnston,  Agnes  &  Isabella,  drapers.  63-65  Montgomery  Street 

Johnston,  Andrew,  carter,  7  Ballot  Road 

Johnston,  Mrs.  Barbara,  36  Bridgegate.      Tel.  226 

Johnston,  Charles,  plater,  204  Bank  Street 

Johnston,  David,  fruiterer,  83  High  Street.     Tel.  220 

Johnston,  David,  24  Ballot  Road 

Johnston,  Elizabeth,  newsagent,  19  Fullarton  Place 

Johnston,  Mrs.  Flora,  23  Muir  Drive 

Johnston,  James,  Fullarton  Street 

Johnston,  John,  joiner,  67  McKinlay  Crescent 

Johnston,  Margaret,  widow,   100   East   Road 

Johnstone,   Herbert,  butcher,  28  Kirkgate 

Johnstone,  James,  plasterer,  23  Cochrane  Street 

Johnstone,  John,  joiner,  27  Fullarton  Place 

Johnstone,  William,  water  inspector,  17  Annick  Road 

Jolleffe,  Arthur,  constable.   High  Street 

Jones,  John  J.,  furnisher,  177-179  High  Street 

Jones,  John  L.,  merchant,  93  Bank  Street 

Jordan,  Joseph,  15  Annick  Road 


Kane,  David,  miner,  55  Muir  Drive 

Kay,   Bella,  widow,   100   Harbour  Street 

Kean,  Alexander  A.,  hotelkeeper,  114  High  Street 

Kelly,  Andrew,  labourer,  7  Cochrane  Street 

Kelly,  David,  quarryman.  68  Claris  Drive 

Kelso,  Walter,  74  Harbour  Street 

Kelso,  William  C.  fruiterer,  185  High  Street,     Tel.  141 


Kemp.  Mrs.  George  S.,  14  Church  Street 

Kennedy,  Arthur,  smith,  74  Harbour  Street 

Kennedy,  John,  clerk,  5  Church  Street 

Kennedy,  John,  woodcutter,   10  John  Street 

Kennedy,  John,  1  Friars  Croft 

Kennedy,  Joseph,  labourer,  8  Cochrane  Street 

Kennedy,  Mary,  widow,  97  Fullarton  Street 

Kentfield,  James,  26  East  Road 

Kentfield,  John,  labourer,  42  High  Street 

Kentfield,  Samuel,  labourer,  125  Muir  Drive 

Kerr,  Andrew,  16  Ballot  Road 

Kerr,  Angus,  miner,  37   East  Road 

Kerr,  Archibald,  miner,  21  East  Road 

Kerr,  Archibald,  88  Harbour  Street 

Kerr,  Daniel,  4  Ballot  Road 

Kerr,   Daniel,   painter,  83  Muir  Drive 

Kerr,   Duncan,  storekeeper,  26   Burns  Street 

Kerr,   Gilbert,  24  McKinlay  Crescent 

Kerr,  Mrs.  Helen  J.,  grocer,  10  and  12  High  Street 

Kerr,  James,  hammerman,  12  Gottries  Road 

Kerr,  Jeanie,  widow,  62  Waterside 

Kerr,  Jessie  &  Mary,  drapers,  79  High  Street  and  57-58  High  Street 

Kerr,  John,  33  High  Street 

Kerr,  John,  bricklayer,  10  High  Street 

Kerr,  John,  miner,  36  Burns  Street 

Kerr,  John,  baker,  10  High  Street 

Kerr,  John,  miner,  15  East  Road 

Kerr,  John,  clerk,  19  Annick  Road 

Kerr,  John  J.,  contractor,  26  Gottries  Road.      Tel.  182 

Kerr,  John  M.,  labourer,  24  Fullarton  Street 

Kerr,  Mary,  widow,  12  Ballot  Road 

Kerr,  Mary,  81    Dalrvmple  Drive 

Kerr,  Mary  D.,  40  Fullarton  Street 

Kerr,   Robert,  engineer,  41   Townhead 

Kerr,   Robert,   12   Kirk   Vennel 

Kerr,  Robert,  miner,  58  Fullarton  Street 

Kerr,  Robert  M.,  130  High  Street 

Kerr,  Thomas,  jr.,  102   Fullarton  Street 

Kerr,  William,  miner,  33  East  Road 

Kerr,  William,  labourer,  31   Cochrane  Street 

Kerr,  William,  surfaceworker,  31  Kirk  Vennel 

Kerr,   William  J.,  joiner,  13  New  Street 

Kidd,  George,  forger,  33  Cochrane  Street 

Kidd,  Margaret,  24  Burns  Street 

Kidd,  Thomas,  agent,  81   East  Road 

Kilmarnock,  James,  painter,  14  Waterside 

Kilmarnock,  William,  sawyer,  2  McKinlay  Crescent 

Kilmarnock,  William,  18  Ballot  Road 

King,  Abigail,  Sarah  &  Matilda,  28  Harbour  Street 

King,   Rev.  Alexander,  M.A.,  4  Kilwinning  Road 

King,  David,  labourer,  75  Muir  Drive 

King,  Helen,  21  Cochrane  Street 

King,   Hugh,  Ltd.,  coalmen,  30  Harbour  Street.      Tel.  86 

King,  Robert,  contractor,  118  Montgomery  Street 

King,  Robert,  jr.,  engineer,  26  Harbour  Street 

King,  Thomas,  8  Glasgow  Vennel 

King,  Thomas,  carter,  82  Harbour  Street 

King's  Arms  Hotel.     Tel.  1 

Kinloch,  Thomas,  agent,  3  Bridgegate 

Kirk,   Herbert  S.,  Englewood,  Bank  Street 

Kirk,  James,  clerk,  114  Harbour  Street 

Kirk,  John,  painter,  10  Cochrane  Street 

Kirkhope,  Janet,  widow,  101   Bank  Street 

Kirkland,  Mrs.  Jessie,  48  High  Street 

Kirkwood,  Alexander,  baker,  20,  22  and  24  Fullarton  Place     Tel.   105 

Kirkwood,  Thomas,  43  Townhead 

Kleen-e-ze  Brush  Co.,  Ltd.,  67  High  Street 

Kyle,  Mrs.  6  John  Street 


Kyle,  James,  restaurateur.  5-7  Fnllarton  Street 

Kyle,  James,  30  Waterside 

Kyle,  James,  jr..  restaurateur,  13  Church.  Street 

Kyle.  Mrs.   Mageie.  20   Hill  Street 

Lafferty,  James.  15  East  Road 

Lafferty.   Rose,  widow.   12  Quarry  Road 

Laidlaw,  Mrs.  Isabella.  28  Cochrane  Street 

Laidlaw.  James,  rivet  heater.  Ballot  Road 

Laidlaw.  William,  gardener.  114  Montgomery  Street 

Laird  &  Son.  Ltd..  engineers.  96-98  Montgomery  Street.     Tel.  4 

Laird.  John,  miner.  27  Fnllarton  Street 

Laird.  Joseph,  joiner.  26  Church  Street 

Lamb  &:  Rennie,  ironmongers.  14  Fullarton  Place.     Tel.  303 

Lamb.  Adam  M.,  painter.  19  Cochrane  Street 

Lamb,  Duncan,  labourer.  13  East  Road 

Lamb,  Mrs.   Elizabeth.  42   Harbour  Street 

Lamb,  James,  carter.   168  Harbour  Street 

Lamb,  James,  caulker,  70  Clark  Drive 

Lamb,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  172   Harbour  Street 

Lamb,  Margaret,  confectioner.   140   Harbour  Street 

Lamb.  Peter,  20  Cochrane  Street 

Lamb.  Peter,  33  Cochrane  Street 

Lamb,  Thomas,  plater.  100  Harbour  Street 

Lambie,  Robert,  grocer.  7  Marress  Street 

Lamont,  Alexander,  block  worker,  64  Gait  Avenue 

Lamont.  Charles,  labourer,  33  Cochrane  Street 

Lamont.   David  B..  grocer.  26   West  Road 

Lamont.  John,  jr.,  grocer.  48  Bridgegate 

Lamont  &  Sons,  grocers.  20  Bridgesate.     Tel.  7 

Lamont,  Laughland  H..   1   Fullarton  Place.     Tel.  300 

Lamont,  Mary.  Isa  ic  Jessie.  44  Waterside 

Lamont.  Matthew,  grocer.  124  Bank  Street 

Lamont,  Matthew  &  William,  grocers,  1   Eglinton  Street.     Tel.  199 

Lamont.   William,  innkeeper.  71-73   Bridgegate 

Lamont.  William  D..  grocer.  29  West  Road 

Lamont.  William  D..  clerk.  35  Muir  Drive 

Lancaster.  James  F..  glass  worker.  120  Montgomery  Street 

Lang.   Andrew,  miner.  25   Gottrie*   Road 

Lang.  William,  labourer,  13  Gottries  Road 

Lauchlan,  James,  plasterer,  8  Seagate 

Lauchlan.  James,  mason.  6  Cochrane  Street 

Lauchlan.   William,  carter.  3   Burn<  Street 

Lauder,  Thomas,  salesman.  77  Dalrympk-   Drive 

Lauder.   Thomas,   driller.  3  John  Street 

Laughlan.  E..  broker.  56  High  Street 

Laughlan.  James,  riveter.  22   Friars  Croft 

Laughland.    Robert,  engineer.  52   Montgomery  Street 

Langtry.  John,  10  Harbour  Street 

Lawrie,   Hugh.  35   Fullarton  Street 

Lywrie,   Robert,   postman.  64  East   Road 

Lawson  Bros.,  butchers.  9   Montgomery  Street.     Tel.  99 

Lawson,  Charles,   blacksmith,  18  Quarry  Road 

Lawson,  James  C  constable.  4  Ayr  Road 

Lawson,   Thomas,  conductor.  7  Waterside 

Lear.  Alfred,  labourer.  29  Cochrane  Street 

Lees,  John,   L.R.C.P.S..  77   Bridgegate.      Tel.  78 

Leeson,  Thomas,  linesman.  8  Clark  Drive 

Leiper.  James,  mason,  13  St.  Inau  Avenue 

Leiper,    William,    fishmonger^    133    Hieh    Street    ami    47    Montgomery 

Lennox,  Hannah,  widow.  34  Gottries  Road 
Lennox,   Robert,  103   Dalrymple   Drive 
Lennox.   William,  labourer.  17  Gottries   Road 
Leslie.  John,  superintendent,  69  Bank  Street 


Lilley,  William,  brickworker,  28  Kirkgate 

Lillie,  William,  agent,  40  Bridgegate 

Lindsay,  George,  brickworker,  33  Seagate 

Lindsay,  James,  railwayman.  28  Kirkgate 

Lindsay,  John,  contractor,  95  Dalrymple  Drive 

Lindsay,  Robert,  carpenter,  53  Kirkgate 

Linton,  Andrew,  labourer,  27  Gottries  Road 

Linton,  George,  labourer,  15  Gottries  Road 

Linton,  James,  labourer.  19  Gottries  Road 

Linton,  John,  labourer,   17  Gottries  Road 

Lipton,  Ltd.,  grocers,  29  Montgomery  Street 

Lister,  Thomas,   postman,   144  High  Street 

Lithgow,   Walter,  mechanic,  29   Kirk  Vennel 

Little,  William,  labourer,  42  High  Street 

Little,  William,  labourer.  53  Fullarton  Street 

Livingstone,  James  A.,  confectioner.  87  Montgomery  Street 

Livingstone,  James  A.,  newsagent.  84  Montgomery  Street 

Lockhart.  John  C,  baker.  25  and  27  Bridgegate  and  147  High  Street. 

Tel.  Ill 
Logan,  Archibald,  boilermaker.  67  Clark  Drive 
Logan,  John,  paint  mixer,  34  Burns  Street 
Logan,  Marion  A.,  chemist.  11   Annick  Road 
Longmuir  Bros.,  shipbrokers,  146  Harbour  Street.      Tel.  20 
Longmuir  &   Hunter,  grain  merchants.   Bank  Street,      Tel.   128 
Longmuir,  Gabriel,  fitter,  33  Gait  Avenue 

Longmuir,  Margaret,  41   East   Road 

Longmuir,  Mrs.  Mary  R.,  widow.  48  East  Road 

Longmuir.   Robert,  vanman.   17   High  Street 

Longmuir,  Robert  G.,  merchant.  34  Bank  Street     Tel.  202 

Longmuir,  Robert  F.,  shipping  agent,  58  Bridgegate 

Loudon,  Jessie,  31    Friars  Croft 

Love,  Agnes,   114  Fullarton  Street 

Love,  Alexander  G.,  cashier,  116  Bank  Street.     Tel.  122 

Love,  Gregor,  barman,  18  Waterside 

Love,  Hugh,  mason.  9  Seagate 

Love,  James,  butcher.  62  High  Street 

Love,  James,  butcher.   Mill  Road 

Love,  Jane  C,  widow,  15  Townhead 

Love,  John,  labourer,  24  Fullarton  Street 

Love,  Margaret,  widow,  3  Fullarton  Street 

Love,  Williain,  labourer,  176  High  Street 

Love,  William  M.,  dentist,  6  Bank  Street 

Low,  Peter,  33  East  Road 

Lowrie,  Alexander,  labourer,  32  Cochrane  Street 

Lowry,  Alexander,  labourer,  60  Dalrymple  Drive 

Lowry,  Samuel,  labourer,  15  Gottries  Road 

Ludlow,  Sydney,  engineer,  24  Scott   Road 

Lugton,  Ernest,  traveller,  63   Dalrymple  Drive 

Lumsden,  Mrs.  Elizabeth.  9  High  Street 

Lumsden,  Harry,  solicitor,  5  Castle  Street.      Tel.  9 

Lyall,  Matthew,  contractor,  22   Waterside 

Lyell,   Henry,   18  Waterside 

Lynn,  Samuel,  labourer,  21   Glasgow  Vennel 

Lynton,   Harry,  surfaceman,   15  Gottries  Road 

Lyon,  Isabella,  housekeeper.  26  Burns  Street 

McAdam,  Mrs.  A.,  39  Fullarton  Street 
Mc-Adam,  Annie,  widow,  145  High  Street 
McAinsh,  William  J.,  traveller,  14a  Annick  Road, 
MaeAllister,  Mrs.  Jane,  1  Chapel  Lane 
McAllister,  Archibald,  labourer,  11   Gottries  Road 
McAllister.  Archibald,  assurance  agent.  46  Gait  Avenue 
McAllister,   David,  butcher,  22  Gottries  Road 
McAllister,  David,  janitor.  4  Glasgow  Vennel 
McAllister,  Dugald,  labourer,  11   Gottries  Road 


McAllister,  Elizabeth,  widow,  8  Towuhead 

McAllister,  James,  26  Church  Street 

McAllister,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  draper,  26  and  30  Bridgegate 

McAllister,  John,  labourer,  43  West  Road 

McAllister,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  110  Montgomery  Street 

McAlpine,  Elizabeth,  teacher,  34  West  Road 

McAtaminey,  Bernard,  labourer,  144  High  Street 

McAtamney,  Edward,  hotel  keeper,  162  H\gh  Street.      Tel.  5 

McAtamney,  John,  retired.   13  Seagate 

MeAughtrie,  James,  8  Kirk  Vennel 

McAughtrie,  Mrs.   James,   16   Ballot   Road 

McAuslan,  Alexander,  engineer,  22  Kilwinning  Road         Tel.  231 

McAuslan,  Alexander,  engineer,  3  Bank  Street.     Tel.  159 

McBeth,  Colin,  labourer,  36  Montgomery  Street 

McBeth,  Mary,  widow,   124  High  Street 

McBreen,  Charles,  labourer,  60  McKinlay  Crescent 

McBride,  Robert,  inspector,  6  Gait  Avenue 

McBride,   William,  inspector,  48  High  Street 

McCabe,  Margaret,  shop  assistant,   11   Fullarton  Place 

McCafferty,   George,  railwayman,   16  Scott  Road 

McCaffrey,  Eugene,  40  East  Road 

McCain,  James,  miner,  78  East  Road 

McCairns,  Agnes,  widow,   101   Fullarton  Street 

McCairns,  John,  miner,  2   Ballot  Road 

McCairns,   John,  miner,  8  Quarry  Road 

McCall,  Mrs.,  58  High  Street 

McCall,  Annie  and  Jean,  8  Kilwinning  Road 

McCall,  David,  plater's  helper.  107  Muir  Drive 

McCall,   Thomas,  baker,  49   High  Street 

McCall,  Walter,  engineer,  36  West  Road 

McCallum,  Frank,  labourer,  87  Fullarton  Street 

McCallum,  Jean,  teacher,  49  Bridgegate 

McCallum,  Mrs.  Jemima,  16  East  Road 

McCallum,  Mary  A.,  widow,  56  Townhead 

McCandlish,  John,  forger,  94  Muir  Drive 

McCann,  John,  labourer,  22  Friars  Croft 

McCann,  Thomas,  labourer,  37  Fullarton  Street 

McCann,  William  J.,  seaman,  21   Gottries  Road 

McCart,  James,  miner,   118  Fullarton  Street 

McCartney,  A.  &  M.,  65  Clark  Drive 

McCartney,  Alexander,  cartel-,  37  High  Street 

McCartney,  David,  smith,  31   Cochrane  Street 

McCartney,  James,  labourer,  15  Gottries  Road 

McCartney,  Samuel  P.,  blockmaker,   13  Friars  Croft 

McClearie,  John,  7  Townhead 

McCleary,  Alexander,  retired,   15  Quarry  Road 

McCleary,  James,  agent,  54  Muir  Drive 

McClelland,   Andrew,  labourer,  39  Seagate 

McClelland,  William,  carter,  30  Church  Street 

McClements,   Hugh,  signalman,  87  Clark  Drive 

McClemont,  Jean,  widow,  31   West  Road 

McClew,  Peter,  gauger,  38  Gottries  Road 

MeClure,  Hugh,  23  McKinlay  Crescent 

McClure,    William,   builder,  5   Ayr  Road.     Tel.  205 

McClusMe,  Peter,  labourer,  35  Fullarton  Street 

McColl,  Hugh,  labourer,  30  Fullarton  Street 

McColl,  R.  S.,  Ltd.,  confectioners,  2  Bridgegate 

McColl,   VViUiam  M.,  plumber,  40  Townhead 

McColm,  Samuel,  labourer,  22  Friars  Croft 

McComb,  William,  miner,  12   Kirk  Vennel 

McComb,  James,  manager,  40  Muir  Drive 

McConkie,  George  H,,   16  Fullarton  Street 

McConkie,  James,   161    Bank  Street 

McConkie,  William,  joiner,  46  Fullarton  Street 

McConkie,  William  R.,  chemist.  24  Montgomery  Street 

McConnaehie,  Alexander,  railway  worker,  79  Clark  Drive 

McConnachie,  John,  labourer,   110   Fullarton  Street 

McConnaehie,  William,  signalman,  50  Fullarton  Street 


McConnell,  John  P.,  tailor,  79  High  Street  and  46  Muir  Drive 

McCool,   Charles,  labourer,  58  McKinlay  Crescent 

McCormack,  Annie,  widow,   105  Dalrynipie  Drive 

McCormiek,   David,  labourer,   15  New  Street 

McCormick,  Helen,  widow,  33  Egiinton  Street 

McCormiek,  Mrs.  Henry,  widow,  35  Friars  Croft 

McCormick,  Jeanie,  5  Friars  Croft 

McCormick,  Mrs.  Mary,  26  High  Street 

McCormick,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  34-36  Hig-h  Street 

McCormick,  Robert  J..  28  East  Road 

McCormick,  Robert,  labourer,  42  High  Street 

McCormick,  William  J.,  contractor,  11  Townhead 

McCowan,  James,  salesman,  61  Clark  Drive 

McCrae,  Mrs.,  widow,  17  Kirk  Vennel 

McCreath,  Robert,  baker,  3  Waterside 

McCrone,  James,  constable,  High  Street 

Macrorie,  Arthur,  56  Bank  Street 

Macrorie,  Duncan,  labourer,  33  Egiinton  Street 

Macrorie,  Robert,  labourer,  77  Fullarton  Street 

Macrorie,  Samuel,  labourer,  95  Fullarton  Street 

Macrorie,  William,  labourer,  15  Gottries  Road 

McC'rorie,  John,  8  Ballot  Road 

McCrossan,  Agnes,  widow,  26  Mill  Road 

McCrossan,  Margaret,  44  Muir  Drive 

McCrum,  Mrs.  C,  76  Montgomery  Street 

McCubbin,  A.,  174  Harbour  Street 

McCubbin,  John,  sr.,  painter,  19  Friars  Croft 

McCubbin,  Joseph,  engine  driver,  28  Church  Street 

McCubbin,  Joseph,  jr.,  carpenter,  72  Fullarton  Street 

McCubbin,  Martha,  89  Montgomery  Street 

McCubbin,  Robert,  engineman,  34  Loudon  Street 

McCulley,   H.,  jr.,  labourer,   118  Fullarton  Street 

McCulley,  Mrs.  Hamilton,  widow,  114  Fullarton  Street 

McCulley,   Robert,  labourer,  114  Fullarton  Street 

McCulley,  Thomas,  labourer,  118  Fullarton  Street 

McCulloch,  Alexander,  caulker,  13  Kirk  Vennel 

McCulloch,  Alexander,  labourer,  15  Fullarton  Place 

McCulloch,  Andrew,  retired,  26  Cochrane  Street 

McCulloch,  James,  28  Thornhouse  Avenue 

McCulloch,  John,  plater,  33  Seagate 

McCulloch,  John  T.,  riveter,  124  Montgomery  Street 

McCulloch,  Kate,  10  Cochrane  Street 

McCulloch,  Mrs.  Margaret,  34  Gait  Avenue 

McCulloch,  Mrs.  Mary.  7  Church  Street 

McCulloch.,  Matthew,  miner,  6  Quarry  Road 

McCulloch,  Peter,  fireman,  2  Annick  Road 

McCulloch,  Robert,  salesman,  103  Montgomery  Street 

McCulloch,  Samuel,  miner,  51   High  Street 

McCulloch,  Samuel,  confectioner,  35  High  Street 

McCulloch,  Samuel,  miner,  20  Gait  Avenue 

McCulloch,  Thomas,  miner,  87  High  Street 

McCulloch,  Thomas  B.,  engineer,  28  McKinlay  Crescent 

McCulloch,   William,  labourer,  27  Egiinton  Street 

McCutcheon,  John,  driver,  2  Ayr  Road 

McDermid,  John,  farmer,  27  Kilwinning  Road 

Macdonald,  James,  seaman,  50  McKinlay  Crescent 

Macdonald,  Mrs.  Jessie  C,  77  Bank  Street 

Macdonald,  Lachlan,  seaman,  45  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Macdonald,  William,  chemical  worker,  67  Montgomery  Street 

MacDonald,  John,  19  High  Street 

McDonald,  Alexander,  5  Thornhouse  Avenue 

McDonald,  Angus,  28  Church  Street 

McDonald,  Hector,  teacher,  15  Annick  Road 

McDonald,  Mrs.  Helen,  37  West  Road 

McDonald,  Mrs.  Isabella,  widow,  26  High  Street 

McDonald,  James,  mechanic,  120  Fullarton  Street 

McDonald,  James,  master  mariner,  20  Harbour  Street 

McDonald,  James,  smith,  12  Harbour  Street 


McDonald,  James,  miner,  64  East  Road 
McDonald,  John,  sergeant.  Cochrane  Street 
McDonald,  John,  labourer,  114  Fullarton  Street 
McDonald,  John,  mechanic,  82  Fullarton  Street 
McDonald,  John,  gardener,  30   Kilwinning-  Road 
McDonald,  Robert,  miner.  50  Townhead 
McDonald,  William,  machinist.  36  Montgomery  Street 
McDougal.  James,  engineer,  l4  Hill  Street 
McDougall.  A.  K..  patternmaker,  116  Montgomery  Street 
McDougall,   Agnes,  widow,   15  Glasgow  Vennel 
McDougall.  Alexander,  redleader,  183  High  Street 
McDougall.  James,  engineer.  76  Montgomery  Street 
McDougall,  James,  plumber,   17  Cochrane  Street 
McDougall.  John,  caulker.  3  Cochrane  Street 
McDougall,  John,  smith.  73  Montgomery  Street 
McDougall.  John,  miner,  44  Dalrymple  Drive 
McDougall.  Robert,  baker.  38  Dalrymple  Drive 
McDougall.  Thomas,  miner.  39  Clark  Drive 
McDougall.   Thomas.  2  Church  Street 
McDougall.  Thomas,  labourer.  165  High  Street 
MeDowall,  Hugh,  labourer,  27  Gottries  Road 
McDowall.  Maggie,  grocer.  23  Gottries  Road 
MeDowall,  William,  labourer.  25  Gottries  Road 
McDowell.  Mrs.  A.,  19   Gottries  Road 
McDowell,  Agnes,  19  Gottries  Road 
McEwan,  Daniel,  miner,  118  Fullarton  Street 
McEwan,  Robert,  laboxirer,  11   Fullarton  Street 
McEwan,  Thomas,  labourer,  12  Quarry  Road 
McEwan,  William,  labourer,  30  Montgomery  Street 
McEwen.   David,  labourer,  5  East  Road 
McEwen,   Mrs.   Margaret.  3-5  Eglinton  Street 
McFadzean,  Alexander,  labourer,  18  Gottries  Road 
McFarlane,  Elizabeth,  widow,  54  Fullarton  Street 
McFarlane,  William,  25  McKiniay  Crescent 
McFedries,  Francis,  labourer,  106  Harbour-  Street 
McFedries.  Hugh,  labourer.   114  P'ullarton  Street 
McFedries.  John,  dealer.  22  East  Road 
McFedries.  Michael,  labourer,  21   Gottries  Road 
McFedries.  William,  labourer,  25  Gottries  Road 
McGeachie,  Bella,  3  Gottries  Road 
McGeachie,  John,  miner.  11   High  Street 
McGeachie,  Robert,  21   Kirkgate 
McGeachy.  James,  labourer.  56  Townhead 
McGeuchie.  Francis,  labourer,  3  Burns  Street 
McGhee,  William,  caulker,  83  Dalrymple  Drive 
McGhie,  Andrew,  miner,  30  Cochrane  Street 
McGhie,   Robert,  plumber,  41   Townhead 
McGibbon,  Williaru,  machinist.  74  Clark  Drive 
McGibney.  Henry,  engineer,  12  Cochrane  Street 
McGiffen,  Margaret,  widow,  4  St.  Inan  Avenue 
McGill.  Adam,  miner.  26  East  Road 
McGill,  Andrew,  smith,  84  Fullarton  Street 
McGill,  Charles,  cooper,  20  Friars  Croft 
McGill,  Hugh,  warehouseman,  23  Mill  Road 
McGill,  Isabella,  widow.  12  Cochrane  Street 
McGill.  James,  grocer.  15  Seagate 
McGill,  John  F..  janitor,  96  Waterside 
McGill,  Margaret  B.  R.,  elerkess,  17  Mill  Road 
McGill,   Robert,   stager,  56  Townhead 
McGill,   William,  fireman,  9  Hill  Street 
McGill.  William,  janitor,  12a  West  Road 
McGiDivray,  Charles,  lampman.  29  New  Street 
McGinn,  Christina,  hosiery  worker.  29  Fullarton  Street 
McGinn,  . Ionics,  miner,  51   Fullarton  Street 
McGinn,  John,  labourer.  51   Fullarton  Street 
McGinn,  Patrick,  labourer,  110  Fullarton  Street 
McGinn,  Patrick,  plater,  56  Bridgegate 
McGovern,  Joseph,  vanman,  17  Friars  Croft 


McGowan,  George,  fitter,  13  New  Street 

MeGowan,  James,  labourer,  29  Friars  Croft 

McGraw,  William,  labourer,  5  Cochrane  Street 

MaeGregor,  John  D.,  teacher,  10  Scott  Road 

MaeGregor,  Margaret,  widow,   11   Seagate 

McGregor,  Alexander,  52  Gait  Avenue 

McGregor,  George,  mechanic,  12  Ayr  Road 

McGregor,  James,  22  East  Road 

McGregor,  John,  62  Bast  Road 

McGregor,  Matthew,  miner,  3  Burns  Street  * 

McGuire,  Wilham,  holder-on,  8  John  Street 

McGuire,  William,  riveter,   108  Montgomery  Street 

McHarg.  Martha,  widow,  85  Fullarton  Street 

McHattie,  Mrs.,  30  Cochrane  Street 

McHattie,  James,  operator,  80  Clark  Drive 

Mcllroy,  Charles,  labourer,  74  McKinlay  Crescent 

Mcllroy,  George,  labourer,  59  Fullarton  Street 

Mcllroy,  James,  brickworker,  2  Eglinton  Street 

Mcllroy,   John,  driver,  53  Muir  Drive 

Mcllroy,  Robert,  labourer,  33  Friars  Croft 

Mcllroy,  Thomas,  labourer,   118  Fullarton  Street 

M'Uwain,  Hugh,  plater's  helper,  64  McKinlay  Crescent 

Mellwean,  Mrs.  Annie.   18  Quarrv  Road 

Mclnally,  Mrs.  Ellen,  58  Fullarton  Street 

Mclnnes,  Agnes,  widow,  33  Friars  Croft 

Mclnnes,  Duncan,  11  Friars  Croft 

Mclnnes,  James,  caulker,  28  Friars  Croft 

Mclnnes,  Marion,  widow,  5  Waterside 

Mcintosh,  Thomas  W.,  contractor,  32  Kilwinning  Road 

Maeintyre,  Colin,  hairdresser,  3  Chapel  Lane 

Melntyre,  Angus,  holder-on,  8  John  Street 

Melntyre,  Caldwell,  hairdresser,  45  Clark  Drive 

Melntyre,  David,  janitor,  152  High  Street 

Mclntyre,  David,  vanman,  56  Bridgegate 

Mclntyre,  Douglas,  grocer,  122  High  Street.     Tel.  3 

Mclntyre,  Mrs.  Gladys  H.,  120-122  High  Street 

Mclntyre,  John,  labourer,  85  Fullarton  Street 

Mclntyre,  Robert,  driver,  48  East  Road 

Mclntyre,  Robert,  labourer,  19  Townhead 

Mclvor,   Felix,  riveter,   18  Quarry  Road 

Mclvor,  John,  riveter,  18  Quarry  Road 

MeJannet,  Arnold,  solicitor,  55  Bank  Street.      Tel.  91 

McKean,  Mrs.  Ellen,  27  Gottries  Road 

McKean,  George,  29  Gottries  Road 

McKean,  George,  labourer,  27  Gottries  Road 

McKean,  John,  labourer,  94  Fullarton  Street 

McKean,  Joseph,    joiner,  82  Fullarton  Street 

McKean,  Matthew,  labourer,  9  Loudon  Street 

McKean,  William,  labourer,  114  Fullarton  Street 

McKean,  William,  clerk,  74  Harbour  Street 

McKeen,  William,  quarrvman,  110  Fullarton  Street 

McKechnie,   William   R.,  21   West  Road 

Mackenzie,  D.  M.,  engineer.  29  Thornhouse  Avenue 

McKellar,  Mrs.  Grace  J.,  widow,  51  Bank  Street 

McKellar,  Hugh,  caulker,  18  Cochrane  Street 

McKellar,  Matthew,  labourer,   114  Fullarton  Street 

McKelvie,  Alexander,  plumber,   124  Montgomery  Street 

McKelvie,  Archibald  N.,  33  Montgomery  Street 

McKelvie,  Elizabeth,  widow,  24  Cochrane  Street 

McKelvie,  James,  plater,  34  Clark  Drive 

McKelvie,  Sarah,  23  Bank  Street 

McKeown,  Edward,  labourer,  7  Cochrane  Street 

JNIackie,  Andrew,  guard,  73-75  Fullarton  Street 

Mackie,  Archibald,  motorman,  98  Fullarton  Street 

Mackie,  James,  clerk,  28  Annlck  Road 

Mackie,  James  M.,  engineer,  65  Bank  Street 

Mackie,  John,  engineer,  10  Gottries  Road 

Mackie,  Walter  G.,  27  Fullarton  Place 


Mackle,  William,  smith,  13  Cochrane  Street 

McKie,  George,  labourer,  82  Montgomery  Street 

McKie,  James,  hosiery  worker,  116  Montgomery  Street 

McKie,  Robert,  62  Fullarton  Street 

McKinlay,  W.  R.,  manager,  50  Waterside 

McKinlay,  William,  grocer,  30  Scott  Road 

McKinnon,  Hugh,  miner,  118  Fullarton  Street 

McKinnon,  Lachlan,  59  McKinlay  Crescent 

McKinnon,  Lachlan.  harbour  worker,  23  Clark  Drive 

McKinnon,  Mrs.  M.,  widow,   16   Waterside 

McKinnon,  Mrs.  Margaret,  widow,  101  Muir  Drive 

McKinnon,  Mrs.  Mary,   172   Harbour  Street 

MeKinven,  Edward,  labourer,  12  John  Street 

McKnight.  Charles,  slater,  12  Ballot  Road 

McKnight,  George,  furnaceman,  22  Cochrane  Street 

McKnight,  Jeanie.  widow,  32   Gottries  Road 

McKnight,  Samuel,  mechanic,  29  Xew  Street 

McKnight.  Thomas,  manager.  120  Bank  Street 

Maclachlan,  Helen  A.,  71  Bank  Street 

Maclachlan,    Robert,   manager,   10   Kilwinning   Road.     Tel.   115 

McLauehlin,  "William,  miner,  24  East  Road 

McLaughlan,  Frank,  butcher,  122  Montgomery  Street 

McLaughlan,  Mary  J.,  widow,  96  Harbour  Street 

McLaughlin,  Patrick,  labourer,  11  St.  Inan  Avenue 

McLaren,  Mrs.  C.  widow.  33  Kirkgate 

McLaren,  George,  72  Montgomery  Street 

McLaren,  Robert,  painter,  31  Eglinton  Street 

McLaren.    Robert,  fireman.   30   Quarry   Road 

McLaren.  David,  sr..  miner,  83  McKinlay  Crescent 

McLaren.   David,  jr.,  81   McKinlay  Crescent 

McLaren,  James,  miner,  21   East  Road 

McLaren,  John,  carpenter,  24  Cochrane  Street 

McLaren,  John,  labourer,  29  Cochrane  Street 

McLaren,  Robert,  driver.  122  Montgomery  Street 

McLaren,  Robert,  miner,  45  High  Street 

McLean,  Samuel,  miner,  58  High  Street 

McLean,  Stephen,  labourer,  62  McKinlay  Crescent 

McLean,   Thomas,  fitter.  3   Friars  Croft 

McLean,  Thomas,  gardener,  37  Dalrymple  Drive 

McLean,  William,  labourer,  82  Fullarton  Street 

McLearie,  Jean,  10  Harbour  Street 

McLelland,  John,  miner,  114  Fullarton  Street 

McLelland,  Thomas,  labourer,  52  Road 

McLelland,   William,  8  Glasgow  Vennel 

McLellan,  Mrs.  Margaret,  widow,  3  Church  Street 

McLellan,   Thomas,  labourer-,  21   Townhead 

McLeod,  Jessie,  nurse,  24  Waterside 

McLeod,  John,  baker,  39  Fullarton  Street 

McLeod,  William,  fitter,  36  Waterside 

McLeod,  William,  jr.,  8  Ballot  Road 

McLeod,  William,  porter,  8  Ballot  Road 

McMahon,  Robert,  riveter,  18  Friars  Croft 

McMahon,  William,  93  Dalrymple  Drive 

McMahon,  William  J.,  labourer,  5  John  Street 

McMaster,  John,  driver,  8  Hill  Street 

McMaster,  John,  labourer,  2  Ballot  Road 

McMaster,   Joseph,  painter,  43   Gait  Avenue 

McMaster,  Joseph,  railwayman,  12  Dalrymple  Drive 

McMeechan.   Harry,  32   Fullarton  Street 

McMeechan.  James,  labourer,  7  Ballot  Road 

McMeechan,  Thomas,  warehouseman,  40  Gait  Avenue 

Macmillan  &  Monro,  Ltd.,  confectioners,  18  Bridgegate 

McMillan  &  Lucas,  dressmakers,  1   High  Street 

McMillan,   Elizabeth,  51   East  Road 

McMillan,   Flora,  83   Bank  Street 

McMillan.  James,  painter,  5  Waterside 

McMillan,  James,  jr.,  engineer,  7  Waterside 

McMillan,  James,  riveter,  26  Cochrane  Street 


McMillan.   Margaret,  25  Kirkgate 

McMillan,  Robert,  greenkeeper,  40  Fullarton  Street 

McMillan,  Robert,  riveter,  5  Church  Street 

McMillan,  Samuel,  labourer,  60  East  Road  :    ., 

McMillan,  Thomas,  labourer,  44  Fullarton  Street 

MoMinn,  John,  joiner,  112  Montgomery  Street  :  i    -<■ 

McMurtrie,  Alexander,  labourer,  60  Harbour  Street 

McMurtrie,  Archibald,  labourer,  50  Fullarton  Street 

McMurtrie,  Daniel,  shipwright,  115  Muir  Drive 

McMurtrie,  Elizabeth,  widow,  48  Fullarton  Terrace 

McMurtrie,  James  B.,  24  Kilwinning  Road 

McMurtrie,  John,  tailor,  31   Kirkgate 

McMurtrie,  Margaret  C,  37  Bank  Street 

McMurtrie,  Rachael,  widow,  38  Townhead 

McMurtrie,  Robert,  mason,  40  Townhead 

McMurtrie,  William,  tug  master,  162  Harbour  Street 

MacNab,  John,  plumber,  4  Chapel  Lane  and  23  Seagate.      Tel.  180 

MacNab,  Rev.  Samuel,  M.A.,  6  Kilwinning  Road 

McNab,  Donald,  plater"s  helper,  22  Friars  Croft 

McNab,  George,  tinsmith,  83  Fullarton  Street  ■  : '  ■  . 

McNab,  James,  plater,  23  Friars  Croft 

McNab,  Jane,  widow,  7  Marress  Street 

McNab,  Janet  B.,  21   Hill  Street 

McNab,  John  G.,  plumber,  2  Chapel  Lane 

McNab,  Norman,  plater,  43  Montgomery  Street 

McNab,  Thomas  H.,  plumber,  14  Hill  Street 

McNally,   George,  labourer,  52   High  Street 

McNaught,  Elizabeth,  widow,  15  Fullarton  Place 

McNaught,   Robert,  dealer,  16  Montgomery  Street 

McNaught,   Thomas,  turner.   15  McKinlay  Crescent 

McNee.  Mary,  teacher,  72   Waterside 

McNeil,  James,  electrician,  78   East  Road 

McNeil,  James,  agent,   101   Fullarton  Street 

McNeish,    William,   gardener,   27   Kirkgate 

McNidder,  Peter,  clerk,  71   Dalrymple  Drive 

Macphail,  Alistair,  driver,  40  and  42  Bank  Street 

MacPhail,  Christina  W.,  46  Montgomery  Street 

McPhail,  Alexander,  electrician,   118  Bank  Street 

McPhail,   Mrs.  Annie  J.,  26   Eglinton  Street 

McPhail.  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  43   High  Street 

McPhail,  William,  24  Eglinton  Street 

McPhail,  William,  labourer,  8  John  Street 

McPhee,  John,  44  East  Road 

McPhee,  Samuel,  rigger,  36  East  Road 

McPherson,  Donald,  hairdresser,  106  Montgomery  Street 

McPherson,   James,  labourer,  92  Muir  Drive 

McPherson,  John,  riveter,  3  Cochrane  Street 

McPherson,  Peter,  labourer,  41   Townhead 

McPherson,  Samuel,  slater,  20  Gottries  Road 

McPherson,  Thomas,  20  Loudon  Street 

McPherson,  William,  labourer,  2  Kirkgate 

McPherson,  William,  shipyard  worker,  3  Church  Street 

McPhie,   Duncan,  gateman,  4  Scott  Road 

McPike,   Lily,  widow,  26  McKinlay  Crescent 

McQuade,  Thomas,  miner,  13  East  Road 

McQuarrie,   Hugh,  joiner,  21   Hill  Street 

Mac-Queen,   Hugh,  chamberlain,   135  Bank  Street.     Tel.  41 

MacQueen,  Hugh,  chamberlain,  50  Bridgegate.     Tel.  281 

MacQueen,  John,  joiner,  39  Townhead 

McQueen,  Donald,  carter,  56  Clark  Drive 

McQueen,  Mrs.  Jane,  widow.  Bank  Street 

McQueen,  John,  bricklayer,  30  Church  Street 

McQueen,  Mrs.  Sarah,  widow,  37  Friars  Croft 

McQueenie,  Bernard,  80  Harbour  Street 

McQiulton,  Thomas,  storeman,  79  Dalrymple  Drive 

McRoberts,  Mrs.  Jeanie  C,  widow,  26  Hill  Street 

McSkimming,  William,  plasterer,  16  Church  Street 

McTear,  Marion,  widow,  36  East  Road 


McTear,  Mrs.  Sarah,  54  Fullarton  Terrace 
McVie,  Thomasina,  widow,  27  Cochrane  Street 
McWaters,  Andrew,  28  Church  Street 
McWatters,  John,  31  Kirkgate 
McWhirter,  William,  bottler,  4  Low  Green 

McWhirter.    William,    aerated    water   manufacturer,    Eglinton    Works. 
Tel.  62 

Macara,  Rev.  Alexander,  M.A.,  St.  Inan's  Manse,  off  Golffields 

Magowan,  Ian,  teacher,  23  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Maguire,  Hugh,  machinist,  36  McKinlay  Crescent 

Mair,  John,  engineer,  18  Muir  Drive 

Maitland,  James,  signalman,  44  Ayr  Road 

Maitland,   Johnston,  24  Waterside 

Malcolm,  James,  stillman,  52  Dalrymple  Drive 

Malcolm,  John,  jr.,  miner,  45  High  Street 

Malcolm,  Thomas,  labourer,  77  McKinlay  Crescent 

Malcolmson,  Mary,  widow,  19  Townhead 

Mallon,  Edward,  labourer,  176  High  Street 

Mandersen,  Margaret  D.,  widow,  70  Ayr  Road 

Manderson,  Margaret,  widow,  36  Fullarton  Street 

Manlow,  William,  foreman,  20  McKinlay  Crescent 

Manson,  David,  farmer,  Newmoor.     Tel.  183 

Manson,  William,  foreman,  9  Gait  Avemie 

Marshall,  James,  foreman,  82  Muir  Drive 

Marshall,  Peter,  greenkeeper,  5  Gait  Avenue 

Marshall,  William,  &  Sons,  Ltd.,  boot  merchants,  81  High  Street 

Martin,   David,  grocer,  81  Muir  Drive 

Martin,  Duncan,  labourer,  21  East  Road 

Martin,  Mrs.  Hugh,  14  Kirk  Vennel 

Martin,  James,  15  East  Road 

Martin,  John,  painter,  20  Scott  Road 

Martin,  John,  labourer,  118  Fullarton  Street 

Martin,  John,  3  High  Street 

Martin,  Kate,  widow,  19  Montgomery  Street. 

Martin,  Martha  G.,  widow,  14  Annick  Road 

Martin,  Mary,  widow,  8  Gottries  Road 

Martin,   Robert,  85  McKinlay  Crescent 

Martin,  Robert,  labourer,  102  Fullarton  Street 

Martin,  Robert,  labourer,  91   Fullarton  Street 

Martin,  Mrs.  Sarah,  27  Fullarton  Street 

Marvin,  Edwin  J.,  bleacher  and  dyer,  29  New  Street 

Masson,  Daniel,  labourer,  46  Dalrymple  Drive 

Masson,  George  E.,  machinist,  41  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Masson,  James,  grocer,  33  Seagate 

Matheson,  William  H.,  33  Bank  Street 

Mathieson,  James,  traveller,  105  Muir  Drive 

Mathieson,  Jean,  widow,  13  Cochrane  Street 

Mathieson,  Margaret,  widow,  62  Dalrymple  Drive 

Mathieson,  Margaret  B.,  65  and  67  Fullarton  Street 

Mathieson,  Mrs.   Robina,  32   Burns  Street 

Mathieson,  William,  mechanic,  61   Fullarton  Street 

Mathieson,  William,   12   Harbour  Street 

Mathieson,  William,  9  Fullarton  Place 

Matthews,  David,  labourer,  79  Fullarton  Street 

Matthews,  Edward,  smith,  7  Waterside 

Matthews,  Harry,  clerk,  3  Friars  Croft 

Matthews,  James,  shoemaker,  43  East  Road 

Matthews,  James,  8  High  Street 

Matthews,  James,  miner,  4  Seagate 

Matthews,  John,  labourer,  96  Fullarton  Street 

Matthews,  William,  engineer,  7  Waterside 

Maxwell,  Mary  J.,  widow,    1  Cochrane  Street 

Maxwell,  William,  baker,  22  Kirkgate 

Maypole  Dairy  Co.,  Ltd.,  2£  Bridgegate 


Meenan,   Daniel,  rigger,  8  Harbour  Street 

Meikle,   Agues  S.,  widow,  15  Friars  Croft 

Meikle.  George,  smith,  76  Montgomery  Street 

Meikle.) ohn,  John,  constable,  Cochrane  Street 

Mele,   Lawrence  V.,  customs  officer,  85  Clark  Drive 

Mellon,  David,  vanman,  159  High  Street 

Mellen,  Margaret,  widow,  18  Cochrane  Street 

Menzies,  Mrs.  Ellen,  newsagent,  149   High  Street.     Tel.  206 

Mercer,  James,  clerk,   17  Muir  Drive 

Mercer,   Rubina,  widow,  48  Clark  Drive 

Merry,  Emily  J.,  Ayr  Road 

Middleton,  James,  hairdresser,  50   High  Street 

Milburn,   Elizabeth,  widow,  80  East  Road 

Mill,  James,  5  John  Street 

Millar.  Alexander,  8  John  Street 

Millar,  Andrew,  35  Fullarton  Street 

Millar,  Helen,  widow,  30  Burns  Street 

Millar,  John,  labourer,  96  Fullarton  Street 

Millar,  Margaret,  widow,  19  Townhead 

Miller,  Agnes,  widow,  58  High  Street 

Miller,  Annie  P.,  8  Clrarch  Street 

Miller,  Mrs.  Annie,  80  Harbour  Street 

Miller,  Alexander,  insurance  agent,  63  Clark  Drive 

Miller,  Archibald,  joiner,  61   East  Road 

Miller,  Archibald,  driver,  29  McKinlay  Crescent 

Miller,  Barbara,  10  Eglinton  Street 

Miller,  David  C,  timber  salesman,  111  Montgomery  Street 

Miller,  James,  clerk,  17  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Miller,  James,  farm  servant,  15  Quarry  Road 

Miller,  James,  bottle  worker,  12  John  Street 

Miller,  Jeanie,  21   Fullarton  Place 

Miller,   Lily,   milliner,  68  Bridgegate 

Miller,  Margaret,  widow,  111    Dalrymple  Drive 

Miller,  Mary  amd  Margaret,  80  Bank  Street 

Miller,  Mary,  widow;  72  Fullarton  Street 

Miller,  Robert,  manager,  90  Bank  Street.     Tel.  103 

Miller,  Robert,  miner,  81   East  Road 

Miller,  Stewart,  joiner,  78  East  Road 

Miller,  William,  24  West  Road 

Miller,  William,  bottle  worker,  12  John  Street 

Miller,  William,  29  Friars  Croft 

Miller,  William,  dealer,  138  Harbour  Street 

Miller,  William,  labourer,  24  Fullarton  Street 

Miller,  William,  engineer,  8  Annick  Road 

Miller,  William,  labourer,  30  High  Street 

Miller,  William,  hammerman,  78  East  Road 

Milligan,  Andrew,  24  Waterside 

Milligan,  Benjamin,  baker,  32  Quarry  Road 

Milligan,  Boyd,  labourer,  60  East  Road 

Milligan,  Bryce,  26  East  Road 

Milligan,   David,  labourer,  58  High  Street 

Milligan,    Hugh,   stoker,   24  Cochrane  Street 

Milligan,  Mrs.  Isabella,  draper,   13  Fullarton  Place 

Milligan,  John,  carter,  29  Friars  Croft 

Milligan,   Margaret,   widow,   78  Montgomery  Street 

Milligan,  Robert,  miner,  82  Harbour  Street 

Milligan,  William,  labourer,  95  Fullarton  Street 

Milligen,  Mrs.  Janet,  42  West  Road 

Milliken,  George,  ironmonger,  5  Bank  Street.     Tel.  51 

Milliken,  George,  ironmonger,  54  Bank  Street 

Mills,  Andrew,  joiner,  83  Clark  Drive 

Milne,   George,  engineer,  12  Scott  Road 

Milne,  Peter,  labourer,  18  Quarry  Road 

Milne,   William,  labourer,  68  Muir  Drive 

Minto,  Andrew,  clerk,  16  McKinlay  Crescent 

Minto,  Elizabeth,  widow,  84  Muir  Drive 

Mitchell,  Mrs.  grocer,  78  Harbour  Street 

Mitchell,  Alexander,  labourer,  7  Waterside 


Mitchell,  Charles,  inspector,  109  Dairy mple  Drive 
Mitchell,  David,  labourer,  114  Fullarton  Street 
Mitchell,  David,  102  East  Road 
Mitchell,  Elizabeth,  widow,  159   High  Street 
Mitchell,  Mrs.  Esther  M.,  24  Gottries  Road 
Mitchell,   George,  plater's  helper,  32   Burns  Street 
Mitchell,  James  D.,  mechanic,  11  Annick  Road 
Mitchell,  James,  surfaceman,  82  Fullarton  Street 
Mitchell,  James,  labourer,  28  Fullarton  Street 
Mitchell,  John,  labourer,  29  Fullarton  Street 
Mitchell,  John,  labourer,   118  Fullarton  Street 
Mitchell,  John  N.,  miner,  16  St.  Inan  Avenue 
Mitchell,  John,  labourer,   13  East  Road 
Mitchell,  John  D.,  collector,  19  Seagate 
Mitchell,  N.  &  A.,  bakers,  36  and  38  Montgomery  Street 
Mitchell,   Robert,  gardener,  21   East  Road 
Mitchell,   Robert,  plumber,  44  McKinlay  Crescent 
Mitchell,  Robert,  7  Waterside 
Mitchell,  Samuel,  labourer,  118  Fullarton  Street 
Mitchell,  William,  labourer,  8  Friars  Croft 
Mitchell,  William,  storeman,  87  Muir  Drive 
Mitchell,  William,  M.A.,  47  Townhead 
Mitchell,  William,  fireman,  25  Dalrymple  Drive 
Moffat,  John,  8  Friars  Croft 

Moffat,  John  T.,  solicitor,  3  Kilwinning  Road.     Tel.  23 
Moir,  George  W.,  clerk,  13  Muir  Drive 
Moir,  James,  carter,  82  Fullarton  Street 
Moir,  William,  constable,  Barracks,  High  Street 
Montgomery,  Hamilton,  6  High  Street- 
Montgomery,  James,  labourer,  144  High  Street 
Montgomery,  John,  labourer,  66  Dalrymple  Drive 
Montgomery,  John,  miner,  171   High  Street 
Montgomery,  Robert,  baker,  46  and  48  High  Street 
Montgomery,  Robert,  labourer,  159  High  Street 
Montgomery,  Robert  B.,  engineer,  86  Montgomery  Street 
Montgomery,   William,  miner,  43   Townhead 
Montgomery,  William,  46  Townhead 
Montgomery,  William,  miner,  165  High  Street 
Moore,  George,  labourer,   19  Quarry  Road 
Moore,  James,  painter,  70  Fullarton  Street 
Moore,  John,  38  Loudon  Street 
Moore,  John,  miner,  56  Townhead 
Moore,  John,  miner,  6  High  Street 
Moore,  Thomas,  miner,  2  Annick  Road 
Moore,  William  S.,  4  Townhead 
Morgan,  Samuel,  engineman,  21   East  Road 
Morley,  Henry  K.,  traveller,  50  Muir  Drive 
Morrice,  William,  labourer,  43  Dalrymple  Drive 
Morrison  &  Meldrum,  chemists,  12  Bridgegate.     Tel.  114 
Morrison,  Alexander,  labourer,  25  Kirk  Vennel 
Morrison,  Annie,  widow,  33  Friars  Croft 
Morrison,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  165  High  Street 
Morrison,  James,  dairyman,  89  East  Road 
Morrison,  James,  forgeworker,  31   High  Street 
Morrison,  John,  baker,  90  Muir  Drive 
Morrison,  John,  80  McKinlay  Crescent 
Morrison,  William  A.,  launderer,  18  Fullarton  Place 
Morrison,  William  T.,  painter,  4  Gait  Avenue 
Morrison,  William  D.,  chemist,  12  Bridgegate 
Morton,  James,  clerk,  21  Mill  Road 
Morton,  Susan,  widow,  19  Glasgow  Vennel 
Morton,  William,  labourer,  70  McKinlay  Crescent 
Muir,   Andrew,  weightsman,  50  Ayr  Road 
Muir,  Ben,  painter,  24  Loudon  Street 
Muir,  Mrs.   D.,  widow,  26  Waterside 
Muir,   Elizabeth  M.,  widow,  12  West  Road 
Muir,  Frank,   12  Clark  Drive 
Muir,  James,  grinder,  124  High  Street 


Muir,  Jane,  widow,  78  Waterside 

Muii',  John,  fireclay  worker,  38  Towuhead 

Muir,   Nicol,  contractor,  off  Golffields 

Muir,  Nicol,  bricklayer,  159  High  Street 

Muir,  Robert  G.,  blacksmith,  14  West  Road 

Muir,  Robert  W.,  joiner,  19  New  Street 

Muir,  Thomas,  fireman,  62  Gait  Avenue 

Muir,  Thomas,  foreman,  74  Bank  Street 

Mulholland,  Mrs.  J.,  widow,  13  Gottries  Road 

Mulholland,   William,  labourer,  13  Gottries  Road 

Mullan,  James,  miner,  82  Clark  Drive 

Mullan,  James,  miner,  21  Townhead 

Mullan,  Robert,  labourer,  138  Harbour  Street 

Mullan,  Thomas,  miner,  21   Townhead 

Muffin,  James,  fireman,  33  Dalrymple  Drive 

Mullin,    Robert,   miner's  agent,   55   Thornhouse   Avenue.      Tel.    152 

Mulvey,  James,  labourer,   114  Fullarton  Street 

Munn,  Alexander,  fruiterer,  4  Loudon  Street.     Tel.  232 

Munro,  James,  carter,  10  Ballot  Road 

Munro,  John,  labourer.  79  Muir  Drive 

Munro,  John,  salesman,  31   Thornhouse  Avenue 

Munro,  Jeanie,  widow,  124  Montgomery  Street 

Munro,  William,  labourer.  55  Fullarton  Street 

Munro,  William  G.,  newsagent,  9  Church  Street 

Murchie,  James,  fishmonger,  55  Kirkgate 

Murdoch,  Alexander,  90  Harbour  Street 

Murdoch,   David,  salesman,  3  Quarry  Road 

Mm  doch,  David,  labourer,  49  Dalrymple  Drive 

Murdoch,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  26  Loudon  Street 

Murdoch,  Frank,  publican,  26  Muir  Drive 

Murdoch,  Frank,  innkeeper,  3-5  Kirkgate 

Murdoch,   Henry,   packer,  58  Ayr  Road 

Murphy,  James,  labourer,  142  High  Street 

Murphy,  Patrick,  platelayer,  49  McKinlay  Crescent 

Murphy,  Samuel,  labourer,  30  Montgomery  Street 

Murphy,  Thomas,  oilworker,  8  John  Street 

Murphy,  Thomas,  15  High  Street 

Murray,  Catherine,  widow,  7  Marress  Street 

Murray,  David,  labourer,  106  Harbour  Street 

Murray,  David,  vanman,  100  Fullarton  Street 

Murray,  George,  engineer,  82  Fullarton  Street 

Murray,  James  R.,  clerk,  12  Gait  Avenue 

Murray,  James,  crane  man,  12  Ballot  Road 

Murray,  John,  timekeeper,  5  Church  Street 

Murray,  John  N.,  solicitor,  17  Kilwinning  Road.      Tel.  247 

Murray,  Mrs.  J.  N.,  widow,  76  Waterside.     Tel.  204 

Murray,  Mary,  widow,   11   Quarry  Road 

Murray,   Mary,   29    Fullarton   Street 

Murray,  Robert,  37  and  39  Montgomery  Street 

Murray,  Thomas,  fruiterer,  21   Montgomery  Street 

Murray,  William,  dealer,  57  Fullarton  Street 

Murray,  William,  painter,  53  McKinlay  Crescent 


Nairn,  John  S.,  labourer,  9  Kirk  Vennel 
Naylor,   William,  grocer,  9  Clark  Drive 
Neech,   Herbert  R.,  chemist,  58  Waterside 
Neil,  Elizabeth,  32  Burns  Street 
Neil,  James,  railwayman,  26  Church  Street 
Neil,  Mrs.  Janet,  69  Dalrymple  Drive 
Neil,  Jeanie,  widow,  2  Hill  Street 
Neil,  John  D.,  retired,  28  Burns  Street 
Neil,   Robert,  clerk,   120  Montgomery  Street 
Neil,  Samuel,  miner,  21   East  Road 
Neilson,  John,  station  agent,  43  Bank  Street 
Neilson,  John  S.,  retired,  48  Bridgegate 


Nelson,  Mrs.  Agnes,  91   Fullarton  Street 

Nelson,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  widow,  68  Dalrymple  Drive 

Neilson,   Robert,  widow,  68  Dalrymple  Drive 

Nelson,  Robert,  24  High  Street 

Neilson,  William,  labourer,  Ayr  Road 

Nesbit,  Robert,  labourer,  70  Fullarton  Street 

Ness,  Janet,  widow,  84  East  Road 

Nicol,  Charles,  salesman,  20  Cochrane  Street 

Nicol,  David,  smith,  32  Loudon  Street 

Nicol,  Edward,  smith,   105  Montgomery  Street 

Nicol,  Robert,  mason,  10  Hill  Street 

Nimmo,  John,  hairdresser,  91  Montgomery  Street 

Nisbet,  Mrs.  T.,  34  Townhead 

Nisbet,   Thomas,  inspector  of  meat,  92   Waterside 

Niven,  Alexander  R.,  stillman,  88  Muir  Drive 

Niven,  Mrs.  Annie,  widow,   13  Hill  Street 

Niven,  Archibald,  polisher,  66  Gait  Avenue 

Niven,  Archibald,  baker,  33  Cochrane  Street 

Niven,  David,  8  Ballot  Road 

Niven,  John  J.,  tailor,  13  Bridgegate 

Niven,  John  J.,  joiner,  10  McKinlay  Crescent 

Niven,  William,  slater,  22  Ballot  Road 

Niven,  William,  slater,  32  Muir  Drive.     Tel.  186 

Niven,  William,  miner,  12  Ballot  Road 

Nixon,  Henry,  contractor,  48  Dalrymple  Drive 

Noble,  James,   166  High  Street 

Noble,  Mrs.  Janet,  6  Mill  Road 

Noble,  Thos.  W.,  &  Son,  painters.   166   High  Street.     Tel.  93 

Norquay,  John,  labourer,  18  Friars  Croft 

Northcote,  Andrew,  mechanic,   18  Seagate 

Northeote,  John,  26  Church  Street 

Northcote,  John,  driller,  112  Harbour  Street 

Northcote,  Richard,  officer,  23  New  Street 

Northcote,  William,  engineer,  22  Cochrane  Street 

Oebel,  F.  W.,  shoemaker,  104  Montgomery  Street 

O'Hagan,   Mary,  washerwoman,  6  High  Street 

O'Hagan,  Mrs.  P.,  27  Friars  Croft 

O'Neil,  John,  machinist,  66  East  Road 

O'Neil,  Sarah,  widow,  108  Fullarton  Street 

O'Neill,  Frank,  64  East  Road 

Orr,  George  B.,  grain  merchant,  3  Ballot  Road.     Tel.  11 

Orr,  James,  miner,  33  Seagate 

Orr,  Jessie,  widow,  30  West  Road 

Orr,  Margaret,  widow,  2  Townhead 

Orr,  William,  contractor,  20a  Mill  Road 

Orr,  William,  contractor,  3  Ballot  Road 

Orr,  William,  grocer,  52  and  54  Harbour  Street.      Tel.  102 

Osborne,  Mrs.  Helen,  21  Muir  Drive 

Owen,  S.,  optician,  64  Bridgegate.      Tel.  288 

Owens,  James,  4  Glasgow  Vennel 

Paige,  Frank  C.    agent,  169  High  Street 

Palmer,  Mary,  widow,  2  Montgomery  Street 

Papini,    Mrs.    Dominica,    restaurateur,    99    Montgomery    Street   and   2 

Cochrane  Street 
Park,  Agnes,  widow,   110  Fullarton  Street 
Park,   David,   18  Church  Street 
Park,  Hugh,  labourer,  72  Fullarton  Street 
Park,  James,  labourer,  21   Seagate 
Park,  Mrs.  Jessie,  11   Hill  Street 
Park,  John  S.,  16  West  Road 
Park,  Martha,  11  High  Street 


Park,  Mary,  18  Burns  Street 

Parker,  Daniel    miner,  13  East  Road 

Parker,   Mrs.   Elizabeth,   Chamberhouses.     Tel.   166 

Parker,  J.  &  J.,  merchants,  128  High  Street 

Parker,  James,  joiner,  4  West  Road 

Parker,  James  &  John,  joiners,  64  Bank  Street 

Parker,   John,  joiner,  64  Bank  Street 

Parker,  Martha,  widow,  126  High  Street 

Parker,  Mary,  widow,  134  Hig-h  Street 

Parker,  Peter,  baker,  96  Mwr  Drive 

Paterson,  Catherine,  widow.  19  Cochrane  Street 

Paterson,  Daniel,  fisherman,  82  Montgomery  Street 

Paterson,  David,  carter,  29  New  Street 

Paterson,  Mrs.   Elizabeth.  80  Montgomery  Street 

Paterson,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  56  Waterside 

Paterson,  Mrs.   Elian,   1   East  Road 

Paterson,   George,  painter,  36   Kilwinning  Road     Tel.   177. 

Paterson,  George,  miner,  8  Glasgow  Vennnel 

Paterson,   J.   A.,  pawnbroker.  42   Bridgegate 

Paterson,  James  &  Robert,  28  Eglinton  Street 

Paterson,  James  A.,  manager,  100  Montgomery  Street 

Paterson,  James,  blacksmith,  74  Montgomery  Street 

Paterson,  Rev.  John,  B.D.,  48  Waterside.     Tel.  260 

Paterson,  John,  labourer,  120  Fullarton  Street 

Paterson,  John,  &  Sons,  painters,  146  High  Street.     Tel.  271 

Patei'son,  John,  chauffeur,  79  High  Street 

Paterson,  Robert  D.,  painter,  144  High  Street 

Paterson,  Robert  R.,  8  Burns  Street 

Paterson,  William,  surfaceman,  7   Waterside 

Pat  on,   George,  pensioner,   11    High  Street 

Paton,  Robert,  restaurateur,  95  Montgomery  Street 

Paton,  Robert,  restaurateur,  65  Ayr  Road 

Paton,  Thomas,  29  Cochrane  Street 

Paton,  Victor,  miner,  45  East  Road 

Patterson,  James,  machinist,  44  Fullarton  Street 

Patterson,  Thomas,  49  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Pawson,  John  C,  15  Kilwinning  Road.      Tel.  94 

Pawson,  John  C.,  jr.,  clerk,  10  Muir  Drive 

Payne,  John,  labourer,  52  Ayr  Road 

Pennan,  Margaret,  widow,  96  Harbour  Street 

Pert,  Sarah,  widow,  5  Church  Street 

Phillips,  Charles,  painter,  62  Muir  Drive 

Phinn,  Thomas,  butcher,  21   Townhead 

Pieroni,  Mrs.  C,  widow,  14  Loudon  Street 

Pieroni,  Leo,  &  Son,  merchants,  11-13  Bank  Street.     Tel.  138 

Pieroni,  Pietro,  14  Loudon  Street 

Pirrie,  Thomas,  miner,  77  Fullarton  Street 

Pithie.  Mrs.  Isabella,  widow,  1  Annick  Road 

Plant,  Duncan  M.,  teller,  12  Muir  Drive 

Plenderleith,  John,  labourer,  88  Waterside 

Plenderleith,  John,  boilermaker,  48  McKinlay  Crescent 

Plenderleith,  John,  shipwright,  4  Hill  Street 

Pollacchi,  Aurelio,  merchant,  25  Fullarton  Place 

Polland,  Alexander  W.,  greenkeeper,  18  Hill  Street 

Polland,  Andrew,  machinist,  18  Hill  Street 

Polland,  John,  caddie  master,  3  Waterside  ■ 

Polland,  Mrs.  Mary  A.,  18  Hill  Street 

Polland,  William,  jr.,  miner,  37  East  Road 

Pollock,   David,   boilermaker,  68  McKinlay  Crescent 

Pollock,  James,  joiner,   13  Kirkgate 

Pollock,  Samuel,  gardener,  8  John  Street 

Porter,  James,  rector,  112  Bank  Street 

Porter,  Samuel,  labourer,  15  Gottries  Road 

Porter,  Thomas,  96  East  Road 

Portland  Glass  Co.,  Ltd.,  The,  Gailes  Road.     Tel.  104 

Potts,  Andrew,  labourer,  25  Gottries  Road 

Potts,   David,  labourer,  30  Loudon  Street 

Potts,  Robert,  barber,  30  Loudon  Street 


Potts,  Robert,  hairdresser,  4  Chapel  Lane 
Potts,  S.,  hoot  repairer,  3  MeKinlay  Crescent 
Prenter,  Hugh  J.,  shoemaker,   176  High  Street 
Prenter,  "William,  labourer,  46  Loudon  Street 
Preston,  Oliver,  eraneman,  4  Clark  Drive 
Proudfoot,  Thomas  A.,  constable,  22  Gait  Avenue 
Purdon,  John  M.,  draughtsman.  24  Muir  Drive 
Pyper,  Alexander,  confectioner.   112   Fullarton  Street 
Pyper,  John,  red  leader,  47  MeKinlay  Crescent 
Pyper,  Joseph,  assurance  agent.  71   Fullarton  Street 
Pyper,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  25   High  Street 
Pyper,  Robert,  ganger,  42  Loudon  Street 
Pyper,   Robert,  shoemaker,  23  Montgomery  Street 
Pyper,  William  A.,  confectioner,  99  Fullarton  .Street 

Quail,  Patrick,  fireman,  50  East  Road 
Quinn,  Daniel,  11  MeKinlay  Crescent 
Quinn.  James,  labourer,  56  Fullarton  Street 
Quinn,  John,  labourer,  55  Fullarton  Street 
Quinn,  Mary  T.,  teacher,  25  Muir  Drive 

Rae.  Alexander,  smith,  100  Fullarton  Street 

Rae.  David,  sawyer,  22  Ayr  Road 

Rae.  James,  painter,  1   Ballot  Road 

Rae.  John,  19  Gottries  Road 

Rae.  Thomas,  labourer,  118  Fullarton  Street 

Raeside,  George,  jr.,  bricklayer,  32  Fullarton  Street 

Raeside,  George,  plasterer,  106  Fullarton  Street 

Raeside,  Ivie,  plasterer,  54  Ayr  Road 

Raeside,  John,  plasterer,  32  Fullarton  Street 

Raeside,  William,  18  Ayr  Road 

Rafferty,  Michael,  miner,  1  Ballot  Road 

Rainey,  Adam,  labourer,  13  Gottries  Road 

Rainey.   William,  labourer,  56  Fullarton  Street 

Ralph",  John,  52  Harbour  Street 

Ramsey,  Andrew,  butcher,  11   Hill  Street 

Rankin,   Robert,  engineer,  8  Muir  Drive 

Rankin,   Robert,  baker,  14  Hill  Street 

Ray,  Mark,  labourer,  20  Gottries  Road 

Regal  Picture  House,  5  Chapel  Lane.      Tel.  15 

Reid,  Agnes,  widow,  139  Bank  Street 

Reid,  Alexander,  mason,  7  Dalrymple  Drive 

Reid,  Allan  C,  labourer,  9  Cochrane  Street 

Reid,  Ann,  31   Bridgegate 

Reid,   Annie,  31   Waterside 

Reid,   David,  engineer,   18  Waterside 

Reid,  Frank,  builder,  12  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Reid,  Isabella,  widow,  36  Ayr  Road 

Reid,  James,  builder,  18  Fullarton  Place 

Reid,  Janet,  26  Bank  Street 

Reid,  John,  plasterer,  17   High  Street 

Reid,   Robert,  22   Kilwinning  Road 

Reid,   Robert,  engineer,  32  Townhead 

Reid.  Thomas  B.,  plumber.  13  Eglinton  Street 

Reid,    William,   miner,   19   Kirkgate 

Reid.   William,  shipmaster,  60  Waterside 

Reid.   William,  miner.  17   Kirkgate, 

Reid,  William,  miner,  21  East  Road 

Renfrew.  John,  engineer.  22   Harbour  Street 

Rice,  Edward,  labourer,  28  Fullarton  Street 

Rice,  Mrs.  Sophia,  28  Fullarton  Street 

Richardson,  Nicholas,  labourer,  118  Fullarton  Street 

Richardson,  William,  riveter,  2  Ballot  Road 


Richmond,  Hugh,  insurance  agent,  8  Kirkgate 

Richmond,   Hugh,  engineer,  31   High  Street 

Richmond.  Margaret,  widow.  5  Burns  Street 

Richmond.   Robert,  insurance  agent,  84  Fullarton  Street 

Richmond  Park  Laundry  Co..  Ltd..  The.  61   High  Street.      Tel.  282 

Richmond,  Samuel,   motorman.  33  MeKinlay  Crescent 

Richmond,  William,  driver.  21   Hill  Street 

Bigby.   James,  warehouseman,  49   Bank  Street 

Ringiand,  Alexander,  turner,  12  Ballot  Road 

Ritchie,  Agnes,  hosiery  worker,  81   Fullarton  Street 

Ritchie,  John,  labourer,  30  Fullarton  Street 

Robertson.   Alexander  D.,   teacher,   26   Gait   Avenue 

Robertson,   Dougald.   draughtsman.   103  Montgomery  Street 

Robertson,  George,  labourer,  48  East  Boad 

Robertson,  Henry,  manager,  16  Gait  Avenue 

Robertson,   Hugh,  miner,  1  Ballot  Road 

Robertson,   Hugh,  labourer,  165   High  Street 

Bobertson,  John,  joiner,  68  Bank  Street 

Robertson,  John,  labourer.  34  Muir  Drive 

Robertson,  John,  carter.  114  Fidlarton  Street 

Robertson.   Matthew,  labourer.   108  Fullarton  Street 

Robertson.  Robert,  painter.  16  Friars  Croft 

Robertson,   William,  joiner,   12   Burns  Street 

Robb,  Maggie,  widow,  73_Montgomery  Street 

Robb,  Thomas,  labourer,  7  Hill  Street 

Bobinson,  Charles,  labourer.  159  High  Street 

Rocks,  James,  bottleworker.  10  John  Street 

Rocks,  John.  4  Ballot  Road 

Boden.  Sarah,  widow,  34  Ayr  Road 

Rodger,  Jonathan,  labourer.  15  High  Street 

Bodger.  Robert,  joiner,  51  Kirkgate 

Roger.  William  H..  16  Annick  Road 

Rogerson,  Bobert,  &  Sons.  Ltd.,  grocers,  95  High  Street.     Tel.  117 

Rolland,  James,  driver,  104  Harbour  Street 

Bollo.  David,  mechanic,  7  Muir  Drive 

Bonaldson,  Mrs.  restaurateur,  20  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Ronaldson,  Margaret,  widow,  3  Clark  Drive 

Boirison,   John,   clerk.   16   Harbour  Street 

Bo*s.  Charles,  motor  agent.  109  Bank  Street.      Tel.  116 

Boss.  Charles,  motor  agent,  70  Bridgegate 

Boss.  Jessie.  55  Fullarton  Street 

Boss.  Mrs.  Mary  S..  20  East  Road. 

Boss.  Bobert  G..  15  Mill  Road 

Boss.  "William.   15b  Bank  Street 

Boss.  W.  &  B.   G..  publishers,  75  High  Street 

Rowan,  John,  chemical  worker,  46  Loudon  Street 

Rowe,  Mrs.  Jessie  R.,  24  Annick  Road 

Rox.  Bernard,  labourer,  96  Harbour  Street 

Boxburgh,   George,  engineer,  48  Harbour  Street 

Boy,  James,  labourer,  77  Fullarton  Street 

Boy.  Maggie,  widow,  114  Fullarton  Street 

Royal  Bank  of  Scotland.  69  High  Street 

Bubie,  Alexander,  slater,  37  High  Street.     Tel.  21 

Rubie,  George,  grocer,  82  Waterside 

Bubie,  George,  grocer,  34  Montgomery  Street.     Tel.  76 

Bubie.  James  M.,  clerk,  20  Montgomery  Street 

Bubie.  John,  mason,  9  Glasgow  Vermel 

Bubie.   Robert,  mason.  46  Clark  Drive 

Russell,  Mrs.  Annie  A.,  friuterer,  105  and  109  High  Street.      Tel.  227' 

Russell,   Georgina.  18  Cochrane  Street 

Russell,  John,  loftsman,  29  New  Street 

Russell,   Thomas,  plumber,  57  Dalrymple  Drive 

Russell,  Thomas.  &  Co.,  vegetable  merchants.  Bank  Street 

Biissell,  William,  labourer,  79  MeKinlay  Crescent 

Rutherford,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  3  Gait  Avenue 

Samson,  Annie  B.,  widow,  4  Castle  Street 

Samson,  John,  brassfinisher,  61   MeKinlay  Crescent 

Sanderson,  David  R.,  labourer,  12  Friars  Croft 

Sanderson,  Mrs.  Janet  R.,  183  High  Street 

Sanderson,   William,  labourer,  12  Friars  Croft 

Sands,  John,  joiner,  133  Muir  Drive 

Savage,  William,  jr.,  29  Friars  Croft 

Savage.  William,  brick  worker,  148  High  Street 

Scobie,  Adam,  45  High  Street 

Scobie,  Adam,  cobbler,  44  High  Street 

Scobie,  Edward,  45  High  Street 

Scobie,  James,  45  High  Street 

Scobie,  Mrs.  M.,  widow,  63  Bank  Street 

Scott,  Alexander,  baker,  32  Montgomery  Street 

Scott,  David,  signal  fitter,  97  Dalrymple  Drive 

Scott.   Edward,  labourer,  1   Thornhouse  Avenue 

Scott,  Joseph,  labourer,  30  Montgomery  Street 

Scott,  Leonard,  68-70  Harbour  Street 

Scott,   Robert,  flesher,  1   Dalrymple  Drive 

Scott,  Ritchie,  baker.  77  Montgomery  Street 

Scott,  Ritchie,  baker,  6-8  Loudon  Street 

Scott,  William,  labourer,  114  Fullarton  Street 

Scott,  William,  gardener,  28  Church  Street 

Scott,  William,  clerk,  17  Clark  Drive 

Scottish  Tar  Distillers,  Ltd.,  Gailes  Road.     Tel.  145 

Scullion,  Charles,  galvanizer,  15  Muir  Drive 

Selby,  Arthur,  labourer,   17  Gottries  Road 

Semple,  Mrs.  Isabella,  motor  hirer,  1   Bank  Street.     Tel.  36 

Semple,  Robert,  coal  agent,  137  Bank  Street 

Service,  Robert,  labourer,  25   Gottries  Road 

Seymour,  Henry,  bricklayer,  15  Hill  Street 

Seymour,  Henry,  insurance  agent,  3  Ayr  Road 

Seymour,  John,  17  Gottries  Road 

Shanks,  Robert,  guard,  2  Waterside 

Sharp,  Archibald.  18  Waterside 

Sharpies,  Mrs.  Agnes,  22  West  Road 

Shaw,  Mrs.  Agnes.  18  Eglinton  Street 

Shaw,  Mrs.  Alice  M.,  31  Fullarton  Street 

Shaw,  Mrs.  Annie,  clerkess,  11  Clark  Drive 

Shaw,  Mrs,  Charlotte,  milliner,  111  High  Street 

Shaw,  David  C  146  Annick  Road 

Shaw,   Hans,  18  Eglinton  Street 

Shaw,  John  B.,  motor  agent,  60  Bank  Street.     Tel.  67 

Shaw,  Mrs.  Margaret,   160  High  Street.     Tel.  58 

Shaw,  Mary,  widow,  53  Fullarton  Street 

Shaw,   Robert,  pitheadman,  84  Fullarton  Street 

Shearer,  John,  labourer,  82  Fullarton  Street 

Shedden,  Hugh,  32  Clark  Drive 

Shedden,  Mrs.  Jane,  baker,   102  Montgomery  Street 

Shedden,  Mrs.  Marion  S.,  widow.  86  Waterside 

Sherriff,  David,  secretary,  153  Bank  Street 

Shields.  Elizabeth  &  Isa,  14  Mill  Road 

Shields,  Frank,  miner,  6  Quarry  Road 

Shields,  James  G.,  joiner,  14  Mill  Road 

Shields,  William  A.,  gardener,  14  Burns  Street 

Shillinglaw,  James,  labourer,   12  Kirk  Vennel 

Shillinglaw,  Thomas,  clerk,  5  Marress  Street 

Shillinglaw,  William,  painter,  19  Montgomery  Street 

Short,  John  W.,  baker,  58  High  Street,  60  High  Street,  and  21  and  23 

Sim,   Archibald,  miner,  6  Townhead 
Sim.  John,  fireman,  7  East  Road 
Sim,  Peter,  stager,  38  East  Road 
Sime,   David,  watchman,  5  Loudon  Street 
Simpson.  Mrs.  S.,  widow,  108  Montgomery  Street 


Simpson,  Sarah,   widow,  32  Cochrane  Street 

Sinclair,  Alexander,  jr.,  hairdresser,  48  Harbour  Street 

Sinclair,  Alexander,  sr.,  48  Harbour  Street 

Sinclair,   Daniel,  labourer,  96   Harbour  Street 

Sinclair,  Duncan,  engineer,  60  Harbour  Street 

Sinclair,   Duncan,   172   Harbour  Street 

Sinclair,  Mrs.  Helen,  32  Burns  Street 

Sinclair,  John,  48  Harbour  Street 

Sinclair,   Lindsay,  96   Harbour  Street 

Sinclair,  Maggie,  6  Seagate 

Sinclair,  Peter,  50  Harbour  Street 

Singer  Sewing  Machine  Co.,  Ltd.,  59  Bridgegate 

Singleton,  William,  mason,  15  Seagate 

Singleton,  William,  joiner,  2  Hill  Street 

Sloan,   Alexander,  machinist,  42   Dalrymple   Drive 

Sloan,   Allan,   15   Hill  Street 

Sloan,  David,  engineer,  145   High  Street 

Sloan,  Mrs.  Eliza,  58  Townhead 

Sloan,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  26  Townhead 

Sloan,  James,  painter,  15  Hill  Street 

Sloan,  James,  farmer,  Springbank,  Ayr  Road 

Sloan,  John,  labourer,  13  Gottries  Road 

Sloan,  William,  58  Townhead 

Smallwood,  John,  railwayman,  29  Cochrane  Street 

Smillie.  David,  labourer,  4  Friars  Croft 

Smith,  Alexander,  forger,  86  Montgomery  Street 

Smith,  Alexander,  boilerman,  74  Montgomery  Street 

Smith,  Chrisabel,  fishmonger,  50  Montgomery  Street 

Smith,  David,  70  East  Road 

Smith,  David,  engineer,  7  Marress  Street 

Smith,  Edward,  electrician,  59  Kirkgate 

Smith,  Elizabeth,  widow,  5  Marress  Street 

Smith,  George  F.,  rigger,  8  St.  Inan  Avenue 

Smith,  Helen,  widow,  32  Annick  Road 

Smith,  James,  miner,  20  Cochrane  Street 

Smith,  James,  plater's  helper,  121  Muir  Drive 

Smith,  James,  joiner,  15  Cochrane  Street 

Smith,  James,  sawyer,  19  Cochrane  Street 

Smith,  James,  labourer,  24  Fullarton  Street 

Smith,  James,  driver,  24  Fullarton  Street 

Smith,  James,  jr.,  bottle  sorter,  31  McKinlay  Crescent 

Smith,  James,  bottle  maker,  37  McKinlay  Crescent 

Smith,  Jane,  widow,  3  Annick  Road 

Smith,  Jessie  &  Marion,  73  Bank  Street 

Smith,  John,  labourer,  43  Townhead 

Smith,  John  A.,  plumber,  59  Fullarton  Street 

Smith,  Kate  M'L.,  teacher,  117  Montgomery  Street 

Smith,  Mrs.  Maggie,  8  Ballot  Road 

Smith,  Malcolm,  riveter,  13  Dalrymple  Drive 

Smith,  Margaret,  widow,  96   Harbour  Street 

Smith,  Peter,  labourer,  42  High  Street 

Smith,  Peter,  labourer,  43  Clark  Drive 

Smith,  Robert,  17  High  Street 

Smith,  Robert,  smith,  3  Cochrane  Street 

Smith,  Robert,  agent,  100  East  Road 

Smith,  Robert,  labourer,  42  High  Street 

Smith,  Robert,  36  Fullarton  Street 

Smith,  Robert  E.,  engineer,  9  Muir  Drive 

Smith,  William  H.,  foreman,  5  Muir  Drive.     Tel.  222 

Smith,   William,  moulder,  24  Townhead 

Smith,   William,  warehouseman,  63   Gait  Avenue 

Smith,  William,  blockmaker,  5  Church  Street 

Sneddon,  James,  miner,  19  Kirkgate 

Sneddon,  John,  miner,  41  Townhead 

Sneddon,  Robert,  contractor,  12  Townhead 

Sneddon,  Thomas,  miner,  17  High  Street 

Sommerville,  Agnes,  widow,  13  Annick  Road 

Somnierville,  M.,  chemist,  75  Dalrymple  Drive 


'Souter,  Alexander,  Cemetery  Lodge,  Bank  Street 

Speirs,  Alexander,  grocer,  5  John  Street 

Speirs,  Mrs.  M.,  150  Harbour  Street 

Spence,  Andrew,  labourer,  15  Eglinton  Street 

Speifbe,  Mrs.   Annie,  45  High  Street 

Spence,  James,  labourer,  28  Townhead 

Spence,   James,  engineman,   19  Montgomery  Street 

Spence,  Robert  B.,  painter,  81   East  Road 

Spence,  Thomas,  storekeeper,  3  Church  Street 

Spence,  William,  labourer,  10  Seagate 

Spenceleigh,  Mrs.  Jane,  6  High  Street 

Spiers,  Andrew,  labourer,  138  Harbour  Street 

Spiers,  James,  84  Clark  Drive 

Spiers,   William,  119  Muir  Drive 

Spittal,  John,  draper,  132  High  Street,  and  97  Bank  Street 

Sproul,  Robert,  1  Ayr  Road 

Sproul.   David,  hammerman,  88  High  Street 

Sprott,  David,  labourer,  58  Harbour  Street 

Steele,  Agnes,  87  Bank  Street 

Steele,  Alexander,  ham  curer.  98  Bank  Street 

Steele.  Gabriel,  solicitor,  25-27  West  Road 

Steele,  Gabriel,  merchant,  22  Annick  Road 

Steele,  Helen  &  Elizabeth,  56  East  Rosd 

Steele,  James,  ham  curer,  56  East  Road 

Steele,  James,  ham  curer,  48  Bridgegate 

Steele,  Robert,  miner,  134  High  Street 

Steele,  Robert,  42  Muir  Drive 

Steele,  Thomas  G.,  87  Bank  Street 

Steele,  William,  tinsmith,  8  Cochrane  Street 

Steveley,  Margaret,  widow,  18  Cochrane  Street 

Steveley,  Thomas,  labourer,  8  Friars  Croft 

Stevenson,  Alexander,  3  Gottries  Road 

Stevenson,  David,  8  Glasgow  Vennel 

Stevenson,  Helen,  widow,  20  Ayr  Road 

Stevenson,  James,  foreman,  18  Harbour  Street 

Stevenson,  James,  labourer,  33  Cochrane  Street 

Stevenson,  James,  labourer,  41  Clark  Drive 

Stevenson,  Robert,  labourer,  11   High  Street 

Stevenson,   Robert,  miner,  57  Kirkgate 

Stevenson,  Thomas,  railwayman,  3  Cochrane  Street 

Stevenson,  Thomas,  8  Ballot  Road 

Stephen,  John,  72  Montgomery  Street 

Stewart,  Alexander,  vannian,  76  Muir  Drive 

Stewart,  Archibald,  slater,  150  Harbour  Street 

Stewart,  Charles  E.,  32  Cochrane  Street 

Stewart,  Charles  E.,  merchant,  33  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Stewart,  David,  basket  maker,  114  Fullarton  Street 

Stewart,   Gilbert  L.,  labourer,  10  Quarry  Road 

Stewart,   Hamilton,  fireman,  13  McKinlay  Crescent 

Stewart,  James,  miner,  67  Muir  Drive 

Stewart,  John  M.,  factor,  Bank  Street.     Tel.  29 

Stewart,  John,  miner,  58  High  Street 

Stewart,  John,  painter,  15  High  Street 

Stewart,  Lizzie  R.,  47  Bank  Street.     Tel.  240 

Stewart,  Margaret,  nurse,  11  Annick  Road 

Stewart,  Neil,  150  Harbour  Street 

Stewart,  Robert,  dredger  hand,  28  Loudon  Street 

Stewart,  Robert  H.,  slater,  54  McKinlay  Crescent 

Stewart,  Thomas,  retired,  4  Mill  Road 

Stewart,  Thomas,  slater,  29  Kirkgate 

Stewart,  Thomas,  labourer,  11  Gottries  Road 

Stewart,  William  B.,  clerk,  19  Gait  Avenue 

Stewart,  William,  basket  maker,  114  Fullarton  Street 

Stirrat,  Mrs.  Annie,  23  Eglinton  Street 

Stirrat,   David,  engineer,  202   Bank  Street 

Stirrat,  David,  joiner,  14  Kirk  Vennel 

Stirrat,   James,   painter,  32   Burns  Street 

Stirrat,  James,  joiner,  26   Annick   Road 


Stirrat,  James,  engineer,  200  Bank  street 

Stirrat,  James,  labourer,  3  Church  Street 

Stirrat,  William,  butcher,  49  Gait  Avenue 

Stobie,  Betsy,  17  Montgomery  Street 

Stobie,  David,  plasterer,  15  Montgomery  Street.     Tel.  235 

Stobie,  Janet  M..,  widow,  73  High  Street 

Stobie.  John,  plasterer,  89  Muir  Drive 

Stobie,  Thomas,  plasterer.  17  Montgomery  Street 

Stocks,  Arthur,  labourer,  5  Fullarton  Place 

Stoddart,  Frank,  157  Bank  Street 

Storrar,  William,  baker,  102  East  Road 

Stott,  Charles,  shipyard  worker,  70   Dairy mple  Drive 

Strachan,   John,  37  Gait  Avenue 

Strain,  Jacob,  furnaceman.  21   McKinlav  Cerseent 

Strain,  William,  10  Friars  Croft 

Strannigan,  Andrew,  mechanic,  40   Dalrymple  Drive 

Strathearn,   James,   24  Waterside 

Strathearn,  William,  painter,  31   Gait  Avenue 

Stawbridge,  R.,  12  Friars  Croft 

Struthers,  John  S.,  engineer,  14  Muir  Drive 

Surgeon,  Eliza,  widow,  57  Montgomery  Street 

Sutherland,  Murdo,  insurance  superintendent,  29  Kilwinning  Road 

Suttie,  Alexander,  3  Dalrymple  Drive 

Sweeney,  Mrs.  Ann,  widow,  21  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Sweetin,  James,  76  Clark  Drive 

Sweetin.   Robert,  labourer,   19  Cochrane  Street 

Syme,   David,  labourer,  50  Dalrymple  Drive 

Taggart,  Charles,  brickworker,  53  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Taggart,  John,  labourer,  80  Muir  Drive 

Tait.  Mrs.  Louisa  W.,  2-4  High  Street 

Talbot,  Walter  &  G.,  hairdressers,  159-161  High  Street.      Tel.  285 

Tanner,  David,  jr..  joiner,  25  Gait  Avenue 

Tanner,    David,   gardener,    Haysholm.      Tel.    131 

Tarrel,  William,  teacher,  68  Waterside 

Taylor,  Alexander,  foreman,  29  New  Street 

Taylor,  James,  bottle  sorter,  33  Seagate 

Taylor.  John,  jr.,  labourer,  14  Quarry  Road 

Taylor,  Kenneth,  foreman,  79  Fullarton  Street 

Taylor,  T.  C.,  51  East  Road 

Taylor,  William,  foreman,  36  Muir  Drive 

Teller,  Janet,  widow,   18  Waterside 

Templeton,  Ltd.,  confectioners,  143   High  Street 

Templeton,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  3  Seagate 

Templeton,  James,  5  Dalrymple  Drive 

Templeton,  James  C,  driver,  10  Hill  Street 

Templeton;  R.  &  J.,  Ltd.,  grocers,  Ilia  High  Street 

Timothy,  Elizabeth,  widow.  26  Loudon  Street 

Timothy,   Hamilton,  76  Montgomery  Street 

Timothy,   James,  tinsmith,  56   Harbour  Street 

Timpany,  David,  32  Cochrane  Street 

Thaw.  John  S.,  6  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Thomas,  John,  foreman,  51  Muir  Drive 

Thomas.  William,  labourer,  136  Harbour  Street 

Thomas.  William  N.,  superintendent,  3  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Thompson,  Frederick  J.,  58  Bank  Street 

Thompson,  William  H.,  innkeeper,   108  and  110  Harbour  Street 

Thomson,  Arthur,  railwayman,   12  Montgomery  Street 

Thomson,  Archibald,  bricklayer,  32  Scott  Road 

Thomson,  David,  fruiterer,  10  Bank  Street.     Tel.  53 

Thomson,   Dugald,  28  Muir  Drive 

Thomson,  Elizabeth,  widow,  29  Cochrane  Street 

Thomson,   Henry,  carter,  41    Townhead 


Thomson,  Dr.  Isobel,  168  High  Street 

Thomson,  James,  M.D.,  168  High  Street.     Tel.  92 

Thomson,  James,  railwayman,  39  Fullarton  Street 

Thomson,  James,  saw  doctor,  8  McKinlay  Crescent 

Thomson,  Jean,  112  Harbour  Street 

Thomson,  Mrs.  Johann,  10  Ayr  Road 

Thomson,  John,  labourer,  64  High  Street 

Thomson,  John,  red  leader,  18  Waterside 

Thomson,  Mary,  112  Harbour  Street 

Thomson,  Robert,  forge  worker,  21  Glasgow  Vennel, 

Thomson.  Robert,  labourer,  1  Kirk  Vennel 

Thomson,  Robert  P.,  retired,  11  Church  Street 

Thomson,  Thomas,  driver,  26  Ballot  Road 

Thomson,  William,  saw  doctor,  2  East  Road 

Thomson,  William,  100  East  Road 

Thomson,  William  H.,  teacher,  27  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Thornhill,  William,  labourer,  32  Eglinton  Street 

Tod,  Alexander,  dyer,  19  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Tod,  William,  joiner,  48  Loudon  Street 

Todd,  Elizabeth,  60  Harbour  Street 

Todd,  Harry,  mechanic,  15  St.  Inan  Avenue 

Todd,  Martha,  6  Annick  Road 

Todd,  William,  miner,  6  East  Road 

Todman,   Reginald,  labourer,  34  Fullarton  Street 

Tollerton,  Agnes,  widow,  15  High  Street 

Tollerton,  Alexander  A.,  guard,  19  Seagate 

Townsley,  Hugh,  12  Kirk  Vennel 

Townsley,  Mrs.  H.,  2  Annick  Road 

Train,  Duncan,  engineer,  23  Gait  Avenue 

Trainer,  James,  miner,  29  New  Street 

Trainer,  Thomas,  miner,  159  High  Street 

Trainer.  Thomas,  miner,  16  Burns  Street 

Trainer,  William,  miner,  2  Ballot  Road 

Travers,  Edward  H.,  engineer.  24  Ayr  Road 

Tremble,  John,  jr.,  38-40  High  Street 

Tremble,  John,  49  Townhead 

Tremble,  Samuel,  44  Townhead 

Tremble,  William,  46  Townhead 

Tricki,  Maria,  restaurateur,  47  High  Street 

Tricki,  Maria,  restaurateur,  11  Bank  Street 

Trotter,  John,  constable,   High  Street 

Turnbull,  Charles,  42   Harbour  Street 

Turnbull,  James,  labourer,  16  Waterside 

Turnbull,  James,  gas  worker,  14  Burns  Street 

Turner,  Duncan  F.,  52  Montgomery  Street 

Ulivi,  Lorenzo,  merchant,  55  Motgomery  Street 
Ulivi,  Lorenzo,  merchant,  Ayr  Road 
Union  Bank  of  Scotland,  167  High  Street.      Tel.  75 
Urquhart,  Annie,  hosiery  worker,  18  High  Street 
LTrquhart,  James  G.,  engineer,  50  Clark  Drive 
Urquhart,  John,  clerk,  19  Muir  Drive 

Vance,  Thomas,  glassworker,  65  Dalrymple  Drive 
Venters,  Archibald,  clerk,  60  Muir  Drive 



Waddel,  Thomas,  labourer,  58  Dalrymple  Drive 

Waddell,  George  B.,  cycle  agent,  24  Cochrane  Street 

Waddell,  George  B.,  cycle  agent,  7  Montgomery  Street 

Waddell,  John,  shipwright,  28  Loudon  Street 

Waddell.  John  M.,  22  Mill  Road 

Waddell,  Thomas,  labourer,  159  High  Street 

Walker.  Alexander  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  manufacturers,  Gailes  Road.      Tel.  42 

Walker,   Hugh,  64  Harbour  Street 

Walker,  Mrs.  Isabella,  39  Kirkgate 

Walker,  James,  labourer,  138  Harbour  Street 

Walker,  James,  labourer,  99  Muir  Drive 

Walker,  James  S.,  rigger,  5  John  Street 

Walker,  Jessie  A.  C,  24  Seagate 

Walker,  John,  mechanic,  59  Clark  Drive 

Walker,  John,  collector,  49  Muir  Drive 

Walker,  John  C,  17  Hill  Street 

Walker,  Robert,  miner.  16  Burns  Street 

Walker.  Robert,  printer,  2  Hill  Street 

Walker,  Thomas  C,  director,  14  Kilwinning  Road.     Tel.  59 

Walker,  William,  miner,  127  Muir  Drive 

Walker,  William,  inspector,  13  Eglinton  Street 

Wallace,  Alexander,  69  Clark  Drive 

Wallace,   Hugh,  signalman,  28  Scott  Road 

Wallace,  James,  miner,  5  St.  Inan  Avenue 

Wallace,  James,  blacksmith,  165  High  Street 

Wallace,  Mrs.  Janet  K.,  16  Mill  Street 

Wallace,  Joseph,  miner,  13  Townhead 

Wallace,  Robert,  labourer,  69  Muir  Drive 

Walls,  Mrs.  Janet,  35  Gait  Avenue 

Ward,  Mrs.  Agnes,  fruiterer,  23  Fullarton  Place 

Ward,  Alexander,  36  Gait  Avenue 

Ward,   Elizabeth,   widow,  97  Montgomery  Street 

Ward,  Hugh,  retired,  2  Scott  Road 

Ward,  Janet,  widow,  34  Burns  Street 

Ward,  William,  hammerman,  44  East  Road 

Wardrop,  John,  innkeeper.  29  Fullarton  Place 

Wark,  A.  B.,  joiner,  100  Bank  Street 

Wark,  Charles,  &  Sons,  joiners,  98  East  Road.     Tel.  239 

Wark,  Hugh,  &  Sons,  builders,  79  East  Road.      Tel.  275 

Wark,   Hugh,  joiner,  4  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Wark,  Hugh,  machinist,  58  Clark  Drive 

Wark,  Isabella,  widow,  94  Bank  Street 

Wark,  James  B.,  joiner,  94  East  Road 

Wark,  Janet,  widow,  98  East  Road 

Wark,  Walter,  105  Bank  Street 

Watson,  Alexander  M.,  director,  2  Kilwinning  Road.     Tel.  133 

Watson,  Allan,  labourer,  45  High  Street 

Watson,   Andi'ew  MoM.,  manufacturer,   128  Bank  Street 

Watson,  Mrs.  Andrew,  15  East  Road 

Watson,  Archibald,  driver,  26  Scott  Road 

Watson,  Charles  D.,  hotel  keeper,  115  High  Street 

Watson,  Foster,  miner,  138  High  Street 

Watson,  George,  chemist,  110  High  Street.      Tel.  212 

Watson,  George,  chemist,  30  Eglinton  Street 

Watson,   Isabella,  newsagent,  33  Fullarton  Place 

Watson,  James  EL,  contractor,  23  Quarry  Road.      Tel.  241 

Watson,  James,  postman,  15  Annick  Road 

Watson,  James,  mechanic,  42  Gait  Avenue 

Watson,  James  B.,  engineer,  Kilwinning  Road.      Tel.   14 

Watson,  Mrs.  Janet  G.,  grocer,  1  Montgomery  Street 

Watson,  Jeanie,   117  High  Street 

Watson,  John,  miner,  56  Harbour  Street 

Watson,   John,  83   Fullarton  Street 

Watson,  John,  miner,  32  East  Road 

Watson.  Malcolm  McD.,  cashier,  86   Bank  Street 


Watson,  Mary,  22  East  Road 

Watson,  Mary,  109  High  Street 

Watson,  Nathan  J.,  jeweller,  117  and  119  High  Street.     Tel.  237 

Watson,   Robert,  hirer,  21   Bridgegate.      Tel.  73 

Watson,  Robert,  clerk,  84  Bank  Street 

Watson,  Wesley,  hawker,  15  Quarry  Road 

Watson,  Thomas  F.,  22  Thornhouse  Avenue 

Watson,  William,  miner,  14  Annick  Road 

Watson,  William  C,  12  Kilwinning-  Road.      Tel.  297 

Watt,  Mrs.  Agnes,  widow,  26  Cochrane  Street 

Watt,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  widow,  39  Townhead 

Watt,  Hugh,  engineer.  66  Muir  Drive 

Watt,  John,  tobacconist,  75  Bridgegate 

Watters,  James,  labourer,  11  Muir  Drive 

Watters,  Margaret,  widow,  44  East  Road 

Watters,  Robert,  shipwright,  46  East  Road 

Weir,  Alexander,  clerk,  63  High  Street 

Weir,  Alexander,  boot  merchant,   134  and  136  High  Street.     Tel.  156 

Weir,  Alexander,  boot  merchant,  18  Montgomery  Street 

Weir,   George,  saddler,  97  Montgomery  Street 

Weir,  William  L.,  burgh  survevor,  76  Bank  Street 

Welsh,  Lizzie  H.,  1  Mill  Road 

West,  Thomas,  80  Harbour  Street 

White,  Samuel,  labourer,  27  Fullarton  Street 

Whitefield,  Gavin,  constable,  15  Gait  Avenue 

Whitehead,  A.  A.,  loftsman,  29  Gait  Avenue 

Whitehead,  Mrs.  Margaret,  widow,  17  New  Street 

Whitelaw,  John,  74  Fullarton  Street 

Wbitelaw,  John,  plumber,  63  Muir  Drive 

Whitelaw,  William,  clerk,  Dalrymple  Drive 

Whiteside,  Mrs.  Jane,  widow,  106  Harbour  Street 

Whiteside,  Mary,   102  Harbour  Street 

Whiteside,  Theo,  labourer,  116  Montgomery  Street 

Whiteside,  William  T.,  smith,  28  Cochrane  Street 

Whittle,  Francis  J.,  soap  maker,  27  Gait  Avenue 

Williams,  Fred.  W.,  motorman,  20  Clark  Drive 

Williamson.  James,  chemical  worker,  152-154  Harbour  Street 

Williamson,  John,  clerk,  81  East  Road 

Williamson,  William  G.,  flesher,  55  East  Road,  71  High  Street,  and  86 

High  Street 
Williamson,  William  P.,  boiler  inspector,  3  Muir  Drive 
Willock,  John  T.,  grocer,  10  Bridgegate  and  91  Bank  Street 
Wills,  James,  20  Hill  Street 
Wills,  Peter,  59  Dalrymple  Drive 

Wilson,  A.  &  J.,  hosiery  manufacturers,  12  Fullarton  Street.      Tel.  44 
Wilson,  Alexander,  1  Marress  Street 
Wilson,  Alexander,  3-5  Townhead 
Wilson,  Alexander,  farmer,  1   Marress  St7-eet 
Wilson,  Alexander  B.,  62  Harbour  Street 

Wilson,  Alexander  R.,  solicitor,  1  Kilwinning  Road.     Tel.  8 
■Wilson,  Andrew,  hosiery  manufacturer,  14  Fullerton  Street 
Wilson,  Andrew,  railwayman,  24  Fullerton  Street 
Wilson,  Mrs.  Catherine,  widow,  4  Eglinton  Street 
Wilson,  David,  miner,  37  East  Road 
Wilson,  Elizabeth,  widow,  7  Eglinton  Street 
Wilson,  Gavin,  hammerman,  48  High  Street 
Wilson,  George,  labourer,  97  Muir  Drive 
Wilson,  Mrs.  Helen,   159   Bank  Street 
Wilson,  Henry  B.,  docker,  66  Ayr  Road 
Wilson,  Hugh,  dealer,  23  Townhead 
Wilson,  James,  M.D.,  22  Eglinton  Street.     Tel.  25 
W'ilson,  James,  storekeeper,  64  Ayr  Road 
Wilson,  James,  56  McKinlay  Crescent 
Wilson,  Mrs.  Janet.,  25  Mill  Road 
Wilson,  Janet,  widow,  14  Hill  Street 
Wilson,  Janet  &  Mary,  49  Kirkgate 
Wilson,  Mrs.  Jemima,  5  Kilwinning  Road.     Tel.  201 
Wilson,  John,   labourer,  64  High  Street 


Wilson,  John,  joiner,  102   East  Road 

Wilson,  John,  clerk,  24  Gait  Avenue 

Wilson,  John,  29  Cochrane  Street 

Wilson,  John  N.,  bottle  worker,  96  Harbour  Street 

Wilson,  Mrs.  M.  H.,  newsagent,  39  High  Street 

Wilson,  Mrs.  Margaret,  36  Fullerton  Street 

Wilson,  Mary,   10  Mill  Road 

Wilson,  Matthew,  5  Waterside 

Wilson.  Matthew,  baker,  37  Townhead 

Wilson,  Robert,  sawyer,  15  Fullarton  Place 

Wilson,  Robert,  42  Montgomery  Street 

Wilson,  Samuel,  contractor,  23  Kirk  Vennel 

Wilson,  Thomas,  labourer,  44  Clark  Drive  ■        > 

Wilson,  Thomas,  mechanic,  28  Cochrane  Street 

Wilson,  Thomas,  operator,  21  Clark  Drive 

Wilson,  William,  joiner,  26  Church  Street 

Wilson,  William,  smith,  37  High  Street 

Wilson,  William,  joiner,  1  Fullarton  Street 

Wilson,  William  M.,  joiner,  9  St.  Inan  Avenue 

Wilson,  William,  151  Bank  Street 

Wishart,  Rev.  James,  42  Waterside.     Tel.  154 

Wishart,  William,  engineer,  15  Dalrymple  Drive 

Wolohan,  Michael,  labourer,   150  Harbour  Street 

Wolohan,  Thomas,  driver,  52  McKinlay  Crescent 

Wood,  John,  labourer,  170  Harbour  Street 

Wood,  Mrs.  Lillias,  widow,  73  Dalrymple  Drive 

Wood,  Peter  &  Lillias,  14  Church  Street 

Woods,  James,  foreman,  45  Gait  Avenue 

Woods,   Robert,  agent,  108  Bank  Street 

Wotherspoon,  Mrs.  Janet,  widow,  3  Bridgegate 

Wright,  Mrs.  E.,  widow,  1  St.  Inan  Avenue 

Wright,  Matthew,  &  Nephew,  Ltd.,  sawmillers,  133  Montgomerv  Street. 

Tel.  2 
Wright,   Thomas,  fishmonger,   19   Bridgegate.     Tel.   16 
Wyllie,  Alexander,  labourer,  20  High  Street 
Wyllie,  Andrew,  baker,  10  Hill  Street 
Wyllie,  Andrew,  mason,  14  Kirk  Vennel 
Wyllie,  Daniel,  joiner,  74  Dalrymple  Drive 
Wyllie,  Elizabeth,  24  Mill  Road 
Wyllie,  J.,  plasterer,  5  McKinlay  Crescent 
Wyllie,  James,  labourer,  42  Harbour  Street 
Wyllie,  James,  butcher,  60  Clark  Drive 
Wyllie,  Jane,  dairyman,  36  East  Road 
Wyllie,  Mrs.  Janet,  baker,  88  High  Street 
Wyllie,  John,  41  Bank  Street 
Wyllie,  John,  burgh  officer,  18  High  Street 
Wyllie,  John,  mason,  19  McKinlay  Crescent 
Wvllie,  Mrs.  Mary,  6  Cochrane  Street 
Wyllie,  William,  107  Bank  Street 

Young,  Andrew,  planer,  22  Kirkgate 

Young,  Andrew,  engineer,  70  Gait  Avenue 

Young,  Andrew,  baker,  38  Townhead 

Young,  Annie,  32  Harbour  Street 

Young,  David,  forger,  30  Kilwinning  Road 

Yoivng,  David,  mason,  30  Ayr  Road 

Young,  George,  joiner,  16  Clark  Drive 

Young,  Henry  B.,  draughtsman,  20  Mill  Road 

Young,  James,  shearsman,  117  Muir  Drive 

Young,  James,  baker,  24  Cochrane  Street 

Young,  James,  clerk,  9  Ayr  Road 

Young,  James,  plumber,  24  Church,  Street 

Young,  Jeanie,   16   High  Street 


Young,  John,  caulker,  101   Fullarton  Street 

Young,  John,  labourer,  22  Fullarton  Street 

Young,  John  R.,  joiner,  51  Dalrymple  Drive 

Young,  Marion,  widow,  6  Cochrane  Street 

Young,  Mrs.  Mary,  30  Church  Street 

Young,  Matthew,  boilermaker,  1  Cochrane  Street 

Young,   Robert,  railwayman,  37  Fiillarton  Street 

Young,  Robert,  11  Friars  Croft 

Young,  Thomas,  blacksmith,  56  Gait  Avenue 

Yuille,  Alexander,  printer,  8  West  Road 

Yuille,  J.,  &  Sons,  printers,  124  High  Street  and  8  Bank  Street 

Yuille,  William  R.,  stationer,  48  Bridgegate 

Yule,  John  L.,  joiner,  81-83  Bridgegate.      Tel.  13 

Yule,  Marion,  33  West  Road 


Kilbirnie  is  like  its  neighbour,  Dairy,  in  being  a  place  of 
some  age,  that  only  became  known  with  the  advent  of  the 
industrial  era. 

Its  industries  include  net-making,  linen  thread  manu- 
facture, steel-making,  and  steel  construction  work. 

As  in  the  case  of  Dairy,  it  includes  a  portion  of  the 
Glengarnock  area  within  the  parish,  and  this  is  made  a 
separate  alphabetical  list  at  the  end  of  this  section. 

For  local  government  purposes  it  is  the  centre  for  dealing 
with  all  matters  pertaining  to  Dairy,  Beith,  and  Kilbirnie 
parishes,  the  administrative  offices  being  located  in  a  range 
of  buildings  which  adjoin  the  Walker  Hall,  in  Main  Street. 

It  should  be  noted  that,  on  account  of  the  paucity  of 
telephones  in  the  district,  the  telephone  exchange  is  Beith. 




Approximate  Population  in  1935 — 8,193. 

Approximate  Area  in  1935 — -0000 
Total  Gross  Valuation  in  1935— £57,781. 
County  Councillors — R.  Craig  and  H.  Munro. 

District  Councillors — James  Davidson,  John  McGhie,  J.  C.   Boyd, 
and  James  Hood. 

Justices  of  the  Peace — -John  Houston,  S.   Bkuce,   F.  MaoDonald, 

H.  Munro,  J.  Walker,  R.  Craig  and  Martha  D.  Knox. 
J.P.  Court  meets  at  Berth. 

Public   Assistance    Clerk    and    District    Clerk — Henry    Mactaggart. 
Tel.  Beith  116. 

Rates— Owner,  7/6J. 

Occupier,  7/6|. 


Christian   Brethren,   Kilbirnie — Per   Charles   B.    Longlin,   22   Bank 

Street,  Kilbirnie. 
Christian    Brethren,    Glengarnock — Per    Thos.    K.    Bell,     Riverlea, 

Deacons'  Court  of  the  East  Church,   Kilbirnie — Minister,   Rev.   And. 

Fairlie.      Per  Hugh  McWhinnie,  14  Muirend  Street,  Kilbirnie. 
Glengarnock    Church    of    Scotland — Minister,    Rev.    Thos.    Mackie, 

M.A.      Per  Andrew  Dick,  Glencairn,  Glengarnock. 
Kilbirnie  Church  of  Scotland — Minister,  Rev.  Colin  C.  P.  Hill,  M.A. 

Per  Secretary,  121  George  Street,  Edinburgh. 
Salvation  Army — -Per  Headquarters,  16  Knoxville  Road. 
St.  Brigid's  R.C.  Chapel — Per  Rev.  P.  Plunkett,  Kilbirnie. 
West  Church,   Glasgow  Street — Minister,   Rev.   Hector  W.   Mungo. 

Per  John  Thomson,  34  Main  Street,  Kilbirnie. 


Bridgend  School — Headmaster,  James  Smith. 

Glengarnock  School — Headmaster,  William  Law. 

Ladyland  School — Headmaster,  James  Smith. 

New  Central  School,  Newhouse — Headmaster,  Richard  Liptrot. 

New  School,  Glengarnock — Headmaster,  Richard  Liptrot. 

St.  Brigid's  School— Headmaster,   Wm.  McIntyre. 


Kilbirnie  and  Glengarnock  District  Nursing  and  Ambulance  Associa- 
tion Clinic,  Kilbirnie.     'Phone  Beith  120. 

Kilbirnie  Constabulary,  1  Avils  Place. 

Kilbirnie  Post  Office,  Main  Street. 

Public  Assistance  Office,  Main  Street. 


Ancient  Order  of  Shepherds — Office,  11  Newton  Street. 

Church  of  Scotland  Kilbirnie  Young  People's  Institute,  Newton  Street — 
Per  Robert  Logan,  Knocknair,  Kilbirnie. 

Freemasons  Lodge  (Royal  Blues),  No.  399,  20  Newton  Street — Per 
Robt.  Anderson,  27  Munro  Drive,  Kilbirnie. 

Glengarnock  Works  Bowling  Club,  Lochend — Per  George  Mackenzie, 
3  Alexandra  Terrace,  Kilbirnie. 

Independent  Order  of  Good  Templars,  Bridgend — Per  Robt.  Partridge, 
St.  Aubin. 

Kilbirnie     Christian    Association,     Bridgend — Per    Wm.     Anderson, 
Cairnview,  Kilbirnie. 

Kilbirnie  Ladeside  Bowling  Club — Per  Joseph  Ireland,  9  Bridgend. 

Kilbirnie  Ladeside  Football  Club — Per  Mr.  Hodgart,  Parkend. 

Loyal  Orange  Lodge,  No.  100,  Main  Street — Per  W.  R.  D.  Bell,  34 
KnoxvUle  Road,  Kilbirnie. 

Place  Golf  Club — Per  Alex.  Galt,  1  Avilhill,  Kilbirnie. 

Territorial    Army    Association — Per    Headquarters,    6    Wellington 
Square,  Ayr. 

Walker  Memorial  Hall,  Main  Street — Per  H.   Mactaggart,   District 

Young   Men's    Christian   Association — Per    George    Park,    Burnside 
Street,  Glengarnock. 


Avils  :    Dairy  Road,  Newton  Street. 

Avils  Place,  off  Avils. 

Balgray,  off  Glasgow  Road. 

Bank    Street,  off  Main  Street. 

Bridge  Street  :    School  Wynd,  Main  Street. 

Bridgend  :    Cross,  Stoneyholrn  Road. 

Central  Avenue,  in  Garden  City. 

Cochrane  Street,  off  School  Wynd. 

Craigton  Road,  on  Glengarnock  Road. 

Dairy  Road  :    Avils,  Dairy. 

Dean  Road,  off  Stoneyholm. 

Dennyholm  Street,  off  Main  Street. 

Eastern  Crescent,  off  Dairy  Road. 

Garnock  Place,  off  Main  Street. 

Garnock  Street,  off  Knoxville  Road. 

Glasgow  Street  :    Bank  Street,  Cochrane  Street. 

Glenriddet  Avenue,  on  Glengarnock  Road. 

Holmhead,  on  Main  Road. 

Holmhead  Terrace,  off  Avils. 

Janefield  Terrace,  on  Glengarnock  Road. 

Kirkland  Road,  on  Glengarnock  Road. 

Knoxville  Road  :    Continuation  of  Mill  Road. 

Loadingbank  Rows,  off  Dairy  Road. 

Main  Street  :    Cross,  Newton  Street. 

Mill  Road,  off  Maybole  Road,  Knoxville  Road. 

Milton  Road,  off  Townhead. 

Milton  Terrace,  off  Milton  Road. 

Montgomerieston  Street,  off  Newton  Street. 

Muirend  Street,  off  Bridgend. 

Munro  Drive,  on  Glengarnock  Road. 

Newton  Street  :    Main  Street,  Avils. 

School  Wynd  :    Bridge  Street,  Cochrane  Street. 

South  Neuk,  in  Garden  City. 

Stoneyholm  Road  :    Bridgend,  Lochwinnoch. 

Townhead  :    Bridge  Street,  Milton  Road. 

Unitas  Buildings,  in  Milton  Road. 

Victoria  Place,  in  Milton  Road. 

Walker  Street,  off  Newton  Street. 

Western  Crescent,  in  Garden  City. 

White  vale  Terrace,  on  Glengarnock  Road. 

Adam,  Sarah,  widow,  Main  Street 

Adams,  John,  ammonia  worker,  Whitevale  Terrace 

Aiton,  William,  clerk,  67  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Aitken,  Hamilton,  joiner,  3  Avils  Place 

Aitken,  Hugh,  steelworker,  4  Cochrane  Street 

Aitken,  Mary,  widow,  3  Glasgow  Street 

Aldebert,  Thomas  C,  mariner,  34  Central  Avenue 

Alexander,  Mrs.  Gilbert,  widow,  2  Garnock  Place 

Alexander,  James,  steelworker,  12  Bank  Street 

Alexander,  John,  clerk,  Hillview,  Cochrane  Street 

Alexander,  William,  grocer,  71  Main  Street 

Alexander,  William  D.,  cashier,   Woodlea,  Stoneyholm  Road 

Allan,  Andrew,  gasworker,  Langside  Place 

Allan,  Annie,  21   Townhead 

Allan,  George,  steelworker,  Montgomerieston  Street 

Allan,  James,  steelworker,  28  Newton  Street 

Allan,  James,  2  Paddockholm  Road 

Allan,  James,  gasman,  Mill  Road 

Allan,  James,  networker,  School  Road 

Allan,  Janet,  widow,  School  Road 

Allan,  John,  5  Avils  Place 

Allan,  Robert,  steelworker,  23  Dennyholm 

Allan,  Robert,  roadman,  7  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Allan,   Robert,  labourer,   11    Dennyholm 

Allan,  Thomas,  clerk,  2  Craigton  Road 

Allison,  James,  baker,  28  Knoxville  Road 

Anderson,  Allan,  spirit  merchant,  22  and  26  Cochrane  Street 

Anderson,  Charles,  moulder,  4  Dean  Road 

Anderson,  Daniel,  steelworker,  3  Parkhouse  Drive 

Anderson,  David,  61  Central  Avenue 

Anderson,  David,  networker,  12  Muirend  Street 

Anderson,  James,   1   Avils  Place 

Anderson,  Jessie,  2  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Anderson,  John,  storekeeper,  4  Avils  Place 

Anderson,  John  &  Isabella,  61  Dairy  Road 

Anderson,  Mrs.  Margaret,  18  Bridgend 

Anderson,  Robert,  27  Munro  Drive 

Anderson,  Robert,  steelworker,  50  Bank  Street 

Anderson,  Thomas,  dresser,  59  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Anderson,  Thomas,  dentist,  15  Dairy  Road 

Anderson,  William,  plumber,  19  Western  Crescent 

Anderson,  William,  tinsmith,  Stoneyholm  Road 

Archibald,  Alexander,  moulder,   Montgomerieston  Street 

Archibald,  Daniel,  engineer,  21  Munro  Drive 

Archibald,  James,  engineer,  9  Victoria  Place 

Archibald,  John,  21   Dairy  Road 

Arkieson,  Charles,  turner,  64  Central  Avenue 

Armitt,  Robert,  rigger  10  Eastern  Crescent 

Armour,  Annie,  teacher,  4  Cochrane  Street 

Armstrong,  James,  steelworker,  22  School  Wynd 

Armstrong,  William,  bricklayer,  14  Eastern  Crescent 

Arthur,  Peggy  J.,  Cochrane  Street 

Ashbury,  Catherine,  millworker,  17  Dennyholm 

Ashwood,  David,  labourer,  9  Parkend  Road 

Ashwood,  James,  labourer,  60  Western  Crescent 

Ashwood,  Mrs.  J.,  widow,   Lochside  Cottage 

Ashworth,  Oswald  B.,  insurance  agent,  20  Munro  Drive 

Ayrshire  Yarn  Dyeing  Co.,  Muirend  Street.     Tel.  Beith  65 

Baillie,  William,  furnaceman,  18  Bridge  Street 

Bain,  Jeanie,  Whitevale  Terrace 

Bain,  William,  guard,  54  Bridgend 

Baird,  Annie,  widow,  13  Loadingbank  Rows 


Ballantyne,  Alexander,  labourer,  2  Garnock  Place 

Ballantyne,  William,  grocer,  65  Main  Street 

Bannatyne,  Archibald,  confectioner,  Holmhead 

Bannatyne,  Mrs.  Sarah,  24  Western  Crescent 

Barbour,  Mrs.  Jessie,  15  Cochrane  Street 

Barclay,  Alexander,  steelworker,  46  Cochrane  Street 

Barclay,  Annie,  widow,  8  Cochrane.  Street 

Barclay,  Charles,  millworker,  33  School  Wynd 

Barclay,  Christina,  4  Schoolwynd  Street 

Barclay,  David,  mechanic,  28  Knoxville  Road 

Barclay,  Elizabeth,  widow,  53  Eastern  Crescent 

Barclay,  Elizabeth,  widow,  107  Dairy  Road 

Barclay,  James,  dentist,  1  Bridgend 

Barclay,  James,  labourer,  24  Bank  Street 

Barclay,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  widow,  1  Munro  Drive 

Barclay,  John,  clerk,  South  Stoneyholm 

Barclay,  John,  foreman,  3  Avils  Place 

Barclay,  John,  millworker,  8  Cochrane  Street 

Barclay,  John,  mechanic,  46  Knoxville  Road 

Barclay,  John,  accountant,  Stoneyholm  Road 

Barclay,  John,  joiner,  11  Stoneyholm  Road.     Tel.  160 

Barclay,  John,  steelworker,  Glasgow  Street 

Barclay,  Mary,  36  Bank  Street 

Barclay,  Robert,  janitor,  Holmhead 

Barclay,  Robert,  retired,  50  Bank  Street 

Barclay,  Robert,  blacksmith,  20  Milton  Road 

Barclay,  Robert,  clerk,  7  Stoneyholm  Road 

Barclay,  William,  grocer,  20  Bank  Street 

Barclay,  William,  steelworker,  11  Bridgend 

Barclay,  William,  engineer,  Holmhead  Terrace 

Barclay,  William,  moulder,  4  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Barr,   James,  motorman,'  Holmhead  Terrace 

Barr,  John,  farmer,   West  Mains 

Barron,  Mrs.  Margaret,  widow,  30  Central  Avenue 

Barrow,  Archibald  T.,  steelworker,  20  Cochrane  Street 

Baxter,  Andrew,  smelter,  22  Munro  Drive 

Baxter,  James,  stocktaker,  5  Munro  Drive 

Baxter,  John,  steelworker,  12  Bank  Street 

Baxter,   Joseph,  butcher,  5  Montgomerieston  Street 

Baxter,   William,  labourer,  13  Montgomerieston  Street 

Beattie,  James,  furnaceman,  62  Western  Crescent 

Beattie,  John,  turner,  64  Western  Crescent 

Beattie,  Malcolm,  labourer,  12  Bank  Street 

Beck,  William,  draper,  Cochrane  Street 

Beck,  Mrs.  William,  dressmaker,  Cochrane  Street 

Begg,  Dr.  Alexander  K.,  Holmhead 

Begg,  David  L.,  lithographer.  99  Dairy  Road 

Berth  Clothing  Co.,  Main  Street.      Tel.  143 

Bell,  Alexander,  steelworker,  2  Bridge  Street 

Bell,  David,  spirit  merchant,  Avils 

Bell,  Elizabeth,  widow,  Kirkland 

Bell,  Mrs.  Sarah,  widow,  12  Eastern  Crescent 

Bell,  Thomas,  furnaceman,  2  Montgomerieston  Street 

Bell,  William,  steelworker,  34  Knoxville  Road 

Bennett,  Adam,  flaxdresser,   Bank  Street 

Bennett,  Richard,  furnaceman,  6  Munro  Drive 

Bennett,  Robert,  steelworker,  27  Cochrane  Street 

Benson,   William,  steelworker,   10  Townhead 

Bernardo,  Carlo,  confectioner,   Holmhead 

Bernardo,  Carlo,  confectioner.  Holmhead  and  6-8  Main  Street 

Berryman,  Joseph,  steelworker,  4  Knoxville  Road 

Berryman,   Robert,  labourer,  21    Dean  Road 

Berryman,  Robert,  steelworker,   Holmhead  Terrace 

Bett,  Mrs.  Mary.  79  Dairy  Road 

Bickett,  Jeanie,  5  Eastern  Crescent 

Bigg&rt,  Allan,  16  School  Wynd 

Biggs,   William,  26  Central  Avenue 

Bingham,  John,  31   Eastern  Crescent 


Black,  Alexander,  tailor,  24  Newton  Street 

Black,  John,  engineer,  54  Bridgend 

Black,  William  K.,  retired,  65  Eastern  Crescent 

Blackwood,  Elizabeth,  widow,  10  Dennyholm  Street 

Blackwood,  William,  carter,  27  Cochrane  Street 

Blainey,  Hamilton,  labourer,  2  Montgomerieston  Street 

Blue,   William,  scutcher,   Newton  Street 

Blythe.  Robert,  mason's  helper,  Holmhead 

Boal,  John,  carter,  12  Muirend  Street 

Bogle,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  cleaner,  17  Main  Street 

Borland,  Mrs.  Jessie,  millworker,  9  Glasgow  Street 

Boyd,  Alexander,  moulder,  7  Dean  Road 

Boyd,  David,  steelworker,  3  Parkend  Road 

Boyd,  George,  confectioner,  5  Bridgegate 

Boyd,  James,  mason,  Langside  Place,  Walker  Street 

Boyd,  John,  labourer,   13  Montgomerieston  Street 

Boyd,  Margaret  W.,  3  Bridge  Street 

Boyd,  Mrs.  Mary  W.,  1   Bridge  Street 

Boyd,   Robert,  traveller,  49  Central   Avenue 

Boyle,  Bernard,  labourer,  8  Bridgend 

Boyle,  James,  sorter,  13  Dennyholm 

Brannan,  John,  labourer,  14  Western  Crescent 

Brannan,  Patrick,  furnaceman,  10  Newton  Street 

Bray,  Annie,  widow,  73  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Bray,  James,  bricklayer    Janefield  Terrace 

Bray,  John  C.,  engineer,  17  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Brennan,   Hugh,  steelworker,   Holmhead 

Brennan,  James,  steelworker,  Holmhead 

Brennan,  Patrick,  steelworker,  2  Munro  Drive 

Brennan,  William,  steelworker,  Janefield  Terrace 

Bright,  David,  fireman,  46  Knoxville  Road 

Bright,  John,  fireman,   14  School  Wynd 

Briscoe,  Martha,  widow,  12  Muirend  Street 

Brodie,  Agnes,  widow,  30  Muirend  Street 

Brodie,  Mrs.  A.,  widow,  Cochrane  Street 

Brodie,  Frances  S.,  30  Central  Avenue 

Brodie,   Fred.,  engineer,   12  Schoolwynd  Street 

Brodie,  Margaret,  networker,  28  School  Wynd 

Brodie,  Mrs.  William,  78  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Brown,  Agnes,  widow,  41  Newton  Street 

Brown,  Andrew,  gasman,  19  Dairy  Road 

Brown,  Archibald,  tenter,  44  Knoxville  Road 

Brown,  Elizabeth,  widow,  Main  Street 

Brown,  Frank,  3  Parkhouse  Drive 

Brown,  James,  labourer,  9  Garnock  Street 

Brown,  James,  steelworker,  8  Knoxville  Road 

Brown,  James,  9  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Brown,  James,  steelworker,  Montgomerieston  Street 

Brown,  Janet  M.,  Holmhead 

Brown,  John,  steelworker,  15  Bridge  Street 

Brown,  John,  steelworker,  6  Townhead 

Brown,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Newton  Street 

Brown,  Marion,  widow,  33  Newton  Street 

Brown,   Richard,   11-13  Cochrane  Street 

Brown,  Thomas,  stoker,  12  Muirend  Street 

Brown,   William,  labourer,  21    Dennyholm 

Brown,  William,  clerk,  36  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Brownlow,  Catherine,  widow,  11   Townhead 

Brown]  ow,  Thomas,  fireman,  35  Newton  Street 

Bruce,  Alexander,  agent,  42  Main  Street 

Bruce,  James,  Bridgend 

Brunner,  Mrs.  Margaret  J.,  9   Dairy  Road 

kBuchan,  Robert,  24  Glenriddet  Avenue 
Buchanan,  George,  foreman,  6  Avils 
Buchanan,  William,  heckle  setter,  22  Muirend  Street 
Buckwell,  Frank,  North  Auchenhove 
Burdon,  Duncan,  41  Central  Avenue 
Burns,  Archibald,  labourer,  55   Hank  Street 


Burns,  Archibald,  steelworker,  3  Glasgow  Street 
Burns,   Charles,  steelworker,   13   Montgomerieston  Street 
Burns,  Charles,  steelworker.  12  Newton  Street 
Burns,  Elizabeth,  niillworker,  6  Newton  Street 
Burns,  James,  labourer,  South  Auchenhove 
Burns,  James,  steelworker,  38  Knoxville  Road 
Busby,  John,  44  Munro  Drive 
Buttercup  Dairy  Co..  32  Main  Street 

Caine,  Robert,  painter,  8  Bridge  Street 

Cairns,  Samuel,  labourer,  School  Wynd 

Calderwood,  William,  machinist,  11  School  Wynd 

Caldwell,  Mrs.  Annabella,  26  Stoneyholm  Road 

Caldwell,  Mrs.  David,  widow,  Janefield  Terrace 

Cambridge,  John,  steelworker,  23  Cochrane  Street 

Cambridge,  Neil,  steelworker,  3  Glasgow  Street 

Cameron,  Adam,  gardener,   Redheugh 

Cameron,  Angus,  shepherd,  Cauldgreen 

Cameron,  Hugh,  shepherd,  Plan  Farm 

Cameron,  Thomas,  foreman,  4  Holmhead  Terrace 

Campbell,  Frances,  labourer,  41  Newton  Street 

Campbell,  Henry,  engine  driver,  38  Knoxville  Road 

Campbell,  Hugh,  grocer,  28  Cochrane  Street.     Tel.  Beith  139 

Campbell,  Mrs.  Janet,  19  Montgomerieston  Street 

Campbell,  John,  foreman,  12  Munro  Drive 

Campbell,  John,  pinner,  8  Muirend  Street 

Campbell,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  24  Cochrane  Street 

Campbell,  Robert,  stamp  cutter,  11  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Campbell,  William,  steelworker,  Cochrane  Street 

Canning,  Andrew,  steelworker,  2  Muirend  Street 

Canning,  James,  steelworker,  22  Knoxville  Road 

Cardwell,  George,  labourer,  3  Parkend  Road 

Cardwell,  Robert  D.,  furnaceman,  2  Balgray 

Carey,  John,  insurance  agent,  40  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Carless,   Robert,  30  Western  Crescent 

Carlyle,  Robert,  engineman,  5  Parkend  Road 

Carlyle,  Thomas,  motorman,  29  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Carroll,  John,  steelworker,  VVhitevale  Terrace 

Carruthers,  Robert,  labourer,  13  Montgomerieston  Street 

Carsewell,  James,  steelworker,  38  Knoxville  Road 

Carson,  Helen,  widow,  3  Garnock  Street 

Carson,  John,  steelworker,  26  Eastern  Crescent 

Carstorphine,   William,   grocer,   38   Knoxville   Road 

Caskie,   David,  operator,  5  Parkend  Road 

Cathcart,  Samuel,  blacksmith,  14  Kirkland  Road 

Caughey,  Marie,  widow,  13  Montgomerieston  Street 

Chapman,  Mrs.  Annie,  grocer,  17  and  19  Main  Street 

Chapman,  James,  salesman,  14  Holmhead  Terrace 

Chapman,  William,  flesher,  7  and  9  Bridge  Street 

Chater,  Frank,  teacher,  Stoneyholm  Road 

Cherry,  Mary  B.,  widow,  16  School  Wynd 

Chesney,   Robert,  steelworker,   14  Bridge  Street 

Chesney,  William,  painter,  8  Bridge  Street 

Clark,  Alexander,  clerk,  24  Kirkland  Road 

Clark,  Alexander,  moulder,  16  Knoxville  Road 

Clark,  Elizabeth,  widow,  36  Central  Avenue 

Clark,  James,  salesman,  12   Holmhead  Terrace 

Clark,  John,  blacksmith,  28  Muirend  Street 

Clark,  Mary,  reeler,  1  Avils  Place 

Clark,  Mary,  millworker,  42  Knoxville  Road 

Clark,  Thomas,  chemist,  75  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Clark,  Thomas,  blacksmith,  Whitevale  Terrace 

Clark,  William,  smithy,  Dcnnyholm 

Clegg,  Samuel,  steelworker,  5  Milton  Terrace 

Clelland,  Daniel,  stocktakcr.  25  Munro  Drive 


Clifford,  Irvine,  smelter,  10  Western  Crescent 

Close,  John,  cranemaii,  3  Parkend  Road 

Clydesdale  Bank,  Ltd.,  42  Main  Street.      Tel.  154 

Cochran-Patrick,   Lady  C.  A.   K.,  Ladyland.     Tel.   Lochwinnoch  222 

Cochrane,  Mrs.  Amelia,  School  Wynd 

Cochrane,  George,  tenter,  37  Newton  Street 

Cochrane,  Maggie,  millworker,  9,  11  and  13  Bridge  Street 

Cochrane,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  20  Muirend  Street 

Cochrane,  Thomas,  motorman,  33  Newton  Street 

Cochrane,  Thomas,  mechanic,   1   Avils  Place 

Colligan,  David,  rigger,  Cochrane  Street 

Colligan,  William,  steelworker,  10  Dennyholm  Street 

Collins,  Agnes,  widow,  30  Knoxville  Road 

Collins,  Andrew,  fireman,  22  Milton  Road 

Collins,  Flora,  stewardess,  65  Dairy  Road 

Collins,  John,  61  Eastern  Crescent 

Connell,  Hugh,  hackle  maker,  39  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Connell,  John,  clerk,  67  Central  Avenue 

Connelly,  James,  steelworker,  65  Main  Street 

Connolly,  John,  miner,  23  Dennyholm 

Connor,  Mrs.  Janet,  widow,  7  Cochrane  Street 

Conway.  Mrs.  Annie,  widow,  15  School  Wynd 

Cook,  Mrs.  Agnes,  11   Townhead 

Cook,  David,  vanman.  Newton  Street 

Cook,  Mrs.  Sarah,  58  Main  Street 

Coole,  Mary,  home  bakery,  36  Bridgend 

Cooper,  Janet  C,  housekeeper,  Kirkland  Road 

Corbett,   William,  gardener,  Ladyland 

Corrigan,  William,  steelworker,  Bank  Street 

Coul,  William,  farmer,  Chapelton 

Coidey,  James,  steelworker,  38  Cochrane  Street 

Coursar,   Robert,  steelworker,   Montgomerieston  Street 

Cowan,  James,  painter,  23  Eastern  Crescent 

Cowie,  William,  6  Central   Avenue 

Craig,  Mrs.   Elizabeth,  farmer,  Birtlebog 

Craig,  Ellen,  2  Eastern  Crescent 

Craig,  James,  ruffer,  41   Newton  Street 

Craig,  John,  ruffer,  41  Newton  Street 

Craig,  Thomas,  engineer,  4  Cochrane  Street 

Crannie,  Mrs.  John,  31  Main  Street 

Crawford,  Alexander,  fireman,  12  Bank  Street 

Crawford,  Elizabeth,  confectioner,  12  Bridgend 

Crawford,   George,  6  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Crawford,  Hugh,  vanman,  8  Knoxville  Road 

Crawford,  James,  builder,  Stoneyholm  Road 

Crawford,  Jeanie  A.,  widow,  30  Bridgend 

Crawford,   Joseph,  67   Dairy  Road 

Crawford,   William,  34  Bridgend 

Crawley,  James,  ruffer.  1   Paddoekholm  Road 

Crawley,  John,  ruffer,  5  Avilhill  Terrace 

Crawley,  Sarah,  widow,  5  Avilhill  Terrace 

Cullen,  Patrick,  ruffer,  5  Dennyholm 

Culverhouse,  Uriah  M.,  48  Central  Avenue 

Cunningham,  John,  mechanic,  13  School  Wynd 

Cunningham,  William,  hairdresser,  10  Bank  Street 

Curlet,  Alexander,  caretaker,  16  Munro  Drive 

Curlett,  Maggie,  shopkeeper,  7  Langside  Place 

Curlett,  Margaret,  draper,  49  Main  Street 

Curran,  Michael,  labourer,  11  Eastern  Crescent 

Currie,  Duncan,  carter,  11   Dennyholm 

Daly,  Bernard,  labourer,  4  Bridge  Street 
Daly,  Edward,  sorter,  1  Paddoekholm  Road 
Daly,  Francis,  ironworker,  Holmhead 
Daly,  John,  steelworker,  5  Milton  Terrace 


Daly,  Mary,  barmaid,  45  Eastern  Crescent 

Dalziel,  Jeanie,  widow,  6  Eastern  Crescent 

Daniel,  James,  tarrer,  3  Parkend  Road 

Darroeh,  Alexander,  net  worker,  37  Newton  Street 

Darroch,  Alexander,  labourer,  2  Paddockholm  Road 

Darroeh,  George,  tenter,  3  Avils  Place 

Darroch,  George,  joiner.  Main  Street 

Darroch,  James,  joiner,  14-16  Xewton  Street 

Darroch,  John,  steelworker,  9  Victoria  Place 

Darroch,  Mrs.  Margaret,  9  Victoria  Place 

Darroch,  Mary,  millworker,  22  School  Wynd 

Darroch,  Robert,  fireman,  14  Bridgend 

Darroch,  William,  attendant,  37  Munro  Drive 

Darroch,  William,  retired,  1  Avils  Place 

Davidson,  Peter,  engineman,  3  Parkend  Road 

Davidson,  Robert,  riveter,  Cochrane  Street 

Davidson,  Robert,  steelworker,  Cochrane  Street 

Davidson,  Smith,  moulder,  6  Mnirend  Street 

Davidson,  William,  moulder,  10  Muirend  Street 

Davies,  Alexander,  bricklayer,  26  Western  Crescen 

Davies,  Andrew,  foreman,  1  Avils  Place 

Davies,  Andrew,  steelworker,  22  Knoxville  Road 

Davies,  Arthur,  manager,  19  Stoneyholm  Road 

Davies,  James,  miner,  21  Dennyholm 

Davies,  James,  retired,  27  Muirend  Street 

Davies,  William,  packer,  Muirend  Street 

Davies,  William,  joiner,  42  Knoxville  Road 

Davison,  Thomas,  turner,   18  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Dawson,  John,  brickworker,  30  Bridgend 

Deans,  Jessie  G.,  59  Central  Avenue 

Deans,  Robert,  labourer,  5  Paddockholm  Road 

Devlin,  David,  attendant,  16  Central  Avenue 

Dewar,  John,  50  Central  Avenue 

Dewar,  John,  stoker,  19  Townhead 

Dewar,  Margaret,  36  Western  Crescent 

Dick,  David,  clerk,  9  Stoneyholm  Road 

Dick,  Janet,  teacher,  22  School  Wynd 

Dick,  John,  foreman,  Mill  Road    . 

Dickie,  Charles,  labourer,  2   Dennyholm  Street 

Dickie,  James,  steelworker,  5  Eastern  Crescent 

Dickie,  James,  manager,  6  Kirkland  Road 

Dickie,  Matthew,  smelter,  16  Dean  Road 

Dickson,  John,  sorter,  Newton  Street 

Dickson,  John,  janitor,  14  Bridgend 

Dickson,  William,  6  Avils  Place 

Dillon,   Alexander,  furnaceman,   Montgomerieston  Street 

Dinning,  Andrew,  vanman,  5  Newton  Street 

Dinning,  Donald,  furnaceman.  31  Munro  Drive 

Dinning,  Dunlop,  carter,  3  Garnock  Street 

Dinning,  William,  gardener.  28  Knoxville  Road 

Docherty,  Mary,  widow,  14  Muirend  Street 

Docherty,  Thomas,  barber,  1   Garnock  Street 

Doherty,  Catherine,  52  Western  Crescent 

Doherty,  Thomas,  hairdresser,  Whitevale  Terrace 

Doig,  Samuel,  engineer,  29  Dairy  Road 

Dolan,  Felix,  15  School  Wynd 

Donnelly,  Peter,  grocer.  I-Iolmhead 

Doris,  Daniel,  hairdresser,  Newton  Street 

Dougan,  Elizabeth,  widow.  24  Bank  Street 

Dougan,  John,  turner,  9  Victoria  Place 

Dougan,  Thomas,  slater,  36  Munro  Drive 

Dougan,  William,  steelworker,  6  Muirend  Street 

Douglas,  Peter,  38  Central  Avenue 

Douglas,  William,  3  Parkhouse  Drive,  Walker  Street 

Downie.  John,  steelworker,  58  Bank  Street 

Duff,   William,  caretaker,   Newton  Street 

Dufficld,  William,  steelworker.  52  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Ituffin,  John,  shoemaker,  Cochrane  Street 


Duffin,  John,  steelworker,  Janefield  Terrace 
Duffin,  Michael,  steelworker,  10  Bridgend 
Duffy,  Michael,  71  Dairy  Road 
Dunbar,  Allan  R.,  builder,  32  Cochrane  Street 
Diincan's  Economic  Stores,  4  Bank  Street 
Duncan,  Agnes,  millworker,  2  Garuock  Street 
Duncan,  Annie,  widow,  14  Holmhead  Terrace 
Duncan,  Janet,  widow,  6  Bank  Street 
Duncan,  Jeau,  newsagent,  20  Bank  Street 
Duncan,  Marion,  23  School  Wynd 
Dunlop,  James,  engineer,  65  Main  Street 
Dunlop,  James,  surveyor,  Wingdale  Cottage 
Dunn,  James,  42  Western  Crescent 
Durroch,  James,  41   Newton  Street 

Edington,  David,  clerk,  101  Dairy  Road 
Edington,  John,  farmer,  Wallace  Farm 
Evans,  Emanuel,  turner,  1   Glenriddet  Avenue 
Evans,  William,  bricklayer,  9  Central  Avenue 
Ewing,  James,  sorter,  37  Newton  Street 

Fairlie,   Rev.   Andrew  K.,   Manse,   Ladylaud  Road.     Tel.   108 

Fairlie,   Hugh,  fireman,  4  Paddockholm  Road 

Fairlie,  James,  labourer,  7  Paddockholm  Road 

Fairlie,  Neil,  bleacher,  19  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Fairlie,  Robert,  steelworker,  3  Milton  Terrace 

Fairlie,  Robert,  millworker,  47  Knoxville  Road 

Falconer,   Robert,  40  Western  Crescent 

Fallon,  William,  steelworker,  22  Knoxville  Road 

Falloon,  Patrick,  steelworker,  38  Bridgend 

Fallow,  Thomas,  labourer,   17  Montgornerieston  Street 

Faulds,  Agnes,  16  Cochrane  Street 

ITaulds,  Archibald,  millworker,   15  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Faulds,  Jessie,  networker,  19  School  Wynd 

Feathers,  Letitia,  millworker,  27  Main  Street 

Ferguson,  Duncan,  porter,  11   Parkend  Road 

Ferguson,   Hugh,  engine-keeper,   Whitevale  Terrace 

Ferguson,  Hugh,  boilermaker,  48  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Ferguson,  James,  steelworker,  7  Glasgow  Street 

Ferguson,  John,  farmer,  Rashieyett 

Ferguson,  Joseph,  steelworker,  7  Parkend  Road 

Ferguson,  Kate,  widow,  Holmhead 

Ferguson,  Matthew,  steelworker,  7  Parkend  Road 

Ferguson,  Robert,  sawyer,  41  Eastern  Crescent 

Ferguson,  Thomas,  labourer,  3  Paddockholm  Road 

Ferguson,  William,  labourer,  50  Bank  Street 

Ferguson,  William,  stocktaker,  Newton  Street 

Ferguson,  William,  retired,  57  Dairy  Road 

Ferguson,  William,  retired,  57  Eastern  Crescent 

Ferrier,  Mrs.  Mary,  19  Townhead 

Findlay,  Alfred,  engineer,  27  Central  Avenue 

Findlay,  James,  engineman,  36  Cochrane  Street 

Findlay,  John,  foreman,  Holmhead 

Findlay,   Robert,  bricklayer,  Ladeside 

Findlay,  Samuel,  mechanic,  6  Schoolwynd  Street 

Finnie,  Mary,  widow,  37  Newton  Street 

Fisher,  Jonathan,  sample  passer,  Stoneyholm  Road 

Fitzpatrick,  John,  Ingleneuk,  Cochrane  Street 

Fitzsimmons,  Alexander,  labourer,  3   Balgray 

Flanagan,  James,  pinner,  Newton  Street 

Flannigan,  Alexander,  steelworker,  50  Bank  Street 

Fleming,  Allan,  farmer,  Cauldgreen 

Flood,  Patrick,  pinner,  24  Bank  Street 


Ford,  Edwin,  shoemaker,  17  Central  Avenue 

Fotheringham,  John,  steelworker,  28_  Knoxville  Road 

Fotheringham,  Thomas,  tenter,  44  Knoxville  Road 

Frame,  William,  steelworker,  Holmhead 

Frame,  William,  smelter,  3  Craigton  Road 

Fraser,  Donald,  22  Eastern  Crescent 

Fraser,  John,  boilermaker,  Janefield  Terrace 

Fraser,  John  C,  salesman,  32  Munro  Drive 

Fraser,  Margaret,  widow,  16  Muirend  Street 

Fraser,  William,  steelworker.   18  Central  Avenue 

Frew,  George,  gasman,  55  Eastern  Crescent 

Frew,  James,  surfaceman,  16  Eastern  Crescent 

Fulton,  William,  patternmaker,  16  Cochrane  Street 

Fyfe,  Alexander,  engineman,  12  Schoolwynd  Street 

Fyfe,  James,  nioulder,  Holmhead 

Fyfe,  James,  engineer,  15  Newton  Street 

Fyfe,  James,  roadman,  15  Newton  Street 

Fyfe,  John,  millworker,   11   Townhead 

Fyfe,  Maggie,  widow,  16  School  Wynd 

Fyfe,  Malcolm,  labourer.  39  Newton  Street 

Fyfe,  Malcolm,  mechanic,  37  Newton  Street 

Fyfe,  Robert,  clerk,  1  Avils  Place 

Fyfe.,  Robert,  scutcher,  19  Cochrane  Street 

Fyfe,  Robert,  thread  dresser,  17  Cochrane  Street 

Fyfe,  William,  steelworker,  Holmhead 

Fyfe,  William,  engineer,   Holmhead 

Fyfe,  William,  patternmaker,  Holmhead 

Fyfe,  William,  pinner,  20  Muirend  Street 

Fyfe,  William,  tenter,  13  Muirend  Street 

Gaffney,  James,  boilermaker,   10  Schoolwynd  Street 
Galbraith's  Stores,  Ltd.,  46  Main  Street.      Tel.  178 
Galbraith,  Eliza,  millworker,  5  Townhead 
Gallacher,  Elizabeth,  widow,  3  Avilhill  Terrace 
Gallacher,  James,  painter,  29  Newton  Street 
Gallacher,  James,  painter,  1   Darly  Road 
Gallacher,  John,  painter,  9  Newton  Street 
Gallacher,  John,  painter,  91  Main  Street 
Gallacher,   Thomas,  sorter,  Newton  Street 
Gait,  Alexander,  clerk,  1  Avils  Place 
Gait,  Alexander,  clerk,  23  Muirend  Street 
Gait.  William,  clerk,  Mill  Road 
Gait,  William,  jr.,  clerk,  69  Glenriddet  Avenue 
Garland,  Edward,  labourer,   10  Dennyholm  Street 
Garland,  Henry,  steelworker,  82  Main  Street 
Gatherer,  William,  steelworker,  Cochrane  Street 
Gavin,  Ebenezer,  traveller,  71   Eastern  Crescent 
Gaw,  William,  storekeeper,  42  Knoxville  Road 
Gaze,  Edward,  photographer,  Holmhead 
Gaze,  Sidney,  traveller,  54  Glenriddet  Avenue 
Geddes,  James,  dyer,  8  Muirend  Street 
Geddes,  Mrs.  Janet,  1  Bridge  Street 
Geddes,  John,  millworker,  5  Avils  Place 
Geddes,  Malcolm,  dyer,  42  Knoxville  Road 
Geddes,  Robert,  cashier,  77  Glenriddet  Avenue 
Geddes,  Samuel,  steelworker,  3  Garnock  Street 
Gemmell,  Gavin,  steelworker,  16  Knoxville  Road 
Gemmell,  James,  10  Parkhouse  Drive 
Gibb,  Florence  &  Jane,  47  Central  Avenue 
Gibson,  Mrs.  Agnes-,  widow,  30  Main  Street 
Gibson,  James,  mechanic,  18  Muirend  Street 
Gibson,  Mrs.  Marion.  63  Central  Avenue 
Gibson,   Robert,  labourer.  23   Dennyholm 
Gibson,  Robert,  clerk,  3  Dean  Road 
Gibson,  Robert,  17  School  Wynd 


Gibson,  Samuel,  postman,  47  Eastern  Crescent 

Gibson,   William,  slater,  7  Glasgow  Street 

Gilfillan,  William,  timekeeper,  83  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Gillespie,  Mrs.  Agnes,  millworker,  10  Dennybolm  Street 

Gillespie,  John,  carter,  Holmhead 

Gillies,  James,  warehouseman,  Cochrane  Street 

Gilmour,  Benjamin,  steelworker,  28  Munro  Drive 

Gilmour,  William,  labourer,   13  Montgomerieston  Street 

Gilmour,  William,  7  Cochrane  Street 

Girvan,  John,  tailor,  2   Bridge  Street 

Glasgow,  George,  carter,  Milton  Road 

Glasgow,  John,  sorter,  24  Muirend  Street 

Glasgow,  Mary,  widow,  26-28  School  Wynd 

Glass,  James,  blacksmith,  15  Eastern  Crescent 

Glen.  Mrs.  Agnes,  shopkeeper,  Janefield  Terrace 

Glen,  Hamilton,  butcher,  7  Eastern  Crescent 

Glen,  James,  engineer,  17  Eastern  Crescent 

Glen,  John,  steelworker.  21   Milton  Road 

Glen,  Robert,  electrician,  Janefield  Terrace 

Golder,  James,  newsagent,  37  Holmhead 

Golder,  James,  newsagent,  Avils 

Goldie,  James,  steelworker,  Holmhead 

Gonegal,  Elizabeth,  4  Parkhouse  Drive 

Gordon,  James,  welder,  13  Victoria  Place 

Gordon,  John,  carter,  4  Dennyholm  Street 

Gordon,  Margaret,  46  Western  Crescent 

Gordon,  William,  turner,  Main  Street 

Gowan,  Hugh,  steelworker.  Cochrane  Street 

Graham,  Andrew,  pinner,  2  Avils  Place 

Graham,  James,   carter,   Lochend 

Graham,  James,  traveller,  Loadingbank 

Graham,  James,  labourer,   17  School  Wynd 

Graham,  Mrs.  Janet,  networker,  2  Holmhead  Terrace 

Graham,  Mrs.  Jean,  23  Cochrane  Street 

Graham,  Marion,  widow,  3  Paddockholm  Road 

Graham,  Peter,  labourer,  1   Garnock  Place 

Graham,  Robert,  labourer,  13  Dennyholm 

Graham,  Thomas,  sawyer,  63  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Graham,  Thomas,  mechanic,  81   Glenriddet  Avenue 

Graham,  William,  steelworker,  Ivirkland 

Grahame,  James,  millworker,  8  Western  Crescent 

Grant,   George,   publican,   Stoneyholm 

Gray,  Alexander,  carter,  7  Parkend  Road 

Gray,  Campbell  W.,  63  Dairy  Road 

Gray,  George,  gamekeeper,  Bawshaw 

Gray,  Isabella,  5  Avils  Place 

Gray,  Isabella,  widow,  17  Dean  Road 

Gray,  James,  clerk,  Main  Street 

Gray,  James,  lithographer,  33  Newton  Street 

Gray,  Janet,  millworker,  13  Montgomerieston  Street 

Gray,  Marshall,  steelworker,  1   Bridgend 

Gray,  Peter,  boilerman,  21  Loadingbank  Rows 

Gray,  Thomas,  steelworker,  2  Garnock  Street 

Green,  Mrs.  Jean,  Holmhead 

Greenan,  Jean,  widow,  7  Paddockholm  Road 

Greenan,   Roseann,  millworker,   16  Muirend  Street 

Greenlees,  William,  draper,  33  Munro  Drive 

Greig,  Elizabeth,  68  Central  Avenue 

Gunning,  WTilliam  G.,  retired,  13  Western  Crescent 

Guthrie,  George,  steelworker,  1   Garnock  Street 

Halbert,  Hugh,  engineer,  7  Newton  Street 
Halbert,  Letitia,  millworker,  4  Avils  Place 
Hamilton,  Ann,  Muirend  Street 
Hamilton,  Charles,  chauffeur,  Redheugh 


Hamilton,  Colin,  4  Central  Avenue 

Hamilton,  Hugh,  cabinetmaker,  28  School  Wynd 

Hamilton,  James,  tenter,  8  Knoxville  Road 

Hamilton,  James,  timekeeper,  28  School  Wynd 

Hamilton,  John,  steelworker,  21  Townhead 

Hampton,  Thomas,  retired,  24  Eastern  Crescent 

Hannah,  Colin,  foreman,  38  Munro  Drive 

Hannah,  David,  steelworker,  25  Munro  Drive 

Hannah,  David,  steelworker,  15  Munro  Drive 

Hannah,  James,  steelworker,   16  Cochrane  Street 

Hannah,  Thomas,  labourer,  21  Central  Avenue 

Hannah,   William,  driver,  27   Holmhead 

Hannah,   William,  furnaceman,   Paddockholm 

Harkins,  James,  traveller,  7  Victoria  Place 

Harkins,  John,  sorter,  21  Dennyholm 

Harkins,  Margaret,  widow,  9  Parkend  Road 

Harkness,  Robert,  butcher,  85  Main  Street 

Harkness,  Robert,  farmer,  North  Dykes 

Harley.  Thomas,  steelworker,  4  Garnock  Street 

Harper,  Christina,  teacher,  5  Central  Avenue 

Harper,  Jane,  27  School  Wynd 

Harper,  John,  steelworker,  20  Milton  Road 

Harrison,  John,  10  Avils 

Harrison,  John,  engine -keeper,  Whitevale  Terrace 

Harrison,  Samuel,  mason,  Holmhead 

Harvey,  Edward,  butler,  1   Eastern  Crescent 

Harvie,  Dugald,  merchant,  3  Eastern  Crescent 

Harvie,  James,  steelworker,  5  Milton  Terrace 

Hayes.   Mary.  23  Cochrane  Street 

Hayes,  William,  9  Munro  Drive 

Hector,  John,  steelworker,  19  School  Wynd 

Hector,   William,   steelworker,  38  Knoxville  Road 

Heenan,  Mary,  widow,  6  Garnock  Place 

Heggarty,   William,  labourer,  15  Dennyholm 

Henderson,  James,  hackle  setter,  Main  Street 

Henderson,  John,  manager,  28  Muirend  Street 

Henderson,  Robert,  engineer,  Holmhead 

Henderson,  Robert,  joiner,  Townhead 

Henderson,  Robert,  joiner,  18  Munro  Drive 

Henderson,  Thomas,  steel  smelter,  71   Glenriddet  Avenue 

Henderson,  William,  engineer,  3  Avils  Place 

Heron,  James,  clerk,  Holmhead 

Herriot.  Mary,  54  Western  Crescent 

Hiddleston,  Helen,  46  Central  Avenue 

Higgins,  Francis,  steelworker,  7  Parkend  Road 

Higgins,  Hugh,  pinner,  3  Avils  Place 

Higgins,  James,  labourer,  9  Parkend  Road 

Higgins,  John,  printer,  53  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Higgins,  Margaret,  widow,  29  School  Wynd 

lligsins.   Patrick.  38  Bridgend 

Hill,  Rev,  Colin  C.  P.,  M.A.,  Barony  Church  Manse.     Tel.  147 

Hodgart,  Alexander,  boilermaker.  3  Parkend  Road 

Hodgart,  John,  12  Central  Avenue 

Hodge,  Jessie,  56  Central  Avenue 

Hodge,  Robert,  baker,  12  Parkhouse  Drive 

Hogg,  Henry,  manager,   18  Stoneyholm  Road 

Holbourne,  Alexander,  8  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Holden,  Bernard,  scutcher,  37  Newton  Street 

Holden,  James,  sorter,  5  Avilhill  Terrace 

Holliday,   Mrs.  Margaret,  shopkeeper,  2-4  Cochrane  Street 

Holmes,  Mrs.  Annie,  grocer,  2  Schoolwynd  Street 

Holmes,  Mrs.  Annie,  Main  Street 

Holmes,  James,  baker,  7  Cochrane  Street 

Holmes,  Margaret,  widow,  75  Eastern  Crescent 

Honeyman,  John,  58  Central  Avenue 

Hood,  Alexander,  steelworker,  9  Cochrane  Street 

Hood,  Alexander,  foreman,  42  Munro  Drive 

Hood,   Harry,  signalman,  Cochrane  Street 


Hood.  James,  ruffer,  Newton  Street 

Hood,  James,  insurance  agent,  2  Schoolwynd  Street 

Hood,  John,  steehvorker,  Montgomerieston  Street 

Hood,  Robert,  steehvorker,  6  Holmhead  Terrace 

Hood,  Robert,  labourer,  School  Wynd 

Hood,  Robert,  packer,  42  Knoxville  Road 

Hood,   Robert,  labourer,   11   Townhead 

Hood,  Robert,  labourer,  20  Muirend  Street 

Hood,  Samuel,  31  School  Wynd 

Hood,  Samuel,  beltman,  Cochrane  Street 

Hood,  Samuel,  steehvorker,  Montgomerieston  Street 

Hood,  William,  sorter,  19  Townhead 

Houston,  Mrs.  Agnes,   Glenside  Cottage,  Townhead 

Houston,  Mrs.  Agnes,   Eglinton  Inn,  2   Newton  Street 

Houston,  Alexander,  butcher,  35  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Houston,  Allan,  clerk,  14  School  Wynd 

Houston,   David,  sorter,  44  Knoxville  Road 

Houston,  Elizabeth,  widow,  21  Muirend  Street 

Houston,  James,  22  Knoxville  Road 

Houston,  James,  architect,  Milton  Road 

Houston,  James,  architect,  Bridgend 

Houston,  Jeanie,  widow,  1   Bridgend 

Houston,  John,  manager,  Glenlogan 

Houston,  Margaret,  55  Main  Street 

Houston,  Robert,  fitter,  3  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Houston,  Robert,  retired,  Glenprosen 

How,   George,  medical  practitioner,  51   Main  Street 

Howie,  Andrew,  mechanic,  5  Dean  Road 

Howie,  Eliza,  6  Eastern  Crescent 

Howie,  James,  farmer,   Boag 

Howie,  Mrs.  Janet,  widow,  Milton  Road 

Hughes,  Charles,  School  Wynd 

Hughes,  Helen,  networker,  37  Newton  Street 

Hughes,  James,  steehvorker,   14  Muirend  Street 

Hughes,  James,  steehvorker,  10  Townhead 

Hughes,  Patrick,  miner,  14  Bridgend 

Hume,  Thomas  B.,  retired,  52  Central  Avenue 

Humphrey,  George,  labourer,  9  Parkend  Road 

Humphrey,  James,  steehvorker,  21   Townhead 

Humphreys,  Thomas,  labourer,  58  Bank  Street 

Humphries,  Annie,  widow,  38  Cochrane  Street 

Hunter,  Alexander,  joiner,  10  Holmhead  Terrace 

Hunter,  Charles,  steehvorker,  18  Bank  Street 

Hunter,  Daniel,  6  Western  Crescent 

Hunter,   Daniel,  jr.,  boilermaker,  66  Western  Crescent 

Hunter,   Robert,  engineer,  44  Bridgend 

Hunter,  Mrs.  Robert,  shoe  merchant,  53  Main  Street 

Hunter,  Samuel,  steehvorker,  School  Wynd 

Hunter,   William,  plater,  8  Eastern  Crescent 

Hutchison,  Andrew,  21   Western  Crescent 

Hutchison,   Helen,  47  Dairy  Road 

Hutchison,  John,  ironmonger,  13  Newton  Street 

Hynd,  Mrs.  Bessie,  1  Bridge  Street 

Hynd,  Francis,  miner,  38  Bridgend 

Hynd,  Frank,  labourer,  7  School  Wynd 

Hynd,  George,  steelworker,  7  Parkend  Road 

Hynd,  James,  jr.,  steehvorker,  20  Cochrane  Street 

Hynd,  James,  labourer,  30  Bridgend 

Hynd,  John,  smelter,  85  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Hynd,  William,  boxmaker,  6  Cochrane  Street 

Hynd,  William,  labourer,  School  Wynd 

Hynds,  George,  labourer,  School  Wynd 

Hynds,  James,  steehvorker,  5  Parkend  Road 

Hynds,  John,  miner,  1   Bridgend 

Hynds,  Robert,  scavenger,  3  Parkhouse  Drive,  Walker  Street 

Ireland,  Joseph,  boot  repairer,  38  Main  Street 

Ireland,  Joseph,  shoemaker,  9  Bridgend 

Irvine,  Alexander,  cabinetmaker,  9  Parkend  Road 

Irvine,  Mrs.  Janet,  widow,  44  Cochrane  Street 

Irvine,  John,  steelworker,  Janefield  Terrace 

Irvine,  John, '  carter,  Holmhead 

Irvine,  Robert,  steelworker,  School  Wynd 

Irvine,  Robert,  9  School  Wynd 

Irvine,  Sarah,  5  Parkend  Road 

Irvine,  William,  painter,  38  Cochrane  Street 

Jackson,  Thomas,  35  Main  Street 

Jackson,  Thomas,  watchmaker,  13  Dean  Road 

Jackson,  William,  bricklayer,  Kirkland 

Jackson,  William,  crane  driver,  14  Bridgend 

Jamieson,  Andrew,  steelworker,  13  Munro  Drive 

Jamieson,  James,  steelworker,  8  Schoolwynd  Street 

Jamieson,  John,  painter,  9  Dean  Road 

Jamieson,  Mrs.  Margaret,  painter,  1  Cochrane  Street 

Jamieson,  Robert,  signalman,  11  Bridgend 

Jamieson,  William,  painter,  16  Cochrane  Street 

Jennings,  John,  plumber,  2  Central  Avenue 

Jennings,  Mrs.  Margaret,  fruiterer,  Newhouse 

Johnston,  Charles,  rope  spinner,  14  Bridge  Street 

Johnston,  David,  steelworker,  5  Paddockholm  Road 

Johnston,  James,  steelworker,  9  Bridgend 

Johnston,  James,  26  Bank  Street 

Johnston,  James,  clerk,  Holmhead 

Johnston,  Mrs.  Mary,  networker,  2  Schoolwynd  Street 

Johnston,  Samuel,  labourer,  19  Dennyholm 

Johnstone,  Alexander,  14  Bridge  Street 

Johnstone,  Allan,  steelworker,  2  Montgomerieston  Street 

Johnstone,  Frank,  2  Loadingbank  Rows 

Johnstone,  Harry,  labourer,  16  Loadingbank  Rows 

Johnstone,  Mrs.  John,  widow,  22  Milton  Road 

Johnstone,  Mrs.  Margaret,  widow,  20  School  Wynd 

Johnstone,  Matthew,  clerk,  95  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Johnstone,   William,  labourer,   Newton  Street 

Johnstone,  William,  Xewton  Street 

Johnstone,  William,   Kirkland 

Johnstone,  William,  labourer,  1   Balgray 


Kain,  Alexander,  steelworker,  1  Garnock  Street 

Kane,  Elizabeth,  widow,  22  School  Wynd 

Kane,  Harry,  smelter,  30  Munro  Drive 

Kane,  James,  pinner,  9  Glasgow  Street 

Kane,  Robert,  baker,  3  Parkhouse  Drive,  Walker  Street 

Kane,  William,  19  Montgomerieston  Street 

Kane,  William,  steelworker,  64  Bank  Street 

Kane,  William,  millworkcr,   18  Muirend  Street 

Kane,  William,  bricklayer,  1   Dean  Road 

Kay,  Andrew,  superintendent,  4  Cochrane  Street 

Kay,  Maggie,  widow,  19  Muirend  Street 

Kean,  Joseph,  foreman,   16  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Kean,  William,  blacksmith,  3  Western  Crescent 

Kellet,  Frederick,  1   Western  Crescent 

Kelly,  Isabella,  widow,  66  Central  Avenue 

Kelly,  John,  steelworker,  2  Montgomerieston  Street 

Kelly,  John,  steelworker,  16  Cochrane  Street 

Kemp,   Elizabeth,  25   Eastern  Crescent 


Kennedy,  David,  labourer,  51   Eastern  Crescent 
Kennedy,   David,  steehvorker,  16  Muirend  Street 
Kennedy,  Mrs.  Isabella,  widow,  Holnihead 
Kennedy,  Maggie,  millworker,  13  Montgonierieston  Street 
Kennedy,   Thomas,  warehouseman,  23   Western  Crescent 
Kennedy,   William,  turner,   19  Eastern  Crescent 
Kerr  &  Watson,  architects,  60  Central  Avenue.     Tel.  63 
Kerr,  Mrs.  Agnes,  farmer,  Newhouse 
Kerr,  Alexander,  painter,  16  School  Wynd 
Kerr,  Archibald,  farmer,   Lennox 
Kerr,  Archibald,  labourer,  2  Garnock  Place 
Kerr,   Hugh,  farmer,  East  Lochridge,  Beith 
Kerr,  Hugh,  tenter,  9  Bridgend 
Kerr,  John,  farmer,  Mossend 
Kerr,  John,  farmer,  West  Bankside 
Kerr,  John,  engineer.  38  Milton  Road 
Kerr,  Mrs.  John,  widow,  1  Milton  Terrace 
Kerr,  John,  labourer,  58  Bank  Street 
Kerr,  Mrs.  R.  B.,  widow,  6  Bank  Street 
Kerr,   William,   12  Bank  Street 
Kerr,   William  T.,  farmer,   Greenridge 
Kerrigan,   Peter,  steelworker,  2  Bridge  Street 
Kilbirnie  Co-operative  Society,  Ltd.,  Main  Street.     Tel.  41 
Kilpatrick.  Mrs.  Mary,  21  Eastern  Crescent 
King,  Henry,  agent,  Main  Street 
King,  James,  ruffer,  8  Newton  Street 
King,  Mrs,  Janet,  widow,  9  Bridgend 
King,  John,  dyer,  Newton  Street 
King,  Mrs.  Maggie,  housekeeper.  Bank  Street 
King,   Robert,  steelworker,  3  Milton  Terrace 
King,  Thomas,  steelworker,  17  Dennyholm 
Kirk,  James,  pinner,  2  Knoxville  Road 
Kirk,  Janet,  widow,  2  Knoxville  Road 
Kirkwood,   David,  27  School  Wynd 
Kirkwood,  James,  steelworker,  Cochrane  Street 
Knox,  Agnes  D.,  widow,  Redheugh.     Tel.  17 
Knox,  James,  draper,  17  Newton  Street 
Knox,  Mrs.  James,  widow,  22  Knoxville  Road 
Knox,  Jessie  A.  P.,   15  Newton  Street 
Knox.  Martha  D.  K.,  Place.     Tel.  76 

Knox,  W.  &  J.,  Ltd.,  Stoneyholni  Mills,  Mill  Road,  Gasworks,  Denny- 
holm,  and  Garnock  Mills.     Tel.  7 
Kyle,   Hugh,  smelter,  18  Cochrane  Street 

Laird,  Christina,  21  Eastern  Crescent 
Lamberton,  James,  Newton  Street 
Lamberon,  Maggie,  millworker,  54  Bridgend 
Lamont,  James,  shepherd,  Coekstone 
Lamont,  Thomas,  steelworker,  7  Parkend  Road 
Lamont,  William,  steelworker,  4  Garnock  Place 
Lane,  John,   105  Dairy  Road 
Lang,  James,  clerk,  44  Knoxville  Road 
Lang,  William,  chemist,  14  School  Wynd 
Lang,  William,  tailor,  14  Glenriddet  avenue 
Lang,  William,  scutcher,  3  Cochrane  Street 
Larmour,  James,  labourer,  12  Bank  Street 
Lauchlan,  John,  millworker,  Main  Street 
Lauchland,  Wilham,  steelworker,  School  Wynd 
Laughlan,  Alexander,  net  tenter,  6  Avils  Place 
Laughlan,  Charles,  pinner,  22  Bank  Street 
Laughlan,  Robert,  flax  dresser,  34  Bank  Street 
Laurie,  Thomas,  8  Central  Avenue 
Law,  Dunlop,  grocer,  26  Glenriddet  Avenue 
Law,  Elizabeth,  widow,  33  Newton  Street 
Law,  Mrs.  George,  widow,  Newton  Street 


Law,  George,  hackle  setter,  43  Newton  Street 

Law,  Hugh,  ironmonger,  87  Main  Street 

Law,  Hugh,  ironmonger,  Montgomerieston  Street 

Law,  James,  7  Montgomerieston  Street 

Law,  Jeanie  &  Maggie,  54  Cochrane  Street 

Law,  John,  manager,  17  Dairy  Road 

Law,  John,  sorter,  4  Avils  Place 

Law,  John,  grocer,  89  Main  Street 

Law,  John,  dyer,  42  Knoxville  Road 

Law,  Maggie,  widow,  27  Muirend  Street 

Law,  Mrs.  Margaret,  15  Victoria  Place 

Law,  Robert,  clerk,  20  Milton  Road 

Lawrence,  George,  dyer,  1  Manseside 

Lawson,  James,  blacksmith,  Janefield  Terrace 

Lawson,  John,  smelter,  32  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Lawson,  Robert,  traveller,  2  Western  Crescent 

Lawson,  Robert,  baker,  16  Eastern  Crescent 

Lawson,  William,  clerk,  22  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Leary,  Samuel,  steelworker,  3  Milton  Terrace 

Leishman,  Robert,  labourer,  3  Glasgow  Street 

Leitch,  John,  engineer,  93  Dairy  Road 

Lennox,  Agnes,  merchant,  67  Main  Street 

Lennox,  Mrs.  Agnes,  20  Central  Avenue 

Lennox,  Archibald,  garage  proprietor,  22  Central  Avenue 

Lennox,  Archibald,  motor  hirer,  81  Main  Street.     Tel.  95 

Lewis,  Robert,  bricklayer,  2  Manseside 

Liddle,  John,  helper,  37  Eastern  Crescent 

Lightbody,  David,  mechanic,  6  Cochrane  Street 

Lightbody,  George,  baker,  34  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Lightbody,   Thomas,  labourer,   Ladeside 

Lindsay,  Charles,  labourer,  5  Garnock  Place 

Lindsay,  John,  steelworker,   1   Bridgend 

Lindsay,   Richard,  steelworker,  Whitevale  Terrace 

Livingstone,  Sarah,  81  Dairy  Road 

Logan,  Andrew,  engineer,  8  Cochrane  Street 

Logan,  Annie,  widow,  Townhead 

Logan,  Daniel,  22  Knoxville  Road 

Logan,  James,  grain .  merchant,  49  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Logan,  James,  engineer,   Braehead 

Logan,  John,  27  Dairy  Road 

Logan,   Robert,  farmer,   Holehouse.      Tel.  162 

Logan,  Robert,  teacher,  Stoneyholm  Road.      Tel.  35 

Logan,  Sarah,  widow,  1   Bridgend 

Logan,  William,  steelworker,   15  Cochrane  Street 

Logan,  William,  clerk,  37  Stoneyholm  Road 

Logan,  William,  caretaker,  20  Newton  Street 

Lorimer,  William,  cabinetmaker,  Bridgend 

Loughlin,  May,  confectioner,  5  Newton  Street 

Love,  James,  manager,  Mill  Road 

Love,  William,  steelworker,  1  Bridge  Street 

Love,  Margaret,  net  worker,  6  Knoxville  Road 

Low,  Sons  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  netmakers,  Bridgend.     Tel.  175 

Low,  Arthur,  net  manufacturer,  5  Stoneyholm  Road 

Loy,  Patrick,  steelworker,  69  Dairy  Road 

Luke,  Robert,  furnaceman,  8  Knoxville  Road 

Lusk,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  Kirkland 

Lynch,  James,  clerk,  Whitevale  Terrace 

McAlaster,  Alexander,  janitor,  91  Main  Street 
McAllister,  Archibald,  roller,  12  Loadingbank  Rows 
McAllister,   Dennis,  roller,  15  Loadingbank  Rows 
McAllister,  James,  clerk,  8  Kirkland  Road 
McAndrew,  William,   mechanic,  45  Glenriddet   Avenue 
McAnnespie,  John,  turner,  Montgomerieston  Street 
McBlane,  Hugh,  steelworker,   Holmhcad 


McBlane,  John,  steelworker,  Whitevale  Terrace 

Macbride,  John,  baker,  Cochrane  Street 

McBride,  Thomas,  labourer,   11   Loading-bank  Rows 

McBride,  Thomas,  foreman,  11   Munro  Drive 

McCabe,  Patrick,  boilermaker,  9  Eastern  Crescent 

McCabe,  Roseann,  widow,  7  Parkend  Road 

McCafferty,  Mrs.  Catherine,  4  Bridge  Street 

McCafferty,  Hugh,  steelworker,  7  Cochrane  Street 

McCafferty,  James,  steelworker,  4  Schoolwynd  Street 

McCafferty,  Patrick,  4  Bridge  Street 

McCall,  William,  loader,  8  Knoxville  Road 

McCallum,   Duncan,  craneman,  Whitevale  Terrace 

McCallum,  James,  labourer,   14  Eastern  Crescent 

McCallum,  Mrs.  Maggie,  widow,  22  Muirend  Street 

McCallum,  Sarah,  retired,  6  Avils  Place 

McCallum,  William,  engineer,  8  Dean  Road 

McCance,   William,  plumber,  2  Bridgend 

McCann,  Isabella,  millworker,  29  School  Wynd 

McCann,  Rosie,  millworker,  3  Glasgow  Street 

McCartney,  James,  engineer,  4  Craigton  Road 

McChire,  Gavin,  steelworker,  21  Milton  Road 

McClennan,  David,  labourer,  Main  Street 

McClure,  Margaret,  tobacconist,  Holmhead 

McColl,  Robert,  labourer,  14  Bridge  Street 

McConnachie,  John,  steelworker,  2  Bridge  Street 

McConnachie,  John,  pit-worker,  Main  Street 

McConnell,  Bernard,  steelworker,  1   Bridgend 

McCorky,  James,  steelworker,  4  Garnock  Street 

McCormack,  Alexander,  labourer,  23  Cochrane  Street 

McCormack,  Samuel,  grocer,  2  Schoolwynd  Street 

McCormick,  Elizabeth,  millworker,  20  Muirend  Street 

McCormick,  Hugh,  hoistman,  22  Muirend  Street 

McCormick,  James,  Holmhead 

McCormick,  James,  roadman,  18  Bank  Street 

McCormick,  Robert,  steelworker,  School  Wynd 

McCosh,  James,  foreman,  27  Eastern  Crescent 

McCosh,  John,  mechanic,  21   Milton  Road 

McCosh,  Thomas,  engineer,  22  Knoxville  Road 

McCrae,  Joseph,  27  School  Wynd 

McCrae,  William,  signalman,  24  Dean  Road 

McC'readie,  Mrs.  Christina,  35  Central  Avenue 

McCreadie,  Maggie,  millworker,  5  Avils  Place 

McCreadie,  Robert,  furnaceman,  5  Parkend  Road 

McCreadie,  William,  fruiterer,  1  Garnock  Street 

McCreath,  Mrs.  Lily,  20  Milton  Road 

McCredie,  John,  fireman,  10  Townhead 

McCrie,  John,  mechanic,  63  Eastern  Crescent 

McCrie,  Mrs.  Nellie,   Holmhead 

McCrindle,  John,  25  Cochrane  Street 

McCulloch,   Grace,  widow,  3   Garnock  Street 

McCulloch,  William,  turner,  24  Munro  Drive 

McCutcheon,  Alexander,  labourer,  21   Dennyholm 

McDade,  James,  gardener,  33  Eastern  Crescent 

McDiarmid,  Archibald,  38  Bridgend 

MacDonald,  Donald,  steelworker,   17  Main  Street 

Mac-Donald,  Flora,  dressmaker,  41   Dairy  Road 

MacDonald,  Jane,  widow,  3  Milton  Terrace 

McDonald,  Alexander,  insurance  agent,  22  Western  Crescent 

McDonald,  Andrew,  15  Cochrane  Street 

McDonald,   David,  labourer,  Kirkland 

McDonald,  Francis,  secretary,  24  Stoneyholm  Road 

McDonald,  James,  joiner,  77  Dairy  Road 

McDonald,  James,  steelworker,  28  School  Wynd 

McDonald,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  3  Eastern  Crescent 

McDonald,  John,  farmer,  Fudstone 

McDonald,  John,  steelworker,  8  Cochrane  Street 

McDonald,  Robert,  steelworker,  3  Manseside 

McDonald,  William,  steelworker,  Whitevale  Terrace 


McDougal,  George,  carter,  Cochrane  Street 

McDougal,  John,  labourer,  23  Dennyholm 

McDougaU,  Alexander,  labourer,  28  Knoxville  Road 

MacDowall,  John,  engineer,  Janefield  Terrace 

McDowall,  Alexander,  steelworker,  1   Garnock  Street 

McDowall,  Mrs.  James,  Newton  Street 

McDowall,  William,  labourer,  5  Avilhill  Terrace 

McEwan,  Matthew,  stocktaker,  19  Munro  Drive 

McFadyen,  William,  joiner,  2  Schoolwynd  Street 

MacFarlane,  Mrs.  Isabella,  Main  Street 

McFarlane,  Mrs.  Janet,  38  Western  Crescent 

McGarragle,  Patrick,  ruffer,   19   Dennyholm 

McGarvey,  Patrick,  17  Montgomerieston  Street 

McGee,  Joseph,  clerk,  12  Kirkland  Road 

McGee,  William,  28  Central  Avenue 

McGhie,  John,  foreman,   15  Western  Crescent 

McGhie,   Thomas,  steelworker,  93   Glenriddet  Avenue 

McGill,  John,  steelworker,  2   Garnock  Street 

McGlade,  James,  steelworker,  2  Garnock  Street 

McGoogan,  Arthur,  91   Main  Street 

McGookin,  Arthur,  labourer,  41   Newton  Street 

McGookin,   William,   18  Bridge  Street 

McGrath,  Daniel,  blacksmith,  19  Loading-bank  Rows 

McGrath,  Francis,  steelworker,  10  Glenriddet  Avenue 

McGrath,   Frank,  patternmaker,   1   Loadingbank  Rows 

McGrath,  Jean,  millworker,  37  Newton  Street 

McGrath,  John,  moulder,  Whitevale  Terrace 

McGrath,  John,  ST.,  engineer,  24  Loadingbank  Rows 

McGrath,  John,  jr.,  engineer,  2  Loadingbank  Rows 

McGuigan,   Robert,   14  Bridge  Street 

McGuire,  Mrs.  Hugh,  widow,  38  Knoxville  Road 

McGuire,  James,  engineman,   Holmhead 

McGuire,  John,  roller,  17  Eastern  Crescent 

McGuire,  Patrick,  steelworker,  9  Garnock  Place 

McGuire,  Terrance,  5  Avilhill  Terrace 

McGurk,  Mrs.  Rose,  2  Dennyholm  Street 

McHoall,  David,  publican,  6  Bridgend 

Mcllroy,  David,  turner,  70  Central  Avenue 

Mcllroy,  Robert,  16  Knoxville  Road 

Mcllvenna,  Alice,  18  Eastern  Crescent 

Mcllwraith,  Gilbert,  estate  worker,  Ford  Cottage 

Mcllwraith,  James,  11   Newton  Street 

Mclnnes,  Mrs.  Colin,  widow,  Cochrane  Street 

Mclnnes,  William,  32  Knoxville  Road 

Macintosh,  John,  gateman,  Mill  Road 

Mclntyre,   Daniel,  gatekeeper,   Avilhill  Cottage 

Mclntyre,  Duncan,  labourer,  1   Garnock  Place 

Mclntyre,  George,  steelworker,  2  Garnock  Street 

Mclntyre,  George,  insurance  agent,  2  Garnock  Street 

Mclntyre,  John,  labourer,  7  Dennyholm 

Mclntyre,  Thomas,  pinner,  18  Bank  Street 

Mclntyre,  William,  labourer,  7  Glasgow  Street 

Mclsaac,  Mrs.  Eliza,  12  Eastern  Crescent 

Mclvor,  Mrs.  Agnes,  widow,  25  Muirend  Street 

Mclvor,  James,  steelworker,  15  Victoria  Place 

Mclvor,  William,  barman,  20  Muirend  Street 

Mackay,  Reid  &  Co.,  net  manufacturers,  Muirend  Street 

Mackay,  James,  62  Central  Avenue 

MacKay,  Robert,  butcher,  Stoneyholm  Road 

McKay,  James,  smelter,  39  Eastern  Crescent 

McKay,   William,  foreman,  Ladeside 

McKechnie,  Barbara,  net  worker,  5  Avilhill  Terrace 

McKechnie,  Janet,  13  Glenriddet  Avenue 

McKechnie,  Jean,  22  School  Wynd 

McKechnie,  John,  engineer,   Kirkland 

McKcc,  David,  steelworker,  22  Milton  Road 

M<- Kir,   Robert,  postman,  4  Cochrane  Street 

Mc (Cellar,   Hugh,  30   Bridgend 


McKelvie,  Robert,  jr.,  9  Victoria  Place 

McKendrick,  James,  labourer,  69  Main  Street 

McKenzie,  Andrew,  Avils 

McKenzie,  George,  clerk,  Holmhead 

McKenzie,  Helen,  15  Eastern  Crescent 

McKenzie,  Mrs.  Helen,  48  Western  Crescent 

McKenzie,  John,  steelworker,  69  Main  Street 

McKenzie,  John,  labourer,  5  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Mackie,   Andrew,  furnaceman,   61    Glenriddet  Avenue 

Mackie,  Andrew,  labourer,  3  Avils  Place 

Mackie,  Mrs.  Hugh,  widow,  3.  Bridgend 

Mackie,  John,  steelworker,  3  Milton  Terrace 

Mackie,  Maggie,  widow,  6  Cochrane  Street 

Mackie,  Mary,  3  Avilhill  Terrace 

Mackie,  Mary,  widow,  29  School  Wynd 

Mackie,   William,  labourer,  27  Cochrane  Street 

MacKie,  Stephen,  foreman,  91   Glenriddet  Avenue 

MacKie,  George,  22  Dean  Road 

MacKie,  James,  craneman,  50  Bridgend 

McKillop,   Donald,  11   Western  Crescent 

McKim,   William,  surfaceman,  Montgomerieston  Street 

McKinlay,  Alice,  widow,  41  Newton  Street 

McKinlay,  James,  sorter,  6  Avils  Place 

McKinnon,   Elizabeth,  widow,   Newton  Street 

McKinnon,  John,  smelter,  9  Stoneyholm  Road 

McKinstery,  Mrs.  Bessie,  83  Main  Street 

McLaren,  Mrs.   David,  networker,  54  Bridgend 

McLatchie,  James,  Kaimhill 

McLauchlan,  Joseph,  steelworker,  8  Bridge  Street 

McLaughlan,  Catherine,  millworker,  27  Main  Street 

MacLean,  George,  65  Central  Avenue 

McLean,  Alexander,  labourer,  9  Parkend  Road 

McLeish,   Harry,  steelworker,  38  Bridgend 

McLellan,  Alexander,  signalman,  25  Glenriddet  Avenue 

McLellan,  James,  20  School  Wynd 

McLellan,  Mungo,  shoemaker,  2  Knoxville  Road 

McLelland,  Janet,  widow,  School  Road 

McLennan,  Roderick,  crane  driver,  12  Bank  Street 

McLeod,  James,  carter,  5  Parkend  Road 

Maclure,   Robert,  7  Western  Crescent 

MacLuskie,  William,  7  Dairy  Road 

McMaster,  Hugh,  East  Bankside 

McMillan,  Alexander,  steelworker,  38  Knoxville  Road 

McMillan.   George,  baker,  Holmhead 

McMillan,  Hugh,  labourer,  21  Townhead 

McMillan,  Jane,  widow,  3  Milton  Terrace 

McMillan,  Matthew,  furnaceman,  5  Parkend  Road 

McMillan,  Neil,  miner,  3  Milton  Terrace 

McMillan,  Neil,  4  Bridge  Street 

McMillan,  Patrick,  joiner,  3  Milton  Terrace 

McMillan,   Robert,  steelworker,  34  Knoxville  Road 

McMillan,  Samuel,  erector,  5  Parkend  Road 

McMillan,  Thomas,  furnace  keeper,  42  Glenriddet  Avenue 

McMillan,  William,  tenter,  Holmhead 

McMillan,  William,  10  Townhead 

McMurran,  David,  gasman,  12  Bank  Street 

McNally,  Nicholas,  labourer,  20  Kirkland  Road 

McNeil,  Alexander,  checker,  43  Dairy  Road 

McNeil,  Daniel,  stocktaker,  41   Holmhead 

McNeil,  James,  bricklayer,  45  Holmhead 

McNeil,  Mrs.  Mary,  newsagent,  23  Stoneyholm  Road 

McNeill,  William,  bookseller,  Main  Street 

McPhee,  John,  sorter,  4  Paddockholm  Road 

McPherson,  Alexander,  salesman,  Newton  Street 

McPherson,  Thomas,  farmer,  Millside  and  Glengarth 

McQuade,  Mrs.  Janet,  millworker,  7  Newton  Street 

McQuade,  William,  steelworker,  Bank  Street 

Macquarrie,  James  K.,  37  Dairy  Road 


McQueen,  Agnes,  9  Bridgend 

McQueen,  James,  2  Avils  Place 

McQueen,  John,  hammerman,  15  Victoria  Place 

McQueen,  Osborne,  sorter,  14  Muirend  Street 

McRae,  Mrs.   Mary,   Eastern  Crescent 

Mactaggart,  Henry,  9  Muirend  Street 

McTaggart,   Andrew,  storeman,  41   Glenriddet  Avenue 

McTaggart,  Charles,  steelworker,  2  Garnock  Place 

McTaggart,  James,  steelworker,  69  Main  Street 

McTaggart,  Jessie,  15  Victoria  Place 

McTaggart,  Malcolm,  steelworker,  19  Montgomerieston  Street 

McTaggart,  Thomas,  labourer,  5  Garnock  Place 

McVey,  David,  publican,  20  Western  Crescent 

McVey,  Mrs.  John,  widow,  4  Garnock  Street 

McVey,  William.  53  Central  Avenue 

McWhinnie,  James,  37  Central  Avenue 

McWhinnie,   Robert,  net  worker,  Ladeside 


Macara,  Margaret,  75  Dairy  Road 

Mair,  John,  steelworker,  22  Knoxville  Road 

Malloy,  Patrick,  dresser,  8  Bridge  Street 

Malone,  Thomas,  sorter,   19   Dennyholm 

Maloy,  Henry,  labourer,  10  Muirend  Street 

Mancini,  Frank,  confectioner,  93-95  Main  Street 

Marshall.  Ann  K..  finisher,  28  School  Wynd 

Marshall,  Diarniid,  postman,  11  Eastern  Crescent 

Marshall,  Hugh,  fireman,  3  Parkend  Road 

Marshall,  James,  driver,  Kirkland 

Marshall,  James,  engineer,  11   Bridgend 

Marshall,  Janet,  millworker.  17  Montgomerieston  Street 

Marshall,  John,  manager,  28  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Marshall,  John,  steelworker,  7  Parkend  Road 

Marshall,  John,  steelworker.  16  Bridgend 

Marshall,  Mrs.  Mary,  21  Cochrane  Street 

Marshall,  Robert,  labourer,  7  Newton  Street 

Marshall,  Thomas,  23  Central  Avenue 

Marshall,  Thomas,  craneman,  5  Milton  Terrace 

Martin,  Agnes.  Cochrane  Street 

Martin,  Allan,  mason,  20  Milton  Road 

Martin,  Mrs.  Betsy,  widow,  67  Eastern  Crescent 

Martin,   Douglas,  platelayer,  48  Cochrane  Street 

Martin,  James,  jr..  engineer,  11  Munro  Drive 

Martin,  James,  mechanic,  15  Victoria  Place 

Martin,  Jean,  grocer,  7-9  Townhead 

Martin,  Mrs.  Jessie,  widow,  22  Muirend  Street 

Martin,  John,  mechanic,  5  Townhead 

Martin,  Joseph,  surfaceman,  48  Cochrane  Street 

Martin,  Joseph,  cabinetmaker,  Milton  Road 

Martin,  Margaret,  widow,   11   Townhead 

Martin,  Malcolm,  stockbroker,  20  Milton  Road 

Martin,  Mrs.  Martha,  millworker.  Cochrane  Street 

Martin,  Mrs.  Mary,  31  Main  Street 

Martin,  Matthew,  craneman,  27  Cochrane  Street 

Martin,  Peter,  tenter,  11   Townhead 

Martin,  Robert  F.,  officer,  6  Cochrane  Street 

Martin,   Robert,  steelworker.  Holmhead 

Martin,  Robert,  engineer,  20  Milton  Road 

Martin,  Mis.  Sarah,  29  Central  Avenue 

Martin,  Thomas,  steelworker,  Cochrane  Street 

Martin,  Mrs.  William,  fruiterer,  36  Main  Street 

Martin,   William,  engineer,  11   Bridgend 

Martin,   William,  nctniaker.  Townhead 

Martin,   William,  steelworker,   Cochrane  Street 

Martin,  William,  Main  Street 

Martin,  William,  engineer,  11  Central  Avenue 


Masini,  Eugenis,  confectioner,  12  Bridge  Street 
Mason,  Thonias,  steelworker,  42  Cochrane  Street 
Mathie,  John,  retired,  13  Eastern  Crescent 
Mathieson,   Alexander,  vanman,  8  Knoxville   Road 
Maxton,  Mrs.  Harriet  G.,  33  Dairy  Road 
Maxwell,  Patrick,  jr.,  labourer,  23  Loadingbank  Rows- 
Maxwell,  Patrick,  labourer,  22  Loadingbank  Rows 
Meek,  Helen,  widow,  36  Bank  Street 
Melvin  &  Smellie,  engineers,   Holmnead 
Melvin,  James,  engineer,  30  Glenriddet  Avenue 
Menzie,  Jarnes,  joiner,  97  Dairy  Road 
Menzie,  Mrs. 'Jessie,  Bank  Street 
Menzie,  John,  steelworker,  60   Bank  Street 
Menzie,  Robert,  jr.,  engineer,  22  Muirend  Street 
Menzie,  Robert,  17  Muirend  Street 
Menzie,  Robert,  gardener,  46  Knoxville  Road 
Menzie,  Samuel,  engineman,   Holmhead 
Menzie,  Walter,  sorter,  27  Main  Street 
Menzie,  Walter,  29  Munro  Drive 
Menzie,  William,  baker,  6  Bridge  Street 
Mercer,  Alexander,  73  Eastern  Crescent 
Mercer,  Caroline,  80  Main  Street 
Meriett,  Albert,  draughtsman,  23  Dairy  Road 
Merry,  Hugh,  11   Dairy  Road 
Millar.  Andrew,  &  Sons,  bakers,  74  Main  Street 
Millar,  James,  heckler.  Main  Street 
Millar,  Robert,  39  Dairy  Road 
Millar,  Thomas,  engineer,  14  Knoxville   Road 
Millen,  William,  hairdresser,  1  Craighouse  Square.      Tel.  12S 
Milieu,  William,  barber,  26  Milton  Road 
Millen,  William,  barber,  31  Main  Street 
Miller,  Mrs.  Agnes,  Main  Street 

Miller,  Andrew  &  Sons,  Montgomerieston  Street.     Tel.  152 
Miller,  Andrew,  baker,  Stoneyholm  Road 
Miller,  James,  retired,  43  Central  Avenue 
Miller,  James,  baker,  14  Munro  Drive 
Miller,  John,  retired.  59  Dairy  Road 
Miller,  John,  steelworker,  16   Western  Crescent 
Miller,  John,  traveller.  39  Stoneyholm  Road 
Miller,  Robert,  bricklayer,  49  Glenriddet  Avenue 
Miller,  Robert,  steelworker,  34  Munro  Drive.     Tel.  133 
Miller,  William,  newsagent,  84  Main  Street 
Miller,   William,  85  Dairy  Road 
Milligan,  Janet,  millworker,  8  Garnock  Place 
Milligan,  Margaret,   widow,  38  Bank  Street 
Milliken,  Robert,  gateman,  17  Muirend  Street 
Milliken,   William,   pinner,  6   Paddockholm  Road 
Mitchell,  David,  plasterer,  6  Loadingbank  Rows 
Mitchell,  James,  gardener,  Place 
Mochrie,  John,  steelworker,  5  Glasgow  Street 
Mochrie,  Margaret,  widow,  9  Glasgow  Street 
Moncrieff,  Alexander,  gardener,  12  Western  Crescent 
Montgomerie,  Elizabeth,  18  Muirend  Street 
Montgomerie,  James,  farmer,   Place  and  Causewayfoot 
Moutgomerie,  William,  23  Glenriddet  Avenue 
Montgomery,  Adam,  steelworker,  23  Dean  Road 
Montgomery,  Agnes,  Whiteridden 
Morgan,   Owen,  steelworker,  19  Townhead 
Morrison,  Alexander,  smelter,  49  Dairy  Road 
Morrison,  George,  plumber,  15  Dean  Road 
Morrison,  George,  salesman,  3  Dairy  Road 
Morrison,  Hugh,  postman,  4  Schoolwynd  Street 
Morrison,  Mrs.  Isabella,  9  Bridgend 
Morrison,  James,  clerk,  46  Knoxville  Road 
Morriosn,   John,   craneman,   Montgomerieston  Street 
Morrison,  John,  steelworker,  34  Knoxville  Road 
Morriosn,  John,  engineman,  11   Bridgend 
Morrison,  John,  plumber,   11   Bridgend 


Morrison,  John,  plumber,  38  Bridgend 

Morrison,  Robert,  27  Eastern  Crescent 

Morrison,  Sarah,  widow,  21  Townhead 

Morrison,  William,  labourer,  11   Dean  Road 

Morton,  John,  foreman,  11   Dean  Road 

Morton,  John,  foreman,  70  Western  Crescent 

Morton,  Rachel,  30  Central  Avenue 

Mo  watt,  Alexander,  smelter,  15  Stoneyholm  Road 

Muir,  Annie,  teacher,  57  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Muir,  Charles,  steelworker,  Holmhead 

Muir,  George,  boilermaker,  14  Dean  Road 

Muir,  James,  baker,  43  Eastern  Crescent 

Muir,  John,  baker,  Main  Street 

Muir,  John,  steelworker,  3  Garnock  Street 

Muir,  Ninian,  steelworker,  69  Main  Street 

Muir,  Quentin,  tenter,  20  Muirend  Street 

Muldoon,  Annie,  millworker,  16  Muirend  Street 

Munro,  Alexander,  furnaceman,  9  Parkend  Road 

Munro,   Archibald,   steelworker,   Janefield  Terrace 

Munro,  Rev.  Hector,  Manse,  School  Road 

Munro,  Hugh,  engineman,  55  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Munro,  Sloan  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  Kelvin  Rubber  &  Tarpaulin  Works 

Murdoch,  Mrs.  Archibald,  widow,  3   Dennyholm 

Murdoch,   George,  labourer,   Gateside 

Murdoch,  Jeanie,  widow,  1   Bridgend 

Murphy,   Hugh,  labourer,  9  Loading-bank   Rows 

Murphy,  Mrs.  James,  widow,  12  Bank  Street 

Murphy,  John,  steelworker,  2  Garnock  Street 

Murphy,  Patrick,  steelworker,  3  Garnock  Street 

Murphy,  Robert,  steelworker,  1   Bridgend 

Murray,   Daniel,  steelworker,  8  Cochrane  Street 

Murray,  Charles,  labourer,  5  Avilhill  Terrace 

Murray,  Hugh,  steelworker,  13  Craighouse  Terrace 

Murray,  James,  labourer,  7   Eastern  Crescent 

Murray,  William,  smith,  1   Garnock  Street 


National  Bank  of  Scotland,  Ltd.,  Main  Street.     Tel.  8 

Neil,  Mrs.  Agnes,  5  Dennyholm 

Neillis,  Mrs.  William,  widow,  16  Knoxville  Road 

Neilson,  George  A.,  Westend,  56  Cochrane  Street 

Nellis,  Edward,  baker,  11   Newton  Street 

Nelson,  Andrew,  clerk,  39  Munro  Drive 

Nelson,  James,  labourer,  14  Loadingbank  Rows 

Nelson,  John,  engineman,  14  Holmhead  Terrace 

Nicholson,  Mrs.  Isabella,  spirit  merchant,  13  Bridgend 

Nicol,  James  &  John,  farmers,  Blackburn 

Nisbet,   George,  4  Eastern  Crescent 

Nixon,  Allan,  postman,  8  Townhead 

Nixon,  Thomas,  labourer,  19  Townhead 

Nixon,  William,  labourer,  18  Bridgend 

Norwood,  Samuel,  labourer,  5  Avilhill  Terrace 

O'Donnell,  Lanty,  moulder,  9  Parkend  Road 
Oliver,   George,  clerk,  7  Central  Avenue 
Onnan,  Colin,  constable,  1  Avils  Place 
O'Neil,  William,  railwayman,  40  Bridgend 
Ormiston,  Jessie,  widow,  87  Dairy  Road 
Orr,  George,  scutcher,  41  Newton  Street 
Orr,  Jemima,  reeler,  8  Muirend  Street 
Ori',   Maggie,   millworker,   34  Knoxville   Road 
Orr,  Martha,  lapper,  3  Avilhill  Terrace 


Orr.  Robert,  farmer,  Laigh  Glengarth 
Orr,   Robina,  networker,  5  Townhead 
Orr,  William  D.,  engineer,  23  Munro  Drive 
Osborne,  John,  Bridgend 

Parducci  Bros.,  confectioners,  82   Main  Street,  2,  3  and  4  Craighouse 

Park,  John,  miner,  69  Main  Street 
Parker,  James,  smelter,  48  Munro  Drive 
Parker,  John,  steelworker,  50  Bridgend 
Parker,   William,   steelworker,   2  Montgomerieston  Street 
Partridge,   Andrew,  millworker,  6   Holmhead   Terrace 
Partridge.  John,  craneman,  Janefield  Terrace 
Partridge,   Robert,  timekeeper,  40  Munro  Drive 
Partridge,  William,  baker,  11  Victoria  Place 
Paterson,  Alexander,  cabinetmaker,  5  Milton  Terrace 
Paterson,  Alexander,  baker,  2-4  Main  .Street 
Paterson,   Hugh,  restaurateur,   Avils 
Paterson,  Samuel,  chairmaker,  83  Main  Street 
Paterson,  William,  steelworker,  Holmhead 
Paton,  George,  hoistma.n,  4  Avils  Place 
Paton,  John,  2  Avils  Place 
Paton,  Lizzie,  20  Milton  Road 
Paton,  William,  tenter,  6  Holmhead  Terrace 
Paton,  William,  blacksmith,  20  Muirend  Street 
Pearson,  Alexander,  insurance  agent,  36  Knoxville  Road 
Pearson,  Flora,  grocer,  Newhouse 
Pearson,  William,  driver,  38  Knoxville  Road 
Peatman,  John,  millrnan,   Holmhead 
Peden,  Mrs.  Agnes,  3  Central  Avenue 
Peebles,  Alexander,  plumber,  Holmhead 
Peebles,  John,  clerk,  43  Holmhead 
Peebles,  Thomas,  plater,  9  Eastern  Crescent 
Pettigrew,  James,  plumber,  10  Kirkland  Road 
Pirret,  William,  turner,  45  Dairy  Road 
Pittock,  Henry,  steelworker,  55  Dairy  Road 
Plunkett,   Rev.  Patrick,  St.  Brigid's 
Poland,  Charles,  watchman,  3  Glasgow  Street 
Polgrain,  Mrs.  Mary  E.,  widow,  28  Western  Crescent 
Pollock,  Mrs.   Elizabeth,  Montgomerieston  Street 
Pollock;  Robert,  retired,  77  Eastern  Crescent 
Porter,  James,  retired,  24  Central  Avenue 
Porter,  Thomas,  mason,  56  Glenriddet  Avenue 
Porter,  William,  electrician,  13  Central  Avenue 
Priestley,  William,  retired,  95  Dairy  Road 
Pryce,  William,  ruffer,  19  Eastern  Crescent 
Purdie,  Robert,  engineman,  7  Parkend  Road 
Purdie,   William,  mechanic,  Cochrane  Street 


Quinn,  Charles,  labourer,  20  School  Wynd 
Quinn,  Charles,  steelworker,  3  Parkend  Road 
Quinn,  James,  steelworker,  34  Knoxville  Road 
Quinn,  James,  steelworker,  Janefield  Terrace 
Quinn,   John,   steelworker,   Whitevale  Terrace 
Quinn,  Patrick,  labourer,  21  Townhead 

Rabey,   Robert,  steelworker,  2   Knoxville   Road 
Rabey,  William,  steelworker,  Holmhead 
Rae,  Mrs.  Robert,  widow,  Avonhaugh 
Rafferty,  William,  driver,  35  Munro  Drive 
Ralston,  John,   Birkhill 


Ramage,  John,  publican,  1-3  Newton  Street 

Ramsay,  John,  blacksmith,  Bank  Street 

Rankin,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  farmer,  Wattieston 

Rankin,  William,  railwayman,  Holmhead 

Raybold,  James,  steelworker,  38  Bridgend 

Reid,  Alexander,  assurance  agent,  34  Western  Crescent 

Reid,  Mrs.  Annie,  Main  Street 

Reid,   Daniel,  farmer,  Barrhill,  Beith 

Reid,  David,  hacklemaker,  8  Knoxville  Road 

Reid,  James,  furanceman,  8  Loadingbank  Rows 

Reid,  James,  dairyman,  10  Knoxville  Road 

Reid,  James,  mechanic,  6  Cochrane  Street 

Reid,  Jean,  millworker,  8  Bridgend 

Reid,  Jeanie,  25  Dairy  Road 

Reid,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  16  Kirkland  Road 

Reid,'  John,  bricklayer,  82  Main  Street 

Reid,  Malcolm,  steelworker.  9  Parkend  Road 

Reid,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  Holmhead 

Reid,  Norman,  driver,  5  Parkend  Road 

Reid,  Robert,  35  Dairy  Road 

Reid,   Robert,  steelworker,  Whitevale  Terrace 

Reid,  William,  flax  dresser,  62  Bank  Street 

Reid,  William,  bricklayer,  20  Dean  Road 

Reid,   William,  engineer,  Cochrane  Street 

Rennie,  John,  boilermaker,  22  School  Wynd 

Rennie,  William,  dresser,  55  Main  Street 

Reynolds,  John,  janitor,  Whitevale  Terrace 

Rhodden,  Alice,  Cochrane  Street 

Rice,  Janet,  15  Montgomerieston  Street 

Richardson,  Thomas,  watchmaker,  54  Main  Street 

Richardson,  Thomas,  watchmaker,  21   Stoneyholm  Road 

Richmond,  Agnes,  20  Bank  Street 

Richmond,   Elizabeth,  72   Western  Crescent 

Richmond,  James,  salesman,  83  Dairy  Road 

Richmond,  Mrs.  Janet,  42  Newton  Street 

Richmond,  Jessie,  confectioner,  29  Main  Street 

Riddel,  Janet,  widow,  11  Townhead 

Ritchie,  Mrs.  Margaret,  4  Garnock  Street 

Robb,  Charles  C,  painter,  51   Dairy  Road 

Robb,  John  C,  clerk,  46  Munro  Drive 

Robb,  Mrs.  Minnie,   Glengarnock  Lodge 

Robb,  William,  foreman,  8  Munro  Drive 

Robertson,  Alice,   19  Montgomerieston  Street 

Robertson,  Andrew,  electrician,  43  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Robertson,  Christina,  Parkfoot  Cottage,  Cochrane  Street 

Robertson,  Edward,  ruffer,  24  Bank  Street 

Robertson,  George,  retired,  79  Eastern  Crescent 

Robertson,  George,  steelworker,  76  Main  Street 

Robertson,   George,  21   Eastern  Crescent 

Robertson,  James,  engineer,  18  Kirkland  Road 

Robertson,  James,  merchant,  12   Dean  Road 

Robertson,  James,  steelworker,   Holmhead 

Robertson,  James,  82  Main  Street 

Robertson,  John,  polisher,  21  Milton  Road 

Robertson,  John,  54  Central  Avenue 

Robertson,  John,  steelworker,   Newton  Street 

Robertson,  John,  pinner,  3  Avils  Place 

Robertson,  John,  steelworker,  Cochrane  Street 

Robertson,   Malcolm,  salesman,   Holmhead 

Robertson,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  15  Central  Avenue 

Robertson,  William,  polisher,  22  Milton  Road 

Robinson,  Archibald,  ruffer,  19  Townhead 

Rodden  Bernard,  steelworker,  3  Garnock  Street 

Rogan,  John,  steelworker,  24  Cochrane  Street 

Kogan,  Thomas,  steelworker,  5  Loadingbank  Rows 

Rollo,  Harry,  labourer,  17  School  Wynd 

Ronnie,  James,  steelworker,  School  Wynd 

Ronnie,  John,  engineer,  2  Muirend  Street 


Rose.  Harry,  1   Bridge  Street 

Rose,  Mrs.  Mary,  40  Central  Avenue 

Ross,  Hugh,  chauffeur,  20  Eastern  Crescent 

Ross,  James,  labourer,  11  Newton  Street 

Ross,  Jane  F.,  39  Central  Avenue 

Ross.  Patrick,  labourer,  Newton  Street 

Ross.  Peter,  sorter,  10  Muirend  Street 

Ross,  Sarah,  widow,  10  Muirend  Street 

Ross,  Thomas,  electrician,  15  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Russell,  Alexander,  railwayman,  Cochrane  Street, 

Russell,  George,  plumber,  29  School  Wynd 

Russell,  John,  labourer,  7  Loadingbank  Rows 

Ryder,  Mrs.  Mary  A.,  42  Central  Avenue 


Salt,   Albert,  steelworker,  Montgomerieston  Street 

Salt,   Benjamin,   steelworker,   Montgomerieston  Street 

Salton,  Annabella,  Cochrane  Street 

Sanderson,  Hugh,  minister  of  religion    32  Central  Avenue 

Sanderson,  Joseph,  furnace  keeper   46  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Sanderson,  Samuel,  cabinetmaker.  Janefield  Terrace 

Scott,  James,  chauffeur,   Stoneyholm  Road 

Scott,  John,  14  Central  Avenue 

Scott,  John,  draper,  Newhouse 

Scott,  Margaret,  Newton  Street 

Sellars,   William,  labourer,   Loadingbank 

Shand,  Abigail,  32  Western  Crescent 

Sharkey,  Mrs.  widow,  24  Cochrane  Street 

Sharp,  James,  engineer,  Holmhead 

Sharp,  James,  steelworker,  10  Dean  Road 

Sharp,  John,  engineei',  57  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Sharp,   Robert,  clerk,  35  Eastern  Crescent 

Sharp,  William,  joiner,  8  Avils 

Shaw,  David,  engineer,  15  Newton  Street 

Shaw,  Elizabeth,  widow.  33  Holmhead 

Shaw,  Isabella,  widow,  9  Montgomerieston  Street 

Shaw,  James,  foreman,  47  Holmhead 

Shaw,  James,  18  Bridge  Street 

Shaw,  James,  manager,  25  Stoneyholm  Road 

Shaw,  James,  4  Munro  Drive 

Shaw,  James,  farmer,  Balgray 

Shaw,  Jeanie,  dressmaker,  39  Holmhead 

Shaw,  John,  tenter,  Holmhead 

Shaw,  Mary,  networker,  2  Avils  Place 

Shaw,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  Holmhead 

Shaw,  Mungo,  hackle  maker,  27  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Shaw,   Robert,  pinner,  25  Dennyholm 

Shaw,   Robert,  mechanic,  9   Bridgend 

Shaw,   Robert,  20  Stoneyholm  Road 

Shaw,  Thomas,  craneman,  18  Bridge  Street 

Shaw,  Thomas,  ruffer,  26  Bank  Street 

Shaw,  William,  manager,  Stoneyholm  Road 

Shearer,  James,  steelsmelter,  50  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Shearer,  John,  coalman,  54  Bridgend 

Shearer,   Robert,  Montgomerieston  Street 

Sheddon,  Frank,  gardener,  Redhaugh 

Sheddon,  John,  timekeeper,  22  Muirend  Street 

Sheen,  Hugh,  steelworker,  26  Knoxville  Road 

Simpson,  Christina,  widow,   17  Western  Crescent 

Simpson,  Elizabeth,  widow,  3  Glasgow  Street 

Simpson,  James,  steelworker,  33  Newton  Street 

Simpson,  James,  steelworker,  11   Townhead 

Simpson,  John,  engineman,  16  Bridgend 

Simpson,  Mrs.  Mary,  networker,  44  Knoxville  Road 

Simpson,  Robert,  gasman,  10  Loadingbank  Rows 

Simpson,  Robert,  13  Cochrane  Street 


Simpson,  Thomas,  steelworker,  34  Knoxvitte  Roxd 

Sinclair,  Jean,  59  Eastern  Crescent 

Singer  Sewing  Machine  Co.,  Ltd.,  Main  Street 

Skillen,  Mrs.  Catherine,  millworker,  5  Dennyholm 

Skillen,  John,  motor  driver,  31   Holmhead 

Smellie,  James,  engine-keeper,  51  Central  Avenue 

Smillie,  Thomas,  electrician,  21   Glenriddet  Avenue 

Smith,  Charles,  steelworker,  83  Main  Street 

Smith,  David,  foreman,  3  Munro  Drive 

Smith,  David  B.,  retired,  2  Eastern  Crescent 

Smith,  Elizabeth,  spooler,  Newton  Street 

Smith,   George,  steelworker,  3   Garnock  Place 

Smith,  James,  carter,  9  Parkend  Road 

Smith,  James,  schoolmaster,  School  Road 

Smith,  James,  retired,  8  Eastern  Crescent 

Smith,  John,  carter,  Ladeside 

Smith,  John,  furnaceman,  4  Loadingbank  Rows 

Smith,  John,  foreman,  17  Main  Street 

Smith,  Mary,  widow,  West  Bankside 

Sniylie,  Elizabeth,  widow,  46  Knoxville  Road 

Srnylie,  Samuel,  Bridgend 

Smyllie,  Samuel,  jr.,  electrician,  30  Muirend  Street 

Smyth,  John,  steelworker,  15  Victoria  Place 

Sneddon,   George,  labourer,  15  School  Wynd 

Sneddon,  Maggie,  widow,  26  Newton  Street 

Soutter,  Colin,  45  Central  Avenue 

Soutter,  Colin,   Dairy  Road 

Spears,  Jean,  widow,  36  Milton  Road 

Speir,  Annie,  widow,   16  Holmhead  Terrace 

Speir,  Hugh,  steelworker,  18  Dean  Road 

Speir,   Robert,   dresser,   Holmhead  Terrace 

Speirs,  Alexander,  draper,  19  Central  Avenue 

Spence,  Isabella,  widow,  3  Avils  Place 

Spence,  John,  pinner,  6  Paddockholm  Road 

Spittal,  Matthew,  dresser,  Newton  Street 

Stanton,  Walter,  31   Dairy  Road 

Steel,  Elizabeth,  widow,  North  Stoneyholm 

Steel,  John,  farmer,  North  Stoneyholm 

Steel,  John,  gatekeeper,  37  Newton  Street 

Steel,   Thomas,  steelworker,  4  Dennyholm  Street 

Steele,  John  B.,  chemist,  1  Craigton  Road 

Steele,  Michael,  steelworker,  Main  Street 

Steele,  Patrick,  labourer,  7  Glasgow  Street 

Steele,  Robert,  turner,  18  Muirend  Street 

Steele,  Robert,  networker,  20  Bank  Street 

Steele,  William,  tenter,  20  Muirend  Street 

Steele,  William,  gatekeeper,  22  Muirend  Street 

Stein,  Patrick,  steelworker,  Newton  Street 

Stevens,  James,  driver,  58  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Stevenson,  George,  miner,  21   Dennyholm 

Stevenson,  Hugh,  14  Bridge  Street 

Stevenson,  James,  plumber,  59  and  65  Main  Street 

Stevenson,  Jane  G.,  89  Dairy  Road 

Stevenson,  Mrs.  Jessie,  widow,  25  Central  Avenue 

Stevenson,  John,  manager,   12   Glenriddet  Avenue 

Stevenson,  John,  plumber,  3  Bridgend 

Stevenson,  Robert,  cable  runner,  5  Cochrane  Street 

Stevenson,  William,  8  Muirend  Street 

Stewart,  Mrs.  Annie,  2  Bridge  Street 

Stewart,  Catherine  L.,  91  Dairy  Road 

Stewart,   Donald,  shepherd,  Plan  Farm 

Stewart,  Elizabeth,  widow,  20  Loadingbank  Rows 

Stewart,  John,  bootmaker,  2  Bridge  Street 

Stewart,  Joseph,  steelworker,  Holmhead 

Stewart,  Lily,  1   Avils  Place 

Stewart,  Mary,  73   Dairy  Road 

Stewart,  Mrs.  Mary,  28  Eastern  Crescent 

Stewart,  Robert,  engineman,  1  Bridgend 


Stewart,  William,  labourer,  Montgomerieston  Street 

Stilling,  Hugh,  blacksmith,  Main  Street 

Stirling,  James,  9  Glasgow  Street 

Stirling,  Janet,  housekeeper,  5  Glasgow  Street 

Stitt,  James,  labourer,  19  Montgomerieston  Street 

Stoddart,  George,  rigger,  29   Holmhead 

Storrie,  Flora,  milliner,  22  Newton  Street 

Storrie,  Flora,  milliner,  7  Munro  Drive 

Storrie,  James,  chauffeur,  Place 

Storrie,  John,  53  Dairy  Road 

Storrie,  Thomas,  millworker,  Montgomerieston  Street 

Storrie,  Thomas,  labourer,  7  Glasgow  Street. 

Storrie,  Thomas,  jr.,  engineer.  Bank  Street 

Street,  Richard,  labourer,  49  Eastern  Crescent 

Stuart,   William,  baker,  58  Bank  Street 

Struthers,  John  B.,  clerk,  33  Glenriddct  Avenue 

Sutherland,  Daniel,  labourer,  50  Bank  Street 

Swindle,  Maggie,  widow,  3  Avils  Place 

Tait,  James,  networker,  27  Muirend  Street 

Tait.  Lily,  teacher,  20  Eastern  Crescent 

Tait,  Mary,  52  Cochrane  Street 

Taylor,  Elizabeth,  widow,  28  Stoneyholm  Road 

Taylor,  Hugh,  factor,  35  School  Wynd 

Taylor,  Hugh,  mechanic,  27  Main  Street 

Taylor,  James,  25  Eastern  Crescent 

Taylor,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  widow,  Netb.erm.ill  Cottage 

Taylor,  John,  mechanic,  19  Dean  Road 

Taylor,  Robert,  engineer,  14  School  Wynd 

Taylor,  Robert,  engineer,  78  Main  Street 

Teale,  William,  31  Main  Street 

Teil,  James,  steelworker,  8  Dennyholm  Street 

Templeton,  R.  &  J.,  Ltd.,  grocers,  86  Main  Street 

Terry,  William,  shoemaker,  14-16  Bridge  Street 

Thomson,  Agnes,  widow,  22  Stoneyholm  Road 

Thomson,  Andrew,  steelworker,  38  Cochrane  Street 

Thomson,  Annie,  widow,  2  Montgomerieston  Street 

Thomson,  Annie,  widow,  6  Cochrane  Street 

Thomson,  Christina,  widow,  44  Western  Crescent 

Thomson,   Daniel,  labourer,   13  Montgomerieston  Street 

Thomson,  David,  tenter,  89  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Thomson,   Gavin,  grocer,  Holmhead 

Thomson,  George,  clerk,  Mill  Road 

Thomson,   George,  foreman,  Avonhaugh 

Thomson,  James,  69  Eastern  Crescent 

Thomson,  James,  chef,  10  Central  Avenue 

Thomson,  James,  builder,  Holmhead 

Thomson,  James,  insurance  agent,  Janefield  Terrace 

Thomaon,  James,  smelter,  Stoneyholm  Road 

Thomson,  John,  clerk,  34  Main  Street 

Thomson,  Mrs.  Marion,  widow,  44  Central  Avenue 

Thomson,  Neil,  steelworker,  48  Cochrane  Street 

Thomson,  Peter,  10  Eastern  Crescent 

Thomson,  Robert,  baker,  Newton  Street 

Thomson,  Robert,  shoemaker,  12  Holmhead  Terrace 

Thomson,  Thomas,  engineer,  16  Cochrane  Street 

Thomson,  Walter,  patternmaker,  57  Central  Avenue 

Thomson,  William,  labourer,  15  Dennyholm 

Thorburn,  James,  draughtsman,  87  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Thorburn,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  18  Loadingbank  Rows 

Thorburn,  Robert,   driver,  17  Loadingbank  Rows 

Tod,   William,  cemetery  keeper,  Cemetery  Lodge 

Todd,   Alexander,  millworker,  Holmhead 

Todd,  Emily,  1   Eastern  Crescent 

Todd.  James,  dyer,  Holmhead 


Todd,  James,  driller,  9  Victoria  Place 

Todd,  James,  55  Central  Avenue 

Tonner,  Isabella,  widow,  5  Dennyholm 

Torrance,  George,  traveller,  2  Montgomerieston  Street 

Trainer,  John,  sorter,  25  Dennyholm 

Traville,  Muriel,  5  Western  Crescent 

Traynor,  Edward,  furnaceman,  22  Kirkland  Road 

Tulloch,  Peter,  56  Western  Crescent 

Tunstall,  Aaron,  13  Montgomerieston  Street 

Tunstall,  Jeanie,  widow,  13  Montgomerieston  Street 

Turnbull,  David,  joiner,  21   Milton  Road 

Turnbull,  Grace,  networker,  31  School  Wynd 

Turnbull,  James,  mechanic,  6  Muirend  Street 

Turnbull,  John,  foreman,  33  Newton  Street 

Turnbull,  William,  steelworker,  21  Milton  Road 

Turner,  Helen,  widow,  19  Townhead 

Tyrie,  Elizabeth,  8  Garnock  Place 

Vann,  James,  electrician,  17  Munro  Drive 
Vann,  William,  engineman,  Holmhead  Terrace 
Venters,  Archibald,  engineer,  31   Glenriddet  Avenue 


Waldron,  Christopher,  vanman.  School  Wynd 

Waldron,  John,  labourer,  3  Parkhouse  Drive,  Walker  Street 

Waldron,  John,  steelworker,  East  Bankside 

Waldrum,  George,  48  Cochrane  Street 

Waldrum,  James,  steelworker,  76  Main  Street 

Walker,  Mrs.  Agnes,  20  School  Wynd 

Walker,  Alexander,  9  Western  Crescent 

Walker,  Mrs.  Alexander,  widow,   Holmhead 

Walker,  Allan,  joiner,  26  Muirend  Street 

Walker,  Andrew,  merchant,  40  Main  Street 

Walker,  Andrew,  35  Stoneyholm  Road 

Walker,  Andrew,  Muirend  Street 

Walker,  George,  retired,  31  Central  Avenue 

Walker,  Hugh,  engineer,  10  Schoolwynd  Street.     Tel.  140 

Walker.  Hugh,  25  Main  Street 

Walker,  Mrs.  Hugh,  widow,  31  School  Wynd 

Walker,  James,  furnaceman,  58  Western  Crescent 

Walker,  James,  driver,  5  Langside  Place 

Walker,  James,  tenter,  44  Knoxville  Road 

Walker,  James  &  John,  30-32  Main  Street 

Walker,  James,  mason,  5  Glasgow  Street 

Walker,  James,  fitter,  60  Glenriddet  Avenue 

Walker,  Mrs.  Jessie,  26  Cochrane  Street 

Walker,  John,  baker,  57  Main  Street 

Walker,  John,  labourer.  School  Wynd 

Walker,  John,  draper,  30  Main  Street 

Walker,  Margaret,  widow,  Langlands 

Walker,  John,   Burnside 

Walker,   Robert,  labourer,  School  Wynd 

Walker,  William,  Commercial  Hotel,  63  Main  Street 

Walker,  William,  15  Muirend  Street 

Wallace,  David,  steelworker,  4  Schoolwynd  Street 

Wallace,  Harry,  sorter,  Newton  Street 

Wallace,  Hugh,  steelworker,  17  Main  Street 

Wallace,  Hugh,  pinner,  17  Main  Street 

Wallace,  Hugh,  13  Dairy  Road 

Wallace,  Hugh,  dresser,  19  Dennyholm 

Wallace,   Hugh,  clerk,  5  Dairy  Road 

Wallace,  James,  labourer,  33  Newton  Street 

Wallace,  James,  ruffer,  Main  Street 


Wallace,  James,  labourer,  30  Bridgend 

Wallace,  John,  dresser,  30  Cochrane  Street 

Wallace,  John,  steelworker,  Main  Street 

Wallace,  John,  grocer,  22  Milton  Road 

Wallace,  Neil,  mechanic,  27  Main  Street 

Wallace,  William,  shoemaker,  6  Holmhead  Terrace 

Ward,  Edward,  watchman,  4  Western  Crescent 

Warick,  John,  steelworker,  Janefield  Terrace 

Warnock,  Samuel,  labourer,  3  Parkend  Road 

Watson,  David,  labourer,  40  Bridgend 

Watson,  Margaret,  widow,  11   Muirend  Street. 

Watson,  William,  architect,  69  Central  Avenue 

Watt,  Andrew,  foreman,  Avonhaugh 

Watt,   Mrs.   Barbara,   merchant,   60  Central  Avenue 

Watt,  David,  manufacturers,  Viewfield 

Watt,  Frank,  colliery  agent,  Firbank 

Watt,  John  &  Sons,  Ltd.,  ropemakers,  Waterside.      Tel.  100Y5 

Watt,  Mary,  widow,  Waterside 

Watt,  Robert,  mechanic,  Avonhaugh 

Watters,  Alexander,  baker,  28  Knoxville  Road 

Weir,  Robert,  labourer,  Avils 

Welsh,  David,  labourer,  9  Parkend  Road 

Welsh,  Mrs.  Jessie,  millworker,  3  Garnock  Street 

Welsh,  Michael,  steelworker,  2   Garnock  Street 

Whinnie,  Hugh,  networker,  14  Muirend  Street 

White,  Duncan,  clerk,  17  Victoria  Place 

White,  Mrs.  Helen,  48  Cochrane  Street 

White,  John,  smelter,  38  Glenriddet  Avenue 

White,  Matthew,  labourer,   13  Eastern  Crescent 

Whiteford,  David,  19  and  21   School  Wynd 

Whiteford,  James,  slater,  4  Muirend  Street 

Whiteford,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  widow.  18  Bank  Street 

Whiteford,  John,  steelworker,  22  Muirend  Street 

Whiteford,   Matthew,   millworker,   Holmhead 

Whiteford,  William,  pinner,  6  Muirend  Street 

Whitelaw,  Charles,   clerk,   Holmhead 

Whitelaw,  George,  School  Road 

Whitelaw,  James,  storeman,  Janefield  Terrace 

Whitelaw,  Jessie,  widow,  9  Bridgend 

Whitelaw,  Robert,  stocktaker,  Holmhead 

Whiteman,  Joseph,  labourer,  Avils 

Whiteman,  Thomas,  steelworker,  Avils 

Whitewright,  Margaret  and  Mary,  32  Stoneyholm  Road 

Whyte,  Sinclair,  joiner,  Janefield  Terrace 

Wiggins,  John,  labourer,  69  Main  Street 

Wiggins,  Robert,  labourer,  23  Cochrane  Street 

Williamson,  John,  butcher,  28  School  Wynd 

Williamson,  Thomas,  storeman,  5  Milton  Terrace 

Wilson,  Alexander,  plumber,  1  Avils  Place 

Wilson,  Alexander,  electrician,  26  Munro  Drive 

Wilson,  Cunningham,  sawyer,  Cochrane  Street 

Wilson,   Daniel,  steelworker,  Newton  Street 

Wilson,   John,  farmer,  Auchencloigh 

Wilson,  John,  steelworker,  2  Parkhouse  Drive 

Wilson,  John,  foreman,  3  Townhead 

Wilson,  Margaret,  millworker,  7  Garnock  Street 

Wilson,  Robert,  hospital  porter,  68  Western  Crescent 

Wilson,  Robert,  labourer,   11   Montgomerieston  Street 

Wright,  Jane,  widow,  25  Dean  Road 

Wood,  Alexander,  4  Eastern  Crescent 

Wood,  John,  smelter,  50  Western  Crescent 

Wren,  Elizabeth,  widow,  12  Schoolwynd  Street 

Wren,  James,  engineer,  12  Schoolwynd  Street 

Wren,  John,  traveller,  2  Dean  Road 

Wylie,  Annie,  retired,  18  Eastern  Crescent 

Wylie,  James,  steelworker,  27  Glenriddet  Avenue 



Young,  Adam,  stocktaker,  44  Glenriddet  Avenue 
Young,  Mrs.  Janet,  20  Glenriddet  Avenue 
Young,  John,  cartwright,  103  Dairy  Road 
Young,  John,  steelworker,  31  School  Wvnd 
Young,  Robert,  boilermaker,   Holmhead 
Young,  Thomas,  18  Western  Crescent 
Young,  William,  manager,  1  Central  Avenue 


Adair,  Robert,  steelworker.  6  Store  Place 
Aitken,  David,  chauffeur,  7  Store  Place 
Allan,  Hugh  P.,  grocer,  Rosevale 
Allan,  Mrs.  Janet,  fruiterer,  Main  Street 
Anderson,  John,  smelter,  West/field 
Andrew,  James,  steelworker,   Glengarnock  Station 
Andrew,  Mrs.  Margaret,   Garnock  Villa 
Andrews,  Peter,  labourer,  11  Cornpark  Terrace 
Ashbury,  Samuel,  steelworker,  131  Square 


Barclay,  Andrew,  laboarer,   Kirklandhil!  Cottage 

Barclay,  James,  engineer,  26  Lochend 

Barron,  Nicholas,  labourer,  139  Square 

Barrow,  James,  steelworker,  9  Front  Row 

Bell,  David,  spirit  merchant,  Glengarnock  Station 

Bell,   Henry,  steelworker,  Kirkland  Terrace 

Bell,  Thomas,  Riverlea,   Kirkland 

Bennett,  Matthew,  labourer,  41  Long  Row 

Berry,  James,  foreman,  3  Holmes  Road 

Berryman,  John,  steelworker,  17  Lochend 

Black,  Joseph,  driller,  2  Holms  Road 

Blair,  Jemima,  factory  worker,  Sunnyside  Place 

Blair,  Samuel,  contractor,  1  Lochend 

Blue,   Hugh,  steelworker,  25  Lochend 

Blue,  Mary,  widow    33  Lochend 

Breckenridge,  Robert,  clerk,  4  Garnockside  Cottages 

Brennan       Isabella,  Glengarnock 

Brennan,  John,  steelworker,  Kirkland  Terrace 

Broom,  Henry,  surgeon,  Grahamston  Avenue.      Tel.  10 

Brown,  Anthony,  labourer,  58  Long  Row 

Brown,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  cook,  Store  Place 

Brown,  Mrs.  Mary,   Daisybank 

Brown,   Robert  J.,  signalman,  Glengarnock  Station 

Brown,  William,  steelworker,  No.  2  Garnock  Grove 

Brown,  William,  steelworker,   Daisybank 

Bryce,  Mrs.  Andrew,  widow,  99  Square 

Bryson,  William,  moulder,  No.  3  Garnock  Grove 

Buchanan,  Neil,  steelworker,  Lochend  Crescent 

Bulloch,   George,  plater,   Kirkland  Terrace* 

Burns,  Michael,  shoemaker,  94  Square 

Busby,  John,  foreman.  2  Garnockside  Cottages 

Calder,  Alexander,  engineer,  No.  2  Garnock  Grove 
Calder,  Thomas,  clerk,  Garnock  Villa 
Calderwood,  William,  engineer,  38  Lochend 
Callen,  James,  watchman.  The  Bungalow 
Callery,  Mrs.  Jane,  Glenville  Buildings 
Cambridge,   Peter,   carter,   39   Lochend 
Carlyle,  William,  stocktaker,   Daisybank 
Carr,  James,  stationmaster,  Station 
Carrett,  William,  labourer,  1  Cornpark  Terrace 
Chapman,  Mary,  No.  2  Garnock  Grove 
Chapman,  Robert,  labourer,  20  Lochend 
Clark,  John,  draper,  Main  Street 


Clarkson,  David,  clerk,  42  Lochend 

Clegg.  James,  clerk,  Grahamston  Avenue 

Cochrane,  Angus,  No.  1   Garnock  Grove 

Cochrane,  Hugh,  clerk,  Kirkland  Terrace 

Colrille  Constructional  Company    Ltd.,  Constructional  Works.     Tel    61 

Connell,  Joseph,  clerk,  2  Craigends  Road 

Conway,  Philip,  driver,  19  Lochend 

Cook,   William,  steelworker,   Glengarnock 

Cousin,  John,  labourer,   Glenville  Buildings 

Cowan,  Thomas,  labourer,  2   Railway  Cottages 

Cowan,  Thomas,  fireman,  1   Railway  Cottages 

Craig,  Agnes,  widow,  2  Front  Row 

Crawford,  James,  driver,   15  Lochend 

Crawford,  Robert,  cabinetmaker,  Beith  Road 

Crawford,  Robert,  steelworker,  Lochend  Street 

Cugners,  Bella,  millworker,  43  Long  Row 

Cullen,  Frank,  furnaceman,  93  Square 

Cunningham,  Robert,  Westfield 

Cykas,  Caserock,  labourer,  38  Long  Row 

Daly,  Andrew,  grocer  &  spirit  merchant,   Glengarnock  Station. 

99  Y4 
Daly,  James,  grocer,   Grahamston  Avenue.     Tel.  99x5 
Danks,  James,  contractor,  45  Lochend 
Davidson,  Alexander,  labourer,  Glengarnock  Station 
Davidson,  James,  smelter,  2  Lochend 
Davies,  William,  engineer,  9  Lochend 
Dawson,  William,  bricklayer,   12   Railway  Cottages 
Dempsey,  William  H.,  labourer.  2  Cornpark  Terrace 
Dick,  William,   Glencairn,   Kirkland 
Dickie.  George,  steelworker,  Kirkland  Terrace 
Dickie,  James,  baker,  59a  Long  Row 
Dickie,  James,  furnaceman,  53  Long  Row 
Dickie,  Robert,  driver,  34  Long  Row 
Dobbie,  Robert,  steelworker,  29  Lochend 
Donachie,  Philip,  steelworker,   18  Lochend 
Donachie,  Neil,  steelworker,  25  Front  Row 
Donnelly,  Patrick,  labourer,  138  Square 
Doris,  Daniel,  hairdresser.  Main  Street 
Downie,  James,  labourer,   15  Cornpark  Terrace 
Downie.  James,  jr.,  roller,  5   Railway  Cottages 
Doyle,  Michael,  driver,   11   Lochend 
Duberdieu,  William,  steelworker.  Glenville  Buildings 
Duffield,  Thomas,  bricklayer,  Glengarnock 
Duf field,   William,   steelworker,   Glengarnock 

Elliott,  Joseph,  craneman,  27  Railway  Cottages 
Evans,  John,  steelworker,   Braevar 

Falloon.  Archibald,  labourer,  13  Railway  Cottages 
Falloon.  Michael,  labourer,  16  Cornpark  Terrace 
Ferguson,  Archibald,  boilermaker,  No.  3  Garnock  Grove 
Fitzsimmons,  Patrick,  furnace  filler,  25  Cornpark  Terrace 
Fleming,  John,  constable,  Garnock  View 
Fletcher,   Alexander,   Kirkland  Terrace 
Floyd,  John,  labourer,    Kirkland  Terrace 
Foley.   William,  labourer,  8  Railway  Cottages 
Fotheringham,  William,  steelworker,  Glengarnock  Station 
Eraser,    Frank,   boilermaker,   Grahamston  Avenue 
Frazer,   Alexander,   boilermaker,   Glengarnock 

JOHN  KERR,  "-—■""-"•.T 

^        and  Heating  Engineer, 

Estimates  Given.         Repairs  Promptly  Attended. 

35  MAIN  STREET  and  45  WOODWYND 


Wright's  Poultry  Farm  for 


Blood  Tested  Stock— Wyandottes,  Rhode  Island  Reds  (Watanabe), 




painters    and    decorators, 








Ironmonger,  Plumber,  Gasfitter  and  Tinsmith 


Agent  for  Spratt's  Poultry  Food  and  Bird  Seed. 
House  Furnisher.      Cycle  Agent. 

All  Agricultural  Requisites  supplied  at 

phohb  KILWINNING.  M 


Slater  and  Cement    Worker, 


PHONE      i09. 


PHONE   109.  PHONE   109. 













n  n   □ 


□   □  n 

ALL       CLASSES       OF       WORK 

n  n  n 
Monuments  of  every  kind  supplied  at  reasonable  rates 









MANHOLES        a,  n  d         GULLEYS 
Specialists   in 






Coal  Merchant  and  Contractor 

All  Classes  of  Coal  and 
Washed  Nuts  supplied 
.    .    .  promptly  .    .    . 

Deliveries  to  any  District 

Red  Blaes,  Sand  &  Gravel  supplied 

ES  NAIRN  Ltd. 

Fencing  Contractors 





GATES  and 
of  all 



TownfieacS    Iron   Works 

Phone  10  ¥ 

L.    IR.    M°OBOBIB 




58       JVE^-XUST       STREET 

:k:  i  3L  w  i  zest  usr  i  usr  a- 

W  A  L  E  Sl 



Tomatoes  a  Speciality 


Bedding     Plants 
Gut  Chrysanthemums 

All  kinds   of  Feeding 
Stuffs  Ground  at 
Reasonable   Prices 




A.     WALES 






Kilwinning  Grain  Mill 



William    Robertson 

Painter.    Decorator,    Gilder,    and   Signwriter 



146    Main    Street 


88    MAIN    STREET, 



Departments — 




Happy  Co-operative  Families 
Enjoy  the  Best   of  Everything 

—     and     — 

Get   a   Dividend   four  times   a  year 

DIVIDEND    PAID    LAST    YEAR    £11,063 

You  can  always  depend  on  getting  a  good 
d  e:  A  L, 

for  your  Money  at  the 


Your  Neighbours  Shop  at  the  Co-op. 

DO      YOU? 
If  not,  you  too  can  share  in  all  the 
advantages  by  joining 

T    O    -    D    A    V 

1/6    Makes    You   a    Member 

Miss  A.  R.  LAURIE 








JAMES    A.    MOIR 

M.P.S. F.S.A.O. 


115    MAIN     STREET 

Phone  69 


Monday,  c/o  E.  M'Whirter,  W.  Kilbride. 
Tuesday,  e/o  A.  Tait,  Dairy. 
Thursday,  c/o  G.  Nicol,  Stevenston. 
Friday,  c/o  J.  Stewart,  Ardrossan. 

Alexander  8,  Master 



Agent  f  or  G I L  B  E  Y '  S 



16    MAIN    STREET 

Phone  41 


Corsehill  Poultry  Farm 

Pedigree    Breeder 
White  Wyandottes 

Hatching  Eggs 

Day     Old     Chicks 

Growing       Chicks 

and  4  Months   Old   Pullets 

Individual       Bred 
Stock      Cockerels 

for        Flock 

M  a  t  i  n  g  s 

Breeding   Pens 

All      Breeding      Stock 

Trap  Nested  &  Blood  Tested 

ml  i  jl,  i&r  i  ^  m  i  *r  G 




Directors:    J.   DONALD  &  J.    BARR 

Any  Amount  from    JS5 

up  to    -    £10,000 

26     BOT 





CENTRAL   2990 

LINCROFT    l°±^ 

Centrally    Situated    in    Good    Surroundings 
Convenient   to     GOLF     and    TENNIS 
Personal       Supervision       7j6       daily 

Write  Proprietrix— 

Mrs.    MACKIE,    Irvine    Road,    LARGS 

Tel.  150  < 

PHONE       2  O  4 

Peter      Hopkirk 


27  Wilson  Street,  Largs 



House  Address ROSELEA,    LARGS 


(M.  A.  CAMERON) 


—   LUNCHEONS  AND  TEAS.  —      J—"    A    I  |T-J  |       |  f— •     Phone 
Good  Cooking.      Efficient  Service.      f"  f\  J  f°\  i       g  tl       53 

M.  TYRE  &  SON 

Joiners,  Builders,  Funeral  Undertakers,  Upholsterers, 

Gaiiowgate  Lane  and  33  Irvine  Road, 

JL^A-IRGrS-  Phone  33. 

J.   CAR  MICHAEL,  f.s.a.o., 


p2h2°2ne  28    MAIN    STREET,    LARGS. 

Nurseryman  and  florist. 

WREATHS,  SPRAYS  and  BOUQUETS  at  Short  Notice. 
FLOWERS    and    FRUITS    ALL    THE    YEAR    ROUND. 

Mcculloch    &   hunter 



Jobbing  Work  Punctually  Attended  to 





Specialist    in 

Ladies9   aaid  CMlchreii's 
Wea  r 

Coats  -  Gowns  -  Costumes 
Hosiery  -  Lingerie 

The    Mockeries 


William  X  Wilson 






(Between  Parish  Church  and  Royal  Hotel). 
PHONE:     LARGS     233. 

Dress  for  the 

Morning,  Afternoon 

or    Evening    in    one    of 

Katherine    Robertson's 

Here  is  a  shop  where  you  can 
purchase  just  what  you  want 
for  any  occasion  at  a  really 
reasonable  price. 
Let  Katherine  Robertson  help 
you  to  choose  a  frock  from 
her  wide  selection  of  up-to- 
date   models. 

Pay  a  visit  to  this  dress  shop  of 
distinction,  and  see  the  wonder- 
ful range  of  Frocks,  Underwear 
and  Hosiery.      ::     Call  to-day. 

54  Hamilton  St., 

Telephone    No.  377 

Telephone — 3283-4  Ayr  (Two  Lines). 


D.       HOURSTON       &        SONS 

One  of  the  Largest  and  Best  Equipped  Drapery  Establishments  in  the  West  of  Scotland 
Every  Accommodation  to  make  Shopping  a  Pleasure. 

M   M  -  u   m 

Luncheon    and    Tea    Rooms 

PERFECTLY  ARRANGED  ROOMS  for  the  Convenience  of  Visitors. 


M    U    K    M 


A  La  Carte  Luncheon  from  12  to  3     Afternoon  aDd  High  Teas 

H    M    M    M 

FREE    PARKING    for    CARS    at    REAR    OF    PREMISES 


plasterers,    Qement  "T^orliers, 
^oughcasters,    ^ile    ^a^ers, 
■  ^errazzo    "Ij^orKers, 




m  *  m  m 


CHOICE  CONFECTIONERY  of  Leading  Makers  always  in  Stock. 


m  u  m  m 


Visit  our  KIOSK  near       Q   A    T    T~,/^>/^>\  A  TC 
BEACH  PAVILION.      oA  L  1  L^L/ A   1   O. 

L.    COWAN 


All   Classes  of  Jobbing  Promptly  Attended. 





Everything  Electrical  for  the  Home,  the  Office,  and  the  Works. 
Specialist  in  Repairs  to  Motors. 

27  Countess  St.,'  Saltcoats 


(Late    of    RANGERS    F.C.) 

Sports    Outfitter 

THE    RINK       p3H5°sE 


8     FULL     SIZE    TABLES 



:p  a  ib,  ik:  :e  ir,  '  s 





HIGH    tea; 


16     Br  ads  ha  w     Street 

(Opposite  MASONIC   HALL) 






A. A.,    R.S.A.C.    and   M.T.A. 



JVC  o  HVCTT  IR  ir^^t 

Plasterer    and   Cement    Worker 

43-45    WELLPARK    ROAD 



Home  Baker 





Fancy  Goods  Dealer  House  Letting  Agent 

Western  Scottish  Motor  Transport  Agent 

20    Hamilton   Street 

H r ' ; : ■■'''■;;  i ,. ; ; i .  ■  ■  ■  ■  ■  1 1 . . , .    !  i ■  ■ ;  ■  ■ : .  ■  ^.  ■ : . . :  m  ;  i ,  i : .  1 1 1 : ;  i ; : i  ■  ■ :  ■  1 1 1 ! :  i  m  ;  i , :  ■  ■ ; : ■  m  1 1 :     ■  ■ .       i ; . : . .  ■  i : . .   i 

John    Giioson,    Ltd* 

Ayrshire's     Leading    Artistic     Florists 



Floral  Emblems 

Wedding  Bouquets 

Church  Decorations 

All  Varieties  of 


Fruit  Trees 


Bedding  Plants 


Caledonia    Nurseries 


Phone— Ard./Salt.  452 

The   Place  Yon 
are  Looking  for 

ALEX.   5.   MILLAR, 

Complete  House  Furnisher, 

Auctioneer    and    Valuator, 

Shipping,  Transport,  &  Insurance  Agent, 

20  Manse  Street,  Saltcoats 

Phone  352. 

45  New  Street,      Stevenston 
1    Hill  Street,    ~     Ardrossan 

Phone  51. 

New  and  Second-hand  Furniture  at  Moderate  Prices. 

Auction  Sales  conducted  in  any   District. 

Passages  and  Cruises  Booked  to  all  Parts  of  the  World. 

Summer  Holiday  Bookings  a  Speciality. 

RE    B.    REID 

jfuneral  Ulnbevtaker 





il    Manse  Street,  Saltcoats. 





Repairs  receive  Estimates  on 

Immediate  Attention.  Application. 



Phone  530.  House— ROCK  COTTAGE,  KYLESHILL. 



Sand,      Cement,     Blaes, 

Whins  tone  Chips,     : 

Tar  Macadam  Paving. 










33  Gladstone  Road, 
Nia-Roo,   Gladstone   Road, 

Telephone  418.         SALTCOATS. 



H       H       H 



19    F'aotoi^r     Place 

(OEIF1      RAISE      STREET), 
el.  482. 




(Proprietors    M.   £r    I.    COMBE). 

x  -  m  :  u 

A    Comfortable    Home    from    Home, 
near    Station,     and    overlooking     Sea. 

Moderate  Terms    Good  Cooking,  Personal  Attention. 

m     jb     h 


Phone  569. 



Ladies'  and  Gent.'s  Hairdressers. 

12   lAlittf'Ol   STlllf, 

MacDonald  and  Various  Systems  of  Permanent  Waving. 

Chiropody,  Manicure  and  Beauty  Culture.    Agent  for  Elizabeth 
Arden,  Jane  Seymour,  Innoxa,  etc.,  and  Fancy  Goods. 

Miss   NEiLSON 

J&adies'   and    QKildren  s  QuifittsTo 


Local  Agent  for  CHILPRUFE,   FITU  CORSETS, 


«    m    » 


Phone  379-  SALTCOATS. 

The  Saltcoats  Motor  Garage 

(Manager,  A.  J.  FLEMING,  M.I.M.T.). 

Agents  for  HILLMAN  CARS  for  North  Ayrshire. 

Any  make  of  Car  supplied.       Repairs.       Overhauls.       Accessories. 

Fully  Equipped  Workshop  and  Expert  Mechanics  ensure  Perfect 
Repairs  at  keenest  rates. 



Phone  369.  Grams—"  FLEMING'S  GARAGE. 

Y^.    BROWN 


Wreaths  an§§  BoengssetSp 

Plants  and  Fresh-cut  Fiowers 

(aii  the   Year   ronnti). 


e  Plants.         Tomatoes. 

JVIaDse  Street,  Salteoats. 



Daily  Supplies  of  COUNTRY  EGGS  and  FRESH  BUTTER. 



MANUFACTURER  of  all  types  of  WINDOW  BLINDS. 


Osborne  Hotel 

Proprietor,   J.    GARTLEY. 

Can   Cater  for    PARTIES   of  ANY  SIZE. 


oi  appMci 


Kitty    Murray 

JJ-ftigh"class  ladies'  hairdresser 

Permanent  Waving  Vibro   Massage 

Marcel  Waving  Eyebrow   Forming 

Water  Waving  Manicuring 

Face  Massage  Chiropody 

48a   Hamilton    Street 
48a   Raise   Street 

Phone  480.     SALTCOATSl 

Saltcoats  Equnauie  Loan  Co.,  Ltd. 


Jewellery,     Carpets,  Furniture, 

Outfitting,     Bedding,  Rugs, 

China,  Ironmongery,    Mens'  Ready-mades. 


Lends  Money  at  lowest  rates  to  those  persons  who  are 

temporarily  embarassed.     Strictly  confidential. 

P.  A.  McCABE,  Managing  Director. 

26-28  Countess  Street,  SALTCOATS, 







Phone  492 

jrozBULsr     jamiesoet 


Estimates  for  all  classes  of  work 
Jobbing  neatly  and  promptly  attended  to 
Electric    fittings    of    all     kinds     in     stock 

9      MANSE     STREET,      SALTCOATS 

Phone  532 


William  Sinclair  &  Sons 

.  .  TILERS  .  . 


16'     CANAL     STREET 

LAN     KAY 


P-U  R  V  E  Y  0  R 





TJisit  the 

39   Countess   Street 

(Near  the  Station) 


n  n  n 


Made   with   the    most    Modern    and    Sanitary   Iceless    Instalations 

n   □   n 

We  Cater  for  Dances,  Parties,  Etc. 

Comfortable  premises  where  you  can  enjoy  our  specialities  and 
listen   to  good  music 

OUR    MOTTO     IS 

ualitxf  and  ^arfection 

A.  &  W. 


All  Classes  of  Jobbing 
Promptly  &  Efficiently 
.    .     Executed     . 




James  McGinn  &  Son 

Slaters  and  Cement  Workers 








73a    MANSE    STREET 
Tel  268  SALTCOATS 









Phone     520 

Specialists    in    Repairs    to    Heavy    Commercial    Vehicles 


Service    Agents    for 

LUCAS,  C.A.V.,  ROTAX  Batteries 





Is  the  keynote  of  all  Sportsmen's  transactions. 
We  enjoy  the  confidence  of  our  clients  because, 
during  the  past  twenty -five  years,  we  have 
established  a  reputation  for  square  dealing  and 
prompt  payment.  All  transactions  are  treated 
with    the    privacy    that    attaches    to    banking. 


Ayrshire  s  Premier  Turf  Accountant 

Branch  Office — 

80    John    Finnie    Street,    Kilmarnock 

Telephones —  Telephones— 

541  952 

542  953 

543  954 

544  955 

Saltcoats.  Kilmarnock. 

Letter  Commissions,    Winnings  posted  immediately 

after  results.     Accounts  opened  on  approved 

references  only. 



Gallacher,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  Glengarnock  Station 

Gallacher,  Helen,  seamstress,  21  Loehend 

Gibson,  Alexander,  engineer,  No.  1   Garnock  Grove 

Gibson,   Helen,  postmistress.  No.  2  Garnock  Grove.     Tel.  81 

Gibson,   Hugh,  steelworker,  43  Loehend 

Gibson,  James,  manager,   Grahamston  Avenue.     Tel.  71 

Gibson,  Margaret,  teacher,  No.  2  Garnock  Grove 

Gibson,  Thomas,  foreman,  6  Loehend 

Gilmour,  James,  labourer,  23  Front  Row 

Gilmour.  William,  plumber,  No.  2  Garnock  Grove 

Glass,   William,  labourer,  28  Cornpark  Terrace 

Glen,  William,  butcher,  No.  3  Garnock  Grove 

Gordon,  Mrs.  Alexander,  widow,  No.  2  Garnock  Grove 

Gorman,  John,  retired,  16  Front  Row 

Graham,  Alexander,  driver,  27  Cornpark  Terrace 

Graham,  Mrs.  James,  Glenville  Buildings 

Graham,  Margaret,  mill  worker,  55  Long  Row 

Graham,  Thomas,  furnaeeman,  No.  3  Garnock  Grove 

Gray,  Mrs.  John,  widow,  128  Square 

Gray,  Margaret,  tracer,  1  Store  Place 

Gray,  Wilkie,  plumber,  Kirkland  Terrace 

Green,  Thomas,  furnace  filler,  5  Front  Row 

Grumbley,   Hugh,  driver,   14  Railway  Cottages 

Harnill,  Patrick,  steelworker,  28  Loehend 
Hamilton,  George,  foreman,  3  Garnockside  Cottages 
Hamilton,  John,  joiner,  7  Loehend 

Hamilton,   Matthew,   manager,    Grahamston  Avenue.     Tel.   14 
Hamilton,  Robert,  clerk,  Kirkland  Terrace 
Hamilton,  Thomas,  labourer,  88  Long  Row 
Hannah,  James,  labourer,  91   Long  Row 
Hannah,  William,  fireman,  95  Square 
Hannah,  William,  driver,  4  Store  Place 
Harris,  Benjamin,  steelworker,  12  Cornpark  Terrace 
Harris,   George,   Glengarnock  Station 
Harrison,  Archibald,  steelworker,  30  Loehend 
Harrison,  James,  roller,  1  Craigends  Road 
Harrison,  Mrs.  Jessie,  4  Front  Row 
Harrison,  John,  smelter,  Daisybank 
Hay,  Mrs.  John,  widow,  44  Long  Row 
Hay,  Thomas,  labourer,  50  Long  Row 
Henderson,  John,  draughtsman,   Grahamston  Avenue 
Higgins,  John,  merchant,  Anruar.      Tel.  97 
Hill,  James,  stocktaker,  23  Loehend 
Houston,  John,  Craigends  Road 
Howie,  Robert,  furnaceman,  Loehend  Crescent 
Howitson,  Mrs.,  fruiterer,  Loehend  Crescent 
Hughes,  George,  labourer,  24  Front  Row- 
Hughes,  Mr$.  Jessie,  widow,  28  Railway  Cottages 
Hunter,  John,  Kirkland  Terrace 

Irvine,  Robert,  craneman,  Garnock  Villa 


Jackson,  John,  steelworker,   Loehend  Crescent 
Jackson,  Samuel,  hairdresser,  Loehend  Crescent 
Jamieson,  Allan,  newsagent,  Glenville  Buildings 
Jamieson,  John,  steelworker,   Glenville  Buildings 


Jess,  James,  carter,  92  Square 

Johnstone,  Alexander,  steelworker,  Lochend  Crescent 
Johnstone,  Catherine,  Kirklandhill  Cottages 
Johnstone,  Dugald,  labourer,  96  Square 
Johnstone,  Dugald,  labourer,  13  Lochend 
Johnstone,  Harry,  labourer,  21   Railway  Cottages 
Johnstone,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  Woodside,  Kirkland 
Joice,  John,  gasman,  17  Railway  Cottages 


Kane,  Hugh,  bricklayer,  Kirkland  Terrace 

Kane,  John,  furnaceman,  19  Railway  Cottages 

Kane,  John,  driver,  12  Lochend 

Kirkcaldy,  Alexander,  clerk,  8  Lochend 

Kelly,  James,  boilermaker,  Glengarnock  Station 

Kennedy,  Robert,  steelworker,  Lochend  Crescent 

Kerr,  David,  mason,  45  Long  Row 

Kerr,  Janet,  Grahamston  Avenue 

Kerr,  John,  turner,  Hillside 

Kerr,  William,  watchman,  29  Railway  Cottages 

Lafferty,  John,  stocktaker,  14  Lochend 

Lafferty,  Robert,  steelworker,  No.  3  Garnock  Grove 

Law,  George,  janitor,  No.  1  Garnock  Grove 

Law,  William,  schoolmaster,  Glengarnock 

Lennox,  Williani,  blacksmith,  41  Lochend 

Lindsay,  James,  labourer,  11  Front  Row 

Linn,  Robert,  jr.,  driver,  27  and  28  Front  Row 

Liptrot,  Richard,  Hunterslie 

Logan,  Elizabeth,  Main  Street 

Luke,  David,  driver,  40  Lochend 


McBlane,  John,  18  Front  Row 

McBlane,  John,  engineer,  32  Lochend 

Macbride,  James,  patternmaker,  No.  1  Garnock  Grove 

MaeBride,   Robert,  manager,   Rossarden 

McCabe,  Mary,  widow,  44  Lochend 

McCaUum,  Alexander,  chemist,  No.  2  Garnock  Grove 

McCallum,  James,  roller,  Ashvale 

McClaren,  Angus,  engineer,  No.  3  Garnock  Grove 

McClung,  Thomas,  dresser,  Westfield 

McCormack,  Hugh,  driver,  20  Cornpark  Terrace 

McCracken,  Elizabeth,  widow,  15  Front  Row 

McCuHoch,  James,  Glenville  Buildings 

MacDonald,  Donald,  foreman,  Westfield 

McDonald,  James,  labourer,  Glengarnock  Station 

McDonald,  Mrs.  Maria,  141  Bank  Row 

McDonald,  William,  labourer,  48  Long  Row 

McDowall,   David,  foreman,  1   Grahamston  Avenue 

McFadzean,  Alexander,  labourer,  31  Lochend 

McFadzean,  James,  craneman,  10  Railway  Cottages 

McFarlane,  Thomas,  furnace  filler,  29  Front  Row 

McGhie,  Mrs.  Bernard,  widow,  18  Railway  Cottages 

McGill,  William,  joiner.  Glengarnock  Station 

>!<•<  linley,  James,  driver,  46  Lochend 

MeGlone,  Peter,  steelworker,  9  Cornpark  Terrace 

McGookin,  Thomas,  clerk,  22  Lochend 

McGonegal,  James,  gasman,  59b  Long  Row 

McGonigal,  John,  sr.,  labourer,  6  Railway  Cottages 

McGrattan,  Patrick,  furnaceman,   10   Front  Row 

McGrattan,  Robert,  furnace  filler,  26  Cornpark  Terrace 


McGowan,  Elizabeth,  widow,  86  Long  Row 
McTnally,  John,  steelworker,  8  Cornpark  Terrace 
McKay,  Mrs.  Peter,  widow,  22  Front  Row 
MeKeeman,  Alexander,  labourer,  46  Long  Row 
MeKeeman,  James,  labourer,  21  Cornpark  Terrace 
MeKeeman,  Robert,  furnaceman,  25  Railway  Cottages 
MeKelvie,  James,  jr.,  tobacconist,  Glengarnock  Station, 
MeKelvie,  Thomas,  furnaceman,  2  Store  Place 
McKenzie,  Matthew,  labourer,  31  Front  Row 
McKcnzie,  Thomas,  labourer,  142  Bank  Row 
Maekie.   Rev.  Thomas,  M.A.,  Manse,  Garnockside 
McLaren,  Malcolm,  chemist.  No.  3  Garnock  Grove 
McLauchlan,  John,  foreman,  1   Grahamston  Avenue 
McLaughlan,  George,  foreman,  3  Lochend 
McLean.  Neil,  labourer,  30  Railway  Cottages 
McLeod,  James,  electrician,  27  Lochend 
McLeod,  Mrs.  James,  widow,  24  Cornpark  Terrace 
McMaster,  Margaret  &  Annie,  No.  3  Garnock  Grove 
McMillan,  Mrs.  Arthur,  widow,  134  Square 
McMillan,  John,  steelworker,  Glengarnock  Station 
McMillan.  Thomas,  Glengarnock  Station 
McMurdo,  John,  enginenian,  Glenville  Buildings 
McPherson,  Andrew,  boilermaker,  Kirkland  Terrace 
McTaggart,  Andrew,  foreman,  5  Lochend 
McTaggart,  John,  labourer,  22  Cornpark  Terrace 
McTaggart,  Neil,  furnaceman,  6  Front  Row 
McTaggart,  Peter,  steelworker,   14  Cornpark  Terrace 


Malcolm,  James,  manager,  Grahamston  Avenue 
Maleolmson,  David,  labourer,  136  Square 
Markigas,  Mick,  furnaceman,  101  Square 
Marshall,  James,  coal  merchant,  Westfield 
Mason,  William,  labourer,  3  Front  Row 
Medine,  Edward,  furnaceman,  54  Long  Row 
Millar,  Andrew,  steelworker,   Kirkland  Terrace 
Millar,  James,  chemist,  No.  2  Garnock  Grove 
Millar.  William,  foreman,  No.  3  Garnock  Grove 
Miller,  Thomas,  foreman,   Grahamston  Avenue 
Mills,  Joseph,  platelayer,  49  Long  Row 
Montgomery,  James,  steelworker,  Glengarnock 
Monti,  Carlo,  restaurateur,  Main  Street 
Morrison,  James,  fireman,  24  Lochend 
Muir,  James,  baker,   Glengarnock  Station 
Muir,  James,  engineer,   Beith  Road 
Muir,  John,  steelworker,  Lochend  Crescent 
Muir,  William,  labourer,  Lochend  Crescent 
Murray,   Robert,  craneman,  16  Lochend 
Mynes,  James,  steelworker,  6  Cornpark  Terrace 
Mynes,  John,  steelworker,  3  Cornpark  Terrace 
Mynes,  Patrick,  furnaceman,  11   Railway  Cottages 


National  Bank  of  Scotland,  Glenville  Buildings 
Neil,  John,  labourer,  16  Railway  Cottages 
Neil,  Robert,  driver,  98  Square 
Neil,   Robert,   stationmaster,   Glengarnock  Station 
Nelson,  Adam,  driver,   1  Front  Row 
Nelson,  Henry,  electrician,  Kirkland  Terrace 
Nelson,  James,  labourer,  84  Long  Row 
Nelson,  Kate,  cleaner,  26  Railway  Cottages 
Nugent,  Martin,  steelworker,  14  Front  Row 


O'Hara,  Charles,  steel  worker,  18  Cornpark  Terrace 
O'Hara,  Samuel,  driver,  9  Railway  Cottages 
O'Biley,  Patrick,  labourer,  51  Long  Row 
O' Riley,  Peter,  labourer,  47  Long  Row 
Orr,  Thomas,  foreman,  3  Store  Place 

Paterson,  Jane,  No.  1   Garnock  Grove 
Paterson,  John,  constable,  Grahamston  Avenue 
Paterson,  Samuel,  steelworker,  No.  1  Garnock  Grove 
Paton,  David,  labourer,  37  Long  Row 
Paul,  William,  bricklayer,  1  Balgray  Road 
Peters,  William,  furnaceman,  26  Front  Row 
Petrie,  John,  warehouseman,  1   Holms  Road 
Phillips,  John,  furnaceman,  35  Long  Row 
Phillips,  T.,  labourer,  135  Square 
Phillips,  Thomas,  roller,  4  Lochend 
Plott,  James,  steelworker,  10  Cornpark  Terrace 
Provan,  George,  5  Holms  Road 
Provand,  George,  No.  1  Garnock  Grove 

Raybould,  Edward,  steelworker,  7  Front  Row 
Reekie,  David,  foreman,  1   Garnockside  Cottages 
Reid,  Hugh,  steelworker,  Glenville  Buildings 
Reid,  John,  boilermaker,  No.  1   Garnock  Square 
Reid,  John,  joiner,  3  Balgray  Road 
Reid,  Robert,  roller,  34  Long  Row 
Reilly,  James,  cleaner,  22  Railway  Cottages 
Riddett,  Gavin,  engineer,  Grahamston  Avenue 
Robertson,  John,  labourer,  Glenville  Buildings 
Robertson,  John,  porter,   Glengarnock  Station 
Robertson,  Thomas,  clerk,  1  Grahamston  Avenue 
Ross,  Agnes,  widow,   Grahamston  Avenue 
Ross,  William,  engineer,  5  Garnockside  Cottages 
Russell,  William,  labourer,  42  Long  Row 
Ryan,  James,  furnaceman,  20  Railway  Cottages 

Sabullus,  Antony,  labourer,  13  Cornpark  Terrace 

Samson,  Hugh,  Kirkland  Terrace 

Scott,  John,  shunter,  127  Square 

Scott,  Robert,  shunter,  20  Front  Row 

Shearer,  Alexander,  furnace  filler,  4  Cornpark  Terrace 

Shields,  Henry,  carter,  Glengarnock  Station 

Smelhe,  Andrew,  watchman,  36  Lochend 

Smith,  David,  steelworker,  No.  3  Garnock  Grove 

Smith,  James,  labourer,  40  Long  Row 

Smith,  James,  jr.,  labourer,  52  Long  Row 

Smith,  John,  butcher,  37  Lochend 

Smith,  John,  labourer,  33  Front  Row 

Smith,  John,  labourer,  21  Front  Row 

Smith,  Robert,  labourer,  97  Square 

Spiers,  William,  labourer,  8  Front  Row 

Steel,  Matthew,  platelayer,  Glenville  Buildings 

Stevens,  George,  gasman,  90  Long  Row 

Stobo,  William  S.,  platelayer,  Westfielcl 

Strain,  Alexander,  fireman,  5  Cornpark  Terrace 

Sutherland,  John,  stationer,  Knockside 

Sweeney,   Daniel,  furnaceman,  60  Long  Row 

Sweeney,  Patrick,  furnaceman,  39  Long  Row 


Taylor,  Mrs.  Helen,  Kirkland  Terrace 
Thomson,  Charles,  craneman,  133  Square 
Thorburn,  James,  foreman,  3  Craigends  Road 
Tierney,  James,  roller,  23  Railway  Cottages 
Tinnie,  Annie,  millworker,  17  Front  Row 


Unwin,  John,  craneman,  10  Lochend 

Vann,  James,  electrician,  Kirkland  Terrace 
Viturnias,  Mrs.  James,  30  Front  Row 


Waite,  Charles,  driver,  12  Front  Row 
Waite,  John,  driver,  19  Cornpark  Terrace 
Waite,  William,  driver,  4  Railway  Cottages 
Walker,  Matthew,  steelworker,  13  Front  Row 
Walker,  Robert,  shunter,  132  Square 
Walters,  Thomas,  retired,  15  Railway  Cottages 
Watson,  John,  gardener,  Westfield 
Welsh,  Elizabeth,  widow,  137  Square 
Welsh,  James,  labourer,  85  Long  Row 
Welsh,  John,  furnaceman,  125  Square 
White,  Mrs.  John,  widow,  36  Long  Row 
Whiteman,  Arthur,  labourer,  32  Front  Row 
Whiteman,  Thomas,  roller,  56  Long  Row 
Whiteside,  Mary,  housekeeper,  19  Front  Row 
Wilson,  George,  watchman,  35  Lochend 
Wilson,  William,  furnaceman,  129  Square 
Wilson,  William,  labourer,  57  Long  Row 
Whyte,  Joseph,  joiner,  1   Grahamston  Avenue 
Woods,  John,  steelworker,  Lochend  Crescent 
Wright,  Fred.,  steelworker,  Main  Street 
Wright,  John,  engineer,  4  Holms  Road 

Young,   Daniel,  craneman,  7  Railway  Cottages 
Young,  Daniel,  driver,  23  Cornpark  Terrace 
Young,  Harry,  foreman,  7  Cornpark  Terrace 
Young,  James,  engineer,  Garnock  Villa 
Young,  John,  Kirkland  Terrace 
Young,  John,  driver,  24  Railway  Cottages 
Young,  John,  driver,  17  Cornpark  Terrace 
Young,  Sarah,  3  Railway  Cottages 
Young,  Walter,  engineer,  5  Store  Place 



Kilwinning   Parish   and   Burgh   are   of   world-wide   repute, 
due,  without  doubt,  to  their  Masonic  connection. 

The  district  takes  its  name  from  St.  Winning,  an  Irish 
missionary,  who  founded  a  church  here  in  the  eighth  century. 
His  successors,  in  the  twelfth  century,  obtained  the  services 
of  some  of  those  architects  who  travelled  all  over  Europe 
disseminating  the  principles  of  Gothic  architecture.  This 
fraternity  was  favoured  with  peculiar  privileges  from  the 
Popes  of  Rome,  and  called  themselves  Freemasons. 

In  coming  to  Kilwinning,  and  Scotland,  to  build  the 
Abbey,  they  were  compelled  by  circumstance  to  take  some 
of  the  natives  into  their  fellowship,  and  make  them  par- 
takers of  their  privileges  and  secrets.  The  earliest  records 
now  extant  in  the  Kilwinning  Lodge  are  dated  1642. 

Kilwinning  was  also  noted  for  its  Festival  of  the  Popinjay 
(referred  to  by  Sir  Walter  Scott  in  "  Old  Mortality  "),  which 
was  only  discontinued  recently. 

After  the  Reformation,  Kilwinning  lost  its  prestige  among 
the  parishes  of  Scotland,  and  was  known  practically  as  a 
weaving  village  till  the  building  of  the  Ironworks,  about 
1850,  when  a  period  of  intense  industrial  activity  was  in- 
augurated that  embraced  a  large  surrounding  district. 

When  work  stopped  at  the  Ironworks,  in  1920,  Kilwinning 
again  lapsed  into  a  semi-pastoral  community,  dependent 
mainly  on  agriculture.  There  is  still  one  engineering  works, 
a  foundry,  a  spinning  mill,  and  a  fireclay  brick  works,  that 
provide  an  outlet  for  some  labour.  The  bulk  of  the  popu- 
lation who  were  employed  in  the  Ironworks  and  mines  have 
had,  however,  to  look  outwith  the  town  and  parish  for 
employment,  till  the  time  again  returns  when  it  will  take  its 
place  among  the  busy  industrial  districts  of  the  country. 
There  is  no  doubt  that  such  a  time  will  return,  as  the  district 
is  rich  in  deposits  of  sandstone,  ironstone,  limestone,  and 


Incorporated  a  Burgh  in  1889. 
Approximate  Population  in  1935 — 5,324. 
Rates — Occupier,  6/1. 

Owner,  4/8. 
Assessment  per  £, — 10/9. 
Total  Gross  Value— £26,660  16/-. 
Provost— Hugh  C.  Reid.     Tel.  K56, 
Magistrates — L.  R.  McCrorie  and  A.  C.  Baird. 
Councillors — James    Kirkland,    John    Milne,    Charles    Scullion, 

A.  Fleming,  and  John  Cole-Hamilton. 
Town-Clerks — Messrs.  F.  W.  and  J.  Paterson. 
Town  Chamberlain — Messrs.   Speir  &   Harvie.     Tel.   K28. 
Northern  District  Licensing  Court — Meets  in  Conservative  Hall,  twice 

a  year,  on  the  3rd  Thursday  of  April,  and  on  the  last  Tuesday  of 

Members  of  the  Licensing  Board,  from  Comity  Council — James  Patrick, 

Stevenston  ;    Earl  of  Glasgow,  Largs  ;    Robert  Craig,  Glen- 

garnock ;     Hugh    Munro,    Kilbirnie ;     J.    H.    Gemmill,    West 

From  Justices  of  the  Peace — James  Walker,  Kilbirnie  ;  James  Allan, 

Kilbirnie ;    Wm.    Adams,    Portencross ;     Robt.    Laird,    Irvine ; 

Robt,    Craig,    Kilwinning ;    and   James   Anderson,   Beith. 
Justices  of  the  Peace — Wm.  Niblock,  Woodwynd  ;   John  King,  Dairy 

Road  ;  Robt.  Craig,  Stevenston  Road  ;  Hugh  Reid,  Byres  Road  ; 

R.    C    King,    Dairy    Road ;    Robt.    Howie,   Stevenston  Road  ; 

Emma  Grant  and  John  Scott. 
Registrar  of  Births,  Marriages,  and  Deaths — Frank  Hamilton,  Parish 

Council  Chambers 
Constabulary  Station,  Howgate. 

Divisional  Surveyor — District  Offices,  Kilwinning.     'Phone  48. 
Ministry  of  Labour— Employment  Exchange,  Main  Street.     'Phone  45. 
Irvine    and    District    Water    Board,     19    Byres    Road — -Per    Hugh 

MacQueen,  Joint  Treasurer,  Irvine. 
Public  Assistance  Office,  15-17   Byres  Road.     'Phone  30. 


•  Buckredden,  Irvine  Road.     Tel.  100. 
Fever  Hospital,  Fergushill  Road.     Tel.  96. 
Kilwinning  Sanatorium.     Tel.  96. 


Kilwinning  Public  School,  Dairy  Road — Headmaster,  Robert  Conn, 

St.  Winnin's  R.C.  School,  Howgate — Headmistress,  Miss  Dempsey. 


Ayrshire  Christian  Union,  Vaults  Lane — Per  James  Kerb,  66  Byres 

Road,  Kilwinning. 
Christian   Brethren,   Bridgend — Per  Andrew  Thomson,   5   Millbank, 

Church   of  Scotland — Minister,   Rev.   A.   Hunter.     Per  D.   Lamont, 

Dairy  Road,  Kilwinning. 
Congregational     Church,     27     Woodwynd — Minister,     Rev.     W.     S. 

Connacher.     Per  Hugh  Moore,  37  Greenside,  Kilwinning. 
Deacons'  Court  of   Mansefield    Church,  Howgate — Minister,  Rev.  W. 

Husband.     Per  James  S.  Gillies,  155  Main  Street,  Kilwinning. 
Erskine  Church  of  Scotland,  Garden  Square  Lane — Minister, 

Per  Robt.  Hogg,  36  Woodwynd,  Kilwinning. 
Mission  Hall,  87  Corsehill. 
Original    Secession    Church,     Abbeygreen — Per    David     Stevenson, 

Accountant,  Kilwinning. 
Salvation  Army  Hall,  2-4  Main  Street. 


Boy  Scouts — Per  J.  Wylie,  138  Main  Street,  Kilwinning. 

Boys'  Brigade — Per  Capt.  Stark,  Segton  Avenue,  Kilwinning. 

Bute  and  North  Ayrshire  Unionist  Association,  Conservative  Hall. 
Tel.  Kil.  81. 

Eastern  Star — A.  C.  Baird,  Woodwynd,  Kilwinning. 

Girl  Guides — Per  Capt.  McMurray,  5  Dairy  Road,  Kilwinning. 

Kilwinning  Curling  Club,  Woodwynd — Per  Robt.  Brown,  Woodwynd, 

Kilwinning  Bowling  Club,  Howgate — Per  Thos.  McKee,  5  Claremont 
Crescent,  Kilwinning. 

Kilwinning  Junior  Liberal  and  Radical  Association,  Garden  Square 
Lane — Per  Alex.  Craig,  Gas  Works  Cottage,  Kilwinning. 

Kilwinning  Lawn  Tennis  Club,  Dairy  Road — Per  D.  L.  Howie,  Avon- 
dale,  Kilwinning. 

Kilwinning  Miners'  Union,  Woodwynd — -Per  James  Mullin,  13  Smith 
Crescent,  Kil  whining. 

Kilwinning  Orange  Lodge,  11  Kyleswell  Street— Per  Mrs.  Agnes 
O'Neill,  1  Abbeygate,  Kilwinning. 

Kilwinning  Rangers  Football  Club,  Vaults  Lane — Per  Charles  Logan, 
55  Stevenston  Road,  Kilwinning. 

1st  Kilwinning  Rover  Scout  Crew,  3  Abbeygate — Per  J.  Arnot,  West- 
field,  Stevenston  Road,  Kilwinning. 

Mother  Lodge  of  Freemasons,  99  Main  Street — Per  George  Muir, 
Secretary,  Kilwinning. 



Abbeygate,  off  Main  Street. 

Abbeygreen,  off  Main  Street. 

Alexandra  Terrace,  off  Dairy  Road. 

Almswal]  Road,  off  Main  Street. 

Ashgrove  Road,  off  Townhead. 

Bridgend  :    Main  Street,  Irvine  Road. 

Bridgend  Lane,  off  Bridgend. 

Byres  Road  :    Dairy  Road,  Townhead. 

Claremont  Crescent,  off  Dairy  Road. 

Corsehill,  off  Irvine  Road. 

Corsehill  Row,  off  Corsehill. 

Dairy  Road,  off  Howgate. 

Dovecot  Lane,  off  Main  Street. 

Eglinton  Place,  off  Almswell  Road. 

Fergushill  Road,  off  Bridgend. 

Garden  Square  Lane,  off  Main  Street. 

Garnock  View,   off  Hamilton  Street. 

Hamilton  Street,  off  Woodwynd. 

Howgate,  :    Main  Street,  Byres  Road. 

Irvine  Road,  to  Irvine. 

Kyleswell  Street  :    Abbeygreen,  Almswell  Roact 

Main  Street  :    Bridgend,  Howgate. 

Millbank,  off  Main  Street. 

Oxenward  Road,  off  Howgate. 

Park  Avenue,  off  Woodwynd. 

Pathfoot  :    Bridgend,  Irvine  Road. 

St.  Winning  Road  :    Almswell  Road,  Byres  Road 

St.  Winning  Square,  off  Main  Street. 

Segton  Avenue,  off  Stevenston  Road. 

Stevenston  Road  :    Townhead,  Stevenston. 

Townhead  :    Byres  Road,  Stevenston  Road. 

Vaults  Lane  :    Abbeygreen,  Dovecot  Lane. 

Winton  Avenue,  off  Segton  Avenue. 

Woodwynd  :    Main  Street,  Dairy  Road. 


Adair,  James,  telephone  linesman,  19  Townhead 

Adams,  Henry  A.,  teacher,  40  Dairy  Road 

Adams,  Robert,  retired,  31  Abbeygreen 

Adamson,  Mrs.  Jane,  98  Corsehill 

Agnew,  John,  55  Fergushill  Road 

Agnew,  John,  banker,  Highfield,  Ashgrove  Road 

Aird,  Misses,  Glebe  Street 

Aird,  Andrew,  labourer,  26  Alniswall  Road 

Aird,  Mrs.  Annie,  124  Main  Street 

Aird,  Archibald,  dynamite  worker,  24  Byres  Road 

Aitken,   William  G.,  teacher,  30  Winton  Avenue 

Alexander,  William,  teacher,  37  Stevenston  Road 

Allan,  Agnes,  15a  Dairy  Road 

Allan,  Hugh,  miner,  2  Pathfoot 

Allan,  John,  confectioner,  162-164  Main  Street 

Allan,  Mrs.  Margaret,  22  Dairy  Road 

Allan,   Robert,  ironmonger,  134-140  Main  Street.     Tel.  33 

Allan,  Robert,  clerk,  14  Winton  Avenue 

Allan,  Robert  C,  roadman,  13  Dairy  Road 

Allison,  Alexander,  miner,  27  Bglinton  Place 

Allison,  Archibald,  miner,  26  Bglinton  Place 

Allison,  Archibald,  miner,  21   Woodwynd 

Allison,  Felix,  spelter  worker,  8  St.  Winning  Road 

Allison,  James,  miner,  3  Abbeygreen 

Allison,  Robert,  retired,  42  Byres  Road 

Allison,  Thomas,  miner,  60  Fergushill  Road 

Anderson,  Mrs.  Agnes,  1  Park  Avenue 

Anderson,  Arthur,  jr.,  miner,  25  Woodwynd 

Anderson,  Arthur,  sr.,  miner,  22  Fergushill  Road 

Anderson,  Francis,  clerk,  61   Dairy  Road 

Anderson,  George,  traveller,  26  Dairy  Road 

Anderson,   Henry  B.,  clerk,  Glebe  Street 

Anderson,  James,  accountant,  14  Segton  Avenue 

Anderson,  James,  painter,  16  Dairy  Road 

Anderson,-  James,  engineer,   13  Claremont  Crescent 

Anderson,  John,  miner,  18  Fergushill  Road 

Anderson,  John,  driver,  12  Fergushill  Road 

Andrew,  David,  labourer,  120  Corsehill 

Andrews,  James,  surfaceman,  19  Winton  Avenue 

Angelini,  Antonio,  confectioner,  13-15  and  19  Main  Street 

Annall,  David,  insurance  agent,  64  Main  Street 

Archibald,  Louis  F.,  hammerman,  53  Main  Street 

Arnold,   William,  labourer,  27  Abbeygreen 

Arnot,  Jane,  15a  Dairy  Road 

Arnot,  John,  accountant,  Westfield,  Stevenston  Road 

Ashworth,  Harold  G.  B.,  clerk,  21  Winton  Avenue 

Aucbinachie,   Mrs.   Jessie  &  May,  68  Dairy  Road 

Auld,  John,  accountant,  Airylea,   Stevenston  Road 

Auld,  Mrs.  Margaret,  grocer,  30  Bridgend 

Aiild,  Samuel,  furnaceman,  9  Claremont  Crescent 

Babington,  Robert  H.,  teacher,  29  Stevenston  Road 

Baillie,  Barbara,  111  Fergushill  Road 

Baillie,  Helen,  76  Byres  Road 

Baillie,  Mary,  75  Main  Street 

Bain,  Andrew,  miner,  84  Corsehill  Road 

Bain,  Archibald,  miner,  125  Fergushill  Road 

Bain,  Robert  B.,  master  mariner,  10  Winton  Avenue 

Baird,  Alexander  C,  ehecker,  13  Woodwynd 

Baird,  Archibald,  engineer,  112  Main  Street 

Baird,  James,  labourer,  38-39  Abbeygreen 

Baird,  John,  miner,  Bridgend 

Baird,  Thomas,  miner,  4  Fergushill  Road 


Ballantyne,  Campbell,  engineer,  3  Dairy  Road 

Ballantyne,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  47  Stevenston  Street 

Bannerman,  Archibald,  retired,  12  Bridgend 

Bannerman,  John,  scavenger,  149  Fergushill  Road 

Bannerman,  John,  miner,  55  Fergushill  Road 

Bannerman,  Robert,  labourer,  54  Corsehill 

Bannerman,  William,  miner,  2  Dovecot  Lane 

Barr,  Robert,  miner,  151   Fergushill  Road 

Barr,  Robert,  miner,  13  Bridgend  Lane 

Barr,  William,  fencer,  15  Ashgrove  Road 

Barrie,  William,  driver,  67  Main  Street 

Barry,  John,  farm  worker,  20  Eglinton  Place 

Begley,  Neil,  labourer,  40  Abbeygreen 

Begley,  Thomas,  miner,  135  Fergushill  Road 

Bell,  Eliza  J.,  17  Winton  Avenue 

Bell,  George,  plater,  61  Byres  Road 

Bell,  George  S.,  merchant,  49  Main  Street 

Bell,  James,  5  Park  Avenue 

Bell,  John,  surfaceman,  2  St.  Winning  Road 

Bell,  Margaret,  widow,  7  Hamilton  Street 

Bennet,  James,  Woodwynd 

Bennet,  John,  vanman,  12  Dairy  Road 

Bennie,  William,  36  Corsehill 

Bicket,  David  A.,  butcher,  82  Claremout  Crescent 

Becket,  Mrs.  Eleanor,  18  Stevenston  Road 

Becket,  Janet  &  Helen,  St.  Winning  Road 

Becket,  John,  butcher,  111  Main  Street.      Tel.  51 

Becket,  John,  butcher,  109  Main  Street 

Biggar,  George,  steelworker,  22  Dairy  Road 

Biggar,  James,  porter,  24  Dairy  Road 

Biggar,  Walter,  24  Dairy  Road 

Bingham,  Annie,  widow,  52  Fergushill  Road 

Bingham,  John,  surfaceman,  18  Abbeygreen 

Bingham,  Joseph,  surfaceman,  24  Winton  Avenue 

Bingham,  Thomas,  6  Kyleswell  Street 

Bingham,  Thomas,  surfaceman,  47  Claremont  Crescent 

Black,  Andrew,  labourer,  16  Bridgend  Lane 

Black,  George,  fruiterer,  158  Main  Street 

Black,  George,  fruiterer,  138  Main  Street 

Black,  Samuel,  constable,  34  Claremont  Crescent 

Black,  Thomas,  explosives  worker,  29-33  Corsehill 

Blair,  Janet,  17  Dairy  Road 

Blair,  Walter,  24  Byres  Road 

Blakely,  David,  labourer,  32  Bridgend 

Blakely,  James,  7  Millbank 

Blakely,  John,  5  Millbank 

Boa,  Mrs.  John,  widow,   13  Dovecot  Lane 

Bogie,  Robina,  widow,  37  Woodwynd 

Bonaldi,  Nicholas,  Howgate 

Bonaldi,  Nicholas,  confectioner,  9  Byres  Road 

Bone,  Jane,  widow,  39  Stevenston  Road 

Bone,  John,  sawmiller,  33  Abbeygreen 

Borland,  Adam,  driver,  1   Garnock  View.     Tel.  107 

Borland,  James,  &  Sons,  seed  merchants,  2  Byres  Road 

Borland,  Mary,  21  Dairy  Road 

Borland,  Robert,  machinist,  17  Stevenston  Road 

Bowman,  Alexander,  spirit  merchant,  7-9  Abbeygate 

Boyd,  Andrew,  labourer,   12  Eglinton  Place 

Boyd,  Hugh,  sawyer,  150  Corsehill 

Boyd,  Isabella  W.,  82  Stevenston  Road 

Boyd,  James,  miner,  15  Abbeygreen 

Boyd,  James,  agent,  33  Main  Street 

Boyd,  James,  23  Main  Street 

Boyd,  Matthew,  labourer,  109  Corsehill 

Boyd,  Robert,  linesman,  82  Main  Street 

Boyd,  Ruth,  widow,  28  Almswall  Road 

Boyd,  Samuel,  miner,  48  Byres  Road 

Boyd,  William,  porter,  12  Vaults  Lane 


Bradford,  Alexander,  baker,  24  Main  Street 

Bradford.  Maggie,  servant,  17  Aimswall  Road 

Bradford,  Mrs.  Sarah,  7  Garnock  View 

Bradford,  Thomas,  butcher,  36  Claremont  Crescent 

Brannigan,  John,  miner,  22  Fergushill  Road 

Brannigan,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  22  Corsehill 

Brannigan,  Patrick,  miner,  119  Fergushill  Road 

Brannigan,  Thomas,  miner,  123  Fergushill  Road 

Brodie,  Thomas,  chemist,   19  Claremont  Crescent 

Brown,  Alexander,  joiner.  106  Main  Street 

Brown,  David,  M.R.C.V.S.,  53  Dairy  Road.     Tel.  17 

Brown,   Elizabeth,  21   Abbeygreen 

Brown,   George,  jr.,  48  Stevenston  Street 

Brown,  Jane,  100  Main  Street 

Brown,  Jessie,  2  Winton  Avenue 

Brown,  John,  engineer,  17  Woodwynd 

Brown,  John,  blacksmith,  83  Corsehill 

Brown,  Marion  R.,  41  Winton  Avenue 

Brown,  Margaret,  widow,  34  Corsehill 

Brown,  Robert,  district  officer,  39  Woodwynd.     Tel.  27 

Brown,  Thomas  F.,  joiner,  156  Main  Street 

Brown,  William,  clerk,  7  Segton  Avenue 

Brown,  William,  carter,  9  Almswall  Road 

Brown,  William,  plumber,  6  Hamilton  Street 

Burns,  Charles,  shoemaker,  Crispin,  Garnock  View 

Burns,  Charles,  boot  merchant,  65  Main  Street 

Burns,  Henry,  miner,  149  Fergushill  Road 

Burns,  Hugh,  labourer,  1  Townhead 

Burns,  James,  shoemaker,   10  Hamilton  Street 

Burns,  James,  miner,  Corsehill 

Burns,  Jane  S.,  56  Byres  Road 

Burns,  Robert,  shoemaker,  27  Hamilton  Street 

Burns,  Samuel,  labourer,  16  Corsehill  Row 

Burns,  Samuel,  labourer,  12  Corsehill  Row 

Burns,  William,  shoemaker,  5  Park  Avenue 

Burrow,  George  A.,  driver,  7  Alexandra  Terrace 

Busby  Spinning  Company,  Kilwinning.     Tel.  2 

Buttercup  Dairy  Co.,  66  Main  Street 

Cairney,  John,  manager,  1  Alexandra  Terrace 

Cairns,  Hugh,  dynamite  worker,  3  Claremont  Crescent 

Cairns,  John,  tailor,  33  Abheygreen 

Cairns,  John,  miner,  14  Bridgend  Lane 

Cairns,  Samuel,  labourer,  92  Corsehill 

Cairns,   William,   151   Main  Street 

Calderwood,  Margaret,  charwoman,  3  Abbeygreen 

Caldwell,  Ina,  176  Main  Street 

Caldwell,  Isabella  S.,  60  Dairy  Road.     Tel.  84 

Caldwell.   Robert,  builder,  49  Woodwynd 

Campbell,  Andrew,  labourer,  24  Bridgend 

Campbell.  Elizabeth,  widow,  58  Stevenston  Street 

Campbell,  George  R.,  gardener,  60  Claremont  Crescent 

Campbell,   Hugh,  joiner,  51   Woodwynd 

Campbell,  James,  clerk,  8  Winton  Avenue 

Campbell,  James,  labourer,  83  Corsehill 

Campbell,  John,  68  Claremont  Crescent 

Campbell,  John,  furnaceman,  15  Claremont  Crescent 

Campbell,  Thomas,  miner,   101   Corsehill 

Carr,  George,  labourer,  6  Abbeygreen 

Carr,  James,  ironworker,  5  Eglinton  Place 

Carroll,  George,  furnaceman,  9  Garden  Square  Lane 

Carswell,  John,  labourer,  11  Abbeygreen 

Caulfield,  Mrs.  Mary,  120  Main  Street 

Chalmers,  Alexander,  12  Winton  Avenue 

Chapman,  Mrs.  George  R.,  widow,  35  Winton  Avenue    • 


Christie,  Annie  N.,  widow,  62  Dairy  Road.     Tel.  80 

Christie,   Robert,  moulder,  30  Abbeygreen 

Chrystie,  James,  slater,  3  Claremont  Crescent 

Chrystie,  William,  caretaker,  6  Howgate 

Clark,  Annie,  widow,  8  Garden  Square  Lane 

Clark,  Elizabeth,  widow,  9  Segton  Avenue 

Clark,  Mrs.  Margaret,  draper,  14  Main  Street 

Clark,  William,  miner,  38  Claremont  Crescent 

Clegg,  Robert,  driver,  15  Abbeygreen 

Clement,  Robert,  fishmonger,  136  Main  Street  and  29  Dairy  Road.     Tel. 

Close,   David,  miner,   151   Fergushill  Road 
Closs,  Andrew,  coal  merchant,  29  Main  Street 
Closs,  Charles,  labourer,  12  Vaults  Lane 
Closs,  Mrs.  Janet,  1  Vaults  Lane 
Closs,  William,  coal  merchant,  12  Vaults  Lane 
Clotworthy,  David,  dynamite  worker,  22  Almswall  Road 
Clotworthy,  Hugh,  dynamite  worker,  113  Main  Street 
Clydesdale  Bank,  Ltd.,  82  Main  Street 
Clydesdale,  David,  labourer,  100  Main  Street 
Cole-Hamilton,  John,  21   Stevenston  Road.     Tel.  59 
Cole-Hamilton,   Sarah,  widow,   17  Townhead 
Commercial  Bank  of  Scotland,  Ltd.,  Howgate.     Tel.  1 
Conn,  David,  labourer,  21   Almswall  Road 
Conn,  James  &  David,  16  Fergushill  Road 
Conn,  John,  labourer,  16  Fergushill  Road 
Conn,  Mary,  widow,  29  Claremont  Crescent 
Conn,  Robert,  teacher,  32  Dairy  Road.     Tel.  87 
Connacher,  Rev.  William  C,  8  Dairy  Road 
Connor,  Thomas,  pig  dealer,  2  Almswall  Road.     Tel.  43 
Conway,  John,  ironworker,  38  Eglinton  Place 
Cook,  David,  Dovecot  Lane 

Cook,  George,  patternmaker,  2  Hamilton  Street 
Cook,  William,  16  Woodwynd 
Copland,   David,  brickworker,  Corsehill 
Cornelius,  Alexander,  gardener,  49  Byres  Road 
Cornelius,  Alexander,  labourer,  22  Claremont  Crescent 
Cornelius,  John,   labourer,  6  Park  Avenue 
Cornelius.  John    jr.,  fishmonger,  1  Millbank 
Cotney,  James,  labourer,  4  Abbeygreen 
Coulter,  Mrs.  Nellie,  widow,  11  Woodwynd 
Cowan,  James,  hairdresser,  30  Main  Street 
Cowan,  John,  labourer,  20  Corsehill  Row 
Cowie,  Alexander,  50  Stevenston  Road 
Coyle,  Hugh,  motorman,  1  Millbank 
Craig,  Alexander,  manager,  3  Main  Street 
Craig,  Allan  M.,  21   Hamilton  Street 
Craig,  Ann,  widow,  83  Corsehill 
Craig,  Archibald,  labourer,  32  Main  Street 
Craig,  Janet  A.,  hairdresser,  62  Main  Street 
Craig,  Mrs.  Jean,  11  Hamilton  Street 
Craig,  John  A.,  clerk,  7  Dairy  Road 
Craig,  Mary,  widow,  5  Almswall  Road 

Craig,   Robert,  coal  agent,   12  Stevenston   Road.      Tel.   11 
Craig,  William,  washerman,  4  Fergushill  Road 
Crawford,  Duncan,  dock  worker,  32  Almswall  Road 
Crawford,  Hugh  K.,  butcher,  10  Stevenston  Road 
Crawford,  James,  engineer,  31  Eglinton  Place 
Crawford,  James  &  Mary,  bakers,  128  and  130  Main  Street 
Crawford,  James  M.,  engineer,  53  Claremont  Crescent 
Crawford,  Margaret,  teacher,  20  Abbeygreen 
Crawford,   Robert,  baker,  27  Claremont  Crescent 
Crawford,  William,   14  Claremont  Crescent 
Crawford,  William,  biitcher,  10  and  10a  Dairy  Road 
Crawford,   William,  butcher,   175  Main  Street.     Tel.  95 
Crombie,  Catherine,  widow,  169  Main  Street 
Crossan,  William  B.,  farm  servant,  42  Almswall  Road 
Cullinane,  Daniel,   labourer,  10  Dovecot  Lane 


Cullmane,  James,  6  Dovecot  Lane 
Cullinane,  Patrick,  engineer,  12  Main  Street 
Cullinane,  Timothy,  contractor,  1 1   Dovecot  Lane 
Cunningham,  Hugh,  boilermaker,   107  Corsehill 
Cunningham,  James,  baker,  53  Main  Street 
Cunningham,  Mrs.  Margaret,   122  Corsehill 
Cunm'nghame,  David  B.,  3  Alexandra  Terrace 
Currie,  Duncan,  watchman,  108  Corsehill 
Currie,  Mrs.  Maria,  50  Claremont  Crescent 
Currie,   Robert,  jr.,  miner,  lie  Woodwynd 
Currie,  Robert,  joiner,  106  Corsehill 
Currie,  William,  miner,  112  Main  Street 
Cuthbert,  William,  miner,  149  Fergushill  Road 

Dalrymple,  Samuel,  labourer,  15  Millbank 

Dalton,  George,  labourer,  75  Corsehill 

Dalziel,  Francis,  railwayman,  9  St.  Winning  Road 

Davidson,  Mrs.  Janet  M.,  hotelkeeper,  21-23  Townhead 

Davidson,  Moses,  miner,  1  Parkhill  Buildings 

Davidson,  Mrs.  Susan,  hosiery  worker,  24  Byres  Road 

Dawson,  John,  retired,  21  Almswall  Road 

Deans,  John,  miner,   11a  Woodwynd 

Dempster,   Robert,   dentist,  32   Howgate 

Dick.  Adam,  grain  merchant,  6  Main  Street 

Dickie,  John,  newsagent,  38  and  40  Main  Street.     Tel.  31 

Dickie,  John,  stationer,  110  Main  Street 

Dickie,  William,  labourer,  4  St.  Winning  Road 

Dickson,  Catherine,  widow,  25  Eglinton  Place 

Dickson,  James  P.,  baker,  17  Hamilton  Street 

Dickson,  Mary,  widow,  28  Abbeygreen 

Digby,  James,  miner,  26  Corsehill  Row 

Dillon,  Alexander,  miner,  30  Corsehill  Row 

Dinning,  Alexander,  dynamite  worker,  1  Parkhill  Building; 

Dodds,  William,  labourer,  12  Bridgend 

Dolman,  Frederick,  tester,  16  Dairy  Road 

Donaldson,  James,  carter,  112  Corsehill 

Donnachie,  Hugh,  miner,  2  Parkhill  Buildings 

Donnelly,  Mrs.  Annie,  33  Eglinton  Place 

Donnelly,  Mrs.  Margaret,  24  Byres  Road 

Donnelly,  Patrick,  labourer,  6  Dovecot  Lane 

Douglas,  John,  manager,  54  Dairy  Road 

Douglas,  Paul,  baker,  41  Main  Street 

Douglas,  William,  manager,  St.  Winning  Road 

Douglas,  William,  manufacturer,  48  Dairy  Road 

Doyle,  Peter,  labourer,  30  Abbeygreen 

Doyle,  Samuel,  driver,  5  Kyleswell  Street 

Doyle,  William  W.,  porter,  Fergushill  Road 

Drysdale,  Thomas,  40  Claremont  Crescent 

Duncan,  James,  hammerman,  27  Abbeygreen 

Duncan,  John,  pitheadman,  14  Almswall  Road 

Duncan,  Martha,  widow,  107  Corsehill 

Duncan,  Samuel,'  baker,  3  Dairy  Road 

Duncan,  Thomas,  chauffeur,  Irvine  Road 

Duncan,  Thomas,  5  Garden  Square  Lane 

Duncan,  Thomas,  engineman,  113  Corsehill 

Dunlop,  Annie,  widow,  26  Bridgend  Lane 

Dunlop,  Hugh,  miner,  116  and  118  Corsehill 

Dunlop,  John,  miner,  75  Corsehill 

Dunlop,  John,  labourer,  9  St.  Winning  Road 

Dunlop,   Mrs.   Mary,  5   Hamilton  Street 

Durnie,  Charles,  miner,  151  Main  Street 

Eaton,  David,  teacher,  33  Stevenston  Road 
Edgar,  Henry,  stocktaker,  22  Dairy  Road 


Edgar,  John,  grocer,  lid  Woodwynd 
Edgar,  Susan,  widow,  1  Hamilton  Street 
Edgar,  William,  surfaceman,  150  Corsehill 
Edmund,  William  J.,  labourer,  56  Corsehill 
Elliot,  Adam,  furnaceman,  14  Fergushill  Road 
Emberson,  Elizabeth,  widow,  33  Abbeygreen 
Ewing,  John,  38  Fergushill  Road 

Faddis,  Hugh,  club  keeper,  11  Garden  Square  Lane 

Faddis,  Robert,  miner,  92  Corsehill 

Faddis,  Samuel,  miner,  34  Almswall  Road 

Faddis,  Samuel,  miner,  Garden  Square  Lane 

Fancy,  William,  moulder,  13  Ashgrove  Road 

Fergus,  William,  moulder,  15  Fergushill  Road 

Ferguson,  Agnes,  3  Park  Avenue 

Ferguson,  Agnes,  widow,  6  Dovecot  Lane 

Ferguson,  Charles,   quarryman,  131   Fergushill  Road 

Ferguson,   David,   Stevenston  Road 

Ferguson,  Elizabeth,  widow,  Buckreddan  Cottage,  Irvine  Road 

Ferguson,  Henry,  58  Eglinton  Place 

Ferguson,  James,  labourer,  41  Main  Street 

Ferguson,  James,  73  Main  Street 

Ferguson,  James,  dynamite  worker,  22  Byres  Road 

Ferns,  James  M.,  accountant,  Stevenston  Road 

Ferrier,  Alexander,  porter,  6  Winton  Avenue 

Finlay,  Andrew,  21  Claremont  Crescent 

Finnie,  John,  labourer,  8  Dovecot  Lane 

Finnigan,  Patrick,  miner,  75  Corsehill 

Fisher,  Samuel,  spirit  dealer,  15  Pathfoot 

Flannigan,  Annie,  64  Byres  Road 

Fleming,  Annie,  12  Byres  Road 

Fleming,  Hamilton,  railwayman,  5  Dairy  Road 

Forrest,  Archibald,  64  Byres  Road 

Foulds,  Elizabeth,  46  Main  Street 

Frame,  James,  manager,  64  Stevenston  Road 

Frew,  Alexander,  25  Dairy  Road 

Frew,  Mary,  widow,  19  Woodwynd 

Frew,  William,  labourer,  7  Abbeygreen 

Friels,  James,  joiner,.  48  Byres  Road 

Friels,  James,  dynamite  worker,  2  Parkhill  Buildings 

Fulton,  Thomas,  roadman,  12  Dairy  Road 

Fyfe,  Mrs.  Sarah,  50  Stevenston  Road 

Galloway,  Ninian,  driver,  3  Claremont  Crescent 
Galloway,  Robert,  labourer,  4  Abbeygreen 
Galloway,  Robert,  labourer,  96  Corsehill 
Galloway,  William,  blacksmith,  60  Eglinton  Place 
Gamble,  James,  labourer,  46  Stevenston  Road 
Gamble,  John,  engineer,  46   Stevenston   Road 
Gartland,  Thomas,  miner,  92  Corsehill 
Gaul,  James,  merchant,  46  Dairy  Road 
Gaul,  Samuel,  30  Howgate 

Gault,  Roderick,  spirit  merchant,  26-28  Main  Street 
Gaw,  Mrs.  Agnes,  5  Howgate 
Gaw,  Mrs.  Minnie,  widow,  7  Almswall  Road 
Gaw,  Robert,  platelayer,  13  Abbeygreen 
Gemmell,  Isabella,  widow,  Oxenward  Road 
Gemmell,  James,  labourer,  40  Almswall  Road 
Gemmell,  Robert  K.,  seedsman,  1  Stevenston  Road.     Tel.  36 
Gemmell,  William,  gardener,  25  Howgate.     Tel.  90 
Gibson,  Archibald,  miner,  7  Garden  Square  Lane 
Gibson,  George,  hairdresser,  83  Main  Street 
Gibson,  James,  labourer,  81  Corsehill 


Gibson,  James,  slater,  3  Park  Avenue 

Gibson,  John,  caretaker,  180  Main  Street 

Gibson,  Richard,  cattleman,   147   Fergushill 

Gibson,  Mrs.  Susan,  66  Byres  Road 

Gibson,  William,  foreman,  80  Claremont  Crescent 

Gibson,  William,  shipwright,  6  Alexandra  Terrace 

Gillespie,  Alexander,  engine  keeper,  2  Pathfoot 

Gillies,  David,  9  Dairy  Road 

Gillies,  James  S.,  clerk,  155  Main  Street 

Gillies,  William,  labourer,  39  Eglinton  Place 

Gilmour,  Mrs.  Agnes,  newsagent,  32  Bridgend 

Gilmour,  Henry,  151  Fergushill  Road 

Gilmour,  James,  baker,  103  Main  Street 

Gilmour,  John,  brickworker,  107  Main  Street 

Gilmour,  John,  engineman,  56  Main  Street 

Gilmour,   William,  labourer,  37  Abbeygreen 

Goff,  William  B.  S.,  sawyer,  1  Fergushill  Road 

Goldthwait,  Margaret  E.,  7  Howgate 

Goodie,  Clarence,  setter,  80  Main  Street 

Gooding,  Samuel,  labourer,  3  Townhead 

Gooding,  Samuel,  jr.,  labourer,  1  Townhead 

Goody,  Thomas,  labourer,   19  Almswall  Road 

Gordon,  George  S.,  physician,  78  Byres  Road.      Tel.  78 

Gordon,  John,  miner,  29  Eglinton  Place 

Gorman,  John,  plater,  3  Fergushill  Road 

Grade,  Elizabeth,  dynamite  worker,  12  Dairy  Road 

Gracie,  Joseph,  labourer,  24  Bridgend 

Graham,  Mrs.  Annie,  21   Abbeygreen 

Graham,  Henry,  boiler  recorder,  2  Alexandra  Terrace 

Graham,  John,  irondresser,  7  Dairy  Road 

Graham,  William,  sr.,  moulder,  17  Ashgrove  Road 

Graham,  William,  moulder,   13  Ashgrove  Road 

Grant,  John,  labourer,  21   Almswall  Road 

Gray,  Agnes,  widow,  11   Woodwynd 

Gray,  David,  joiner,  12  Dairy  Road 

Gray,  Janet,  widow,  33  Byres  Road 

Gray,  Marion  B.,  22  Woodwynd 

Gray,   Robert,  joiner,  28  Winton  Avenue 

Gray,  William,  electrical  engineer,  9  Dairy  Road 

Green,  John,  signalman,  42  Stevenston  Road 

Greenan,   Janet,  widow,   20  Abbeygreen 

Greenan,  William,  labourer,  94  Corsehill 

Greenan,  William,  jr.,  labourer,  92  Corsehill 

Greer,  Robert,  gardener,  Dairy  Road 

Greig,  Agnes  &  Isabella,  35  Dairy  Road 

Greig,  Elizabeth  J.,  widow,  64  Dairy  Road 

Greig,  Elizabeth  S.,  31-38  Main  Street 

Grierson,  Robert,  butcher.  20  Claremont  Crescent 

Griff  en,  Annie,  millworker,  31   Byres  Road 

Griffen,  Michael,  miner,  9  Woodwynd 

Grigor,  Alexander,  New  Lodge,  Bridgend  Lane 

Haddow,  John,  miner,  129  Fergushill  Road 

Haddow,  John  S.,  125  Fergushill  Road 

Haddow,  Mary,  widow,  31  Claremont  Crescent 

Hale,  Helen,  widow,  64  Corsehill 

Hall,  William,  labourer,  55  Eglinton  Place 

Halliday,  William,   dynamite  worker,  8  Garden  Square  Lane 

Hamilton,  Alexander,  brickworker,  12  Bridgend 

Hamilton,  Francis,  labourer,  151  Fergushill  Road 

Hamilton,  George,  joiner,  39  Abbeygreen 

Hamilton,  James,  26  Dairy  Road 

Hamilton,  James,  22  Dairy  Road 

Hamilton,  James,  brickmaker,   12   Dairy  Road 

Hamilton,  James,  miner,  137  Fergushill  Road 


Hamilton,  Mrs.  Margaret,  20  Woodwynd 

Hamilton,  Mrs.  Marion,  147  Fergushill  Road 

Hamilton,   Robert,  blacksmith,   16  Abbeygreen 

Hamilton,  Robert,  dynamite  worker,  113  Main  Street 

Hamilton,  Robert,  dynamite  worker,  44  Stevenston  Road 

Hamilton,  William,  miner,  85  Fergushill  Road 

Hannah,  Benjamin  R.,  shoemaker,  116  Main  Street 

Hannah,  James,  labourer,  81  Corsehili 

Hannah,  John,  shoemaker,  31   Byres  Road 

Hannah,  Joseph,  pointsman,  39  Abbeygreen 

Hannah,  Thomas,  dynamite  worker,  12  Main  Street 

Harrison,  John,  labourer,  3  Bridgend 

Harrison,  Joseph,  29  Pathfoot 

Harsewell,  Robert,  miner,  17  Eglinton  Place 

Harvie,  Hugh,  labourer,  18  Bridgend  Lane 

Harvie,  John  B.  M.,  solicitor,  65  Dairy  Road 

Harvie,  Joseph,  roadman,  3  Vaults  Lane 

Hasswell,  Robert,  miner,  2  Alexandra  Terrace 

Hastings,  William,  retired,  51   Stevenston  Road 

Havlin,  James,  dynamite  worker,  42  Eglinton  Place 

Hawthorn,  John,  miner,  7  Bridgend 

Hawthorn,  Robert,  miner,  13  Abbeygate 

Hawthorn,  William,  miner,  36  Eglinton  Place 

Hawthorne,  William,  labourer,  9  Claremont  Crescent 

Hay,  Peter  S.,  joiner,  23  Hamilton  Street 

Hay,  Thomas,  joiner,  30  Abbeygreen 

Hayes,  Robert  &  John,  Fergushill  Road 

Hedley,  Thomas,  labourer,  5  Vaults  Lane 

Henderson,  Annie  W.,  19  Dairy  Road 

Henderson,  John,  builder,  51  Byres  Road.      Tel.  70 

Hendry,  James,  Meadowbank,  Byres  Road 

Henry,  Samuel,  tailor,  44  Main  Street 

Heron,  Matthew,   Woodburn,   Woodwynd 

Herschell,  Hugh,  grocer,  44  Main  Street 

Herschell,  Jessie,  106  and  108  Main  Street.      Tel.  22 

Hevburn.  William,  labourer,  46  Almswall  Road 

Hill,  Robert,  78  and  80  Main  Street 

Hillhouse,  Alexander,  clerk,  70  Stevenston  Road 

Hodge,  Alexander,  miner,  50  Eglinton  Place 

Hodge,  James,  foundry  worker,  13  Eglinton  Place 

Hodge,  Robert,  miner,  53  Eglinton  Place 

Hodge,  William,  fencer,  14  Eglinton  Place 

Hogg,   Herbert,   overlooker,  2  Claremont  Crescent 

Hogg,  Robert,  ironmonger,  36  Woodwynd 

Hogg,  Robert,  ironmonger,  69  Main  Street 

Holden,  David,  miner,  2  Parkhill  Buildings 

Holmes,  James,  brickworker,  22  Byres  Road 

Hood,  James,  fireman,  56  Main  Street 

Hood,  Samuel,  miner,  58  Fergushill  Road 

Hopkin,  William,  tailor,  43  Winton  Avenue 

Hopkin,   William,   engine-keeper,   28  Corsehili 

Houston,  Thomas  M.  T.,  explosive  worker,   Glebe  Street 

Howat,  Ephxaim,  quarryman,  13  Ashgrove  Road 

Howden,  Bryden,  grain  merchant,  23  Corsehili.     Tel.  34 

Howden,  Mrs,  Catherine,  grocer,  7-9  Main  Street 

Howe,  James,   14  Fergushill  Road 

Howie,  James,  baker,  5  Woodwynd 

Howie,  Lilias,  3  Stevenston  Road 

Howie,  Margaret,  widow,  78  Stevenston  Road 

Howie,   Robert,  grain  merchant,  9  Stevenston  Road.      Tel.  57 

Howie,   Robert,  moulder,  Parkhill  Buildings 

Howie,  Robert,  foundry  worker,  37  Winton  Avenue 

Howie,  Robert  W.,  7  Stevenston  Road 

Howie,  Thomas,  boiler  fireman,  30  Bridgend 

Howie,  William,  fencer,  127  Fergushill  Road 

Hunter,  Rev.  Archibald,  58  Dairy  Road 

Hunter,   Elizabeth,   newsagent,  81   Main  Street 

Hunter,  George,  builder,  47  Byres  Road.      Tel.  74 


Hunter,  Hugh,  79  Main  Street 

Hunter,  Mrs.  Jane,  13  Winton  Avenue 

Hunter,  John,  21  Abbeygreen 

Hunter,  Mrs.  Susan,  44  Stevenston  Road 

Husband,    Rev.    William,    M.A.,    Mansefield   Church    Manse,    Almswall 

Road.     Tel.  Ill 
Hutchison,  John,  railwayman,   14  Abbeygreen 
Hutchison,  Margaret  H.,  teacher,  32  Winton  Avenue 
Hyslop,  David,  miner,  6  Eglinton  Place 
Hyslop,  Robert,  foreman,  49  Dairy  Road 


Inglis,  Charles,  miner,  18  Almswall  Road 

Ireland,  Joseph  J.,  chemist,  49  Claremont  Crescent 

Irvine,  Ralph,  8  Bridgend 

Irving,  Isaac,  labourer,  35  Corsehill 

Irvine,  William,  labourer,  4  St.  Winning  Road 

Jack,  George,  74  Byres  Road 

Jack,  James,  M.D.,  23  Howgate.     Tel.  26 

Jack,  Jeanie,  clerkess,  5  Dairy  Road 

Jamieson,  Mrs.  Jane,  9  Millbank 

Jeffrey,  Mrs.  Jane,  1  Park  Avenue 

Jeffrey,  Mary  M.,  draper,  148  Main  Street 

Johnston,  Andrew,  watchmaker,  155  and  157  Main  Street 

Johnston,  Robert  D.,  tailor,  11   Winton  Avenue 

Johnston,  Thomas,  jr.,  oil  salesman,  3  Garnock  View 

Johnstone,   Hugh,  labourer,  5   Bridgend 

Johnstone,  James,  miner,  1   Millbank  Lane 

Johnstone,  Janet,  widow,  9  Ashgrove  Road 

Johnstone,  John,  miner,  24  Dairy  Road 

Johnstone,  Robert,  foundry  worker,  33  Abbeygreen 


Keenan,  William,  labourer,  2  Parkhill  Buildings 

Keil,  Alexander,  52  Dairy  Road 

Keith,   Alexander,  engineer,   1   Winton  Avenue 

Kelly,  Hugh,  painter,  24  Eglinton  Place 

Kelly,  John,  foreman,  54  Stevenston  Road 

Kelly,  John,  foreman,  29  Abbeygreen 

Kelso,  Mary,  hairdresser,  122  Main  Street 

Kennedy,  James,  plater's  helper,  2  Alexandra  Terrace 

Kennedy,  William,  painter,  20  Fergushill  Road 

Kerr,  Andrew,  engineman,  115  Fergushill  Road 

Kerr,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  45  Woodwynd 

Kerr,  Henry,  vanman,   lid  Woodwynd 

Kerr,  Hugh  J.,  insurance  agent,  24  Claremont  Crescent 

Kerr,  James,  engineer,  27  Dairy  Road 

Kerr,  James,  66  Byres  Road 

Kerr,  James,  surfaceman,  66  Byres  Road 

Kerr,  James,  carter,  7  Fergushill  Road 

Kerr,  James,  plumber,  44  Main  Street 

Kerr,  John,  plumber,  35  Main  Street 

Kerr,  Mrs.  Mary,  44  Stevenston  Road 

Kerr,  Matthew,  superintendent,  11   Park  Avenue 

Kerr,   William,  contractor,   Glebe  Street.      Tel.  55 

Kilday,  Barnet,  spirit  merchant,  15-17  Bridgend 

Killin,  Michael,  pointsman,  3  Garden  Square  Lane 

Kilpatrick,  Alexander,  miner,  90  Corsehill 

Kilpatrick,  James,  explosive  worker,  9  Dairy  Road 

Kilwinning  Co-operative  Society,  Ltd.,  72-74,  76,  84,  86,  88,  94  and  96 

Main  Street  /    Tel.  32.  10  Byres  Road  /   Tel.  93 

King,  James,  labourer,  4  Abbeygreen 
King,  John,  31  Dairy  Road 


King,  John  D.,  spirit  merchant,  91-93  Main  Street 

King,  Robert  C.,  solicitor,  Ledcameroch,  Dairy  Road.     Tel.  8 

King,  William,  labourer,  17  Almswall  Road. 

Kirkland,  Buphemia,  widow,  39  Abbeygreen 

Kirkland,  Harry,  5  Main  Street 

Kirkland,  Henry,  butcher,  21  Corsehill 

Kirkland,  James,  retired,   16  Stevenston  Road 

Kirkland,  Matthew,  engineer,  3  Byres  Road 

Kirkland,  Robert,  butcher,  11   Dairy  Road 

Kirkpatrick,  Grace,  widow,  43  Woodwynd 

Kirkwood,  Alexander,  52  Main  Street 

Kirkwood,  James,  blacksmith,  35  Woodwynd 

Kirkwood,  James,  blacksmith,  29  Woodwynd 

Kirkwood,  Margaret,  widow,  33  Woodwynd 

Krumrein,  Frederick,  gut  merchant,  66  Stevenston  Road 

Kyle,   Edward,   dynamite  worker,   lie  Woodwynd 

Lamb,  Mrs.  Rose,  114  Corsehill 

Lambie,  David,  dynamite  worker,  16  Dairy  Road 

Lamont,  Mrs.  Catherine,  30  Eglinton  Place 

Lamont,  Daniel,  cashier,  59  Dairy  Road 

Lamont,  Helen  E.,  widow,  66  Dairy  Road 

Lamont,  James,  miner,  12  Abbeygreen 

Lamont,  Thomas,  labourer,  2  Bridgend  Lane 

Lang,  Jessie  B.,  teacher,  7  Dairy  Road 

Larmour,  Mrs.  Annie,  28  Bridgend  Lane 

Lauchlan,  Jane  M.,  widow,  5  Byres  Road 

Laughran,  John,  labourer,   18  Corsehill  Row 

Laurie,  William,  174  Main  Street 

Lawson,   Henry,   13  Corsehill 

Lawson,  Jane,  widow,   150  Corsehill 

Lawson,  Robert,  miner,  88  Corsehill 

Lawson,  Thomas,  miner,  47  Eglinton  Place 

Laxton,  Emma,  palmist,  42  Byres  Road 

Leak,  Harry,  chemist,  30-32  Byres  Road 

Leckie,  John,  glass  blower,  12  Main  Street 

Lee,  Peter,  manager,  26  Winton  Avenue 

Lennan,  Hugh,  collier,  5  Howgate 

Lennan,  Michael,  miner,  3  Almswall  Road 

Lennan,  Robert,  hairdresser,  5  Howgate 

Lennox,  Jessie,  widow,  151  Main  Street 

Leonard,  Alexander,  miner,  22  Byres  Road 

Lewis,  Frank,  dynamite  worker,  la  Byres  Road 

Lewis,  James,  miner,  9  Eglinton  Place 

Lewis,  Robert,  carter,  2  Corsehill 

Lewis,  Samuel,  Parkhill  Buildings 

Lindsay,  Alexander,  mechanic,  7  Dairy  Road 

Lindsay,  Matthew,  clerk,  14  Woodwynd 

Little,  Andrew,  64  Byres  Road 

Littlebury,  William  O.,  chemist,   11   Stevenston  Road.      Tel.  105 

Littlejohn,  John,  miner,  33  Main  Street 

Lockhart,  Maggie,  64  Byres  Road 

Lockhart,  Robert,  railwayman,  42  Stevenston  Road 

Lofthouse,  Arthur,  boilermaker,  34  Bridgend 

Logan,  James  W.,  confectioner,  150  Main  Street 

Logan,  John,  cabinetmaker,  9  Howgate 

Logan,  John,  baker,  163  and  167  Main  Street 

Logan,  John,  porter,  Townhead 

Logan,   William,  baker,  55  Stevenston  Road 

Longmuir,  Gilbert,  architect,  12  Abbeygreen 

Longmuir,  James,  engineer,  17  Ashgrove  Road 

Longmuir,  William,  labourer,  9  Abbeygreen 

Lundie,  Francis,  engineman,  115  Fergushill  Road 

Lynch,  Jeanie,  18  Dairy  Road 

Lynch,  Robert,  moulder,  33  Woodwynd 

Lynch,  Robert,  engineer,  20  Winton  Avenue 


McAdani,  Peter,  explosives  worker,  34  Fergushill  Road 

McAllister,  David,  53  Fergushill  Road 

McAllister,  Elizabeth,  widow,  163  Main  Street 

McAllister,  Jane,  widow,  64  Byres  Road 

McAtee,  Alexander,  labourer,  32  Abbeygreen 

McAtee,  Joseph,  explosives  worker,  9  Kyleswell  Street 

McAtee,  Samuel,  dynamite  worker,  33  Claremont  Crescent 

McAnespie,  James,  gardener,  42  Stevenston  Road 

McAnlay,  John,  clay  worker,  54  Eglinton  Place 

McAvoy,  Patrick,  engineer,  28  Claremont  Crescent 

McBarn,  Mrs.  Elizabeth.  43  Main  Street 

McCafferty,  James,  craneman,  40  Abbeygreen 

McCallum,  Mrs.  Agnes  B.,  Oxenward  Road 

McCallum,  James,  tailor,  7  Byres  Road 

McCallum,   James  B.,  8  Claremont  Crescent 

MeCann,  Patrick,  spelter  worker,  21   Pathfoot 

McClure,  John,  clerk,  13  Pathfoot 

McClurkin,  David,  dynamite  worker,  24  Almswall  Road 

McClymont,  Margaret  J.,  widow,  72  Stevenston  Road 

McClymont,  Robert,  labourer,  101  Corsehill 

McColm,  John,  12  Main  Street 

McComb,  David,  carter,  24  Corsehill  Row 

McComb,  James,  labourer,  1  Parkhill  Buildings 

McConkey,  John,  joiner,  Dovecot  Lane 

McCormack,  James,  labourer,   151   Fergushill  Road 

McCormack,  Walter,  joiner,  4  Eglinton  Place 

McCormick,  James,  labourer,  2  Park  Avenue 

McCorvie,  Mary,  widow,  13  Millbank 

McCourt,  John,  37  Dairy  Road 

McCrea,   George,  labourer,  32  Bridgend 

McCrorie,  Louis,  china  merchant,  154  Main  Street 

McCrorie,  Louis  R.,  ironmonger,  30  Woodwynd 

McCrorie,  Louis  R.,  ironmonger,  54-58  Main  Street 

McCrorie,  Thomas,  motor  engineer,  129  Main  Street 

McCrorie,  Thomas,  jr.,  46  Stevenston  Road 

McCue,  James,  miner,  7  Eglinton  Place 

McCulloch,  Alexander,  labourer,  4  Fergushill  Road 

McCulloch.  Annie,  millworker,  27  Pathfoot 

McCulloch,   Edward,  miner,  27  Pathfoot 

McCulloch,  Edward,  jr.,  miner,  29  Pathfoot 

McCulloch,  Mary,  widow,  53  Woodwynd 

McCulloch,  Robert,  miner,  1  Parkhill  Buildings 

McCulloch,  William,  joiner,  2  Alexandra  Terrace 

McDonald,  Alexander,  bricklayer,  28  Eglinton  Place 

McDonald,     Dr.    Carrick,    medical    practitioner,    12    Almswall    Road. 

Tel.  76 
McDonald,   George,   bricklayer,   10  Eglinton  Road 
McDonald,  John,  gardener,  64  Main  Street 
McDougal.  Agnes,  widow,  7  Townhead 
McDougall,  James,  shipyard  worker,  40  Abbeygreen 
McDougall,  Margaret,  postmistress,  31   Stevenston  Road 
McDuff,  Charles,  21  Main  Street 
McDuff,  Charles,  carter,  32  Corsehill  Row 
McEwan,   Mrs.   Agnes,    112  Main  Street 
McEwan,   Alexander,   miner,   18  Dairy  Road 
McEwan,  Denis,  miner,  79  Corsehill 
McEwan.  William,  miner,  18  Dairy  Road 
McGavin,  John,  moulder,  11  Abbeygreen 
McGavin,  William,  clerk,  4  Segton  Avenue 
McGee,  Jane,  widow,  156  Fergushill  Road 
McGhee,  Archibald,  blacksmith,  8  St.  Winnings  Road 
McGill,  James,  dynamite  worker,  12  Garden  Square  Lane 
McGill,  James,  miner,  5  Kyleswell  Street 
McGill,  William,  shoemaker,  lie  Woodwynd 
Macgill,  William  A.,  chemist,  23  Stevenston  Road 


McGilton,  Edward,  labourer,  17  Almswall  Road 

McGinn,  Janies  McL.,  76  Stevenston  Road 

McGovern,  Michael,  Millbank  Cottage 

McGovern,  Peter,  innkeeper,  121-125  and  127  Main  Street.      Tel.  63 

McGowan,  Alexander,  fireclay  worker,  Corsehill 

McGowan,  John,  labourer,  3  Garden  Square  Lane 

Macgregor,   Alfred,  joiner,   61    Stevenston  Road 

Macgregor,  Matthew,  chemist,  65  Byres  Road 

McHoney,  Annie,  widow.  25  Pathfoot 

Mcllroy,  Janies,  craneman,  38  Almswall  Road 

Mclllroy,  Alexander  R.,  25-27  Byres  Road 

Mclllroy,  George,  labourer,  10  Fergushill  Road 

Mclllroy,  James,  engineman,  24  Bridgend 

Mclllroy,  Jessie,  widow.  48  Stevenston  Road 

Mclllroy,  John,  miner,  5  Millbank 

Mclllroy,  Marion,  widow,  85  Corsehill 

Mclnnes,  Miles,  fencer,  19  Bridgend 

Mclnnes,  William,  labourer,  12  Vaults  Lane 

Maclntyre,  Mrs.  Maggie,  19  Abbeygreen 

McKandie,  Jane,  widow,  1  Claremont  Crescent 

McKay,  Malcolm,  signalman,  5  Winton  Avenue 

Mackay,  Margaret,  widow,  6  Alexandra  Terrace 

McKean,  John,  labourer,  6  Garden  Square  Lane 

McKean,  Mrs.  Teresa,  restaurateur,  166  Main  Street 

McKee,  James,  signalman,  5  Kyleswell  Street 

McKee,  Thomas,  foreman,  5  Claremont  Crescent 

McKie,  Andrew,  engineman,  24  Dairy  Road 

McKie,  Robert,  labourer,  82  Corsehill 

McKie,  William,  miner,  8  Corsehill  Row 

Mackie,  A.,  canvasser,  Byres  Road 

Mackie,  Allan,  labourer,  38  Corsehill 

Mackie,  James,  miner,  la  Byres  Road 

Mackie,  Jeanie,  widow,  la  Byres  Road 

Mackie,  Mary,  dynamite  worker,  4  St.  Winning  Road 

Mackie,  William,  gardener,  4  Bridgend  Lane 

McKiniay,  Mrs.  John,  widow,  2  Corsehill 

McKinnon,  Archibald,  miner,  98  Corsehill 

McLachlan,  Alexander  G.,   Garnock  Bank.  Irvine  Road 

McLachlan,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  28  Abbeygreen 

McLachlan,  Jane,  widow,  13  Dairy  Road 

McLauchlan,  Hugh,  miner,  32  Bridgend 

McLauchlin,  Robert,  engineer,  4  Fergushill  Road 

McLaughlan,  Alexander,  miner,  15  Abbeygreen 

McLaughlan,  David,  miner,  23  Eglinton  Place 

McLaughlan,  Felix,  roadman,  32  Eglinton  Place 

McLaughlan,  Hugh,  tailor,  15  Dairy  Road 

McLaughlan,  Jean,  widow,  11   Abbeygate, 

McLaughlan,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  31   Winton  Avenue 

McLaughlan,  John,  labourer,  4  Vaults  Lane 

McLaughlan,  John,  baker,  19  Eglinton  Place 

McLaughlan,  John,  driver,  79  Main  Street 

McLaughlan,  John,  miner,  15  Bridgend  Lane 

McLaughlan,  Joseph,  labourer,  6  St.  Winning  Road 

McLaughlan,   Robert,  fencer,  36  Abbeygreen 

McLaughlan,  Robert,  miner,  6  Corsehill  Row 

McLaughlan,   Ronald,  miner,   1 1   Main  Street 

McLaughlin,  David,  miner,  4  Abbeygreen 

McLaughlin,  James,  miner,  121   Fergushill  Road 

McLean,  Daniel,  dynamite  worker,  3  Vaults  Lane 

McLean,  Janet,  widow,  12  Bridgend 

McLearie,  Nathalane,  labourer.  98  Corsehill 

McLennan,  Sarah,  widow,  3  Winton  Avenue 

McLeod,  James,  14  Byres  Road 

McLeod,  James,  dealer,  7  Garden  Square  Lane 

McLeod,   Walter,  contractor,  5  Kyleswell  Street 

McLeod,  William,  miner,  3  Vaults  Lane 

Macleod,  John  D.,  chemist,  104  Main  Street.     Tel.  49 

McLuckie,  John,  miner,  2  Corsehill  Row 


McLuckie,  Robert,  miner,  2  Parkhill  Buildings 

McLuckie,   William,   miner,  5  Vaults  Lane 

McLure,  James,  caddie,  22  Eglinton  Place 

McMahon,  Hugh,  labourer,  59  Eglinton  Place 

McMahon,  John,  labourer,  4  Bridgend  Lane 

McMaster,  Alexander,  grocer,  16  Main  Street 

McMaster,  Archibald,  labourer,  48  Eglinton  Place 

McMaster,  John,  miner,  7  Abbeygreen 

McMaster,  Mrs.  Mary,  160  Fergushill  Road 

McMaster.  Thomas  W.,  miner,  139  Fergushill  Road 

McMaster,  William.  9  Townhead 

McMeekiu.   David,  miner,  2  Alexandra  Terrace 

McMoekin,   David,  miner,  28  Fergushill  Road 

McMeeking.  Alexander,  engineman,  St.  Winning  Road 

McMeeking,  Mrs.  Annie,  stationer,  35-37  Byres  Road 

McMeeking,  John,  salesman,  5  Dairy  Road 

McMeeking,  John,  jr.,  agent,  12  Claremont  Crescent 

McMeeking,  Mrs.  Sarah,  widow,  St.  Winning  Road 

McMeeking,  Mrs.  Sarah,  &  Mary,  drapers,  114  Main  Street 

McMenemy,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  5  Woodwynd.     Tel.  46 

McMenemy,  James,  moulder,  52  Byres  Road 

McMenemy,  John,  steward,   150  Corsehill 

Macmillan,  Campbell,  27  Howgate.     Tel.   108 

McMinn,  Mrs.  Agnes,  M'D.,   Glebe  Street 

McMinn,  James  H.,  traveller,  Vaults  Lane 

McMinn,  John,  clerk,  32  Claremont  Crescent 

McNab,  Duncan,  dynamite  worker,  22  Bridgend  Lane 

McNeil,  Alexander,  carrier,  13  Byres  Road 

McNeil,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  publican,  25  Main  Street 

McNeil,  Hugh,  ironworker,  43  Eglinton  Place 

McNeil,  William,  labourer,  17  Corsehill 

McNeish,  Archibald,  miner,  67  Main  Street 

MoNeish,  Robert,  miner,  98a  Corsehill 

MacPherson,   Matthew,  roadman,  45  Dairy  Road 

McPhun,   Francis  M.,  132  Corsehill 

McQueen,   David,  engineer,   16  Winton  Avenue 

McQueen.  William,  miner,  12  Main  Street 

MeWhinnie,   John,  Corsehill 

Main,  Archibald  J.,  painter,  22  Winton  Avenue 

Malone,  Charles,  dynamite  worker,  9  Claremont  Crescent 

Marshal],  John,  millworker,  16  Abbeygreen 

Marshall,  William,  107  Main  Street 

Martin,  James,  labourer,  Mount  Pleasant,  Irvine  Road 

Martin,  Sarah,  widow,  12  Vaults  Lane 

Martin,  Thomas,  45  Eglinton  Place 

Martin,  William,  grocer,  14  and  16  Bridgend 

Mason,   David,  chauffeur,  3  Woodwynd 

Matheson,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  50  Dairy  Road 

Mathew,  Alexander  J.,  23  Winton  Avenue 

Mathew,  William  M.,  furnisher,  159  Main  Street 

Mathieson,  Charles,  dynamite  worker,  23  Pathfoot 

Mathieson,  Ronald,  Glebe  Street 

Matthew,  Agnes,  widow,  31   Almswall  Road 

Matthew,  Robert  H.,  laboratory  assistnt,  3  Segton  Avenue 

Matthew,  Thomas,  solicitor,  180  and  182  Main  Street 

Matthews,  Arthur,  hairdresser,  5  Almswall  Road 

Matthews,   John,  labourer,   12   Bridgend 

Matthews,  William,  hairdresser,  89  Main  Street 

Maxwell,  Andrew,  oversman,  Corsehill 

Maxwell,  Daniel,  mechanic,  34  Howgate 

Maxwell,  Peter,  driver,  58  Fergushill  Road 

Maxwell,  Robert,  engineman,  28  Byres  Road 

Meechan,  Patrick,  labourer,  12  Dovecot  Lane 

Melville,  Theophilia,  nurse,   1   Almswall  Road 


Menagh,  James,  labourer,  5  Abbeygreen 

Meney,  George,  bricklayer,  40  Fergusbill  Road 

Meney,  Peter,  labourer,  6  Abbeygreen 

Meney,  Robert,  enginekeeper,  85  Corsehill 

Meney,  Tbomas,  engine  driver,  9  St.  Winning  Road 

Meney,  William,  labourer,  36  Almswall  Road 

Menzies,  Robert,  cabinetmaker,  3  Ashgrove  Road 

Menzies,  Tbomas,  engineman,  5  Fergusbill  Road 

Millar,  Elizabeth,  2  St.  Winning  Road 

Millar,  James,  labourer,  3  Park  Avenue 

Miller,  Andrew,  block  worker,  2  Alexander  Terrace 

Miller,  John,  merchant,  10  Woodwynd 

Miller,  Mary,  widow,  53  Stevenston  Road 

Milligan,  Henry,  miner,  20  Almswall  Road 

Milligan,  John,  merchant,  34  Main  Street 

Milne,  James,  merchant,  1   Dairy  Road 

Milne,  James  A.,  4  Hamilton  Street 

Milne,  John,  traveller,  10  Almswall  Road 

Mitchell,  Alexander,  carter,  Parkhill  Buildings 

Mitchell,  Angus,  constable,  39  Claremont  Crescent 

Mitchell,  Duncan,  photographer,  2  Parkhill  Buildings 

Mitchell,  Duncan,  photographer,  105  Main  Street 

Mitchell,  John,  carter,   12  Bridgend 

Mitchell,  John,  jr.,  carter,  12  Bridgend 

Mitchell,  John,  labourer,  1  Parkhill  Buildings 

Mitchell,  William,  labourer,  14  Byres  Road 

Moffat,  Alexander  P.,  grocer,   165  Main  Street 

Moffat,  Alexander  P.,  grocer,  169  Main  Street 

Moffat,  James,  insurance  agent,  58  Byres  Road 

Moir,  James,  manager,  62  Stevenston  Road 

Moir,  James  A.,  chemist,  115  Main  Street.      Tel.  69 

Montgomerie,  George,  retired,  50  Byres  Road 

Montgomerie,  John,  miner,  41   Eglinton  Place 

Montgomery,  James,  miner,   llf  Woodwynd 

Montgomery,  Thomas,  miner,  38  Corsehill 

Moore,  Andrew,  dynamite  worker,  27  YVinton  Avenue 

Moore,  Hugh,  labourer,  37  Abbeygreen 

Moore,  James,  furnaceman,  2  Alexandra  Terrace 

Moore,  Samuel,  labourer,  57  Fergushill  Road 

Morgan,  Daniel,  foreman,  51  Claremont  Crescent 

Morgan,  Margaret,  widow,  13  Stevenston  Road 

Morris,  Thomas,  labourer,  5  Almswall  Road 

Morrison,  Alexander,  miner,  6  Dovecot  Lane 

Morrison,  James,  fireman,  Irvine  Road 

Morrison,  James,  miner,   145  Fergushill  Road 

Morrison,   Joseph,  labourer,  3  Townhead 

Morrison,  Mrs.  Margaret,  publican,  37  Main  Street 

Morrison,  Mrs.  Sarah,  125  Fergushill  Road 

Morrison,  Thomas,  brass  finisher,  36  Corsehill 

Morrison,  Thomas,  labourer,  149  Fergushill  Road 

Morrison,  William,  labourer,  16  Eglinton  Place 

Morrison,  William,  baker,  24  Fergushill  Road 

Morrison,  William,  miner,  14  Garden  Square  Lane 

Morrison,  William  D.,  chemist,  Dunmore,  Stevenston  Road 

Morrow,  Eliza,  68  Stevenston  Road 

Morrow,  Elizabeth,  shopkeeper,  68  Byres  Road 

Morrow,  James,  fencer,  66  Byres  Road 

Morrow,  John,  platelayer,  50  Stevenston  Road 

Morrow,  William,  platelayer,  15  Abbeygreen 

Muir,  Agnes,  teacher,  15  Winton  Avenue 

Muir,  Agnes,  21  Abbeygreen 

Muir,  Agnes,  widow,  26  Abbeygreen 

Muir,  Alexander  B.,  engineer,  5  Garnock  View 

Muir,  George,  traveller,  32  Corsehill 

Muir,  Mrs.  George,  widow,  86  Corsehill 

Muir,  Hugh,  48  Stevenston  Road 

Muir,  Hugh,  blacksmith,  Abbeygreen 

Muir,  James,  butcher,  36  Corsehill 


Muir,  Jeanie,  22  Bridgend 

Muir,  Jeanie,  21  Fergushill  Road 

Muir,  Jessie  &  Lena,  4  Winton  Avenue 

Muir,  John,  miner,  30  Fergushill  Road 

Muir,  Mary,  widow,  7  Ashgrove  Road 

Muir,  Michael,  insurance  agent,  15  Woodwynd, 

Muir,  Michael,  merchant,  27-29  Main  Street 

Muir,  Robert,  miner,  4  Bridgend  Lane 

Muir,  Samuel,  26  Howgate 

Mullen,   Edward,  baker,  7  Woodwynd 

Mullen,  Cornelius,  postman,   19  Townhead 

Mullin,  Thomas,  labourer,  62  Claremont  Crescent 

Munro,  William,  baker,  3  Park  Avenue 

Munro,  William  G.,  engineer,  74  Claremont  Crescent 

Murdoch,  Joseph,  ironmoulder,  54  Fergushill  Road 

Murphy,  James,  carter,  152  Fergushill  Road 

Murphy,  John,  79  Corsehill 

Murray,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  Ashgrove  Bungalow 

Murray,  James,  dentist,  51  Dairy  Road 

Murray,  Margaret,  teacher,  11   Dairy  Road 

Murray,  Mrs.  Margaret,  ice  cream  dealer,  95-97  Main  Street 

Murray,  Mungo,  spelter  worker,  9  Kyleswell  Street 

Myles,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  47  Dairy  Road 

Nairn,  Alexander,  baker,  112  Main  Street. 

Nairn,  James,  Ltd.,  iron  fencers,  Townhead  Ironworks.     Tel.  1( 

Neaves,   Robert,  chauffeur,  Ledcameroch,   Dairy  Road  ) 

Neice,  Jessie,  widow,  9  Hamilton  Street 

Neil,  Jessie,  widow,  43  Claremont  Crescent 

Neill,  Samuel,  dairyman,  8  Byres  Road 

Neilson,  William  H.,  traveller,  52  Claremont  Crescent 

Nelson,  Alexander,  miner,  12  Bridgend 

Nelson,  Thomas,  baker,  186  Main  Street 

Ness,  John  A.,  printer,  4  Claremont  Crescent 

Newal,  David,  carter,  28  Abbeygreen 

Nicholson,  Alexander,  70  Claremont  Crescent 

Niblock,  Daniel,  39  Winton  Avenue 

Niblock,  Elizabeth,  widow,  40  Abbeygreen 

Niblock,  James,  miner,  3  Abbeygreen 

Niblock,  James,  clerk,  78  Claremont  Crescent 

Niblock,  James,  Glebe  Street 

Niblock,  Robert,  labourer,  113  Fergushill  Road 

Niblock,  William,  joiner,   15  Ashgrove  Road 

Niblock,  William,  47  Woodwynd 

Niven,  Andrew,  spirit  merchant,  Oxenward  Road 

Niven,  Andrew,  spirit  merchant,  2-4  Howgate 

Niven,  Gilbert,  vanman,  169  Main  Street 

Niven,  John,  spirit  merchant,  35  Howgate 

Niven,  Marion  R.,  widow,  44  Dairy  Road 

Niven,  Robert,  clerk,  48  Claremont  Crescent 

Norwood,  James,  retired,  3  Townhead 

O'Connell,  Timothy,  53  Main  Street 
O'Connell,  William,  labourer,  57  Eglinton  Place 
Oliver,  Jessie  J.  G.  F.,  widow,  3  Hamilton  Street 
O'Neil,  William  J.,  labourer,  11   Abbeygate 
O'Neill,  Thomas,  labourer,  49  Main  Street 
O'Pray,  Hugh,  driver,  2  Parkhill  Buildings 
O'Pray,  Hugh,  miner,  107  Main  Street 
Orr,  Mrs.  Margaret,  19  Townhead 
Orr,  William,  engineer,  8  Segton  Avenue 
Osborne,  Margaret,  widow,  17  Abbeygreen 
Owen,  John,  spirit  merchant,  57-59  Byres  Road 
Owen,  John,  spirit  merchant,  45  Stevenston  Road 


Palmer,  Edward,  bricklayer,  15  Millbank 

Palmer,  James,  miner,  36  Fergushill  Road 

Palmer,  John,  miner,  32  Bridgend 

Palmer,  Matthew,  contractor,  14  Dovecot  Lane 

Palmer,  Matthew,  builder,  7  Pathfoot.     Tel.  42 

Passmore,  Frederick,  retired,  82  Stevenston  Road 

Paterson,  Alexander,   miner,   2   Parkhill  Buildings 

Paterson,  Andrew,  furnaceman,  18  Abbeygreen 

Paterson,  Donald  S.,  checker,  Glebe  Street 

Paterson,  Edward,  miner,  134  Corsehill 

Paterson,   Isabella  S.,  teacher,   27  Stevenston   Road 

Paterson,  James,  miner,  7  Park  Avenue 

Paterson,  John,  pointsman,  14  Dairy  Road 

Paterson,  John,  13  Hamilton  Street 

Paterson,  John,  labourer,  18  Clare  mo  nt  Crescent 

Paterson,  John,  66  Claremont  Crescent 

Paterson,  Jessie  S.,  widow,  63  Byres  Road 

Paterson,  Mrs.  Margaret,  46  Stevenston  Road 

Paterson,  Peter,  contractor,  26  Woodwynd 

Paterson,  Richard,  engineer,  40  Corsehill 

Paterson,  Robert,  grocer,  42  Stevenston  Road 

Paterson,  Robert,  harbour  worker,  26  Byres  Road 

Paterson,  Mrs.  Sarah,  88  Main  Street 

Paterson,  Thomas,  moulder,  24  Dairy  Road 

Paterson,   William,  42  Claremont  Crescent 

Paterson,  William,  miner,   1 1   Eglinton  Place 

Paterson,  Williamina  N.,  41   Woodwynd 

Paton,  Matthew,  engineer,  9  Dairy  Road 

Patrick,  James  K.,  manager,  19  Howgate 

Peters,  William,  surfaceman,  17  Almswall  Road 

Peters,  William,  driver,  21   Almswall  Road 

Pierotti,  Francesco,  ice  cream  dealer,  11   Howgate 

Pierotti,   Francis,  confectioner,  8  Park  Avenue 

Pierotti,  Paride,  ice  cream  merchant,  59  Main  Street 

Pirrie,  Robert,  miner,  33a  Woodwynd 

Poole,  George,  surfaceman,  50  Howgate 

Porter,  Adam,  labourer,  11  Main  Street 

Porter,  Christina,  widow,  85  Corsehill 

Porter,  John,  miner,  23  Main  Street 

Porter,  John,  miner,  6  Dovecot  Lane 

Porter,  Thomas,  miner,  21   Eglinton  Place 

Potts,  John,  baker,  3  Abbeygreen 

Pratt,  Arthur,  labourer,  31   Byres  Road 

Pratt,  Charles,  platelayer,  9  St.  Winning  Road 

Priestley,  John,  railwayman,  40  Eglinton  Place 

Priestley,  Martha,  widow,  18  Abbeygreen 

Priestly,  John,  29  Pathfoot 

Pyper,  Mrs.  Barbara,  1  Vaults  Lane 


Quirk,  Christina,  1   Eglinton  Place 

Rae,  David,  mechanic,  3  Park  Avenue 

Rae,  John,  miner,  38  Corsehill  Row 

Rae,  Mrs.  Mary,  2  Parkhill  Buildings 

Rae,  Mary,  teacher,  45  Claremont  Crescent 

Rae,  Thomas,  joiner,  15  Dairy  Road 

Ralston,  Alexander,  engineer,  35  Claremont  Crescent 

Ralston,  Mrs.  Anna  F.,  39  Byres  Road 

Ralston,  James  S.,  collector,  28  Dairy  Road 

Ralston,  Marion  L.,  widow,  56  Stevenston  Road 


Ralston,  Mary  &  Christina,  32  Woodwynd 

Ralston,  Mary  L.,  13  St.  Winning  Road 

Ralston,   William,  moulder,  39  Ciaremont  Crescent 

Ralston,  William,  moulder,  24  Dairy  Road 

Ramage,  Jeanie,  25  Hamilton  Street 

Reekie,  Elizabeth,  widow,  17  Ashgrove  Road 

Renfrew,  James,  blacksmith,  16  Dairy  Road 

Reid,  Andrew,  electrician,  6  Bridgend  Lane 

Reid,  Andrew,  electrician,  33a  Woodwynd 

Reid,  Mrs.  Annie,  84  Stevenston  Road 

Reid,  David,  joiner,  45  Byres  Road.     Tel.  65 

Reid,  David,  joiner,  44  Byres  Road 

Reid,  Hugh  C,  colliery  agent,  49  Byres  Road.     Tel.  56 

Reid,  James,  miner,  10  Corsehill  Row 

Reid,  James,  miner,  4  Corsehill  Row 

Reid,  Jane,  widow,  4  Almswall  Road 

Reid,  John,  joiner,  13  Dairy  Road 

Reid,  John,  shoemaker,  36  Main  Street 

Reid,  John,  baker,  56  Fergushill  Road 

Reid,  Mrs.  Martha,  28  Woodwynd 

Reid,  Mrs.  Mary,  2  Park  Avenue 

Reid,  Mary  C,  widow,  10  Segton  Avenue 

Reid,  Thomas,  millworker,  26  Ciaremont  Crescent 

Reid,  Thomas,  clerk,  76  Ciaremont  Crescent 

Reid,  William,  outfitter,  42  Dairy  Road 

Reid,  William,  outfitter,  188  Main  Street 

Rennie,  Annie,  widow,  15  Abbeygreen 

Rennie,  Hugh,  labourer,  34  Corsehill  Row 

Reynolds,  James,  chlorine  worker,  28  Abbeygreen 

Richmond,  Mrs.  Agnes,  24  Woodwynd 

Richmond,  Catherine,  tobacconist,  126  Main  Street 

Richmond,  Hugh,  tailor,  77  Main  Street 

Richmond,  James,  79  Main  Street 

Ririe,  Alexander  B.,  teacher,  57  Dairy  Road 

Ritchie,  Jessie,  34  Woodwynd 

Roaks,  John,  81  Corsehill 

Robertson,  Mrs.  Agnes,  widow,  11   Dairy  Road 

Robertson,  Agnes  H.,  widow,  11   Bridgend 

Robertson,  Donald,  sawmiller,  12  Main  Street 

Robertson,  Henry,  dynamite  worker,  3  Woodwynd 

Robertson,  James,  miner,  40  Corsehill 

Robertson,  John,  engineman,  lib  Woodwynd 

Robertson,  Malcolm  G.,  clerk,  7  Winton  Avenue 

Robertson,  Robert,  joiner,  16  Ciaremont  Crescent 

Rodger,   William,  clerk  of  works,   15  Stevenston  Road 

Rogers,  Thomas,  labourer,  18  Eglinton  Place 

Rolley,  Augusta  H.  E.  B.,  23  Woodwynd 

Roonev,  Peter,  linesman,  57  Ciaremont  Crescent 

Roval  Bank  of  Scotland,  178  Main  Street.     Tel.  45 

Russell,  David,  18  Main  Street.      Tei.  41 

Russell,  Mrs.  Eliza,  widow,  86  Ciaremont  Crescent 

Russell,  Frank,  labourer,  12  Vaults  Lane 

Russell,  Grace,  fruiterer,  10  Main  Street 

Ryan,  James,  chauffeur,  5  Garden  Square  Lane 

Sanderson,  Sarah  Baird,   11   Abbeygreen 
Savage,  Alexander,  labourer,  6  Dovecot  Lane 
Sayers,  John,  43  Stevenston  Road 
Scott,  George,  clerk,  18  Winton  Avenue 
Scott,  Georgina,  widow,  52  Eglinton  Place 
Scott,  James,  saddler,  88  Ciaremont  Crescent 
Scott,  James,  miner,  24  Bridgend 
Scott,  James,  grocer,  30  Abbeygreen 
Scott,  James,  saddler,  28  Howgate 
Scott,  James,  labourer,  74  Stevenston  Road 


Scott,  John,  manager,  67  Stevenston  Road 

Scott,  Robert,  labourer,  151  Main  Street 

Scullion,  Charles,  jr.,  miner,  11a  Woodwynd 

Scullion,  Charles,  jr.,  miner,  58  Claremont  Crescent 

Scales,  James,  Dovecot  Lane 

Service,  Jane,  29  Bridgend 

Service,  Mrs.  Mary,  grocer,  18  and  20  Bridgend 

Service,  Robert,  joiner,  5  Kyleswell  Street 

Service,  Robert,  engineer,  4  Kyleswell  Street 

Service,  Thomas,  innkeeper,  3-5  Howgate 

Shanks,  Hugh,  labourer,  51   Eglinton  Place 

Shapley,  Francis  C,  cabinetmaker,  6  Woodwynd 

Sharkey,  Mrs.  Mary,  25  Claremont  Crescent 

Shaw,  David,  engineman,  84  Claremont  Crescent 

Shedden,  David,  farmer,  115  Corsehill 

Sheddon,  James,  joiner,  163  Main  Street 

Sheddon,  Mrs.  Jane,  draper,  161  Main  Street 

Sheddon,  John,  surfaceman,  36  Corsehill 

Silver,  John,  rigger,  59  Stevenston  Road 

Simpson,  James,  brickworker,  17  Claremont  Crescent 

Simpson,  James,  cordite  worker,  2  Pathfoot 

Simpson,  John,  postman,  13  Garden  Square  Lane 

Sinclair,  Alison,  widow,  19  Bridgend 

Skeoch,  William  R.,  teacher,  10  Claremont  Crescent 

Sloan,  John,  joiner,  13  Ashgrove  Road 

Sloan,   John,  railwayman,  5   Alexandra  Terrace 

Sloan,  John  D.,  labourer,  106  Main  Street 

Small,  Maggie,   Larchfield,   Irvine  Road 

Smith,  Charles,  spirit  merchant,   133  Fergushill  Road 

Smith,  David,  porter,  9  Winton  Avenue 

Smith,  Hugh,  salesman,  5  Segton  Avenue 

Smith,  James,  miner,  33  Abbeygreen 

Smith,  James,  labourer,  2  Bridgend 

Smith,  James,  grocer,  5  Stevenston  Road 

Smith,  John,  labourer,  98  Corsehill, 

Smith,  Joseph,  surfaceman,  33  Abbeygreen 

Smith,  Leonard,  117  Fergushill  Road 

Smith,  Mrs.  Mary,  teacher,  9  Howgate 

Smith,  Matthew,  bricklayer,  32  Main  Street 

Smith,  Robert,  jr.,  engineer,  9  Garden  Square  Lane 

Smith,  Robert,  grocer,  118  Main  Street 

Smith,  Robert,  grocer,  14  Stevenston  Road 

Smith,   Robert,  retired,  50  Sterenston  Road 

Smith,  William,  engineer,  33  Dairy  Road 

Sneddon,  Elizabeth,  widow,  8  Eglinton  Place 

Sneddon,  John,  73  Main  Street 

Sneddon,  Walter,  87  Corsehill 

Sommerville,  William,  teacher,  49  Stevenston  Road 

Speirs,  Mrs.  Helen,  widow,  20  Byres  Road 

Speirs,  Ivie,  retired,  2  Pathfoot 

Spiers,  Alan,  retired,  22  Byres  Road 

Spiers,  Alexander,  surfaceman,  44  Main  Street 

Spiers,  Gilbert,  surfaceman,  56  Main  Street 

Stark,  Thomas  F.,  clerk,  12  Segton  Avenue 

Steed,  Peter,  labourer,  101  Corsehill 

Steel,  William,  retired,  63  Dairy  Road 

Steele,  John,  ironworker,  12  Bridgend  Lane 

Steveley,  John,  miner,  130  Corsehill 

Steveley,  William,  oversman,  128  Corsehill 

Steveley,   David,  oversman,   130  Corsehill 

Stevely,  James,  miner,  28  Corsehill   Row 

Stevely,  Mary,  137  Fergushill  Road 

Steven,  William,  8  Abbeygreen 

Stevenson,  Mrs.  Agnes,  widow,  10  Garden  Square  Lane 

Stevenson,  Mrs.  Agnes,  widow,  15  Eglinton  Place 

Stevenson.  Andrew,  electrician,  101   Main  Street 

Stevenson,  David,  accountant.  54  Stevenston  Road 

Stevenson,   Robert,  surfaceman,  24  Dairy  Road 


Stevenson,  William,  miner,  49  Main  Street 
Stevenson,  William,  railwayman,  17  Ashgrove  Road 
Stewart,  A.,  stationmaster,  Townhead 
Stewart,  Jean  G.,  teacher,  41   Stevenston   Road 
Stewart,  John,  miner,  60  Fergushill  Road 
Stewart,  Malcolm,  miner,  30  Bridgend 
Stewart,  Samuel,  dairyman,  81  Corsehill 
Stirling,  Margaret,  widow,  25  Stevenston  Road 
Strachan,  James,  engineer,  11   Byres  Road 
Strachan,  James,  draper,  30  Corsehill 
Strachan,  John,  janitor,  15  Dairy  Road 
Strachan,  Thomas,  miner,  34  Eglinton  Place 
Strachan,  William,  miner,  36  Corsehill  Row 
Strain,  Alexander,  46  Claremont  Crescent 
Strain,  Alexander,  miner,  5  Woodwynd 
Strain,  David,  surfaceman,  18  Dairy  Road 
Strain,  David,  foreman,  26  Dairy  Road 
Strain,  Samuel,  surfaceman,  7  Kyleswell  Street 
Strain,  Samuel,  ironworker,  56  Eglinton  Place 
Strain,  Thomas,  surfaceman,  44  Claremont  Crescent 
Strannigan,  James,  miner,  32  Bridgend 
Strannigan,  Mrs.  Jeannie,  Fergiishill  Road 
Strannigan,  Matthew,  miner,  41  Main  Street 
Strannigan,  William,,  miner,  26  Fergushill   Road 
Strathdee,  Mrs.  Jane,  widow,  22  Dairy  Road 
Sturgeon,  James,  railwayman,  5  Dairy  Road 
Sutherland,  Mrs.  Margaret,  13  Segton  Avenue 

Taggart,  William,  miner,  98  Corsehill 

Tait,  Archibald,  labourer,  25  Winton  Avenue 

Tait,  John,  postman,  6  Claremont  Crescent 

Tannock,  James  R.,  fencer,  2  Stevenston  Road 

Taylor,  James,  labourer,  83  Corsehill 

Taylor,  Mary  S.,  spirit  merchant,  11-13    Townhead 

Taylor,  William,  labourer,  Woodwynd 

Tear,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  146  Corsehill 

Tear,  Mrs.  Mary  H.,  widow,  15  Ashgrove  Road 

Templeton,  R.  &  J.,  Ltd.,  grocers,  98  Main  Street 

Tennant,  David,  ironworker,  3  Fergushill  Road 

Thorn,  Annie,  dressmaker,  41  Dairy  Road 

Thorn,  Archibald,  engineer,  12  Dairy  Road 

Thom,  James,  driver,  28  Dairy  Road 

Thorn,  John,  baker,  39  Dairy  Road 

Thom,  John,  moulder,  43  Dairy  Road 

Thorn,  Matthew,  teacher,  9  Townhead 

Thom,  Robert,  acetylene  worker,  7  Claremont  Crescent 

Thom,  Robert,  engineer,  3  Eglinton  Place 

Thomason,  Reginald  J.,  salesman,  67  Byres  Road.     Tel.  53 

Thompson,  Andrew,  miner,  5  Millbank 

Thomson,  Edward,  engineman,  85  Corsehill 

Thomson,  Eliza  J.,  widow,  6  Dovecot  Lane 

Thomson,  James  D.,  clerk,  Segton  Avenue 

Thomson,  John,  labourer,  41  Main  Street 

Thomaon,  John,  ironworker,  30  Almswall  Road 

Thomson,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  24  Dairy  Road 

Thomson,  Reginald  J.,  salesman,  65-67  Byres  Road 

Thomson,  Robert,  labourer,  101  Corsehill 

Thomson,  Simon,  signalman,  6  Alexandra  Terrace 

Thomson,  Thomas,  miner,  14  Fergushill  Road 

Thomson,  Thomas,  dynamite  worker,  4  Vaults  Lane 

Thomson,  Thomas  B.,  foreman.  29  Winton  Avenue 

Thomson,  Thomas,  labourer,  7  Kyleswell  Street 

Thomson,  William,  joiner,  20  Dairy  Road 

Thorburn,  William  O.,  accountant,  60  Stevenston  Road 

Tonner,  John,  dynamite  worker,  11   Dairy  Road 


Torrance,  Robert,  vanman,  100-104  Corsehill 

Train,  Mary,  widow,  42  Main  Street 

Travers,  Henry,  butcher,  15  Ashgrove  Road 

Traynor,  John,  miner,  46  Stevenston  Road 

Traynor,  Margaret,  21  Patbfoot 

Traynor,  Michael,  ice  cream  vendor,  48-50  Main  Street 

Trodden,  Thomas,  15  Hamilton  Street 

Tudhope,  David,  labourer,  13  Bridgend 

Tudhope,  John,  miner,  Fergushill  Road 

Tudhope,  William,  miner,  14  Byres  Road 

Tumilty,  George,  railwayman,  37  Eglinton  Place 


Wales,  Abraham,  labourer,  9  Garnock  View 

Wales,  Andrew,  tailor,  102  Main  Street 

Wales,  David  M.,  labourer,  44  Almswall  Road 

Wales,  Mrs.  Ellen,  19  Hamilton  Street 

Wales,  Hugh,  footballer,  7  Park  Avenue 

Wales,  James,  miner,  4  Alexandra  Terrace 

Wales,  John,  miner,  103  Main  Street 

Wales,  William,  miner,  5  Howgate 

Wales,  William,  dynamite  worker,  66  Byres  Road 

Wales,   William,  labourer,   15  Claremont   Crescent 

Walker,  Alexander,  dynamite  worker,  Corsehill 

Walker,  Annie,  widow,  41  Claremont  Crescent 

Walker,  David,  craneman,  148  Corsehill 

Walker,  Rev.  David,  34  Howgate 

Walker,  Hugh,  craneman,  142  Corsehill 

Walker,  John,  motor  engineer,  60  Byres  Road.     Tel.  21 

Walker,  John,  motor  engineer,  14  Byres  Road 

Walker,  John,  miner,  11  Abbeygreen 

Walker,  John,  motorman,  56  Main  Street 

Walker,  John,  crane  driver,  32  Main  Street 

Walker,  Thomas,  labourer,  32  Main  Street 

Walker,  William,  porter,  Townhead 

Wallace,  Alexander,  slater  and  plasterer,  26  Greenfoot.     Tel.  109 

Wallace,  Andrew,  miner,  125  Fergushill  Road 

Wallace,  Annie,  158  Fergushill  Road 

Wallace,  Ellen  F„  71  Main  Street 

Wallace,  David,  joiner,  3  Abbeygate 

Wallace,  Janet,  fruiterer,  1  and  la  Byres  Road 

Wallace,  Robert,  cabinetmaker,  3  Abbeygate 

Wallace,  Thomas,  19  Corsehill 

Wallace,  William,  engineer,  60  Byres  Road 

Ward,  Hugh,  29  Pathfoot 

Waterston,  David,  miner,  14  Corsehill  Row 

Watson  &  Kenyon,  fleshers,  184  Main  Street.     Tel.  101 

Watson,  David,  cashier,  6  Segton  Avenue 

Watson,  Elizabeth,  widow,  69  Stevenston  Road 

Watson,  James,  butcher,  Janellen,  Stevenston  Road 

Watson,  James,  fencer,  4  St.  Winning  Road 

Watson,  James,  labourer,  49  Eglinton  Place 

Watson,  James  F.,  13  Dairy  Road 

Watson,  Janet,  3  Woodwynd 

Watson,  Margaret,  widow,  Pathfoot  Cottage 

Watt.  Martin,  ironworker.  35  Eglinton  Place 

Watt,   William,  furnaceman,  26  Dairy  Road 

Weir,  Alexander,  clerk,  19  Stevenston  Road 

Welsh,  George,  burgh  worker,  30  Dairy  Road 

Welsh,  Mrs.  Jane,  widow.  2  Eglinton  Place 

Whannel,  Alexander,  roadman,  55  Dairy  Road 

White,   Robert,  technical  assistant,  31a  Dairy  Road 

Whiteside,  Hugh,  labourer,  30  Claremont  Crescent 

Whiteside,  Hugh,  explosives  worker,  15  Dairy  Road 

Wl'.vtc,   Robert,  yardsman,  26   Howgate 

Williamson,   Peter,   15  Corsehill 


Wilson,  Adam,  tailor,  61-63  Main  Street 

Wilson,  Alexander,  blacksmith,  56  Claremont  Crescent 

Wilson,  Allan  B.,  architect,  2  Segton  Avenue 

Wilson,  Andrew,  retired,  18  Dairy  Road 

Wilson,  David,  labourer,  18  Dovecot  Lane 

Wilson,  James,  retired,  24  Bridgend  Lane 

Wilson,  Janet,  31  Woodwynd 

Wilson,  Mrs.  Joan,  widow,  46  Eglinton  Place 

Wilson,  John,  shipmaster,  35  Stevenston  Road 

Wilson,  Mrs.  Margaret  J.,  confectioner,  177-179  Main  Street 

Wilson,  Peter,  dynamite  worker,  64  Claremont  Crescent 

WTilson,  Robert,  labourer,  44  Eglinton  Place 

Wilson,  Thomas,  labourer,  16  Dovecot  Lane 

Wilson,  Walter,  chemical  worker,  7  Townhead 

WTilson,  William,  engineman,  Parkhill  Buildings 

Wilson,  William,  cattleman,  55  Claremont  Crescent 

Wilson,  William  S.,  bathmaster,  40  Abbeygreen 

Wilson,  William,  joiner,  1  Park  Avenue 

Wilson,  Archibald  M.,  labourer,  20  Dovecot  Lane 

Winton  Arms  Hotel,  Townhead.     Tel.  50 

Wood,  Edward,  chemist,  23  Dairy  Road 

Wood,  Robert,  postman,  54  Claremont  Crescent 

Woods,  Mrs.  Jessie;  messroom  keeper,  11  Claremont  Crescent 

Woods,  Peter,  72  Claremont  Crescent 

Woodside,  Mary,  widow,  163  Main  Street 

Wright,  Mrs.  Helen,  Ashgrove  Road 

Wright,  Mrs.  Jean  B.,  Corsehill 

Wylie,  Mrs.  Jeanie  L.,  33  Winton  Avenue 

Wylie,  Mrs.  Jeanie  L.,  181  Main  Street 

Wylie,  Robert,  138  Main  Street 

Wylie,  Robert,  labourer,  23  Claremont  Crescent 

Wyllie,  John,  auctioneer,  11  Segton  Avenue 

Wyllie,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  6  Byres  Road 

Yarr.  Mrs.  Mary,  49-51  Main  Street 

Yarr,  Sarah,  widow,  33  Abbeygreen 

Yarr,  Mrs.  Struthers  H.,  12  Woodwynd 

Young,  James,  miner,  3  Vaults  Lane 

Young,  James,  explosive  worker,  32  Fergushill  Road 

Young,  James,  miner.  12  Abbeygreen 

'Xoung,  John,  drainer,  56  Corsehill 

Young,  John,  electrician,  111   Corsehill 

Young,  John,  jr.,  labourer,  115  Corsehill 

Young,  Margaret,  widow,  154  Fergushill  Road 

Young,  Margaret  M.,  widow,  56  Dairy  Road 



Population  of  Parish— 3,207. 

Registrar  of  Births,  Marriages  and  Deaths  for  Parish — Frank  Hamilton, 
Parish  Council  Chambers. 

Representative  in  County  Council — Thos.  Walker. 

Assessment  per  £ — Occupier,  5/8|d. 
Owner,  5/8W. 
Water  Rate— 8|d. 
Total  Gross  Valuation— £22,033. 


Fergushill  Quoad  Sacra  Parish  Church.    Per  Rev.  Thomas  B.  Vallance, 


Eglinton  District  Parish  School. — Headmaster,   Wm.  McAngus. 

Fergushill  Public  School. — Headmaster, 

Lylestone  Public  School. — Headmistress,  A.  Templeton. 


Eglintou    Ironworks     Institute.     Per     James     Kirkwood,     Eglinton 

Scottish  Labour  Colony  Association,  Ltd.,  Todhill  Farm.     Per  Matthew 
B.  Auld,  113  St.  Vincent  Street, 'Glasgow. 


Adrain,  John,  Broomhill 

Agnew,  John,  shaftsman,  54  Single  Row 

Aird,  James,  Monkredding 

Aird,  Thomas,  miner,  14  Byrehill 

Aitken,  George,  Low  Stahles,  Eglinton 

Alexander,  Alexander  R.,  farmer,  Whitehirst 

Alexander,  John,  Torranyard 

Alexander,  Thomas,  labourer,  23  Bensley  Square 

Alexander,  Thomas,  gardener,  Monkeastle 

Allan,  James,  18  Seymoxir  Avenue 

Allan.  Mary,  widow,  West  Lodge,  Montgreenan 

Allan,  William,  6  Smith  Orescent 

Allardice.  Annie,   widow,  15  Wellington  Row,  Fergushill 

Allardiee,   Robert,   miner,  22  Wellington  Row,   Fergushill 

Allison,  Robert,  Auchenmade  Cottages 

Anderson,  Hugh,  farm  servant,  Dubbs 

Anderson,  John,  brickworker,  Monkredding 

Anderson,  Sanvuel,  ploughman,  Todhills 

Andrew,  George,  Seven  Acres 

Andrew,  Mrs.  Neil,  widow,  16  Burn  Row,  Fergushill 

Annal,   David,  miner,  16  Front  Row,  Fergushill 

Annal,  John,  blacksmith,  15  Front  Row,  Fergushill 

Annal,  William,  miner,  24  Wellington  Row,  Fergushill 

Archibald,  Robert,  farmer,  Auchenmade 

Archibald,   William  G.,  farmer,  Little  Auchenmade 

Auld,  Joseph,  labourer,  6  Single  Row 

Auld,  Marion,  Sunnyside 

Auld,  Samuel,  15  Second  Double  Row 

Baillie,  Alexander,  nurseryman,  Sunnyside 

Bain,  Mrs.  Hugh,  widow,  27  Bensley  Square 

Bain,  James  R.,  8  Smith  Crescent 

Balfour,  Ian  N.,  Monkredding.      Tel.  77 

Ballantine,  Alexander  R.,  Ashgrove  Road.     Tel.  5 

Ballantyne,  Jane,  34  Single  Row 

Barbour,  William,  gardener,  Smithstone  Mains 

Barclay,  William,  pointsman,  Dubbs  Junction 

Barr,  Archibald,  miner,  Seven  Acres 

Barr,  George,  miner,  12  Wellington  Row,  Fergushill 

Barr,  James,  miner,  3  Wellington  Row,  Fergushill 

Barr,  Mrs.  Jane,  28  Seymour  Avenue 

Barr,  John,  miner,  14  Bensley  Square 

Barr,  Maggie,  widow,  2  Front  Row,  Fergushill 

Barr,  Margaret,  widow,  16  Wellington  Row,  Fergushill 

Barr,  Mary,  widow,  10  Single  Row 

Barr,  Mary,  widow,  42  Store  Row,  Bensley 

Barr,  Robert,  miner,  10  Galston  Row,   Fergushill 

Barr,  Robert,  miner,  1  Front  Row,  Fergushill 

Barr,  Thomas,  miner,  47  Montgresnan   Road,   Bensley 

Beattie,  Charles,  labourer,  46  Single  Row 

Begley,  Alexander,  roadman,  Dalgarven 

Bell,  Sir  John,  Bart.,  Montgreenan.      Tel.  6 

Bell,  Peter,  labourer,  Darmule 

Bennie,   Duncan,  brickworker,   Lylestonc  Cothouse 

Bicket,  John,  flesher,  Glenburnie 

Bicket,  Robert,  farmer,  Whitehirst 

Bicket,  Mrs.  Grace,  7  Smith  Crescent 

Bingham,  Archibald,  miner,  35  Second  Double  Row 

Bingham,  Archibald,  jr.,  1-1  J-  Second  Double  Row 

Bingham,  John,  miner,  55  Single  Row 

Black,  Thomas,  labourer,  35  Store  Row,   Bensley 

Blackley,  Andrew,  engineman,  17  Blacklands  Row 

Blackley,  Jane,  widow,  14  Blacklands  Row 


Blackley,  John,  labourer,  3  First  Double  Row 

Blackley,  John,  labourer,  16  Second  Double  Row 

Blackley,  Thomas,  engineman,  23  Blacklands  Row 

Blair,  David,   Dirrans  Cottage 

Blair,  Jeanie,  widow,  1   Single  Row 

Blair,  Peter,  butcher,  Mayfield  Cottage,  Doura 

Blair,  William,  oversman,  Dykehead 

Boa,  John,  joiner,  Dalgarven.     Tel.  83x 

Bonnington,  James,  manager,  16  Seymour  Avenue 

Bottomley,  James,  surfaceman,  15-16  Blacklands  Row 

Bowie,  John,  farmer,  Woodgreen 

Boyd,  Robert,  dynamite  worker,  Longford 

Boyd,  Thomas,  slater,  5  Third  Double  Row 

Brown,  Alexander,  miner,  20  Second  Double  Row 

Brown,  James,  engineer,  20  Smith  Crescent 

Brown,  Mrs.  Jessie  H.,  North  Auchenmade 

Brown,  John  C,  farmer,  Woodside 

Brown,  Robert,  farmer,  South  Auchenmade 

Bryan,  David,  cotman,  West  Doura  Farm 

Bryson,  James,  foreman,  11   Smith  Crescent 

Burns,   Margaret,  widow,  26  Seymour  Avenue 

Burns,  Patrick,  labourer,  23  Byrehill 

Cherrie,  John,  miner,  39  Second  Double  Row 

Cairney,  Daniel,  labourer,  2  First  Double  Row 

Cairney,  John,  labourer,  28  Second  Double  Row 

Cameron,  William,  1  Irvine  Road 

Cameron,  William,  labourer,  59  Single  Row 

Campbell,  Archibald,  miner,  31  Bensley  Square 

Campbell,  Archibald,  miner,  33  Bensley  Square 

Campbell,  James,  farmer,  South  Millburn 

Campbell,  John,  labourer,  Fergushill  House 

Campbell,  Joseph,  25  Seymour  Avenue 

Campbell,  Ralph,  21  Seymour  Avenue 

Campbell,  Mrs.  Thomas,  widow,  49  Montgreenan  Road 

Carroll,  James,  Torranyard 

Carson,  Samuel,  foreman,  7-8  Third  Double  Row 

Carson,  William,  baker,  43  Second  Double  Row 

Carswell,  James,  miner,  43  Store  Row,  Bensley 

Carswell,  Robert,  farmer,  Lylestone 

Caulfield,  William,  labourer,  5  Seymour  Avenue 

Clark,  Alexander,  farmer,  Outer  Ardoch 

Clark,  David,  33  Seymour  Avenue 

Clark,  Elizabeth,  widow,  2  Second  Double  Row 

Clark,  George,  furnace  fitter,  20  Single  Row 

Clark,  James,  gateman,  Dirrans  Cottage 

Clegg,  James,  fireman,  23  Single  Row 

Clegg,  John,  labourer,  42  Single  Row 

Clegg,  John,  labourer,  36  Second  Double  Row 

Clydesdale,  John,   Goldcraig 

Conn,  Adam,  ploughman,  Draughtburn  Cottage 

Conn,  George,  fireman,  45  Single  Row 

Conway,  Samuel,  32  Single  Row 

Corstorphine,   Alexander,  gardener,  Monkcastle 

Courtenay,  Mary  S.,  matron,  Childrens'   Home,  Bullerholes 

Cowan,  Archibald,  gardener,  Montgreenan 

Cowan,  Mrs.  Helen,  Dalgarven 

Cowan,  Thomas,  sawmiller,  Chapelgates 

Cowie,  John,  miner,  8  Burn  Row,  Fergushill 

Craig,  Alexander,  miner,   Rosevale,  Eglinton  Ironworks  Road 

Craig,  Allan,  blacksmith,  North  Millburn 

Craig,  Archibald,  blacksmith,  14  Burn  Row,  Fergushill 

Craig,  Jeanie,  widow,  6  Burn  Row,  Fergushill 

Crawford,  John,  farmer,  Castleton 

Crawford,    Robert,  contractor,   Torranyard 


Crawford,  Mrs.  Susan,  Castlclmrn 

Crossan.  Matthew,  West  Doura  Farm 

Culley,  Alexander,  labourer,   Dykehead 

Culley,  James,  labourer,  Mayville,   Eglinton  Ironworks   Road 

Culley,  John,  labourer,  27  Single  Row 

Culley,  Robert,  labourer,  19  Blaeklands  Row 

Culley,  William,  Ellena,  Eglinton  Ironworks  Road 

Curran,  Alexander,  labourer,  Doura 

Currie,  Duncan,  joiner,  10  Smith  Crescent 

Carrie,  David  R.,  farmer,  Darnmill  and  Benthead 

Dalglish,  Margaret,  dairymaid,  Eglinton  Mains 

Dalglish,  Robert,  farmer,  Low  Monkcastle 

Dalglish,  William,  farmer,  Hillend 

Davidson,  Andrew,  8  Seymour  Avenue 

Davidson,  David,  miner,  20  Pit,  Bensley 

Davidson,  Elizabeth,  hosiery  worker,  17  Second  Double  Row 

Davidson,  James,  joiner,  Coachman's  House 

Davidson,  Janet,  widow,  55  Montgreenan  Road 

Davidson,  Thomas,  miner,  32  Bensley  Square 

Deans,  James,  vanman,  22  Seymour  Avenue 

Devlin,  Edward,  miner,  12  Single  Row 

Devlin,  John,  fireman,  41  Single  Row 

Dickie,  William,  Eglinton  Kennels 

Digbie,  John,  miner,  18  Wellington  Row,  Fergushill 

Dillon,  Matthew,  labourer,  31  Single  Row 

Docherty,  James,  ploughman,   Laighmuir 

Donald,  Margaret  S.,   Broomhill 

Donaldson,  David,  miner,  1-2  High  Row,  Fergushill 

Donaldson,  James,  miner,  5  Galston  Row,  Fergushill 

Donaldson,  John,  miner,  1-2  Office  Row,  Fergushill 

Donaldson,  Mrs.  Robert,  widow,  20  Pit,  Bensley 

Donaldson,  William,  roadman,  11   Byrehill 

Donaldson,  William,  miner,  9  Galston  Row,  Fergushill 

Dorran,  John,  13  Third  Double  Row 

Douglas,  Lizzie,  widow,  43  Byrehill 

Downie,  Dale,  gardener,  Little  Seven  Acres 

Duncan,  James  A.,  1  Seymour  Avenue 

Dunlop,  Alexander,  miner,  9  Byrehill 

Dunlop,  Andrew,  miner,  24-25  Byrehill 

Dunlop,  Daniel,  miner,  6  Wellington  Row,  Fergushill 

Dunlop,  David,  driver,  10  Byrehill 

Dunlop,  James,  miner,  15  Single  Row 

Dunlop,  James,  Hill  Cottage 

Dunlop,  James,  farmer,  Dalgarven 

Dunlop,  William,  miner,  5  Byrehill 

Dunlop,  William,  miner,  3  Galston  Rows,  Fergushill 

Dunn,  James,  joiner,  Low  Stables 

Dunn.  Thomas,  35  Seymour  Avenue 

Easterbrook,  Edward,  roadman.  Groatholm  Farm 

Emnierson,  Andrew,  labourer,  Dalgarven 

Emmerson,  Gavin,  labourer,  20  Wellington  Row,  Fergushill 

Faddies,  James,  miner,  16  Byrehill 
Faddies,  William,  miner,  51  Single  Row 
Faddis,  James,  roadman,  16-17  Single  Row 
Faddis,  John,  miner,  22  Blaeklands  Row 
Fancie,  John,  chauffeur,  Ashgrove  Road 
Fancie,  John,  estate  worker,  Ashgrove  Road 


Ferguson,  Daniel,  miner,  17  Byrehill 

Ferguson,  David,  miller,  Dalgarven  Mill.     Tel.  83 y 

Ferguson,    David,  millworker,  Groatholm  Farm 

Ferguson,  Gavin,  engineman,  11-12  Third  Double  Row 

Ferguson,  John,  miller,  Dalgarven 

Ferguson,  John,  labourer,  11   Front  Row,  Fergushill 

Ferguson,  Robert,  miner,  4  Byrehill 

Ferguson,  William,  miner,  7  Single  Row 

Ferguson,  William,  Torranyard 

Ferrier,   George  P.,  Auchentiber 

Fingland,  Mrs.  Jessie,  Auchentiber 

Fingland,  John,  engine  driver,  Auchentiber  Cottages 

Finlay,  Robert,  brickmaker,   High  Monkredding 

Finnic  Annie,  Paddock  Cottage 

Finnie,  Isabella,  widow,  Redburn  Lodge 

Finnie,  John,  clerk,  Bannock 

Finnie,  William,  miner,  39  Store  Row,  Bensley 

Finnigan,  David,  miner,  14  Second  Double  Row 

Fisher,  Mrs.  David,  widow,  14  Third  Double  Row 

Fisher,  Joseph,  labourer,  East  Lodge,  Montgreenan 

Fitzsimmons,  James,  craneworker,  West  Doura  Farm 

Flannigan,  James,  ostler,  3  Stable  Row 

Fleming,  John,  farmer,  Hill  of  Fergushill 

Fleming,  Robert,  retired,  Auchentiber 

Fox,  Andrew,  gardener,  Ashgrove  Road 

Frew,  Elizabeth,  2  Front  Row,  Bensley 

Frew,  James,  Auchmead 

Frew,  Mrs.  James,  widow,  38  Store  Road,  Bensley 

Frew,  James,  miner,  22  Byrehill 

Frew,  William  B.,  joiner,  Auchenmade 

Fulton,  James,  surfaceman,  10  Seymour  Avenue 

Fyfe,  William,  checker,  12  Seymour  Avenue 

Gallocher,  Emma,  37  Store  Row,  Bensley 

Gallocher,  Hugh,  miner,  20  Bensley  Square 

Galloway,  Robert,  fireman,  58  Single  Row 

Gardener,  Frank,  painter,  Goldcraig 

Gardiner,  Mary,  widow,  Dalgarven 

Gartland,  Patrick,  miner,  13  Blacklands  Row 

Gemmell,  Hugh  K.,  Blairside.      Tel.  89 

Gibson',  Andrew,  40  Seymour  Avenue 

Gibson,  David,  miner,  20  Blacklands  Row 

Gibson,  James,  labourer,  8  Thatch  Row,  Fergushill 

Gibson,  Margaret,  widow,  8  Second  Double  Row 

Gibson,  Thomas,  17  Seymour  Avenue 

Gillies,  James,  surfaceman,  Auchenmade  Cottages 

Gilmour,  David,  13  Single  Row 

Gilmour,  Daniel,  labourer,  42  Second  Double  Row 

Gilmour,  Harry,  labourer,  38  Single  Row 

Gilmour.   Hugh,  labourer,  34  Second  Double  Row 

Gilmour,  Hugh,  engineman,  26  Second  Double  Row 

Gilmour,  Joseph,  dealer,  14  Seymour  Avenue 

Gilmour,   Thomas,  foreman,   15   Byrehill 

Gilmour,  Thomas,  hammerman,  30  Single  Row 

Gilmour,  William,  engine  driver,  4  Second  Double  Row 

Goddard,  Janet,  widow,  18  Second  Double  Row 

Godlet,  John,  gardener,  Monkcastle 

Goldie,  George  D.,  farmer,  Auchentiber  and  Todholes 

Gracie,  William,  baker,  Dubbs 

Graham,  Campbell,  4  First  Double  Row 

Graham,  Gavin,  miner,  1  Thatch  Row,  Fergushill 

Graham,  Jane,  widow,  5  Smith  Crescent 

Graham,  William,  15  Third  Double  Row 

Grant,  Mrs.  Emma  E..  Monkcastle.      Tel.  7 

Grant,  Robert,  miner,  Doura 


Grant,  William,  Torranyard 

Gray,  James  D.,  chauffeur,  Monkcastle 

Gray,  Jean,  widow,  27  Second  Double  Row 

Gray,  John,  Cranberry  Moss 

Gray,  John,  Fairlie  Bog 

Gray,  Robert,  7  Irvine  Road 

Gray,  Robert,  1-7  Stable  Row 

Greig,  Robert,  Golderaig 

Gunion,  Robert,  ploughman,  Longford 

Hail,   Peter  S.,  39  Seymour  Avenue 

Hamil,  John,  waterman,  Glenburnie 

Hamil,  Thomas  G.,  Wee  Woodside 

Hamilton,  Daniel,  miner,  3  Front  Row,  Fergushill 

Hamilton,  James,  janitor,  3  Smith  Crescent 

Hamilton,  John,  blacksmith,  Dalgarven 

Hamilton,  Thomas,  labourer,  40  Byrehill 

Hampton,  Thomas,  miner,  20  Byrehill 

Handling,  James,  signalman,  Stobbs 

Hannah,  Robert,  19  Second  Double  Row 

Hannah,  William,  insurance  agent,  1  Store  Row 

Hands,  John,  labourer,  28  Single  Row 

Hardcastle,  James,  butcher,  18  Smith  Crescent 

Harrison,  James,  29  Seymour  Avenue 

Harvie,  James,  farmer,   Groatholm 

Hawthorn,  Edward,  miner,  19  Single  Row 

Hawthorn,  James,  joiner,  26  Single  Row 

Hawthorn,  Margaret,  widow,  25  Single  Row 

Hawthorn,   William,  labourer,   Nethermains 

Hawthorne,  John,  miner,  11  Single  Row 

Hempkin,  Mrs.  Jemima,  47  Single  Row 

Henderson,  James,  chauffeur,  Redburn  Lodge 

Hendry,  Joseph,  farmer,  Damback,   Doura 

Henry,  George,  38  Seymour  Avenue 

Hood,  John,  miner,  41  Second  Double  Row 

Hood,  Robert,  miner,  38  Byrehill 

Hood,  William,  miner,  18  Single  Row 

Horn,  James  P.,  teacher,  Fergushill 

Howat,  John,  foreman,  36  Fergushill 

Howie,  James,  farmer,  North  and  South  Fergushill 

Howie,  James,  jr.,  farmer,  Eglinton  Mains 

Howie,  James,  farmer,  Redstone 

Howie,  Jeanie  &  Agnes,  South  Fergushill 

Hughes,  Mrs.  Margaret,  6  Byrehill 

Hunter,  Richard,  surfaceman,  Lugton 

Hutchison,  Samuel,  farmer,   Bensleyfield 

Hyslop,  John,  Dykehead 

Hyslop,  Robert,  signalman,  Dirrans  Cottage 


Imrie,  Alexander,  Auchenmead 
Imrie,  Andrew,  joiner,  Bensley, 
Irvine,  Robert,  fireman,  49  Single  Row 
Irvine,  William,  miner,  6  Second  Double  Row 

Jack,  Robert,  banker,  Southstone  Main 
Jackson,  William,  7  Seymour  Avenue 
Johnston,  John,  lorryman,  Golderaig 
Johnston,  Margaret,  widow,  7  Byrehill 
Jamieson,  James,  labourer,  Torranyard 
Jamieson,  Andrew,  ploughman,  Gateside  Cottage 



Kelly,  James,  foreman,  1-2  Third  Double  Row 

Kelly,  Patrick,  labourer,  37  Single  Row 

Kennedy,  Alexander,  farmer.   High  Moncur 

Kennedy,   Hugh,  miner,  4  Store  Row,   Bensley 

Kennedy,  James,  farmer,  Seven  Acres,  Mains 

Kennedy,  Robert,  Burnbank  Cottage,  Montgreenan. 

Kerr.  David  S..  farmer,  Ardoch 

Kerr,  Joseph,  byreman,  Eglinton  Mains 

Kilpatriek,   Robert,  miner,  18  Blacklands  Row 

King,  Margaret,  widow,   Rosebank  Cottage,  Dalgarven 

Kirkwood,  James,  27  Seymour  Avenue 

Kirkwood,  James,  clerk,  5-6  Stable  Row 

Kirkwood,  John,  farmer.   Bannock 

Kirkwood,   Robert,   miner.   Burn  Row     Fergushill 

Kirkwood,  William,  blacksmith.  Auchentiber 

Kyle,  William,  miner,  High  Doura 

Lamont,  Alexander,  labourer,  3  Single  Row 

Lamont,  Francis,  furnaeeman,  48  Single  Row 

Lamont,  John,  farmer,  Outerwood 

Lamont,  Sarah,  Longford  Cottage 

Lamont,  Thomas,  labourer,  9  Second  Double  Row 

Lamont,  W'illiam  B.,  farmer,  Byrehill 

Laughland,  Robert,  miner,  9  Thatch  Row,  Fergushill 

Lawson,  James,  engine  driver,  10  Blackland  Rows 

Lewis,  Mary,  widow,  11-12  Burn  Row,  Fergushill 

Liggat,  Samuel,  Flush  Gates 

Limpany,  James,  miner,  31  Second  Double  Row 

Lindsay,  David,  labourer,  3  Front  Row,  Bensley 

Lindsay,   Helen,   Windyhall,  Fergushill 

Lindsay,  Jeanie,  13  Seymour  Avenue 

Lindsay,  John,  miner,  22  Bensley  Square 

Lindsay.  Joseph,  51  Montgreenan  Road 

Livingstone,  John,  Sunnyside 

Logan,  Hugh,  farmer,  Torranyard,  Fergushill  Hall.     Tel.  28 

Logan,  John,  engineman,  Fergushill 

Louis,  Robert,  miner,  26  Bensley  Square 

Louis,  Robert,  jr.,  miner,  10  Thatch  Row,  Fergushill 

Louis,  William,  miner,  4  Galston  Row,  Fergushill 

Love,  James,  motorman,  19  Wellington  Row,  Fergushill.     Tel.  82 

Love,  John,  labourer,  Auchentiber 

Lusk,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  K.,  Smithstone.     Tel.  15 

Lynch,  David,  miner,  3,  4  and  5  High  Doura 

Lynch,  Janet,  Gooseloan 

IV!  c 

McAdam,  William,  painter,  Torranyard 

McAllister,   Elizabeth,  widow,   11    Front  Row,   Fergushill 

McAngus,  William,  master,  School  House 

Mc  Aulay,  Alexander,  labourer,  23  Second  Double  Row 

McAulay,  William,  5  Irvine  Road 

McAtee,  John,  labourer,  Dalgarven 

McCallum,  John,  plasterer,  14  Smith  Crescent 

MeCalmm,  John,  blacksmith,  1  Blacklands  Row 

MeCrae,  Colin,  constable,  2  Smith  Crescent 

McCready,  Mrs.  Mary  A..  Goldcraig 

McCrindle,  Andrew,  miner,  33  Second  Double  Row 

McCue,  Patrick,  miner,  30  Second  Double  Row 

McCulloch,  George,  labourer,  6  Second  Double  Row 

McCulloch,  John,  labourer,  50  Montgreenan  Road 

McCulloch.  John,  labourer,  22  Second   Double  Row 


MeCulloch,  Joseph,  labourer,  25  Second  Double  Row 

MeCulloch,   Robert,  labourer,  21   Bensley  Square 

McDonald,  John,  roadman,  Auchentiber 

McDonald,  Robert,  labourer,  9  Burn  Row,  Fergushill 

McEwan,  Andrew,  niiner,  38  Second  Double  Row 

McEwan,  Christina,  widow,  29  Second  Double  Row 

McGee,  Archibald,  labourer,  7  Galston  Row,  Fergushill 

McGill,  James,  jr.,  farmer,  North  Millburn 

McGill,  James,  farmer,  Auchenwinsey 

McGimpsey,  William,  labourer,  18  Byrehill 

McGougan,  James,  ploughman,   Longford 

McGown,  Robert,  carter,  High  Gooseloan 

McGowan,  Samuel,  roadman,  Draughtburn  Cottage 

McGuinness,  Peter,  ploughman,  Groatholm 

McGregor,  Robert  H.,  19  Seymour  Avenue 

Mcllroy,  James,  quarryman,  Bannock 

Mclnnes,  Daniel,  fireman,  Dalgarven 

Mclnnes,  John,   quarryman,   Dalgarven 

Mclntyre,  Wilharn,  Doura 

McLaughlan,  Samuel,  labourer,  Dubbs 

McLaughlan,  John,  niiner,  42  Byrehill 

McLaughlan,  Wilham,  miner,  56-57  Single  Row 

McLaughlin,  Archibald,  miner,  35  Single  Row 

McLaren,  George,  labourer,  3  Blacklands  Row 

McLintock,  David,  labourer,  East  Lodge 

McLuckie,  John,  labourer,  Midgates 

McLuckie,  John,  Eglinton  Kennels 

McLure,  James,  labourer,  21   Byrehill 

McMaster,  James,  miner,  9  Wellington  Row,  Fergushill 

McMaster,  John,  brusher,  8  Front  Row,  Fergushill 

McMaster,  William,  clerk,  23  Wellinton  Row,  Fergushill 

McMenemy,  John,  miner,  24  Single  Row 

McMullen,  Sarah,  widow,  2  Seymour  Avenue 

McMurtrie,  David,  caretaker,  Eglinton  Institute 

McPhail,  Andrew,  porter,  53  Montgreenan  Road 

McPhail,  Thomas,  porter,  57  Montgreenan  Road 

McQuire,  Charles,  labourer,  46  Montgreenan  Road 

McTaggart,  John,  surfaceman,   Dalgarven 

McVean,  James,  signalman,  Montgreenan  Station 

McVean,  Lachlan,  Lugton 

McVey,  John,  quarryman,  Forestside 

McVey,  Samuel,  niiner,  33  Single  Row 

McVey,  William,  miner,  34  Seymour  Avenue 

Mr-Vie,  Esther,  widow,  39  Single  Row 


Main,  James,  burner,  41  Byrehill 

Main,  Thomas,  retired,  Low  Stables 

Main,  Thomas,  driver,  Earldom  Estate 

Malcolmson,  William,  furnace  filler,  10  Second  Double  Row,  Eglinton 

Manson,  Alexander,  cleaner,  26  Byrehill 

Manson,   Archibald,  engineer,   Rosebank,   Eglinton  Ironworks 
Matheson,  Hugh  A.,  clerk,  Dalgarven 
Maxwell,  Alexander,  shunter,  Lugton 
Maxwell,  James,  sawmill  worker,  2  Stable  Row 
Maxwell,  Mrs.  Jessie,  widow,  37  Seymour  Avenue 
Maxwell,  Robert,  sawyer,  2  Byrehill 
Melvin,  Archibald,  retired,  Auchentiber 
Mcney,  Wilham,  driver,  29-30  Blacklands  Row 
Mcney,  WUliam,  labourer,  13  Second  Double  Row 
Middleton,   Wilham,  labourer,    Dalgarven 
Millar,  Elizabeth,  widow,  Windyhall 
Millar,  Gilbert,  contractor,  16  Smith  Crescent 
Miller,  Agnes,  farmer,  Greenlea 
Miller,  James,  9  Seymour  Avenue 


Miller,  John,  farmer,  Mid  Moncur 
Miller,  Joseph,  farmer,  Muirside 

Miller,  Robert,  engine  driver.  24  Second  Double  Row 
Miller,  Robert  N.,  farmer,  High  Smithstone 
Miller,  William,  farmer,   Dubbs 
Mills,  George,  gamekeeper.  Gravel  Cottage 
Milne,  James,  Bentfields 

Miskelly,  John,  labourer,  9  Blacklands-  Row 
Mitchell,  Hugh,  32  Seymour  Avenue 
Mitchell,  John,  miner,  6  Seymour  Avenue 
Mitchell,  Paul,  miner,  31  Blacklands  Row 
Mitchell,  Thomas,  miner,  12-13  Byrehill 
Mochan,  Peter,  forester,  Eglinton  Recreation  Hall 
Moore,  Harry,  ploughman,  South  Fergushill 
Moore,  Hugh,  fireman,  21  Second  Double  Row 
Moore,  John,  labourer,  52  Single  Row 
Monaghan,  George,  miner,  3  Byrehill 
Montgomerie,  Adam,  miner,  40  Store  Row,  Bensley 
Montgomerie,  Adam,  miner,  56  Montgreenan  Road 
Montgomerie,  Andrew,  miner,  5  Front  Row,  Bensley 
Montgomerie,  Hivgh,  Fergushill 
Montgomerie,  James,  miner,  15  Bensley  Square 
Montgomerie,  James,  labourer,  25  Bensley  Square 
Montgomerie,  James,  miner,  41  Store  Row,  Bensley 
Montgomerie,  Jeanie,  54  Montgreenan  Road 
Montgomerie,  Thomas,  miner,  45  Store  Row,  Bensley 
Montgomery,  Margaret,  widow.   Bannock 
Morgan,  Catherine,  widow,  9-10  Third  Double  Row 
Morgan,  James,  labourer,  4  Third  Double  Row 
Morris,  Archibald,  constable,  Doura 

Morrison,  Alexander,  labourer,  18  Burn  Row,  Fergushill 
Morrison,  Charles,  miner,  3  Thatch  Row,  Fergushill 
Morrison,  Charles,  sr.,  shoemaker,   1 1   Wellington  Row,  Fergushill 
Morrison,   George,  15  Smith  Crescent 
Morrison,  James,  9  Wellington  Row,  Fergushill 
Morrison,  James,  motor  driver,  4  Thatch  Row,  Fergushill 
Morrison,  Maggie,  widow,  2  Thatch  Row,  Fergushill 
Morrison,  Thomas,  miner,  13  Burn  Row,  Fergushill 
Muir,   David,  2  Pit,   Fergushill 

Muir,   Hugh,  miner,   13  Wellington  Row,  Fergushill 
Muir,  Hugh,  Fergushill  House 

Muir,  James,  motorman,  17  Wellington  Row,  Fergushill 
Muir,  John,  farm  worker,  Dalgarven 
Muir,  John,  motor  driver,  18  Bensley  Square 
Muir,  John,  pithead  worker,  71  Blacklands  Row 
Muir,  Margaret,  widow,  10  Burns  Row,  Fergusliill 
Muir,  Margaret,  widow,  Kilwinning  Lodge 
Muir,  Mary,  widow,  9  Single  Row 
,  Muir,  William,  labourer,  Millburn  Lodge 
Muir,  William,  36  Seymour  Avenue 
Muirhead,  Robert,  miner,  40  Second  Double  Row 
Mulholland.   Alexander,   Goldcraig 

Mullen,  James,  miner's  agent,  13  Smith  Crescent.      Tel.  47 
Mullin,  Thomas,  miner,  7  Blacklands  Row 
Murdoch,  Peter,  miner,  Doura 
Murdoch,  Robert,  furrier,  Laigh  Smithstone 
Murray,   Hugh,  labourer,  39  Byrehill 
Murray,  James,  cotman,  Fairlie  Bog 
Myhill,   William  W.,  butler.   Mains,   Montgreenan 


Nairn,  J.  &,  D.,  farmers,  Clonbeith  and  Cowlin.      Tel.  Torranyard  29 

Nairn,  J.  &  D.,  farmers,  Laighmuir 

Neil,  Robert,  3  Irvine  Road 

Nelson,  John,  labourer,  16  Bensley  Square 

Nicol,  Charles,  baker,  8  Byrehill 

Niven,  James,  labourer,  Auchenmade 


O'Donncll,  John,  labourer,  34  Blacklands  Row 

O'Donnell,  Manus,  labourer,  1  Kylestone  Row 

O'Neil,  Catherine,  widow,  3  Second  Double  Row 

O'Neil,  Henry,  labourer,  32-33  Blacklands  Row 

O'Neil,  William,  contractor,  Dirrans 

O'Neil,  William,  The  Hut,  Dirrans 

Orr,  James,  Darmule 

Orr,  John,  miner,  25  Blacklands  Row 

Orr,  Ronald,  miner,  2  Blacklands  Row 

O'Pray,  John,  labourer,  3  Third  Double  Row 

Paterson,   Alexander,  labourer,   Wee  Woodside 

Paterson,  David,  signalman,  Dubbs  Junction 

Paterson,  Ellen,  widow,  29  Single  Row 

Paterson,   Robert,  craneman,   Dalgarven 

Parker,  Janet,  widow,  3  Office  Row,  Fergushill 

Paton,  John,  farmer,  Megswell 

Peden,  John,  farmer,  Woodend 

Perrie,  Catherine,  widow,  4  Wellington  Rows,  Fergushill 

Perrie,  James,  miner,  4  Front  Rows,  Fergushill 

Poland,  Margaret  S.,  widow,  19  Byrehill 

Pollock,  David,  foreman,  1  Stobbs  Cottage 

Priest,  Mrs.  Susan,  Garden  Cottage 

Pringle,  David,  gardener,  Eglinton  Gardens 

Queen,  John,  sr.,  miner,  29  Bensley  Square 
Queen,  John,  jr.,  miner,  24  Bensley  Square 
Quinn,   Edward,  labourer,   West  Lodge,   Montgreenan 

Rae,  Matthew,  2  Lylestone  Row 

Rae,  William,  motorman,  20  Seymour  Avenue 

Rafferty,  Robert,  driver,  19  Smith  Crescent 

Ralston,  Robert  M.,  electrician,  12  Smith  Crescent 

Ramage,  James,  roadman,   Redstone 

Ramage,  John,  carter,  Mains,  Montgreenan 

Rankin,  Alexander.   Netherfield  House 

Reid,  Alexander,  scavenger,  1-2  Wellington  Row,  Fergushil 

Reid,  Andrew,  miner,  14  Front  Row,  Fergushil] 

Reid,  George,  brasher,  7  Front  Row,  Fergushill 

Reid,  James,  labourer,  6  Front  Row,  Fergushill 

Reid,  James,  miner,  1   Burn  Row,  Fergushill 

Reid,  Jeanie, .  West  End  Cottage,  Doura 

Reid,  John,  farmer,  Merry  Lagen 

Reid,  John,  farmer,  Burrowlands.      Tel.  94 

Reid,  John,  miner    7  Thatch  Row,  Fergushill 

Reid,  Neil,  miner,  1-2  Galston  Row,  Fergushill 

Reid,  Samuel,  cleaner,  24  Blacklands  Row 

Reid,  Thomas  C,  farmer,  Auchenmead 

Reid,  Thomas  C,  jr.,  farmer,  Croftfoot 

Reid,  William,  labourer,  2  Burn  Row,  Fergushill 

Rennie,   Andrew,  Leyston  Row,  Auchenmade 

Richmond,   Robert,  miner,   14  Wellington  Row,   Fergushill 

Ritchie,  William,  ploughman,  Eglinton  Mains 

Robb,  Andrew,  farmer,  Whithurst 

Robb,  William,  farmer,  Little  Woodside 

Roberts,  William,  poultry  farmer,  Bannock 

Robertson,  Mrs.  Agnes,  Butterholes  Cottages 


Robertson,  Archibald,  31   Seymour  Avenue 

Robertson,   James,  labourer,   Rosebank,   Eglinton  Ironworks   Road 

Robertson,  James,  4  Seymour  Avenue 

Robertson,  James,  Mary  &  Margaret,  Longford.  Misk 

Robertson,  John,  contractor,   Dalgarven 

Robertson,  Lizzie  &  Janet,  Auchentiber 

Robertson,  Mary  W.,  Longford 

Robertson,  Robert,  24  Seymour  Avenue 

Robson,   Georgina,  widow,  Millburn 

Rodger,  Annie,  teacher,  Burnbrae,  Montgreenan 

Rodger,  Robert,  electrician,  30  Seymour  Avenue 

Rodger,  William,  Stobbs  w 

Rodger,  William,  Torranyard 

Rodgers,  Hugh,  Outer  Smithstone 

Ronaldson,  Angus,  miner,  4  Burn  Row,  Fergushill 

Rorrison,  Matthew,  21  Pit,  Bensley 

Ross,  Andrew,  farmer,  High  Monkeastle 

Russell,  J.,  3  Seymour  Avenue 

Savage,  Joseph,  labourer,  8  Blacklands  Row 

Savage,  Samuel,  labourer,  32  Second  Double  Row 

Scott,  Catherine,  widow,  2  Single  Row 

Scott,  Francis,  butcher,  1  Smith  Crescent 

Scott,  James,  miner,  17  Burn  Row,  Fergushill 

Scott,  Robert,  labourer,  10-12  Bensley  Square 

Scott,  William,  labourer,  8  Galston  Row,  Fergushill 

Scott,  William,  miner,  8-9  Bensley  Square 

Shannon,  John,  Smithstone,  Mains 

Shedden,  James,  pithead  worker,  Seven  Acres 

Shedden,  Sarah,  widow,  Monkredding  Cottage 

Shrigley,  Mrs.  Jeanie,   Rosevale,   Eglinton  Ironworks  Road 

Sim,  Alexander,  surfaceman,  Lugton 

Sim,  George,  miner,  28  Bensley  Square 

Sim,  Jeanie,  widow,  1  Front  Row,  Bensley 

Sim,  Matthew,  Montgreenan  Stables 

Simpson,   James,   carter,   Torranyard 

Simpson,  William,  sr.,  hutch  mender,  21  Single  Row 

Simpson,  William,  jr.,  surfaceman,  6  Third  Double  Row 

Sinclair,  Crawford,  signalman,  North  Woodside 

Skilling,  Janet,  widow,  Laundry,  Montgreenan 

Sloan,  John  S.,  labourer,  Castleton 

Small,  Neil,  &  Sons,  Dirrans,  Sawmills.      Tel.  68 

Smillie,  William,  Auchentiber 

Smith,  Annie,  widow,  Goldcraig 

Smith,   Charles,  farmer,   Doura 

Smith.  John,  labourer,'  12  Front  Row,  Fergushill 

Smith,  Susan,  widow,  14  Single  Row 

Smith,  Thomas,  23  Seymour  Avenue 

Smith,  William,  farmer,  Nethermains.     Tel.  86 

Sneddon,  William,  labourer,  27-28  Blacklands  Row 

Sneddon,  William,  jr.,  labourer,  24  Single  Row 

Spence,  Thomas,  miner,  6  Thatch  Row,  Fergushill 

Sproul,  James,  miner.  6  Blacklands  Row 

Steel,   Matthew,  farmer,   Bridgend  of  Montgreenan.     Tel.   Torranyard 

Steel,  R.  &  J.,  Kidsneuk 

Stephen,  James,  gamekeeper,  Eglinton  Stables 
Stevely,  William,  30  Bensley  Square 
Steven,  Robert,  miner,  7  Second  Double  Row 
Stevenson,  Andrew,  labourer,  1  First  Double  Row 
Stevenson,  Isabella,  widow,  21  Wellington  Row,  Fergushill 
Stevenson,  John,  brusher,  6  Galston  Row,  Fergushill 
Stevenson,  Robert  A.,  farmer,  Auchenkist 
Stevenson,  William,  dynamite  worker,  2  Stobbs  Cottage 
Stevenson,  William,  joiner,  37  Byrehill 


Stewart,  James,  miner,  4  Single  Row 
Stewart,  John,  miner,  5  Thatch  Row,  Fergushill 
Straehan,  John,  miner,  Fergushill 
Strannigan,  John,  miner,  9  Smith  Crescent 
Syme,  Alexander,  miner,  7  Front  Row,  Bensley 
Synie,  Alexander,  miner,  48  Montgreenan  Road 
Syme,  James,  miner,  17  Bensley  Square 
Syme,  Thomas,  miner,  6  Front  Row,  Bensley 
Syme,  Thomas,  miner,  4  Front  Row,  Bensley 

Tait,  Hugh,  farmer,  Mossculloch 
Tate,  Charles,  superintendent,  Todhills 
Templeton,  Mrs.  Barbara,  Little  Seven  Acres 
Templeton,  John,  estate  worker,  Croftfoot 
Thomson,  Baird,  pithead  worker,  2  Has  Row,  Doura 
Thomson,   Edward,  baker,   Eglinton  Kennels 
Thomson,  Mrs.  Janet,   Fergushill  Tilework 
Thomson,  James,  roadman,  Corsehillhead  Lodge 
Todd,  Walter  S.,  clerk,  Smithstone,  Mains 
Train,  Mrs.  Agnes,   Daisyfield,  Eglinton  Ironworks  Road 
Travers,  James,  miner,  8  Wellington  Row    Fergushill 
Travers,  John,  miner,  9  Front  Row,  Fergushill 
Travers,  William,  roadman,  Mid  Moncur.     Tel.  103 
Tudhope,  Mary,  widow,  Bannock 
Tulloch,   Sarah,  Viewfield,  Auchentiber 
Turley,  Thomas,  miner,  4  Blacklands  Row 

Vallance,  Rev,  Thomas  B.,  M.A.,  Manse,  Montgreenan 
Tickers,  William,  miner,  37  Second  Double  Row 


Wales,  Abraham,  labourer,  52  Montgreenan  Road 

Wales,  William,  engineer,  4  Smith  Crescent 

Walker,  Duncan,  miner,  36  Single  Row 

Walker,  Gracie,  15  Burn  Row,  Fergushill 

Walker,  James,  miner,  12  Second  Double  Row 

Walker,  James,  miner,  40  Single  Row 

Walker,  James,  Redburn 

Walker,  Martin,  miner,  21  Biacklands  Row 

Walker;  Robert,  labourer,  5  Single  Row 

Walker,  Thomas,  miner,  43  Single  Row 

Walker,   William.  Sunnyside  of  Auchenmade 

Walker,  William,  miner,  53  Single  Row 

Walker,  William,  miner,  12  Blacklands  Row 

Wardrop,  James,  contractor,  Broomhill 

Wardrop,  John,  Torranyard 

Waterson,  James,  miner,  19  Bensley  Square 

Watt,  John,  driver,  22  Single  Row 

Watt,  Susan  S.,  widow,  11  Second  Double  Row 

Watterson,  James,  miner,  10  Wellington  Row,  Fergushill 

Watch,   Thomas,  farmer,   Redwells 

Ward,  John,  miner,  5  Wellington  Row,  Fergushill 

Wilkinson,  J.,  Eglinton  Estate  Office.     Tel.  K'ing  73 

Wilson,  Andrew,  farmer,  West  Blacklands.     Tel.  4 

Wilson,  Angus,  traveller,  Auchentiber 

Wilson,  Charles,  carpenter,  Eglinton  Kennels 

Wilson,  Charles,  Laigh  Patterton,  Montgreenan 

Wilson,  Hugh  F.,  chauffeur,  Smithstone  Mains 

Wilson,  Joan  H.,  11  Seymour  Avenue 

Wilson,  John,  farmer,  Laigh  Gooseloan 


Wilson,  Peter,  Dykehead 

Wilson,  Robert,  farmer,  Eglinton  Kennels.      Tel.  104 

Wilson,  Robert,  farmer,  Croftfoot 

Wilson,  Thomas,  farmer,  Hullerhill 

Whiteford,  David,  farmer,  Hillock 

Wright,  Florence,  widow,  Dirrans  Cottage 

Wyllie,  James,  Roberton  Cottage,  Bensley 

Wyllie,  Maggie,  36  Store  Row,  Bensley 

Wyllie,  William,  motorman,  13  Front  Row,  Fergushill 

Wyper,   George,  Auchentiber 

Young,  Annie,  widow,  5  Front  Row,  Fergushill 
Young,  Henry  S.  M.,  Weirston  Cottage.     Tel.  72 
Young,  James,  miner,  26  Blacklands  Row 
Young,  James  W.,  farmer,  West  Doura.     Tel.  61 
Young,  James  W.,  farmer,  Wester  Monkredden 
Young,  John,  farmer,  Laigh  Smithstone.     Tel.  25 
Young,  Margaret,  Montgomerie  Cottage,  Doura 
Young,  Thomas,  15  Seymour  Avenue 


(including  Fairlie  and  Skelmorlie). 

Largs  is  a  place  of  considerable  age,  but,  as  it  is  seen  to-day, 
it  is  entirely  a  modern  residential  town.  The  bulk  of  the 
housing  accommodation  is  given  over  to  visitors  in  ths 
summer-time,  and  the  community  (through  its  Council)  have 
laid  themselves  out  to  make  the  place  as  attractive  as  possible 
to  the  visitor. 

In  this  they  have  been  very  successful,  so  that,  to-day, 
it  is  one  of  the  really  busy  holiday  resorts  of  the  Clyde.  All 
credit  is  due  the  community  for  doing  this  without  slavishly 
copying  the  methods  in  use  at  other  resorts. 

The  area  immediately  outwith  the  burgh,  but  within  the 
parish  (which  includes  the  most  of  Fairlie  and  all  of  Skel- 
morlie), contains  vantage  points  from  which  can  be  viewed 
some  of  the  finest  scenery  in  the  world.  This,  doubtless,  is 
one  of  the  reasons  for  the  popularity  of  the  district. 

The  activity  of  the  Council  of  the  burgh  is  shown  by  the 
number  of  public  utility  services  that  are  operated  for  the 
communal  good,  and  the  benefit  of  the  holiday-maker. 


Incorporated  a  Burgh  in  1876. 

Approximate  Population  in  1935 — 6,134. 

Approximate  Area  in  1935 — 610  Acres. 

Total  Gross  Valuation  in  1935— £84,316   16/-. 

Assessment  per  £ — Owner,  4/7. 

Occupier,  5/9. 
Council — Provost,  David  White. 

Town   Councillors — James   Paton,   John   Shields,   Thos.   Gourlay, 
John  Lindsay,  Malcolm  Black,  J.  Robertson,  Major  Forman. 
Town  Clerk — John  Graham.      Tel.  79. 
Depute  Clerk — Neil  Mitchell. 
Burgh  Chamberlain — Francis  Wood.      Tel.  170. 
Burgh  Surveyor — George  Arkieson.      Tel.  131. 
Justices  of  the  Peace — J.  Paton,  J.  Shields,  Provost  White,  J.  A. 
S.  Balderston-Fife,   R.  Balderston-Fife,   E.  R.   Cockburn, 
U.  0.  Crawford,  Countess    of   Glasgow,  A.  Hill,  and  J.  J. 
County  Councillors— Ex-Badie  John   W.   Shields,   and  Bailie  John 

District  Councillors — George  Craig  and  William  Ewing. 
Utility  Services  operated  by  Burgh. 
Gas   Works   capable   of  Producing,    annually,   70,000,000  cubic   feet 

Manager,  Wm.  Marshall.      Tel.  286. 
Water    Works,    with    ample    Reservoirs.     Cubic    capacity,    51,000,000 

Burgh  Courts  meet  when  necessary. 
J.P.  Courts  meet  on  the  first  Monday  of  the  month,  when  necessary. 


Christian  Brethren,  34  School  Street — Per  Thos.  McClements,  Beach 

View,  Bay  Street,  Fairlie. 
Clark    Memorial    Church    of    Scotland — Minister,    Rev.    James     \V- 

Gardner,  M.A.     Per  Neil  M.  Jeffrey,  British  Linen  Bank. 
Episcopal   Church   Congregation — Minister,    Rev.   James   G.    Grieve. 

Per  G.  R.  Muir,  Gleaston,  Douglas  Street. 
St.    Columba's    Church — -Minister,    Rev.    David    B.    Baxter,    B.D. 

Per  Alex.  K.  Edwards,  Albaville,  Gogoside  Drive. 
St.  John's  Church  of  Scotland — Minister,  Rev.  John  L.  Riach,  B.D. 

Per  Fred.  J.  Thomson,  Glenclova,  Largs. 
St.  Mary's  R.C.  Church — Per  Rev.  Michael  O'Conner. 


Largs     Public     School,     Moorburn     Road— Headmaster,     Alex.     K. 

St.  Mary's  R.C.  School — Headmistress,  Euphemia  Rodgers.  , 


Clark  Hospital,  Moorburn  Road.      Tel.  32. 

Convalescent  Home,  Brooksby  Villa,  Greenock  Road. 

Eastpark   Home   for   Infirm   Children,    Warrenpark   Villa,    Anthony's 
Road.     Tel.  105. 

Constabulary  Station,  Court  Street.     Tel.  50. 

H.M.  Post  Office,  Aitken  Street. 

Largs  Town  Council,  51  Main  Street — Per  F.   Wood,   Chamberlain. 
Tel.  170. 

Public  Assistance  Clerk,  John  Hall.      Tel.  121. 

Ancient  Order  of  Foresters,  Court  Robert  Burns,  No.  6307 — Per  John 
Lindsay,  6  Hall  Street,  Largs. 

Boys'  Brigade — Per  A.  E.  Mactaggart,  Rutherbank  Chambers. 

Halkshill  Bowling  Club,  15  Wilson  Street — Per  War.  Sinclair,  Stran- 
wix,  Bankhouse  Avenue,  Largs. 

Largs  Bowling  Club,  Douglas  Street — Per  A.  K.  H.  Boyd,  Solicitor, 

Largs  Evangelistic  Association,  15  Aitken  Street — Per  Mary  Taylor, 
Ailsa,  Moorburn  Road,  Largs. 

Largs  Golf  Club — Per  D.  MacLachlan,  Royal  Bank,  Largs. 

Lodge  St.  John,  Kilwmning,  Largs,  Freemasons,  No.  173 — Per  Wm. 
Mackie,  15  Boyd  Street,  Largs. 

Routenburn  Golf  Club,  Red  Road — Per  Alex.  H.  Ore,  3  Bath  Street, 

Stevenson  Institute,  Lade  Street — Per  Harper  &  Thomson,  Solicitors, 


Aitken  Street  :    Main  Street,  Gateside  Street. 

Allanpark  Street  :    Nelson  Street,  Gateside  Street. 

Anthony's  Road  :    Irvine  Road,  Warriston  Road. 

Aubery  Crescent,  off  Greenock  Road. 

Auchenmaid  Drive,  off  Holehouse  Road. 

Barr  Crescent  :    Greenock  Road,  Douglas  Street. 

Blackdales  Avenue,  off  Irvine  Road. 

Boathouse  Avenue,  off  Boathouse  Road. 

Boyd  Street  :    Nelson  Street,  Gateside  Street. 

Brisbane  Glen  Road,  off  Brisbane  Road. 

Brisbane  Road  :    Nelson  Street,  Douglas  Street. 

Brisbane  Street  :    Brisbane  Road.  Greenock  Road. 

Broomfields  Crescent  :    May  Street,  John  Street. 

Broomfields  Place  :    Charles  Street,  John  Street. 

Buchanan  Street,  off  Greenock  Road. 

Burnlea  Road,  off  Mackerston  Place. 

Burnside  Road  :    Brisbane  Road,  Moorburn  Road. 

Cathcart  Road,  off  Irvine  Road. 

Causeyfoot  Croft  :    Continuation  of  Fraser's  Close. 

Chapelton  Drive  :    Brisbane  Glen  Road,  Noddleburn  Road. 

Charles  Street  :    Irvine  Road,  Broomfields  Place. 

Church  Street  :    Crawford  Street,  Bath  Street. 

Court  Street,  off  School  Street. 

Crawford  Street  :    Main  Street,  Gogo  Street. 

Cunningham  Drive  :    Scott  Street,  Bankhouse  Avenue. 

Dairy  Road,  off  Irvine  Road. 

Douglas  Place,  off  Douglas  Street. 

Douglas  Street  :    Brisbane  Road,  Greenock  Road. 

East  Castle  Avenue,  off  Irvine  Road. 

Fort  Street  :    Bath  Street,  Main  Street. 

Fraser's  Close,  off  Main  Street. 

Gallowgate  Lane,  off  School  Street. 

Gallowgate  Square,  off  Greenock  Road. 

Gateside  Street  :    Moorburn  Road,  Lade  Street. 

George  Street :    Nelson  Street,  Glenacre  Drive. 

Gogo  Street :    Irvine  Road,  Bath  Street. 

Gogoside  Drive  :    Gogoside  Road,  Scott  Street. 

Gogoside  Road,  off  Irvine  Road. 


Greenock  Road  :    Continuation  of  Gallowgate  Street,  Greenock. 

Hace  Street  :     Brisbane  Road,  Moorburn  Road. 

Hailey  Blair  Close  :    Main  Street,  Gogo  Street. 

Hamilton  Drive,  off  Scott  Street. 

Harper  Crescent,  off  Nelson  Street. 

Hill  Street  :    Charles  Street,  Main  Street. 

Holehouse  Road,  off  Moorburn  Road. 

Irvine  Road  :    Continuation  of  Main  Street,  Fairlie. 

John  Street  :    Irvine  Road,  Broomfields  Place. 

John  Clark  Street  :    Nelson  Street,  Seamore  Street. 

Kelvin  Street  :    Brisbane  Road,  Moorburn  Road. 

Lade  Street  :    School  Street,  Gateside  Street. 

Laverock  Drive  :    Brisbane  Glen  Road,  Moorburn  Road. 

Lovat  Street  :    Irvine  Road,  Gogoside  Drive. 

Mackerston  Place  :    Bath  Street,  Broomfields  Place. 

Main  Street  :    Gallowgate  Street,  Irvine  Road. 

Manse  Court,  off  Main  Street. 

May  Street  :    Irvine  Road,  Broomfields  Crescent. 

Middleton  Drive,  off  Holehouse  Road. 

Moorburn  Road  :    Laverock  Drive,  Gateside  Street. 

Morris  Street  :    Laverock  Drive,  Gateside  Street. 

Nelson  Street  :    Moorburn  Road,  Greenock  Road. 

Noddlesburn  Road  :    Barr  Crescent,  Brisbane  Glen  Road. 

Rankin  Drive  :    off  Spalding  Drive,  Moorburn  Road. 

Red  Road,  off  Greenock  Road. 

School  Street  :    Lade  Street,  Boyd  Street. 

School  Wynd,  off  Gallowgate  Street. 

Scott  Street,  off  Irvine  Road. 

Seamore  Street  :    Brisbane  Road,  Moorburn  Road. 

Sinclair  Drive  :    Brisbane  Road,  Moorburn  Road. 

Spalding  Drive  :    Burnside  Road,  Brisbane  Glen  Road. 

Townhead  Close,  off  Main  Street. 

Tron  Place  :    Main  Street,  Aitken  Street. 

Union  Street  :    Crawford  Street,  Bath  Street. 

Waterside  Street,  off  Irvine  Road. 

Wilson  Street  :    Gateside  Street,  Nelson  Street. 

Abell,  Donella,  dressniaker,  2  Kelburne  Terrace,  Charles  Street 

Abercrombie,  William,  retired,   Heathcote,   Brisbane  Street 

Adams,  Mrs.  Isabella,  42  Boyd  Street 

Adamson,  Charles,  30  Main  Street 

Adamson,  James,  Manse  Court 

Aird,  Alexander,  draper,  Ainslea,  Irvine  Road 

Aitcheson,   Helen,  42  Kelvin  Street 

Aitken,  Mrs.  Agnes,  Airlie,  Scott  Street 

Aitken,  Andrew,  spirit  merchant,  87  Main  Street 

Aitken,  Christina,  widow,  79  Nelson  Street 

Aitken.  Margaret  E.,  Castlefield,  Charles  Street 

Aitkenhead,  Paton  J.,  builder,  San  Mar,  Brisbane  Road.     Tel.  293 

Alexander,   George  J.,  manager,   Blackdales  Garage 

Alexander,  James  B.,  tuner,  71  Kelvin  Street 

Alexander,  Mrs.  Margaret,  caretaker,  51  Main  Street 

Alexander,  Thomas  G.,  4  Allanpark  Street 

Allan,  Adam,  carter,  26  Wilson  Street 

Allan,  Elizabeth  &  Margaret,  8  Blackdales  Avenue 

Allan,  Mrs.  Elspeth,  30  Boyd  Street 

Allan,  Jane,  7  Boyd  Street 

Allan,  Mrs.  Margaret,  6  Wilson  Street 

Allan,  Mrs.  Mary,  Craigievar,  Brisbane  Road 

Allan,  Thomas  C,  27  Burnside  Road 

Alston,  Mary,  Ardhallow,  John  Street 

Anderson,  Mrs.,  1   Sandringham  Terrace 

Anderson,  Annie  &  Bella,  21   GalJowgate  Street.     Tel.  57 

Anderson,  David  G.,  20  Aitken  Street 

Anderson,  David  W.,  5  Cunningham  Drive 

Anderson,  Harry,  grocer.  10  Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Anderson,   Henry,  grocer,  37  Nelson  Street.     Tel.  81 

Anderson,  Henry,  chauffeur,  Holmwood  Lodge 

Anderson,  Mrs.  Isabella,  St.  Cyrus',  Charles  Street 

Anderson,  James,  Broombank,  Broomfields 

Anderson,  James,  32  Kelvin  Street 

Anderson,   James,  8  Noddleburn  Road 

Anderson,  John,  retired,  18  Main  Street 

Anderson,  John,  3  John  Clark  Street 

Anderson,  M.  &  B.,  fruiterers,  5  Main  Street 

Anderson,  Margaret,  4  East  Castle  Avenue 

Anderson,  Mrs.  Mary,  20  Gateside  Street 

Anderson,  Peter,  labourer,  6  Harper  Crescent 

Anderson,  Thomas,  outfitter,  32  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Anderson,  William,  labourer,  23  Lade  Street 

Arbuthnot,  Alexander,  postman,  81  Seamore  Street 

Arbuthnot,  Alexander,  11   George  Street 

Arbuthnot,  James  J.,  boat  builder,  51  Seamore  Street 

Armour,  Alexander,  gardener,   18  Seamore  Street 

Armour,  Mrs.  Ellen,  widow,  40  Wilson  Street 

Arnott,  William,  manager,  3  Sandringham  Terrace 

Arthur,  Alexander,  carter,  3  Gateside  Street 

Arthur.  James,  foreman,  Flussh  Cottage,  Gogoside  Road 

Aspinall,  Joseph,  4  Fraser's  Close 

Atkinson,  Thomas  W.,   Ennerdale,  Moorburn  Road 

Auld,   Alexander,  Aruba,  Scott  Street 

Auld,  Robert,  dairyman,  38  Boyd  Street 

Auld,  Thomas,  vanman,  38  Boyd  Street 

Ayles,  Mrs.  Cecilia,  Carrington  House,   Brisbane  Road 

Ayre,  Agnes,  widow,  14  Lade  Street 

Bacon,   Andrew,  27  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Baillie,  James,  coal  merchant,  12  Wilson  Street.     Tel.  155 

Baillie,  John  S.,  contractor,  53  Gateside  Street 

Bain,   Duncan,  constable,  5  Gateside  Street 


Bain,  Mrs.  Mary,  18  Aitken  Street 

Baird,  Mrs.  Christina,  Millburn,  Irvine  Road 

Baird,  Mrs.  Louisa,  Haylie,  Irvine  Road 

Balfour,  Mary  W.,  Blyth  Cottage,  Church  Street 

Ballantyne,  Mrs.  Jean,  nurse,  34  Kelvin  Street 

Bannerman,  Donald,  gardener,  Broomeraig  Cottage 

Barbour,  Agnes,  widow,  2  Burnside  Road 

Barbour,  James,  72  Nelson  Street 

Barbour,  James,  merchant,  118  Nelson  Street 

Barbour,  James,  railwayman,  26  Wilson  Street 

Barbour,  John,  joiner,  53  Nelson  Street 

Barclay,   George,  Inshalloch,  John  Street 

Barclay,  Mrs.  Jane,  Rossarden,  Lovat  Street 

Barclay,  Mrs.  Margaret,  13  Bath  Street 

Barclay,  Mrs.  Thomas,  widow,  94  Nelson  Street 

Barnett,   Hamilton,  baker,  Woodford,   Greenock  Road     Tel.   258 

Barnett,  Michael,  engineer,  3  Cochrane  Place 

Barnett,  Robert  H.,  Lovat,  Lovat  Street.     Tel.  202 

Barr,  James,  Kelvin  Garage,  Brisbane  Road.      Tel.  294 

Barr,  James,  mechanic,  45  Seamore  Street 

Barr,  Janet,  Ashlea,  Gogoside    Road 

Barr,  Robert  A.,  Craigton 

Barraclough,  William,  1  Kelburne  Terrace,  Charles  Street 

Barrie,  David,  1  East  Castle  Avenue 

Barrie,  Duncan,  buyer,  34  Burnside  Road 

Barry,  Mrs.  Mary,  13  Nelson  Street 

Barton,  James,  gardener,  19  School  Street 

Battison,  John,  labourer,  2  Harper  Crescent 

Baxter,  Rev.  David,  Manse  of  Largs,  Greenock  Road.     Tel.  7 

Baxter,  Elizabeth,  widow,  14  Seamore  Street 

Beattie,  Catherine  J.,  Walney,  Brisbane  Street 

Beavis,  David,  compositor,  1   Stanlane  Place 

Beavis,  Edmund,  engineer,  84  Kelvin  Street 

Beck,  David,  30  Nelson  Street 

Beck,  Mrs.  James,  1  Stanlane  Place 

Beck,  Robert,  joiner,  47  Gateside  Street 

Becket,  James,  stationmaster,  1   Stanlane  Place 

Beith,  John  S.,  gardener,  Irvine  Road 

Berth,  Robert,  15  Burnside  Road 

Beith,'  Robert,  newsagent,  67  Main  Street 

Bell,  George  F.,  joiner,  26  Seamore  Street 

Bell.  J.  F.  K.,  inspector,  45  Gateside  Street 

Bell,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Legana,  Hamilton  Drive 

Bell,  Mrs.  Mary,  2  Bankhouse  Crescent 

Benzies,  Lawrence,  11-13  Crawford  Street  and  57  Main  Street 

Berrie,  Hugh,  80  Kelvin  Street 

Beveridge,  John,  joiner,  Moorburn  Road 

Binnie,  John,  13  Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Birrell,  Ltd.,  confectioner,   17  Main  Street 

Birrell,  John,  ploughman,  Craigton 

Bissett,  James,  engineer,  3  Main  Street 

Black,  Arthur,  Baillies  Cottage 

Black,  Charles,  16  Gallowgate  Street 

Black,  David,  railwayman,  55  Kelvin  Street 

Black,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  28  Boyd  Street 

Black,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,   10  School  Street 

Black,  Fred.,  steward,  24  Kelvin  Street 

Black,  Helen  A.,  11   Gallowgate  Lane 

Black,  Isabella  A.,  Sunnydale,  Douglas  Street 

Black,  Malcolm,  Greenhill,  Waterside  Street 

Black,  Thomas,  shoemaker,  8  School  Wynd 

Black,  William,  shoemaker,  Main  Street 

Black,  William.  16  Boyd  Street 

Blackdales  Garage,  Ltd.,  Irvine  Road.      Tel.  129 

Blackie,  Mrs.  Ann  E.,  Loanda,  Gogoside  Drive 

Blackie,  Jane,  23  Kelvin  Street 

Blackstock,  Duncan,  Craiggan.  off  Brisbane  Street 

Blair,  A.  A.  B.,  71  Nelson  Street 


Blair,  Alexander,  shoemaker,  44  Nelson  Street 

Blair,  Alexander,  14  Nelson  Street 

Blair,  Alexander,  plasterer,  30  Boyd  Street 

Blair,  John,  60  Nelson  Street 

Blair,  John,  Gartlee,  Brisbane  Street 

Blair,  William,  shoemaker.  46  Nelson  Street 

Blair,  William,  plasterer,  iO  Harper  Crescent 

Blevans,  John,  tailor,  8  Fort  Street 

Blue,  William,  librarian,  6  Lade  Street 

Blyth.  Agnes,  22  Wilson  Street 

Blytli,  Agnes,  church  officer,  Union  Street 

Blyth.  Margaret,  widow,  74  Nelson  Street 

Blyth.  Mary,  Blythwood,  Irvine  Road 

Boag,   James  D.,  blacksmith,  Craigielea,   Gateside  Street 

Boag,  John  K.,  mechanic,  48  Seamore  Street 

Boag,  Thomas  R.,  joiner,  63  Seamore  Street 

Boag,  William,  carpenter,   124  Nelson  Street 

Bone,  John,  boilermaker,  43  Nelson  Street 

Bone,  Maggie,  1  Townhead  Close 

Bone,  Thomas,  barman,  18  Wilson  Street 

Bone,  William,  spirit  merchant,  15  Kelvin  Street 

Bone,  William,  spirit  merchant,  14-16  Bath  Street 

Borland,  Margaret,  widow,  Carlowrie,  Moorburn  Road 

Bowie,   Elizabeth,  widow,  Redholme,  Irvine  Road 

Bowie,  Thomas  R.,  4  George  Street 

Boyd,  Agnes,  71  Nelson  Street 

Boyd,  Alexander,  slater,  1  Gateside  Street 

Boyd,  Archibald,  &  Co.,  drapers,  25-29  Main  Street.     Tel.  166 

Boyd,  Archibald,  solicitor,  Norden,  Douglas  Place.     Tel.  29 

Boyd,  Mrs.  Christina,  33  Nelson  Street 

Boyd,  Crawford,  foreman,  16  Brisbane  Road 

Boyd,  Elizabeth,  104  Main  Street 

Boyd,  Grace  M.,  Eversley  Villa,  John  Street.      Tel.  179 

Boyd,  James,  22  Boyd  Street 

Boyd,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Da-Mar.  Scott  Street 

Boyd,  Mrs.  Margaret  W.,  Mossbank  Villa,   Douglas  Street.     Tel.  47 

Boyd,  Marion,  hairdresser,  6  School  Street 

Boyd,  Marion,  assistant,  34  Wilson  Street 

Boyd,  Mary,  Netherton,  Scott  Street.     Tel.  34 

Boyd,  William,  M.B.,  CM.,  8  Nelson  Street.     Tel.  31 

Boyd,  William,  driver,  Bessford  Place 

Boyle,  Mrs.  Christina,  10  Middleton  Drive 

Boyle,  Margaret  H.,  1  Haco  Street 

Boyle,  Mary,  widow.  120  Main  Street 

Bradley,   Thomas,   plumber,   Allanpark  Street  and  4  Crawford  Street. 

Tel.  125 
Brawn,  Mark  A.,  Trevor,  Brisbane  Street 
Bremner,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  68  Kelvin  Street 
Briggs,  Lena,  widow,  49  Main  Street 
Brimner,  Margaret,  widow,  24  Middleton  Drive 
Brocklehurst,  Charles  W.,  28  Noddleburn  Road 
Brodley,  Mrs.  Mary,  40  Wilson  Street 
Bi'odie,  Mrs.  Grace,  85  Gateside  Street 
Brodie,  Victor  D.,  30  Burnside  Road 
Brogan,  Patrick,  lorryman,  13  Bath  Street 
Brown,  Agnes,  widow,  270  Nelson  Street 
Brown,  Alexander,  chauffeur,  2  Boyd  Street 
Brown,  Mrs.  Annie,  widow,  96  Main  Street 
Brown,  Alexander,  hairdresser,  96  Main  Street.     Tel.  212 
Brown,  David,  coal  merchant,  118  Nelson  Street 
Brown,   Daniel,  58  Seamore  Street 
Brown,  David,  18  Gateside  Street 
Brown,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  9  Lade  Street 
Brown,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  41  Nelson  Street 
Brown,  Elizabeth,  widow,  21   Haco  Street 
Brown,  Mrs.  Isabella,   Warriston,  Anthony's  Road 
Brown,  James  J.,  31   Burnside  Road 
Brown,  James,  printer,  5  Sinclair  Drive 


Brown.  Jane,  widow,  4  Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Brown,  Jane  G.,  100  Main  Street 

Brown,  John,  joiner,  100  Main  Street 

Brown,  John,  20  Sinclair  Drive 

Brown,  John,  Id  Bath  Street 

Brown,  John,  compositor,  52  Gateside  Street 

Brown,  Jessie  &  Jean,  Glencora,  John  Street.     Tel.  160 

Brown,  Jessie,  widow,   Glentyan,   Gogoside  Road.     Tel.  65 

Brown,  Margaret,  44  Main  Street 

Brown,  Mrs.  Margaret,  92  .Main  Street 

Brown,  Mrs.  Mary,  15  George  Street 

Brown,  Peter,  7  Bnrnside  Road 

Brown,  R.  M.,  54  Kelvin  Street 

Brown,  Robert,  merchant,  1   Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Brown,  Robert,  6  Morris  Street 

Brown,  Sara,  widow,  Netherpark,  Red  Road 

Brownlie,  Archibald  M.,  chemist,  12  Gallowgate  Street,  89  Main  Street, 

16  Main  Street,  and  Fairholme,  Gogoside  Drive.      Tel.  97 
Brownlie,  Christina,  West  Cottage,  Brisbane  Road 
Brownlie,  William,  30  Harper  Crescent 
Brucciani,  Guiseppe,  4  Bath  Street 
Bruce,   George,  3  Boyd  Street 
Brace,  Capt.  John,  Alexanderville,  Scott  Street 
Bryson,  Robert  B.,  upholsterer,  56  Seamore  Street.     Tel.  270 
Bryson,  Robert  L.,  10  Seamore  Street 
Buchan,   Hughina  W.,  If  Bath  Street 
Buchan,  Mrs.  Jane,  22  Fraser's  Close 
Buchanan,  Mrs.,  2  Auchenmaid  Drive 
Buchanan,  Andrew  T.,  Sunnydale.  Douglas  Street 
Buchanan,  Mrs.  Lilias,  Ferness,  Brisbane  Street.     Tel.  310 
Buchanan,  Margaret,  36  Kelvin  Street 
Buntain,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  Millbrae,   Douglas  Street 
Burgess,  Agnes,  4a  Aitken  Street 
Burgess,  Joan,  1   Sandringham  Terrace 
Burns,  Mrs.  Isabella,  Brisbane  Place 
Burns,  James,  hairdresser,  Lovat  Street.     Tel.  196 
Burnside,  Mrs.  Marie,  McColmdale,  Scott  Street 
Buttercup  Dairy  Co.,  Ltd.,  73  Main  Street 

Cairney,  Christina,  63  Main  Street 

Cairney,  Richard  C,  builder,  10  Spalding  Drive 

Cairney,  William,  3  Tron  Place 

Cairney,   William,  builder,   Richardene,   Allanpark  Street.      Tel.   139 

Cairney,  Wibiam  G.,  builder,  13  Gogo  Street 

Cairnie,  Elizabeth  P.,  Seafield,  Mackerston  Place.     Tel.  262 

Cairns,  Mrs.  Daniel,  1  Townhead  Close 

Cairns.  Mrs.  Jeanie,  3  Kelburne  Terrace,  Charles  Street 

Caldwell,  Andrew,  122  Main  Street 

Caldwell,  John,  19  Middleton  Drive 

Caldwell,  Margaret,  widow,  9  Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Caldwell,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  Elm  Cottage,  John  Street.     Tel.  245 

Callaghan,  Annie,  South  View,  Fort  Street 

Callaghan,  Peter,  7  Blackdales  Avenue 

Cameron,  Hugo,  Largs  Castle,  Broomfields.     Tel.  107 

Cameron,  James,   16  Boyd  Street 

Cameron,  James,  93  Main  Street 

Cameron,  John,  18  Main  Street 

Cameron,  William,  1  Holehouse  Road 

Cameron,  William  C,  The  Clan,  Irvine  Road 

Campbell,  Alexander,  gardener,   Danelield  Lodge 

Campbell,  Christina  M.,  widow,  23  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Campbell,   David,   107  Main  Street 

Campbell,  Mrs.  Isabella,  Cnoc-mor,  Hamilton  Drive 

Campbell,  Mrs.  Jane,  fishmonger,  107  Main  Street 

Campbell,  Mrs.  Jenny,  22  Fraser's  Close 


Campbell,  John,  farmer,  North  Mains 

Campbell,  Joseph,  gardener,  46  Seamore  Street 

Campbell,  Margaret,  widow,  92  Nelson  Street 

Campbell,  Matilda,  2  Stanlane  Place 

Campbell,  Ritchie,  engineer,  2  Brisbane  Glen  Road.     Tel.  255 

Campbell,  Robert,  Mossgiel,  John  Street 

Campbell,  Smith,  stoker,  40  Wilson  Street 

Campbell,  Thomas  H.,  Gordonlea,  Gateside  Street 

Campbell,  William,  chemist,  33  Moorburn  Road 

Campbell,   William  T.,   Bankhead 

Carmichael,  Agnes  M.,  4  Bankhouse  Crescent.      Tel.  162 

Carmichael,  Alexander  D.,  jeweller,  17  Waterside  Street 

Carmichael,   Donald,  chemist,  70  Kelvin  Street 

Carmichael,  John,  caretaker,  Carallan,  Brisbane  Street 

Carmichael,  John,  watchmaker,  8  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Carmichael,  John,  watchmaker,  28  Main  Street.     Tel.  222 

Carmichael,  Margaret,  23  Bath  Street 

Carmichael,  Margaret,   Belmont.   Broomfields  Place 

Carrie,  Nichol,   13  Brisbane  Road 

Carrick,  Mrs.  Mary,  5  East  Castle  Avenue 

Carrick,  Mary  G.,  Glenroy,  Charles  Street.      Tel.  250 

Carroll,  Catherine  A.,  Lorraine,  Douglas  Street.     Tel.  181 

Carroll,  Joseph,  Modesdale  Villa.  Buchanan  Street.     Tel.  112 

Carruthers,  Mrs.  Agnes,  119  Main  Street 

Carruthers,  David,  chauffeur,  May  Street 

Carruthers,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  42  Gateside  Street 

Carswell,  Alexander,  dairyman,  Glenacre,  Brisbane  Road.     Tel. 

Carswell,  Mrs.  Elizabeth.  8  Fort  Street 

Carswell,  Elizabeth  B.,  48  Gateside  Street     ' 

Carswell,  John,  gardener,  Rockland  Villa 

Carswell,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Evington,  Burnlea  Road.      Tel.  99 

Carswell,  Mrs.  Robina,  Mackerston  Place 

Carswell,  Mrs.  Robina.  Causeyfoot  Croft 

Caskie,  Mary,  10  Nelson  Street 

Cassidy,  Mrs.  Mary,  20  Waterside  Street 

Castlesons,  Ltd.,  60-62  and  101  Main  Street,  and  Branches 

Cawood,  Amy,  widow,  Eastdene,  John  Street 

Chalmers,  Mrs.  Alice,  20  Aitken  Street 

Chalmers,  Duncan,  butcher,  5  Gateside  Street 

Chalmers,  Emily,   Bessford  Place,  Brisbane  Road 

Chalmers,  Jean,  11   Gallowgate  Street 

Chalmers,  Jean,  widow,  83  Seamore  Street 

Chisholm,  Malcolm,   10  Blackdales  Avenue 

Christie,  James,  chemist,  40  Main  Street.     Tel.  95 

Christison,  Andrew,  engineer,  14  Boyd  Street 

Clark  &  Co.,  53  Main  Street.     Tel.  21 

Clark,  George  D.,  6  Kelvin  Street 

Clark,  James,  draper,  6  Aubery  Crescent 

Clark,  James  H.,  joiner,  9  Lade  Street 

Clark,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  Flussh  Villa,  Gogoside  Road.     Tel.  80 

Clark,  William,  forester,  Whittieburn 

Clark,  William,  3  Kelburne  Terrace,  Charles  Street 

Clason,  Margaret,  8  Allanpark  Street 

Claverhill,   Francis  D.,  6  Rankin  Drive 

Clegg,  Annie  B.,  Deloraine,  Lovat  Street 

Cleghorn,  Mrs.  Margaret,  27  New  Street 

Cleghorn,  Mrs.  Margaret,  70  Gateside  Street 

Clelland,  Mrs.  Janet,  15  Nelson  Street 

Cloudsley,  Robert,  11   Laverock  Drive 

Clyde  College,  Routenburn.      Tel.  108 

Clydesdale  Bank.   Ltd.,  Main  Street.     Tel.  252 

Cochran,  Allan  C,  24  Aitken  Street 

Cochran,  Allan  E.,   butcher,  122  Main  Street 

Cochran,  Jeanie  R.,  assistant,  50  Gateside  Street 

Cochrane,   Edward,   Gogoside   Road 

Cochrane,  Harold,  clerk,  18  Waterside  Street 

Cochrane,  James,  joiner,  9  John  Clark  Street 

Cockburn,  Eliza  R.,  widow,  Danefield.     Tel.  88 


Cockburn,  James,  traveller,  Albany,   Buchanan  Street 

Cockburn,  Mary,  widow,  Morven,   Greenock  Road.     Tel.  45 

Cockburn,  Peter,  gardener,  Gate  Lodge,  Greenock  Road 

Colquhoun,  John.  122  Main  Street 

Colquhoun,  Mary  C,  36  Wilson  Street 

Colton.  Mrs.  Margaret,  36  Main  Street 

Colville,  James,  constable,  13  Moorburn  Road 

Colvin,   Frank,  gardener,  55  Gateside  Street 

Colvin,  Walter,  gardener,  Netherhall,   Greenock  Road 

Connell,  Peter,  grocer,  2  Morris  Street 

Connelly,  Peter,  grocer,  17  Moorburn  Road 

Connelly,  William,  painter,  55  Gateside  Street 

Conner,  Thomas,  20  Middleton  Drive 

Connick,  John,  driver,  40  Wilson  Street 

Cook,  Mrs.  Jessie,  1   Sandringham  Terrace 

Cooke.  Margaret,  widow,  10  Gogo  Street 

Cooper,  Andrew,  118  Main  Street 

Cooper,  Herbert,  grocer,  69  Seamore  Street 

Copijn,  Mrs.  Gladys  S.,  Silverae  Villa,  Irvine  Road 

Cosgrove,  William,  10  Cunningham  Drive 

Couper,  Charles  C,  Drumburle,  John  Street 

Couper,  George,  8  Tron  Place 

Couper,  Robert,  Knockdolian,  Douglas  Street 

Court,  Mrs.  Marion,  30  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Court,  Mrs.  Marion,  Irvine  Road 

Cous-and,  Mrs.  Mary,  39  Kelvin  Street 

Coutts,  David  G.,  3  Spalding  Drive 

Coutts,  Jane,  widow,  75  Nelson  Street 

Coventry,  Agnes  C,  Alexandra,  Church  Street.     Tel.  267 

Cowan,  Mrs.  Catherine,  5  Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Cowan,  Frank  L.,  3  Kelburne  Terrace,  Charles  Street 

Cowan,  Jessie,  35  Wilson  Street 

Cowan,  Mrs.  Jessie  A.,  2  Laverock  Drive 

Cowie,  Mrs.  Annabella,  29  Kelvin  Street 

Craig,  Agnes,  3  Gateside  Street 

Craig.  Mrs.  Agnes  W.,  Dunmore,  Irvine  Road.     Tel.  184 

Craig,  Daniel,  baker,  28  School  Street 

Craig,  James,  labourer,  46  Nelson  Street 

Craig,  James,  Stanlane  Place 

Craig,  Mrs.  Jane,  6  Waterside  Street 

Craig,   John,  59  Nelson  Street 

Craig,  John  S.,  21  Moorburn  Road 

Craig,  Mrs.  Margaret,  22  Fraser's  Close 

Craig,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Manse  Court 

Craig,  Margaret,  16  Boyd  Street 

Craig,   Mary  F.,   Littleraith,   Brootnfields  Crescent 

Craig,  Thomas,  bus  driver,  16  KeJvin  Street 

Craig,  William,  Kirkton,  Douglas  Street 

Craig,  William  S.,  tailor,  2  Allanpark  Street 

Crawford,  Adam,  7  Kelvin  Street 

Crawford,  Adam,  stoker,  50  Gateside  Street 

Crawford,  Mrs.  Adam,  widow,  5  Gateside  Street 

Crawford,  Andrew,  shipbroker,  Underbank  Villa,  Greenock  Road.     Tel. 

Crawford,  Charles,   Ronan,   Irvine  Road 
Crawford,   David,  gardener,  122  Nelson  Street 
Crawford,  David,  carter,  126  Nelson  Street 
Crawford,  David,  cartwright,  14  George  Street 
Crawford,   David,  jr.,  burgh  employee,  6   Gallowgate  Avenue 
Crawford,  David,  carter,  55  Gateside  Street 
Crawford,  Elizabeth,   Thirlmere,  Brisbane  Road 
Crawford,  George,  30  Boyd  Street 
Crawford,  Ina,  confectioner,  85  Main  Street 
Crawford,  James,  10  Allanpark  Street 
Crawford,  James,  17  Burnside  Road 
Crawford,  James,  blacksmith,  5  Gateside  Street 
Crawford,  Mrs.  Jean,  58  Nelson  Street 
Crawford,  John,  carter,  16  Gateside  Street 


'Crawford,  John;  burgh  worker,  46  Gateside  Street 

Crawford,  John  W.,  Kilburn.     Tel.  84 

•Crawford,  Margaret  J.,  6  Waterside  Street 

Crawford,  Mary,   Raillies 

Crawford,  Mary,  8  Waterside  Street 

■Crawford,  Mrs.  Mary  K.,  widow,  8  Waterside  Street 

Crawford,  Mary  M.,  8  Waterside  Street 

Crawford,  Mary  M.,  6  Waterside  Street 

Crawford,  Peter,  139  Main  Street 

Crawford,  Robert,  blacksmith,  56  Nelson  Street 

Crawford,  Robert,  clerk,  7  John  Clark  Street 

Crawford,  Robert,  30  Haco  Street 

Crawford,  Robert  C,  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Crawford,  Stephen,  grocer,  8  Waterside  Street 

Crawford,  Walter,  carter,  68  Nelson  Street 

Crawford,  Walter,   10  Allanpark  Street 

Crawford,  Mrs.  William,  23  Lade  Street 

Crawford,   William,  farmer,   South  Whittlieburn 

Crawford,  Williamina,  confectioner,  21   Waterside  Street 

Cremer,  Euphemie,  8  Gallowgate  Lane 

Crichton,  James,  3  Bankhouse  Crescent 

Crosbie,  Margaret,  2  Stanlane  Place 

Crow,  John,  M.D.,  Bridgend,  Gogo  Street.     Tel.  40 

Cruikshank,  Adam,  13  George  Street 

Cruickshank,  Marion  G.,  118  Main  Street 

Cruickshanks,  Mrs.  Catherine,  19  Crawford  Street 

Cruickshanks,  James,  93  Nelson  Street 

Crystal,  Mrs.  Caroline,  8  Fort  Street 

Cully,  Robert,  15  Spalding  Drive 

Cumming,  Mrs.  Annie,  62  Nelson  Street 
'Cummings,  James,  barman,  12  Kelvin  Street 
Cunningham,  David,  clerk,  Kerrsland  Place 
Cunningham,,  James,   Highfield,  Moorburn  Road 
Cunningham,  Mrs.  Louise,  M.A.,  23  George  Street 
Cunningham,  Robert,  clerk,  12  John  Clark  Street 
Cunningham,  Thomas,  clerk,  24  Sinclair  Drive 
Cureten,  Charles,  burgh  employee,  52  Gateside  Street 
Cureton,  Samuel,  platelayer,  68  Nelson  Street 
Curling  Hall  Hydro,  Ltd.,  Broomfields  Crescent.     Tel.  9 
Currie,  Mrs.  A.,  20  Seamore  Street 
Currie,  Charlotte,  widow,  Arlington,  Moorburn  Road 
Currie,  Hugh  M.,  postman,  57  Seamore  Street 
Currie,  William,  steeplejack,  21   Nelson  Street 
Cuthbertson,  David,  engineer,  55  Gateside  Street 
Cuthbertson,  Peter,  forester,  Craigton 
Cuthbertson,  William,  Craigton 

JJalgerno,  Mrs.  Isabella,  Blythswood,  Irvine  Road 

Dalgleish,  William  H.,  gardener,  113  Main  Street 

Dallas,  George  N.,  Townhead  Close 

Dalrymple,  Elizabeth,  3  Kelvin  Street 

Dansken,  Thomas,  20  Haco  Street 

Davidson,  Agnes,  B.D.,  Shuna,  Douglas  Street 

Davidson,  Mrs.  Agnes  T.,  South  View,  Fort  Street 

Davidson,  Alexander,  labourer,  122  Nelson  Street 

Davidson,  Angus,  9  Burnside  Road 

Davidson,  Angus,   11   Brisbane  Road 

Davidson,  J.  B.,  tailor,  24  Harper  Crescent 

Davidson,  Peter  B_,  38  Burnside  Road 

Davie,  Mrs.  Margaret  M.,  Irvine  Road 

Davis,  Alfred,  driver,  7  George  Street 

Dawson,  George,  clerk,  10  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Dawson,  John,  Craigievar,   Brisbane  Road 

Dawson,  William,  36  Main  Street 

Delvin,  James,  butcher,  122  Main  Street 

2  49 

D'elvin,  James,  &  Son,  Butchers,  94  Main  Street.     Tel.  122: 

Delvin,  John,  butcher,  88  Nelson  Street 

Dempster,  Alexander,  retired,  9  Spalding  Drive 

Dempster,  John,  foreman,  101  Nelson  Street 

Denny,   Mrs.  Agnes,  7  Sinclair  Drive 

Dennv,   Donald,  grocer,  83  Main  Street.      Tel.  126 

Derby,  William,   10  Aubery  Crescent.     Tel.  223 

Devlin,  Alexander,  16  Brisbane  Road 

Devlin,  Mrs.  Annie  EL,  widow,  59  Kelvin  Street 

Dick,  Elizabeth,  81   Gateside  Street 

Dick,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  4  School  Street 

Dick,  Elizabeth,  91  Main  Street 

Dick,  Elizabeth,  14  Tron  Place 

Dick.  Helen  A.,  10  School  Street 

Dick,  Hugh,  12  School  Street 

Dick,  Sarah,  10  Noddleburn  Road 

Dick,  Sarah,  widow,  11  Gallowgate  Lane 

Dick,  Willliam  A.,  jr.,  boathirer,  4  School  Street 

Dick,  William  H.,  boathirer,  1  Lade  Street 

Dickie,   Bessie,  75  Nelson  Street 

Dickie,  David  G.,  Mackerston  Place 

Dickie,  Edith,  widow,  52  Gateside  Street 

Dickson,  Alexander,  50  Gateside  Street 

Dinwoodie,  Mrs.  Helen.  59  Seamore  Street 

Doak,  Mrs.  Margaret  R.,  13  Sinclair  Drive 

Dobbie,  Jessie,  widow.  Manse  Court 

Dobie,  James,  Manse  Court 

Dobic,  James,  joiner,  77  Gateside  Street 

Dobson,  William,  Septarbreo,  Cathcart  Road.      Tel.  242 

Docherty,  Helen,  15  Brisbane  Road 

Docherty,  Mrs.  Mary,  21  School  Street 

Dodds,  Mrs.  Margaret,  11   Spalding  Drive 

Donald,  Mrs.  Annie,  7  Cunningham  Drive 

Donald,  James  A.,  42  Burnside  Road 

Donald,  Jeanie,  10  Seamore  Street 

Donald,  Mrs.  Margaret,  1  Cochrane  Place,  Greenock  Road 

Donald,  Mrs.   Robina,  Alexander  House,  John  Street.     Tel.  224 

Donaldson,   David,  clerk,  2  Cunningham  Drive 

Donaldson,  John,  clerk,  48  Nelson  Street 

Donaldson,  Matthew  G.,  11  Main  Street 

Donaldson,   Robert,   Amulree,   Brisbane  Road.     Tel.   190 

Dorman,  David,  caretaker,  19  Moorburn  Road 

Dougan,  Mrs.  Annie  R.,  widow,  17  Rankin  Drive 

Douglas,  Andrew,  Gleniffer,  Brisbane  Road 

Douglas,  Andrew,  Saskatoon,  Brisbane  Road 

Douglas,  David,  porter,  82  Main  Street 

Douglas,  Diana,  12  Lade  Street 

Douglas,  James,  joiner,  32  Nelson  Street 

Douthwaite,  Thomas  L.,  traveller,  83  Kelvin  Street 

Dow,   Helen,   dressmaker,   6   Laverock  Drive 

Drummond,  James,  watchman,  27  m  Nelson  Street 

Drummond,  Mary  C.,  12  Gogo  Street 

Drummond,  Mary  C,  43  Nelson  Street 

Drummond,  Michael,  butcher,  69  Main  Street.     Tel.  163 

Drummond,   Michael,   Tron  Place 

Drummond,  Michael  T.,  butcher,  124  Main  Street 

Drysdale,  William,  14  Brisbane  Road 

Drysdale,  Mrs.  Williamina,  widow,  26  Middleton  Drive 

Duddy,  John,  operator,  49  Seamore  Street 

Duff,  Alexander  S.,  joiner,  Dalshean,  Irvine  Road 

Duff,  John,  fisherman,  3  School  Wynd 

Duff.  William,  joiner,  Church  Street.      Tel.  26 

Duffield,   Joseph,   builder,  Cochrane  Place  (East).     Tel.  287 

Duggan,  Philip,  labourer,  12  Harper  Crescent 

Dunan,  Donald,  retired,  65  Main  Street 

Dunan,  William  H.,  shoemaker,  25  Nelson  Street 

Dunbar,  John,  stoker,  19  Hailey  Blair  Close 

Dunbar,  William,  carter,  78  Nelson  Street 


Duncan,  Alexander,  joiner,  63  Seamore  Street 

Duncan,  Archibald,  printer,  Livlands,  Irvine  Road 

Duncan,  David,  1   Barr  Crescent.     Tel.  199 

Duncan,  James  S.,  painter,  124  Nelson  Street 

Duncan,  Mary,  widow,  18  Aitken  Street 

Duncan,  Mary  S.,  91   Kelvin  Street 

Duncan,  William,  gardener,  Warrenpark  Villa,  Anthony's  Road 

Dunlop,  Mrs.  Constance,  May  Street.     Tel.  18 

Dunlop,  Elizabeth,  4  Sandringham  Terrace 

Dunlop,  William  A.,  Tigh-ian,  off  Brisbane  Street.     Tel.   194 

Dunn,  Hugh,  mason,  17  Nelson  Street 

Dunn,  Mrs.  Marion,  49  Nelson  Street 

Dunn,  Mrs.  Mary,  3  Gallowgate  Square 

Dunnachie,  John  T..  6  Burnside  Road 

Dunnett,  Mrs.  Mary,  Olrig,  Charles  Street 

Dyer,  Andrew,  shepherd,  Kilburn  Cottage 

Dyer,  Mrs.  Marion,  widow,  32  Wilson  Street 

Eadie,  David,  draper,  3  Sandringham  Terrace 

Eadie,  Mrs.  Jessie  B.,  The  Cottage,  Hill  Street 

Earl,  Euphemia,  9  Rankin  Drive 

Earl,  James,  Withrow,  Moorburn  Road 

Easson,  Mrs.  Christina,  9  Union  Street 

Easson,  John,  steward,  1  Bath  Place 

Edgar,  Mrs.  Annie,  widow,  Merok,  Charles  Street 

Edington,  Elizabeth,  widow,  Hillview.  Hamilton  Drive 

Edmond,  Peter  L.,  chauffeur,  18  Gateside  Street 

Edmonds,  Thomas,  6  Gallowgate  Lane 

Edward,  Alexander  K.,  schoolmaster,  Albanville,  Gogoside  Drive 

Eglinton,  Archibald,  butcher.  80  Main  Street.     Tel.  243 

Eglinton.  Archibald,  butcher,  3  and  4  Aubery  Crescent 

Elliot,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  2  Rankin  Drive 

Elliot,  Mrs.  Jessie,  1a  Bath  Place 

Emslie,  Mrs.  Mary  S.  R.,  Grahamston,  Brisbane  Road 

Erskine,  Mrs.  Marion,  19  Crawford  Street 

Espie,  James,  22  Kelvin  Street 

Evans,  Charles  W.  S.,   Evandale,   Scott  Street 

Evans,  James,  railwayman,  52   Gateside  Street 

Evans,  Thomas  L.,  labourer,  3  Main  Street 

Ewing,  Agnes,  Abbotsford,  Moorburn  Road 

Ewing,  Joan  H.,  12  Seamore  Street 

Parmer,  Mary,  10  Haco  Street 

Faulds,  John,  4  Sinclair  Drive 

Ferguson,  Agnes  W.,  10  Allanpark  Street 

Ferguson,  Mrs.  Edith,  24  Seamore  Street 

Ferguson,  Mrs.  Edith,  widow,  Cumberland  House,  John  Street 

Ferguson,  Elizabeth  R.,  25  Moorburn  Road 

Ferguson,  Mrs.  Jessie,  nurse,  1  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Ferguson,  Mrs.  Mary,  6  Morris  Street 

Ferguson,  Neil,  16  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Ferrie,  Margaret,  Carberry,  Brisbane  Street 

Fife,  Robert  B.,  naval  architect,  Trigoni,  Irvine  Road.      Tel.  13 

Figgins,  Mrs.  Mary,  18  Kelvin  Street 

Findlay,  Agnes,  21  Main  Street 

Findlay,  Mrs.  Catherine  D.,  Westerton,  Blackdales  Avenue 

Findlay,   Christina,  3   Kelvin  Street 

Findlay,   Georgina,  66  Nelson  Street 

Findlay,  Jane,  Netherbank  Villa,  Red  Road 

Finlay,   Elizabeth,  69  Nelson  Street 

Finnie,    Maggie,   Hyndman  Villa,   Hailey  Blair  Close 

Finnie,    William  B.,  Northcote,   Douglas  Place.      Tel.  76 


Fisher,  A  exander.  16  George  Street 

Fisher,  Mrs.  Grace,  widow,  34  Nelson  Street 

Fisher,  Jane  C,  3  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Fisher,  Jane  S.,  11  Union  Street 

Fisher,  Kenneth  R.,  2  Bath  Street 

Fisher,  William  R.,  16  Laverock  Drive 

Fitspatrick,  Catherine,  3   Barr  Crescent 

Fitzsimmons,  Annie,   1 1   Blackdales  Avenue 

Fitzsimmons,  Annie,  25  New  Street 

Fitzsimmons,  Sarah,  2  Sandringham  Terrace 

Flanagan,  Thomas,  underman,  82  Main  Street 

Fleck,  Agnes,  23  Gogo  Street 

Fleck,  Catherine,  widow,  23  Gogo  Street 

Fleming.  Archibald  T.,  1    Noddleburn  Road 

Fleming.  James,  spirit  salesman,  14  Kelvin  Street 

Fleming,  James    spirit  dealer,  1   Waterside 

Fleming,  Mrs.  Margaret,  23   Nelson  Street 

Fleming,  Thomas  L.,  3  Kelvin  Street 

Fletcher,  Alexander,  electrician,  Gate  Lodge,  Irvine  Road 

Flynn,  Patrick,  16  Waterside  Street 

Ford,  Charles,  Gogo  Street 

Ford,  Arthur  N.,  Holmwood.      Tel.  36 

Forrest,  Margaret  L.  F.,  19  Wilson  Street 

Forsyth,  David,  joiner,  97  Kelvin  Street 

Fotheringham,  Lily,  4  Kelvin  Street 

Fox,  Francis  A.,  Lyndene,  Scott  Street 

Frame,  John,  41   Nelson  Street 

Frame,  Mary  P.,  79  Kelvin  Street 

Frase.  A.  R.,  1  Spalding  Drive 

Fraser,  Donald,  15  Middleton  Drive 

Fraser,  George,  manager,  Beaufort,  Brisbane  Street 

Frase?-,  Mrs.  Grace,  Balgownie,  Scott  Street 

Fraser,  Mrs.  Helen,  20  Boyd  Street 

Fraser,  Jeanie,  merchant,  15  and  16  Gallowgate  Street 

Fraser,  John,  4a  Aitken  Street 

Fraser,  Margaret,  Strathfillan,  Scott  Street 

Fraser,  Margaret  G.,  25  Kelvin  Street 

Fraser,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  71  Nelson  Street 

Fraser,  Thomas,  shoemaker,   14  Gallowgate  Street.     Tel.  218 

Frazer  Bros.,  Ltd.,  motor  engineers,  Main  Street.      Tel.  45 

Frazer,  Hugh  B.,  chauffeur,  2  Stanlane  Place 

Frazer,  Mrs.  Isabella,  widow,  4  Burnside  Road 

Frazer,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Struan,  Lovat  Street 

Frazer,   Robert,  engineer,  Fonab,  Lovat  Street 

Friel,  James,  barman,   13  Moorburn  Road 

Friel,  John,  labourer,  8  Allanpark  Street 

Fryers  &  Penman,  architects,  25  Gallowgate  Street.     Tel.  66 

Fryers,  Arthur  J.,  architect,  The  Lodge,  Anthony, s  Road.      Tel.   109 

Fulton,  Agnes,  8  John  Clark  Street 

Fulton,  David,  1  Seamore  Street 

Fulton,  James,  butcher,  18  Waterside  Street 

Fulton.  John,  chauffeur,  16  Gateside  Street 

Fyfe,  Alexander,  superintendent,  Braidbar,  Cathcart  Road 

Gaffney.  Mrs.  Kate,  16  Gateside  Street 

Gair,  William,  Milrig,  Gogoside  Road 

Galbraith's  Stores.  Ltd.,  31-33  Boyd  Street.     Tel.  298 

Galbraith,  Andrew,  17  and  19  Gateside  Street 

Galbraith,  Barbara  R.,  tobacconist,  81   Main  Street 

Galbraith,  Barbara  R.,  Blythswood,  Irvine  Road 

Galbraith,  Samuel,  spirit  merchant,  74  Main  Street.     Tel.  178 

Galbraith,  Samuel,  spirit  merchant,  114  and  116  Main  Street 

Galbraith  Samuel,  spirit  merchant.  Kilspindi,  Douglas  Street.      Tel.  158 

Gall,  John,  spirit  merchant,  2  Kelburne  Terrace,  Charles  Street 

Gallacher,  Annie,  54  Seamore  Street 


Gallacher,   Bridget,  2   Haco  Street 

Gallacher,  James,  42  Nelson  Street 

Gallacher,  James,  1   Harper  Crescent 

Gallacher,   James,  barman,  4  Gallowgate  Square 

Gallacher,  William,  131  Main  Street 

Gallacher,  William,  42  Nelson  Street 

Gallocher,  Marion,  74  Kelvin  Street 

Gallocher,  Thomas  M.,  88  Kelvin  Street 

Galloway,  Elinor  H.,  29   George  Street 

Galloway,  James  W.,  butcher,  36  Main  Street.     Tel.  116 

Gardiner,  Margaret,  baker,  25  Gogo  Street 

Gardiner,  Robert,  builder,  7  Holehouse  Road 

Gardner,  Rev.  James,  M.A.,  Gogovale  House,  Burnlea  Road.     Tel.   70 

Gardner,  John,  7  Gateside  Street 

Gavin,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  70  Seamore  Street 

Gavin,  Ellen,  widow,  Glenora,  Brisbane  Road 

Gavin,  David,  ironmonger,  6  Gateside  Street 

Gavin,  David,  ironmonger,  13  Aitken  Street.      Tel.  274 

Gavin,  John  H.,  chauffeur,  29  Seamore  Street 

Geddes,  Jemina,  Bessford  Place,  Brisbane  Road. 

Gemmell,   Freeland,   10   Barr  Crescent.     Tel.  228 

Gibb,  George,  11   Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Gibson,  Agnes  S.,  Springcroft,  Brisbane  Road 

Gibson,  Mrs.  Annie,  85  Gateside  Street 

Gibson,  Hugh  C.  Atholl,  Scott  Street 

Gibson,  Mrs.  James,  81   Gateside  Street 

Gibson,  Margaret,  Burnlea  Road 

Gilchrist,  Isabella,  20  Waterside  Street 

Gilchrist,  Thomas,  plumber,  66  Seamore  Street 

Gill,  Margaret,  widow,  Causeyfoot  Croft 

Gillan,  Joseph,  Glencroft,  Gogoside  Drive 

Gillespie,  Annie,  Glen  Morven,  Douglas  Street 

Gillespie,  Jessie  G.,  10  Bath  Street 

Gillespie,  Margaret,  Casa,  off  Brisbane  Street 

Gillespie,  Margaret,  widow,  Crawfordlea,   Brisbane  Road 

Gillespie,  Margaret,  widow,  Marlaw,  Brisbane  Street 

Gillespie,  Matthew,  slater,  5  Morris  Street.     Tel.  187 

Gillespie,  Matthew,  slater,  14  Gogo  Street 

Gillespie,   William,   17   Brisbane   Road 

Gillies,  James,  retired,  22  Burnside  Road 

Gills,  Catherine,  8  Allanpark  Street 

Gilmour,  Mrs.  Catherine,  9  Brisbane  Road 

Gilmour,  Isabella,  2  Tron  Place 

Gilmour,  James,  82  Main  Street 

Gladding,  Valentine,  traveller,  91  Seamore  Street 

Glen,   Elizabeth,  15  Seamore  Street 

Glen,  Robert,  3  Crawford  Street 

Glqag  &  Co.,  John,  clothiers,  5  Bath  Street 

Godfrey,  James,  guard,  41   Kelvin  Street 

Goodall,  Mrs.  Elsie,  11   Barr  Crescent 

Goodall,  Jean,  107  Main  Street 

Goodier,  John  W.,  entertainer,  Reidvog,  Moorburn  Road 

Goodlet,  John,  Glenesk  Place,  Seamore  Street 

Gordon,  Alexander,  clerk,  19  George  Street 

Gordon,  John,  gardener,  5  Gateside  Street 

Gourlav,  John  A.,  engineer,  2  Sinclair  Drive 

Gow,  Mrs.  Martha  M.,  Kirkland  Villa,  Brisbane  Street.      Tel.  15 

Graham,  Miss,   Gillingham,  Moorburn  Road 

Graham,  Alexander,  114  Nelson  Street 

Graham,  Donald,  17  Spalding  Drive 

Graham,  James  M.,  tobacconist,  105  Main  Street 

Graham,  Mrs.  Janet,  widow,  3  Main  Street 

Graham,  Mrs.  Jessie,   Rannoch,  Moorburn   Road 

Graham,   Joshua,  47    Kelvin   Street 

Graham,  Margaret  II.  K.,  87  Gateside  Street 

Graham,   Robert,   Rosenga,   Irvine   Road 

Graham,  Thomas  B.,  Kardener,  118  Main  Street 

Grant,  Alexander,  Crawfordlea,   Brisbane   Road 


Grant,  Elizabeth  B.,  18  Sinclair  Drive 

Gray,  Mrs.  Cecilia,  9  Gallowgate  Lane 

Gray,  David,  mechanic,  10  School  Street 

Gray,  Gilbert,  22  Rankin  Drive 

Gray,  John,  engineer,  17  Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Gray,  Robert,  gamekeeper,  South  Mains 

Gray,  William,   14  School  Street 

Greig,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  G.,  Richardene,  Allanpark  Street 

Greenlees  &  Son,-  Ltd.,  1  Main  Street 

Greenlees,  John,  24  John  Clark  Street 

Greenock  Central  Co-operative  Society,   Ltd.,  54  Nelson  Street.     Tel. 

Grey,  Agnes,  17  Nelson  Street 

Gregorson,  Albert  W.,  M.D.,  Ch.B.,  9  Aubery  Crescent 
Grier,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  77  Seamore  Street 

Grieve,  Rev.  James,  The  Rectory,  Aubery  Crescent.     Tel.  143 
Grosart,  Mrs.  Janet,  widow,  45  Gateside  Street 
Guiness,  Agnes,  10  Allanpark  Street 
Gunn,  Agnes,  23  Buraside  Road.     Tel.  232 
Gunn,  John  A.,  purser,  Beauly,  Moorburn  Road 
Guthrie,  David,  painter,  87  Gateside  Street 
Guthrie,  James  M.,  painter,  9  Haco  Street 
Guthrie,  John,  painter,  1  John  Clark  Street 
Guthrie,  Magdalene,  widow,  1   Burnside  Road.      Tel.  295 
Guthrie,  Margaret,  20  Boyd  Street 
Guthrie,  Peter,  20  Boyd  Street 
Guthrie,  Peter  &  James,  painters,  6  Boyd  Street 

Hagen,  Robert  H.,  gardener,  71  Seamore  Street 

Haire,  James,  driver,  Kelburn  Cottage 

Halero,  Robert  B.,  traveller,  63  Kelvin  Street 

Hale,  Mrs.  Helen,  hotel  keeper.  23  Gallowgate  Street 

Haley,  Jane  R.,  widow,  85  Kelvin  Street 

Hall,  Margaret,  widow,  Crawfordlea,   Brisbane  Road 

Hall,  Margaret,  &  Sons,  farmers,  Flatt 

Hall,  William,  slater,  18  Wilson  Street 

Halliday,  Mrs.  Annie,     3  Nelson  Street 

Halliday,  Hugh,  boat-hirer,  50  Nelson  Street 

Halliday.  Mrs.  Isabella,  widow,  Cochrane  Place  (East) 

Halliday,  Jemima,  Moorburn  Cottage 

Halliday,  Robert,  8  Gogo  Street 

Halliday,  Thomas,  boat-hirer,  81   Gateside  Street 

Hamilton,  Mrs.  Agnes,  widow,  21  Middleton  Drive 

Hamilton,  Daniel  B.,  2  Gateside  Street 

Hamilton,  Capt.  Guy,  34  Noddleburn  Road 

Hamilton,  Mrs.   Katherine,  2  Noddleburn  Road 

Hamilton,  Mrs.  Mary,  99  Nelson  Street 

Hamilton,  William,  3  John  Clark  Street 

Hamilton,  William,  Feorlinn,  Moorburn  Road 

Hampton,  James,  photographer,  21    Gallowgate  Street 

Hampton,  James,  photographer,  2  East  Castle  Avenue 

Hampton,  Mrs.  Jennie,  Denburn,  Charles  Street 

Hampton,  Mrs.  Phcebe,  Braeneil,  Lovat  Street 

Hannah,  Kate,  25  Moorburn  Road 

Hannah,  William  M.,  The  Grove,  Scott  Road.      Tel.  203 

Hanning,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  7  Gateside  Street 

Hansel,  Edith,  widow,  24  Haco  Street 

Harcus,  Robert,  28  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Hardie,  Walter,  Locherbank,  Hamilton  Drive 

Harkness,  Mrs.  Agnes,  3  Gateside  Street 

Harkness,  Helen,  widow,  13  Kelvin  Street 

Harper  &  Thomson,  solicitors,  3  Hailey  Blair  Close 

Harper,  Agnes,  108  Nelson  Street 

Harper,  Mrs.  Agnes  A  ,  widow,  Mackerston  Place 

Harper,  Mrs.  Basil,  65  Nelson  Street 


Harper,  Margaret,   1   Kelburne  Terrace,  Charles  Street 

Harper,  Margaret,  grocer,   116  Nelson  Street 

Harris,   David,  7  Fort  Street 

Harris,  Jamesina,  4  Rankin  Drive 

Harris,  Mrs.  Janet.  8  Burnside  Road 

Hart,  Margaret,  Overlea,  Irvine  Road 

Hart,  Mary  D.,  54}  Nelson  Street 

Hart,   Peter,  coalman,  46  Kelvin  Street 

Hart,  Mrs.  Rosetta.  11  Middleton  Drive 

Hart,  William,  15  Seamore  Street 

Hart,  William  S.,  Alina,  Scott  Street 

Harvey,  Mrs.  Jenny,  4  Spalding  Drive 

Hastie,  Mrs.  Margaret,  20  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Hateley,  Elizabeth,  28  Middleton  Drive 

Hawson,  Agnes,  widow,   Broughallan,   Irvine  Road 

Hawthorne,  Samuel,  36  George  Street 

Hay,  Alexina  B.,  13  Rankin  Drive 

Hay,  George,  driver,  21  New  Street 

Hayes,  Irwin  B.,  engineer,  4  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Heaney,  Sarah,  2  Blackdales  Avenue 

Heaverman,  Walter  B.,  Brownlea,  Brisbane  Road 

Hector,  Mrs.  Mary,  1  Middleton  Drive 

Hector,  Mary  L.,  Windyknowe,   Broomfields 

Hegney,  John  V.,  26  Kelvin  Street 

Henderson,   Elizabeth,   18   Gateside  Street 

Henderson,  Flora,  widow,  7  Fort  Street 

Henderson,  Mrs.  Frances  A.,  Northfield  Villa,  Greenock  Road.     Tel.  37 

Henderson,  Janet,  widow,  12  Nelson  Street 

Henderson,  Margaret,  San  Remo,  Brisbane  Road 

Henderson,   Robert  S.,  5  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Hendrie,  Mrs.  Margaret,  20  Waterside  Street 

Hendry,  Annie,  39  Nelson  Street 

Hendry,  David,  8  Morris  Street 

Hendry,  David,  gardener,  2  Stanlane  Place 

Hendry,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  18  Aitken  Street 

Hendry,  George,  teacher,  14  Burnside  Road 

Hendry,  James,  contractor,  Apsley,  New  Street 

Hendry,  James  N.,  Nicolston,  Moorburn  Road 

Hendry,  Margaret,  South  View,  Fort  Street 

Hendry,  Margaret  C,  The  Rockeries,  Irvine  Road 

Hendry,  Mary  A.,  89  Nelson  Street 

Hennessey,  Major  Edmond,  10  Charles  Street 

Henry,   George,  Brisbane  Glen 

Henry,  Margaret,  12  Noddleburn  Road 

Henry,  Mrs.  Margaret,  draper,  Parkview,  Brisbane  Street 

Hepburn,  Jean,   19  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Herbertson,  Bella,  widow,  16  Wilson  Street 

Hetherington,  Mrs.  Annie,  25  Burnside  Road 

Hewitt,  Jessie,  &  Co.,  chemists,  1  Brisbane  Road.      Tel.  280 

Higgins,  Dr.  Janet  B.,  Eastlea,  Lovat  Street 

11  logins,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  81   Gateside  Street 

llighet,  James,  accountant,  2  Stanlane.  Place 

Hill,  Annie  B.,  33  Wilson  Street 

Hill,  Archibald,  cashier,   Burnbrae,  Charles  Street 

Hill,  Arthur  H.,   Springdale,   Dougals  Place.     Tel.  171 

Hill,  Mrs.  Christina,  6  Tron  Place 

Hill,  Mrs.  Isabel,  3  Lade  Street 

Hill,  Robert,  spirit  merchant,  34-36  Nelson  Street 

Hillis,  Annie,  13  Bath  Street 

Hillis,  John,  19  Crawford  Street 

Hillis,  Robert  B.,  baker,  13  Bath  Street 

Hindshaw,  Annie  M.,  Auburn,  School  Street 

Hindshaw,  James,  Blackdales,  Charles  Street 

Hislop,  Isabella  N.,  5  Blackdales  Avenue 

Holbein,  Charles,  music  hall  artist,  7  Hailey  Blair  Close 

Hogg,  Robert,  engineer,  The  Moorings,  Moorburn  Road 

Holland,  Thomas,  9  Lade  Street 

Holmes,  Mrs.  Agnes,  widow,  92  Main  Street 


Holmes,  Alexander,  Victory  Place,   Gogo  Street 

Honeyman,  Mrs.  Agnes,  2  Kelbume  Terrace,  Charles  Street 

Honeyman,  William,  church  officer,  31   Gogo  Street 

Hope,  Alexander,  postman,   10  Gogo  Street 

Hopkins,  Mrs.  Mary,  Knock  Castle 

Hopkirk,  David  J.  M.,  vanman,  3  Harper  Crescent 

Hopkirk,   Elizabeth,   Feodora,  Lovat  Street 

Hopkirk,  James,  fisherman,  63  Nelson  Street 

Hopkirk,  James,  grocer,  38  Nelson  Street.      Tel.  152 

Hopkirk,  James,  grocer,  Kerrsland  Place,  Brisbane  Road 

Hopkirk,  James,  steward,  Glenesk  Place,  Seamore  Street 

Hopkirk,  Mrs.  Janet,  71   Nelson  Street 

Hopkirk,  Peter  S.,  joiner,  Roselea,  Greenock  Road.     Tel.  204 

Hosking,  Robert  J.,  barber,  33  Nelson  Street 

Houston,  Jean,  widow,  Rhodora,  Douglas  Street 

Houston,  Jeanie  B.,  Eastbank,  Gateside  Street 

Houston,  Margaret,  20  Bath  Street 

Houston,  Margaret,  7  Fort  Street 

Howie,  Mary  M.,  25  Allanpark  Street 

Howieson,  Catherine,  clerkess,  17  Nelson  Street 

Huggins,  Mrs.  Helen  J.,  Brisbane  Place 

Hughes,   Peter,  mason,   18  Harper  Crescent 

Humble,   Edward,  gardener.  May  Street 

Hume,  Janet  M.,  16  Gallowgate  Street 

Hume,  Mrs.  Lilias,  16  Gallowgate  Street 

Hume,  Peter,  tobacconist,  18  Gallowgate  Street 

Hunter,  Alexander,  signalman,  84  Main  Street 

Hunter,  George,  25  Waterside  Street 

Hunter,  Ina,  widow,  Rosemount,  Moorburn  Road 

Hunter,  James  confectioner,  14  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Hunter,  James  B.  G.,  manufacturer,  Greenway,   Greenock  Road.     Tel. 

Hunter,  Mrs.  Jane,  55  Main  Street 
Hunter,  John,  joiner,  85  Gateside  Street 
Hunter,  Mary,  Flatt  farm,  Holehouse  Road 
Hunter,  Mary,  widow,  14  Boyd  Street 
Hunter,  Mary,  Dalveen,  Irvine  Road.     Tel.  20 
Hunter,   Robert.  7  Gallowgate  Square 
Hunter,  WiUiam,  boat-hirer,  4  Boyd  Street 
Hutchieson,  Jean,  45  Nelson  Street 
Hutchison,  Agnes,  widow,  33  Gogo  Street 
Hutchison,  Andrew,  gardener,  Crianlarich,  'Brisbane    Road 
Hynes,  James,  108  Main  Street 

Hyslop,   Elizabeth,  widow,   Kelburne  Terrace,   Charles  Street 
Hyslop,  Maxwell,  3  Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Inglis,  Mrs.  Agnes,  Woodend,  Irvine  Road 

Inglis.   Hamilton,   dental  surgeon,   Merrvlee  Villa,   Union  Street.     Tel. 

Inglis,  Mrs.  John,  24  School  Street 
Innes,  Helen,  124  Nelson  Street 
Ironside.  Alexander,  chauffeur,  Knock  Castle 
Irvine,  John,  20  Rankin  Drive 
Irvine.  John,  joiner,  18  Bankhouse  Avenue 
Irving,  John,  junior,  plumber,  Hazelhurst,  Charles  Street 
Irving,  John,  82  Main  Street 

Irving,  John,  &  Sons,  Ltd.,  plumbers.  Lade  Street.     Tel.  73 
"  Irwin,   Hugh,  3  Sinclair  Drive 
Isbister,  Elizabeth,   19   Burnside  Road 

Jaap,  Daniel,  baker,  29  Wilson  Street  and  110  Nelson  Street 

Jack,  Archibald,  50  Main  Street 

Jack,  Mrs.  Christina,  Madella,  Broomfields 


Jack,  Janet,  Duncowan,   Brisbane  Road 

Jack,  Jessie  K.,  45  Nelson  Street 

Jack,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Pilniuir,  Cathcart  Road 

Jack    Mary  C,   Goldenhope,  Mackerston  Place.     Tel.  215 

Jack,  Mary  G.,  Whinfield,  Brisbane  Street 

Jackson,  Flora  H..  nurse,  76  Kelvin  Street 

Jackson,   Helen,  8  School  Street 

Jackson,   Louisa  H.,   16  Gallowgate  Street 

Jamieson,  Fanny,  widow,  48  Gateside  Street 

Jamieson,   George,  tailor,  32   Harper  Crescent 

Jamieson,  Isa  C,  25  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Jamieson,  Margaret,  4  Gallowgate  Street 

Jardine,  Mrs.  Sarah,  22  Brisbane  Road 

Jarvie,  Mrs,  Winifred,  33  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Jeffrey,  Neil  M.,  bank  agent,  66-68  Main  Street 

Jeffry,  John,  farmer,  Whittlieburn 

Jenkins,  John,  tailor,  55  Gateside  Street 

Johnston,   Alexander,  salesman,   24  George  Street 

Johnston,   Alexander,  44  Nelson  Street 

Johnston,  David,  carter.  84  Main  Street 

Johnston,  Mrs.  Jane,  Evanlea,  Moorburn  Road 

Johnston,  Mrs.  Margaret,  widow,  38  Gateside  Street 

Johnston,  Robert,  mechanic,  Court  Street 

Johnston,  Robert  G.,  10  George  Street 

Johnstone,  Alexander,  53  Nelson  Street 

Johnstone,  Annie,  telephonist,   2   Hyndman  Place 

Johnstone,  Duncan,  labourer,  126  Nelson  Street 

Johnstone,  George,  joiner,  3  Gateside  Street 

Johnstone,   George,  sawyer,   New  Street 

Johnstone,  Janet,  Rutland  House,  Charles  Street 

Johnstone,   Robert,  contractor,  4  Fraser's  Close 

Johnstone,  Mrs.  Sarah,  8  George  Street 

Johnstone,  Mrs.  Sarah,  fruiterer,  33  Gogo  Street 

Johnstone,  Mrs.  Sarah,  119  Main  Street 

Johnstone,  Thomas,  watchmaker,  3  Holehouse  Road 

Johnstone,  Wightman,  8  Rankin  Drive 

Jones,  William,   Ro.Elina,   Dairy  Road 


Kay,  Dr.  John  H.,  11  Gallowgate  Street 

Kay,  Dr.  John  H.,  Broomlea  Villa,  Broomfields  Crescent.     Tel.   28 

Kean,  Agnes,  Nesmay,  Brisbane  Road 

Kean,  Agnes,  widow,  10  Kelvin  Street 

Kee,  Samuel,  gardener,  Burnside 

Keith,  Mrs.  Alexander,  1  Crawford  Street 

Kellas,  J,  M.,   Burnlea  Villa 

Kelso,  Margaret  B.,  telephonist,  113  Main  Street 

Kelly,  Mrs.  Christina,  3  Gateside  Street 

Kelly,  John,  painter,  7  Lade  Street 

Kelly,  Mary  R.,  typist,  10  Gogo  Street 

Kemp,   Catherine,  Winola,   Irvine   Road 

Kemp,  Mrs,  Jeanie,  28  Seamore  Street 

Kempt,   Edith,  Broomcraig  Villa.     Tel.  77 

Kennedy,  Charles,  compositor,  40  Wilson  Street 

Kennedy,  Hugh,  farm  manager.   North  Mains  Farm 

Kennedy,  James,  93  Main  Street 

Kennedy,  Jeanie  &  Mary,  20  Burnside  Road 

Kennedy,  John,  draper,  46  Main  Street 

Kennedy,  Murdoch,  builder,  Braemar,  Moorburn  Road.     Tel.   189 

Kerr,  Annie,  widow,  75  Nelson  Street 

Kerr,   Elizabeth,  29  Moorburn   Road 

Kerr,  Elizabeth,  widow,  40  Kelvin  Street 

Kerr,  Helen,  10  Boyd  Street 

Kerr,  Mary  D.,  Brown  Lodge,  Broomfields  Place.      Tel.  153 

Kidd,  William  S.,  manager,  22  Barr  Crescent 

Kilgour,  Mrs.  Martha,   Libberton,  Moorburn  Road 


Kilpatriek,  Robert,  5  Gateside  Street 

Kilpatriek^   Robert,  50  Main  Street 

Kilpatriek,  Robert,  10  Tron  Place 

King,  Adam,  guard,  48  Seamore  Street 

King,  Isabella,  20  Gateside  Street 

King,  Janet,  85  Gateside  Street 

King,  John,  druggist,  45  Nelson  Street 

Kinnear,   George,  Pinelea,   Greenock  Road 

Kipling,  Frank,  3  Noddleburn  Road 

Kirk,  Agnes,  South  View,  Fort  Street 

Kirk,  Mrs.  Margaret,   15  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Kirkhope,  John,  ironworker,  30  George  Street 

Kirkpatrick,   William,   Brisbane  Road 

Kirkwood,  David  R.  M.,  Auchencraig,  Villa,  Irvine  Road.     Tel.  3 

Kissock,  Mrs.  Mary,  Sanda,  Moorburn  Road 

Knox,  James,  Morris  Street 

Knox,  James,  draper,  7  Spalding  Drive 

Lamb,  James  P.,  slater,  3  Waterside  Street 

Lamb,  John,  slater,  11  Wilson  Street 

Lamb,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  5  Crawford  Street 

Lamb,  Robert,  vanman,  33  Seamore  Street 

Lamont,  Mrs.  Margaret,  6  Morris  Street 

Lamont,  James,  labourer,  48  Nelson  Street 

Lane,  Mary  A.,  widow,  Buxton,  John  Street 

Lang,  Mrs.  Agnes,  30  Fraser's  Close 

Lang,  Daniel,  seaman,  28  Fraser's  Close 

Lang,  Elizabeth,  50  Nelson  Street 

Lang,  Mrs.  Hay,  Bogdan,  Moorburn  Road 

Lang,  John,  18  Gateside  Street 

Langwell,  Guthrie  G.,  clerk,  Broomhouse,  Broomfield's  Place 

Langwell,  Jeanie,  Scott  Street 

Largs  Electric  Picture  Pavilion,  Ltd.,  Hailey  Blair  Close 

Largs  Hills  Hotel,  Ltd.,  Burnside 

Largs   Hydropathic,   Ltd.,   Priory   Lodge,   Broomfields  Place.     Tel. 

Largs  Picture  House  Co.,  Ltd.,  13-15  Waterside  Street 

Lauchlan,  Robert,  86  Kelvin  Street 

Law,  Alexander,  13  Cunningham  Drive 

Lawrie,  Christian  D.,  9  Crawford  Street 

Lawrie,  Mrs.  Jessie,  10  Burnside  Road 

Lawrie,  Mrs.  Margaret,  83  Gateside  Street 

Lawson,  Mrs.  Agnes,   Brisbane  Place 

Lawson,  Eva,  19  Sinclair  Drive 

Leask,  James,  solicitor,  Seaforth  Villa,   Anthony's  Road 

Leckie,  Mrs.  baker,  7  Tron  Place 

Leckie,  Neil  F.,  baker,  98  Main  Street 

Leckie,  Neil  F.,  baker,  100  Main  Street 

Lees,  Craig,  tailor,  Manse  Court 

Lees,   Elizabeth,   widow,   Aldersyde,   Irvine   Road.      Tel.   185 

Lees,  John,  3  Seamore  Street 

Lees,  William,  gent.'s  outfitter,  19  Main  Street 

Legg,  Mrs.  Jean,  3  Brisbane  Road 

Leggatt,  Charles,  van  builder,  30  Main  Street 

Leishman,  John,  30  Kelvin  Street 

Leitch,  Alexander,  baker,  57  Kelvin  Street 

Leitch,  Archibald,  15  and  17  Bath  Street 

Leith,  Annie,  Planetrees,  Gogo  Street 

Le  May,  Jeanie,  widow,  65  Kelvin  Street 

Lennon,  Charles,  11  New  Street 

Lennon,  Hugh,  music  teacher,  11  New  Street 

Lennon,  William,  11  New  Street 

Lightbody,  Robert,  mechanic,  Netherhall,  Greenock  Road 

Linden,  Mrs.  Mary,  Morven  Lodge,  Greenock  Road 

Lindsay,  Beatrice,  Parkview,  Brisbane  Street 

Lindsay,  Bessie,  39  Boyd  Street 


Lindsay,  Mrs.  Bessie,  stationer,  29  and  31   Nelson  Street.     Tel.  177 

Lindsay,  Mrs.  Bessie,  stationer,  10  Aitken  Street 

Lindsay,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  Elphingston,  off  Brisbane  Street 

Lindsay,  James,  sr.,  139  Main  Street 

Lindsay,  John,  6  Haeo  Street 

Lindsay,  John,  93  Seamore  Street 

Lindsay,  John,  baker,  11  Union  Street 

Lindsay,  Mrs.  Margaret,  62  Gateside  Street 

Little,  James,  gardener,  Knock  Castle 

Little,  Mrs.  Margaret,  confectioner,  4  Gateside  Street 

Little,  Peter,  moulder,  12  Tron  Place 

Littlejohn,  Christina,  20  Gateside  Street 

Littlejohn,  Jeanie,  10  Crawford  Street 

Livingston,  Margaret,  48  Kelvin  Street 

Livingstone,  Annie,  77  Nelson  Street 

Livingstone,  James,  janitor,  15  Moorburn  Road 

Livingstone,  John,  painter,  7  Gateside  Street 

Lochhead,   Anne,  widow,   Clefford,   Broomfields  Crescent 

Lockie,  Mary,  3  Union  Street 

Logan,  Mrs.  Catherine,   Barravilla,   Broomfields  Crescent 

Logan,  Gilbert,  printer,  113  Main  Street 

Logan,   Hugh,   Burnbank,  Irvine  Road 

Logan,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  South  View,  Fort  Street 

Logg,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  44  Kelvin  Street 

Logie,  James,   12  Middleton  Drive 

Logue,  James,  plumber,  11  Kelvin  Street 

Loudon,  James,  22  Gallowgate  Street 

Loudon,  James,  Old  Bank  House,  Moorburn  Road 

Loudon,  James,  confectioner,  4  Brisbane  Road 

Love,  Mrs.  Richardene,  Allanpark  Street 

Love,  Amelia,  widow,  6  Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Love,  Daniel,  The  Bungalow,  Lovat  Street.     Tel.  180 

Love,  John,  electrician,  75  Seamore  Street 

Lumsden,  Helen,  4  Blackdales  Avenue 

Lundie,  Neil,  Priory  Lodge,  Broomfields  Place 

Lusk,  Andrew  P.,  Elmbank,  Greenock  Road,     Tel.  23 

Lynch,  James,  2  Allanpark  Street 

Lyon,  Kenneth,  gardener,  61   Seamore  Street 

Lyon,  Mary  S.,  12  Haco  Street 


McAllan,  Mrs.  Robert,  3  George  Street 

McAlpine,  Elizabeth,  widow,  Ranfurly,  Scott  Street 

Macarthur,  Alexander,  chauffeur,  54  Gateside  Street 

McArthur,  Mrs.  Duncan,  18  Aitken  Street 

McArthur,  James,  79  Nelson  Street 

McArthur,  James,  stoker,  31  Kelvin  Street 

McArthur,  Michael,  53  Nelson  Street 

McArthur,  William,  fireman,  69  Seamore  Street 

Macaulay,  John,  gamekeeper,  Halkshill 

MacBride,  Mrs.  Agnes,  2  Tron  Place 

McBride,   William,  5  Lade  Street 

McCabe,  David,  labourer.  26  Wilson  Street 

McCall,  David,  roadman,  103  Kelvin  Street 

McCallum,  Alexander,  retired,  12  Sinclair  Drive 

McCallum,  Annie,  10  Seamore  Street 

McCallum,  Archibald,  painter,  61  Nelson  Street 

McCallum,  Christina,  widow,   14  Boyd  Street 

McCallum,  Mrs.  Helen,  121  Main  Street 

McCallum,  Hugh,  jr.,  C.A.,  Achray,  Lovat  Street 

McCallum,  H.,  manager,  East  Cottage,  Elderslie,  John  Street 

McCance,  William,  plumber,  6  Bath  Street.     Tel.  246 

McCance,  William,  electrician,  37   Boyd  Street 

McCann,  Rev.  "Francis  A.,  2  Douglas  Terrace 

McCarthy,  Mrs.,  35  Nelson  Street 

McColl,  Alexander,  farmer,  Routenburn 


McColl,  John,  draper,  Kerrsland  Place,  Brisbane  Road 

McColl,  John,  baker,   11   Union  Street 

McColl,  Mrs.  Peggie,  outfitter,  40  Boyd  Street 

McColl,  R.  S.,  7  Main  Street 

McColl,  Thomas  N.,  8  Morris  Street 

McColl,  Walter,  baker,  Causeyfoot  Croft 

McConnell,  Thomas  M.,  joiner,  69  Kelvin  Street 

McConochie,  Mrs.  Jessie,  8  Cunningham  Drive 

McConochie,  Marion,  41  Gateside  Street 

McCormick,  Thomas,  driver,  14  Harper  Crescent 

McCosh,  Jennie  W.,  nurse,  48  Gateside  Street 

McCrae,  James,  5  Bankhouse  Crescent 

McCreadie,  Mrs.  Ellen,  31  George  Street.      Tel.  186 

McCree,  William,  25  Haco  Street 

McCulloch,  Elizabeth  S.,  1  Kelburne  Terrace,  Charles  Street 

McCulloch,  David,  27  Kelvin  Street 

McCulloch,  Peter,  retired,  7  Rankin  Drive 

Macdonald,  Agnes,  Dunraven  Cottage,  Greenock  Road 

Macdonald,  James,  31   Burnside  Road 

Macdonald,  John,   119  Main  Street 

Macdonald,  M.  B.  C,  Planetrees,  Gogo  Street 

MacDonald,   Charles,   37   Bankhouse  Avenue 

MacDonald,  Mary,  13  Middleton  Drive 

McDonald,  Annie,  10  Gogo  Street 

McDonald,   Catherine,   26   George  Street 

McDonald,  Donald,  5  Union  Street 

McDonald,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  8  Morris  Street 

McDonald,  Mrs.  Emma,  83  Gateside  Street 

McDonald,  George  W.,  mason,  22  George  Street 

McDonald,  James,  linesman,  44  George  Street.     Tel.  260 

McDonald,  John,  15  Rankin  Drive 

McDonald,  John,  retired,  41   Nelson  Street 

McDonald,  John,  trapper,  Brisbane 

McDonald,  Mary  F.,  The  Cabin,  Irvine  Road 

McDonald,  William,  Titwood,  Douglas  Street 

McDougall,  Mrs.,  16  Seamore  Street 

McDougall,  Allan,  compositor,  22  Haco  Street 

McDougall,  George,  21   Nelson  Street 

McDougall,  Mary,  3  Kelburne  Terrace,  Charles  Street 

McDougall,  William,  tobacconist,  21   Sinclair  Drive 

McDowall,  Harkness,  clerk,  42  George  Street 

McEvoy,  Mrs.  Isabella,   Netherbank,   Red   Road.     Tel.  216 

McEwan,  Duncan,  42  Nelson  Street 

McEwan,  John,  clerk,  Cathian,  Gogoside  Road 

McEwan,  Mary,  Rosarae,  Brisbane  Street 

McFadyen,  James,  traveller,  32   Burnside  Road.      Tel.  289 

Macfarlane,  Anna  J.,  1   Douglas  Terrace 

Macfarlane,  Annie,  widow,  Jasmine,  Townhead  Place 

Macfarlane,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  32  Nelson  Street 

MacFarlane,  John,  writer,  Westlands.  John  Street 

McFarlane,  Anne.  19  Crawford  Street 

McFarlane,  Mrs.  Bertha  E.,  5  Burnsirlo  Road 

McFarlane,  David,  painter,  18  Wilson  Street 

McFarlane,  James,  foreman,  18  Rankin  Drive 

McFarlane,  Walter,  70  Nelson  Street 

McGarvie,  David,  retired,  61  Kelvin  Street 

McGavin,  Mrs.  Minnie,  widow,  57  Seamore  Street 

McGeoch,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  6  Gallowgate  Lane 

McGhee,  James,  20  Aitken  Street 

McGhee,  Thomas,   Lourdes,  Charles  Street 

McGhie,  Mrs.  Jane  H.,  1  Kelburne  Terrace,  Charles  Street 

McGhie,  Joseph,  steelworker,  Wil-mar,   Gogoside  Road 

McGill,  Archibald,   103  Main  Street 

McGill,  Michael,  barman,  28  Harper  Crescent 

McGillivray,  Mrs.  Mary,  8  Sinclair  Drive 

McGilvray,  Catherine,  Fallant,  off  Brisbane  Street 

McGilvray,  Margaret  S.,  64  Kelvin  Street 

McGinley,  Madge,  11   Gogo  Street 


McGinty,  Francis,  slater,  120  Main  Street 

McGinty,  James,  salesman,  120  Main  Street 

McGinty,  Oswald,  painter,  52  Kelvin  Street 

McGirr,  David,  Brisbane  Place 

McGlashan,  Elizabeth  C,  Glenogle,  Aubery  Crescent 

McGovern,  Daniel,  25  New  Street 

McGowan,  James,  bricklayer,  27  George  Street 

McGowan,  John,  carpenter,  53  Seamore  Street 

McGowan,  Stanislaus,  coalman,  45  Kelvin  Street 

MacGregor,   Katherine  C,  2  Barr  Crescent.      Tel.  89 

McGregor,  George,  14  School  Street 

McGregor,  John,  dairyman,  Newton  Bank,  Douglas  Street 

McGregor,  William,  insurance  agent,  South  Croft,  Causeyfoot  Croft 

MeHugh,  Michael,  9  Barr  Crescent 

Mcllroy,  Mrs.  Rebecca,  40  Burnside  Road 

Mcllvride,  William,  baker,  9  Lade  Street 

Mclnroy,  J.,  chemist,  11  Aitken  Street.     Tel.  6 

Mclnroy,  Thomas,  draughtsman.   Grey  Dykes,   Gogoside  Drive 

Mcintosh,  Alexander,  ironmonger,  Irvine  Road 

Mcintosh,  Alexander,  ironmonger,  42  Main  Street.      Tel.  38 

Mcintosh,  Jessie,  1   Kelburne  Terrace.  Charles  Street 

Mclntyre,  Archibald,  gardener,  54  GatesMe  Street 

Mclntyre,  David,  carter,  Gogoside  Road 

Mclntyre,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  18  Waterside  Street 

Mclntyre,  Hugh,  farmer,  Quarter 

Mclntyre,  Hugh,  joiner,  66  Seamore  Street 

Mclntyre,   Hugh,  shoemaker,  13  Moorburn  Road 

Mclntyre,   John,  manager,   Outerwards 

Mclntyre,  Norman,  driver,  14  Harper  Crescent 

Mclntyre,  William  R.,  masseur,  Aranthru,  Irvine  Road 

Mackay,  Barbara,  39  Kelvin  Street 

Mackay,  Edward  L.,  electrician,  50  Seamore  Street 

Mackay,   George,  Bankhouse  Villa,   Bankhouse  Avenue 

Mackay,  Hugh,  steward,  Norwood  Cottage,  Seamore  Street 

Mackay,  James,  tobacconist,  5  Brisbane  Road 

Mackay,  Mrs.  Jane  P..  widow,  4  Barr  Crescent 

Mackay,  Jeanie  H.,  11   Rankin  Drive 

Mackay,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  outfitter,  7  Brisbane  Road 

Mackay,  Mrs.  Jemima,  fishmonger,   Allanpark  Street.      Tel.   87 

Mackay,  Mrs.  Jemima,  widow,  81   Kelvin  Street 

Mackay,  Jessie  R.,  Charles  Street 

Mackay,  Margaret,  1  Sandringham  Terrace 

Mackay,  Marion  &  Jane,  Summerdalc,  Douglas  Street.      Tel.  239 

Mackay,  Thomas,  &  Sons,  Ltd.,  bakers,  35.  39,  41,  and  111  Main  Street. 

Tel.  49 
MacKay,  David,  16  Burnside  Road 
MacKay,   George,   Strathnaver,   Greenock   Road 
McKay,  Christina,  3  East  Castle  Avenue 
McKay,  James,  baker,  Cochrane  Place  (East) 
McKay,  Mrs.  Margaret,  widow,  45  Gatcside  Street 
McKay,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  50  Gateside  Street 
McKay,   Robert,  baker,  Causeyfoot  Croft 
McKean,  Sybil,  hairdresser,  66  Kelvin  Street 
McKechan,  William,  carrier,  Causeyfoot  Croft 
McKechnie,  Mary,  widow,  122  Nelson  Street 
McKeddie,  John,  9  Middleton  Drive 
McKee,  Mrs.  Christina,  5  Sandringham  Terrace 
McKee,  Janet  B.,  clerkess,  2  Praser's  Close 
McKee,  Janet  D.,  3  Kelburne  Terrace 

McKee,  John,  &  Sons,  painters,  6  Eraser's  Close.     Tel.  269 
McKee,   William,  3  Kelburne  Terrace 
McKellar,   Archibald,  blacksmith,  60   Kelvin  Street 
McKellar,  Beatrice,  3  Townhead  Close 
McKellar,  James,  carter,   141   Main  Street 
McKellar,  John,  golf  greenkeeper.    Dairy    Road 
McKellar,  John,  18  Wilson  Street 
McKellar.    Marv,  85   Gateeide  Street 
McKellar,    Robert,  dairyman,   16  and   18  Tron   Place 


McKellar,  Quintiu,  tanner,  Craigton 

McKellar,   Robert,  dairyman,  97   Main   Street.     Tel.  217 

McKellar,   William,  19  Spalding-  Drive 

McKendrick,  Thomas,   Alannva,   Moorburn   Road 

Mackenna,   Mary,  widow,   Kirkland.   Brisbane  Street.      Tel.   198 

McKeunie,   Andrew,  Manse  Court 

McKeunie,  Mrs.  May,  12  Brisbane  Road 

Mackenzie,  Malcolm,  gardener,  Ilalkshill 

MeKenzie,  Alexander,  gardener,  Noddsdale 

MeKenzie,   Angus,  shepherd,  Cock-ma-Laue 

MeKenzie,   Roderick,  72   Nelson  Street 

McKerracher,  Isabella,  &  Christina,  dressmakers,  28  Aitken  Street 

McKerrow,  Mrs.  Mary,  3  Ilyndman  Place,  Hailey  Blair  Close 

Mackie,  Archil)ald,  Glencairn.  Charles  Street 

Mackie,  Archibald,  15  Boyd  Street.     Tel.  138 

Mackie,   Hugh,  grocer,  Brisbane  Road 

Mackie,  Mrs.  Jeanie,   1  Cunningham  Drive 

Mackie,  Jessie,  Kingsley,  Gogoside  Road 

Mackie,  Mary,  Dunara,  Irvine  Road 

Mackie,   William,  blacksmith,  75  Kelvin  Street 

McKie,   Mrs.   Grace,   Lincroft  Hotel,   Irvine  Road.      Tel.   150 

McKie,  James,  traveller,  Mairston,   Brisbane  Street 

McKillop,  Daniel,  gardener,  19   Kelvin  Street 

McKinlay,    William,   5   Middleton    Drive 

MacKinnon,  Mrs.  Elizabeth.  31    Bankhouse  Avenue 

McKinnon,  Annie  B.,  21   Bath  Street 

McKirdy,   David,  Townhead  Close 

McKirdy,  Jean,  3  Kelvin  Street 

McKirdy,  Mary,  8  Wilson  Street 

McKittrick,   Eliza,  Lethan,   Irvine   Road 

McLagan,  Annie,  85  Gateside  Street 

Maelachlan,  Mrs.  Grace,  24  Noddleburn  Road 

MacLachlan,  Donald,  accountant,  Ardfern,  Bi'isbane  Street 

McLachlan,  Mrs.   Elizabeth,   Brisbane  Place 

McLaren,  Mrs.   Donald,  72  Seamore  Street 

McLaren,  James,  39  Nelson  Street 

McLauchlan.    Elizabeth,  widow,   Gleucsk   Place,   Seamore  Street 

Maclean,  John  A.,  Savory.  Irvine  Road 

McLean,  John,  9  Kelvin  Street 

McLean,   Mary,  widow,  2  Sandringham  Terrace 

McLean,  Mrs.  Susan,  71   Nelson  Street 

McLellan,  Dougall,  Cralgie,  Brisbane  Road 

McLellan,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  83  Gateside  Street 

McLellan,   Marion,   11   Gallowgate  Street 

McLeod,  Angus,  grocer,  36  Gateside  Street 

McLeod,  Donald,  engineer,   10  Sinclair  Drive 

McLeod,   Margaret,   Woodbauk  Cottage,    Bed   Road 

McLeod,  Thomas,  seaman,  65  Seamore  Street 

McLure.  Mrs.  Jeanie,  Shajehan,  Charles  Street 

McManus,  John,  boiler  sealer,  21   New  Street 

McMaster,  Annie,  widow,  38   Kelvin  Street 

McMath,  William,  82  Kelvin  Street 

Macmillan,  Mrs.  Jane,   Heathcotc,   Brisbane  Street 

Macmillan,   Mrs.  Jeanie,   Prospecthill'.      Tel.   146 

Macmillan  &  Munro.,  Ltd.,  confectioners,  117  Main  Street 

Mac.Millan,  Mrs.  Jean,  36  Main  Street 

Macmillan,  Kate  R.,  Benvenue,  Lovat  Street 

MacMillan,  Peter,  slatei',  Melfort,  Gogoside  Road.     Tel.  240 

MacMillan,  Thomas,  butcher,  11  Main  Street 

McMillan,  Mrs.  A.,  79  Gateside  Street 

McMillan,  Fred.,  41    Bovd  Street 

McMillan,  George,  23  Moorburn  Road 

McMillan,  Helen,  widow,  Wanlock,  Douglas  Street 

McMillan,   James,  77   Nelson  Street 

McMillan,  Thomas  G.,  quarryman,  Seamore  Street 

McMurchy,  John,  engineer,  St.   Ola,   Brisbane  Road 

McNab,  Peter,  53  Kelvin  Street 

McNab,  William,  gardener,  Arbinal'icld.    Douglas  Place 


McNab,   William,  engineer.   Kerrsland,   Brisbane  Road 

McNair,  Mrs.  Annie,  widow,  34  George  Street 

McNair,  Niven.  gardener.  Knock  Castle 

McNair.  Robert,  merchant.  Stoneyhurst.  Irvine  Road.     Tel.  145 

McNaught.  Mrs.  Euphenria.  13  Bath  Street 

McNaught,  Robert,  joiner.  52  Nelson  Street 

McNaught,  William,  builder.  The  Cottage.  Brisbane  Road 

McNeil.  Annie.   19  School  Street 

McNeill.   Alexander.  32   George  Street 

McNeur.  William  C,  79  Seamore  Street 

McNicol,  John.  Harplaw 

McNidder.  Mrs.  Etta.  Valetta.  Lovat  Street 

MeNidder.  Thomas,  stationer.  95  Main  Street 

McNish.  John  &  William,  coal  merchant.  2  Main  Street.     Tel.  46 

McNish.  Mrs.  Margaret.  Marlston.  New  Street 

McPhaden,  Mrs.  Marv.  48  Main  Street.     Tel.  59 

McPhaden.  Mrs.  Marv.  Woodstock.  Csl  heart  Road 

MePhail.  Isabella,  22  Brisbane  Road,  Wilham  A..  Woodburn.  Gogo  Street 

Macpherson,  Peter,  8  Haco  Street 

Macpherson,  Archibald,  engineer.  Mitsidi,  Cathcart  Road 

Macpherson,  Mrs.  Mary.  24  Boyd  Street 

Macpherson,  R.  A.,  engineer.  The  Moorings,  Bath  Street 

MacPherson,  Alexander.  Mavis  Bank.  Moorbnrn  Road 

MacPherson.  Frank,  postman,  10  Gallowgate  Sqnare 

MacPherson.  Mrs.  Margaret.   Arbinafield.   Douglas  Place 

McPherson,  Alexander,  tailor.   122  Nelson  Street 

McPherson,  Robert,  clerk,  4  Harper  Crescent 

McQuarrie.  John,  78  Kelvin  .Street 

McRorie.  Margaret,  35  Burnside  Road 

McTurk,  John,  collector,  126  Nelson  Street 

McVean,   Robert.  Charles  Street 

McVicar.  Catherine,  widow.  24  Boyd  Street 

MeViear,  John,  butcher.  40  Nelson  Street.     Tel.  141 

McVicar.  John,  butcher.  41-43  Seamore  Street 

McVicar.  Mrs.  Violet.  St.  Vigean's.  Brisbane  Road.     Tel.  127 

McWhirinie,  Hugh.  Bellwood,  Barr  Crescent 

McWhirter.  Annie,  Silvergrove.  Lade  Street 

McWhirter,  Mrs.  Elizabeth.  Victory  Place.  Gogo  Street 

McWhirter,   William,  manager.   Dykes 

Macari,  Luigi.  confectioner.  7.  8  and  9  Gallowgate  Street 

Macarthy,  James.  Burnbrae.  Charles  Street 

Mackncs~.  Mrs.  Nana.  31  Gogo  Street 

Macrossan,   Mrs.  Marsraret.   Burnmouth  Villa,   Greenock  Road 

Magratb,   Elizabeth.  39   Nelson  Street 

Maguire,  Mrs.  Margaret.  17    Haco  Street 

Mair.  Douglas  A.  C  12  Bankhonse  Avenue 

Mail-.  Mrs.  Sarah,  widow.  12  Bankhoirse  Avenue 

Makepeace,  Frank.  12  Middleton  Drive 

Malcom,   John   H..   Torburn.    Douglas  Street.      Tel.   11 

Malcom,  John  H..  21   New  Street 

Malcom.   William  T.,  gent.'s  outfitter.  2-4  Gallowgate  Street.      Tel.  52 

Malcom,   William  T..  gent.'s  outfitter,   Ravenswood,   Brisbane  Street 

Malcolm.  Harry,  plumber.  24  Wilson  Street 

Malcolm,   Jane  C.  49   Kelvin  Street 

Malcolm,  Mrs.  Margaret,  3  Kelvin  Street 

Mallinson,  Mrs.  Mary.  The  Haven.  Nelson  Street 

Mann.  Mrs.  Harriet.  6  Spalding  Drive 

Marist    Brothers.    Landour   Villa.    Greenock   Road.      Tel.   91 

Mark.   Mrs.  Jean,  2   Brisbane   Road 

Marlow,  James,  ol  Gateside  Street 

Marquis,  Mrs.  Marion,  81  Gateside  Street 

Man.   Mary.   22   Brisbane  Glen   Road 

Mar-hall.   Annie.   30   Seamore  Street 

Mar-hall.  Mrs.  Annie.  26  School  Street 


Marshall,  Mrs.  Barbara,  4  Gallowgate  Street 

Marshall,   George,  shoemaker,  16  Gallowgate  Street 

Marshall,  Henry,  Causeyfoot  Croft 

Marshall,  Hill,  Tovrahead  Close 

Marshall,  James,  Helenslea,  Irvine  Road 

Marshall,  Mrs.  Jane,  7  Bath  Street 

Marshall,  Janie,  widow,  13  Moorburn  Road 

Marshall,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  45  Gateside  Street 

Marshall,  John,  insurance  agent,  69  Nelson  Street 

Marshall,  Robert,  18  George  Street 

Marshall,  William,  Finnella  Cottage,  Brisbane  Road 

Marshall.  William,  gas  manager,  Fraser's  Close 

Martin,  Annie,  Blanefield,  Brisbane  Street 

Martin,  George,  12  George  Street 

Martin,  James,  traveller,   Glenholme,   Douglas  Place 

Martin,  James,  30  Noddleburn  Road.     Tel.  231 

Martin,  James,  Wayleave,  Douglas  Place 

Martin,  Mrs.  Jean,  widow,  17  Kelvin  Street 

Martin,  John,  Aysgarth,  John  Street.     Tel.  214 

Martin,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  13  Nelson  Street 

Martin,  Robert,  signalman,  12  Boyd  Street 

Martin,  W.  F.,  L.D.S.,  1  Bath  Street 

Martindale,  Mrs.  Christina,  26  Nelson  Street 

Martindale,   William,   108  Main  Street 

Mather,  Mrs.  Mary  B.,  widow,  Glenbank,  John  Street 

Matthews,  Elizabeth,  13  Seamore  Street 

Mathieson,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  Southfield  Cottage,  John  Street 

Maule,  Robert,  9   Gogo  Street 

Maxwell,  Alexander,  6  Allanpark  Street. 

Maxwell,  Archibald,  handyman,  Routenburn 

Maxwell,  Catherine,  22  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Maxwell,  Robert  H.,  fruit  merchant.  Glen  Dyne,  Greenock  Road.     Tel. 

Meadows,  Christopher,  artist,  32  Noddleburn  Road.     Tel.  35 
Mearns,  Mary,  widow,  16  Haco  Street 
Meikle,  Joan  C,  Pine  Cottage,   Brisbane  Road 
Meikle,  Anne  C,  Ingleholm,  Douglas  Street 
Meikle,  Mrs.  Jane,  Creeville,  Moorburn  Road 

Menzies,  John,  farmer,  Holehouse.      Tel.  22 

Menzies,   William,  farmer,   Burnside.      Tel.   188 

Menzies.   William,  Annick  Lodge.   Brisbane  Street.      Tel.  256 

Merrilees,  Mrs.  Catherine,  33  Gogo  Street 

Miles,  James.  15  Sinclair  Drive 

Millar,  Mrs.  Christina,  Niaroo,  Douglas  Street 

Millar,  Mrs.  Lurensa,  3  Kelvin  Street 

Millar,  Mary,   Duncryne,   Douglas  Street 

Millar,   Mrs.   Williamina,   Broompark  Villa 

Millar,  Mrs.  Dunara,  Irvine  Road 

Miller,  Agnes,  6  Brisbane  Road 

Miller,  Agnes,  widow,  97  Nelson  Street 

Miller,   Edward,  forester,  1   Crawford  Street 

Miller,  Mrs.  Gladys  E.,  Stanley 

Miller,  James,  fisherman,  10  Seamore  Street 

Miller,  James,  15  Haco  Street 

Miller,  Janet,  Aubery  Villa,  Greenock  Road 

Miller.  Jean,  widow,  Millerston,  Allanpark  Street 

Miller,  John,  teacher,  11  John  Clark  Street 

Miller,  Mary  L.,  dressmaker,  6  Brisbane  Road 

Miller,   Robert,  Ladeside,   Gogoside  Road 

Milligan,  Mrs.  Margaret  C.,  8  Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Milligan,  Mrs.  Margaret,  widow,  5  Sandringham  Terrace 

Milligan,  Joseph,  dairyman,  47  Gateside  Street 

Mills,  Mrs.  Joan,  5  Haco  Street 

Mills,  John  A.,  39  Seamore  Street 

Mills.  Mrs.  Margaret  R.,  widow,   Dunreoch,  Brisbane  Road 

Mills,  Samuel,  plumber,  3  Gateside  Street 

Milne,  Lizzie.  5  Boathouse  Road.     Tel.  302 

Mitchell,  Catherine,  St.  Catherines,  Aubery  Crescent.     Tel.   174 


Mitchell,  David,  slater,  3  Gateside  Street 

Mitchell,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  1  Sinclair  Drive 

Mitchell,  Mrs.  Janet,  14  John  Clark  Street 

Mitchell,  John  D.,  23  Lade  Street 

Mitchell,  John  M..  Kia  Ora,  Hamilton  Drive 

Mitchell,  Neil,  factor,  1  Gallowgate  Square.     Tel.  10 

Mitchell,  Neil,  accountant,  27  Gogo  Street 

Mitchell,  Robert,  13  Haco  Street 

Mitchell,  William,  grocer,  32  Main  Street 

Moffat,  James,  12  Laverock  Drive 

Moffat,  William,  gardener,  Northfield,  Greenock  Road 

Moir,  George,  butcher,  4  School  Wynd 

Moir,  James,  11  Haco  Street 

Money,  Mary  J.,  greenkeeper,  5  Harper  Crescent 

Montgomerie,  Andrew,  draper,  22  Gallowgate  Street.      Tel.  193 

Montgomery,  Andrew,  2  Douglas  Terrace 

Moodie  &  Maemillan,  slaters,  11   Lade  Street 

Moodie,  Mrs.  Kate,  widow,  22  Seamore  Street 

Moore,  Margaret,  dressmaker,  26  John  Clark  Street 

Morgan,  Alexander,  35  Seamore  Street 

Morgan,  Mrs.  Charlotte,  83  Gateside  Street 

Morison.  John.  Rockland  Villa.     Tel.  1 

Morley,  Margaret  J.,  6  Allanpark  Street 

Morris,  Boyd  &  Mactaggart,  solicitors,  24  Bath  Street.      Tel.  102 

Morris,  Mrs.  Agnes,  22  Harper  Crescent 

Morris,  Agnes,  fish  merchant,  Crescendo  Cottage,  Greenock  Road 

Morris,  Alexander,  chauffeur,  Northfield,  Greenock  Road. 

Morris,   Alexander,  fishmonger,  46   Boyd  Street.     Tel.   169 

Morris,  Alexander,  fishmonger,   Brunrigg,   Lovat  Street 

Morris,  Hugh,  coal  merchant,  11   Gallowgate  Square 

Morris,  Rev.  Hugh,  9  New  Street 

Morris,  Jane,  widow,  24  Fraser's  Close 

Morris,  Jean,  Craigneish  House,  Buchanan  Street.     Tel.  63 

Morris,  Jessie,  shop  assistant,  16  Bath  Place 

Morris,  Mrs.  Jessie,  The  Knowe,  Anthony's  Road.     Tel.   110 

Morris,  Kate  D.,  Belhaven,  Lovat  Street 

Morris,  Lily,  15  Moorburn  Road 

Morris,  Margaret,  10  Boyd  Street 

Morris,  Robert,  61   Gateside  Street 

Morris,  Mary,  widow,  Finnella  Cottage,  Brisbane  Street 

Morris,  Mary  B.,  20  Fraser's  Close 

Morris,  Matthew,  fisherman,  3  John  Clark  Street 

Morris,  Mrs.  Rose,  Waterside  Street 

Morris,   Thomas,  fish   merchant.   Redholme,   Irvine  Road.      Tel.  200 

Morris,  William,  yachtmaster,  3  John  Clark  Street 

Morrison,  Charles,  vanman,  16  John  Clark  Street 

Morrison,  Charlotte,  9  Kelvin  Street 

Morrison,  David,  Naples  Bunk,  Broomfields  Place 

Morrison,  Norman,  carpenter.  27  Seamore  Street 

Morrison,  Robert  D.,  chauffeur,  Court  Street 

Morton,  Elizabeth  R.,  2  Kelburne  Terrace,  Charles  Street 

Morton,  Florence  C,  55  and  57  Nelson  Street 

Morton,  Mrs.  Janet,  widow,  8  Bath  Street 

Morton.  Minnie  L.,  14  Nelson  Street 

Morton,   Robert,  Alexander  House,  Irvine  Road 

Morton,  Robert,  31   Main  Street 

Motherwell,  Alexander,  Springfield  Villa.  Greenock  Road.     Tel.  56 

Muir,  Agnes,  widow,  51   Nelson  Street 

Muir,  Agnes,  nurse,  Burnfoot  Villa,  Gogo  Street 

Muir,  Bryce,  sailor,  59  Nelson  Street 

Muir.  George  R.,  Gleaston,  Douglas  Street 

Muir,  James,  grocer,  1   Gallowgate  Street.     Tel.   118 

Muir,  James,  grocer,  20  Harper  Crescent 

Muir,  Jamesina,  87  Kelvin  Street 

Muir,  Margaret,  widow,  7  Crawford  Street 

Muir,  Mrs.  Martha,  South  View,  Fort  Street 

.Muir,  Matilda,  widow.  26  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Muir,  Robert,  inspector,  16  Gateside  Street 


Muir,  William,  labourer,  St.  Phillan's,  Skelruorlie 

Mungle,  John  B.,  18  Middleton  Drive 

Munn,  George,  insurance  broker,  The  Chalet,  Scott  Street 

Munn,  James  F.,  Bute  Lodge,  Charles  Street 

Munn,  James  M.,  insurance  official,  35  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Munro,  Charles,  baker,  31   Gogo  Street 

Munro,  George,  17  Nelson  Street 

Munro,  George  G.,  30  Sinclair  Drive 

Munro,  Jean,  widow,  67  Kelvin  Street 

Munro,  Jeanie,  Burnfoot  Villa,  Gogo  Street 

Munro,  Jessie,  widow,  10  Lade  Street 

Munro,  William,  gardener,  Gogoside,  Gogoside  Road 

Munro,  William  S.,  engineer,  17  Middleton  Drive 

Murdoch,  Isabella,  widow,  23  Crawford  Street 

Murdoch,  Jacob,  9  Union  Street 

Murdoch,  William,   Haylie,  Irvine  Road 

Murphy,  Mrs.  Isabella,  32  Noddleburn  Road 

Murray,  Agnes,  2  Waterside  Street 

Murray,  Agnes,   133  Main  Street 

Murray,  Alexander,  4  Noddleburn  Road 

Murray,  Anna,  widow,  18  Barr  Crescent.      Tel.  253 

Murray,  Greta,  91   Nelson  Street 

Murray,  Helen,  1   Red  Road.      Tel.  219 

Murray,  James,  7  Kelvin  Street 

Murray,  John,  grocer,  21   Gateside  Street 

Murray,  John,  grocer,  Lovat  Street 

Murray,  Mrs.  John,  30  Boyd  Street 

Murray,  Mrs.  Mary,  jeweller,  33  Wilson  Street 

Murray,  William,  jeweller,  33  Main  Street 

Murray,  William,  jeweller,  21   Gallowgate  Street 

Murray,  William,  jeweller,  43  Main  Street.     Tel.  133 

Murray,  William,  jeweller,  Moulin,  Scott  Street 

Murray,  William  J.,  2  Brisbane  Road 

Mussen,   Richard,  24  Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Myron,  Mrs.  Agnes,  Belrona,  Brisbane  Street 


Naismith,  Mrs.  Jessie,   Ailsa  Cottage,  John  Street 

Nardini,  Augusto,  A\ichenean,  Greenock  Road 

National  Bank  of  Scotland,  Ltd.,  58  Main  Street.      Tel.  75 

Neilson,  Flora  J.,  Rahane,  Moorburn  Road 

Neilson,  Jessie,  Fernielea,  Brisbane  Road 

Ness,  Jean,  Nurse,  126  Nelson  Street 

Ness,  Thomas,  grain  merchant,  15  Moorburn  Road 

Netherhall,  Ltd.,  Christian  Holiday  Home,  Greenock  Road.     Tel.  4 

Newall,  John,  retired,  Blythswood,  Irvine  Road 

Newlands,  Peter,  jr.,  42  Boyd  Street 

Nicol,  Annie,  widow,  Westlands,  John  Street 

Nicol,  Margaret  H.,  draper,  6  Aitken  Street 

Ninian,  Allan,  2-4  Gallowgate  Lane 

Ninian,  Hugh  &  John,  69  Gateside  Street 

Ninian,  James  B.,  carpenter.  118  Main  Street 

Ninian,  William,  boat  builder,  Ferndean,  Allanpark  Street 

Nisbet,  James  C,  gardener,  Acre,  Broomfields  Crescent 

Nisbet,  Jane  R.,  1  Bankhouse  Crescent 

Niven,  Barbara,  widow,  9  Bath  Street 

Nugent,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  E.,  22  John  Clark  Street 

Nugent,  William  T.,  hairdresser,  14  Main  Street.     Tel.  259 

Nugent,  William  T.,  hairdresser,  56  Kelvin  Street 

Oakley,  Joseph  W.,  organist,  Cora  Lynn,  Brisbane  Road 
O'Donnell,  Annie,  widow,  8  Harper  Crescent 
O'Donnell,  Thomas,  surfaceman,  40  Wilson  Street 


O' Hall  or  an,  Agnes,  Townhead  Close 

Oldfield,  Mrs.  Agnes,  3  Brisbane  Road 

O'Neill,  Mrs.  widow,  8  Gallowgate  Place 

O'Neill,   Hugh,  plasterer,  Landour,   Greenock  Road 

Opdall,  Fred.  B.,  5  Spalding  Drive 

Ormiston,  Chrissie,  widow,  Bath  Buildings 

Orr,  Alexander,  coal  salesman,  3  Bath  Street 

Orr,  Anne,  24  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Orr,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  widow,  3  Bath  Street 

Orr,  John,  butcher,  16  Middleton  Drive 

Orr,  Robert,  &  Son,  grocers.  10-12  Main  Street.     Tel.  82 

Owens,  Elizabeth  B.,  122  Main  Street 

Park,  James  W.,  28  Haco  Street 

Parke,  Robert,  18  Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Paterson,  Allan,  engineer,  80  Main  Street 

Paterson,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  20  George  Street 

Paterson,  Elizabeth  C,  72  Kelvin  Street 

Paterson,  Ian,  traveller,  28  Sinclair  Drive 

Paterson,  James,  boat-hirer,  26  John  Clark  Street 

Paterson,  Mrs.  Jane  H.,  3  Kelburne  Terrace,  Charles  Street 

Paterson,  Mrs.  Jane,  50  Gateside  Street 

Paterson,  Jeanie,  17  Hailey  Blair  Close 

Paterson,  Mrs.  Jenny,  2  Allanpark  Street 

Paterson,  Jessie,  1   Stanlane  Place 

Paterson,  Jessie  H.,  16  Seamore  Street 

Paterson,  Mary,  2  Cochrane  Place,  Greenock  Road 

Paterson,  Robert  H.,  grocer,  58  Kelvin  Street 

Paterson,  Thomas,  guard,  62  Seamore  Street 

Paterson,  Thomas,  boat-hirer,  2  Gallowgate  Square 

Paterson,  Thomas,  17  Bath  Street 

Paton,  Campbell  S.,  butcher,  19  Waterside  Street 

Paton,  Christina,  4  Cunningham  Drive 

Paton,  James,  chauffeur,  Underbank,  Greenock  Road 

Paton,  James  C,  5-6  Gallowgate  Street 

Paton,  James  C,  butcher,  Gowanlea,  Gogo  Street.     Tel.  25 

Paton,  John,  Flatt  Farm,  Holehouse  Road 

Paton,  Margaret,  widow,  3  Burnside  Road 

Paton,  William,  5  Kelvin  Street 

Patrick,  Andrew,  photographer,  33  Nelson  Street 

Patrick,  Mrs.  Janet,  4  Aitken  Street 

Patterson,  Alexander  T.,  clerk,  11  Nelson  Street 

Pearcy,  Stanley  H.,  farmer,  Outerwards- 

Pearson,  James,  joiner,  4  Middleton  Drive 

Peddie,  Andrew,  retired,  26  Haco  Street 

Peden,  Alexander  M.,  36  Burnside  Road 

Peebles,  George,  95  Kelvin  Street 

Pender,  Archibald  S.,  Parkview,   Hamilton  Drive 

Pentleton,  Robert,  375  Gallowgate  Lane 

Peters,  Alexander,  tailor,  9-11   Waterside  Street 

Pettigrew,  Daniel,  4  School  Wynd 

Pettigrew,  Kate  B.,  Moselle  Villa,  Greenock  Road.     Tel.  135 

Pettigrew,  Margaret,  widow,  2  Chapelton  Drive 

Pettigrew,  Robert,  Carinda,  Scott  Street 

Philip.  George,  constable,  20  Boyd  Street 

Phillips,   Douglas,  M.P.,  Halkshill.     Tel.  2 

Phillips,  William,  builder,  Springkell,  Gateside  Street.     Tel.  5 

Pinkerton,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  fruiterer,  23  Middleton  Drive 

Pollock,  Isabella,  46  Gateside  Street 

Pollock,  John,  23  Lade  Street 

Pollock,  Richard,  2  Kelburne  Terrace,  Charles  Street 

Porter,  George,  trapper,   Old  Mill 

Porter,  John,  grocer,  99  Kelvin  Street 

Powers,  Mrs.  Thomas,  widow,  Bessford  Place,  Brisbane  Road 

Pratt,  John  G.,  director,  New  Haven,  Greenock  Road.     Tel.   168 


Prentice,  Jessie,  Clarkston,  Moorbum  Road 
Prentice,  Thomas,  Knock  Castle 
Pritcherd,  Elizabeth,  19  Nelson  Street 
Proctor,  John  M.,  Moorburn,  Greenock  Road 
Provan,  Mrs.  Annie,  28  and  30  Wilson  Street 
Purvis,  James,  Timaru,  Irvine  Road.     Tel.  244 

Rae,  Arthur,  optician,  5  Barr  Crescent.     Tel.   296. 

Rae,  Mary,  99  Nelson  Street 

Rae,  Robert,  mason,  33  Kelvin  Street 

Ralston,  James,  Nia-Roo,  Brisbane  Street 

Ramage,  David,  M.D.,  fruit  merchant,  78  Main  Street.     Tel.  115 

Ramage,  David,  fish  dealer,  Waterside  Street 

Rarnage,  Hugh,  gardener,  Noddsdale 

Ramage,  John,  salesman,  87  Seamore  Street 

Ramsay  &  Dobie,  joiners,  23  Waterside  Street.     Tel.  123 

Ramsay,  Miss,  23  Sinclair  Drive 

Ramsay,  Duncan,  joiner,  52  Nelson  Street 

Rankin,  Mrs.  Alice,  93  Nelson  Street 

Rankin,  Jessie,  nurse,  Clannoch,  Lovat  Street 

Rankin,  John  N.,  buyer,  Stroma,   Greenock  Road 

Rankin,  William,  35  Kelvin  Street 

Rankin,  Mrs.  William,  51   Nelson  Street 

Ratcliffe,  John,  grocer,   1   Sandringham  Terrace,   Gogo  Street 

Rattray,  Isabella  W.,  Birchcroft,  Scott  Street 

Reed,  Thomas  E.,  hotel-keeper,  20  Gallowgate  Street 

Reid,  Mrs.  Agnes,  Hollybush,  Gogoside  Drive 

Reid,  Alexander,  greenkeeper,  Red  Road 

Reid,  Alexander,   15  Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Reid,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  40  George  Street 

Reid,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,   Durward,  Hamilton  Drive 

Reid,   James,  7  Bankhouse  Avenue 

Reid,  Mrs.  Margaret,  20  Gateside  Street 

Reid,  Sir  William,   Hitton  Park,   Greenock  Road.     Tel.  93 

Reid,  William,  carter,  10  John  Clark  Street 

Renfrew,  James  C,  7  East  Castle  Avenue 

Renfrew,  James  C,  The  Picardy,  Irvine  Road 

Rennie,  John,  9  Union  Street 

Renwick,  Elizabeth  S.,  Kirkbride,  Charles  Street 

Renwick,  John  J.,  traveller,  8  Barr  Crescent 

Revie,  Neil,  29  Burnside  Road 

Riach,  Rev.  J.  L.,  B.D.,  St.  John's  Manse,  Mackerston  Place 

Richmond,  James,  carter,  17  Hailey  Blair  Close 

Richmond,  Mrs.  Mary,  60  Nelson  Street 

Richmond,  Robert,  jr.,  6  Allanpark  Street 

Riddell,  Agnes,  83  Gateside  Street 

Riddell,  Andrew,  85  Seamore  Street 

Riddell,   George,  31   Gogo  Street 

Riddell,  James,  95  Nelson  Street 

Riddell,  James,  foreman,  Hillcote,  Scott  Street 

Riddell,  James  M.,  10  Rankin  Drive 

Riddell,  Jemima,  outfitter,  Irvine  Road 

Riddell,  John,  contractor,  62  Kelvin  Street 

Riddell,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  97  Nelson  Street 

Riddell,   Robert,  greenkeeper,  5  Harper  Crescent 

Riddell,  William,  salesman,  9  Union  Street 

Roberts,  James,  salesman,  1   Townhead  Close 

Roberts,  Jessie,  widow,  Kirkgate,  Manse  Court 

Roberts,  Jessie,  widow,  15  Main  Street 

Robertson,  Alexander,  traveller,  Planetrees,  Gogo  Street 

Robertson,  Andrew,  constable,   122  Nelson  Street 

Robertson,  Andrew,  20  Barr  Crescent 

Robertson,  Ernest  J.,  2  Middleton  Drive 

Robertson,  Helen  T.  B.,  26  Harper  Crescent 

Robertson,  James,  labourer,  26  Wilson  Street 


Robertson,  Jane,  widow,  72   Nelson  Street 

Robertson,  Janet  B.,  12  Rankin  Drive 

Robertson,  Jeanie,  widow,  12  Bath  Street 

Robertson,  Mrs.  Jenny,  1  Sandringham  Terrace 

Robertson,  John,  sheep  farmer,  7  Aubery  Crescent.     Tel.   114 

Robertson,  John,  6  Barr  Crescent 

Robertson,  John,  &  Sons,  merchants,  59  Main  Street.     Tel.  96 

Robertson,  John  R.,  Brisbane  Place 

Robertson,  Marion  K.,  Innisfree,  Charles  Street  Tel.  292 

Robertson,  Mary,  Planetrees,  Gogo  Street 

Robertson,  Mrs.  Mary,  Victory  Place,  Gogo  Street 

Robertson,  Peter  L.,  26  Burnside  Road 

Robertson,   R.  L.,  31  Moorburn  Road 

Robertson,   Robert,  Laigk  Middleton 

Robertson,  Robert  L.,  bootmaker,  13  Main  Street 

Rodger,  Andrew,  tobacconist,   Burnmouth,   Greenock  Road 

Rodger,  George,  52  Seamore  Street 

Rodger,  Jean,  widow,  10  Boyd  Street 

Rodger,  John  B.,  grain  merchant,  Glenlea,  Irvine  Road 

Rodger,  Mrs.  Mary,  13  Burnside  Road 

Rodger,  William,  Cemetery  Lodge,  Dairy  Road 

Rodgers,  Euphemia,  4  Douglas  Terrace 

Rogerson,  George,  guard/ 38  George  Street 

Rollo,  Mrs.  D.,  Creeville,  Moorburn  Road 

Ross's  Dairies,  Ltd.,  10-11  Gallowgate  Street  and  90  Main  Street.      Tela. 

220  and  140 
Ross,  Angus,  9  Cunningham  Drive 
Ross,  David  B.,  grocer,  109  Main  Street.     Tel.  104 
Ross,  David  B.,  grocer,  Rosslyn,  Charles  Street 
Ross,  Frank  R.,  grocer,  14  Sinclair  Drive 
Ross,  Frank,  37  Wilson  Street 
Ross,   Queenie,  4  Sandringham  Terrace 
Rough,  Margaret,  3  Kelburne  Terrace 
Rourke.  Mrs.  Helen,  18  Gateside  Street 
Rowat,  Marion,  35  Boyd  Street 
Rowatt,  Jeanie,  33  Boyd  Street 
Rowe,  Harry,  manager,  2  Kelvin  Street 
Rowney,  Alexander,  32  Seamore  Street 
Royal  Bank  of  Scotland,  22  Bath  Street 
Rumbold,  David,  plumber,  91   Nelson  Street 
Rushberry,  William  J.,  77  Nelson  Street 
Russell,  Miss,  38  Haco  Street 
Russell,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  16  Boyd  Street 
Russell,  Helen,  3  Middleton  Drive 
Russell,  Mrs.  James,  widow,  10  Boyd  Street 
Russell,  John,  27 r  Nelson  Street 
Russell,  Mrs.  Rosamund,  42  Seamore  Street 
Russell,   William,   12   Barr  Crescent 
Rutherford,  George,  gardener,  Routenburn 
Ryder,  James,  chauffeur,  St.  Phillan's,  Skelmorlie 

Salton,  William,  greenkeeper,  55  Seamore  Street 

Samson,  James,  carrier,  8  Spalding  Drive.      Tel.  249 

Savage,  Archibald,  salesman,  16  Gateside  Street 

Savage,  Morris,  Silvergrove,  Lade  Street 

Savage,  Thomas,  stoker,  22  School  Street 

Scobie,  Mrs.  Isabella,  3  Rankin  Drive 

Scobie,  Walter,  jr.,  3  Rankin  Drive 

Sclare,  Barry,  1  Crawford  Street 

Scott,  Agnes,  widow,  Senga,  Scott  Street 

Scott,  C.  C,  19  New  Street 

Scott,  Mrs.  E.  S.,  farmer,  Broomieknowe 

Scott,  Mrs.  Helen,  105  Kelvin  Street 

Scott,  Isabella,  Neilita,  Brisbane  Road 

Scott,  James,  10  Laverock  Drive 


vScott,  James,  farmers,  East  Grassyards 

Scott,  John  W.,  farmer,  Knockside 

Scott,  Mrs.  Mary,  3  Kelburne  Terrace 

Seath,  George,  gardener,  23  New  Street 

Selfridge,  Annie,  widow,  Seacroft,  Charles  Street 

Service,  Elizabeth,  Beverley,  Moorburn  Road 

Shand,  Mary,  widow,  43  Kelvin  Street 

Sharp,  John,  20  Kelvin  Street 

Shaw,  Mrs.  E.,  Parkview,  Brisbane  Street 

Shaw,  Mrs.  Eliza,  4  East  Castle  Avenue 

Shaw,  James,  caretaker,  Blackdales  Garage,  Irvine  Road 

Shaw,  Margaret,  widow,  Muirholm,  Scott  Street 

Scott,  Robina,  saleswoman,  44  Seamore  Street 

Shepherd,  Mrs.  Mary,  5  George  Street 

Shearer,  Mrs.  Agnes,  3  Gateside  Street 

Sheridan,  M.,  12  Boyd  Street 

Shields.  Elizabeth,  1  Stanlane  Place, 

Shields,  Hugh,  42  Nelson  Street 

Shields,  John  W.,  Lovatlee,  Lovat  Street 

Short,  Mrs.  Mary,  South  Routenburn 

Sibbald,  Alexander,  17  Crawford  Street 

Simpson,  Alexander,  stationer,  Woodbank,  Greenock  Road.      Tel.  213 

Simpson,  Andrew,  87  Nelson  Street 

Simpson,  Arthur,  9  George  Street 

Simpson,  Mrs.  Barbara,  85  Nelson  Street 

Simpson,  Ernest,  Douglas  Street 

Simpson,  J.  &  R.,  24  Main  Street.     Tel.  120 

Simpson,  J.  &  R.,  stationers,  9  Main  Street 

Simpson,  John,  steel  merchant,  Maryfield,   Brisbane  Street 

Sinclair,  Charlotte,  2  Brisbane  Road 

Sinclair,   Mrs.  Catherine,   Rosebank,   Greenock  Road 

Sinclair,  Mrs.  Jane,  139  Main  Street 

Sinclair,  Sarah,  widow,  20  Aitken  Street 

Sinclair,    William,  2   Bankhouse  Avenue 

Skinner,   Donald,  12  Seamore  Street 

Skinner,  Helen,  20  Waterside  Street 

Skinner,   Herbert,  Keppelview,  Dairy  Road 

Slater,  John,  28  Burnside  Road 

Slaven,  Mrs.,  2  Tron  Place 

Slaven,  Frank,  4  School  Wynd 

Small,  Jean,  5  Holehouse  Road 

Smellie,  Mary,  Maryville,  Scott  Street 

Smellie,  Mary  D.,  2  Sandringham  Terrace 

Smith,  Agnes,  teacher,  Newton  Bank,  Douglas  Street.     Tel.  156 

Smith,  Alexander,  barman,  60  Seamore  Street 

Smith,  Archibald,  engineer,  9  Nelson  Street 

Smith,  Catherine,  widow,  2  Sandringham  Terrace 

Smith,  David,  M.D.,  CM.,  6  Cunningham  Drive 

Smith,  David,  vehicle  biiilder,  Oakwood,  Hamilton  Drive 

Smith,   Edith,  matron,   Brooksby,   Greenock  Road 

Smith,  George,  5  Laverock  Drive 

Smith,  James,  7  Gateside  Street 

Smith,  Janet,  widow,  73  Seamore  Street 

Smith,  Jeanie  &  Mary,  8  Middleton  Drive 

Smith,  John,  hairdresser,  20  John  Clark  Street 

Smith,  Margaret,  44  Main  Street 

Smith,  Michael  G.,  14  Brisbane  Road 

Smith,  Richard,  2  George  Street 

Smith,  Richard,  painter,  16  Brisbane  Road 

Smith,  Robert  B.,  fishmonger,  10  Aitken  Street 

Smith,  Thomas,  teller,  Violet  Bank,  Scott  Street 

Smith,  Mrs.  William,   12  Cunningham  Drive 

Smith,  William,  draper,  2  Crawford  Street 

Smith,  William,  draughtsman,  Gavrelle,  Allanpark  Street 

Sneddon,  Hugh,  butcher,  71  Nelson  Street 

Soltan,  Mrs.  Annie,  14  Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Somerville,  John,  23  Waterside  Street 

Sommervill,  Agnes  R.,   120  Main  Street 


Somrnerville,  Jessie,  Hillview,  off  Brisbane  Street 

Sommerville,  Richard,  joiner,  31  Main  Street 

Souden,  Williani,  roadman,  Whittlieburn 

Speaker,  Theodore,  antique  dealer,  115  Main  Street 

Speir,  Mrs.  Jane  K.  O.,  Roebank,  Irvine  Road.     Tel.  58 

Speirs,  David,  labourer,   13  Bath  Street 

Speirs,  Robert,  joiner,  37  Kelvin  Street 

Spencer,  John,  5  Rankin  Drive 

Strain,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  Aboyne,  Brisbane  Street 

Stalker,  Hugh,  Tayvallich,  Gateside  Street 

Standish,  Mrs.  Mary,  13  Lade  Street 

Stark,  Mrs.  Mary,  50  Nelson  Street 

Steel,  Mary,  Springbank,  Gogoside  Road 

Steele,  Andrew,  stationniaster,   15  Gogo  Street 

Steven,   Hugh,   Oakdene,  Charles  Street. 

Stevens,  Mrs.  Agnes,  widow,  Northcote,  Douglas  Road,     Tel.  100 

Stevenson,  Agnes,  41   Nelson  Street 

Stevenson,  Andrew,  plumber,  46  Gateside  Street 

Stevenson,  Mrs.  Ann,  7  Hailey  Blair  Close 

Stevenson,  Archibald  B.,  7  Barr  Crescent 

Stevenson,  Sarah  P.,  4  Cochrane  Place,  Greenock  Road 

Stevenson,  Thomas,  painter,  75  Nelson  Street 

Stewart,  Adam,  121  Main  Street 

Stewart,  Agnes,  10  Boyd  Street 

Stewart,  Alexander,  butcher,  52  Gateside  Street 

Stewart,  Andrew,  Cressington,  Moorburn  Road 

Stewart,  Bryce,  joiner,  87  Gateside  Street 

Stewart,  Elizabeth,  20  Waterside  Street 

Stewart,  Grace,  widow,  21   Bankbouse  Avenue 

Stewart,  James  C,  14  Spalding  Drive 

Stewart,  Mrs.  Jeanie  C,  grocer,  16  Aitken  Street 

Stewart,  Mrs.  Jessie,  dressmaker,  67  Seamore  Street 

Stewart,  John,  gardener,  10  Boyd  Street 

Stewart,  Margaret,  widow,  South  View,  Scott  Street 

Stewart,  Robert,  joiner,  81  Gateside  Street 

Stewart,  Robert,  glazier,  20  Gateside  Street 

Stewart.  Robert,  accountant,  7  Gogo  Street 

Stewart,  Mrs.  Sarah,  Glenesk  Place,  Seamore  Street 

Stewart,  Thomas,  foreman,  7  Middleton  Drive 

Stirling,  Helen,  3  Sandringham  Terrace 

Stirling,   James   B.,   spirit  merchant,   19   Gallowgate   Street.      Tel.   257 

Stirling,  Jean  B.,  3  Blackdales  Avenue 

Stirling,  John,  jr.,  1   Boyd  Street 

Stirling,  Nettie,  2  John  Clark  Street 

Stirrat,  Alexander,  20  Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Stoddart,  Mrs.  Agnes,  51  Nelson  Street 

Stokes,  Mrs.  Agnes,  81  Seamore  Street 

Storie,  William,  butcher,   Crisholm,   Brisbane  Street 

Strachan,  Mrs.  Jane,  widow,  89  Kelvin  Street 

Strachan,  Peter,  12  Boyd  Street 

Strachan,  William  M.  K.,  23  Seamore  Street 

Strachan,  William,  butcher,  51   Seamore  Street 

Strong,  George,  gardener,  South  Lodge,  Knock  Castle 

Struthers,  Robert,  clerk,  54  Seamore  Street 

Sturgeon,  Matthew,  131  Main  Street 

Sturgeon,  Mrs.  Margaret,  11  Main  Street 

Sunter,  David  W.,  Daylesford,  Brisbane  Street 

Sunter,  Thomas,   Oakville,   Brisbane  Road 

Sunter,  William,  27  Moorburn  Road 

Sutherland,  Mrs.  David,  6  Morris  Street 

Sutherland,  Francis  A.,  3  Kelvin  Street 

Sutherland,  John,  labourer,  50  Gateside  Street 

Sutherland,  William,  carter,  68  Seamore  Street 

Swan,  John,  8  Morris  Street 

Swan,  Mrs.  J.,  126  Nelson  Street 

Swan,  Robert,  34  Seamore  Street 

Swan,  Susan,  widow,  92  Main  Street 

Swan,  Thomas  C,  93  Main  Street 


Sword,  George,  baker,  40  Wilson  Street 
Sykes,  John,   Brisbane 

Syni,  Adam  H.,  electrician,  8  Fort  Street 
Symington,  Mary,  Cochrane  Place  (East) 

Taggart,  Mrs.  Mary,  fruiterer,  71  Main  Street.     Tel.  271 

Taggart,  Mrs.  Mary,  fruiterer,  6  Crawford  Street 

Tait,  Mrs.  Annice,  16  Sinclair  Drive 

Tait,  Jane  L.,  18  Haco  Street 

Tait,   Robert,  traveller,  Arethusa,   Greenock  Road.     Tel.   192 

Tannock,  Mrs.  Jane,  42  Nelson  Street 

Taylor,  Mrs.  Agnes,  8  Fort  Street 

Taylor,  Ann,   12  Spalding  Drive 

Taylor,  Annabella,   Ailsa,  Moorburn  Road 

Taylor,  Charles,  fruiterer,  40a  Nelson  Street.     Tel.   263 

Taylor,  Charles,  fruiterer,  28  John  Clark  Street 

Taylor,  Christina,   Tinemar,   Moorburn  Road 

Taylor,  Mrs.   Elizabeth,  12  Spalding  Drive 

Taylor,  George,  131   Main  Street 

Taylor,  J.,  21   Gallowgate  Street 

Taylor.  Mrs.  Jane,  4  Gallowgate  Street 

Taylor,  Joan,  Claremont,  Brisbane  Street 

Taylor,  John,  engineer,   16  Rankin  Drive 

Taylor,  Mrs.  Margaret,   16  Gateside  Street 

Taylor,  Mrs.  Margaret,   12  Seamore  Street 

Taylor,   Margaret,   16   Gallowgate  Street 

Taylor,  William  N.,  joiner,  77  Kelvin  Street 

Templeton,   Jane,  21    Kelvin  Street 

Templeton,   John,   Eisseb,   Greenock  Road 

Thomas,  Mrs.  Ann,  Woodneuk,  Gogoside  Road.     Tel.  278 

Thomson,  Alexander,   14  Barr  Crescent 

Thomson,  Alexander,  29  George  Street 

Thomson,  Alexander,  grocer,  2  Wilson  Street 

Thomson,  Alexander,  grocer,  Walkerston  Lodge,  Irvine  Road 

Thomson,  Mrs.  Alice,  106  Main  Street 

Thomson,  Andrew,  11   Main  Street 

Thomson,  Ann,  4  Haco  Street 

Thomson,  Mrs.  Annie,  nurse,  50  Nelson  Street 

Thomson,  Archibald,  4  School  Wynd 

Thomson,  Mrs.  Catherine,   Glenclova,   Gogo  Street 

Thomson,  Christina  J.,  Northend,  Douglas  Place.     Tel.  195 

Thomson,   Duncan,  painter,  33  Gogo  Street 

Thomson,   Flora,  widow,  Causeyfoot  Croft 

Thomson,   Frederic,  grocer,   Glenclova,   Gogo  Street 

Thomson,  Fred.  J.,  47  Main  Street.      Tel.  19 

Thomson,   Helen,  5  Haco  Street 

Thomson,  Helen,  nurse,  7  Union  Street 

Thomson,  James  R.,  manager,  5  Douglas  Terrace 

Thomson,  Mrs.  Jane,  22  Sinclair  Drive 

Thomson,  Mrs.  Jean,  6  Middleton  Drive 

Thomson,  Mrs.  Jessie,  Grahamwood,   Hamilton  Drive 

Thomson,  Malcolm,  ploughman,  Dykes 

Thomson,  Mary  D.,  11   Nelson  Street 

Thomson,  Mrs.  Mary,  101   Kelvin  Street 

Thomson,  Mary,  Moorburn,  Greenock  Road.     Tel.  17 

Thomson,  Captain  Roger,  The  Anchorage,  Greenock  Road 

Thornton,  Elizabeth  M.,  13  John  Clark  Street 

Thorp,  Mrs.  Jessie,  12   Blackdales  Avenue 

Tickle,  Joseph,  mechanic,  4  Fraser's  Close 

Tindal,   William,   17  George  Street 

Tinley,  Robert,  chauffeur,  Noddsdale 

Todd,  Andrew,  chauffeur,  Danefield 

Todd,  Mrs.  Jane,  14  Nelson  Street 

Todd,  Jessie  &  Helen,  3  Cunningham  Drive 

Tonks,   William,  24  Burnside  Road 


Toole,  Mrs.  Janet,  28  Seamore  Street 

Toole,  Robert  M.,  teacher,  73  Kelvin  Street 

Topping,   William,   West  Cottage,   Elderslie,  John  Street 

Townshead,  Harold  S.,  civil  servant,   1   Auchenmaid  Drive 

Traill,  Mary,  widow,  St.  Margaret's,  Charles  Street 

Train,  Agnes,  nurse,  71   Nelson  Street 

Train,  Annie,  milliner,  54  Main  Street 

Trainer,  Peter,  12  Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Trembeth,  Nicholas,  gardener,  13  Moorburn  Road 

Trench,.  Agnes  P.,  10  Gogo  Street 

Trotter,  Robert,  gardener,  Causeyfoot  Croft 

Trotter,  William,  farmer,  Netherhall 

Troup,  Elizabeth,  7  Haco  Street 

Turner,  Capt.  Dugald,  Broomfield  Terrace 

Turner,   George,  boat-hirer,   113  Main  Street 

Turner,  Mary,  St.  Winning,  Brisbane  Road 

Turnbull,  Colin,  93  Main  Street 

Tweedie,   David,  gardener,  Auchenmaid  Lodge,   Irvina   Road 

Tyre,  Miss,  Stuartlea,  Lovat  Street 

Tyre,  G.  H.  &  Sons,  builders,  Gateside  Street 

Tyre,  George  H.,  joiner,  27  Allanpark  Street 

Tyre,   Robert,  joiner,  Kerrsland  Place,   Brisbane  Road 

Tyre,  William,  joiner,  71  Nelson  Street 

Tyre,  William,  89  Nelson  Street 

Tyre,  William,  joiner,   Ellenlea,  Irvine  Road 

Tyre,  William,  &  Son,  joiners,  7   Gallowgate  Lane.      Tel.  33 

Tyre,   William  R.,  joiner,   Moorburn  Road 

Tytler,  Jessie  M.,  21   Bath  Street 


Underwood,  Andrew,  75  Seamore  Street 

Union  Bank  of  Scotland,  Ltd.,  38  Main  Street.      Tel.  42 

Ure,  Jeanie,  Muretta,  Brisbane  Road 

Ure,  Mrs.  Johanna,  8  Crawford  Street 

Lire,  John,  draper's  assistant,  7  Kelvin  Street 

Urie,  Margaret  L.,  Glenisla,  Broomfields 

Urquhart,  Charles,  grocer,  16  and  17  Gallowgate  Street 

Usmar,  William,  11   Burnside  Street 

Van-Santen,  George,  Burnside 
Vidian,  Oscar,  32  Haco  Street 
Videan,  Oscar  J.,  70  Nelson  Street 


Waddell,   Elizabeth,   widow,   GeorgedelL   Douglas  Street.      Tel.   165 

Walker  Bros.,  painters,  45  Main  Street.      Tel.  226 

Walker,  Adam,  Bessford  Place,  Brisbane  Road 

Walker,  Alexander,  33  Gogo  Street 

Walker,  Mrs.  Annie,  Broomhouse,  Charles  Street 

Walker,  Charles,  printer,  2  Stanlane  Place 

Walker,  Isabella,   11   Union  Street 

Walker,  James,  42  Boyd  Street 

Walker,  Mrs.  Jessie,  77  Nelson  Street 

Walker,  Mrs.  Jessie,  1   Union  Street 

Walker,  John,  baker,  39  Gateside  Street 

Walker,  Mrs.  Margaret,  1   Sinclair  Drive 

Walkinshaw,   George,   Kilmuir,   Brisbane  Road 

Wallace,  Agnes,  37  Seamore  Street 

Ward,  Jane  W.  C,  17  Sinclair  Drive 

Ward,  Mary,  teacher,  7  Lade  Street 

Warman,  Ellen,  widow,  Ellenmuir,  Irvine  Road 

Warneake,  Mrs.  Amy,  1  Rankin  Drive 


Wason,  Henry,  21  Seamore  Street 

Watson,  Mrs.  Agnes,  7  Union  Street 

Watson,  Catherine,  Flemington,   Brisbane  Road 

Watson,  Elizabeth,  103  Main  Street 

Watson,  Helen,  hairdresser,  11  Tron  Place 

Watson,  Hugh,  plumber,  2  Brisbane  Road 

Watson,  James,  shoemaker,  59  Nelson  Street 

Watspn,  James,  coal  merchant,  Senga,  Moorburn  Road 

Watson,  James,  7  Gateside  Street 

Watson,  James,  builder,  10  Allanpark  Street 

Watson,  Mrs.  Janet,  widow,  13  Gallowgate  Street 

Watson,  Mrs.  Janet,  widow,  Mount  Charles,  Cathcart  Road 

Watson,  Mrs.  Janet,  ironmonger,  13  Gallowgate  Street.     Tel.  103 

Watson,  Peter,  retired,  11   Bath  Street 

Watson,   Robert,  Parkview,   Brisbane  Street 

Watson,  Thomas,  builder,   11   Cunningham  Drive.     Tel.  159 

Watson,  Thomas,  builder,  9  Tron  Place.     Tel.  248 

Watson,  Thomas,  builder,  3  Boathouse  Road 

Watson,  Thomas,  gardener,  Brooksby,  Greenock  Road 

Watson,  William,  driver,  6  George  Street 

Watson,  William,  retired,  28  Kelvin  Street 

Watt,  Agnes  H.,  14  Haco  Street 

Watt,  Alexander,  manager,  Seaforth,  Gogoside  Drive 

Watt,  John,  Willberton,  Gogoside  Road 

Watt,  Mrs.  Margaret,  hotel  keeper,  26  Gallowgate  Street 

Watters,   Mrs.  Annice,  30  School  Street 

Watters,  Charles,  hirer,  2  School  Wynd 

Watters,  Charles,  hirer,  24  Gallowgate  Street.      Tel.  48 

Weir,  Mrs.  Esther,   Hazeldene,  Irvine  Road 

Welch,  Annie,  39  Nelson  Street 

Welsh,  Alexander,  traveller,  87  Seamore  Street 

Welsh,  Michael,  52  Nelson  Street 

Wendorff,  Jacob,  8  Main  Street 

West  Coast  Laundry,  Brisbane  Road.     Tel.  62 

West,  James,  4  Fraser's  Close 

Westmacott,  William,  21   George  Street 

Whamond,  James,  fruiterer,  20  Main  Street 

Whigham,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  8  Morris  Street 

White,  Mrs.  Agnes,  widow,  Causeyfoot  Croft 

White,   Mrs.   David,   90  Nelson  Street 

White,  Mrs.   Grace,  Causeyfoot  Croft 

White,  Mrs.  James,  27 £  Nelson  Street 

White,  James  B.,  6  Noddleburn  Road 

White,  James  S.,  grocer,  50  Kelvin  Street 

White,  Jessie,  6  Sinclair  Drive 

White,  Johanna,  Windward,  Brisbane  Street 

White,  Mrs.  Mary,  25  George  Street 

White,  Mrs.  Mary,  Crawf ordlea,  Brisbane  Road 

White,  William,  42  George  Street 

Whiteford,  Bryce,  63  Nelson  Street 

Whitehead,  Margaret,  54  Gateside  Street 

Whitelaw,  Mrs.  Agnes,  widow,  44  Seamore  Street 

Whitelaw,  Christina,  21   Bath  Street 

Whitelaw,  Jessie  M.,  21  Bath  Street 

Whitelaw,   William,  21    Bath  Street 

Whitten,  James,  baker,  9  Lade  Street 

Whittingham,  Mrs.  Jessie,  widow,  51    Kelvin  Street 

Whyte,  Agnes,   Townhead  Close 

Wightman,  Joseph,   14  Middleton  Drive 

Williamson,  Alexander  S.,  Kairaku,  Scott  Street 

Williamson,  Isabella,  2  Kelburne  Terrace 

Williamson,  James,  11   New  Street 

Williamson,  John,  coalman,  33  Nelson  Street 

Wilson,  Agnes,  135-137  Main  Street 

Wilson,  Alexander,  teacher,  541  Nelson  Street 

Wilson,  Archibald,  26  Sinclair  Drive 

Wilson,  Charles,  plumber,  66  Seamore  Street 

Wilson,  David,  gardener,  Woodbank,  Greenock  Road 


Wilson,  Elizabeth,  grocer,  11  Nelson  Street 

Wilson,  Frank,  8  Fort  Street 

Wilson,  Hugh,  30  George  Street 

Wilson,  James,  Nyanza,  Brisbane  Road 

Wilson,  Janet,  33  Gogo  Street 

Wilson,  Jemima,  nurse,  14  Bath  Street 

Wilson,  John  J.,  9  Blackdales  Avenue 

Wilson,  John  S.,  draper,  Meadowbank  Cottage,   Douglas  Street 

Wilson,  Leslie,  St.  Phillan's,  Skelmorlie  * 

Wilson,  Margaret,   1   Blackdales  Avenue 

Wilson,  Mrs.  Margaret,  81-83  Nelson  Street 

Wilson,  Matilda  O.,  16  Brisbane  Glen  Road 

Wilson,   Robert  B..  Craigneish  House,   Buchanan  Street.     Tel.  225 

Wilson,   William,  93  Kelvin  Street 

Wilson,  William,  baker,  The  Neuk,  Scott  Street 

Wilson,  William,  sr.,  baker,  Braeside  Cottage,  Irvine  Road 

Wilson,  William,  &  Son,  Ltd.,  bakers,  26  Aitken  Street.     Tel.  90 

Wilson,  William  B.,  60  Seamore  Street 

Wise,  Helen,  widow,  11   Union  Street 

Wiseman,  William  R.,  18  Burnside  Street 

Withers,  Joseph,  gardener,  3  Haco  Street 

Wood,  George  R.  M.,  dentist,  49  Main  Street 

Wood,  Mrs.  Jean,  Skerryvore,  Church  Street 

Wood,  Mrs.  Marion,  51  Nelson  Street 

Wood.   Robert,  solicitor,   Levore,  Charles  Street.      Tel.  92 

Wood,  William  M.,   12  Boyd  Street 

Woods,  R.  S.,  mechanic,  18  John  Clark  Street 

Wotherspoon,   Helen  M.  W.,  Walkerston,   Irvine  Road.      Tel.  144 

Wraith,  Robert,  salesman,  28  George  Street 

Wright,  Annie,  widow,  45  Gateside  Street 

Wright,  David  S.,  motor  engineer,  Darrah-Khazieneh  , Scott  Street 

Wright,  Helen,  8  Gallowgate  Square 

Wright,  Janet  H.,  12  Burnside  Road 

Wrighton,  Annie,  widow,  South  Croft,  Causeyfoot  Croft 

Wybar,  George,  bus  driver,  8  Kelvin  Street 

"  Wvnette,"  hairdresser,  4  Main  Street.      Tel.  157 

Young,  Andrew,  clerk,  14  Laverock  Drive 

Young,  Mrs.  Christina,  91   Nelson  Street 

Young,  Elizabeth,  Rogelle,  Brisbane  Street 

Young,  James,  Arran  "View,  Broomfields.     Tei.  167 

Young,  James  G.,  Mackerston  House,  Mackerston  Place.     Tel.  64 

Young,  Thomas,  retired,  Fernlea,  Moorburn  Road 

Yuill,  James,  Victoria  Gardens,  Irvine  Road 

Yuill,  James,  retired,  13  Wilson  Street 

Yuill,  James,  3  John  Clark  Street 

Yuill,  Mrs.  Jane,  nurse,  44  Main  Street 

Yuill,  Robert  H.,  3  John  Clark  Street 

Yuill,  William  S.,  painter,  Margaret,  Allanpark  Street 


Fairlie  is  about  nine-tenths  within  the  Parish  of  Largs,  and 
the  remainder  in  the  Parish  of  West  Kilbride. 

Though  known  generally  as  a  quiet  holiday  resort,  it  has 
other  claims  to  notice,  being  a  fairly  busy  fishing  port  and 
fish-curing  district  in  the  season.  It  is  also  well  known  as  a 
yacht-building  district. 


Fairlie  St.  Paul's  Church— Rev.  D.  MacLBAN. 
Fairlie  St.  Margaret's  Church — Rev.  Jas.  Deans. 
District  Councillor. — George  Craig,  Burnfoot. 
Fairlie  Bowling  Club.     Per  Wm.  McNeil. 



Adam,  Andrew,  6  Allanton  Crescent 

Adam.  John,  Oakbank 

Aitken,  Janie,  outfitter,  Dynorah 

Aitken,  John,  Stonebyres,  Clydesdale  Road 

Aitken,   Thomas,   The  Sheiling,  Montgomery  Drive 

Allan,  Andrew,  fruiterer,  Cadieston 

Allan,  Mary,  Mayfield,  Montgomery  Drive 

Anderson,  James,  ganger,  Railway  Buildings 

Anderson,  Mary  L.,  Bay  Street 

Armour,  Margaret,  widow,  Rosedene,  Montgomery  Drive 

Baird,   Elizabeth,   Burnfoot.     Tel.   30 

Baird,  Robert  A.,  clerk,  7  Allanton  Park 

Ballantine,  Juliet,  8  Allanton  Park 

Banks,  Mrs.  Agnes,  Alpha  Cottage,  Montgomery  Drive 

Barbour,   Robert,  Keppenburn  Cottages 

Barclay,  Harry,  grocer,  Windyridge,  West  Kilbride  Road 

Barclay,  Robert  R.,  joiner.  Bay  Street 

Barclay,  Thomas,  gardener,  Creich 

Barr,  Janet  F.,  5  Allanton  Park 

Berth,  James  B.,  Bloemfontein,  Montgomerie  Crescent 

Bell,  William,  labourer,  Railway  Buildings 

Bennet,  Thomas,  plumber,  Mid  Row 

Black,   Elizabeth,  widow,  Carneil 

Boag,  Mrs.  Catherine,  Bay  Street 

Boag,   David,  carpenter,  Springbank 

Boag,  James,  butcher,  Carneil 

Boag,  Janet,   draper,  Carneil 

Bonnet,  Janet  6.,  Ashgrove 

Boyd,  Agnes,   Burnfoot 

Boyd,  Agnes,  Southview 

Boyd,  Alexander,  gardener,  Fairlie  House 

Boyd,  Andrew,  platelayer,  Bay  Street 

Boyd,  Archibald,  cashier,  Bluenni,  Montgomerie  Crescent 

Boyd,  Catherine,  widow,  Paragon 

Boyd,  Mrs.  Janet,  Bay  Street 

Boyd,  Janet,  Burnfoot 

Boyd,  John,  joiner,  Mid  Row 

Boyd,  Marion,  Paragon 

Boyd,  Ninian,  joiner,  Hawthorn 

Boyd,  Mrs.  Stephen,  widow,  The  Neuk 

Boyd,  Thomas,  joiner,  Bay  Street 

Boyd,  Thomas  J.  C,  Invercoe.     Tel.  29 

Bovd,  William,  carpenter,  Allanbank 

Boyle,  The  Hon,  Alan  R.,  Fairlie  Craig.     Tel.  9 

Brown,  Alexander,  Lismore 

Brown,  James,  gardener,  Fairlie  Lodge 

Brown,  James  F.,  chauffeur,  Rose  Cottage 

Brown,  Janet,  Rosebank 

Brown,   Mrs,   Janet,   Haining 

Brown,  John,   Ardgour,   Montgomerie  Crescent 

Brown,  Robert,  Westerwood,  Montgomerie  Drive 

Burnet,  Mrs.  W.  M.,  Montgomerie  Avenue 

Cameron,   Ewen,  Capelo,  Southannan  Road 
Campbell,  Allan,  smith,  8  Allanton  Park 
Campbell,  Andrew,  Monabri,  West  Kilbride  Road 
Campbell,  Angus,  seaman,  Burnfoot 
Campbell,  Charles,  platelayer.  Railway  Buildings 


Campbell,  John,  6  Allanton  Park 

Campbell,   William,   Railway  Buildings 

Carr,  William  M.,   Belmont,  Southannan  Road.     Tel.  34 

Chichester,  Mrs.  Edith,  Sea  House 

Christie,  Mrs.  Isabella,  1   Allanton  Park 

Conquest,  Edward  J.,  butler,  Kelburn 

Cook,  Helen,  Bay  Street 

Cowie,  Peter,  signalman,  Bay  Street 

Craig,   George,  teacher,   Burnfoot 

Cranston,  Robert,  shepherd,  Fechan,  Dairy 

Crawford,  Mrs.  Allison.  Bay  Street 

Crawford,  David,  Bay  Street 

Crawford,   David  A.,  3  Allanton  Park 

Crawford,  Hugh,  coal  merchant,  Bay  Street.     Tel.  44 

Crawford,  James,   builder,   Holmwood 

Crawford,  John,  joiner,   Bay  Street 

Crawford,  Mary,  Evergreen 

Cumming,  James  A.,  engineer,  The  Neuk 

Currie,  Alexander,  carpenter,   Bay  Street 

Currie,  John  M.,  postman,  Ferry  Road 

Currie,   Neil,  carpenter,  Corona 

Dalziel,  Edward,  1   Bourtrees 

Davidson,  Margaret  H.,  Rydale,  West  Kilbride  Road 

Deans,  Rev.  James,  St.  Margaret's  Manse 

Dickie,  David,  traveller,  Hawthorn 

Dickie,  Marion  M.,  Mid  Row 

Dobbie,  Lady  Violet,  widow,  Fairlie  Cottage 

Donaldson,  George,  machineman,  7  Allanton  Park 

Douglas,  Robert,  North  Lodge,  Kelburn 

Doull,  Galium,   Keppenburn  Cottages 

Doull,  William  C,  gardener,  Corona 

Downie,  Robert,  gardener,  Bay  Street 

Downie,  William  J.,  chauffeur,  2  Kelburn  Terrace 

Drysdale,  Annie,  widow,  Carneil 

Duck,  Misses,  Windybrow 

Duncan,  Hannah,   Broom  Cottage,  Broomfoot 

Duncan,  Thomas,  watchmaker,  Bourtree  Bank 

Dunlop.  Hugh  C,  stationmaster,  Castlebank 

Dunlop,  Misses,  Glenfoot 

Edinston,  Mrs.  Mary,  7  Allanton  Park 
Elliot,  James,  Clifton,  Montgomerie  Crescent 
Evans,  John,  5  Allanton  Park 

Faulds,  William  R.,  clerk,  Bay  Street 

Ferguson,  Mrs.  Irvine,  widow,  Tarbet  Cottage 

Fife,  Allan,  carpenter,  Allanbank 

Fife,  James,  Bay  Street 

Fife,  James,  Ferry  Road 

Fife,  William,  engineer,  Highfield 

Fife,  William,  naval  architect,  The  Place.     Tel.  3 

Fife,  William,  &  Sons,  yacht  builders,  Bay  Street.     Tel. 

Findlay,  Edwyn  A.,  The  Moorings,  Southannan  Road 

Fisher,  John,  gardener,  Fairlie  Craig 

Fisher,  John  A.,  gardener,  Kelburn 

Fisher,  Nettie,  Corona 

Fisher,  Norman,  joiner,  Corona 

Fisher,  Sydney,  joiner,  Corona 

Forman,  Blanche  H.,  Fairlie  Lodge.     Tel.  14 

Forsyth,  Agnes  H.,  widow,  Oakbank 

French,  Adam,  Bay  Street 


Garry,   Robert,   Highfield 

GemmeU,  Mrs.  Katherine,  Kinyala,  Southannan  Road 

Gibb,  John,  Westbank,  Montgomerie  Drive 

Gibson,  Mrs.  Isabella,  Alpha  Cottage.  Montgomerie  Drive 

Gillespie,  William  &  Robert,  Linwood,  Montgomerie  Drive 

Glasgow,  Karl  of,  Kelburne  Castle.     Tel.  4 

Graham,  Alexander  S.,  Castle  Park. 

Graham,  Frank  &  Thos.,  Hayton,  Station  Road 

Graham,  Roderick,  3  Allanton  Park 

Guthrie,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Glenarder,  Montgomerie  Drive 

Hamilton,  Agnes,  widow,   Burnfoot 

Hamilton,  Mrs.  Georgina  P.,  2  Mid  Row 

Hamilton,  Robert,  grocer,  Bourtree  Bank 

Hamilton,  Robert,  grocer,  7  Allanton  Park 

Hamilton,  Thomas,  Kilchonlan,  Montgomerie  Drive 

Hardie,  Samuel,  lorryman,  2  Kelbum  Terrace 

Harper,  Allan,  merchant,  Castle  Park 

Harper,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Maiebank,  Southannan  Road 

Harrison,   George,  ironworker,   Dunorah 

Hastings,  John,  signalman,   Railway  Buildings 

Haylor,  John,  chef,  Kelburn 

Hendry,  Agnes,  Morvern,  Montgomerie  Drive 

Hendry,  Mary,  Shirgarton.     Tel.  47 

Herbertson,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  Dunorah 

Hogg,  John,  joiner,  Bay  Street 

Home,  Kate,  widow,  Hillcrest 

Houliston,  James,  Kelburnfoot 

Hughes,  Margaret,  widow,  Bourtree  Bank 

Hughes,  Mrs.  Martha,  Burnfoot 

Hunter,  Arthur,  painter,  Bay  Street 

Hunter,  Elizabeth,  widow,  Oakbank 

Hunter,  Harry  M.,  shoemaker,  Oakbank 

Hunter,  Jessie,  confectioner,   Oakbank 


Irvine,  Joseph,  signalman,  Railway  Buildings 
Ivatt,  Henry  &.,  engineer,  Creich.     Tel.  20 

Jack,  Thomas,  grocer,  Eadieston 
Johnstone,  Arthur,  2  Bourtrees 
Jones,  Christina,  Rosebank 


Kane,  James,  sawyer,  Bay  Street 

Kavanagh,  Archibald,  signalman,   Railway  Buildings 

Kennard,  Donald  I.  M.,  Rockhaven 

Kennedy,  Isaac  R.,  Elmscote 

Kent,  Margaret,  widow,  4  Allanton  Park.     Tel.  43 

King,  Grace,  widow,  Bay  Street 

King,  Grace,  hairdresser,  Fernbrae 

King,  John,  carpenter,  Bay  Street 

Kirk,   Daniel,   Beechcroft,   Montgomerie  Crescent 

Kirk,  Elizabeth,  widow,  Lilybank 

Kirk,   Reginald,  Cora-Linn,  Montgomerie  Crescent 

Kirk,  Robert,  shoemaker,  Carneil 

Kirkwood,  John  A.,  baker,  Kirklee.     Tel.  22 


Lambie,  John,  foreman,  Dunorah 

Leckie,  Alexander,  clerk,  Fernbrae 

Linton,   George,  platelayer,   Railway  Buildings 

Love,  Isabella,  1  Allanton  Park 

Love,  Mrs.  Margaret,  4  Allanton  Park 

Lynn,   David,  fireman,  Railway  Buildings 


McAulay,  Mrs.  Helen,  Mid  Row 
McAulay,  John,  plumber,   Oakbank 
McAulay,  Stewart,  foreman,  Bay  Street 
McBey,  James  J.,  rigger,  Planetree 

McCallum,  John,  fish  curer,  Pier  Road  and  Fernbrae.     Tel.  11 
McCallum,  Malcolm,  joiner,  Bay  Street 
McCallum,  William,  fish  merchant,  1  Kelburn  Terrace 
McCallum,  William,  joiner,  Bay  Street 
McClements,  Thomas  C,  Bay  Street 
McCulloch,  John,  Nordene,  Montgomerie  Drive 
MeFie,  Misses,  Bourtree  Bank.     Tel.  32 
McGhie,  John,  Kelburn  Gardens 
McGregor,  John,  Burnfoot 

McHenry,   (ieorge,  foreman,   Railway  Buildings 
Mcllhenny,  Mrs.  Catherine,  Burnfoot 
Mclnnes,  William,  Marybert,  Montgomerie  Crescent 
McKechnie,  Robert,  engineer,  Dunorah 
McKenzie,  John,  plumber,  Mid  Row 
McKerron,  Annie,  Mid  Row 
McKinnon,  Archibald,  2  Allanton  Park 
McLachlan,  John,  Kelburn  Arms  Hotel 
McLaren,  Annie,  Burnfoot 
McLaren,  Mrs.  Innes,  6  Allanton  Park 
McLean,  Alexander,  painter,  Bay  Street 
McLean,  Archibald  R.,  painter,   Oakbank 
McLeod,  Alexander,  Mid  Row 
MacMiUan,  William  L.,  Southannan  Road 
McMillan,  Archibald,  rigger,   Bay  Street 
McMin,  Mrs.  Janet,  Wellwood 
McNab,  Janet  B.,  Mid  Row 
McNair,  Charles,  &  Sons,  Laurelbank.     Tel.  1 
McNeil,  William  N.,  The  Tower  and  Segton 
McNeill,  William,  carpenter,  Bay  Street 
McNeur,  Alexander  C,  painter,  Burnfoot 
McNetrr,  Annie,  widow,  Bay  Street 
McPherson,  Archibald,  Rosebank 
McPherson,  Mrs.   Flora,  8  Allanton  Park 
McPherson,  Mrs.  Helen,  Ardmohr 
McQuat,  James,  shepherd,  Fairlie  Ward 
McQuat,  John,  shepherd,  Muttonhall 

Macrae,  Donald  A.,  fish  curer,  7  Allanton  Park  and  Curing  Works,  Pier. 
Tel.  23 


Mair,  Margaret  G.,  Bay  Street 

Millar,  Helen,  Rosebank 

Millar,  Robert,  porter,  1  Kelburn  Terrace 

Miller,  Frances,  Planetree 

Miller,  George,  gardener,  No.  4  Kelburn' 

Miller,   Robert,  grocer,  Burnfoot 

Miller,  Robert  S.,  joiner,  Burnfoot 

Miller,  William,  contractor,  Corona 

Miller,   William,  merchant,  Planetree 

Moffat,  Findlay  L.,  clerk,  Corona 


Moir,  Robert  S.,  2  Kelburn  Terrace 
Mollison,  Elizabeth,  8  Allanton  Park 
Morris,  Andrew  M.,  joiner,  Lilybank 
Morris,  Hugh,  No.  2  Cottage,  Kelburn 
Morris,  Jeanie,  widow,  Bay  Street 
Morris,  John,  carpenter,   Burnfoot 
Morris,  Misses,  drapers,  Lilybank 
Morrison,  William,  engineer,   Burnfoot 
Muir,  Ernest  R.,  constable,  Govan  Bank 
Muir,  George,  Underbank,  Fairlie  Station 
Muir,  John,  driver,  Railway  Buildings 
Munro,  John,  gamekeeper,  Kelburn  Kennels 


Ness,  Sarah,  widow,  Beach  House 
Newcombe,  Michael,  watchman,  Carneil 
Nixon,  Elizabeth,  Kathida,  Montgomerie  Drive 

Oliphant,  Thomas,  Glencairn 

Ottewill,  Henry  T.,  engineer,  Main  Road.     Tel.  50 

Ottewill,   Reginald,  Station  Road,   Fairlie.      Tel.  48 

Palmer,  George,  engine  driver.  Bay  Street 
Parker,  Doreen  M.,  Fairlie  House 
Paton,  Robert,  platelayer,  Rosebank 
Paton,  Roy,  joiner,  Burnfoot 
Paton,  William,  agent,  Planetree 
Paxton,  Walter,  South  Lodge,  Kelburn 
Phairn,  Margaret,  widow,  Carneil 

Quaey,  Robert,  Trebor,  Montgomerie  Drive 

Ramsay,  George,  polisher,  Bay  Street 

Rennie,  Mrs.  Jane,  Bay  Street 

Robertson,  John,   Keppenburn  Cottages 

Robertson,  Margaret,  widow,   Dunorah 

Robson,  Mrs.  Jemima,  Invergyle,  Montgomerie  Drive 

Ross,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  5  Allanton  Park 

Ross,  William  D.,  butcher,   Bourtree  Bank.     Tel.  5 

Royal  Bank  of  Scotland,   Rosebank 

Sheard,  Mary,  widow,  5  Allanton  Park 

Sheddon,  Janet,  Bay  Street 

Simpson,  Mrs.  Annie,   Gwenville,  Montgomerie  Crescent 

Sinclair,  John  G.,  Sanzara,  Montgomerie  Avenue 

Smith,  Frances,  widow,  Dunorah 

Smith,  William,   Orillia,  Montgomerie  Crescent 

Sparrow,  Jeremiah,  guard,  Bourtree  Bank 

Spiers,  Nettie,  Bay  Street 

Stalker,  Gilbert,  surfaceman,  Railway  Buildings 

Steedman,  Jane,  widow,  Corona 

Stevenson,  William  M.,  Liswil,  Montgomerie  Drive 

Stewart,  John,  joiner,   Fairlie  Craig 


Stirling:,  James,  wine  merchant,  The  Anchor,  West  Kilbride  Road 

Stirling-,  John,  wine  merchant.  The  Oak,  West  Kilbride  Road 

Struthers,  G.  &  R.,  farmers,  Fechan,  Dairy 

Summers,  John  M.,  stationer,  Beach  House 

Sutherland,   George,  butcher,  Carneil 

Sutherland,   George,   Strahoun,   Montgomerie   Drive 

Tennant,  Mrs.  Henrietta,  Fairlieburne.     Tel.  7 

Tennant,  Mrs.  Henrietta,  widow,  Larbet  Cottage 

Thompson,  Mrs.  Alice,   Bay  Street 

Thompson,   Winifred,   Burnfoot 

Thomson,  Allan,  joiner,  Bay  Street 

Thomson,  Allan  H.,  foreman,  Mid  Row 

Thomson.  Mrs.  Catherine,  Crinan,  Montgomerie  Crescent 

Todd,  John,  merchant,  Eadieston 

Towers,  Margaret,  Carneil 


Union  Bank  of  Scotland,  Ltd.,  Main  Street.     Tel.  37 


Waddell,  Alexander,  publican,  Bay  Street.      Tel.  15 

Walker,  Charles,  Fairlie  Ward 

Walker,  Mrs.  Florence,  Nunthorpe,  Montgomerie  Drive 

Walsh,  Thomas,  baker,  6  Allanton  Park 

Ward,  Francis,  7  Allanton  Park 

Ward,  John,  Oakbank 

Welsh,  Alexander,  engineer,  Govan  Bank 

White,  Peter  C,  Gleniffer,  Montgomerie  Drive 

Whyte,  Archibald.  5  Allanton  Park 

Whyte,  William  K.,  boatman,  Dunorah 

Wilson,  Jane,  Bay  Street 

Wilson,  Robert,  Hawthorn 

Wilson,  Samuel,  traveller,  1   Rowena 

Wilson,  William,  postman,  2  Rowena 

Yuill,  Mrs.  Susan,  Corona 


Skelmorlie  is  the  most  northerly  point  in  Ayrshire,  and 
is  separated  from  Renfrewshire  by  the  Kelly  Burn,  which 
goes  into  the  sea  at  a  point  a  few  yards  South  of  Wemyss  Bay 

It  is  a  Quoad  Sacra  Parish  within  the  Parish  of  Largs, 
and  is  built,  mostly,  on  a  hill  that  commands  a  fine  panor- 
amic view  of  the  Clyde.  It  is  entirely  a  residential  district 
given  over  to  fairly  large  houses  occupied  by  commercial  and 
professional  people  from  Greenock,  Paisley,  and  Glasgow. 


Skelmorlie  North  Church  of  Scotland. — Rev.  John  Beggs,  B.D. 

Skelmorlie  South  Church  of  Scotland. — Rev.  A.  Douglas  Fraser. 

Skelmorlie   Public   School. — John   Kennedy,   Headmaster. 

Skelruorlie  &  Wemyss  Bay  Amateur  Athletic  Association. — Per  R.  H. 
Gibson,  Redheugh. 

Skelmorlie  Bowling  Club. — Per  Wm.  Moodie,  Heathfield. 

Skelmorlie  Golf  Club. — Per  R.  S.  Tweeddale,  Glengyron. 

Skelmorlie   &  Wemyss  Bay  Tennis  Club. — Per  John  C.  Macattlay, 

Workmen's  Rest. — Per  A.  McGeehan,  Secretary,  Mayfield. 

All  Telephones  are  on  Wemyss  Bay  Exchange. 



Adair,  Georgina,  Lefler 

Alexander,  Mrs.  Mary,  7  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Allan,  Agnes  A.,  Asheraig.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  78 

Allan,  Robert,  chauffeur,  The  Birkenward 

Anderson,  Agnes,  Park  House 

Anderson,  James,  Strone 

Anderson,  John  J.  L.,  Invemiay.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  115 

Anderson,  Margaret,  Mayfield 

Anderson,   Robert,  shepherd,   Fardens 

Angus,  Jane  S.,  widow,  Mira-Mar.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  17 

Archibald,  Adam,  Hope  Villa 

Archibald,  Ann  C.  F.,  Collinslee 

Armour,  Robert,  6  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Arnfield,  Walter,  Hylands 

Arthur,  Jean  J.,  teacher.  Hillside.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  36 

Ballantyne,  James,  gardener,  Morland 

Begg,  Rev.  John,  B.D.,  North  Church  Manse 

Bell,  Richard,  Burnbrae 

Bergner,  Mrs.  Katherine,    Beechwood 

Beveridge,   William  S.,   Raglan 

Black,   William,  chauffeur,  BaUenoch 

Blackstock,  John,  6  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Blewes,  Alexander  C,  decorator,  Silverwood 

Boyd,  Alexander,  gardener,  Thorndale 

Boyd,  Christina,  widow,  Victoria  Place 

Boyd,  Mrs.  Mary,  Auchendarroch 

Bowers,  John,  labourer,  Glenfield 

Boyle,  Margaret,  6  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Britton,   Robert,   porter,  Auchendarroch 

Brotherton,  Mrs.  Maggie  J.,  Belmar 

Brown,  Claude,  gardener,  Balvonie 

Brown,  Hugh,  C.A.,  Croftmohr.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  83 

Brown,  James  H.,  Craignahullie 

Brown  &  Young,  plumbers,  Golf  Course  Road.      Tel.  Wemyss 'Bay  11 

Brownlie,  William,  chemist,  Meadow  Place.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  18 

Bryson,   Thomas,  Moss  Cottage 

Burgess,  John,  constable,  Victoria  Place 

Burgoyne,  William  A.,  4  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Cameron,   James,   engineer,   Hillside 

Cameron,  Robert,  Prospecthill 

Campbell,  Mrs.  Barbara  L.,  Halketburn 

Campbell,  Hugh,  gardener,  Castle 

Campbell,  John,  chauffeur,  Annet  Lodge 

Campbell,   John  D.,  farmer,   Auchengarth.     Tel.   Wemyss  Bay  41  Y 

Campbell,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Forester's  House,  Castle 

Campbell,  Mary,  Meadow  Place 

Campbell,  William,  Hope  Villa 

Cant,  James,  broker,  Dunard.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  20 

Carnduff,  William.  Skelmorlie  North  Church 

Carsewell,  Archibald  B.,  clerk,  Victoria  Place 

Chalmers,  Archibald  L.,  Burnbrae 

Christie,  James,  engineer,  Kimberley 

Clark,  Euphemia,  widow,  Silverwood 

Clark,  William,  Annet.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  33 

Clydesdale  Bank,  Ltd.,  Meadow  Place.      Tel.   Wemyss  Bay  125 

Colquhoun,   John   W.,   tomato  grower,   Birchdale.     Tel.  tWemvss   Bay 

Connacher,   Alexander,  gardener,   Invermay 
Connell,  John  C,  Chaseley.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  105 


Connell,  John,  Burncroft.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  47 

Cosgrave,  Margaret,  9  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Couille,   Emile,  electrician,   Brussell 

Crawford,  J.  &  R.,  Everlie.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  44 

Cree,  David,  The  Birches 

Cuany,  Albert  H.  L.,  Clyde  view 

Cull,  Charles,  joiner,  Dunholme 

Cull,  J.  &  F.,  Craigview 

Cunningham,   Robert,  chauffeur,  The  Castle 

Davidson,  Robert,  bootmaker,  near  Meadow  Place  and  at  Wemyss  Bay 

Davis,  Annie,  Peamount 

Dawson,  William,  chauffeur,  Mira-Mar 

Denny,  Douglas,  poultry  farmer,  Barr.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  97 

Dickie,  Annie,  Meagle 

Dickie,  James  R.,  chauffeur,  Magdala 

Dickson,  Archibald,  builder,  Innes  Park  and  Redheugh 

Dobbie,   Ernest,  Lynmere.     Tel.   Wemyss  Bay  93 

Dobbie,  Jessie  R.,  Balvonie 

Dodds,  David  W.,  gardener,  West  Park 

Doig,  James,  chauffeur,  Balvonie 

Donaldson,  Jeanie,  Braehead  Cottage 

Donaldson,  Mrs.  John,  Peamount 

Donaldson,  Robert,  Dunnikier 

Douglas,  James,  9  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Douglas,  Thomas,  gardener,  Mallowdale 

Dowds,  Thomas  M.,  8  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Downie,  McEwan,  gamekeeper,  Castle 

Duffy,  James,  gardener.  Beach  House 

Dunn,  James  D.,  Ferniecraig.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  53 

Dunnachie,  Mrs.  Catherine,  Mountview 

Dykes,  Thomas  A.,  Thorncliffe 

Easton,  Mrs.  Mary  J.,  Maryfield 

Edward,  Maryanne  A.,  widow,  Alipore.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  15 

Eglinton  &  Winton,  Rt.  Hon,  Earl  of.  Skelmorlie  Castle.     Tel.  Wemyss 

Bay  5 
Elliot,  Andrew  R.,  gardener,  Craignahullie 
English,   William,  postman,  Meigle 
Ewing,  Peter,  Rowanlea.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  29 

Ferguson,  James,  labourer,  Ashcraig 

Ferguson,   Samuel,  labourer,  Ashcraig 

Finlay,  Kirkman,  Fionnla.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  43 

Finch,  Rupert  J.,  engineer,  Clydeview 

Fleming,  James,  gardener,  Rushvale 

Fleming,  Jane,  widow,  Kilmory.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  61 

Fraser,  Rev.  A.  Douglas,  South  Church  Manse.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  65 

Fullerton,    Dr.    Robert.    Wilmar.      Tel.   Wemyss  Bay  110 

Galbraith,  James,  gardener,  Heywood 

Galbraith,  Peter,  Moss  Cottage 

Galbreath,  John  M.,  Dalgarven.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  76 

Gallacher,   Daniel.   Raeberry 

Gallacher,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Clydeview 

Ganley,   Thomas  .].,   chauffeur,   Ashcraig 

Gardner.  Jeffrey,  3  Eglinton  Place 

Gardner,  John,  bank  agent,   Woodcroft 


Garroway,  Misses,  Thorndale.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  72 

George,  Henry  M.,  Pensilva 

Gibson,  Mrs.  Christina,  Castle 

Gilchrist.  R.,  Ballenoch.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  22 

Gorman,  John,  baker,  Moss  Cottage 

Graham,  Richard,  7  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Grant,  Frank,  gardener,  Everlie 

Grant,  John,  painter,  Moss  Cottage 

Grant,  Peter,  gardener,  Prospecthill 

Graves,  Janet  C,  widow,  Meadow  Place 

Gray,  Misses,  Shieldholm 

Greenock  Central  Co-operative  Society,  Ltd.,  Kimberley.     Tel.  Wemyss 

Bay  30 
Greer,  Edward,  gardener,  Stroove 
Gynn,   Frank  W,,  Inglencuk.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  96 


Halliday,  Walter,  chauffeur,  Morland 

Hamilton,  Jean  J.,  widow,   Ochiltree 

Hamilton,  John,  contractor,  Hope  Cottage.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  84 

Hamilton,  William,  8  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Harrison,  John  E.,  engineer,   Beech  House.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  57 

Hart,  John  J.,  gardener,  Strone 

Hay,  Robert,  5  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Heggie,  Thomas  C.  E.,  Raeberry 

Hendrie,  John,  5  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Hendry,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,   Raeberry 

Hodge,   James,  chauffeur,   Stroove 

Holland,  Mrs.  Isabella,  nurse,  Kimberley 

Holland,  Joseph,  ploughman,  Skelmorlie  Mains 

Hood,  Margaret  R.,  widow,  Auchenaill     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  38. 

Hope,  Thomas,  4  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Hughes,  Margaret,   publican,  Regent  Place 

Hunter,  John  B.,  joiner,  Woodside.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  109 

Hunter,  Robert,   Winton  Lodge 

Hutchison,   Hugh,  chemist.  Meadow  Place 

Hyman.   Andrew,  mason,  Park  House 

Johnstone,   Mrs.   Elizabeth,   Redesdale 
Johnston,  James,  9  Innes  Park  Buildings 
Johnston,  Matthew,  butcher,   Glenfield 
Johnston,  Thomas,  5  Innes  Park  Buildings 


Kennedy,  John,  schoolmaster,  Olydeview 

Kennedy,  William  S.,  Meagle 

Kerr,  Barbara  G.,  Darnaway 

Kidd,  James,  Seaview 

King,  Thomas,  9  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Knox,  William,  7  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Laird,  Alexander,  8  Innes  Park  Buildings 
Lamont,  David  Y.,  Balnagown 
Lamont,  Kate.   Glenfield 
Lamont,  Mary,  grocer,  Craigview 
Lancaster,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Craigview 
Lawrie,  William,  gardener,  Park  House 
Lawrie.  William,  gardener,   Beithglass 
Leitch.  Donald,  gardener,  Croftmohr 
Leuchars,  David,  coachman,  Morland 


Littrick,  Margaret,  Telephone  Exchange 
Logue,  Hugh,  joiner,  Mountview 
Logue,  Hugh,  painter,  Victoria  Place 
Logue,  James,  plumber,  Victoria  Place 
Logue,  Robert,  Mountview 
Loudon,  Norman,  Cardrona 
Lundie,  James,  gardener,  Ashcraig 
Lyndhurst  Nursing  Home,  Lyndhurst 


Macallan,  Andrew,  Clevedon 

McCallum,  Elizabeth,  widow.  Ardview 

MeCaskie,  M.  T.,  Prospecthill 

McCaskie,  Robert,  Beach  House  Stables 

McClymont,  Mrs.  Annie,  Castle  Lodge 

McCrone,  Jessie,  widow,  Jessfield 

McDonald,  Neil,  mason,  Ardview 

Macfarlane,  Mrs.  Margaret  G.,  Bridgend.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  122 

Macfarlane,   Robert  G.,  gardener.  Skelmorlie 

McGeehen,  Henry  R.,  Mayfield 

McGeehen,  Mrs.  Margaret,  4  Eglinton  Place 

McUettens,  John,  5  Innes  Park  Buildings 

McGhee,  Misses,  1   Eglinton  Place 

McGill,  John,  9  Innes  Park  Buildings 

McGinley,  Hugh,  6  Innes  Park  Buildings 

McGregor,  Francis,  chauffeur,  Dunedin 

MacGregor,  Misses,  Blair  Athol 

Machray,  Jane  L.,  Craigowan 

Macilwain,   Euphemia,   Birchbank.      Tel.   Wemyss  Bay  103 

Mclntyre,  Archibald,  shepherd,  Barr 

Mackay,  Duncan  R.,  Cleadale 

Mackay,  Roderick  G.,  Mallowdale.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  10 

McKay,  James,  Kirnberley 

McKean,  Andrew,  manager,   Gas  Works 

McKechnie,  Mary  M.,  Brookfleld.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  86 

McKellar,  Mrs.  Isabella,  Burnside,  Meigle 

McKenzie,  James,  steward,  Craigview 

McKinnon,  Hugh,  gardener,  Victoiia  Place 

McKinnon,  James,  4  Innes  Park  Buildings 

McKinnon,  William,  Briarfield 

McLay,  Hugh,  chauffeur,  West  Park 

McLean,  Margaret,  Peamount 

Macleod,  Dugald  C,  St.  Margaret's.      Tel.   Wemyss  Bay  51 

McLeod,  John,  engineer,  Hillside 

McLuckie  &  Mitchell,  joiners.  Golf  Course  Road.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  92 

McMaster,  James,  gardener,  Magdala 

Macmillan,  Donald,  Oakcraig 

McMillan,   James,   plumber,   Rockmount 

McMorran,  William,  gardener,  Belsfield 

McNaughton,  Jane,  widow,  Prospecthill 

McNaughton,  John,  smith,  Prospecthill 

McNaughton,  Peter,  poultry  farmer,  Annetyard 

McNeill,  Allister,  Redclyffe.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  103 

MacPhai!,  Jessie,  Mayfield  Place 

Macpherson,  Margaret,  widow,  Skelmorlie  House.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  94 

McRitcliie,  Colin,  Hillcrest 

McWilliam,  James  F.,  poultry  farmer,  Thirdpart 


Malloch,  Duncan,  chauffeur,  Annet 

Marshall,  Walter  E.,  Auchcngarth.      Wemyss  Bay  41  x 

Matheson,  Thomas  C,  The  Bungalow 

Maygonigle,  Bernard,  Hillhead 

Menzies,  Mrs,  Margaret  K.  T.,  flesher,  Stanlane.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  62 

Middleton,   George,  greenkeepor,  Golf  Club 


Millar,  John,  Beechwood 

Miller,  Mrs.  Mary  J.,  Dmiclutha.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  102 

Miller,   William,  Moss  Cottage 

Mitchell,  Mrs.  Jean,  Auchendarroch 

Molloy,  James  L.,  agent,  Craigievar 

Montgomery,   Hugh,  gardener,  Chaseley.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  128 

Montgomery,  Mary,  9  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Moodie,  Charles  B.,  Heathfield 

Moodie,  Charles,  gardener,  Alipore 

Moodie,  Helen,  widow,  Ardview 

Moodie,  John,  7  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Moodie,  John,  shipwright,  Beach  House 

Moodie,  John  K.,  slater,  Victoria  Place 

Moodie  &  McMillan,  slaters,  Innes  Park 

Moodie,  William,  slater,  Heathfield.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  81 

Morrison,  James,  8  Innes  Park  Buildings 

Morrison,  Janet,  widow,  Mayfield 

Morrison,   Robert,  joiner,  Park  House 

Morrison  &  Scott,  plumbers.  Meadow  Place 

Moyes,  John,  engineer,   Ravensburn.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  99 

Munro,  Henry,  baker,  Raeberry 

Munro,  John,  2  Eglinton  Place 

Murray,  Colin,  Malabar 


Nisbet,  Agnes,  widow,  Mayfield  Place 

Pairman,  James  W.  T.,  poultry  farmer,  Meigle 

Park,  Catherine,  Ardview 

Park,  John,  The  Laurels 

Paterson,  Helen,  teacher,  Belmar 

Paton,  J.  &  J.  G.,  farmers,  Mains 

Pearson,  John  (Motors),  Ltd.,  Garage.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  49 

Pettigrew,   Elizabeth,  widow,   Davaar.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  40 

Phillips,  Thomas,  Heywood.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  100 

Pollock,  Ann,  Craigievar. 

Primrose,  Alfred,  Craigendarroch 

Rae,  Andrew,  Beithglass 

Rae,   George,  janitor,  Mayfield  Place 

Ramsay,  G.  W.  N.,  Dunholme 

Rankin,  Alexander,  fruiterer,  Victoria  Place.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  69 

Rankin,  Henry  C.  D.,  Briarfield.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  73 

Raphael,  Eustace,  postmaster,  Collinslea.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  77 

Reid,  Edwin  M.,  Shawfield.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  28 

Reid,  Jessie,   draper.  Meadow  Place.     Tel.   Wemyss  Bay  104 

Reid,  Misses,  Clydeview 

Renfrew,  Elizabeth,  Birchbank  Cottage 

Renfrew,  Robert,  dairyman,  Stanlane 

Renfrew,   Robert,  Auchendarroch 

Richmond,  Mrs.  Margaret  J.  N.,  Roberton 

Ritchie,   Thomas,  gardener,   Hillhead 

Robertson,  Hugh  B.  G.,  Morland.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  70 

Robertson,  James,  traveller.  Mount  Pleasant 

Robertson,  Jean,  Barr 

Rose,  Alexander  D.,  clerk,  The  Knowe 

Ross,  William,  Fidra 

Russell,  Archibald  McK.,  Oakhill.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  50 

Ruthven,  John,  The  Laurels 


Scott,  Alexander,  plumber,   Rockmount 

Scott,  Alexander,  plumber.  Sandy  Brae  Road 

Scott,  A.  &  J.,  painters,  Golf  Course  Road.     Tel.  Weruyss  Bay  56 

Scott,  C.  S.,  shipbuilder,  Stroove.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  87 

Scott,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  Auchendarroch 

Scott,  Frances  J.,  widow,  Bclsf'ield 

Scott,  J.  A.  &  J.,  farmers,  Barr.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  116 

Seath,  Mrs.  Mary,  Burnbank,  Meigle 

Semple,  James,  Prospecthill 

Shearer,  Archibald,  Invereoch 

Simpson,  Charlotte  G.,   Woodsley 

Sinclair,  Dugald  S.,  Mountview 

Sisters  of  Notre  Dame,  Lincluden 

Skelmorlie  Hydro  Hotel,  Ltd.,   Hydro  Hill.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  88 

Skelmorlie  &  Wemyss  Bay  Gas  and  Electric  Supply  Co.,  Ltd.,  Meadow 

Place.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  27 
Sleven,  Miss,  grocer,  Mayfield  Place 
Smart,  Misses,  Annet  Lodge.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  24 
Smeaton,  Mrs.  Jane,  Lome  Cottage 
Smeaton,   Robert,  chauffeur,   The  Bungalow 
Smith,  George,  8  Innes  Park  Buildings 
Smith,  George,  chauffeur,  Meagle 
Smith,  James  M.,  fishmonger,  Malabar 
Stead,  George,  Moss  Cottage 
Steele,  Robert,  byreman,  Skelmorlie  Mains 
Stevenson,  Donald,  4  Innes  Park  Buildings 
Stewart,  Mrs.  Ellen,  Ferncraig 
Stewart,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Park  House 
Stewart,  Thomas,  Seaview 
Stewart,  Thomas,  4  Innes  Park  Buildings 
Stirling,  Thomas,  Craigallion.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  129 
Stuart,  Mrs.  Margaret  W.,  Craigdhu 
Sutherland,  John,  manager,  Kimberley 
Sweet,  Mary  W.  D.,  Craigshields.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  55 

Taylor,  Mrs.  Sarah  O.  M.,  Craigmore 

Tennent,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  S.,  Rosebank 

Thompson,   John,  gardener,   Dunholme 

Torrie,  Mary,  Balnagown 

Towers,  William,  Springbank 

Turnbull,  Janet  C,  Knoweside.      Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  111 

Tweeddale,  Robert  S.,  banker,   Glengyron.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  95 

Tweedie,  Andrew  T.,  gardener,  Whinhill 


Wallace,  John  S.,  gardener,  Annet 

Watson,  Henry  C.  E.,  5  Eglinton  Place 

Watson,  H.  &  W.,  joiners,  Partridgefield 

Watt,  Louise,  Montreve 

Wells,  Sydney,  chef.  Beach  House 

Whayman,   William  B.,  waiter,   Glcnfield 

Whiteford,   Thomas,  caretaker.   Workman's   Rest 

Whvte,  Lucy  W.,  widow,  Tudor  House.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  32 

Wilkinson,  John,  factor,  West  Park.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  45 

Wilson,  David,  gardener,  Mira-Mar 

Wilson,  John  E.,  The  Birkenward 

Wilson,  Louisa,  St.  Lucia 

Wylie,  Misses,   Homecraig 


Young,  John  Ure,  baker,  Meadow  Place.     Tel.  Wemyss  Bay  63 
Yide,  William,  chauffeur,  Dunard 


Saltcoats  is  a  residential  town  that  caters  very  largely  for 
summer  visitors.  It  is  situated  within  a  sandy  and  sheltered 
bay,  and  is  therefore  an  ideal  situation  for  children.  Located 
between  the  two  industrial  towns  of  Ardrossan  and  Stevenston, 
it  is  patronised  as  a  shopping  centre  for  these  places, 
as  it  caters  for  a  much  larger  population  than  exists  within 
its  own  boundaries,  and  it  also  offers  a  very  large  variety  of 
entertainments  in  winter  and  in  summer.  These  entertain- 
ments undoubtedly  bring  a  big  number  of  people  into  the 
town,  and  the  shopping  community  benefit  indirectly  thereby. 

In  recent  years,  there  has  been  an  increase  in  the  number 
of  people  who  have  removed  from  Glasgow  and  its  environs, 
and  reside  here  permanently,  travelling  by  train,  or  car,  to 
business  daily.  There  is  every  indication  that  this  number 
will  increase  as  accommodation  is  provided. 

Gas  is  supplied  by  a  private  company  at  reasonable  rates. 
Electricity  supplies  are  available  from  the  Ayrshire  Elec- 
tricity Board  sub-station  at  Ardrossan.  Water  comes  from 
the  Irvine  and  District  Water  Board  Reservoirs,  which  are 
of  large  capacity. 

At  one  time,  Saltcoats  was  a  considerable  fishing  port, 
but  it  has  fallen  from  the  position  it  held.  This  is  doubtless 
due  to  the  fact  that  the  pier  is  situated  at  a  distance  from 
the  railway.  To-day  there  is  very  little  fishing,  and  a  glance 
at  the  Directory  will  show  very  few  fishermen.  Some  salmon 
are  netted  in  the  bay  in  the  season. 


Incorporated  in  1885. 

Approximate  Population  in  1935 — 10,173. 

Approximate  Area  in  1935 — 472  Acres. 

Total  Gross  Valuation  in  1935— £71,760    1/-. 

Assessment  per  £ — Occupier.  6/9. 

Owner,  5/11. 


Provost,  A.  Kennedy. 

Senior  Bailie,  Patrick  McCabe. 

Junior  Bailie,  Arch.  K.  Young. 

Police  Judges — A.  Kennedy,  Bailie  McCabe,  A.  K.  Young,  Police 

Judge  Reid. 
Councillors — Police  Judge  Reid,  J.  Anderson,  C.  H.  Gaul,  C.  Knox, 

R.  Lambie,  and  J.  Adams. 
Joint  Town  Clerks — James  Campbell  and  J.  McNay.     Tel.  301. 
Town  Chamberlain,  J.  Miller.      Tel.  305. 
Burgh  Surveyor,  George  Harley.      Tel.  321. 

Utility  Services  operated  by  the  Burgh. 

Bathing  and  Boating  Ponds. 

Bathing  Pond.      Tel.     212. 

Justices  of  the  Peace — Provost  A.  Kennedy,  Kyleshill  Street ;  James 
Campbell,  Writer,  Bank  of  Scotland  ;  Robert  Lambie,  1  Seabank 
Street ;  James  Reid,  Winton  Street :  H.  Thomson,  11  Winton 
Circus ;  A.  B.  Gorman,  A.  Kennedy,  and  P.  A.  McCabe. 

J.P.  Courts — Held  first  Friday  of  each  month,  at  Town  Hall. 

Registrar  of  Births,  Marriages,  and  Deaths — 

Ardrossan  Parish — James  Caldwell,  Ardrossan  Road. 
Stevenston  Parish — R.  T.  Martin,  New  Street,  Stevenston. 


General  Post  Office,  Chapelwell  Street. 

General  Post  Office,  Telephone  Department,  4  Kirkgate.     S.   Baird, 
[nspe<  ti  :•. 

Ayrshire  County  Council — Public  Assistance  Office,  Ardrossan  Road. 

Clerk,  J.  Caldwell.     Tel.  312. 
Ayrshire    County    Council — Springvale    Infections    Diseases    Hospital. 

Tel.  2. 


Glasgow  Mission  Coast  Homes,  Nineyard  Street. 

Miners'  Homes,  Canal  Street. 

Rockvale  Child  Welfare  Centre,  Winton  Circus. 



South  Beach  Church — Rev.  T.  Struthers  Symington,  M.A.,  Ardrossan 
Road.     Per  Robert  Marshall,  47  Sorbie  Road,  Ardrossan. 

St.  Mary's  R.C.  Church — Rev.  Joseph  Doherty,  Ardrossan  Road. 

St.  Cuthbert's  Church — Rev.  D.  D.  Rees,  Caledonia  Road.  Session 
Clerk,  A.  B.  Gorman,  Royal  Bank. 

Erskine  Church — Rev.  Jas.  A.  Munn,  M.A.,  Chapelwell  Street.  Per 
John  S.  Galloway,  87  Argyle  Road. 

Trinity  Church — Rev.  James  A.  Ramsay  B.D.,  Dockhead  Street. 
Per  Jas.  A.  S.  Boyd,  15  Jacks  Road. 

E.  U.  Congregational  Church — Rev.  J.  Cleminson  Bell,  M.A.,  Ham- 
ilton Street.     Per  James  Barbour,  Gas  Works  House. 

Old  Parish  Church  and  Churchyard,  Kirkgate — The  Kirk  Session  of 
St.  Cuthbert's  Church  of  Scotland. 

North  Church — -Rev.  J.  R.  Spottiswoode,  Manse  Street.  Per  Thos. 
Harvey,  St.  Rule,  Ardrossan. 

Salvation  Army,  Manse  Street. 

Christian  Brethren,  Springvale  Street — -Per  Robt.  McKillop,  35  Well- 
park  Road. 


Landsborougk    Church — Rev.    Wm.     Bryce,     B.D.      Per    John    A. 

Fullarton,  Rowallan. 
Saltcoats  and  Ardrossan  Free  Church — Per  Robt.  Baird.  Druraastle 

Mill,  Dairy. 
Star  Inn  Hall  Gospel  Mission— Per  G.  H.  McKenzie,  100  Argyle  Road. 
United  Free  Church — Meets  in  Masonic  Hall,  Bradshaw  Street. 
Y.M.C.A.,  31  Vernon  Street. 


Saltcoats  Public  School — Headmaster,  C.  M.  Barnett. 
Kyleshill  Public  School — Headmaster,  J.  B.  Scotland. 
St.  Mary  R.C.  School — Headmaster,  D.  Scullion. 


Saltcoats  Bowling  Club,   11  Springvale  Street — Hon.  Treasurer,   Jas. 

Frew,  15  Eglinton  Place. 
Saltcoats   Boy   Scouts,   Springvale   Place — Wm.   Brown,   2   McKellar 

Avenue,  Ardrossan. 
Saltcoats  Boys'  Brigade — Per  Mr.  Welsh,  Laighdykes. 
Saltcoats  Girl  Guides — Per  Mrs.  Hamilton,  Melbourne  Terrace. 
Ardrossan  and  Saltcoats  Golf  Club,  Laigbdykes,  Ardrossan — Per  Jas. 

Campbell,  Bank  of  Scotland. 
Saltcoats  Victoria  Football  Club,  Rockyknowe. 
County  Council  Library,  Countess  Street. 
Ayrshire  Constabulary  Station,  Green  Street.     Tel.  330. 
International  Order  of  Good  Templars,  9  Union  Street — -Per  Robert 

Angus,  82  Raise  Street. 
L.  0.  A.  Shepherds,  Crook  and  Plaid  Lodge— 13  Countess  Street. 
Masonic    Lodge    Neptune,    Kilwinning,    No.    442,    Bradshaw    Street — 

Secretary  :    A.  S.  Jamieson,  Sharphill  Road. 
Loyal  Orange  Lodge — Secretary  :    Charles  Lapsley,  16  Raise  Street. 
Order  of  Eastern  Star — Secretary  :    Mrs.  S.  Brown,  35  Raise  Street. 
Saltcoats    I.L.P.,    8    Green    Street — Secretary  :     Chas.    Martin,    30 

Springvale  Street. 
Saltcoats  Unionist  Club — Per  Mrs.  MacEwan,  Lorlynn. 
Saltcoats  Nationalists.     (See  Ardrossan). 


Ardrossan  Road  :    Hamilton  Street  to  South  Beach. 

Argyle  Road  :    Caledonia  Road  to  Raise  Street. 

Arnott  Place,  off  Canal  Place. 

Arthur  Street  :    Seabank  Street,  Robertson  Crescent. 

Arthurlie  Place  :    Galloway    Place,  Caledonia  Road. 

Border  Avenue  :    Sharphill  Road,  Christie  Gardens. 

Blakely  Road,  off  Seabank  Street. 

Bradshaw  Street  :    Countess  Street,  Nineyard  Street. 

Braehead  Place  :    Raise  Street,  Victoria  Road. 

Bute  Terrace  :    Stanley  Place,  Stanley  Road. 

Caledonia  Road  :    Manse  Street,  Sorbie  Road. 

Campbell  Avenue  :    Caledonia  Road,  Donaldson  Avenue. 

Canal  Street  :    Nineyard  Street,  Boundary. 

Chapelwell  Street  :    Vernon  Street,  Dockhead  Street. 

Christie  Gardens  :    off  Jack's  Road,  Border  Avenue. 

Countess  Street  :    Vernon  Street,  Dockhead  Street. 

Dockhead  Street  :    Countess  Street,  Chapelwell  Street. 

Donaldson  Avenue,  off  Argyle  Road. 

Eglinton  Place  :    Winton  Circus,  Parkend  Road. 

Eglinton  Street  :    Eglinton  Place,  Windmill  Street. 

Erskine  Place  :    Hill  Street,  Seaview  Road. 

Esplanade  Cottages,  on  Esplanade. 

Factory  Place,  off  Raise  Street. 

Franklin  Road  :    Mitchell  Place,  Waverley  Place. 

Galloway  Place  :    Caledonia  Road,  Stanley  Road. 

Gladstone  Road  :    Victoria  Road,  Parkend  Road. 

Glebe  Street,  off  Springvale  Street. 

Glencairn  Street  :    Raise  Street,  Nineyard  Street. 

Green  Street  :    Vernon  Street,  Dockhead  Street. 

Guthrie  Road  :    Parkend  Road,  Canal  Street. 

Halkett  Place  :    Continuation  of  Kinnier  Road. 

Hamilton  Street  :    Ardrossan  Road,  Windmill  Street. 

Harbour  Street  :    Quay  Street,  Hill  Street. 

High  Road  :    Parkhouse  Road  (Ardrossan),  Byepass  Road. 

Hill  Street  :    Bradshaw  Street,  Harbour  Street. 

Hirst  Place,  off  Quay  Street. 

Jack's  Road,  off  Argyle  Road. 

James  Millar  Crescent  :    Continuation  of  Millar  Street. 


Kerr  Avenue,  off  Kinnier  Road. 

Kinnier  Road  :    Victoria  Road,  Millar  Road. 

Kirkgate,  off  Chapelwell  Street. 

Kyleshill  :    Glencairn  Street,  Canal  Street. 

Mclsaac  Road  :    Wyllie  Road,  Parkend  Road. 

Manse  Street  :    Ardrossan  Road,  Chapelwell  Street. 

Manse  Brae  :    off  Manse  Street,  Union  Street. 

Melbourne  Road  :    Winton  Street,  Eglinton  Place. 

Melbourne  Terrace  :    in  Melbourne  Road. 

Millar  Road,  off  Kinnier  Road. 

Mitchell  Place  :    Caledonia  Road,  Franklin  Road. 

Montgomerie  Crescent  :    Winton  Street,  Ardrossan  Road. 

Montgomerie  Road  :     off  Winton  Street.. 

Nineyard  Street  :    Bradshaw  Street,  Glencairn  Street. 

Park  Road,  off  Winton  Street. 

Parkend  Avenue,  off  Canal  Street. 

Parkend  Road  :    Nineyard  Street,  Gladstone  Road. 

Quay  Street,  off  Dockhead  Street. 

Raise  Street  :    Glencairn  Street,  Argyle  Road. 

Robertson  Crescent  :    Canal  Street,  Arthur  Street. 

Seabank  Street  :    Canal  Street,  Canal  Place. 

Sharphill  Road,  off  Argyle  Road. 

Sidney  Street  :    Winton  Circus,  Eglinton  Street. 

Smith  Drive  :    Kerr  Avenue,  Millar  Road 

Springvale  Place,  off  Springvale  Street. 

Springvale  Street  :    Argyle  Road,  Manse  Street. 

Stanley  Place  :    Stanley  Road,  Caledonia  Road. 

Stanley  Road  :    Stanley  Place,  Galloway  Place. 

Thomas  Campbell  Street,  off  Wyllie  Road. 

Union  Street,  Springvale  Street,  Raise  Street. 

Vernon  Street  :    Chapelwell  Street,  Nineyard  Street 

Victoria  Road,  off  Gladstone  Road. 

Waverley  Place;  off  Caledonia  Road. 

Wellpark  Road  :    Union  Street,  Argyle  Road. 

Windmill  Street  :    Winton  Circus,  Dockhead  Street. 

Wintoi;  Circus  :    Eglinton  Place,  Sidney  Street. 

Winton  Street  :    Montgomerie  Crescent,  Hamilton  Strec. 

Wyllie  Eoad  :    Mclsaac  Road,  Gladstone  Road. 


Adair,  Adam,  F.,  plumber,  56  Kerr  Avenue 

Adair,  Susan,  29  Sidney  Street 

Adam,  John,  ham  curer,  32  Windmill  Street 

Adam,  William,  schoolmaster,  10  Franklin  Road 

Adams,  Rev.  James,  37  Caledonia  Road 

Adams,  James,  clerk,  11  Waverley  Place 

Adams,  James  F.,  salesman,  4a  Montgomerie  Crescent 

Adams,  Marion  E.  P.,  tracer,  23  Christie  Gardens 

Adams,  Joseph,  joiner,  15  Glebe  Street 

Adams,  William,  dealer,  37  Springvale  Street 

Adams,  William,  dealer,  Factory  Place 

Adamson,  James,  fireman,  19  Vernon  Street 

Adamson,  John,  signalman,  8  Glebe  Street 

Addison,  Alexander,  railwayman,  31   Kerr  Avenue 

Agnew,   Robert,  labourer,   19   Raise  Street 

Agnew,  William,  railway  worker,  89  Raise  Street 

Aitchison,  David,  66  Raise  Street 

Aitchison,  David,  range  builder,  19  Eglinton  Street 

Aitchison,  Robert,  salesman,  9  a  Windmill  Street 

Aitken,  David,  waiter,  75  Raise  Street 

Aitken,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  grocer,  19  Gladstone  Road 

Aitken,  Francis,  labourer,  18  Harbour  Street 

Aitken,  James,  6  Union  Street 

Aitken,  James,  stoker,  12  Kirkgate 

Aitken,  James,  baker,  2  Montgomerie  Road 

Aitken,  James,  baker,  3  Montgomerie  Road 

Aitken,  John,  clerk,  3  Springvale  Street 

Aitken,  Joseph,  foreman,  6  Sidney  Street 

Aitken,  Mathew,  clerk,  4  Christie  Gardens 

Aitken,  Thomas,  dynamite  worker,  9  Gladstone  Road 

Aitken,  William,  29  Gladstone  Road 

Aitken,  William,  canvasser,  15  Kerr  Avenue 

Aitken,  William,  explosives  worker,  34  Sidney  Street 

Alexander,  Alexander,  joiner,  6  Seabank  Street 

Alexander,  Archibald,  labourer,  10  James  Millar  Crescent 

Alexander,  Daniel  S.,  retired,  11  Christie  Gardens 

Alexander,  James,  Parkend  Avenue 

Alexander,  John,  clerk,  3  Eglinton  Street 

Alexander,  Kate,  widow,  58  Quay  Street 

Alexander,  Robert,  labourer,  38  Quay  Street 

Alexander,  William,  joiner,  28  Smith  Drive 

Alexander,  William,  labourer,  11  Glebe  Street 

Allan,  Alexander,  labourer,  8  Kirkgate 

Allan,  Alexander,  joiner,  10  Canal  Street 

Allan,  Alexander,  labourer,  22   Esplanade  Cottages 

Allan,  George,  joiner,  7  Wellpark  Road 

Allan,  James,  foreman,  20  Parkend  Road 

Allan,  John,  engineer,  32   Hamilton  Street 

Allan,  Robert,  clerk,  17  Argyle  Road 

Allan,  Samuel,  dynamite  worker,  9  Hirst  Place 

Allan,  William,  labourer,  14  Blakely  Road 

Allen,  David,  51  Quay  Street 

Allen,  David,  4  Glencairn  Street 

Allcock,  Richard,  mining  engineer,  36  Caledonia  Road 

Allison,  David,  fitter,  61   Kerr  Avenue 

Allison,  David  C,  clerk,  3  Christie  Gardens 

Allison,  James,  slater,  4  Springvale  Place 

Allison,  John,  labourer,  42  Green  Street 

Allison,  Robert,  joiner,  25  Windmill  Street 

Alston,  Agnes,  4  Bute  Terrace 

Anderson  Bros.,  53  Wellpark  Road 

Anderson,  Agnes,  widow,  63  Wellpark  Road 

Anderson,  Alexander,  vanman,  3  Factory  Place 

Anderson,  Mrs.  Ann,  4  Winton  Circus 

Anderson,  Archibald,  retired,  9  Arthur  Street 


Anderson,  Caldwell,  merchant,   13  Christie  Gardens 

Anderson,  Elizabeth,  2  a  Hamilton  Street 

Anderson,  Elizabeth,  widow,  2  Braehead  Place 

Anderson,  George  A.,  90  Canal  Street 

Anderson,  Hugh,  labourer,  1  Arthur  Street 

Anderson,  James,  clerk,  29  Guthrie  Road 

Anderson,  James,  4  Caledonia  Road 

Anderson,  James,  dynamite  worker,  30  Wellpark  Road 

Anderson,  James  A.,  checker,  25  Dockhead  Street 

Anderson,  Janet,  widow,  23  Raise  Street 

Anderson,  Jean,  1  Canal  Street 

Anderson,  John,  labourer,  11  Raise  Street 

Anderson,  John,  hairdresser,  10  Sharphill  Road 

Anderson,  John,  railwayman,  34  Sidney  Street 

Anderson,  John,  34  Christie  Gardens 

Anderson,  John  W.,  fishmonger,  5  Wellpark  Road 

Anderson,  Mrs.  Martha,  7  Springvale  Place 

Anderson,  Nellie,  16  Canal  Street 

Anderson,  Richard,  gardener,  28  Springvale  Place 

Anderson,  Robert,  fireman,  8  Galloway  Place 

Anderson,  Robert  G.,  postmaster,  2  Caledonia  Road 

Anderson,  Thomas,  gardener,  18  Kerr  Avenue 

Anderson,  Thomas,  inspector,  26  Stanley  Road 

Anderson,  William,  tailor,  4  Countess  Street 

Andrews,  William  A.,  draper,  26  Sharphill  Road 

Angus,  Peter,  turner,  5  Victoria  Road 

Angus,  William,  dock  worker,  49  Windmill  Street 

Annis,  Mrs.  Mary,  19  Springvale  Street 

Archibald,  John,  blacksmith,  1  Sharphill  Road 

Archibald,  Mary,  dynamite  worker,  8  Stanley  Road 

Ardrossan  Co-operative  Society,  Ltd.,  36-40  Green  Street  and  Vernon 

Armour,  Agnes,  8  Manse  Street 
Armour,  Alexander,  joiner,  13  Sharphill  Road 
Armour,  Alexander,  joiner,  16  Raise  Street 
Armour,  Annie,  widow,  1  Franklin  Road.      Tel.  440 
Armour,  Gabriel,  28  Sharphill  Road 
Armour,  John,  electrician,  6  Quay  Street 
Armour,  John,  16  a  Hamilton  Street 
Armour,  Margaret,  widow,  58  Hamilton  Street 
Armour,  William,  joiner,  29  Sharphill  Road 
Armour,  William,  joiner,  8  Springvale  Place 
Armstrong,  Alexander,  seaman,  29  Bradshaw  Street 
Armstrong,  Mrs.  Annie,  1 1  Quay  Street 

Armstrong,  Francis,  dynamite  worker,  47   Windmill  Street 
Armstrong,  Mrs.  Jane,  91  Raise  Street 

Armstrong,  Thomas  L.,  telegraph  linesman,  2  Christie  Gardens.     Tel.  371 
Arnott,  David,  joiner,  75  Manse  Street 
Arnott,  Grace,  dressmaker,  9  Nineyard  Street 
Arnott,   Hezekiah  M.,  traveller,   Frith  View,  3a  Canal  Street,  and  15 

Montgomerie  Crescent.      Tel.  516 
Arnott,  Maggie,  fruiterer,  64  Dockhead  Street.      Tel.  343 
Arnott,  Margaret,  widow.  Frith  View 
Arthur,  Annie,  widow,  15  Arthur  Street 
Arthur,  Eliza,  4  Braehead  Place 
Astbury,  Charles  F.,  engineer,  12  Melbourne  Road 
Atkinson,  Edward,  cook,  12  Raise  Street 
Auld,  James,  dynamite  worker,  7  Quay  Street 
Auld,  John,  miner,  2  Hill  Street 
Ayres,  Samuel,  janitor,  2  Stanley  Place 

Badger,   Robert,  miner,  14a  Manse  Street 
Baillie,  Alexander,  dynamite  worker,  6  Union  Street 
Baillie,   Charles,   draughtsman,  40   Gladstone   Road 
Baillie,  Charles,  moulder,  1  Seabauk  Street 


Saillie,  David,  foot  specialist,  33  Dookhead  Street' 
Baillie,  Hugh,  draper,  8  Green  Street 
Bailiie,  Hugh,  laboratory  assistant,  3  Galloway  Place 
Baillie,  Hugh  K.,  29  Caledonia  Road.     Tel.  525 
Baillie,  James  W.,  butcher,  123  Argyle  Road 
Baillie,  Thomas,  butcher,  42  Dookhead  Street.      Tel.  405 
Baillie,  Thomas,  jr.,  engineer,  60  Hamilton  Street.      Tel.  410 
Baillie,   Thomas,   Glebe  Street 
Baillie,  Thomas,  butcher,  25  Raise  Street 
Baillie,  Thomas,  butcher,  4  Montgomerie  Crescent 
Bain,  Alexander,  coal  merchant,  72  Ardrossan  Road.     Tel.  311 
Bain,  Gavin,  plumber,  19  Sharphill  Road 
Baillie,  George,  shipyard  worker,  25  Montgomerie  Crescent 
Bain,  James  C,  plumber,  34  Caledonia  Road 
Bain,  Robert,  salesman,  38  Wellpark  Road 
Bain,  William  L.  C,  44  Sharphill  Road 
Baird,  Dugald,  foreman,  125  Argyle  Road 
Baird,   Robert,   1    Harbour  Street 
Baird,  William  M.,  tuner,  31  Guthrie  Road 
Baird,  William,  tuner,  24a  Hamilton  Street 
Baird,  William,  labourer,  84  Raise  Street 
Baldock,  Percy  A.,  chemist,  70  Ardrossan  Road 
Ballantine,  Mary,  widow,  9  Canal  Street 
Ballantyne,  Robert  A.,  46  Sharphill  Road 
Banks,  Richard,  grocer,  121  Argyle  Road 
Bannatyne,  Agnes,  widow,  1  Mclsaac  Road 
Barbour,  James,  manager,  Manse  Brae 
Barclay,  Mrs.  Catherine,  19  Seabank  Street 
Barclay,  Gavin,  engineer,  94  Argyle  Road 
Barclay,  James  McM.,  clerk,  67  Raise  Street 
Barclay,  James,  teacher,  141  Argyle  Road 
Barclay,  Kate,  hotel-keeper,  3  Hamilton  Street 
Barclay,  William,  joiner,  14  Caledonia  Road 
Barclay,  William,  joiner,  22 A  Hamilton  Street 
Barnett,  Thomas,  acid  worker,  14  Gladstone  Road 
Barr,  Alexander,  labourer,  84  Raise  Street 
Barr,  David,  baker,  50  Gladstone  Road 

Barr,  James  F.,  solicitor,  10a  Montgomerie  Crescent.     Tel.  314 
Barr,  Jessie  F.,  83  Manse  Street 

Barr,  Matthew,  dynamite  worker,  20  Springvale  Street 
Barr,  Matthew  F.,  joiner,  16  Smith  Drive 
Barr,  Thomas,  labourer,  83  Raise  Street 
Barr,  Wilham,  craneman,   14  Springvale  Street 
Barr,  William  M.,  secretary,  16  Montgomerie  Crescent.      Tel.  422 
Barrett,  Mrs.  Annie  C,  housekeeper,  12  Stanley  Road 
Battersby,  James,  24  Springvale  Street 
Baxter,  Bessie,  grocer,  15a  Arthur  Street 
Baxter,   Elizabeth  H.,  grocer,  47  Kerr  Avenue 
Baxter,  George,  grocer,  3  and  7  Wellpark  Road 
Baxter,  Mrs.  Jessie,  nurse,  35  Manse  Street- 
Baxter,  Mrs.  Margaret,  11  Hill  Street 
Baxter,  Mrs.  Margaret,  27  Kerr  Avenue 
Beale,  Henry  J.,  shipyard  worker,  38  Manse  Street 
Beard,  Anna  B.,  widow,  5  Mitchell  Place 
Beatony,  Roderick,  seaman,  13  Eglinton  Place 
Beattie,  James,  dynamite  worker,  Victoria  Road 
Beattie,  James,  labourer,  50  Quay  Street 
Beattie,  James,  jr.,  cleaner,  10  Arthur  Street 
Beattie,  Robert,  shipyard  worker,  34  Manse  Street 
Beattie,  Wilham,  ironmonger,  60  Parkend  Road 
Beaty,  Albert  J.  J.,  organist,  32  Eglinton  Street 
Bedwell,  Horace,  dynamite  worker,  11  Countess  Street 
Begbie,  John,  postman,  35  Raise  Street 
Beggs,  Alexander  L.,  salesman,  63  Wellpark  Road 
Behan,  Francis,  attendant,  82  Raise  Street 
Belk,  George  F.,  rigger,  35  Manse  Street 
Bell,  Mrs.  Agnes,  widow,  15  Manse  Street 
Bell,  Annie,  41  Raise  Street 


Bell,  Francis,  oil  refiner,  15  Kinnier  Road 

Bell,  John,  1   Hai'bour  Street 

Bell,  John,  labourer,  6  Canal  Street 

Bell,  Rev.  John  C,  35  Hamilton  Street 

Bell,  Thomas,  constable,  Green  Street 

Bell,  Thomas,  dynamite  worker,  34  Springvale  Street 

Bell,  Thomas,  chemist,  18  Glebe  Street 

Bell,  William,  foreman,  77  Raise  Street 

Bell,  William,  railwayman,  31  Raise  Street 

Bennett,  Charles,  ship's  officer,   12  Christie  Gardens 

Bennett,  James,  dynamite  worker,  13  Arthur  Street 

Bennett,  William,  signalman,  8  Sharphill  Road 

Benson,  Daniel,  miner,  36  Parkend  Road 

Benson,  John,  explosives  worker,  34  Parkend  Road 

Berchen,  Frederick  W.,  master  mariner,  4  Border  Avenue 

Bertoncini,  Francesco,  restaurateur,  29  Countess  Street 

Bertoncini,  Francesco  &  Elide  S.,  31  and  33  Countess  Street 

Biagi,  Umberto,  confectioner,  14  Sidney  Street  and  70  Dockhead  Street 

Biggins,  Ernest,  driver,  8  Glebe  Street 

Bird,  Mrs.  Jane,  27  Caledonia  Road 

Birrell,  Ltd.,  confectioners,  36  and  110  Dockhead  Street 

Bishop,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  23  Kerr  Aveuue 

Black,  Alexander  K.,  baker,  13  Argyle  Road 

Black.  Ann,  saleswoman,  7  Quay  Street 

Black,  David,  guard,  2  Smith  Drive 

Black.  Euphemia,  widow,  9  Sidney  Street 

Black,  George,  labourer,  32  Parkend  Road 

Black,  James,  shipwright,  36  Smith  Drive 

Black,  James,  dynamite  worker,  39  Vernon  Street 

Black,  Mrs.  Janet,  43  Argyle  Road 

Black,  Mary,  widow,  46  Wellpark  Road 

Black.  Neil,  baker,  128  Argyle  Road 

Black,  Robert,  labourer,  10  Blakely  Road 

Black,  Robert,  factory  worker,  16  Manse  Street 

Black,  Robert,  foreman,  5  Braehead  Place 

Black,  Robert,  Ltd.,  bakers,  77-79  Dockhead  Street.      Tel.  484 

Black.  William,  plater,  26  Esplanade  Cottages 

Blackburn,  John  S.,  engineer,  29  Windmill  Street 

Blackmann,  Sidney,  labourer,  16  Parkend  Road 

Blackwood,  Alice  &  Rachael,  dressmakers,  27  Argyle  Road 

Blair,  Campbell,  fisherman,  32  Windmill  Street 

Blair,  Grace,  widow,  6  Galloway  Place 

Blair,  John,  plumber,  2  Gladstone  Road 

Blair,  John,  painter,  47  Windmill  Street 

Blair,  Mrs.  Margaret,  87  Canal  Street 

Blair,  Mary,  widow,  32  Sidney  Street 

Blair,  Robert,  fisherman,  34  Sidney  Street 

Blair,  William,  carrier,  56  Hamilton  Street 

Blake,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  47  Raise  Street 

Blythe.  Henry,  policeman,  10  Gladstone  Road 

Blythe,  Jeanie  B.,  widow,  9  Winton  Street 

Boag,  Alexander,  lather,  39  Windmill  Street 

Bonaldi,  Daniel,  ice  cream  merchant,  24-26  Windmill  Street 

Bonaldi,  Nicholas,  28-30  Windmill  Street 

Bond,  George,  postman,  7  Raise  Street 

Bond.  W.  C,  carrier,  7  Raise  Street.     Tel.  208 

Bonnar,  Agnes  C,  5a  Canal  Street 

Borland,  Alexander,  plumber,  25  Vernon  Street 

Borland,  Archibald,  clerk,  20  Stanley  Road 

Borland,  Thomas,  coal  merchant,  9  Caledonia  Road.     Tel.  415 

Borland,  Thomas,  fruit  dealer,  9  Seabank  Street 

Bowie,  James,  &  Company,  house  furnishers.  14a  Hamilton  Street.      Tel. 

Bowman,  John  G.,  teacher,  63  Argyle  Road 
Bowes,  Jeanie,  widow,  13  Stanley  Place 
Boyee,  James,  labourer,  2  Glencairn  Street 
Boyd,  Andrew,  dynamite  worker,  48  Parkend  Road 
Boyd,  James,  labourer,  43  Vernon  Street 


Boyd,  James,  draughtsman,  10  Sidney  Street 

Boyd,  James,  grocer,  66  Caledonia  Road.     Tel.  446 

Boyd,  James  A.  B.,  41  Jack's  Road.     Tel.  526 

Boyd,  Janet,  9  Winton  Circus 

Boyd,  Matthew,  ciuarrymaster,  33  Sharphill  Road 

Boyd.  Robert,  dynamite  worker,  34  Wellpark  Road 

Boyd,  Robert,  labourer,  82  Raise  Street 

Boyd,  William,  dynamite  worker,  24  Parkend  Road 

Boyd,  William,  driller,  14  Millar  Road 

Boylan,  Mrs.  Patrick,  Erskine  Place 

Boyle,  Alexander,  hairdresser,  16  Manse  Street 

Boyle,  Archibald,  38  Sharphill  Road 

Boyle,  Mrs.  Sarah,  7  Kirkgate 

Boyle,  William,  slater,  36  Sharphill  Road 

Bradie,   George,  porter,  2  Stanley  Road 

Bradley,  Fred.  R.,  painter,  41   Hamilton  Street 

Bradshaw,  Matthew,  hammerman,  5  Harbour  Street 

Brady,  Mrs.  Jane,  widow,  10  Millar  Road 

Braithwaite,  Thomas,  traveller,  35  Kinnier  Road 

Brannan,  Elizabeth,  widow,   13  Raise  Street 

Brannan,  James,  commission  agent,  29  Esplanade  Cottages 

Brannan,  James,  hammerman,  82  Raise  Street 

Brannan,  Samuel,  dynamite  worker,  3  Arthur  Street 

Brannan,  Simon,  miner,  12  Arthur  Street 

Breckenridge,  David,  patternmaker,  41   Raise  Street 

Breckenridge,  Henry,  boilermaker,  46  Parkend  Road 

Breckenridge,  John,  insurance  agent,  31   Hamilton  Street 

Breckenridge,  Margaret,  widow,  22a  Hamilton  Street 

Breckenridge,  William  C,  hairdresser,  29  Eglinton  Street 

Breckenridge,  William  C,  hairdresser,  12  Hamilton  Street.     Tel.  401 

Brennan,   David,  labourer,  18  Harbour  Street 

Brennan,  Michael,  process  worker,  31  Esplanade  Cottages 

Briceland,  Margaret,  40  Hamilton  Street 

Brodie,  Gilbert,  retired,  51  Kerr  Avenue 

Brodie,  Hugh,  engineer,  45  Springvale  Street 

Brodie,  John,  dynamite  worker,  38  Manse  Street 

Brodie,  Joseph,  clerk,  33  Ardrossan  Road 

Brown,  Mrs.  Agnes,  6  Blakely  Road 

Brown,  Alexander,  driller,  2  Mclsaac  Road 

Brown,  Alexander  C,  boilermaker,  7-9  Harbour  Street 

Brown,  Duncan,  signalman,  7  Christie  Gardens 

Brown,  Frank  A.,  clerk,  101  Argyle  Road 

Brown,  Fred.,  explosives  worker,  5  Esplanade  Cottages 

Brown,  Gavin  McK.,  spirit  merchant,  20  Sharphill  Road 

Brown,  George,  moulder,  35  Wellpark  Road 

Brown,  Gilbert,  labourer,  13  Arthur  Street 

Brown,  Helen,  widow,  11  Canal  Street 

Brown,  Hugh,  labourer,  14a  Manse  Street 

Brown,  James,  slater,  31  Springvale  Street 

Brown,  James,  plumber,  35  Raise  Street 

Brown,  James,  steam  raiser,  34  Manse  Street 

Brown,  James,  butcher,  46a  Dockhead  Street 

Brown,  Johanna,  98  Argyle  Road 

Brown,  John,  labourer,  5  Arnott  Place 

Brown,  John,  36  Sidney  Street 

Brown,  John,  engine  driver,  66  Parkend  Road 

Brown,  John,  baker,  9  Eglinton  Place 

Brown,  John,  retired,  3  Arthurlie  Placu 

Brown,  Mrs.  Martha,  15  James  Millar  Crescent 

Brown,  Mary,  43  Gladstone  Road 

Brown,  Robert,  explosive  worker,  13  Millar  Road 

Brown,  Robert,  photographer,  26  Springvale  Place 

Brown,  Robert,  grocer,  32  Sidney  Street 

Brown,  Robert,  residenter,  48  Sharphill  Road 

Brown,  Robert  V.,  photographer,  9  Manse  Street 

Brown,  Mrs.  Rose  A.,  55  Canal  Street 

Brown,  Mrs.  Rose  A.,  20a  Esplanade  Cottages 

Brown,  Mrs.  Rose  A.,  Caledonia  Road 


Brown,  Samuel,  stevedore,  33  Chapelwell  Street 

Brown,  Thomas,  janitor,  Caledonia  Road 

Brown,  Thomas,  joiner,  6  Millar  Road 

Brown,  Walter,  gardener,  28  and  30  Manse  Street 

Brown,  William,  engine  driver,  15  Stanley  Road 

Brown,  William  G.,  labourer,  28  Esplanade  Cottages 

Brownlie,  Janet,  10  Canal  Street 

Bruce,  Janet,  widow,  37  Manse  Street 

Bruce,  Joseph,  fireman,  32  Parkend  Road 

Brace,  William,  labourer,  20  Blakely  Road 

Bryan,   Archibald,  labourer,   14  Raise  Street 

Bryant,  Alexander,   dynamite  worker,  29  Bradshaw  Street 

Bryce,  Elizabeth,  91   Argyle  Road 

Bryden,  David  R.,  tailor,  15  Eglinton  Street 

Buchanan,  George,  dentist,  19  Sidney  Street 

Buchanan,  James,  45  Windmill  Street 

Buchanan,  Peter,  clerk,  68  Ardrossan  Road 

Buchanan,   William,   129  Argyle  Road.     Tel.  372 

Budge,  R.  G.,  shoe  merchant,  15  Dockhead  Street.      Tel.  328 

Butler,  John  L.,  crane  driver,  28  Wellpark  Road 

Buttercup  Dairy,  61   Dockhead  Street 

Buttler,  James,  47  Hamilton  Street 

Buttler,  Veronica,  restaurateur,  47  Hamilton  Street 

Burns,  Mrs.  Edith,  waitress,  3  Green  Street 

Burns,  James,  manager,  4  Halkett  Place 

Burns,  Mary,  32  and  34  Raise  Street 

Burns,  Robert,  20  Montgomerie  Crescent 

Burns,  Thomas,  labourer,  36  Raise  Street 

Burns,  Thomas,  labourer,  13  James  Millar  Crescent 

Burnside,  Robert,  dynamite  worker,  2  Robertson  Crescent 

Caddies,  William,  labourer,  33  Green  Street 

Cairney,  Peter,  checker,   131   Argyle  Road 

Cairnie,   Alexander,   13   Kerr  Avenue 

Cairns,  Daniel,  labourer,  38  Quay  Street 

Cairns,   David  J.,  insurance  agent,  3  Bute  Terrace 

Cairns,  James,  dynamite  worker,  2  Halkett  Place 

Cairns,  James,  dock  labourer,  41  Ardrossan  Road 

Cairns,  John,  foreman,   13  Sharphill  Road 

Cairns,  John  B.,  coalman,  10  Raise  Street 

Cairns,  Robert,  dynamite  worker,  26  Parkend  Road 

Cairns,  Robert,  joiner,  10  Manse  Street 

Cairns,  Thomas,  labourer,  84  Raise  Street 

Cairns,  Thomas,  burgh  worker,  35  Raise  Street 

Calderwood,  John,  fireman,  81   Manse  Street 

Caldwell,  Agnes,  typist,  40  Wellpark  Road 

Caldwell,  James,  43  Ardrossan  Road 

Caldwell,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  54  Kerr  Avenue 

Callaghan,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  14  Kirkgate 

Callaghan,  Thomas  E.,  druggist's  assistant,  23  Stanley  Road 

Callan,  Frederick,  seaman,  26  Springvale  Street 

Callan,  Mrs.  Susan,  widow,  9  Mitchell  Place 

Calligan,  John,  1   Harbour  Street 

Calvert,  Harold  McM.,  Sarawak  Civil  Service,  32  Sharphill  Road 

Calvin,  Mrs.  Annie,  widow,  76  Canal  Street 

Cameron,  Alexander,  39  Hamilton  Street 

Cameron,  Mrs.  Catherine,  4  Parkend  Avenue 

Cameron,  Mis.  Jeanie,  widow,  55  Hamilton  Street 

Cameron,  John,  butcher.  11  Canal  Street 

Campbell  &  McKinnon,  dental  surgeons,  54  Hamilton  Street.      Tel.  373 

Campbell,   Mrs.   A.   S.,   widow,   34   Ardrossan    Road.      Tel.  341 

Campbell,   Bertram,  chemist,  40  Sharphill   Road.     Tel.  511 

Campbell,   Bryce,  engineer,  68  Argyle  Road 

Campbell,   Catherine,   6   Melbourne   Road 

Campbell,    David,   railwayman,   2   Eglinton   Place 


Campbell,  George,  dynamite  worker,  32  Parkend  Road 

Campbell,  Hugh,  18  Sidney  Place 

Campbell,  James,  labourer,  18  Millar  Road 

Campbell,  James,  bank  agent,  55-57  Dockhsad  Street.     Tel.  301 

Campbell,  James  &  Catherine,  grocers,  10  and  15  Countess  Street 

Campbell,  Mrs.  Jean  D.,  widow,  24  Caledonia  Road 

Campbell,  John,  fireman,  2  Mclsaae  Road 

Campbell,  John,  dental  surgeon,  64  Hamilton  Street 

Campbell,  Margaret,  widow,  85  Caledonia  Road 

Campbell,   William  C,  31   Caledonia  Road 

Cance,  William,  clerk,  39  Gladstone  Road 

Carey,  Archibald  K.,  confectioner,  35-37  Chapelwell  Street 

Cargan,  John,  dynamite  worker,  35  Well  park  Road 

Carmichael,  Margaret,  widow,  6  Sharphill  Road 

Carr,  Bernard,  clerk,  29  Springvale  Street 

Carr,  William,  labourer,  58  Quay  Street 

Carroll,  John,  patrolman,  84  Raise  Street 

Carruthers,  John,  10  Winton  Circus 

Carruthers.   Martha,  47  Manse  Street 

Carruthers,  Thomas,  61a  Canal  Street 

Carson,  Alexander,  lorryman,  22a  Hamilton  .Street 

Carson,  Elizabeth,  64  Canal  Street 

Carson,  Jane,  112  Argyle  Road 

Carson,  William,  fireman,  6  Smith  Drive 

Carter,  Louie,  restautateur,  89  Canal  Street  and  5  Seabank  Street 

Cassidy,  Patrick,  acid  worker,  16  Esplanade  Cottages 

Cassidy,  Sarah,  teacher,  60  Argyle  Road 

Castlebank  Dye  Works,  78  Dockhead  Street.     Tel.  367 

Cathcart,  Robert,  spirit  salesman,  37  Springvale  Street 

Cavani,  Giovanni,  confectioner,  68  Hamilton  Street 

Chadwick,  Samuel,  chemist,  7  Parkend  Road 

Chalmers,  Alexander  F.,  red  leader,  7  Raise  Street 

Chalmers,  Mary,  3  Sidney  Street 

Chestnut,  Charles,  rigger,  4  Glebe  Street 

Chestnut,  Clark,  labourer,  8  Windmill  Street 

Chestnut,  Joseph,  38  Raise  Street 

Chestnut,  William,  rigger,  7  Guthrie  Road 

Christie  &  Ewar,  Ltd.,  motor  engineers,  89  Canal  Street.     Tel.  520 

Christie,  Alexander,  shoemaker,  2  Gladstone  Road 

Christie,  Alexander,  factory  worker,  11   Guthrie  Road 

Christie,  Isabella,  58  Argyle  Road 

Christie,  James  C.,  58  Canal  Street 

Christie,  John,  slater,  11  Caledonia  Road 

Christie,  John,  plumber,  14  Kirkgate 

Christie,' John,  painter,  1  Victoria  Road 

Christie,  John  McM  S.   W.,  slater  and  plumber,   27   Hamilton  Street. 

Tel.  527 
Christie,  Robert,  engineer,  18  Christie  Gardens 
City  of  Glasgow  Friendly  Society,  18  Green  Street 
Clark,  Alexander,  labourer,  78  Parkend  Road 
Clark,  Charles,  labourer,  25  i   Raise  Street 
Clark,  James,  munition  worker,  5  Victoria  Road 
Clark,  John,  engineer,  29  Kinnier  Avenue 
Clark,  John,  labourer,  14A  Manse  Street 
Clark,  Mary  D.,  1  Sharphill  Road 
Clarke,  Mrs.  Agnes  D.  B.,  52  Caledonia  Road 
Clarkson,  David,  signal  linesman,  60  Canal  Street 
Clarkson,  Lindsay,  explosives  worker,  40  Quay  Street 
Clelland,  Peter,  grocer,   18  Robertson  Crescent 
Clirnie,  James,  cycle  agent,  34  Gladstone  Road 
Clinton,   Edward,  carpenter,  9   Wellpark    Road 
Clinton,  John,  holder-on,   12  Chapelwell  Street 
Closs,  Andrew,  bus  driver,  54  Raise  Street 
Closs,  Charles,  filterer,  3  Gladstone  Street 
Closs,  Hugh,  labourer,  4  Thomas  Campbell  Street 
Clumas,  James,  39  Kinnier  Avenue 
The  Clydesdale  Bank,  Ltd.,  Hamilton  Street 
Clydesdale,  David,  crane  driver,  37  Raise  Street 


Cochrane,  William,  electrician,  47  Ardrossan  Road 

Coey,  John,  20  Parkend  Road 

Coleman,  Margaret  J.,  2a  Melbourne  Terrace 

Collins,  Agnes  S.,  widow,  38a  Hamilton  Street 

Colquhoun,  Andrew,  slaughter-house  keeper,  44  Kerr  Avenue 

Colquhoun,  Hew  B.,  chemist,  10a  Sharphill  Road 

Colquhoun,  John,  driver,  10  Manse  Street 

Colvin,  John,  plumber,  1A  Sidney  Street 

Conn,  Mrs.  Janet,  53  Windmill  Street 

Conn,  John,  laboratory  worker,  41   Canal  Street 

Conn,  John,  factory  worker,  6  Seabank  Street 

Connell,  Alexander,  grocer,  18a  Springvale  Street 

Connell,  Alexander,  grocer,  24  Springvale  Street 

Connell,   George,  31    Hamilton  Street 

Connelly,  Felix,  driver,  41   Springvale  Street 

Connor,  Catherine,  70  Parkend  Road 

Conquer,  William,  37  Vernon  Street 

Convery,  Bernard,  bricklayer,  41   Wellpark  Road 

Coogan,  Mrs.  Mary,  widow,  52  Parkend  Road 

Cook,  Prank,  signalman,  10  Glebe  Street 

Cook,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  45  Raise  Street 

Cook,  John,  engineer,  1   Springvale  Place 

Cook,  John  H.,  chemist,  26  Kerr  Avenue 

Cook,  Mrs.  Rebecca,  widow,  58  Kerr  Avenue 

Coombe,  Mrs.  Marion  M.,  widow,  3  Canal  Street 

Cooper  &  Company  (Stores),  Ltd.,  27  Bradshaw  Street.      Tel.  438 

Corbett  &  Mitchell,  hairdressers,  16  Hamilton  Street 

Corbett,  John,  slaughter-house  keeper,  The  Braes 

Corbett,  Mrs.  Mary,  4  Robertson  Crescent 

Corbett,  Robert,  barber,  76  Dockhead  Street 

Corbett,  William  J.,  riveter,  The  Braes 

Corrigan,  Mrs.  Catherine,  39  Windmill  Street 

Coultart,   David,   draper,  58a  Dockhead  Street 

Coulter,  Marion,  46a  Dockhead  Street 

Countess  Picture  House,  Countess  Street.     Tel.  466 

Cowan,  Andrew,  constable,  Green  Street 

Cowan,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  11  Mitchell  Place 

Cowan,  Janet  L.,  59  Hamilton  Street 

Cowan,  Jeanie,  126  Argyle  Road 

Cowan,  John,  joiner,  57  Hamilton  Street 

Cowan,  John,  joiner,  40  Ardrossan  Road 

Cowan,  Logan,  joiner,  120  Argyle  Road 

Cowan,  William,  8  Springvale  Street 

Cowey,  Charles,  fireman,  3  Victoria  Road 

Cowie,  James,  vanman,  20  Parkend  Road 

Cox,   William,  chemist,  44  Dockhead  Street  and  16  Ardrossan   Road. 

Tel.  308 
Craig,  Charlotte,  17  Sharphill  Road 
Craig,  David,  seaman,  33  Green  Street 
Craig,  Joseph,  miner,   11   Arthur  Street 
Craig,  Maggie,  10  Hamilton  Street 
Craig,  Neil,  mason,  2  Union  Street 
Craig,  Robert,  teller,  1  Border  Avenue 
Craig,  William,  joiner,  92  Argyle  Road 
Crawford,  Annie,  52  Gladstone 

Crawford,  George,  furnisher,  31  Jack's  Road.      Tel.  406 
Crawford,   George,  cabinetmaker,  84-86   Dockhead  Street.      Tel.  419 
Crawford,  Mrs.  Helen  S.  B.,  37  and  39  Canal  Street 
Crawford,  Hugh,  cabinetmaker,  21   Bradshaw  Street 
Crawford,  James,  explosives  worker.  28  Kerr  Avenue 
Crawford,  John,  butcher,  6  Dockhead  Street.      Tel.  399 
Crawford,  John,  butcher,  4-8  Bradshaw  Street 
Crawford,  John,  butcher,  125  Ardrossan  Road 
Crawford,  Thomas,  spirit  salesman,  19  Manse  Street 
Crawford,  Thomas,  seaman,  73  Canal  Street 
Cree,  Euphemia,  widow,  35  Springvale  Street 
Cree,  Hugh,  labourer,  15  Glebe  Street 
Crichton,  Bessie,  widow,  70  Caledonia  Road 


Cronin,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  22  Parkend  Road 

Cumberland,  Tillie,  21   Ardiossan  Road 

Cumiiqing,  .lames,  dynamite  worker,  26  Springvale  Street 

Cunningham,  Catherine  &   William,  4  Franklin  Place.     Tel.  550 

Cunningham,  James,  dynamite  worker.  1   Wellpark  Road 

Cunningham,   Robert,   manager,  3   Robertson  Crescent 

Cunningham,  Robert,  secretary,  35  Jack's  Road 

Cunningham,  Thomas,  caulker,  4  Galloway  Place 

Gunning-name,  Robert,  dynamite  worker,  72  Raise  Street 

Curlett,  James,  20  Raise  Street 

Curlett,  James  H.,  engineman,  20a  Raise  Street 

Curlett,  James  H.,  28  Raise  Street 

Curlett,  William  T.,  engineer,  31  Manse  Street  and  68  Kerr  Avenue 

Curran,  Peter,  ship's  printer,  16  Parkend  Road 

Currie,  Clementina,  116  Argyle  Road 

Currie,  James,  tobacconist,  78  Dockhead  Street 

Curtis  &  Brush,  bootmakers,  10  Bradshaw  Street 

Cuthbert,  Gilbert  A.,  manager,  12  Montgomerie  Crescent 

Cuthbert,  John,  welder,  35  Raise  Street 

Cuthbert,  John,  hammerman,  108  Dockhead  Street 

Cuthbertson,  Ann,  dressmaker,  2  Braehead  Place 

Cuthbertson,  James,  craneman,  9   Raise  Street 

Cuthbertson,  Mary,  widow.  35  Argyle  Street 

Cuthbertson,  William,  engine  driver,  6  Sharphill  Road 

Dailly,  William,  labourer,  88  Canal  Street 

Dale,  George,  miner,  6  Arthur  Street 

Dale,  Thomas,  22  Parkend  Road 

Dallas,  Thomas,  shipyard  worker,  2   Quay  Street 

Dallas,  Thomas,  17  Canal  Street 

Dalrymple,  Jean,  57   Windmill  Street 

Dalziel,  Allan  W.,  4  Mitchell  Place 

Davies,  Goronwy,  chemist,  2  Franklin  Place 

Davidson,  Andrew,  painter,  1 1  Millar  Road 

Davidson,  Mrs.  Annie,  6  Braehead  Place 

Davidson,   Dr.  Archibald  W.  W.,  6  Ardiossan  Road.     Tel.  361 

Davidson,  Hugh,  plumber,  5  Arthur  Street 

Davidson,  John.  17  Canal  Street 

Davidson,  John,  labourer,  12  Canal  Street 

Davidson,  Robert,  platelayer,  8  Hill  Street 

Davidson,  Thomas,  guard,  37  Vernon  Street 

Davidson,  William,  gardener,  Kirkgate 

Davidson,   William,  traveller,  87  Caledonia  Road 

Davidson,  William,  insurance  agent,  53  Hamilton  Street 

Dawson,  James,  labourer,  33  Chapelwell  Street 

Dawson,  Thomas  T.,  chemist,  38a  Ardiossan  Road 

Deacon,  Patrick,  tobacconist,  13  Eglinton  Street 

Deans,  Robert,  grocer,  1   Kirkgate 

Delahunt,  James,  joiner,  35  Sidney  Street 

Delahunt,  James,  plumber's  assistant,  12  Kerr  Avenue 

Delbridge,  Alastair  H.,  11  Springvale  Street 

Dempster,  Joseph,  moulder,  7  Border  Avenue 

Devine,  John,  dynamite  worker,  11   Union  Street 

Diamond,  James  M.,  confectioner,  22  Hamilton  Street 

Diamond,  James  M.  C,  stationer,  22  Springvale  Place 

Dick,  Mrs.  Janet  G.,  widow,  46  Christie  Gardens  and  The  Cabin,  Manse 

Dickie,   David,  driver,  42a  Hamilton  Street 
Dickie,  George,  dynamite  worker,  37  Manse  Street 
Dickie,  John,  driver,  7  Wellpark  Road 
Dickie,  Matthew,  barman,  80  Dockhead  Street 
Dickie,  Robert,  auctioneer,  60  Argyle  Road 
Dickie,  Robert,  restaurateur,  4  Raise  Street 
Dickie,  Robert,  fish  fryer,  65  Raise  Street 
Dickie,  Robert,  polisher,  4  Union  Street 


Dickie,  Robert  M.,  auctioneer,   19  Factory  Place.      Tel.  482 

Dickie,  Thomas,  1a  Gladstone  Road 

Dickie,  William,  dynamite  worker,  12  Robertson  Crescent 

Dickie,  Rev.  W.  S.,  50  Caledonia  Road 

Dickman,  Mrs.  Jean,  2  Melbourne  Road 

Dickman,  John,  grocer,  23  Chapelwell  Street 

Dickson,  Margaret,  7  Winton  Street 

Dickson,  Samuel  D.,  engineer,  32  Caledonian  Road 

Dickson,  Francis,  1   Harbour  Street 

Dillon,  Archibald,  brickworker,  32  Parkend  Road 

Dillon,  Terence,  dealer,  37  Hamilton  Street 

Docharty,  Rose,  widow,  8  Glebe  Street 

Docherty,  Charles,  patternmaker,  108  Dockhead  Street 

Docherty,  David,  plumber,  59  Kerr  Avenue 

Docherty,  Edward,  agent,  8  Countess  Street 

Docherty,  Mrs.  Hannah,  47  Raise  Street 

Docherty,  Henry,  spirit  trader,  7  Stanley  Road 

Dockar,  John,  77  Canal  Street 

Dodds,  Alexander,  blacksmith,  54  Dockhead  Street 

Doherty,  Rev.  Joseph,  10  Ardrossan  Road.     Tel.  461 

Donaghey,  Patrick,  seaman,  5  Arthurlie  Place 

Donald,  John,  irondresser,  31  Raise  Street 

Donald,  William  A.,  labourer,  48  Canal  Street 

Donaldson,  Mrs.  Alison,  4  Seabank  Street 

Donaldson,  David.  9  Raise  Street 

Donaldson,  Ellen  R.,  43  Jack's  Road 

Donaldson,  Emily,  widow,  6  Seabank  Street 

Donaldson,  Helen,  9  Raise  Street 

Donaldson,  Henry,  15  Sharphill  Road 

Donaldson,  Ivan,  accountant,  35  Caledonia  Road 

Donnan,  Mrs.  Isabel,  21  Chapelwell  Street 

Donnelly,  James,  labourer,  12  Canal  Street 

Donnelly,  James,  mate,  31  Springvale  Street 

Donnelly,  Joseph,  explosives  worker,  13  Union  Street 

Donohoe,  David,  timekeeper,  28  Sidney  Street 

Donohoe,  George,  clerk,  24  Wellpark  Road 

Doran,  Thomas,  14  Green  Street 

Dorman,  Elizabeth,  widow,  19  Canal  Street 

Dorman,  Charles,  20  Wellpark  Road 

Dorrian,  Daniel,  seaman,  74  Canal  Street 

Dorrian,  Mrs.  Jeanie,  45  Springvale  Street 

Dorrian,  Mrs.  Margaret,  1  Stanley  Road 

Dorwood,  Margaret,  teacher,  45  Christie  Gardens 

Dougan,  Alexander,  sailor,  39  Springvale  Street 

Dougan,  William,  riveter,  40  Quay  Street 

Douglas,  David,  restaurateur,  29  Dockhead  Street 

Douglas,  Margaret,  widow,  12  Caledonia  Road 

Dowdies,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  64  Argyle  Street 

Downie,  Albert,  labourer,  2  Wellpark  Road 

Downie,  Mrs.  Isabella,  20  Parkend  Road 

Duff,  Alexander,  jr.,  engineer,  30  Countess  Street 

Duff,  Alexander  M.,  house  painter,  62  Kerr  Avenue 

Duff,  John,  builder,  49  Kerr  Avenue 

Duff,  John  B.  L.,  fitter,  50  Kerr  Avenue 

Duff,  Mary,  30  Countess  Street 

Duff,  Mrs.  Mary,  30  Countess  Street 

Duff,  Sarah,  widow,  67  Canal  Street 

Duff,  Thomas,  grocer,  5  Springvale  Street 

Duff,  William,  restaurateur,  5  Bradshaw  Street 

Duff,  William,  mason,  2  Quay  Street 

Duncan,  Mrs.  Annie,  69  Manse  Street 

Duncan,  Isabella,  teacher,  53  Caledonia  Road 

Duncan,  James,  caulker,  44  Parkend  Road 

Duncan,  John,  draper,  1   Dockhead  Street  and  8  Winton  Circus.      Tel. 

Duncan,  Margaret  W.,  18  Eglinton  Street 

Duncan,  Norman  A.,  draper,  40  Caledonia  Road  and  74  Dockhead  Street. 
Tel.  485  ^ 


Duncan,  Robert,  draper,  88  Dockhead  Street 

Duncan,  Robert,  outfitter,  33  Caledonia  Road 

Duguid,  Cbarles,  68  Caledonia  Road 

Dunlop,  Mrs.  Agnes,  16  Quay  Street 

Dunlop,  Mrs.  Annie,  25  Gladstone  Road 

Dunlop,  Daniel,  engineer,  7  Caledonia  Road 

Dunlop,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  58  Gladstone  Road 

Dunlop,  Matthew  B.,  railwayman,  54  Dockhead  Street 

Dunn,  Allan  H.,  hairdresser,  9  Galloway  Place  and  50  Dockhead  Street. 

Tel.  357 
Dunn.  James,  dynamite  worker,  2  Galloway  Place 
Dunn,  Samuel,  cycle  agent,  4  Hill  Street 
Dunnan,  Christina,  10  Sidney  Street 
Drummond,  William,  driver,  30  Parkend  Road 
Drysdale,  Alexander,  labourer,  15  Manse  Street 
Dykes,  Robert,  clerk,  46  Springvale  Street 

Eadie,  John,  spirit  dealer,  35-37  Countess  Street 

Eadie,  John,  spirit  merchant,  82  Dockhead  Street.      Tel.  528 

Easdale,  Helen,  10  Melbourne  Road 

Easterbrook,  William  C,  chemist,  69  Argyle  Road 

Eddie,  George,  dynamite  worker,  55  Hamilton  Street 

Edgar,  Agnes,  widow,  48  Parkend  Road 

Edgar,  James,  labourer,  23  Raise  Street 

Elder,  James,  grocer,  53  Kerr  Avenue 

Elliot,  Alexander,  dynamite  worker,  7  Glebe  Street 

Elliot,  Mrs.  Robina,  Glencairn  Street 

Erantz,  Arthur,  labourer,  35  Manse  Street 

Erentz,  Gustaf,  62  Raise  Street 

Erskine,  Adam,  joiner,  55  Raise  Street  and  42  Green  Street 

Erskine,  Isabella,  widow,  2  and  5  Quay  Street 

Erskine,  John,  railway  worker,  10  Raise  Street 

Erskine,  Robert,  shipyard  worker,  86  Raise  Street 

Erskine,  William,  joiner,  22  Parkend  Road 

Evans,  Isaac,  coal  merchant,  5  Windmill  Street 

Evans,  Mrs.  Isabella,  4  Nineyard  Street 

Evans,  Samuel  G.,  clerk,  39  Christie  Gardens 

Ewing,  Thomas,  9  Franklin  Place 

Eyers,  Albert,  fireman,  37  Raise  Street 

Fabian,  James,  labourer,  48  Raise  Street 

Farrell,  Allan,  dynamite  worker,  38  Raise  Street 

Farrell,  Catherine,  widow,  6  Christie  Gardens 

Ferguson,  Aaron,  clerk,  56  Parkend  Road 

Ferguson,  Mrs.  Catherine,  15  Blakely  Road 

Ferguson,  James,  mole  trapper,  17  Raise  Street 

Ferguson,  James,  fireman,  15a  Ardrossan  Road 

Ferguson,  James,  dynamite  worker,  58  Quay  Street 

Ferguson,  Mrs.  Jean,  housekeeper,  61   Raise  Street 

Ferguson,  John,  dynamite  worker,  22  Millar  Road 

Ferguson,  Robert,  compositor,  6  Stanley  Road 

Ferguson,   Robert,  labourer,   12   Canal  Street 

Ferguson,  Robert,  labourer,  25  Esplanade  Cottages 

Ferguson,  Robert,  riveter,  3  Mclsaac  Road 

Ferguson,  Samuel,  miner,  3  Green  Street 

Ferguson,  Samuel,  labourer,  11  James  Miller  Crescent 

Ferguson,  William,  mole  trapper,  42  Gladstone  Road 

Ferrier,  John  McL.,  steward,  20  Kerr  Avenue 

Findlay,  John  C,  warehouseman,  93  Raise  Street 

Finney,  James,  electrician,  21   Stanley  Road 

Fisher,  Alexander  G.,  masseur,  25  Caledonia  Road.      Tel.  451 

Fisher,  Catherine,  widow,  8  Arthurlie  Place 


Fisher,  Matthew,  32  Gladstone  Road 

Fisher,  William,  labourer,  6  Canal  Street 

Fitzpatrick,  James,  bricklayer,  28  Parkend  Road 

Fitzpatriek,  Michael,  dynamite  worker,  31  Springvale  Street 

Fitzpatrick,  Patrick,  riveter,  96  Dockhead  Street 

Fitzpatrick  Thomas,  fireman,  4  Manse  Street 

Fitzpatrick,  William,  foreman,  26  Sidney  Street 

Fitzsimmonds,  John,  engine  driver,  5  Galloway  Place 

Fleck,  Janet,  5  Victoria  Road 

Fleming,  Archibald  J.,  motor  agent,  21   Hamilton  Street 

Fleming,  Catherine,  61-63  Manse  Street 

Fleming,  Elizabeth,  widow,  27  Sidney  Street 

Fleming,  James,  1   Harbour  Street 

Fleming,  Mrs.  Janet  S.,  36  Canal  Street 

Fleming,  Joseph,  outfitter,  47  Countess  Street 

Fleming,  Joseph,  draper,  8  Quay  Street 

Fleming,  Wilharn,  labourer,  5  Robertson  Crescent 

Flowerdew,  Arthur,  5  Eglinton  Place 

Flynn,  Andrew,  seaman,  3  Esplanade  Cottages 

Flynn,  Patrick  J.,  labourer,  13  Union  Street 

Forbes,  Mrs.  Catherine,  widow,  80  Dockhead  Street 

Forbes,  Douglas,  foreman,  37  Manse  Street 

Forbes,  James,  chemist,  15  Border  Avenue 

Forbes,  Robert,  newsagent,  14  Parkend  Road 

Forbes,   Ronald,  labourer,  29  James  Millar  Crescent 

Forbes,  Stewart,  fireman,  22  Blakely  Road 

Forde,  Thomas,  labourer,  30  Esplanade  Cottages 

Forman,   Frank,  laboratory  assistant,  77  Argyle   Road 

Forrest,  Adam,  retired,  34  Parkend  Road 

Forrest,  Margaret  D.,  widow,  50  Christie  Gardens 

Forrester,  Julia,  widow,  8  Windmill  Street 

Forsyth,  Adam,  retired,  10  Sharphill  Road 

Forsyth,  Jessie,  widow,   17  Parkend  Road.     Tel.  499 

Fotheringham,  William,  teacher  of  dancing,  133  Argyle  RoaJ 

Fox,  Mrs.  Matilda,  16  Manse  Street 

Frame,  William  F.,  secretary,  lc  Sidney  Street 

Francey,  Adam,  carpenter,  51  Raise  Street 

Fraser,  Edward,  grocer,  35  Sidney  Street 

Fraser,  Edward,  6  Windmill  Street.     Tel.  355 

Fraser,  Helen,  widow,  5  Sidney  Street 

Fraser,  Mrs.  Janet,  66  Argyle  Road 

Freckleton,  Robert,  21  Windmill  Street 

Freer,  Robert  McD.,  engineer,  76  Caledonia  Road 

Frew,  Mrs.  Agnes  C,  80  Argyle  Road 

Frew,  Hugh  J.,  15  Eglinton  Place 

Fullarton,  Alexander,  cabinetmaker,  6  Manse  Street 

Fullarton,  Alexander,  traveller,  49  Caledonia  Road 

Fullarton,  David,  secretary,  33  Kerr  Avenue 

Fullarton,  Elizabeth,  costumier,  62  Hamilton  Street 

Fullarton,  Jeanie,  widow,  62  Hamilton  Street 

Fullarton,  John,  painter,  76  Dockhead  Street 

Fullarton,  John  A.,   14  Montgomerie  Crescent.      Tel.  318 

Fullarton,  Lewis,  cabinetmaker,  78  Dockhead  Street 

Fullerton  Bros.,  ironmongers,  66  Dockhead  Street.      Tel.  425 

Fullerton,  Alexander,  cabinetmaker,  6  Wellpark  Road 

Fullerton,  Mrs.  Jane  M.,  11   Montgomerie  Crescent 

Fullerton,  Lewis,  painter.  36  Manse  Street 

Fullerton,  Lila  B.,  18  Montgomerie  Crescent.     Tel.  402 

Fulton,  Thomas,  labourer,  59  Canal  Street 

Fyfc,  Mrs.  Catherine,  C,  35  Eglinton  Street 

Fyfe,  William,  tobacconist,  15  Chapelwell  Street 


Gaetano,  Troupi,  labourer,  23  Esplanade  Cottages 
Gallacher,  Alexander,  slater,  11  Canal  Street 
Gallacher,  Elizabeth,  widow,  10  Halkett  Place 


Gallagher,  William,  dynamite  worker,  30  Green  Street 
Galloway,  John  S.,  87  Argyle  Road 
Gall,  James,  signalman,  2   Raise  Street 
Gait,  Hugh,  shoemaker,  33  Manse  Street- 
Gait,  Hugh  B.,  boot  repairer,  2a  Caledonia  Road 
Gait,  John,  teacher,  38  Caledonia  Road 
Gardiner,   Duncan,  gardener,  6  Galloway  Place 
Gardiner,  Duncan,  shipyard  worker,  5  Windmill  Street 
Gardiner,  Jeanie,  7  Stanley  Place 
Gardiner,  Jessie,  40  Christie  Gardens 
Gardiner,  William,  18  Glebe  Street 
Gardner,  John,  dynaiuite  worker,  24  Manse  Street 
Gardner,  Margaret,  dressmaker,  7  Eglinton  Street 
Gardner,  Sophia,  widow,  32  Sidney  Street 
Garrity,  Nellie,  25  Windmill  Street 
Garry,  William,  guard,  31   Eglinton  Street 
Gaul,  Harry,  schoolmaster,  42  Ardrossan  Road 
Gaul,  Violet,  poultry  farmer,   Glebe  Street 
Gaul,  Alexander,  3  Franklin  Place 
Gault,  Margaret,  widow,  14  Glebe  Street 
Gauntlet,  Harry  F.,  chemist,  37  Jack's  Road 
Gaw,  Harry,  clerk,  11  Stanley  Road 
Gaw,  Mrs.  Mary,  11  Stanley  Road 
Gaw,  William,  metallic  worker,  38  Raise  Street 
Gaya,  Harry,  tailor,  17  Canal  Street 
Gebbie,   Robert,   butcher,    112    Dockbead  Street  and   10   Montgomerie 

George,  Mrs.  Agnes,  53  Argyle  Road 
Gcrnmell,  Angus,  gasfitter,  8  Windmill  Street 
Gemmell,  David,  stoker,  20  Parkend  Road 
Gemmell,  Helen,  widow,  58  Hamilton  Street 
Gibb,  Alexander,  foreman,  15  Union  Street 
Gibb,  David,  labourer,  26  Millar  Road 
Gibb,  David,  labourer,  8  Blakely  Road 
Gibb,  Elizabeth,  widow,  13  Raise  Street 
Gibb,  George  S.,  merchant,  50  Ardrossan  Road 
Gibb,   Hugh,  labourer,  15  Factory  Place 
Gibb,  Jessie,  widow,  19  Sidney  Street 
Gibb,  Mary  S.,  21   Montgomerie  Crescent 
Gibb,   Robert,  labourer,  79  Canal  Street 
Gibb,  William,  labourer,  21   Esplanade  Cottages 
Gibbons,  Edward  J.,  chemist,  4  Thomas  Campbell  Street 
Gibson,  Alexander,  restaurateur,  2  Kirkgate 
Gibson,   Ann,   widow,  3  Springvale  Place 
Gibson,  Archibald,  builder,  49  Manse  Street 
Gibson,   Mrs.    Elizabeth,   32   Parkend   Road 
Gibson,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  19  Kerr  Avenue 
Gibson,  Janet  L.,  widow,  15  Winton  Circus 
Gibson,  Mary,  widow,  33  Sharphill  Road 
Gibson,  Robert,  motor  driver,  26  Manse  Street 
Gibson,  Robert,  brick  archer,  12  Chapel  well  Street 
Gibson,  Sarah,  widow,  51  Windmill  Street 
Gibson,  Samuel,  dynamite  worker,  19  Vernon  Street 
Gibson,  Thomas,  engineer,  7  Raise  Street 

Gibson,  Thomas,  &  Co.,  bakers,  98  and  100  Dockhead  Street 
Gibson,  William,  95  Canal  Street 
Giffney,  John,  labourer,  3  Factory  Place 
Gilchrist,  Mungo,  jeweller,  46  Dockhead  Street 
(iill'illan,  Allan,  architect,  70  Raise  Street 
Gilfillan,  John,  14-18  Eglinton  Place 
Gill,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  charwoman,   18  Springvale  Street 
Gill,  Hugh,  dynamite  worker,  42  Green  Street 
Gill,  John  W.,  civil  servant,  5  Bute  Terrace 
Gillespie,   John,  slater,   10  Quay  Street 
Gillespie,  Mrs.  Marion,  10  Canal  Street 

Gillespie,  William,  boot  and  shoe  maker,  9  Dockhead  Street 
Gillespie,  William  K.,  linesman,  26  Eglinton  Street 
Gillies,  Archibald,  insurance  agent,  7  Arthurlie  Place  and  27  Sidney  Street 


Gilliland,  Samuel,  upholsterer,  6  Seabank  Street 
Gillougley  John,  jeweller,  2  Seabank  Street 
Gilmour,  Agnes,  widow.  14  Raise  Street 
Gihuour,  Agnes,  widow,  13  Raise  Street 
Gilmour,  Archibald  G.,  46  and  48a  Gladstone  Road 
Gilmour,  Hugh,  foreman,  50  Gladstone  Road 
Gilmour,  Hugh  N.,  merchant,  1  and  2  Stanley  Place 
Gilmour,  James,  railwayman,  10  Raise  Street 
Gilmour,  John,  labourer,  2  Blakely  Road 
Gilmour,  Samuel,  manager,  55  Hamilton  Street 
Gilmour,  Thomas,  foundry  worker,  6  Hill  Street 
Gilmour,  William,  labourer,  8  Kirkgate 

Giovannetti,   Louis,  shop  assistant,   13   Robertson  Crescent 
Glass,   William  II.,  labourer,   13  Esplanade  Cottages 
Glen,  Agnes,  nurse,  32  Sidney  Street- 
Glen,  Colin,  ship's  master,  76  Argyle  Road 
Glen,  John,  joiner,  43  Vernon  Street 
Glen,  John  B.,  janitor,  22  Kerr  Avenue 
Glen,  Margaret,  widow,  93  Raise  Street 
Glen,  William,  engineer,  60  Sharphill  Road 
Glover,  Thomas,   135  Argyle  Road 
Goldie,  Mary,  widow,  2  Springvale  Place 
Gollogly,  Patrick,  labourer.  24  Manse  Street 
Goodall,  John  W.,  fencer,  22  Parkend  Road 
Goodwin,  David  T.,  fitter,  3  Montgomerie  Crescent 
Goodwin,  Mrs.  Janet,  5-7  Chapelwell  Street 
Gorman,  Alexander  B.,  bank  agent,  12  Nineyard  Street 
Goudie,  Adam  S.,  medical  practitioner,  63  Caledonia  Road 
Goudie,  Dr.  Adam  S.,  31  Hamilton  Street 
Gonella,  Amos,  confectioner,  36  Argyle  Road 
Gough,  Thomas,  process  worker,  5  James  Millar  Crescent 
Gordon,  Charles,  fireman,  15  Millar  Road 
Gordon,   Mrs.   Elizabeth,  fishmonger,  23  Countess  Street 
Gordon,  Elizabeth,  25  Argyle  Street 
Gordon,  Hugh,  miner,  36  Raise  Street 
Gordon,  John,  fruit  merchant,  9a  Wellpark  Road 
Gordon,  John,  hawker,  42   Wellpark  Road 
Gordon,  Mary  &  Jessie,  fruiterers,  51   Countess  Street 
Gordon,  Thomas  N..  fishmonger,  Parkend  Road 
Goshing,   Elizabeth,  widow,  25  Windmill  Street 
Gossman,  James,  insurance  agent,  42  Argyle  Road 
Gourlay,  John,  1   Arthur  Street 

Gourlay,  William,  engineer,  2  Thomas  Campbell  Street 
Gowogly,  Patrick,  labourer,  14a  Manse  Street 
Graham,  Allison,  milliner,  26-28  Dockhead  Street 
Graham,  C.  &  J.,  hardware  merchants,  4a  Dockhead  Street 
Graham,  Mrs.  Christina,   10  Melbourne  Terrace 
Graham,   Edward,  seaman,  25   Dockhead  Street 
Graham,   George,  asphalter,  2  Melsaac  Road 
Graham,  Jenny,  20  Bradshaw  Street 
Graham,  James,  railwayman,  8  Glebe  Street- 
Graham,  John,  labourer,  3  James  Millar  Crescent 
Graham,  John,  miner,  4  Arthur  Street 
Graham,  Thomas,  baker,  18  Bradshaw  Street 
Grant.  Margaret,  widow,  42  Raise  Street 
Grant,  John,  dynamite  worker,  12  Glebe  Street 
Grant,  Joseph,  mechanic,  108  Dockhead  Street 
Gray,  Barbara  W.,  widow,  1   Mitchell  Place 
Gray,  James,  12  Windmill  Street 
Gray,  James,  electrician,  76  Canal  Street 
Gray,  James,  20  Harbour  SI  reet 
Gray,  James,  potato  merchant,  8  Windmill  Street 
Gray,  John,  joiner,   10  Galloway  Place 
Cray,    Katherine,  tracer,   60    Kerr  Avenue 
Gray,   Robert,  motorman,  1  Melsaac  Road 
Gray,  William,  painter,  4  Sharphill  Road 
Gray,  William  H.  R..  locomotive  driver,  8  Halkett  Place 
Green,  Mrs.  Helen,   11   Ardrossan  Road 


Greenhill,  Elizabeth,  119  Argyle  Road 

Greenlees  &  Sons,  21  and  25  Dockliead  Street 

Greig,  Mrs.  Jane,  widow,  22  Parkend  Road 

Grey,  Robert,  draughtsman,  1   Gladstone  Road 

Grier,  Alexander,  eiigiiieman,   13  Glebe  Street 

Grier,  Isabella,  widow,  10  Esplanade  Cottages 

Grier,   Isabella,  laundry  worker,  20  Spring-vale  Street 

Grier,  James,  riveter,  5  Hirst  Place 

Grier,  Martha,  polisher,  76  Dockhead  Street 

Grier,  Robert,  coal  merchant,  37  Wellpark  Road 

Grier,  Samuel,  holder-on,  2  Mclsaac  Road 

Grier,  William,  15  Sidney  Street 

Grieve,  Annie  A.,  dressmaker,  6  Eglinton  Place 

Griffen,  John,  process  worker,  4  Millar  Road 

Grimley,  John,  explosives  worker,  86  Raise  Street 

Grindlay.   David,  cordite  worker,  2  Galloway  Place 

Grubb,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  90  Dockliead  Street 

Grubb,  Charles,  butcher,  90  and  92  Dockhead  Street 

Guiney,  James,  clerk.  41  Wellpark  Road 

Gunn,  Angus,  caulker,  1  Stanley  Road 

Gunson,  Jane,  widow,  17  Caledonia  Road 

Gunson,  John,  Ltd.,  nurseryman,  17  Caledonia  Road 

Gunson,  Thomas.  17  Caledonia  Road 

Guthrie,  John,  plumber,  7  Stanley  Place 

Guthrie,  Jean,  widow,  10  Stanley  Place 

Guthrie,  Mary  J.,  widow,  16  Winton  Circus 

Guy,  Isabella,  74  Caledonia  Road 


Hadden,  Susan,  widow,  13  Robertson  Crescent 

Haggerty,  Francis,  craneman,  1  Canal  Street 

Haggerty,  John,  collier,  49  Windmill  Street 

Hainey,  Robert,  labourer,  11   Factory  Place 

Hair,  Peter,  railwayman,  13  Seabank  Street 

Hall,  Alexander,  joiner,  16  Kerr  Avenue 

Hall,  Barbara,  widow,  16  Springvale  Place 

Hall,  Mrs.  Margaret,  39  Argyle  Road 

Hall,  Robert,  plumber,  12  Sidney  Street 

Hall,  Robert  A.,  plumber,  31   Dockhead  Street 

Hall,  William  McC.,  grocer,  8  Kerr  Avenue 

Hall,  William,  salesman,  14  Robertson  Crescent 

Halstead,  David  N.,  manufacturer,  40  Sidney  Street 

Hamilton,  Thomas,   Rink  Holiday  Camp  and  Billiard  Room,   Factory 

Place.     Tel.  353 
Hamilton,  Agnes,  widow,  21   Bradshaw  Street 
Hamilton,  Alexander,  restaurateur,   13  Robertson  Crescent 
Hamilton,  Alexander,  shoemaker,  39  Springvale  Street 
Hamilton,  Alexander,  shoemaker,  20a  Manse  Street 
Hamilton,  Allan,  15  Jack's  Road 
Hamilton,  David,  retired,  7  Arthur  Street 
Hamilton,  David,  painter,  30  Quay  Street 
Hamilton,  Francis,  dynamite  worker,  32  Millar  Road 
Hamilton,   Gavin,  mariner,  23  Caledonia  Road 
Hamilton,  Harry,  explosives  worker,  21   Wellpark  Road 
Hamilton,  Henry,  18  Windmill  Street 
Hamilton,  James,  painter,  39  Vernon  Street 
Hamilton,  James,  painter,  24  and  26  Quay  Street 
Hamilton,  James,   chemist,  2  Melbourne  Terrace 
Hamilton,  James,  foreman,  41  Countess  Street 
Hamilton,  Janet  F.,  7  Melbourne  Terrace 
Hamilton,  John,  dynamite  worker,  17  Windmill  Street 
Hamilton,  John,  joiner,  86  Raise  Street 
Hamilton,  John,  fireman,  8  Galloway  Place 
Hamilton,  John,  confectioner,   19  Caledonia  Road 
Hamilton,  John,  26  Caledonia  Road 
Hamilton,  John,  joiner,  35  Springvale  Street 


Hamilton,  John  McL.,  explosive  worker,  5  Guthrie  Road 

Hamilton,  Joseph,  67  Kerr  Avenue 

Hamilton,  Joseph,  joiner,  2  Springvale  Street 

Hamilton,  Mrs.  Maggie,  12  Canal  Street 

Hamilton,  Margaret,  widow,  39  Springvale  Street 

Hamilton,  Marion,  26  Manse  Street 

Hamilton,  Martha,  widow,  23  Caledonia  Road 

Hamilton,  Mrs.  Mary,  37  Hamilton  Street 

Hamilton,  Mary  C,  22  Montgomerie  Crescent 

Hamilton,  Matthew,  tailor,  5  Wellpark  Road 

Hamilton,  Robert,  6  Victoria  Road 

Hamilton,   Robert,  miner,  74  Canal  Street 

Hamilton,  Robert,  yachtsman,  8  Dockhead  Street 

Hamilton,  Robert,  tailor,  8  Springvale  Place 

Hamilton,  Thomas  C,  engineer,  13  Robertson  Crescent 

Hamilton,  Thomas,  teacher,  13  Border  Avenue 

Hamilton,  William,  17  Chapelwell  Street 

Hamilton,  William,  guard,  12  Manse  Street 

Hamilton,  William,  21   Vernon  Street 

Hamilton,  William,  miner,  5  Wellpark  Road 

Haney,  Bernard,  baker,  16  Union  Street 

Hannah,  James,  shipyard  worker,  11    Esplanade  Cottages 

Hannah,  John,  59  Sharphill  Road 

Hannah,  John,  guard,  35  Springvale  Street 

Hardie,  Mrs.  Janet  C,  23  Canal  Street 

Hardie,  John,  engineer,  5  Victoria  Road 

Hardie,  Robert,  engineer,  28  Sidney  Street 

Hardwick,  Robert  A.  B.,  snip's  officer,  54  Argyle  Road 

Hardy,  James,  labourer,  87  Raise  Street 

Hardie,  Mrs.  Mary,  52  Quay  Street 

Harkins,  John,  dynamite  worker,  12  Arthur  Street 

Harley,  George,  burgh  surveyor,  32  Christie  Gardens 

Harris,  Hugh,  62  Raise  Street 

Harris,  James,  steward,  68  Parkend  Road 

Harris,  James  B.  Harris,  plumber,  12  Gladstone  Road 

Harris,  John,  labourer,  48  Raise  Street 

Harris,  Matilda,  widow,  3  Hirst  Place 

Harris,  Robert,  dynamite  worker,  25  Sharphill  Road 

Harper,  Alexander,  grocer,  35  Sharphill  Road 

Harper,  Mrs.  Annie  K.,  112  Argyle  Road 

Harper,  Christina  McP.,  teacher,  46  Caledonia  Road 

Harper,  John,  painter,  6  Sharphill  Road 

Hart,  Mary,  widow,  25  Countess  Street 

Hassay,  Mary  E.,  teacher,  32  Sidney  Street 

Hastie,  Alexander,  shipyard  worker,   15  Arthur  Street 

Hastings,  Agnes,  widow,  37  Vernon  Street 

Hastings,  James,  dynamite  worker,  76  Canal  Street 

Hastings,  James  C,  guard,  19  Kinnier  Road 

Haughey,   William,  shoemaker,  75   Dockhead  Street 

II  anion,  Stephen,  signalman,  50  Canal  Street 

Hawkins,  Charles,  signalman,  27  Chapelwell  Street 

Hay,  Ernest,  traveller,   108  Dockhead  Street 

Hay,  James,  agent,  14  Springvale  Place 

Hayes,  Fred.,  labourer,  34  Parkend  Road 

Hayman,  John,  dynamite  worker,  2  Quay  Street 

Heffron,  James,  fireman,  29  Raise  Street 

Henderson,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  34  Smith  Drive 

Henderson,  Joseph,  labourer,  14  Springvale  Street 

Henderson,  William  J.,  grocer,  15  Manse  Street 

Ilcrdnian,  Annie,  widow,  5-7  Dockhead  Street 

Herdman,   Helen,  63  Wellpark  Road 

Hendrie,  Mrs.  E.  J.,  widow,  Kyiesliill  Cottages 

Hendry,  Annie,  widow,  4  Chapelwell  Street 

Hendry,   Benjamin  A.,  engineer,  23  Jack's  Road 

Hendry,   Elizabeth,  widow,  6  Glebe  Street 

Hendry,  James,  traveller,  28  Caledonia  Road 

Hendry,  Mrs.  Margaret,  milliner,  43  Dockhead  Street 

Henry,  James,  shipyard  worker,  50  Quay  Street 


Henry,  Robert  J.,  insurance  agent,  12  Bradshaw  Street 

Hepworth,  J.,  &  Sons,  Ltd.,  clothiers,  1  Hamilton  Street 

Hewitt,  John,  glass  blower,  30  Sharphill  Road 

Hiddleton.  Mrs.  Mary  A.,  32  Green  Street 

Higgins,   Daniel,  dynamite  worker,  25  Countess  Street 

Higgins,  William,  shipwright,  121   Windmill  Street 

Higgins,  Ralph,  factory  worker,  9  Guthrie  Road 

Higginson,  William  F.,  linesman,  37  Christie  Gardens 

Hill,  Isabella,  widow,  10  Springvale  Street 

Hill,  James,  dynamite  worker,  7  James  Millar  Crescent 

Hill,   Stephen,   clAmamite  worker.  7   Halkett  Place 

Hill,  Rev.  William,  90  Argyle  Road 

Hill,  William,  painter,  33  Green  Street 

Hillhonse,  Annie,  widow,  48  Raise  Street 

Hilton,   William,   Erskine  Place 

Hindmarsh,  James  A.,  labourer,  9  Hill  Street 

Hodgson,  Mrs.  Barbara,  11  Galloway  Place 

Hogarth,  Janet  F.,  2  Winton  Circus 

Hogarth,  Margaret,  4  Winton  Street 

Hogarth,  Robert,  grocer,  81  Caledonia  Road 

Hogg,  William,  1  Arthur  Street 

Holland,  John,  fireman,  39  Wellpark  Road 

Hollywood,  James,  fireman,  8  Arthur  Street 

Hollywood,  Patrick,  dynamite  worker,  2  Braehead  Place 

Hood,  Alexander,  14  Springvale  Place 

Hood,  James,  25  Sharphill  Road 

Houston,  Andrew,  newsagent,  31   Gladstone  Road 

Houston,  Mrs.   Georgina,  merchant,  48  Springvale  Street 

Houston,  John,  labourer,  3  Hill  Street 

Houston,  Thomas,  stationer,  7  Canal  Street 

Howie,  David,  mason,  34  Manse  Street 

Howie,  Frank,  baker,  6  Bradshaw  Street 

Howie,  Frank,  jr.,  baker,  11  Quay  Street 

Howie,  Frank,  baker,  21  Windmill  Street 

Howie,  James,  dynamite  worker,  50  Parkend  Road 

Howie,  Jessie,  widow,  19  Windmill  Street 

Howie,  John,  contractor,  20  and